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We're very pleased to announce that we will play 3 shows in the UK next March. We would have preferred to do more, but given his condition, we weren't sure if Ben would be physically up to it. Rather than put undue pressure on him, we decided on a "less is more" approach to give him the best chance.

After 25 years, this is the first time we will have played arenas as headliners, so we really hope you'll want to come (and bring your mates).

Buying Tickets:-
Tickets go on sale this Friday (Sept 5th) at 09:00, but for those in a hurry, they'll also be available via a few pre-sales during this week.

Tues Sept 2nd - 09:00 - Thunder Pre-sale
We have a limited number of VIP tickets + regular standing tickets, and you'll only be able to buy them on our Facebook Store tomorrow.

VIP Ticket Details
The VIP package includes:
  • The show ticket - choose standing or seated (our seats are the best in the venue).
  • Exclusive access to watch Thunder during the soundcheck.
  • Post sound check "mingle", then a team photo with the band.
  • A high quality photo print of the team photo will be sent out to each VIP ticket holder.
  • Special VIP Laminate - this will allow early access back into the venue, so you can take your seat, or get right to the front - "Great View - No Queue".
  • Guaranteed entry to the After Show Meet & Greet (everyone else will have to apply for the Meet & Greet via the ballot).


VIP tickets can be purchased via the following link on Tuesday Sept 2nd at 09:00.

Create an account with our Facebook store now, to save time tomorrow..

Weds Sept 3rd - 09:00 - Planet Rock & O2 Pre-sale
Planet Rock listeners, and O2 customers will get a link to buy tickets.

Thurs Sept 4th - 09:00 - Live Nation & Ticketmaster Subscribers Pre-sale.

The Thin One will update you with links for all of these, early each morning this week.
We're really chuffed to have Reef & Tax The Heat on these shows with us, it's going to be a brilliant night out.

Please spread the word in any way you can, this is it, we're back..

Ben, Chris, Danny, Harry & Luke

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