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Thursday, 05 May 2011 12:39

Dear Generous Person

As you may know, both Thunder and The Union are firm supporters of Childline Rocks, which raises much needed money for both Childline and the NSPCC.

Having played at various fundraising live events over the years, we've recently agreed to take part in a charity motorcycle ride in the USA from July 10th to July 16th. 

We need to raise a substantial amount of money, so we're asking for donations from everyone we know. The ride is already being supported by pillars of the British rock community including Classic Rock magazine and Planet Rock Radio. We would like you as fellow members of that same community to help us make this event a success. 

The plan is to fly out to Calgary, Canada on the 9th, pick up bikes, then spend the next 5 days riding down into the USA, ending up in Ketchum Idaho on the 15th. As you'd expect with a bunch of musicians together on a road trip, there will be musical moments each night of the journey, and we're looking to arrange impromptu appearances in local bars and venues and anywhere else we can pass the hat around! All of this will be captured for posterity via audio and video recordings. 

We'll be making more details known as they're confirmed, but now you know the basics of what we'll be doing, we'd like to ask for your help to make it happen.

We're well aware that times are hard at the moment, and there seems to be no end of worthy causes asking for money nowadays, so rather than ask you to give as much as you can for this great cause, we'd like to turn it on its head and say that we'll gladly accept whatever you can spare. 

Seriously, even £1.00 will help, so if that is what you can give, we will take it.

You are many, and if you all donate £1.00, we will easily exceed the required amount and ensure a huge donation for Childline.

As an added incentive, if you donate £10 or more you will receive the audio recordings of the music we play along the journey. Those who donate £25 or more will get the music plus video clips. Audio and video content will be determined on the ride, and the distribution method will be decided based on the demand, but rest assured we will make it as killer as we can.

We hope you can find it in your heart (and perhaps under the cushions in the sofa) to donate something (anything) to this extremely worthy cause and make it a brilliant and successful trip.

You can make your donation here

Thanks very much in advance for your generosity and support. 

Ben, Danny, Luke and Peter

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