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Monday, 20 June 2011 07:25
Yes peeps, as reported last week, the new Thunder tee design is here and on sale now exclusively via Thunder Shop.
It's available in a regular tee, as well as a skinny version for the girls (with the usual Thunder girly sparkly bits of course).
Both have a slightly faded authentic print, to go with the vintage design. As there is no tour, it was decided they would be better with a minimal (i.e.non existent) back print.

We hope you like it, and it would be great to see a load of these being proudly worn at High Voltage, maybe some in Ketchum too.

Click here for details & to place your order


Plans proceed apace for the USA road trip.
Here is the schedule:-

10 July Fly UK to Cranbrook via Calgary (British Columbia)
11 Ride to Waterton (Alberta)
12 Ride to Whitefish (Montana)
13 Ride to Missoula / Lolo (Montana)
14 Ride to McCall (Idaho)
15 Ride to Ketchum (Idaho)
16 Ketchum - Sun Valley Pavilion - the show
17 Fly to UK

If you can make it along to any of the towns our intrepid bunch will pass through, please feel free to say hello. I have no idea what time they are likely to arrive in each town, but I'm sure you'll hear them coming..

Click here to buy your ticket to the Sun Valley Pavilion show

In addition to recording audio and shooting video clips, it has recently been agreed for a film crew to join the ride. This means the whole ride will be filmed for later release.
Those of you who have donated £10 plus to Childline will receive the audio recordings as promised, and those of you who have donated £25 or more will receive the audio + video clips. By way of recognition of your generosity, I'm told these video clips will be exclusive, and will not appear in the film.

Planet Rock will broadcast an audio blog from the trip every morning on their breakfast show, and will possibly be playing some of the live audio stuff too, so listen in to hear how they get on.

Meet & Greets
We've received a great many emails asking about meet & greets in both the USA and High Voltage.
I'm told there will be no formal M&G time or place in the USA, either along the ride or at the Sun Valley Pavilion show, but the guys will be out and about, so don't be shy..
Discussion is ongoing with High Voltage officials for a possible M&G there, and a good time is being sought to do it. More news on that when I get some.

That's all for now..

The Thin Sobbing Cos I'm The Non Idaho ing One

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