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Wednesday, 25 August 2010 09:32

Hello everybody,

As a group of people to whom I owe a great deal (not least of all my house!), I wanted to bring you up to date on what has been a very busy and happy year for me musically.

Since the other Thunder boys and me toddled off into the sunset to pursue new and exciting things twelve or so months ago (where did the time go???!!) I’ve spent most of that time working on a new project called ‘The Union’ with my old friend/collaborator Peter Shoulder. I know some of you have already been along to a Union show (well done and thanks for the support!) and some of you will have seen Pete performing even before that with Winterville or helping us out on extra guitar and vocals at our Xmas shows so you’ll already be acquainted with his exceptional talents.

Our first album together as The Union (cunningly titled ‘The Union’!) is released this week on our own ‘Payola’ label and, although I know some of you have already got your hands a copy, there’s probably still a few of you who haven’t. If you’re one of the ones who haven’t, may I politely suggest you get yourself over to The Union's official website immediately where you can listen to the album in it’s entirety with no obligation. You’ll also find tracks to download and links to our Facebook, You Tube and My Space pages there.

If you like what you hear you might also want to pick yourself up a couple of tickets to our UK tour in September and October (we’d love to see you there)

Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous and fancy getting up close and personal with Pete and myself, we have introduced a VIP option which gains you access to the band’s soundcheck and aftershow meet and greet as well as dinner with the band which also features my old Thundermucker Chris Childs!!

We’ve really had a fantastic start with Classic Rock, Guitarist and Powerplay all giving us fantastic reviews for the album as well as appearances at Sonisphere and High Voltage during the summer and over the next few weeks we’re hoping as many people as possible will come along to a show or grab a listen to the album. We’re really proud of the album so please check it out, and if you like what you hear, maybe you can help us spread the word.

You know it makes sense!


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