NEWSFLASH – Seriously Old Thunder Gear Unearthed At Thunder Towers Print E-mail
Monday, 19 July 2010 19:20

Yes peeps, it’s true, several boxes of seriously old vintage Thunder stuff has been discovered in the vaults at Thunder Towers.

We’re talking ski hats (Laughing On Judgement Day circa 1992), caps (Behind Closed Doors circa 1995), Thunderwear (that’s knickers to you – SATS 2003), necklaces (BCD 95) and some Logo tees from 2003...

All of it is original authentic stock left over from past tours, but apart from the slightly musty whiff and bit of sticky tape glue here and there (ski hats – comes off in the wash), it’s all as new.

The rest will be added in due course, once it’s all been quality checked, but the caps and the hat are up on Thunder Shop now, and they’re cheap!

It’s first come first served, so be quick, click here to get your vintage Thunder head wear bargain…


More soon..

The Thin Dusty & Musty But Not Quite Crusty One

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