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Q: Luke..Was wondering if at any point in the future you would consider..assuming timing was right with all parties concerned..writing/recording a solo album with either David Coverdale or Paul Rodgers? (Personally I believe a collaboration with Coverdale would be splendid given the songwriting styles of both of you guys) Anyway..Whatever the future holds..Will see you guys in Glasgow! Paul Kean, Ayrshire
L: I have an few idea about what I'll be doing post Thunder but it's too early to say. At this stage I wouldn't write off a collaboration with another Artist. Sorry, but I can't be any more specific right now.

Q: Hi Danny. How book are you reading in this time? Your very big fan Janka. I love you. Janka, Slovakia
D: I'm reading two books at the moment, Blood Work by Michael Connelly and Mad, Bad & Dangerous To Know by Ranulph Fiennes. Thanks for the love.

Q: The Sky News clip for The Sanctum hotel was quite amusing including the bleeping out of an expletive word used by Luke at his dismay of finding an empty mini-bar. Can Luke please explain how he got to be involved in the filming? I thought Thunder’s “The Devil Made Me Do It” was the right song choice!! Have Thunder ever had to pay for hotel damages caused by e.g. excess alcohol? The advert was actively encouraging a party animal crowd that could almost do what they liked and every whim would be taken care of. However, the hotel website: http://www.sanctumhotel.com/ appears to be advertising a different style of hotel. I can only hope that business people and couples wanting peace and quiet don’t get booked in at the same time as Motley Crue! Did I hear it right - £450 a night? For that money you can stay in a Travel Lodge and pay for all the damage too. Axel
L: Our press person was contacted by Sky News because they wanted a couple of rock musicians who could string a sentence together to comment on the hotel. Danny and I were asked to do it together but it ended up being just me. We have been banned from hotels in the past but I can't remember if we had to pay a bill or not.

Q: Just saw you on sky news, was quite a pleasant surprise with my morning cuppa. Did you notice the moment of comedy genius though? the manager was sat on the bed and he said 'we cater for anything, if they want to party until four in the morning, jack daniels in the bath or fish pie!' do you think the manager is kicking himself now saying 'why did I say fish pie?' that was the 3 most rock n roll things he could think of. I had tea through my nose, gasping for breath... what a beaut! Mel
L: I'm sure he had a reason. 'Fish pie' is far too random to have just leapt into his head. Mark Fuller (the hotel's owner) has been running celeb-type clubs and bars for many a year so maybe the fish pie relates to a bizarre request he's had in the past from a tired and emotional rock star? I will ask him next time I see him.....

Q: With talk of filming the final gig I just thought I'd suggest some of your rehearsals being filmed as a bonus feature - I'd love to see how it all comes together, especially with the songs that don't get played very often. Also with the news of you changing the set every night it would be amazing if audio recordings of the entire tour were made available (even if only as downloads?) Is that something that could be possible (rather than releasing actual CDs for every gig). I'm kicking  myself that I can't get to more than two of the last shows now - Can't wait to see what songs come out for a final run through! Just can't wait. Dan
D: We're getting closer to agreeing on the filming and recording of the tour. We'll hopefully be making an announcement soon as to details.

Q: Thinny, got tickets for the original London gig pretty much straight away when I applied. Sent these back soon as the new gig was announced and requested replacements for the Hammy gig, and have heard nothing since. Worried when they will be (or have been...noooo!) sent out again. any ideas? Steve Bowles, Gloucester
T: I wouldn't worry too much yet, it's not unusual for ticket agencies not to send out the tickets until much nearer the event. If you are concerned then I suggest calling your ticket agency, I'm sure that they will put your mind at ease...

Q: Hi Luke. Just recently been to see Dutch band Golden Earring. The last time they played here in the UK was 30 years ago! On looking back at some of their tracks I noticed they have a song 'The devil made me do it'! Were you ever influenced by Golden Earring or any other foreign bands? Looking forward to Cambridge in July! Janice, Norwich
L: I wasn't aware they had a song with that title although we have covered 'Radar Love' on more than one occasion and it is a cracking tune!

Q: Hello all, I bought my tickets for the last show, booked a flight and hotel. I am coming over from Holland with a friend to see and enjoy you one more time. My question is: am I insane ? ps: it's going to be great!! Stefan, The Netherlands,Purmerend
D: You may well be insane if you are a) coming all that way, and b) already know it is going to be great. Seriously though, I think it's brilliant that you are making such an effort to be there at our last UK show. I am pretty certain the atmosphere is going to be phenomenal, and we will of course do our very best to ensure it is a fitting end to our final UK tour.

Q: I've followed you guys from the very start, you've been amazing all the way through and you should be very proud of your legacy! You've often mentioned how good a time you had supporting Heart back in '89 - was Nancy as gorgeous in real life as she looks in the videos? She's always portrayed as a rock chick pin up! Have you ever fancied any other ladies in rock? Graeme Johnston, Kingswinford, West Midlands
L: Nancy was/is very pretty. Ladies in rock? Yes I have found a few attractive; now let me see.................

Q: Hi Luke, obviously gutted at Danny's decision but understand his reasons. Anyway, as you are obviously used to writing songs in the 'Thunder' style , do you see yourself continuing in this bluesy English rock vein? (Either with a new band or with any of the existing Thunder guys)? Looking forward to seeing you in Manchester again! Paul
L: I tend to write according to how I feel so I'm sure whatever I write in the future will always have at least a hint of blues in it. I'm starting to formulate a plan for after July but it's too early to talk about it. Keep watching this space and all will be revealed eventually!!!

Q: Hi guys, Just wanted to say I'm so looking forward to the last gig in Glasgow, I'm gutted that your splitting but the gig well be fantastic (as always) My question is... Would you consider recording all the gigs in the last UK tour from the start of the gig to the end, and releasing them as individual live albums? pearl jam done that and I think it would be a great farewell thing to do. take it easy guys and I will see you in Glasgow. Chris, Glasgow
D: We've looked at this and it doesn't make economic sense for us to record and release every show. I know PJ did it, but it really doesn't work for us in the same way. We're looking to establish how many we can do and how we release them. We'll hopefully be making an announcement soon.

Q: Luke, were you hornier than the devil when you wrote 'I love you more than rock n roll'? it always makes me want to do the nasty when I hear it. Do you hear your songs and get the same feelings you were feeling when writing them? in the same way that you can hear other songs and it takes you right back to a certain place, like a smell. Have you ever had sex to one of your songs? I don't know if you will answer this as it appears I have no barrier between brain and mouth, but I hope so. Much love and gonna miss you like I would a limb. M
L: Ooh, I say! I'm blushing......... I'm not going reveal too much here as it is a family board. You could always ask me on the tour in July though I suppose.........

Q: Guys, absolutely gutted that you've decided to call it a day and want to say thanks for the music. My question is, what happens to all your touring gear (PA, lights and all) does it get sold, or do you hire it in for tours. All the best chaps and thanks for some great memories. Yorky, Cornwall
D: We own our keyboards, guitars etc, and Harry has a deal with Pearl for his drums. The amps are owned by Marshall, though we endorse them so we use them all the time. The sound and lighting equipment is hired in as and when we need it. That said we do own quite a lot of kit that will inevitably spread itself among the band members when the time comes.

Q: Danny, noticed you mentioned that you are considering recording and filming one (or more) of the final shows. Any chance we will see a (Thunder first) 5.1 or DTS audio mix? None of the previous DVD's have a 5.1 audio mix... Is there a significant cost difference or any other good reason? And, before I forget, yes, I am shocked / gutted you guys have decided to call it a day. I have seen you live several times and I was lucky enough to be part of a couple of meet & greets as well as the short Mag-7 tour in Germany a few years ago. The world will be a sad and lonely place without Thunder! (Let me know if you ever want to hang out for a beer in Atlanta...) See in you in Manchester. Matthias Menck, Atlanta, GA
D: It's only under discussion at the moment, so please don't assume it's definitely going to happen. We've not done 5.1 mixes in the past because we felt it was contrary to the spirit of a live show. In other words the show is in front of you left and right when you are at a gig, not all around you. That said, we're not ruling it in or out, if it happens. I can't say for sure at this stage. Rest assured we'll pop it up here when we know what's happening.

Q: Thanx for the memories and fantastic music which will live on guys - Backstreet Symphony has long been my favourite Thunder CD, but I have to say that Bang is right up there with it, which makes it even more of a shame that you've decided to "retire" now. My question then, is if this really is it, how about ending where it really started for you (as it were) by returning to this years Donnington Line up on the Sunday with The Leps and Snakes? A fitting way to go for one of the best bands to come from this fair land. Pete Machin, Shrewsbury
D: We have a tour on sale that takes place a matter of days after Download, so there is an obvious conflict between the two events. I agree it would be great if we could play there, and we would certainly enjoy it, as I'm sure would the audience, if only it was that simple.

Q: I think I saw somewhere that outside the UK the EP's will be released as a single disc is that right? Wee Fat Bob, Glasgow
T: Correct. Details are on the news page (10th March).

Q: Guys, I'm obviously gutted at the split, but you've given me - and others - so much over the years, I can't complain, so I won't! I'll be at the Glasgow and London gigs and was wondering - what's going to be going through your minds as you start and finish this last ever UK tour? As a Scottish fan as well, I was wondering which of all the venues I've seen you play did you prefer the most - the Edinburgh Playhouse, The Barrowlands, The SECC, The Garage or the Academy? Can't wait for July, and GREAT pick for support with Logan!. Tony Cottam, Carstiars, Lanarkshire
L: I'm just going to enjoy the experience and make sure I take it all in. In Scotland it doesn't really matter where you play as it's all about the audience which is always one of the very best anywhere in the world.

Q: Have you ever wished that you had recorded one of them ballads with a big sweeping orchestra. I know Thunders traditional sound is clean crunch but I would have loved to hear Danny's voice & the boys perform with a full orchestra (maybe not live but on a one off ballad) Mart, Saffron Walden
L: We've always tried to arrange our material in a way that lends itself to live performance and a large orchestra wouldn't fit in our tour bus! Seriously though, I'm always up for different slants on song arrangements and had we felt strings were important to a song, we would have used them.

Q: Is there any chance of a compilation CD featuring all the songs only available to xmas ticket holders over the last few years the only way you can get to hear these is either pay loads of money on eBay or live near nottingham. Graham, Kent
L: There aren't any plans to do this at the moment.

Q: Hey guys, finally got my tickets for Hammersmith, and still have this question in my head, this is really getting to me, so I beg you for an answer, Is there any chance you might film any or all of the final tour, since you will be playing some songs that maybe have only been played on the last tour. and also as this will be the last ever time your best songs will be heard at their best? Dale, London
D: We are in talks with several companies about the possibility of filming as well as audio recording. I can't say more at this time but watch the site for news.

Q: I just wondered whether the compare for the Nottingham Christmas show could of announced your arrival on stage with any less enthusiasm? Honestly - My Grandad could of been more energetic about it ! Anyway, it's not a problem really because the cd is an absolute corker with some stonking tunes on it. Well done to you all. Am so excited about seeing you in July (Nottingham, Cambridge & London) but am also really dreading it. Thank you so much for the last 20 years, my life would of been a duller place without your music. Beth, Enfield
D: He's our friend, and it made us laugh. I had no idea your Grandad was available. Glad you like the CD

Q: So sad today, and every day since your announcement. First heard of Thunder in about 91, followed you ever since. Awful to think of no more new stuff or concerts. Wish you all well for the future. Recently purchased The rare the raw & the rest,El gringo retro, both Bowes & Morley albums, (fantastic). It blew me away listening to them, can't believe how many songs you've recorded, it got me thinking. How many songs have you written Luke, have you counted them all up. Also did you write the songs in Terraplane. I understand that your website is about Thunder and your very very busy, but it would be interesting to here some history of pre Thunder. All the very best, see you in Sheffield city hall. Adam, Sheffield
L: I have absolutely no idea how many songs I've written over the years. I did write most of Terraplane's songs although on the second album I co-wrote a few with a guy called Phil Pickett. Phil was in the 70's pop band Sailor ('Girls, Girls, Girls' and 'Glass Of Champagne') and also co-wrote a few hits for Culture Club.

Q: Hi there , several ramblings and questions if you please. first of all brilliant new album , been a fan since 89 , I'm now 41 , you would think I would have grown out of this by now. but its your fault. you keep writing excellent songs , especially the the latest couple of albums. been to see you 18 times over the last 20 years or so, wondering if until my dying day or better man may make the set list for the final shows.? I'm going to Nottingham , can't make Wolverhampton , got a 40th birthday. also did you find out who carol ann was? which one of you, is the song have mercy about.? and finally in the credits watching over you is co written with andrew taylor. is this andy taylor of the first album or just a coincidence.? all the best for the future , hope to hear some gems at the forthcoming gigs, and hope you do the occasional reunion gig every 5 years or so, or may be some solo gigs in the future. hope that Luke gets a break with his song writing one day and has an artist record one of his songs and makes it big , you deserve it, I must now stop or I will be in tears ...see you in Nottingham. Mark, Uttoxeter
L: 'Carol Ann' was a fictitious character and the song was based on a few different things that occurred over the years. 'Have Mercy' isn't about anybody. It's really about mid-life crisis. The Andrew Taylor you mentioned is the son of Andy Taylor (producer of 'Backstreet Symphony').

Q: First of all, I'd like to say that 'Made In Japan', 'If You Want Blood You've Got It', 'The Song Remains The Same' and many other fine live albums aren't a patch on the 'Thunder Xmas Show Live 2008' CD that was pushed through my door this morning. It really is fantastic and puts alot of other bands 'studio' work to shame. Now, my question, whilst browsing the website for Townsend records, I came across a CD due for release in April titled The Best Of Thunder? There are no track listings or album cover on there but I was wondering weather it will be a straight forward singles collection or will there be some rare songs and maybe some B-sides or unreleased stuff? Craig, Dudley
L: EMI have approached us about their intention to release a compilation album commemorating 20 years of Thunder. I anticipate this will happen sometime later in the year although details have not been finalised. As usual believe nothing until you see it here on the site.

Q: For me personally the only positive thing to have come out of the impending split is that I have finally made the effort to pick up the guitar that I have owned for years (but not played it for any of them) and start learning how to play it properly. I figure if I can't get to hear you playing your music any more the next best thing would be to play it myself, maybe start a cover band, become internationally famous, achieve world peace, etc. (Sorry turned into Keanu Rieves there for a second). With this in mind and in desperation to get a couple of thunder tracks onto my 'can play' list, could you suggest a couple of your easier tracks that I could start with on my acoustic. Any pointers or tips would also be most appreciated. Martin, Ticknall, Derbyshire
L: 'A Better Man' is a very simple song and relatively easy to play. I'll give you a clue; it's in the key of 'A'.

Q: Evening chaps. 2 quick questions if I may be so bold? If you still do perform them live, (not managed to get to a gig in about 3 years now!) do you ever get bored/tired of playing the big hits like 'Love Walked In'/'She's So Fine'/'Low Life in High Places' etc . . . ? You must have performed them thousands of times? and Luke, me and my mates were arguing in the pub last night about this topic. Whets your opinion: Who is the greater songwriter from A) Neil Young B) Bob Dylan C) Kris Kristofferson? Thanks, and all the best for the future. Matt, Nottingham
L: Playing them in rehearsal can be a chore sometimes (not that we do rehearse them that much!) but never in front of an audience. When you hear a couple of thousand people singing along, it's about as far away as you can get from being boring! They've all written great songs so I'm afraid I don't have a preference; they're all good!

Q: I have always wondered how big the audiences were in Europe or Japan compared to the UK shows? Were they bigger or smaller? (a silly question, I know, but hey I only have 4 months to get these asked and answered!!) Ade C, Cheshire (kindof)
D: Way back when they were roughly the same size. As time has gone by, the audiences have got smaller abroad whilst in the UK they have stayed the same and have even grown in some areas. We got better established in the UK in the beginning, and so we worked here more often, which may explain it.

Q: First and foremost I am gutted that you guys are going your separate ways but thanks for years of great music and all the best for whatever you guys do in the future. Was gutted when no Scottish date was announced for your last tour so rushed out to get a ticket for the Manchester show but now you are playing Glasgow I get to see you guys twice. Doesn't get much better than that. Anyway enough of me rambling on to my Question. Having just not long purchased and loved your Thunder go mad in Japan DVD was wondering whose idea was it for the sightseeing tour meet and greet? Can't think of any other band who would do that for their fans. Was Tom the cameraman realy Gay. haha. Thanks for the memories guys all the best. Matthew, Aberdeen
D: We agreed the program of activities for while we were in Japan with the tour promoter. I think the sightseeing trip was his idea. It was very cold and we were all extremely hung over, but apart from that it was really good fun. I'm reliably informed that Tom had a girlfriend at the time.

Q: Hi guys,hope you had fun in Europe.I was reading through the set lists and noticed you played "English man on holiday" at every gig. I was wondering how the line about the fight with a German guy went down with the locals? Catherine, Bradford
D: I changed it from night to night..

Q: well flippin eck thats that then.... victoria's secret is out....! I always thought of thunder as like my favourite bra! (women will get this) (bare with me here, it has a point kinda!) it doesn't matter how many bras you have in your draw, there is always one that fits like no other, the one you feel most at home in. you buy new bras, and have varying degrees of fun in them! ahem, but you always come back to your favourite, even if its 1000 wash grey! cuz it just fits. I have just read this back and it reads as if I'm suggesting you buy bras! and the 1000 wash grey comment, erm well... anyhow I breast be off, but in all seriousness I just want to say, a few typed lines of thanks just don't seem enough in return for 20 yrs of big, loud, fun. Many laughs, many memories and much daftness. I raise my glass to you and the guys and wish you all every happiness. Catherine, Bradford
L: I don't really think there's much to say after that!

Q: Hi, I have just found an official region 1 DVD of the Bang Your Head Ferstival in 2007 - the cover says that it features Thunder, but no setlist is given on the website selling it. Can you shed any light on whether this DVD features the whole of the band's set, or just a song or two?? Chris, Kent
T: It just features a couple of songs - Robert Johnson's Tombstone and You Can't Keep A Good Man Down.

Q: Hello there. In my local paper today the Birmingham mail it has a date of Sat 11th July on the tour flyer for the show at Wolves Civic. Is this date due to change to this by any chance? I don't want to miss out. Also do you guys still keep in touch with John Gregory, I know he is a huge fan and had you down at the mighty Villa park at one time. Adam, Birmingham
T: It's a typo in the paper. The correct date is the 10th of July. Perhaps you wouldn't mind letting them know for us? As for John Gregory, Harry still talks to him regularly.

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