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Fan submitted photos and videos.

Fan Pics & Vids

A place for Thunder fans to show your stuff!!

Send in any Thunder related pictures that you have taken and that you'd like to share with other Thunder fans - a great live shot, your fave meet and greet photo, or something you think other Thunder fans would enjoy or maybe even find funny, old or new it doesn't matter! Send it in to us using the link below and we will display them on this very page!

Click here to send us your photo!

Click the photo on the left to view the photos that have already submitted!

And when you've sent us your chosen pic, make sure that you check out the below video featuring the band 'Ten Thousand Flushes' performing Thunder's 'I Love You More Than Rock 'N' Roll'. Those of you that have the 'Scenes Of The Behind' DVD may recognise them from the 'Fade Into The Punters' clip.

Click the image below to download the video and don't forget to check the band out on MySpace!

Ten Thousand Flushes are:
Daniel Greenway - Lead Vocals (age 12*)
Scott Newberry - Lead Guitar/ Backing Vocals (age 14*)
Ryan Newberry - Drums (age 15*)
Ashley Greenway - Bass (age 14*)
Brian Reason - Rhythm Guitar (age 14*)

* At the time the video was recorded.

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