Big Thanks To All...

Dear All

Thanks to all you lunatics, the recent Thunder activities have been extremely successful:-

The Childline Rocks 2011 USA Charity ride was a triumph, raising a staggering £11,500 to date (including Gift Aid). There was a hell of a lot of video and audio recorded, and it is being evaluated as I type. We'll be in touch with donors regarding how they can access their content as soon as we can, but please bear with us, it's a bit of a job..

Both Sun Valley Pavilion and Rock City Nottingham warm up shows went extremely well, and the band was very pleased with how they turned out, so thanks to all who showed up, screamed, sang, clapped etc, especially at such short notice in Nottingham (contractual obligations meant it had to be last minute). These shows provided ideal preparation for the triumph that was High Voltage last Sunday. Official word from the festival organisers is that Thunder had the biggest crowd, best audience reaction, and the best attended signing session of the entire weekend, so huge thanks again to all of you who did your bit.

As hinted at recently in interviews, the band have decided to do a Christmas show. Discussions are taking place, and we'll be making an announcement as soon as we know the details. I must stress that there are no plans to do anything beyond that.

On a slightly bum note, Thunder Shop has recently been attacked by cyber thugs. Not specifically our shop, but the servers provided by our system hosts. It has resulted in chaos, with orders going missing, site outtage, payments made but orders not sent to us, the list goes on. If you've experienced any inconvenience as a result, we apologise, but it has been completely out of our control. Our system guys have been trying to fix it on the hoof, but this has proved impossible and major changes are needed, so big tech stuff will take place next week. While it happens Thunder Shop staff have been given the week off from August 2nd to 9th. The shop will continue to function on one level to receive orders, but no processing will take place until after the 9th. Hopefully by then we will have moved over to new sexy bullet proof servers..

That's it from me for now, more news soon..

The Thin Illuminating One

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