R.I.P. The Official Thunder Forum (2002-2011)

Unfortunately, we have now closed the official Thunder forum here at Thunder Online.

The decision wasn't an easy one to make, as in days gone by the forum was the hub of social networking for Thunder fans. However, fast forward a few years and the likes of Facebook, Twitter, etc have taken over all of that. The board was far from active recently, and only a handful of fans still used it (and most of these fans are on Facebook anyway).

Aside from that, the forum was constantly getting attacked by Spammers and they frustratingly keep finding new ways of getting in. The administration was becoming more time consuming that it was worth, to be honest...

We encourage any fans that have yet to join us on Facebook and Twitter to please do so. You'll get all the latest Thunder news, be able to have discussions with other fans and there's even updates direct from members of the band...click the links below for more:

The Japanese section of the forum, which contains translations of Thunder news in Japanese will continue to function under the section "News In Japanese" in the NEWS menu on the left (Continued thanks to Skinny and Tubby for this)

And finally, a huge thanks must go out to Chubby who has been forum admin for most of the boards existence. He did a sterling job of keeping the Thunder fans in check when it all got a bit heated, as well as keeping those evil Spammers at bay! Long live Chubby... ;)

The Thin Feeling Sentimental One

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