It's Announcement Day...

Yes people, as promised, here are the two announcements from Thunder Towers...

1. Thunder Xmas Show 2011

I'm pleased to announce that the 2011 Xmas show will take place at Rock City, Nottingham, UK on Wednesday December 21st.

This will be the first Thunder Xmas show since 2008, and promises to be pretty special.

As in previous years, the show will be a two set mix of acoustic and full on electric sets, featuring Thunder songs and covers, with special guests and festive fun.

Tickets are £27.50 (the same price as Xmas 2008), and can be bought in the following ways:-

via the Box Office: 0845 413 4444, or in person at the venue.

Tickets will go on sale this Friday September 16th.

As in previous years, the show will be recorded, and the ticket price includes a CD of the highlights. 

Also as before, there will be a second slightly different version, which will be sold exclusively via Thunder Shop (that way everyone can get something).

Unlike previous years when you had to claim your copy, this time we will automatically send the Ticket Buyers' CD (to those who buy a ticket of course) as soon as it's ready.

Important - For this to happen you must give consent for Rock City to pass your details to Thunder Towers before you make the payment, then we'll do the rest.

If you don't do this, we won't receive your details, and you won't get the CD, simples...

Now to the other thing.. 

2. An Evening With Danny & Ben - 2 Man Show - Music & Chat

Danny & Ben will play 8 intimate sit down shows in January 2012.

Each "Evening With Danny & Ben" will be a relaxed mix of stripped down Thunder tunes & their favourite cover versions, plus stories from their combined 760 years in the music business. 

The shows will be seated, and those who attend will be "actively encouraged" to join in.  Exact details of this are top secret, but I think you can imagine what's likely to happen.

There will be no support band, but there will be 2 sets each night, with a short "toilet & drinks" interval in the middle. 

Ticket are £17.50 & like the Thunder Xmas show, will go on sale on Friday September 16th at

Dates, venues and ticket info as below (Click the poster to buy tickets)

Danny says "Ben and I visited a secondary school a little while ago to give a talk to a load of 15 year old music students. Having agreed to do it, we were a bit apprehensive, and thought it might be a bit dull for them, having 2 old gits spouting on about the music business and touring etc, but we were wrong, they loved it. That started us thinking, always dangerous, the next thing we were doing some shows. Lord help us all...."

Ben says "I’ve always enjoyed doing interviews with Danny, I didn’t get the opportunity that often but when we did it was always a lot of fun, that’s when I could get a word in edgeways!  We seem to have the knack of making each other laugh, so we thought it would be a great idea to see if we could do the same in front of an audience. If all else fails we’ll play them a song or two and do a runner..."

A very civilised and fun evening for all, sounds like the perfect antidote to the New Year Blues...

That's it folks, more news from me when there is some.

The Thin Digging Out The Xmas Hat & Likely To Be Quite Busy In January One

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