Xmas Show Update

Dear All

As you may know, the Xmas Show on December 21st at Manchester Academy sold out in a scary quick 6 hours.

You guys are clearly nuts, and we salute you.

We have been bombarded by loads of disappointed fans, all asking for another show.

We're happy to announce that we've secured a second night in the same venue.

The Thunder Xmas Show 2012 (No 2) will be at Manchester Academy on December 22nd.

Tickets are priced £30 (+ booking fee - includes live CD) and will go on sale on the following dates:-

Weds 18/04 - O2 Customers (Pre-sales).
Thurs 19/04 - Live Nation Subscribers (Pre-sales).
Fri 20/04 - Everyone else.

We sincerely hope this makes the majority of you happy.

Tickets available from:

Please read the notes below.

Ho Ho Ho...

The Thin & Prematurely Festive One



Boring But Quite Important Stuff - Please Read Carefully

* All ticket sales (inc pre-sales) will go through Ticketmaster - we have been assured that there will be a data consent box to tick at the time of purchase (no matter when you buy).
*The box must be ticked to allow us to collect your details and send you the ETBCD (exclusive ticket buyer CD).

* The ETBCD is included in the price, so quite simply, if you buy a ticket, you will have bought the ETBCD.
* To get your copy you must tick the box at the time you buy your tickets.
* If you don't we won't get your details, and you won't get the CD.

* One CD will be sent for every ticket purchased, but we will only send them to the person who buys the tickets. No one else.

* There will be two shows, both will be recorded. The highlights will be selected and one ticket buyer CD will be produced.
* A second general release CD will be produced, with some of the same highlights plus different ones.
* This one is for those who cannot attend the show & will be made available to buy.


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