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Childline Rocks - USA - July 8th 2012

Danny, Ben, Luke & Peter will return to the USA in July, with a load of fellow nutters for the second USA charity motorcycle ride, also known as The Great British Invasion.
Proceeds once again go to Childline and the NSPCC.

The chaps may well do some acoustic performances for fun here & there along the road

Times are tight, so it has been decided not to ask Thunder/Union fans for donations this year (though you can of course donate to Childline any time).

However, if you fancy spending a week on a Harley Davidson, riding through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, and having a sing song around the camp fire every now and then with DBL&P, that is possible..

Yes folks, you read that right, there are some places available for those who can raise the funds, so if you have a bike licence and you're interested in what we're told is "the ride of a lifetime", just click the link, read the blurb, get all excited, then email the organisers.
Full details on the ride can be found at

Royal Mail UK Price Rises

You may be aware that Royal Mail UK put up postage prices across the board on 30/04/12.
This will inevitably mean higher prices for all, but rather than increase straight away, Thunder Shop has decided to keep all P&P charges frozen until June 1st.
If you're thinking of making a Thunder Shop purchase, save money and do it before June 1st.

The Thin Non Biking & Postage Freezing One

PS: That bit about the camp fire is wrong of course, they will not be camping, but it sounds good..

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