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Q: Danny, having read a lot of the q's here specifically for you, and then you talking about sometimes having to bite your tongue, do you think such huge touring with Thunder and making the band so accessible to the great unwashed has often led to you being asked pointless, personal, rambling and stupid questions? Also, what is your favourite cough sweet? Matt, Leeds
D: Yes it's true that accessibility is a double edged sword. It can sometimes bring over-familiarity which is a pain, but on the plus side it brings enormous loyalty. I have always believed that most people are good and will be fine, and whilst there will always be the odd one or two strange ones who don't know how to behave, provided they're in the minority it's a fair exchange. As to your last question, I consider it far too trivial and pointless, so I shan't dignify it with an answer, so there...

Q: Luke, Just received my copy of your solo album, and I think it's brilliant. I've now listened to it about 4 times back to back, and it just gets better! It seems to me to be a very reflective album, like you're kind of figuring what to do next? Was this the case, and do you feel like you have turned a corner musically after so long playing with Thunder? Bring on the next solo project! Dom, Southend On Sea
L: When I was making 'Gringo' it was immediately after Thunder disbanded so there was a certain amount of reflection. You can hear this in the lyrics on 'One Drop'. When you write music + words you always strive to improve and sometimes this means you will head off in different directions, some of which will be more successful than others. I suppose that whether or not I 'turned a corner' as you say remains to be seen. I feel like I'm a better writer now than I was but only you, the listener, can make that judgement.

Q: Luke: When you are writing a new song, do you ever get a real buzz when you think you have come up with something special, like Welcome To The Party, one of mine and my 5 year-old son, named Luke Daniel, fave tracks. Or does the writing just happen and things really take off when practice and recording starts??? Neil Parsons, Southampton.
L: Sometimes songs do pop into your head miraculously from nowhere but writing is hard work most of the time. I always get a small frisson of excitement, a tingle up the spine, whatever when an idea I have is special and hearing the band play it is like the icing on the cake.

Q: Hi guys, really enjoy the M.O.R. but the Marquee gig surpassed anything I've seen you lads do before. Fantastic is the word I think. But now the question, have you ever listened to a Dutch singer called Anouk? If you haven't then give her a go, in fact 'H' has a couple of CDs of mine. Ask him what he thinks, oh and merry Xmas to you all. Gareth Jones, Hampshire
L: I'm not familiar with Anouk's stuff but I will have a word with Harry. Glad you enjoyed the Marquee show.

Q: Hi Guys, I was interested to read that Danny said Living For Today is one of his favourite Thunder tracks, I think it's great and taken from arguably Thunders best record - the lyric "your vanity told you your more than a dot, your arrogance keeps you from thinking that your not" is among Luke's finest me thinks. Anyhow on something of no particular relevance to anything - I have what some (make that all) will virtually consider to be a stupid idea but wanted to run it past you to see what you think. I think a good way to modernize or be more different and gigs nowadays is to try and introduce something called Rock Karaoke between support acts and headliners - this would stop the crowd getting bored between sets and most of all it would give us mere mortals the chance to wiggle our ass and get the crowd to clap along to songs just like Danny does on such a elequent and professional level - what do you guys think? Alex, Southampton
L: Rock karaoke eh? Not a bad idea....the only thing is that the crew have a load of work to do on stage between bands so they need a gap of around 20 minutes to move stuff around and check equipment etc. The practicalities might be difficult to overcome when you consider this

Q: Hi Chaps, Firstly, I know its been a few weeks since MOR at Wembley but I've gotta say it was a Class gig!! Who were the sound engineers cause I thought the levels were perfect when you guys were on but When Alice Cooper appeared it was ear splitting?? (poor ol Boy at 28!) Are you guys thinking of doing any gigs abroad? The reason I ask, theres a big hoo haa about Whitesnake touring USA and Europe etc. And I know places like Germany etc are well up for the Rock thing. Oh and for what its worth, we covered a couple of your songs at a gig not so long ago and they went down a storm!! Nick, Leigh-on-Sea
L: The guy responsible for our front of house sound on the Monsters tour was a very nice German chap called Gerd so we'll pass on your nice comments. We're looking at the possibility of playing shows abroad but currently there are no plans to do so.

Q: Merry Christmas Guys. What a great feeling to have you chaps back!! Went to the MOR in Cardiff and once again Thunder stood out head and shoulders from the others bands. Question what and how do you chill out when our tour. Thanks for your inspiration. Chris, Devon
L: Obviously we spend a lot of time in buses so we watch a few movies. The other thing we do if there's time or a convenient day off is play golf.........well, Danny and I play golf as the others very rarely make it out of bed!!!

Q: Hi Guys, just a quick note to thank you for the fantastic MOR at the NEC yes we did get the tickets! here is the question: have you read any of the write ups about thunder & B+M albums on Amazon.co.uk if you have what do you think? you'd be surprised at how much info and referrals you guys get. Oh and by the way re: Have a fantastic Christmas and may all your dreams come true. pity I can't have the new album in my stocking! ah well, the love of my life will just have to keep me happy till Feb. Kevin, Shropshire
L: I went and had a look at Amazon and yes, it's very nice when people say nice things about the albums. Thanks for pointing it out.

Q: Hi Danny, in response to your answer to Shaun Wilding, I have recently spoken to someone at work who went to MOR. On the strength of your performance they have sine purchased the Live DVD and quite a few cds, when prior to MOR they only had one. Also on my recommendation they may check out the B&M album as well. Dave H, Chesterfield
D: I rest my case me lad....

Q: What are the changes of the lads, doing a Camden lock type of (mini gig). Just for Thunder fans, and not the muppets who where at Alice Cooper? Shaun Wilding
D: The changes are non existent if you don't spell your requests properly. Lots of the 'muppets' at Alice Cooper were very glad to have gone there, and some may now be Thunder fans like you (they may even be able to spell)..... As to future shows, watch this space (that's spelt s p a c e).

Q: Hi Guys, and Merry Christmas to you both, 1 quick question, i need to get hold of another copy of the album "The Thrill Of It All" but I am having difficulty finding it in the shops, and on the internet, could you help me locate a copy, as I really need it to complete my (excellent) Thunder collection? Dale, London
T: 'The Thrill Of It All' is the only Thunder album that has been deleted and is currently unavailable. Your best bet it to try second hand CD shops or record fairs. Alternatively, Esprit have the Japanese copy (with bonus track) in stock now - however, it is rather pricey! Of course, there is always a chance that someone out there could have a spare copy that they are willing to part with!? Try posting on our message board and asking!

Q: Dear Danny, have you got any exciting plans for you all this Christmas, or do you prefer a more sedate crimbo with carols and mistletoe? Have you all got your energy back from touring, which was fantastic by the way. Have a really merry Christmas, and a happy new year. Good luck for the new album and PLEASE come back up north on tour SOON. Ann S, Blackburn
D: Christmas for me this year will be at spent at home with my loved ones. Nothing more than that... perfect...

Q: What are your views on downloading music off the net from sites like Napster and has it affected your music sales? Mick Hodd, Luton
D: This is a tricky one. I believe it's only right and proper that people who create music should be paid for it from sales. I also believe very much in the old fashioned "swapping" with others concept. The internet has brought a global swapping mechanism to life, but how it can be made to satisfy both arguments is currently perplexing the great and good of the music industry. I daresay this will continue for some time to come. As to whether the likes of Napster etc have affected our sales I cannot say, but one must assume it is the case. As I don't know how by much I take the philosophical view that all
swapping is effectively great advertising for the real CDs, and if people want them, in the main they'll seek them out and buy them.

Q: Hi guys. The last time I posted some questions here was in July, I think. Sorry for the long delay. Anyway,I went to the Wembley show, my first time seeing you live, and I thoroughly enjoyed your set. Great to see Dave Colwell jam with you and I thought Danny's request to get the houselights on for a singalong section was a really neat trick, I haven't seen another band do that. I was on the left hand side balcony and was quite happy to see quite a number of people there younger than me singing along with you the whole time(and I'm only 27 mind). Anyhow,I shall quit babbling. That was the first of the MOR shows, so I'd guess there were a few butterflies in the stomach prior to going on? Will you be doing any more B&M shows at all? I'd love to see it. One more thing, another show I got to see while there was the "We Will Rock You" musical by Queen & Ben Elton,( you are Queen fans right?) I'd like  to ask if any of you have seen it and if so, what do you think of it? Peter Jordan, Dublin
D: Glad you enjoyed the show. As for nerves I am blessed with a non butterfly stomach, that is to say I am not nervous before shows. Regarding future B&M shows, we're busy working towards the release of the new Thunder LP next Feb/March so B&M touring is on the back burner for now. It doesn't mean it won't happen though, so watch this space... I have not seen the Queen musical (not a musical fan, always had a bit of a problem with people spontaneously bursting into song).
L: Actually everyone was remarkably calm before the 1st gig. I didn't feel any nerves at all; I was just looking forward to it. There are currently no plans to do more B+M gigs but we certainly haven't binned the project so watch this space. I haven't seen the Queen musical but I intend to soon.
T: I'm not a fan of musicals either, but I went to see 'We Will Rock You' because I love Queen. Personally, I thought it was excellent. A great night out and fantastic music from start to finish...

Q: Hello! I'd like to ask about the photo on the last page of the 'El Gringo Retro' booklet. If you wouldn't mind,
could you tell me where you and the lovely object were taken, or is it a composite picture? I've been attracted by the object since I saw it. If it's in a public place, I'd love to visit there when I get a chance. Have a lovely peaceful Christmas and New Year!! Yukie, Japan
L: The picture was taken in Clevedon Castle near Bristol in the west of England. The statue is based on a very old African sculpture. Unfortunately people do actually live there so it's not in a public place I'm afraid.

Q: Bonjour Luke, this is Vincent from Paris, one of the blokes that came from France at The B&M gig in Nottingham. I know you're a massive Isley Brothers fan and I wanted to know if you ever laid an hear on Ernie Isley's solo album High Wire which went totally unnoticed when it went out 12 years ago. Just for info the whole Isley Brothers catalog was re released on cd by Sony, totally remastered. Amazing. And yes, the Thunder EP is fantastic. I want the album right now. Have a joyeux Noel.  Vincent, Paris
L: Thanks for the Isleys info; I'll keep my eyes out for Ernie's CD which I haven't heard. Glad you like the EP.

Q: Luke, just been going through my stack of Thunder Singles and came across a corker called "Too Bad". How come this never made it on to an Album and was left as a 'B' Side, and was it recorded as during the  "Thrill of it all" sessions? Simon D. Cherry
L: It was recorded during the 'Thrill' sessions but I can't remember why it didn't make the album. It was probably because we didn't think it was right at the time.

Q: More a bit of info than a question really, but having looked at Virgin radio's website, all their DJ's have listed their top 3 British bands of all time for their poll.  Russ Williams gives The Beatles and Queen at 1 and 2, and a lesser known combo called Thunder at 3.  Armed with this info,  I expect a marketing frenzy aimed at Mr Williams from you leading up to, and following, the release of the new album in Feb.  Good idea?? Chris, Kent
D: Russ Williams is a good man, he likes his rock music and is not afraid to say so. However the reality of the situation is that Virgin Radio does not consider Thunder "suitable" for daytime play, he has told me this himself, and as he rather likes his job I suspect there's little or nothing he could do to change that situation. So whilst I admire your enthusiasm, I am realistic enough to know that lobbying him won't do any good. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the facts are the facts....

Q: Hi guys, I was just reminiscing about your 95 gig at Wembley with Bon Jovi. Do you have any standout memories of those dates? What are the chances of you joining Jovi on their stadium tour next year? What is the usual process of getting a support slot, do the headliners approach you or do you approach them? Kenny, Milton Keynes
L: I remember the gig with BJ on Saturday at Wembley was one of our finest and we kicked footballs off the stage so we can all say we've kicked a ball at Wembley! There are no plans for us to tour with Bon Jovi next summer. Support gigs come together many different ways; usually it's agents and promoters that propose bills when there is more than one artist featured.

Q: Dear Luke, my ten year-old daughter, Laura, reckons it would be great if (a) Thunder did a cover version of Free's 'Alright Now' (have you ever played this song live?); and (b) if the Eastenders theme tune could be livened up and replaced by YOU playing a classic rock version of it!  What are your thoughts, please? Lynne
L: We've never done 'Alright Now' as I've seen it murdered so many times by different bands and I don't want us to be one of them. Eastenders theme? Your daughter is definitely having a laugh

Q: Hi chaps, took a chance having not heard any of the material from the new album and bought it. I enjoyed every track particularly Change and I'd Take The Stars Out Of The Sky are you doing any more gigs featuring this album as I would like to see it played live. Once again good album. Gary Edmead
L: There are no plans to do any more B+M shows at the moment but next year who knows?

Q: Danny, when Luke first introduces a new song he has written, do you often wonder where he gets the ideas from? Do you ever get surprised by the titles of some songs (Pimp and the whore for instance). Do you have much input to the song creation process? (apart from  singing it)  Oh, and what's the best Christmas present you've ever been given? Kevin, Kent
D: I am constantly amazed and in awe of Luke's songwriting abilities. Not so much from an inspirational standpoint because we've been together a long time so I have a firm grasp of the reasons behind some of his lyrics, indeed some of the time we've shared the experience the song is based on. The craft of songwriting is the bit that I find incredible, the process of knowing what will go with what, and then doing it. My direct contribution to his songs is zero, he conceives and writes them, they are his work entirely. Indirectly I provide the voice, the style of which is a known quantity to him when he's bringing out the tunes from inside his head, so I guess in a small way I do have an indirect influence on the songs.  Christmas present-wise it's hard to say what has been the best, there are so many good ones. My pink leather g-string (with the studs on the inside) has to be right up there though...

Q: BEST OF BRITISH to you guys - superb band! My question: Do you think that the way to go for bands, such as THUNDER and KICK, is for them to record albums off their own backs and then sell them independently of some of those money-grabbing record companies which seem to do more harm than good? Thomas, Kent
L: I think British major labels have lost the plot slightly due to their obsession with pop and dance music. They've forgotten how to sell and market rock which is tantamount to ignoring the large rock audience that still exists in Britain. MOR proved that there are still many rock fans out there and their tastes are not being catered for. This means that bands like Thunder have to find alternative ways of selling albums and that means either signing to an independent label which probably won't have the funds to market the record properly, or releasing the record themselves. The down-side of a self-released album is that bands don't have the distribution network of an established label. What this all means is that in the future bands will have to deal directly with distributors and retailers in order to get their albums in the shops. This has already started happening and in my opinion, this will become the way to go.

Q: Recently I went to see Jools Holland and I was thinking have you ever thought about writing a song with a big band feel like Mr Holland has? And if you could write a very different album beyond your style what style would you choose? Matt, Rugby
L: I thought that 'El Gringo' was very different to a Thunder album in terms of style and content. The big band sound is not so much about how the songs are written but more about how they're arranged. For example you could take a Thunder song like 'Stand Up' (acoustic version) and add a large brass section, piano and backing vocalists and it would work perfectly well in that kind of genre. Different musical styles can be applied to all sorts of songs by a wide range of artists.

Q: What CDs do you want for Xmas? Mick Hodd, Luton
L: There's still a couple of Beatles CD's I need to complete my collection and there's still a few albums that I only have on vinyl which I need on CD. I shall be leaving little hints for Santa everywhere.

Q: Danny & Luke. Was there a particular song or an artists' performance that inspired you to become musicians? Paul O, Charlton
L: I can't pinpoint any one thing in particular because there's so much great music but if you read my entry 'Desert Island Discs' in W.W.W. on this site you'll see which pieces of music moved me when I was growing up.

Q: Hiya guys, this site is awesome and I was wondering is all Thunder related stuff gonna be on here now, or is the glorious THUNDERCHANNEL going to be up and running again too? Helen, Stoke On Trent
T: There are no current plans to re-launch Thunderchannel. Bowesandmorley.com is still the place to come for the latest info on all of Luke & Danny's projects, including Thunder.

Q: Hey guys, I thought I would ask a couple of slightly different questions, cos most of the ones so far have been quite predictable!! My first question is this...if you were appearing on blind date, what would your three questions be? My second is, if I were to ask you what you thought the answer to life, the universe, and everything is, would you sit there smugly and reply 42? Hope to see you on tour soon. Lee, Leicestershire
L: Blind date eh?......now let me see......
1) What kind of music do you listen to?
2) What are your favourite things to eat and drink?
3) How bigger part does Baby Oil play in your sex life?
And by the way, the answer to life, the universe and everything is Baby Oil!

Q: Hi guys, Firstly congratulations or a superb gig at the Marquee the other week; You we're all truly amazing ! My question is, now that a new studio album is out in Spring 2003, would you consider more Television appearances on music shows like the excellent Jools Holland show that - unlike some crappy music show I could mention - allows you to play live music? Lee Friend, London
L: We'd love to do any TV show where we can play live; it's a question of whether or not we're deemed to be the 'right' kind of band by the producers or whoever makes the decision at whichever show it is. I think some of the people in question think we're too 'heavy metal'.

Q: Hi guys, do any of you use ebay as I've recently bid for something and the last bidder was listed as "luke elgringoretro"! Is this you Luke or an avid fan? By the way, thanks for the Marquee show it was terrific. I was totally fooled and thought it would be Danny and the Doo Wops so imagine my delight at seeing you, especially having missed the MOR tour! Matt, Walton
L: No Matt, it wasn't me. Glad you enjoyed the Marquee show.

Q: I spose this is really a question for Ben but I'm sure Luke can answer it. I just listened to the entire Radio 6 production of Thunder live at Hammersmith in 1990. Danny introduces a "new" song - Low Life In High Places, but the beginning guitar part (played by Ben whilst Luke is on the acoustic) is quite different to that which actually made the final track release. Was this added afterwards or did Ben just forget to play it ? lol ! Cleggy
L: As I recall 'Low Life' was written shortly before the1990 winter tour and I don't think we'd attempted to record it at that time which would explain it differing from the LOJD version. I think we decided to play it because we all felt it was going to be an important Thunder song.

Q: Hi guys, Thanks for an absolutely great show at Wembley MOR, still got the style! Just a quick question, have you ever played Preaching From A Chair at any live shows? I can' t ever remember hearing it and what was the inspiration behind this song? Keep on rocking. Dom, Southend On Sea
L: We've never played 'Preaching' live although we did rehearse it before the BCD tour. It didn't seem to work as well live which happens sometimes. The song sums up my views on a lot of the grunge bands at that time who seemed to be very miserable and pissed off with their own success. I hate people moaning when they've got nothing to moan about.

Q: OK guys, what's the story behind the cameras at the Marquee? Is there going to be a video or DVD in the future? Great show, look forward to seeing you again soon. Mick, Desborough
T:  The band have had a cameraman follow them around since the LP recording began, so they have "in the studio" footage, candid MOR touring stuff (soundchecks, odd snippets from shows), as well as a full blown video and audio recording of the Marquee show. There was no official MOR filming, as Alice Cooper's label wouldn't allow it, so there will definitely not be a commemorative Monsters DVD release, as previously suggested. The plan is for the guys to look at what they have in rough cut form in the new year, then decide how best to put it together in DVD format. There is also a strong possibility that the 'In, Out, Put the Kettle On' video will be issued on DVD next year with new footage, etc. More news soon...

Q: Hi Danny, It was lovely to see you live again and glad to see you've still got the wiggle (I just love that wiggle). I would just like to know which is your favourite Thunder song, and which do you enjoy doing live. p.s. I loved all the stories of when you were an accident prone little boy. Look after yourself, and keep wiggling. Angela, Lancaster
D: Thanks for your kindness. It's nice to know one's talents and efforts are appreciated. My favourite Thunder song changes all the time, but at the moment it's Living For Today from The Thrill Of It All. As for the live performance the song is irrelevant, the potential for wiggling is clearly the only true way to gauge a song's worth... ha ha...

Q: Apologies if this has already been asked...only just discovered your website and not had time to go through archive...but can you both remember what was the first record you ever bought? Lyn, S. Wales
D: I'm rather ashamed to report that my first record purchase was Beg Steal Or Borrow by The New Seekers. I'm not proud of it but in my defence I must say I was a tender 12 years old and cannot therefore be blamed...

Q: Hello All - Seasons Greetings! I like the hats - very fetching!! I've got a question about your recording techniques - do you record 'live' as a band or does each band member put down his part on his own? Does the finished version differ from Luke's demo - I'm thinking of how Thin Lizzy's 'Don't Believe A Word' was originally a slow blues and got changed during rehearsal, as an example? Finally, why do demo's sound much more 'flat' than the finished product i.e. what happens during mastering to make the sound more rich? Thanks for a great year. John
L: Different bands have different approaches to writing, demoing and recording. When I write for Thunder I have the advantage of knowing the other guys' very well as musicians so when I make a demo of a new song I always try to anticipate how they would approach playing/singing it. Most of the time the demo will be a pretty good approximation of the finished article as far as the shape and tempo of the song is concerned. The reason most demos sound less finished is because that's exactly what they are; the final mastered product has better individual sounds, more instrumentation and more detail. The actual process of mastering happens when you take your final mixes and run them through a machine which can boost certain frequencies and change compression levels. Sometimes mixes require a lot of tweaking, sometimes they don't.

Q: Hi Luke, just wanted to let you know, i recently bought the "Symphony and Stage" collection, in the write up by Dave Ling, he mentions your solo album but call's it "El Gringo Loco", Is this a typo by the printers or did Mr. Ling get it wrong? Dale, London
L: I'm not actually sure but I will find out.

Q: Well I feel like I owe you guys an apology. I remember the name Thunder way back then, but never listened, preferring Purple, Whitesnake, etc. Imagine my surprise at Wembley. You just blew us away. I now have The thrill of it all, Symphony & Stage, and Laughing on Judgement Day. The Mother-in-Law is getting me Backstreet Symphony for Crimbo. After MoR I surfed for a Thunder web-site but they all seemed to end a few years back, so word up for Classic Rock magazine for including your web-site. I do actually have a question - are the tracks on the new EP going to be on the new album. Finally when you do tour again, consider Croydon's Fairfield Halls. We just saw Quo there and it was sold out. Ian Anderson just played there, and Yes did a couple of years ago. Phil
T: Hi Phil, glad to have you on board. All tracks from the EP will feature on the forthcoming album except 'When Tomorrow Comes', which is exclusive to this release.

Q: Dear Danny/Luke/Thinny, maybe a bit unrelated but just wanted to pass on my admiration for a one Mr. Harry James. I was at a Magnum gig in Oxford this week and he was drumming for them. All credit to him, he was brilliant, never missed a hit and you would think he had played with them for years. He just got on with the job, hid behind his drum kit (well the bold head occasionally popped up - was that a tuft of hair I saw??) and did what he does best - played them. Maybe I'm a bit biased here but I happen to think he is one of the best drummers in the country. To go from playing with Thunder in front of thousands of people to playing for Magnum in front of a few hundred shows his quality. If anybody reading this can catch any remaining Magnum gigs, go see them. If B&M or Thunder ever want an intimate venue to play, you wouldn't do any worse than The Zodiac in Oxford. Looking forward to the new album and seeing you in Oxford! It would be nice to see you locally rather than trekking half way around the country!!!!  Trevor Bradley
T: All hail King Harry!!! If anyone's going to see Magnum at Rock City this weekend, I will see you there....

Q: The most important question is; Did you enjoying doing the shows? Kevin, Kent 
L: Yes, we enjoyed the shows very much. It was great to play big venues again and the audiences were great.....well done everybody who turned up!!!!

Q: Played "Something About My Baby" to my girlfriend from Cyprus last week, she said it was perfect! (and she does speak good English!) Does it worry you when people judge you maybe because of your job or even hair? How do you deal with that? Also, would you describe yourself as working or middle class? Ian, South Wales 
L: I can't change how people judge me so I don't really think about it. As far as I'm concerned everybody has the right to wear their hair the way they want to and judging somebody because of the job they do is always a dangerous thing to do. I'd describe my upbringing as impoverished middle class albeit in a very working class area.

Q: Hi Luke,  I was looking back in the through the October q&a and saw that you do a bit of cycling, are we talking long distances, I ask because its something Alison (the wife) and I took up a couple of years ago to support various charities, it all started with the London-Brighton and we have completed several 50 odd milers and one 1 hundred miler in the last year, so if you wanna join us on one (loads of beers at the end of course) or fancy donating sumatt to a good cause, great. Tell Harry and Chris I say hello,  they know where to find me.  see you at the gigs. Gareth, Reading 
L: I haven't had much time for cycling recently but I will get back into it next year. I usually only do short distances (5 miles or so); any further than that and I tend to drive!

Q: Luke, during the Marquee gig (which was fantastic) your top E broke and you replaced it for one song with a stunning Cherry sunburst. It went much better with your shirt and I think you should use it more. My question though is this. Is the Hughes and Kettner here for good now. I personally don't think you can beat the Mesa Boogie. The H&K is a much more crunchie sound. (no, I don't mean it's covered in smooth milk chocolate). What's your preference at the moment and why please? BJ
L: The sunburst Les Paul is a lovely guitar but I prefer using the White one on stage as it has more natural sustain. As for the H+K amps they are very nice and I will use them again although I'll probably still use the Boogies as well. They're slightly different but both good in their own way.

Q: You've probably been asked this loads of times, but after being blown away last night at the Marquee by your good selves and the Quireboys I wondered do you prefer the smaller more intimate venues over venues for the MOR tour. Rew, Kent
L: We enjoy both types of venue because we love playing. Both have their pros and cons so it's hard to say one is better than the other.

Q: I have to say that I have never seen you guys as good as you were in Glasgow. I'm not sure if it was rose tinted glasses, as you haven't been about for a while but I would like to put this to you (oo-er!) The new material is excellent and "Somebody Get Me A Spin Doctor" not only went down well live but it is a stonking song with a really relevant theme just think John Leslie, Angus Deyton, Bill Clinton. How about you release it again as a single, maybe with a few live tracks from MOR or D&TDW or even B&m or EGR? We'll all buy it again for the extras and we'll petitition all our local radio stations to play it. We'll even pester Radio 1 for you. Let's get Danny's old "Team" working for you! As the marketing guys would have it " an aggressive marketing strategy". I think the song is more than worth it. No 38 in the website awards must show you the power of the website fanbase you have built up through your own efforts. Just a thought. Doc', Ireland
L: Thanks for coming to Glasgow and glad you enjoyed the show. As far as releasing singles go we'll have to wait and see how, where and when the album is released. Unfortunately releasing singles is a very expensive business so a lot will depend on who releases the album. Thanks for the ideas though.

Q: Hi, just got back from monsters of rock in Sheffield and have to say you were superb, it was a dream come true for me to see thunder live, and I hope you do a tour next year. Anyway the question, I got into thunder about 5 years ago but I always thought I had heard your music on a movie/TV tune or something? so have any of your songs been used in films etc? Mark, Nottingham
L: As far as I know none of our songs have been used on TV shows or in movies but 'The Pimp And The Whore' is currently being used on an MTV ad for ringtones!!

Q: Great show at Wembley, I just hope we get to see you again soon. I was just wondering whatever happened to the B Lucky music label you set up a few years ago as it wasn't credited on the EP or MSA. Alex, Southampton
L: 'B Lucky' wasn't a working label as such but more of our own brand name at that time. 

Q: Saw you at Birmingham and you were absolutely brilliant. Did you enjoy the tour and did you meet Alice? Angela, Lancaster
L: Yes, we enjoyed the tour and we spent an hour or so in Alice's dressing room in Bournemouth talking to the great man about golf! Rock'n'roll eh?

Q: Hi Danny and Luke. I was at the Sheffield arena showing of monster of rock and u guys quite literally rocked!!! I thought that u guys were better than Mr. Cooper himself. I'm guessing that u guys are back together now with the new album and all, which I'm yet to buy as I cannot find it anywhere!!! Sorry for not sending this email to your thunder email address as I cannot find that either. Are u guys planning to go on tour next year? If u r make sure u stop of at Sheffield City Hall for a gig. U wont remember me but I once met u back stage at the City Hall about 4 yrs ago. That show was amazing. I thought the crowd at monsters of rock did not recognize wot a gr8 performance u guys made. Oh yeh by the way, I was with my m8 that nite and Luke chucked his Pick into the crowd and he grabbed it b4 I cud. (White Fender, Medium). Thanx for taking some time out for reading my message and i await your reply. Steven Bullock, Doncaster
L: Thanks for your nice comments about the show. The new album will be released next year but there's no release date set at the moment. Keep watching this site and you'll find out as soon as we've got it sorted. We will be playing some shows next year but once again, nothing has been finalised yet.

Q: Question: Hi Luke! Last time I saw you was back in 1992. Met you first when I was secretary at the Mayfair in Newcastle upon Tyne.  God! SO long ago. How have you been, what gave you the inspiration for your solo album and why don't you play more smaller venues, it would be more personal. Linzi Brennan, South Shields
L: I'm sure we will play in smaller venues at some point in the future although it was nice being back on large stages for the MOR tour. My album was largely inspired by hanging out in Spain and looking at the sea whilst sipping a nice cold beer.

Q: It was brilliant to see you all back on stage together. We didn't come to the meet and greet and I missed meeting you all again. Please can you list the set lists from each night on the website. How do you think the Glasgow gig went? Would you consider dropping Welcome to the Party as it was relevant in May 1997 but Spin Doctor is more the political view now? Can't wait to see you in the New Year. Don't forget a Scottish date on the next Thunder tour. Marion
L: The set list was the same every night on MOR except Wembley where we played one song with our old mate Dave Colwell from Bad Company. Funnily enough it was a Bad Co. song called 'Good Lovin' Gone Bad'. The Glasgow gig was great for us apart from me falling over!! 'Welcome' I agree isn't lyrically relevant today but it's still a great opener for the set as it gets the band nicely in the mood.

Q: Hi Guys, just seen you perform at the M.O.R in Brighton - just wanted to say that the band sounded fantastic, great selection of songs, the new one was superb. Get that album finished and in the shops and then get yourselves down to the Portsmouth Guildhall, we need to be rocked!!!! Anyway, the question I want to ask is how are all the bands getting on - what can I say about Alice Cooper (first time seeing him) somewhat of an eye opener!!!! Any wild stories that you can share - which won't cause a law suit!!!!?? Matt Barber, Portsmouth
L: All the bands got along very well on MOR so there's no wild stories of primadonna like behaviour to report I'm afraid.

Q: Glasgow gig was Brilliant! Thunder were the best band of the night and yes you can still rock.  Should have gone back to see you instead of staying to see Alice Cooper, maybe next time!!  Luke, Where did you get that shirt?!! Mags & Fiona
L: Glad you both enjoyed the show. I bought my shirt in a designery sort of shop in Covent Garden. Sorry but I can't remember the name!

Q: Hi Danny. My favourite vocalists (apart from your good self) are Paul Rodgers and Ronnie Van Zant. I was wondering if you could tell me which vocalists inspired you to embark on your chosen career? Have a great Christmas too, Danny and Luke!!!!!! Kieran Keegan
D: At the beginning it was Paul Rodgers, he was the first singer who sounded like I felt inside. I became obsessed with all songs Free and Bad Co. I was also into John Lennon (sheer guts) and Paul McCartney (technique) throughout this time. Eventually I got into Robin Trower and his singer was James Dewar, who impressed me greatly, until I saw him live (he was very dull indeed). Then Stevie Wonder arrived in my life with Songs In The Key Of Life and I lost all reason, he remains my all time favourite singer and musician, I hold him in the very highest regard, to me he is a true genius. There are others I admire (Marvin Gaye, Roberta Flack, Aretha, Gladys Knight) but Mr Wonder is my all time all round hero.

Q: Danny - some one has just told me that you are an Alex Harvey fan. Is this true and did you ever get to see him live? It is a great source of regret to me that I never did. Bazza
D: I discovered Alex Harvey just after he released the Next LP. I was blown away (I bought it for the cover) and bought everything I could. I was there at Hammersmith Odeon (as it was) when they recorded the Live LP. I lost interest a bit as the records became more and more camp, but AH was always a great showman and the band kicked bottom. I worked with the band's producer years later when he did our front of house sound. I was very proud of the fact that I was the first one in my circle of friends to discover AH.

Q: Hi Dan,  I don't know if you remember me. I used to work for Ritchie Blackmore and put you on the guestlist for Deep Purple when they were in Japan back in '91.  I'm also the guy who said hello to you as you boarded your flight to Zurich yesterday. Anyway, make a note of my e-mail address and next time you (Luke or any of  the gang) fly out of Heathrow with BA, give me a shout and I'll try to get you upgraded. Great gig at the Marquee by the way. Rob Fodder, Harmondsworth
D: Thanks matey, you're very kind. You gave me a shock shouting my name as I was walking up the steps to board the plane. See you soon.

Q: So great to see you guys all together again. Q - In the 20 or so shows I've been to the sound has always been great so- who did the sound desk for the NEC gig? It was so bottom heavy couldn't hear Luke properly and it distorted the usual perfect sound?  PS - Say Hi to your Mum!-you might like to know  she had such a ball at the 'last' Thunder gig. I was stood behind her and we even had a little 'hand'-dance when she got reelin & a rockin'! (Not Dingwall's - didn't see her there, maybe she couldn't get a ticket!) Martin, Bristol
D: Sound is a very subjective thing, and so it should be. It also varies according to where you are in the room. Sorry you didin't like it, but the feedback I had across the whole tour was that the sound was great. Another factor to take into account is that fact that the show was run by Alice Cooper's people, and not by Thunder. When you've seen us in the past it would have been mostly at our own shows, this make a difference to both sound and lighting.

Q: Where can I buy a M.O.R t-shirt online...the gig last night was great...just never had enough money on me at the time to buy a T-shirt? Luke Willoughby, Loughborough
D: I daresay there will be some shirts available for purchase after the tour ends on Wednesday. Watch this space for the news..

Q: Hi guys, Firstly thanks for a fantastic show the weekend before last. I've been away since and not had the chance to congratulate you all yet on a superb performance. Watching you guys on stage at Wembley it felt like you'd never been away. My main question is had you guys seen what's on the other end of thunderchannel.com these days? I know its not there anymore, but UBL.com still has it up on their site, so i clicked the link, went to thunderchannel and instantly got redirected to the lovely Anna. She a fan of yours? If anyone over the age of 18 wants a look, I'm sure you'll be impressed........ Simon, Kent
T: We had noticed.  I have no idea if she is a Thunder fan, but we certainly Anna fans....

Q: Hi guys, Got the EP and the "T" shirt both excellent on all counts!!! Great to hear new material is still up to scratch. I'm really looking forward to Nov 23rd, but wait for it..... I am still waiting for the bloody tickets to arrive after the previous recall. The question is this: Danny, I did take your advice and put my feet up with a cup of tea, but still no show, although, I have got a letter confirming the bookings. Anyway, If they don't arrive in time (I do have my faith in you) Would you kill the promoter for me? Kevin, Shropshire
D: This is a major pain in the bum. I'm sorry for your troubles, but if your tickets haven't arrived it's down to the ticket seller, not the promoter. I can only suggest if you have confirmation of your booking, that you get on the phone and hassle them. I'd hate for you to miss the show...

Q: Danny, what size are your feet? They look huge on the front of MSA (only just bought the album so I can't give you my full opinion, but seems good so far). Gordon Hall
D: You know what they say about men with big feet.... Mine are size 8, photos lie, especially if you have the big foot lens on the camera.

Q: Hi Guys,  Just got Back For The Crack and it's great. It's kind of a mix of everything you've done before. Spin doctor could easily be on Back Street Symphony while When Tomorrow Comes would of made a nice track 12 on Giving The Game Away. I particularly like Blown Away, even if it does a little too much like Until My Dying Day - not that that is a bad thing. 2 questions if I may. 1) On The Pimp and The Whore are your talking about your relationship with each other and if so who's the Pimp and who's the Whore! I guess Mr. Bowes would be the pimp because as far as my knowledge stretches he's married and Mr Morley is not. 2) Going back through your old sleeve notes I notice that it generally takes well over a year to do one album start to finish - do you / have you got worried that you might be rushing this new one?  Alex Towers, Southampton
L: Actually 'Pimp' isn't about me and Danny at all! It's about a Simon Cowell/Pete Waterman type of character telling his latest 'pop star' protégé what a wonderful team they're going to make. The time it takes to make a new record is governed by how long it takes to write the songs. The actual recording always takes us around 3 to 4 weeks.

Q: When you're writing new songs, is there some tunes you decide to leave definitely ? In this case, at which stage of development does this happen and why? Olivier, Belgium
L: If a song isn't coming together I've usually spotted it and stopped working on it before I've written any lyrics although occasionally an inferior song does reach the end of the demo process.

Q: Hey, any of you guys heard of Chris Morris?? Say yes, he's a genius. Brass eye, Day today, blu jam, heard, seen any of these?? What would you say your sense of humour is like??  Jonny Wilts
L: I'm afraid I don't know who Chris Morris is. I think we share a similar sense of humour which is very British; Python, Blackadder, Fast Show, Fawlty Towers, The Office etc.

Q: Hey, how's it going? Give me 3 Thunder reasons why I should come and watch you at Cardiff later this month!! I need to convince my parents to give me the cash!! Can you believe it?? When are one of you two gonna update us with a new 'wit. wisdom and whiskey'?? I enjoyed reading the others. Anyway, hope to see in Cardiff later this month, keep going. Jonny Wilts
L: 1) It'll be a great show
2) If you miss it there's a very good chance you won't ever see these bands appearing on the same bill together again.
3) Tell your parents that if they don't cough up for your ticket that you'll torture them with the new album when it comes out!!!
We've both been in the studio for the past few weeks working on the new album so we've been too busy to write a new WWW but there will be more so please bare with us for the time being.

Q: Hey guys I was listening to "When Tomorrow Comes" and I think it has a very Hootie And The Blowfish/Ryan Adams sound to it? Do u agree or have I just offended you and deserve a back slap? Tomo
L: I think 'Tomorrow' definitely has a slight country feel to it which would account for the Hootie/Ryan association. I like Ryan Adams 'Gold' album a lot although I'm not too familiar with Hootie's stuff.

Q: I have just been presented with a surprise pair of tickets for the Manchester show by my most excellent husband!! I was wondering how long the set will be? Meg, Liverpool
T: Thunder's set will last approximately 50 Minutes.

Q: Got the EP this weekend and haven't stopped listening to it yet, BUT who needs to be shot for the (possible) mistake on the sleeve?!? The website says (and still does I just checked) that track 4 (When Tomorrow Comes) is EP exclusive and wont be on the LP, yet the EP sleeve says Track 3 (The Pimp and the Whore) is exclusive. Which is and which isn't and do I get bonus brownie points for bringing this up? See you at Wembley!! Simon, Kent
D: We have a winner! Yes you're right there is a mistake on the sleeve but not one that warrants a shooting. It was caused by a last minute order change, and the designer was away, so the choice came down to either a delay or a typo. I knew you'd all be up in arms if we delayed so I opted for the latter, also knowing some eagle eyed type would spot it. No prize I'm afraid as you waited until Monday to alert HQ. Still, keep it up, nice to know someone's paying attention.

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Q: Just wondering... any chance of seeing you in California in the future? Maybe with the Monsters of Rock tour? It's a bit pricey to come home to Scotland to see you (although you are worth it, honest!) - I have great memories of shows at Donington, Don Valley and the Aberdeen Music Hall - I'd love to be able to add a Californian one. I'm so glad to have found out you're all still out there making music - as Thunder or not. Keep well. And stop adding stuff to your whisky, that's sacrilege ;) Julie, Half Moon Bay, CA
L: Unfortunately there are no plans to visit the USA at the moment but anything is possible in the future.

Q: Luke can you tell me will the lyrics to the new EP songs be available on the website as soon as its released so us fans can sing along at the gigs. Hope so! Dan Birkett, Southampton
L: I'll see what I can do Dan.

Q: Just wanted to mail you and ask! Firstly if there is any sign of any more Bowes & Morley stuff comin' out? And secondly I wanted to ask What the name of the bar in the picture featured in WW & W is called and where is it?  Owen
L: There may well be more B+M stuff but right now as you've probably noticed we're very focused on all things Thunder. The bar in question is All Bar One in Shad Thames near Tower Bridge.

Q: In terms of organisation, does it piss you off very much when things dont always work out, ie when certain American bands decide to split up over issues that could be written on the back of a stamp!? Matt, Notts
L: When bands decide to go their separate ways there can be a multitude of different reasons. Personally I couldn't work with anybody I didn't like because life's too short. It's pointless chasing your rock'n'roll dreams if you can't share the ups and downs with friends.

Q: Great to see you guys back together, I look forward to having a bit of a bogy at Wembley with you, just like so many of us have over the years. I would just like to know if the standing area on the tour will be completely open, or will the area nearest the stage be barriered of for the first 300 people to turn up. I know it's a bit of a stupid question, but it may effect people's plans for turning up to the shows. Well all the best and remember to have fun. Joel, Cambridge
D: Thanks for your comments and question. The answer is I'm sure most shows will have a standing area in front of the stage with seats at the back and sides. That is how we've planned it at least...

Q: Mr. Bowes....In the past you have explained to us how you started singing... I started a few years ago in a similar situation, I was the guitarist in a band and we needed a singer, couldn't find one so I started singing. I am always looking for tips on how to improve my vocals. As your voice is what I consider to be the best in rock would you give me a few tips please? Do you do any vocal exercises? any tips before gigs or in studio recording? Any help would be much appreciated. Dan Birkett, Southampton
D: I thank you for your kind words regarding my voice. I have no major revelations to impart, save for steam. I have always found steam to be the most beneficial thing for saving and rescuing my voice from the ravages of live shows. I've tried just about every tincture and potion but steam always does the trick. It means I spent an enormous amount of time on the shower during every tour but it worked most of the time. Apart from that I hum (not smell) in the mornings to get my voice warmed up, then hum louder and harder as the day goes on. As for exercises I tried but the band took the mickey, so I gave it up. Ho hum...

Q: Evenin' all. Have just listened to you guys on Virgin and got blown away yet again (strong stuff that digital radio). The wit, the joie de vivre (if you'll pardon the German) and the sheer, unadulterated flirtatiousness gets me every time - and I'm a bloke (well most of the time anyway!) As you can tell, I've only just started on the whiskey tonight, but bear with me 'cos it's bound to get worse! And so to the obligatory questions. 1. Are you into orgasmic gardening ? 2. Does DIY do anything for you ? 3. Do you (like yours truly) do foreign tongues ? 3. Has Fate (with a capital Eff) ever visited itself upon you ? 4. Is there life after Richard and Judy? .. Which leads me on nicely to the family plug: If you haven't yet caught up with the weird and wacky wotsit aka R & J at 5.00 pm on CH 4, now's definitely the time to do so. Why, you ask ? Cos my 16-year-old boy's on (again) on Tuesday night, bidding to become a now-and-then regional presenter for the show and he's up against some pretty stiff competition - an organiser of fetish parties (steady on chaps) and a lady who's deeply into the Dalai Lama. Trust he can count on you guys and the zillions of souls from the Thunderworld to make that all-important phone-call on the night ??? (If you needed any further inducement to tune in, he's gonna be wearing a blonde wig !). So, GO MAD FOR MATT ON TUESDAY (and when the realisation of what you've done hits home, regret it quietly on Wednesday). Paul Edmondson, Portsmouth
L: What on earth is orgasmic gardening? Pardon my ignorance but that's a new one on me! DIY is more Danny's thing than mine as I'm fairly useless at all things practical. If by foreign tongues you mean am I conversant in another language, the answer is I do speak schoolboy level German and I can order food (and booze) in Spanish and Italian. Fate visits us every day; it's just a question of whether or not you recognise it. I don't normally do Richard and Judy but I will strive to watch your son on Tuesday.

Q: Hi guys, How are rehearsals with Thunder going? Is it difficult to get back into after a long time or do you guys just fall right back together with relatively few problems? I haven't seen my band (The Unchosen) since our last gig on the 20th September. Sometimes I find that time apart can be a good thing because we walk back into the practice room (or sometimes gigs!) with a clearer frame of mind but other times we just don't connect at all. Does this sound familiar to your experiences and is it a typical part of rock 'n roll? We have all been influenced and inspired by Thunder in some way, so I would like you to look at our website and listen to our music to see what you think or even better come to one of our gigs! Details and downloads can be found on our site - I hope putting this on won't eliminate the chances of this message being posted on your site, we just want your opinions! Andy, Oxon
L: We haven't started rehearsals for MOR yet as we're getting ready to go into the studio to record the rest of the new album. I don't think it will feel any different rehearsing again but I think there will be a level of excitement that maybe wasn't there the last time we played together as we're all looking forward to the gigs in November.

Q: Being a huge fan of Glen Hughes' voice, both in Deep Purple & his solo career now, have you ever thought of doing something with him within the format of B&M, since it would be more relaxed than the "group" situation within Thunder. I think with your taste for R&B style music - his vocals would make an awesome collaboration for both of you. Jim McCormick, Canada
L: I've met Glenn a few times over the years but not recently. We'll bare your suggestion in mind.

Q: Luke, instead of J&B + coke, try Dewars (White label) with coke, you will love it !! In any case, I know that you spend long times here in Spain (I think that in the Southern part). Any chance of a song written (at least the chorus) in Spanish ?? Or maybe some Spanish guitar influenced song? Just to hear how it would sound, possibly great !! Another - what football team do you support ?? I go for Racing Santander, and quite happy as we kicked Real Madrid´s butt on Saturday !! Hope you sell a lot of your next Thunder record, so you will come back here to Spain for gigs (5 and a half years passed since your last terrific gig in Madrid, at "La Sala"). Here in Spain we deserve to see you, too. Joaquin, Barcelona
L: I'm not sure how Spanish would sound in a SE London accent but we'll bare it in mind. I'm fairly neutral about football except when England play. If I had to pick one team it would be Man. City as they were the team I supported as a young boy. We would love to come and play in Spain so let's hope we sell enough albums to make it happen.

Q: What would be your reaction if you see that a big part of the crowd at MOR will go away after your show without staying for the rest of the program ? Luc, Illkirch, France
L: When people have paid their money for a ticket it's really up to them how they spend their evening. I would have thought that most people coming to see Thunder would like to see Alice's set but as long as they watch us I don't mind really!

Q: Hello Gringo, My questions about money and mass media (not very original, I guess): What did you think when they say that nowadays Oasis represents the finest British Rock? I can imagine that you can answer freely to this question of mine, full of scepticism. I read a pair of years ago that brits voted in a poll that the best band ever was Queen. I do agree, but How can you explain Oasis' success in the same country that adores Freddy Mercury? Fine British rock, for me, is something more rich and elaborated...for instance, your concept of music. I am glad to hear you back, full of ideas and illusion. Carlos Lage, Madrid
L: I think there's a whole generation of English music fans that are too young to have seen Queen but grew up listening to Oasis and that's why they are so popular. I agree with you that they are not as important musically as Queen but they do have a couple of good songs.

Q: Hi guys.... I've ordered my copies of 'Back For The Crack' and the new T-shirts....Can you give me a rough date  of when us that have ordered the stuff will actually get it...Please let me know...Can wait for these gigs... Thunder was my first gig, and been my favourite band since then....Hope you can help. Dan Birkett, Southampton
T: We are currently looking at a November 1st release date for the E.P.

Q: Luke Just wondered what your thoughts are on "I Can Still Hear The Music" and "Dangerous Rhythm" because these were both B-sides and never made it on "The rare ,raw and the rest". I think they are sadly underrated tracks. Mark Raeburn, Sunny Scunthorpe
L: 'I Can Still Hear The Music' was written originally as a Terraplane song so I didn't feel it was truly representative of Thunder at the time. 'Dangerous Rhythm' was one of those tunes that I never felt did justice to the original idea.....but hey, what do I know?

Q: First of all, a belated welcome back.  I saw Thunder in errr 92 or 90 on the same bill as Iron Maiden at monsters of rock, I was the short kid with...nah only kidding.  My question is this, you have a section wit, wisdom and whisky.  What is your favourite whisky?  I know JD is the choice of rock gods in general, but are you a sweet and mangey bourbon fan, a light speyside drinker or are you into the peaty smokiness that is a quality Islay?  Either way, you welcome to pop in for a wee dram if your ever up this way. Mark Raeburn, Sunny Scunthorpe
L: Ah....I like a man who knows his Scotch! My favourite pub whisky (always taken with Coke) is J+B. As a 'warm the cockles of your heart next to the open fire at Xmas' type of thing it would have to be a Glenmorangie (with a dash of water and ice).

Q: Hi Guys, I was wondering, now you have had a break from Thunder and been successful with solo and collaborative projects, does the second coming of Thunder feel like a different band than before? Elliot, London
L: Thunder feels like a pair of very comfortable, worn-in shoes; perfectly fitting but a little bit more worn + cracked than they used to be!!!

Q: Hi guys.....Can you re-confirm what the venue for Glasgow is?...The national newspapers up here STILL state the Clyde Auditorium...but it's been mentioned that on the site here some time ago that the gig had been moved to the larger SECC (Hey I know WE Scots are tight...and maybe they haven't changed the venue in the papers as it would cost money!!!) Paul K
T: Yep, it has definitely been changed to the SECC!!

Q: 1) Have you ever had a general anaesthesia, if so for what procedure? 1a) Does Danny remember his knee op (or is it how could you forget)? Why did it need operating on? 2) Do you take any interest in animal welfare? Becky, Norfolk
D: I have had general anaesthesia more than once in my life. I was a very accident prone kid and have damaged myself in many ways. The most recent occasion was in 97 when I had what's known in the orthopaedic game as ACL Reconstruction. It's the classic footballer injury, the knee ends up bending the wrong way after cruciate ligament snaps, rendering knee instable. I did it many years ago playing football and carried the injury for 9 years before getting it fixed. Given the time again I'd have had the operation straight away. The op was fine for me, I was asleep, and the pain relief afterwards was fantastic, but the physiotherapy was very intense and extremely hard. It was made worse by the fact that I had 3 months to recover in order to be ready to perform for the Thunder Live LP shows. It was a slog but it was worth it and I've had no trouble with it since. As for animal welfare, whilst I can't abide cruelty to animals, I can't honestly say I'm a pro-active or banner carrying type.

Q: Hi Guys, first of the last question I got answered (the one about Ben looking Alan Davis) didn't have my name next to it - why? was this just a break down with the CRAPP system or is my name simply not worthy for your website anymore? Secondly, you guys (just ahead of Terrorvision and James) are my most favourite band ever. When TV split last year on their farewell tour they did a thing on the website where they asked fans to pick what obscure rare live songs they would most like to hear on the tour and they played the top 3 most requested. Have you / could you do that for your M.O.R. tour and if not, why not? P.S. my personal choice would be 3. Thrill of it all 2. Today the world stop turning 1. All I ever wanted. Yes I know there all depressing but I'm depressed - I'm 22, just started at Uni (sick of working) and I havent pulled yet - I was told it's a meat market damn it! Alex Towers, Southampton
T: Many apologies for leaving your name off your last question, Alex...I've put it right now...
L: Songs we haven't played live probably haven't felt right when we've rehearsed them and that's why. It doesn't mean we don't like them or they're not good songs. With MOR we have a limited amount of time on stage so we don't have the luxury of being able to be to obscure with the set list. Keep trying and I'm sure you'll break your duck!!!!

Q: Hello All, Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Nottingham gig - great atmosphere, great playing. I though I'd be greedy and ask a more than one question...1) Now that Thunder are recording/gigging again will the Thunder website be re-launched or will the B&M website continue to be the forum for news. 2) Was Tony's guitar tuned wrongly by the guitar tech at the start of 'Drifting Away'? 3) If you had a time machine what moment in time would you like to visit? Thanks again for all the fun. John
L: Due to the fact that we're all very busy with various things pertaining to Thunder/MOR at the moment and because we didn't want Thinny to have a nervous breakdown, we decided not to launch another Thunder site but keep B+M pumping out the info. for now. Yes, well spotted. Tony's guitar was tuned incorrectly by his guitar tech........If I had a time machine I'd have to go back to the sixties; great music and lots of free love!!!!

Q: Dear Luke, my mate, Steve, plays guitar in a band.  Do you have any tips for him on how to become a 'rock star'?  By the way, your hair's gorgeous so PLEASE don't take any notice of anyone who tells you otherwise!! Lynne
L: Tell your friend to go to bed early, always drink Coco and stay away from all those pretty girls because that's the secret of my success. If you believe that you'll believe anything!!

Q: Hey there, do you think like I do that all the reality pop stars' shows are cruel entertainment and exploitation of youngsters by  middle aged TV execs, and that it doesn't actually encourage kids to start bands and learn to play/sing, instead it offers them a cheap chance at stardom and an escape from their hum-drum lives? Matt aged 21 and a 1/2. PS. Who did you vote for in Pop Idol? Matt, Notts
L: If you read the 'Wit, Wisdom and Whisky' section on the sight you'll see my rant about the English music biz. I think anything that encourages young people to play an instrument or sing is a wonderful thing. Those who seek fame alone should be careful what they wish for as celebrity without any discernable talent behind it will always make the public resent them in the end.
D: I agree with you entirely. I feel this nation is in the grip of celebrity fever. Everyone can be famous, what you become famous for is irrelevant. This is style over content as far as I'm concerned and will not encourage big stars for the future, but little stars for right now.

Q: Hi! I've just listened to the Total Rock Radio interview. So, Danny, you mentioned that your favorite song to sing is one from the forth album, but you couldn't remember which. What song did you mean? Fumi, San Francisco
D: My favourite song to sing is Living For Today. I'm afraid the demon alcohol got the better of my memory on the night we met with Tommy Vance, but that's nothing new....

Q: Dear Danny, just read about the criteria for meet @ greet and I've got one or two questions for you. How do I get hold of a thunder 2002 tee-shirt to fit either me ( size 14 or small men's) or my 11 yr old son ( 26 chest)? How can we get a membership card for thunderchannel when it doesn't exist on the web anymore? what about special invites for young fans and their parents? We've worked hard to get him to appreciate your talents you know. ( not very hard really, the boy's got taste.)  See you in Nov. Ann S, Blackburn
D: Once again we discover that no matter how much we do we still can't Please everyone. Ho hum.. Like most of the world we sell rock band T-Shirts in the most popular sizes. We are not a clothing chain, sorry our sizes don't fit you but there's nothing we can do. The reason we decided entry could be gained with Thunderchannel membership cards was purely out of loyalty to those who have been loyal to us in the past. As you so correctly point out there is no way to join Thunderchannel now as it doesn't exist, but if you joined once before your card will get you in. If you bring children to the show, they will be admitted to the meet and greets without EPs/tee shirts/membership cards, provided all adults with them satisfy the entry criteria. Space is limited so we have had to establish an entry system that's fair to all.

Q: Great news about the meet & greet! But what does it actually consist of.  Do we get to chat in depth to you guys. Will it be worth missing half the show. I don't mind so much but my other half says he will be disappointed if he doesn't get to see Alice Cooper, especially at 25 quid a ticket!! Ann, Sussex 
D: I wondered how long it would take for this to come up. I guess we should get this out of the way now. As only one part of the event, Thunder have no control over the meet & greet locations or timings. We are working to make them happen after Alice Cooper's set so everyone gets to see everything. If this is not possible then the choice may come down to meet & greets during the Alice Cooper set or no meet & greets at all. I shall be asking The Thin One to prepare a voting mechanism so you can let us know your feelings. In the interests of fairness to all we will go with the majority decision. I know this is not ideal for everyone, but to be honest nothing ever is.

Q: Hello chaps. Fabulous show at the ULU. Hopefully 'Bowes and Morley' will live alongside whatever else you do for a long while to come. There was a real party atmosphere and was easily on a par with a Thunder gig. I was the guy Danny thought was marrying the bloke next to me the following day. Danny, unlike the other guy, I was delighted to be picked on, but after careful consideration, despite being from Brighton I decided to marry my girlfriend on the 21st after all. My question however is this: On the Terraplane album, the guy credited for the drums is 'Gary' James. Is this because Harry has a bald drumming twin brother, or did he just think 'Gary' was a more cool name than Harry in his younger days? (or was it a typing error) Dave, Brighton
D: Congrats on your marriage. You're probably better off with your wife rather than that man.. Harry was and is still known to some as Gary. I have no memory of why he became Harry in our minds, it's so long since it happened. We all have nicknames for each other, mostly stupid in-jokes derived from spending too much time together in tour buses... Ho hum.

Q: Are you receiving me ... over ? I only ask because the last two questions I posed were either a) lost in the ether; b) too boring for words; or c) totally incomprehensible. So, third time lucky perhaps... ? Q.1: What would it take to tempt you guys down to Pompey for the weekend (apart from the obvious attraction of first-rate footie ?) Q.2: Looks like the missus and I I've got a stonking birthday to look forward to in a couple of weeks time (we were born on  the same day, same year!) Off to see ZZ Top at the Hammersmith Apollo on 1 Nov, followed by a dirty weekend stopover in town and then back to base  for a stomping set of Status Quo. Heaven ! What would your perfect birthday weekend include and why? Paul Edmondson, Portsmouth
D: I don't (and couldn't possibly) answer all the questions I'm asked. Nothing gets lost in the ether, I leave you to draw your own conclusions as to why your previous questions didn't get replies...Glad to hear you have a nice weekend coming up, and I'm sorry to disappoint you further, but I have a bit of a problem with disclosing personal information, even down to my likes and dislikes. Having been in a band for many years, I've found that whenever I've divulged any personal info (however insignificant it may seem), it's always somehow been either analysed to the n'th degree or used against me in some way. I'm not mad, self obsessed or paranoid, it's a simple case Once Bitten.... If you read back through all my replies to the many questions posed here, you'll see there is a pattern to what I will and won't discuss. Once again, I'm not trying to upset anyone, but....... No offence intended.

Q: Help, please help me!! Not too long ago (mayish/junish) I asked for some advice, relationship wise and got some helpful comments (Danny Bowes style!!) thanks for that. I need some more advice. Please!! Right, here we go... 2 weeks ago a girl gave me her number, I thought fair play, walked her home and things went from there. She'd only recently broken with her b/f so I was told to keep the little affair quiet - so I did. Fair enough rite?? Things continue fine, until she starts jokingly at first saying she likes other people... THAT annoyed me. Fair enough. THEN - she tells me she loves me, yey I thought, fair play me. NO. I couldn't have been more wrong if I fell from the wrong tree into the wrong canyon somewhere in wrongsville, if u catch my drift. 2 weeks pass and she's going out with someone...??? eh? She's still kissing me, telling me she loves me, but she's with someone else. I thought she needed to keep it a secret, her seeing someone, apparently not, JUST me. Oh my god this sucks.  That's basically a long story cut ultimately short. What would u guys do?? Any suggestions?? Please. What songs cheer you up in your hour of need? Anything I could do to just, forget her?? Anything?? Thanks guys. Thunder back together...rumour or reality?? Tell all. Keep playing, your amazing. Jonny Wilts.
T: Sigh.....dump her ass, get a bottle of JD and stick a Thunder CD on full blast. Or just sleep with her sister (or her mum - if she's hot!?).  Next time please write to "Dear Deirdre" or something.....

Q: Dear Luke, I've pre-ordered my MOR T-shirt - great stuff - but wondered why the smallest size is medium? I do have an old skinny Thunder T-shirt and a skinny 'El Gringo Retro' one (by the way, thanks for signing it at Nottingham - you're a gem - it's just a shame for me that I wasn't wearing it at the time!); so I just wondered why there aren't any skinny MOR T-shirts available? I'm only 5' 2", you see, and will probably look like an immersion heater in one of the bigger sizes!! Regarding your aversion of heights, did you not (with the rest of Thunder) abseil (for charity) from the Tyne Bridge when you were in Newcastle once? Lynne
L: The rest of the band abseiled off the Tyne bridge while I cowered in horror in my hotel room!!!!

Q: I see time to time mention of the name Tara, is she a wife/GF of either of you or a backup singer you use? When I was younger I was inspired by Skip Prokop of Lighthouse (Sunny Days, One Fine Morning) and began playing drums due to it for the next 15 years. Some 20 years later I had the joy of not only meeting him, but sitting down and having a beer with him after a gig and chatting for about an hour off-stage. Was there a specific major influence of someone on either of you, that you got to actually meet years later - and who was it? Fortunately for me, Skip was a very thoughtful and friendly individual - not a musician who was "too" busy to meet a long-time fan. Jim McCormick, Canada
L: There are actually two Taras.......one is my better half and the other (who shares exactly the same surname which as you can imagine leads to a bit of confusion here + there) is a vocalist and close friend. Jimmy Page is/was a massive influence on me and I've been fortunate enough to share a few beers with him occasionally.

Q: I spotted at the Rock city gig that you were using Huges & kettner (not sure on the spelling) amps. have you finally locked away the mesa's or was this just the best tool for the job? Sounded great by the way!!! Matt, Rugby
L: Well spotted...the nice man from Hughes & Kettner was keen for us to try out his amps so we did. They are very good and I may well use them in the future.

Q: Excellent gig at Nottingham.  When or if Thunder do a U.K. tour, who decides where to play? Yourselves, manager or promoters? Do fans ever influence you if you do pick the venues? See you at Brighton and Cardiff. Graham, Portsmouth.
L: It's normally a mixture of agent and promoter although we do have a perspective on it.

Q: On one of the special editions of the "Dont wait up" single there was a ballad, I think it was called "Every words a lie", does this song feature on any other recording as I have lost my copy and this edition no longer appears to be available? Andy, Sheffield
T: It was indeed called 'Every Word's A Lie', but as you said this CD single is no longer in print. Your best bet is to try www.ebay.co.uk. Alternatively, it is available from http://www.eil.com/ - however, they can be fairly pricey....

Q: Hi guys, loved the show at Rock City but was wondering about your opinions on the chap who shouted out that he had come to see a rock and roll show and not f**king Motown? Ian, Nottingham
L: There's always going to be someone who doesn't get it but I don't think he interfered with anyone else's enjoyment of the show.

Q: LUKE What inspires you to write such lyrics as THE CANDLE'S LOW I'VE GOT TO GO.. You seem to keep coming up with stuff like I've never come across before. Not being greedy but at least another 5 albums worth would do nicely. Chris lea58
L: As I've said before in Q+A songwriting is 10% inspiration and 90% persiration.

Q: Hi Guys, A couple of questions if I may?:- 1) Do you know if any of the artists that you have recorded covers of (The Who, Mott The Hoople etc..) have heard your versions, and if so, what they think? 2) Of your own songs that you have re-recorded (Life In A Day, Higher Ground, Once In A Lifetime are ones I can think of immediately), are there any specific reasons for doing so, and which versions do you prefer? Chris, Herne Bay
L: I don't know if any of the artists we've covered have listened to what we've done although I did hear that Mick Jagger loved the versions of 'Gimme Shelter' that were recorded by various artists including Thunder for a homeless charity. 'Life In A Day' and 'Once In A Lifetime' were both originally released in demo form and the subsequent versions were finished masters. 'Higher Ground' we felt had developed as a result of being played live so many times since the first recording. Having said that I still prefer the first version.

Q: Have you ever bought a CD of something you had listened to on vinyl years ago and been completely disappointed? (not 78's I know you're not THAT old!!) Angela, Switzerland
L: I started updating my vinyl collection to CD many years ago but I can't think of anything that disappointed me in the process.
D: Yes, so many times, there's something about the way vinyl sounds that makes it warmer than CDs. I replaced virtually all my vinyl collection with CDs, but I still play lots of the vinyl. I love the crackles..

Q: I have only just recently 'discovered' Thunder and Bowes & Morley and i think your music is just TERRIFIC!....so varied and inspiring. This is a question for all three of you please. When you are not busy writing, recording and performing, do you have time for any other interests? What sort of activities do you enjoy? I have my tickets for M.O.R. How many tracks will you be performing? Ann Sussex
L: Where have you been for the past 12 years Ann??? It doesn't matter, you got here in the end I suppose. I'm fairly sad and ordinary actually when it comes to things in my life that aren't musically orientated. I play golf (about 20 handicap), I walk and cycle, I love to socialise with friends, I watch too many films etc. Re. the MOR setlist I haven't decided yet but it will change on a night by night basis (probably!).

Q: Luke, as you are so gorgeous and you're such a fantastic songwriter, just wondered if you could write a song with my name, Fiona, in it? Also if you're ever in Blackpool please feel free to drop by my house as I'd love to take you up the Tower anytime!! Fiona, Blackpool
L: Thanks for your kind invitation; I've never been taken up a tower before!?!?!?!?! I'm not sure how I'd react to that with my aversion to heights though. Maybe you'd have to take me somewhere else........OK enough of the innuendo already! The trouble with your name, lovely as it is, is that I can't think of anything that rhymes with 'Fiona' apart from 'moaner', 'the owner' and 'stoner'. It's not looking good for a beautiful love song is it? Oh dear....back to the drawing board.

Q: Hi Luke...My friend was interested to know if you have ever been influenced by a guitarist called Les Dudek?...As some of your playing reminds him a little bit of him?...Apparently he was a session guy for Boz Scaggs?.......On another note the stuff off the E.P. sounds tremendous!!..and can't wait to hear the songs in November. Paul K
L: Les Dudek? Wow....that's fairly obscure. I do remember seeing a solo album of his in the 70's although I don't recall hearing it. I do however love the Boz Scaggs album 'Silk Degrees' and there's certainly a bit of 'White boys play the funk' about it as there is with B+M. Interesting observation..........go to the top of the class!!

Q: Luke, I really liked the way you explain how and why each song was written on The Raw, The Rare and the Rest. When I listen to your music, I have a fantastic picture of what the song is all about. It gives so much meaning to them, absolutely fab idea. Any chance of you doing this on future albums? PS Top night out at the Uni last week, thanx to all the band! Sally, Fordingbridge
L: Thank you for your nice comments re. RRR sleeve notes. With that particular album I felt there was a historical/retrospective element to it which needed explanation here and there. I don't know if it would be relevant or necessary with every album. Anyway, I like hearing other people's theories on the lyrics and what they're about; sometimes I don't realise myself!

Q: Will you be playing any of the new songs from the new E.P. live at M.O.R.?? Marty Wares
T: YES!!  Tracks for the E.P. will definitely be played at the M.O.R. gigs...

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Q: Hey guys, howz it going with the tour? Everything alrite? Glad to hear thunder back together, gr8 news keep it up. I've started 6th form, boring as piss... no joke, but I have taken english and psychology, funny as piss, so its alrite!! Funny question really, have you two ever done something, and ultimately regretted it or have u not done something and regretted it?? Thank u for the music, keep it up, hard to think of ne1 more amazing than u two guys. Good luck. Jonny Wilts
L: In life it's pointless regretting things. If you make a mistake that's OK as long as you don't make the same one twice!

Q: Dearest Luke, Just to say a huge "thank you" to you, Danny and the rest of the band for such a FABULOUS night's entertainment at Rock City last Saturday - it was well worth the travel from Newcastle upon Tyne!  Peter Shoulder was brill (a credit to the North East) and could you please give Andy (the most amazing drummer) a massive kiss and hug from me and especially my mate, Margaret! Is there any chance of being able to purchase a video of the show, if that's possible? In view of your response to my earlier e-mail regarding the MOR forthcoming gig at Newcastle (when you'll be on the left and me on the right - boo hoo!), well, I've asked around my fellow Geordie mates to see if I can borrow some opera glasses and have been told, in no uncertain terms, to "hadaway and shite"!  Do you have any I could borrow? Yours hopefully ... Lynne Greenup
L: I'm afraid I don't own a pair of opera glasses as my eyesight is rather good. We filmed a couple of numbers at the gig but only on a handicam so I don't think it'll ever be released.

Q: My question is for Luke my 10yr old son is learning to play guitar (sore fingers and cramp) at what age did you begin and who inspired you? Hayley Newberry
L: I started to learn the guitar when I was 11 as a result of seeing Jimi Hendrix on TV. I'm still trying to be that good!!!

Q: Hey Danny, Luke & Thinny, just wondering will there be any Thunder merchandise apart from T-Shirts available at the MoR gigs? I still have my very funky Thunder "Laughing On Judgement Day" pendant and "Behind Closed Doors" Pin badge? Anymore small 'precious things' for me to buy? And an off the wall question - any chance of somebody smarter than me figuring out some Thunder ringtones? Preferably for an Ericsson :) Tony, Glasgow
D: The Thunder merchandise range is being designed right now, no final decisions as to items have been made as yet, but a T-Shirt and the new Back For The Crack EP will form the basis of the range offered on the MOR tour. Good suggestion about the badge, I'll mention it to the designers. Thunder ringtones, now there's another idea, but it's way beyond my feeble brain, we'll look into it.

Q: Hi, Just wanted to say you guys were great on Saturday night, totally blew me away (Especially the bit when Danny told me I was gorgeous...the smoothie). Last night I saw Bad Company at the NIA and although Paul Rodgers's performance was perfect it just seemed a bit soulless and too rehearsed. How do you keep your performance from sounding like this or is it just what happens when you have been touring for a long time singing the same songs? (then again he could just have been tired being near the end of the tour) Lyanne, Solihull
D: Performances for me are mostly driven by the quality of the audience, you looked gorgeous, you did it, simple as that. Clearly PR couldn't see you on the night you went or I'm sure his performance would have been more like mine....

Q: Is there any chance of getting any ring tones available for downloading? There was one of "This Letter" on Luke's solo website but I can't find it here yet. Ian, S. Wales
T : Unfortunately, There are no plans for any new ring tones at the moment. Working them out can be quite time consuming and all at B&M towers are extremely busy at the moment, myself included. 

Q: Looking forward to the MOR show. Just wanted to ask about the "Back for the crack" EP - on the site it refers to the forthcoming album. What is this going to consist of? New material? Live? Always look forward to new songs from you guys. Loved El Gringo and Moving Swiftly... James Alexander, Manchester
T : The album will consist of brand spanking new material that Luke is busy writing as we speak....

Q: Hello, particularly like the words 'Ignoring every Chinese Whisper dancing past my ears..' this evening..from Sacred Cow. I know there are some lyrics of your own you don't like now, (I still think 'There's a ladder in her stocking I'd like to climb' is fine) Are there any you're really pleased with? Angela, Switzerland
L: I think I've had my moments lyrically. There's some good stuff on the new EP that I'm quite proud of, particularly in 'Spin Doctor';
'Napoleon wasn't short, he was only of diminished size,
The Krays loved their Mother and the politician never lies'
And in 'The Pimp And The Whore';
'I'll make the decisions, you'll dance to my tune
While I count the money you preen and they'll swoon
With your naked ambition I'll open the door
We need each other like a Pimp and a Whore'

Q: Luke, Do you ever find half finished songs you wrote years ago? What do you do with them? I have this problem that about half of the unfinished songs I've written in the past never get finished. I don't know whether its due to the loss of the inspiration I had when I wrote the particular song or what! Do you have this problem? and how do you overcome it? Dan Birkett, Southampton
L: I'm always referring back to ideas that I didn't develop at the time for whatever reason. I always keep my ideas somewhere I can access them if I'm having writers block which can happen occasionally. 

Q: Luke, I've played "Moving.." several times (only turned up on Saturday) and last night, I only just realised what meaning "Dont take your love away" has. How on earth, do you put so much meaning into these songs that you keep writing. How do you do it? I know you've been asked about your personal experiences and the depth of your songs, but I fail to understand how a song like "don't take" can be written when you (as far as we know and not that we should know either!) are not going through an emotional rollercoaster. I know your nick-name is Mr. Word-man but you seem to be a song factory. I have been going through all the albums I have of yours, some 14 of them, and there isn't a song that doesn't represent an emotional time in everyone's life. If I was gay, I'd marry you. El Grino turned up today as well. Thumbs up! The only thing I have to say is Track 13 on the album back cover is "Love will find away" Should that be "A Way"? Kevin,Kent
L: Thank you for your kind comments. I don't know where it comes from and I don't question it; it just happens. I take your point about 'Love Will...' but you should be aware that the album is called 'El Gringo Retro', not 'El Grino.............

Q: Danny & Luke, have you ever been asked to produce or appear any other band's or artist's album? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
L: I've produced a couple of things but nothing which has been commercially successful. The big problem is finding the time to do other things other than what I'm working on.

Q: I was wondering have you any stories about on stage mishaps over the years? Doc', Ireland
L: Too many mishaps to remember; Benny falling over, a power cut in Derby, Benny's organ being horribly out of tune twice (Hull City Hall + Finsbury Park), Harry literally shitting himself in Germany during the set, Snake vomiting into a bucket (also in Germany), the stage being overrun by 12 strippers in Osaka etc............

Q: Firstly, I went to the ULU gig on Friday. For the people who didn't go - you missed out. A great night was had by all. My question: You both looked very comfortable playing that style of music, which I can only describe as light rock peppered with Soul & Funk. Assuming that the Thunder reformation is temporary, do you see the Bowes & Morley partnership continuing in a similar musical style? By the way, I went to the gig with some old school mates of yours - one of them being Gill McMillan (formerly Harrison?) - she even enjoyed it!! David Calvert, London
L: B+M allows us to stray more into other fields and that is fun to do. It also has the effect of sharpening the focus of Thunder's new album direction-wise because I'm writing an out + out rock album again. I couldn't have done that without making 'El Gringo' and 'MSA'. Say Hi to Gill for me.

Q: Danny & Luke - Many thanks for a fantastic concert at Rock City on Saturday night, I think it is a long time since I enjoyed a concert as much.  The B&M songs worked so well live, together with some very enjoyable and amusing covers.  I actually cannot see the huge distinction that many make between Thunder and B&M - true the songs may have seemed out of place on the first 2/3 albums, but for me are just a logical progression and evolution from the last 2 Thunder albums. Danny - you mentioned that you are involved in other music related business areas now - does that include artist management/promotion, as you did a fine job on stage with the very excellent lead guitarist Peter Shoulder, and just wondered if he is one of your clients, and if so what his
plans are next. Luke - my wife and I stood at the front corner of you side of the stage, and I wanted to congratulate you on spending so much of the night looking forward, rather than to your right, at the most beautiful, and talented, Tara McDonald.  Did you see the photographer in front of you ?  Did he take any pictures of you and Danny, or just spend the whole night trying to take pictures up Tara's very short (thank you Tara) skirt !!! Both - thanks again, am very much looking forward to the MOR NEC show in November, just 12 1/2 years since I saw Thunder for the first time supporting Heart. James Kershaw, Northamptonshire
L: Thanks for your comments. Tara is indeed a distraction and that's why I look forward as opposed to my right! 

Q: Hey chaps. I seem to remember a festival about 10 years ago where you shared the bill with Bryan Adams and ZZ Top. What did you make of the last minute addition of Paul Rodgers then band "The Law" being added above you? Seeing Mr Rodgers & co at the NIA tonite, but don't worry I won't grass you up! Kieran K, Birmingham
L: We were a little dis-chuffed at the time but to be honest it didn't really make a difference. Very early in our career a wise man said to us 'never be in a hurry to top a bill' and never was a truer word spoken. I'd rather somebody had to follow us!!

Q: 1st thanks for a great night Friday night great gig .did it make a change not playing thunder songs great that they are. Also will you do a second Bowes & Morley as I love the two different styles of music? Mick Hodd, Luton
L: It's nice to be able to play different material with different musicians as it gives you a different perspective. I think it improves everybody as a musician as well. As far as another B+M album goes I'd like to think that we'll get around to it at some point.

Q: Having seen you in the early years as Terraplane (supporting Meatloaf and Foreigner) it took me a while before I saw Thunder. The first time was at the Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield (Bon Jovi/Van Halen) where you had the crowd in the palm of your hands. The second time was your first appearance in Blackburn at the King Georges Hall where it took at least five minutes before you could start due to the audience reaction. What is it like to stand in front of crowds and receive such a positive reaction? Russ, Blackburn
L: It's always a wonderful thing when an audience goes nuts.........
Our philosophy has always been to send people home happy and excited by what they've seen and heard. I think audiences can always tell when a band is giving 100% and they will always respond to that.

Q: I see that you make mention of Jeff Baxter being in your "fantasy band". Is this the same Jeff "Skunk" Baxter of Doobie Brothers fame, who now is a Weapon's Consultant to the US Pentagon? And I've been trying to find CD's of "Kick" here in Canada but to no avail, can you give me an idea of a comparison in terms of music to another band, before I order their CD form Townsend, so I have an idea of what vein they're in music-wise. Jim McCormick, Canada
L: Are you serious about Skunk Baxter?!?!? Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Kick's music but if you post a message on the site asking the question I'm sure you'll get plenty of responses.

Q: Hello gents. Have just heard the 4 sound samples from "Back from the Crack" & they are bloody great. I have a favourite song of Thunder & it is "Everybody Wants Her". Did you ever do this song LIVE ? I just recently purchased the LIVE 2 CD set & thought that that song was the only one that I wished would have been on it. RJ Gula, USA
T: 'Everybody Wants Her' was performed several times over the years.  Live versions of the song have been issued in various places - check out the Japanese edition of the 'Live' album, or the Japan only 'Live Circuit'. Alternatively you can find the same versions on the U.K. CD singles for 'River Of Pain' and 'The Only One.

Q: Are you guys mad? Why isn't Toby Jepson on your MOR bill?  I saw him on the recent tour and his band are superb, great to see another (along with yourselves of course) "proper" rock band back in business. Stuart Griffiths, Telford
T: Unfortunately the promoters didn't want Toby on the bill, as they are looking for name acts.  Toby may have been established with the Little Angles, but he has only just started out as a solo artist. We are sure that there will be many more opportunities coming his way in the future and we wish him all the best...

Q: Hi Guys. Am really looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. Whats your favourite Free song? Mine would have to be 'Be My Friend'. Lyanne, Solihul
L: Difficult question as there are so many great tunes............It would be between 'Come Together In The Morning' and 'The Stealer'

Q: Luke, I've asked 'Total Guitar' to do a piece on you several times - gear, techniques and tips, etc. If they approached you and asked if they could transcribe some of your stuff, what would you chose and why? I'd like to see some nice fat choppy riffs myself. Nick, Leicester
L: I don't really have an opinion on this. Why don't you tell Total Guitar which songs you'd like transcribed?

Q: What was the song you played with David Coverdale & Adrian Vandenberg during their special guest appearance at Hamersmith Odeon way back in 1990? Martin Cameron, London
L: It was 'Can't Get Enough' the Bad Company song.

Q: Hello team! So good to hear about the tour etc. Firstly gents I loved MSA absolutely brilliant particularly Change, top form sirs! Joe Perry used to say that if you didn't intend playing a song live you shouldn't put it on cd.
I wondered if this was view you shared? Also is there a song from any of your platters you wished you had or hadn't done live. Saul
L: I think Joe Perry is a fine guitar player but the whole point about rock'n'roll is there are no rules; if it feels good do it, if it doesn't then don't.

Q: Thinny, I've been trying to get In out put the kettle on on vid since it was issued. Can u put me in touch with any fans that may have a copy to sell or I'd happily supply a tape to record it on to. Saul
T: Your best bet is to post on the message board of the site to see if any fans have a spare copy they are willing to part with.  there are a lot of people after this one...

Q: Hi fellas, I'm coming to see you guys at Rock City and I can't wait!!!!  Think the album is fantastic and, more importantly, I've managed to convince three friends (who weren't even Thunder fans) to buy it!!!  I'm also coming to see you at Monsters of Rock and really want the EP but being a cheapskate ex-student from the North, I hate paying for p&p.  Will you have this EP on sale at Nottingham or am I going to have to bite the bullet and over via the wonderful world that is the internet? (Miss) Rae Bezer, Manchester
T: The E.P. will not be available at the Bowes & Morley shows.  It will be available at the Monsters Of Rock shows, however it will be more expensive than buying it through the web (also you won't know the lyrics, and you'll feel all left out when everyone else is singing along!)  Our advice? Bite that bullet....

Q: Hello there Luke ! I read through the questions and saw that the strangest place you have ever had an idea for a song is on the toilet! Now I wonder what song that was... I thought it must have been "Dirty Love" or the "Damage is Done" correct me if I'm wrong. I also saw that you have never been asked to put lyrics to someones song. Well, I do have a song without lyrics, and I always have dreamt about having a famous artist writing lyrics to it, maybe even performing it so.... If I ever meet you in person, will you take the challenge? Inge Hassel, Norway
L: It depends whether or not I like the piece of music you've written.

Q: Guys, Luke said that he hardly ever gets recognised in the street, but if you are seen, are you happy for people to bowl right up and say hello, or would you rather they kept their distance ? Careful how you reply as if I saw either/both of you in a pub I'd buy you a beer and have a chat. By the way, just bought 'Man and Boy' by Tony Parsons at Luke's recommendation to read on holiday in Spain - it had better be good !!! Matt, Walton
L: I don't mind people saying hello most of the time. There are occasions where it's obviously inappropriate
but it's really not something that happens much.

Q: I think this is an odd question but, what is your favorite solo by Ben? And when you wrote/write a song in which he plays the solo do you have a hand in its construction? Matt, Wetherby
L: Ben's best solo is 'Low Life In High Places'. As the producer I get involved in what everybody plays/sings to an extent where necessary.

Q: What new guitarists do you rate and recommend? Mine is Doyle Bramhall II. Mick Hodd, Luton
L: Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Jeff Baxter, Jimmy Page, Pete Townsend, George Harrison to name a few.

Q: If you could form a band with your favourite musicians, who would be in it? (ie your fantasy bass player, drummer, vocalist etc) I was going to say fantasy organ, but I could be misconstrued - ooh-er. Kieran Keegan, Birmingham
L: John Bonham (drums), James Jameson (bass), Jeff Baxter and Jimi Hendrix (guitars), Stevie Wonder (keyboards + vocals), John Lennon (vocals, guitar)

Q: I have seen Thunder play live lots of times and on one night Danny came onto stage wearing a yellow and black check suit (sort of like tartan). You looked like the dogs.....and since that day I've been trying to find one for myself.  Two questions (a) can you remember where you bought it, and (b) if you still have it can I buy it?  See you at the Monsters of Rock in Bournemouth. Andy Nash, Bournemouth
D: Can't honestly remember where that suit went. Must have given it to a charity auction, I did that a lot in the 90s. Sorry to disappoint. Keep searching...

Q: Danny, What has frustrated you most on stage, performance or reaction, I love it on the ship as I have a captive audience... where they gonna go.  but I find it strange when you feel personally its gone well but the response isn't there. Luke, When you have written a song do you discuss things about it with Danny so you are the some page, and has ever been a song that you have written and it stayed as it was without any other input. Graham
D: Crowd reactions have nearly always been great. There have been a few where you worked your butt off and they didn't get it, but of the hundreds of shows we did that only happened a few times. My view is that you have to impose your will on the occasion, and do whatever it takes to make it great. Luke and I have been together for such a long time, we've shared all the same experiences pretty much, so most of the time we don't need to discuss it. The moment I hear the music and melody and see the words, I know where he's coming from. Our approaches are different but we agree on most things, so I guess that's part of why it works.

Q: It's not a criticism but I've got to ask...Luke - do you have a complex about being left?  I've lost count of how many of your song lyrics contain the word 'away' and in particular, the phrase 'Drifting Away'.  As I said, this is not intended as a criticism - indeed, 'Drifting Away' has to be one of my all-time favourites - I'm just curious! Just want to add that the album is fantastic and I can't wait to hear Danny's amazingly sexy voice live again at Nottingham next week.  Good to have you back lads, in whatever shape or form we can get you. Angie
L: I'm not sure if I have a complex about being left or forsaken but the word 'away' is a lovely word to sing. It's onomatopoeic.......thank goodness for spell check!

Q: Do you ever get recognised when you go outside and get asked for autographs? And for Luke.. Perhaps this has been asked before, but What does El Gringo Retro actually stand for? And how does it feel Luke, to be compared to some of the greatest guitarist's / songwriters of all time? and do you consider yourself to be this good? And...where is the weirdest place you have ever thought up an idea for a song? (Notice how I'm trying very hard to take all questions away from the Thunder reunion/touring/please play here/please play this song/please marry me etc etc) Kevin, Kent
D: Yes yes all the time, and to be perfectly honest it's a bit embarrassing when you're trying to pack your shopping in Sainsburys...
L: Once in a blue moon someone will say to me 'Didn't you use to be Luke Morley?' but it occurs very rarely. 'Gringo' is a slightly derogatory Hispanic slang word used to describe white people and 'Retro' means exactly that; I suppose the translation would be 'old fashioned white geezer' or something similar.  I don't consider myself to be a great guitar player at all although I do think I've written some good songs here and there. The strangest place I've ever had an idea for a song is on the toilet!

Q: I've just bought Symphony and Stage and just ordered El Gringo and Moving... (Sorry it took so long but I ain't got as much of the green stuff as you lot.) I am slightly (not a lot) disappointed with Symphony and Stage as it is the same as Thunder's last 'fresh' album with a second CD of a mixture of live. This happened a while ago with They think, then they think... Acoustic. As much as I will continue to buy these CD's because they are you guys, (and just coz I want the entire collection) but do you have any input into these albums or is it the record company? If it is the RC do you think us fans should avoid buying the tunes because they are making money out of the same music? And do you think we are sad numbnuts for buying the same records over and over again or does it make you think "wow, these people must really like us?" Second question/point, I read the Inner Sleeve of Symphony and I have to say it brought a froggy to my throat after reading that review/article. If only that happened when you guys were together being dragged through the mud by the record company. Did your jaw's drop when you read it? Pretty damn good don't you think! Kevin, Kent
L: As we've said before record companies are at liberty to release anything they see fit without our say so and this means there will be compilations released from time to time that we don't sanction. It's up to you whether or not you buy it. I certainly wouldn't call you 'numbnuts' for supporting Thunder as we do have bills to pay! I haven't actually got a copy of S+S so I haven't read the article in question...........
D : The question of record label inspired song regurgitation is a thorny one. I have long held the belief that it is a rip off to re-package old material with the odd obscure half baked nearly song that didn't make the LP at the time. The same applies to splitting studio and live LPs. I felt so strongly I even canvassed opinion via the fan club several times during the ten years of Thunder. Each time I did the resounding response was "we love it". I subsequently resolved to shut up and mind my own business... As for your second question I have not had a copy of said LP, so I'm sorry I have no idea what you're referring to.

Q: Gents... Graham the cruise ship guy here. you'll never guess what, I am Las Vegas as I write this before going to LA and back to work and walking past a store and there is only your version of Gimme Some Lovin' Blaring out.... ( which I always thought should have been your version in the movie "Notting Hill") so like the shy person I am (ish) I start joining in.... so I have just found this internet cafe and thought I would share...which leads me to what else would you like to cover but haven't ?? Good luck at the weekend and sadly will be cruising Hong Kong and the far east when Thunder re take the stage hope to see you in the new year. Graham
L: I dare say we'll always attempt cover versions but when they occur they tend to be fairly spontaneous so anything is possible.

Q: Hi Luke and Danny, I was so happy to hear of the new Thunder CD coming out in 2003. I live in Kentucky over in America and the only way I can really get my hands on Thunder and your solo stuff is usually through E bay. God only Knows how much I've over paid, but who cares!!!!!   Do you miss playing over in the states? I've never had the pleasure of seeing you live only on video but I think I would give my right arm to see it!!!! The music scene today is so full of rap/metal and new alternative its great to see you guys not changing your sound like other bands have. Do you guys have any favorites as in new bands that you like?  Well anyway cant wait for the new album, just wish American record companies would sign you to a label here. Scott
L: First thing is you should buy your albums on-line from Townsend Records and you won't be over-charged. As I've said before the reason we don't play the USA is not because we don't want to; given the opportunity we'd be over there like a shot. The best new rock album I've heard is by the Chilli Peppers and they've been around longer than us so you couldn't call them new!

Q: Luke, are you Harry Potters best mate cos there is a picture of you in last months classic rock. Perhaps you could put the photo on the website? Mick Hodd, Luton
L: Sorry Mick I don't understand the question/observation. Are you pointing out that I resemble Harry Potter's sidekick?

Q: I heard about you (Thunder) when I was at David Coverdale's page, and in an interview he talked about in his off-time, enjoying listening to Thunder. Have you met David at all, and is there any chance of him "guesting" on a future B&M CD if the two of you are close to any degree ? Secondly, if he ever did a tour, with his obvious admiration for you and the work of Thunder - would your management be able to get you on his tour ? Jim McCormick, Canada
L: I've talked about our relationship with DC before on Q+A so feel free to browse the archive. We're always up for an impromptu jam or whatever so who knows what may happen.

Q: Luke, this is a bit of a mad one. Recently I think you said that you were a fan of "The Band". Anyway, I saw a documentary, I don't think it was the Last Waltz but I could be wrong, where Robbie Robertson was talking about touring and the rock and roll lifestyle and in particular all the flying and hotels he had to put up with. He finished by saying, "Anyway, for rolling the dice, that's the price that you pay." I was wondering had you ever seen this and was it part of the inspiration for "Rolling the Dice" from GTGA? Or should I just get out more? Glad to hear "big guitars" are coming back. Doc', Ireland
L: I think the documentary you saw was from the 'Classic Albums' series. I've seen bits of it but I didn't hear that particular quote. It just goes to show that great minds think alike!!!!!!

Q: Hi (again) guys.  Finally got round to doing something about tickets for the ULU gig for  myself and the missus (yes, Danny, I know, but she insisted on chaperoning  me when I let slip that the place was going to be swarming with top totty!). My only gripe is that the "surcharge" imposed by Ticketmaster (transaction  fee + postage) amounts to over 8 quid on top of the face value! I eschewed a Deep Purple outing in Pompey tonight so that I could put my hard earned  lolly in your pockets on Friday, but I do object to lining the pockets of  middlemen, esp when I've got to shell out  30 notes on the train fare just  to get there. How can a hard-pressed, penny-pinching bastard like me get  hold of a pair without the frills ? Paul Edmondson , Portsmouth
D: I agree the ticket agencies seem to add a lot to the cost of tickets when you buy through them. If you were able to arrange to buy direct from the venue you wouldn't have to pay the agency fee, but that is not always possible and the convenience of credit card payment has to be paid for too. Sorry my friend but these are the times we live in...

Q: Hi Luke & Danny, what is your all time fave song you both like to perform live during an acoustic set? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
L: I always enjoyed playing 'Stand Up' acoustically as it's a totally different arrangement to the album version but works very well on it's own level.

Q: Hi Luke and Danny, was wondering if you could shed any light on the Terraplane album 'Talking to You on the Great White Telephone'. I acquired a test pressing of it at a record fair many years ago, but the debut album went on to be released as 'Black & White'. The bloke who sold it me said he once owned a second-hand record shop just down the road from where you were recording and he'd been given it by your good selves. I sold the record about 3 years ago to an American (Dana I think her name was) who was coming over for the final Thunder shows and she was going to get it autographed. Don't know if you remember her (?) I sold it for £50 and put the money towards the deposit on my house (Dana, you own a brick in my kitchen !) Also guys, do you know how many copies of 'TTYOTGWT' were pressed? Rich, Sheffield
L: 'Talking....' was the original title for the album but Epic weren't too keen on the idea so it was changed to B+W. I don't know how many were pressed in the original sleeve but it can't have been too many.

Q: Dear Luke, Just a quick note to say how thrilled I am to hear that Thunder are coming to Newcastle on 21st November.  Likewise, I raced down to the Arena to buy my tickets but could only obtain seats to the RIGHT-HAND SIDE of the stage - totally gutted as you normally stand on the left (from a spectator's viewpoint that is). Could I therefore ask if you would be a dear, swap places with Ben, and stand on the right-hand side of the stage for all (from a totally selfish point of view) or part (to keep everyone happy) of the night? Lynne
L: Sorry Lynne but if Benny and I were to change sides after all these years it would cause chaos. We'd probably run round like headless chickens. Can I suggest opera glasses? 

Q: Hello there! Wish I could have won that 88 million dollar lottery this past Saturday night here in Florida, I would have attended every single MOR Show! My question is, concerning the new Thunder material you're currently writing...does it tend to lean toward the style of the earlier or later years? Or something completely different? I'm sure it'll be top notch regardless, and thanks for a wonderful birthday present to look forward to next year!! Good luck with the B&M and MOR shows, all the best. Mac, Pensacola
L: It's difficult to compare the new stuff with the old stuff although I will say that it's definitely rock with big guitars again!

Q: Have you ever been asked to put music to other people's lyrics. Angela Burrows
L: I've written with other people and co-written lyrics before but I've never been asked specifically to write lyrics for someone else's music.

Q: As a guitar fan, I've always loved Lynyrd Skynyrd. What are your views on them, pre and post 77 air crash? Kieran Keegan
L: I must admit to not hearing much post-crash Skynyrd but I love their early stuff.

Q: Hi guys!......You must have had some real fun over the years during your tours...What was the funniest wind up you were ever involved in...or on the receiving end of? Paul K
L: We were touring Germany on a sleeper bus and one evening after a show we had a very long drive to the next town so we sat up very late drinking for England. The next morning our cruel tour manager went around the bus shouting 'Get up....we're at the Hotel...everybody off the bus.' We all staggered out of our bunks, very badly hungover and got off the bus to find ourselves in a truck park miles from anywhere. It took a little time for the penny to drop but it was April 1st. Needless to say we were not too chuffed.

Q: I absolutely love the B & M album and cannot wait to see you guys at Rock City in a couple of weeks. I was just wondering what are your most memorable fan experiences in the UK. I ask as my boyfriend is always telling me about making Danny laugh at a signing session by making a comment about Harry doing something with a drumstick. Lyanne, Solihul
L: My favourite was the time two mad Dutch guys turned up at a gig with a pair of genuine clogs for each of us and the subsequent hilarity in the dressing room as everyone tried to walk in them.

Q: Hi Guys, I have been protesting this for years but no one agrees with me... Am I the only one that thinks Ben bears more than a striking resemblance to comic and TV funny man Alan Davis (Jonathan Creek) Alex Towers , Southampton
L: You're not the first person to say that. He also bears a resemblance to Brad Whitford (Aerosmith's guitarist).

Q:  Oh, Danny ! I'm getting really mad ! I love movies so much and I have found that Gloria Swanson playing the character of Norma Desmond in Billy Wilder's Sunset Boulevard (1950) said "Mr DeMille...". But, some persons have answered before me. Well, maybe next time...But Danny, you really have surprised me. Do you like movies so much, too? Which kind of movies ? I have a collection of oldies, specially horror movies. Performers like Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney Sr. and Jr., Peter Lorre, Max Schrek were genius! But, my all time favourite is Orson Welles' "Citizen Kane". What is your opinion about them? Martin Romero, Argentina
D: I've seen most of the old horror movies you referred to but I wouldn't say I was an authority. I agree Citizen Kane is splendid. I have to say I love old British comedies, my al time favourite is School For Scoundrels. If you haven't seen it you're missing out.

Q:  As it's only a hour or so away now, where were you guys when u heard the news about September 11 last year? It's one of them things what I think we'll all remember where we was when we heard of it. I was in Greece walking down the road and all the bars were full of people just watching the TV's. A real tragedy it was. Jamie, Kings Lynn
D: I was at home on that day, I watched it all unfold, totally dumbfounded and numb to the sheer scale and horror, like most of the world. I didn't move from the sofa for 8 hours.
L: I think like most people I was glued to my TV all day.

Q: I gave up touring with me band 'cos me cock got really sore from all the exercise. Same for you guys? Johnny, North Yorkshire
D: Foul man, please leave the room..
L: Nice of you to share that with us Johnny. How long have you been the shy and retiring type?

Q:  Who is the chap on the front and back of the Behind Closed Doors CD? Sometimes it looks like our Danny, but other times it don't. Can you shed some light? Second question... Danny, do you consider yourself mainly a business man nowadays or mainly a musician/vocalist/entertainer? And in your business interests, do you work for yourself or for another company? Third and final question... and is one for all those 'Harry's baldness' cracks Danny makes. Why did you decide to stop colouring your hair Danny and do you think the stress of working with that Mr Morley ; ) has contributed to the grey hairs appearing? Kevin, Kent
D: The guy on the BCD cover is not me, that's for a start. As for who he is I know not. He was a model brought in by the designers when they shot the photograph. Just as a bit of background, that background is a real window, not a fake one. It took forever to make and cost a fortune. My life is complicated, I have business interests as you say but they are interlinked with my singing so it's hard to define what is my main thing. I enjoy all of it (or I wouldn't do it), the diversity is what keeps it exciting for me. I work for myself. It has always been a mystery to me why fans have been so interested in my hair. Ho hum. Anyway here goes...My hair started to go grey when I was 21 (family trait). I coloured it for many years, mainly because of the insecurities of my management and record labels ("you can't be a rock star with grey hair"). I also think long grey hair looks a bit naff but that's just my own opinion. Once I'd cut it short and we'd made our name, I decided to go natural, mainly because I hated the rigmarole of having it coloured. The strange thing is once I became "the silver fox", I had more advances from women... While I'm doing this I might as well save myself some time later, so just for the record, the blonde B&M phase lasted 24 hours, my missus hated it and shaved my head when I returned from the photo session. I should have told her I was going to do it and maybe she wouldn't have been quite so shocked... There's a lesson in there.

Q: Is the CD available at ULU next week? and any signing going on? Great to see you back. Paul Nathan, England
D: I very much doubt if the CD will be on sale at either show. If for some strange reason you haven't got it shame on you), visit Townsend Records site (link on homepage) and they'll spank your plastic for you I'm sure.

Q: I live in London, Ontario Canada - and I have my questions answered every time I've written you guys - thanks for that very, very much !!!   I see now that there is talk of a CD by "Thunder" in February - that's great news !!  I see also that you are talking about a new B&M CD (it's getting better by the minute), I assume that you have that much material at hand to release another one so soon, personally I think that's super. Have you guys approached any of the big labels stateside about a recording contract, what you have accomplished in Thunder and B&M surely must have enough weight to merit one. And is doing the B&M situation a changing environment with regards to the musicians you use for the tours/CD's - I would assume that if you used the same members it would be a "band" again. I truly hope that whatever endeavour the two of you embark on, is a huge success - for it means much to follow in the years to come for us as fans. I'm 44 years of age, and hearing your band (Thunder) starting a year ago, brought back some excitement for me in regards to music (I used to play  drums for 15 years in clubs, and your material has brought me the urge to play again) that I haven't felt for years - and the new B&M CD was amazing.  Please, I know the same questions about Thunder, re-grouping, multi-CD's, etc is repetitive for you and frustrating - but there's A LOT of us that do appreciate what you have done in music, and what pleasure you've brought us as music fans. B&M and Thunder have helped fill that continuing void of crap that is the music industry nowadays - and we as your fans, relish that we have something that we can play, that is excellent in substance - so indulge us. When we stop asking the same old questions, then maybe you should be worried. Thanks for your time in this, and the very best of luck to you in your projects ahead !!!!!  Jim McCormick, Canada
D: Wow, that's not a question, it's a declaration of LOVE! Thanks very much, but please no flowers or chocolates, I'm a shy girl and I'm easily embarrassed.....

Q: Hi Danny, here is yet another question for you, Is there any possibility in you recording and/or filming your monsters shows for a general release? if so when will you release it and if not, why not? Dale Gonsalves , London
D: I have looked into the possibility of filming it for release. So far I've found no company interested in being involved. The general consensus seems to be that Alice Cooper has lots of recent live videos and DVDs in the shops, and Thunder Live is out on DVD too, so no one really wants to do it. I have not given up yet, but we must face the fact that it may not happen.

Q: Are all the members coming back to re-unite ? Can you tell us the line up ? RJ Gula, USA
T: Danny Bowes (Vocals), Luke Morley (Guitars), Harry James (Drums), Ben Matthews (Guitars, Keyboards), Chris Childs (Bass)

Q: Welcome back boys! I knew that my prayers would help. Since i saw Thunder at Donington 90 you guys have been my favourite rock band. Since you are recording another album i invite you to do an acoustic set and a signing in Gothenburg. What do you say? Henrik, Sweden
L: I'd love to visit Gothenburg again but there are no plans to go to Sweden at the moment. 

Q: There's been a few rumors about lately that Skin were approached to be on the Monsters of Rock bill. Well actually what I heard was that Danny asked Nev from Skin about it. I was wondering how much truth there is in this? Jamie, Kings Lynn
D: Myke Gray from Skin expressed an interest via intermediaries in being on the bill. It's as simple as that. No official approaches have been made, and I've not had any contact with Nev since he was on the Thunder tour.

Q: Now that Thunder are going to stay together after the Monsters or Rock tour does that spell an end to the Bowes & Morley website in the near future and a return to the Thunder site? Jamie, Kings Lynn
D: Please pay attention, as this is the last time I will do this. Thunder will do Monsters Of Rock, there will be an EP at the time of the shows, then 3 of the songs will appear on a new Thunder LP in February. There may or may not be a tour, depending on the reaction to and sales of the LP. This does not mean Thunder are back as before with regular tours and LPs. We are all busy with other things so Thunder forms only a part of what we do. It also does not mean the end of Bowes and Morley, or even Luke's solo stuff, in fact we are talking with our label in Japan about a new B&M LP, but at this time it's only talk so I have no details to give you. Rest assured when I do I will. Please understand we are free to do whatever we want, either collectively or apart, and we will do exactly that. It's very boring to receive the same questions over and over, makes me wonder if anyone ever reads the answers we give....

Q: Hi, I just wondered now that Andy Taylor has gone back to the re-formed Duran Duran, how you think this might affect your writing relationship with him? I wouldn't have thought the kind of stuff he writes now with you would sit very comfortably with Duran's music. Maybe they could be Thunder's support act, I'm sure a lot of your 30-something fans would appreciate a trip down
memory lane. Karen, Essex
L: I spoke to Andy last week and I think we'll always get on regardless of what we're both doing. We were talking about the parallels between reforming DD and Thunder and having a good laugh about it. I don't see any problem with our writing relationship although we're both going to be too busy to do anything over the next few months. 

Q: I've been reading on a forum that people are saying how good it is you're doing a new album etc. How much they'll love the new stuff, how good the gigs will be etc. Do you feel a certain pressure to live up to expectations that people have? Jamie, Kings Lynn
L: After years of being Thunder and then having a break from it I think we're enjoying it too much to feel pressure. 

Q: Hi guys. Just wondering if Thunder had a hand in choosing support bands? Whenever I've seen you, the opening act(s) have always been excellent (Skin, Redwood, Kick etc). Is this down to you or the promoter? Rob Lindop, Stafford
D: We always choose our support bands. Choices were made purely on musical merit (i.e one or more of us had to like them musically). Contrary to what goes on with some other bands (who shall remain nameless) we also never ever forced
anyone to "buy on" to one of our tours (i.e pay us for the privilege). The Urbane will open for Bowes and Morley for both our September shows, they are a bit like Radiohead, quite interesting, we're sure you'll find them interesting.

Q: What was your opinion of Skin? Mandy
L: Myke Gray is a very talented guitar player and I think they went down well with our audience so we were pleased to have them out with us.

Q: Hello, Danny!  It's "Sunset Blvd."  Norma Desmond said it!  Am I the first?  Question; when you stand on the stage, you are always on the left of Luke. Do you feel uneasy if Luke is on your left? Hiro, Japan
D: Sadly you are not the first, and I'm beginning to regret setting the question now (so many replies). As for your question, I stand in the middle, Luke stand on my right as I look at the audience. He stands that way because he is left handed and his guitar always points away from me. It's always been that way, we're used to it.

Q: The answer to Danny's question is : Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard by Billy Wilder. A classic among classics which will get a DVD release next November (it was about time). I'm Vincent and I will collect my CD at the Rock City as I'm making the trip all the way from Paris. Glad to see that Danny has some serious movie references. Vincent, Paris
D: Sadly you are not the first so you'll not be collecting your CD at Nottingham. Sorry, you'll just have to be quicker with the next competition........

Q: Hi. Just to answer the question about "being ready for the close-up...It was Gloria Swanson (Norma Desmond) in Sunset Boulevard. Did I win (please please please???) See you at Nottingham (B&M) and Newcastle (MOR). Paul Burford
D: Correct! Hurrah we have a winner. Congratulations to Paul Burford, signed copy of Moving Swiftly Along will be with you shortly. Oh by the way, what's your address?

Q: Sandra and I would like to know why your photo's are so "bog standard". Jackie Tyson, Big house in the country
T: Erm...ask the photographer. Oi!  Jason...... ;)

Q: Hi guys. Great to hear the news about some new material, looks like the plastics going to take another beating! I'm going to be at Wembley for MOR and if I wasn't going back to Uni the same weekend, would be at the MSA gig too. As for my question, I was having a heated discussion with some mates and trying to remember which was the highest charting single you guys got here in Blighty over the ten years? I thought it was Love Walked In, but everyone else seems to think it was Dirty Love? See you in November!!! Simon, Kent
T: Actually, you are all wrong!!  Thunder's highest charting single here in the U.K. was 'A Better Man', which reached no. 18 in February 1993.  'Love Walked In' made it to 21, while 'Dirty Love' peaked at no. 32.

Q: Bonjour, Simple but fundamental question for Mr Morley : Earth Wind And Fire or Chic ? Vincent, Paris
L: It's not a fair question..........but if you held a gun to my head I would say Chic probably because I knew Bernard Edwards and Tony Thompson. Musically they were both brilliant bands.

Q: Great to hear that your doing this Thunder CD! does it ever amaze you about how popular Thunder acutly were and are still? + When people tell you that a song you wrote has such a special meaning + for them how does that make you feel? Mine is "you can't live your life in a day" for reasons best known to myself. Matt
L: The outpouring of affection for the band has been fairly incredible I must say and let's face it, who doesn't like being appreciated? It is nice when a song I've written captures a moment or a period in time for other people. That's why music is magical; one sentiment or observation can sometimes touch people and that's part of my motivation for doing it I guess.

Q: Hi guys. Just read the fantastic news about the new album. Forgive me for being synical, but was it always the intention to get back together once the "right time" (ie monsters of rock tour) came along, or have things just gone that way? Fantastic news anyway, and please god let there be a tour to coincide. I never have been loaded, and Somerset is not the best place in the world to get to gigs, but I have always said that when I saw you on the laughing tour at Hammersmith, it was one of the best gigs I have seen. As for the response of the fans, well, true rock fans just appreciate good music. You come into that catagory, as do the likes of Leppard and Maiden, and it is no surprise that the band is still hugely followed. Peter Machin, Somerset
L: I'm not a cynical person and if I was I couldn't write songs. If we didn't genuinely want to undertake becoming Thunder again we wouldn't do it. The MOR tour was initially going to be a one-off event but when we sat down to talk about it we all thought it would be fun to do an album as well which is how we've arrived at the current position.

Q: Observation: Now with the Quireboys added to the MOR bill, the line up is becoming frighteningly similar to the 1990 British Music Festival line up (all you need is Toby Jepson/Little Angels and the line up will be the same, except for Alice instead of Ozzy). Question: With royalties, how long does it take before the money ends up in your pocket?  i.e. if you release a single today, when would you start getting money in from the sales/airplay etc...?  Do you tend to get regular small payments, or does the publisher (or whoever dishes it out) rather save up and pay on, say, an annual basis?  Just curious. By the way, top news that the best British band ever (well, after Queen anyway!) are releasing a new album in Feb - superb!! Chris Smith, Kent
L: Royalties are calculated on a six-monthly basis (Jan-June and July-Dec.) and in most cases paid to the artist three months later.

Q: Hi Guys. First of all I'd like to say that I love MSA and the wife and I will be at ULU on the 20th. Secondly.....
I have to say that, despite how much affection I have for Thunder (having supported the band from the beginning) I have mixed feelings about the news of a new album. I assume that this would mean that Thunder are back on a full-time basis and although I look forward to the gigs and the music I wonder If you would be a little disappointed that after the split and the solo projects that you find yourself in a position where Thunder reform. Elliot, London
L: I don't believe that making a new Thunder album means we won't do other things as well. Collectively we all fancied doing the MOR gigs and the idea of making a new album came out of that. Surely the new Thunder album should be judged on it's merits regardless of other projects we may be involved in. When we split we felt it was the right thing to do and we now feel that making another album is the right thing to do. To put it another way, we're doing it because we can!

Q: Hello All, I thought I'd ask the obvious question; What are the reasons  behind Thunder getting back together? It's superb news because,  in my humble opinion, the band was way too good to be allowed to fade away. Is it because you feel you've been able to get some other musical styles out of your system with Bowes and Morley and now you can concentrate on what Thunder do best i.e. brilliant hard rock? I hope it doesn't mean the end of Bowes and Morley, because it would be a shame after the release of such a great album. See you at Nottingham - can't wait! John
D: Thanks for your kind words, see my previous reply for the answer to your question.

Q: Hello Lads, Will there be a meet & greet at the Rock City gig - just like the old days ? Jason, Nottingham
D: The answer to this is...probably.

Q: A new Thunder album in 2003 - I'm in a state of shock. One very important question everybody wants to know - will you tour to  promote the album? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease ! Mick Hodd, Luton
D: This may or may not happen depending on if the LP sells in big enough numbers. Unfortunately demand for live shows will be measured by sales, so as this LP is almost certainly not going to go through a record label in the UK/Europe, we will all have to tell the world to buy it.. More news when we have some.

Q: Now it's been 'officially' announced about the 4 track e.p., I was  wondering how many songs from it will be played at the Monsters of  Rock gigs? I expect 1 or 2 but as you've only got so long on stage I think any more than  that might be pushing it. I know it's to early to say what you'll  play at the gigs but it was just a thought. Jamie, Kings Lynn
D: My my you are keen aren't you...The setlist has not been selected yet, but I'm sure it will almost pick itself once we begin the process. We will almost certainly play some songs from the new EP, and those who have it by then will of course be able to sing along. Those who don't will have to put up with me and everyone else singing them. I recommend you buy a copy asap to avoid this. Ha ha.

Q: Hi Guys! Can I Please Have my Tickets Back! I booked them through ticket master for The 23rd November at the NEC and they recalled them due to "Wrong Ticket Stock being used" they all looked fine to me. the question is this: Did you know about the ticket recall and was the excuse a valid one? Please tell me that the four of us will get to see you on the 23rd!November. Kevin, Shropshire
D: Unsurprisingly, I have to report that we have nothing to do with ticketing issues, so we know nothing of the recall you refer to. I'm sure there is no sinister plot to make you miss the show, so I'd work on the assumption you'll get replacements when they're available. Have a cup of tea then put your feet up with a cold wet towel over your face, I'm sure this will help you relax a bit..

Q: Congratulations again with you're album. Especially for the acoustic special version of "Drifting Away". But for my question.. Just noticed that you're making a Thunder album which is to be released early next year. The question is, is this still just a temporary reform?? I feel like I don't really know you... guys, but as long as you keep writing new songs I'm really happy. Keep up the good work! Inge Hassel, Norway
D: I must have said this a hundred times this week but here it is again for the record....We are getting back together as a result of being offered the Monsters shows. The record has come from that. It seemed appropriate to do it, rather than simply reform, play shows and fade away again. This way the LP will have some value as a time piece. What happens after that is in the lap of the gods, we will continue if the demand is there, if not we simply won't be able to. Whatever happens it will not return to the way it was, the band are all busy doing other things now, so whatever we did would need to be on a much smaller scale than before. So it's really up to you guys to spread the word.. Hope this helps to put you in the picture.
L: We're at the stage in our careers now where we don't feel obligated to making any long-term decisions about what we're going to do. Let's just say that we're all enjoying the prospect of the MOR gigs and making a new studio album. We've all been away from Thunder for a couple of years and doing it again now will be a lot of fun.

Q: If you were condemned men on death row, what would your request for your final meal be ? (sorry - but I have this morbid fascination !) Rich, Sheffield
L: You are a sick puppy.......I'd probably tuck into a lobster.
D: You're sick! If I had to choose a final meal I wouldn't give a fiddler's fart what it was, I'd be making sure my hair was OK for the big moment. That makes me think...
"Mr DeMille, I'm ready for my close up now"
A signed B&M LP to the first person to let us know which character said it and what film it comes from. Clue : it's old....

Q: What TV/film/Comedians make you laugh? And what videos did you used to watch to kill the time on tour? Doc', Ireland
L: We used to watch Blackadder and The Fast Show on bus journeys. Favourite comic actors would have to be Woody Allen, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy + Steve Martin. I recently watched 'Freddie Got Fingered' which stars a guy called Tom Green (I think that's his name) and that had some spectacular moments.
D: Most comedians make me laugh, I'm quite quick to see the funny side of most things, so laughter comes freely. As for films on buses, you name it, we watched it over and over.. We all had our favourites, and to choose one is impossible but of recent films, Pulp Fiction is one I simply never tire of.

Q: I see you have a link to ex-Little Angels front man Toby Jepson on your links page. Is he a big mate and was there even the smallest amount of rivalry between the two bands ? Rich, Sheffield
L: Obviously we knew the guys in Little Angels but I wouldn't say we knew them well. I don't recall any rivalry between all the British bands that were around at the time and if there was any it normally disappeared after we'd met or played on the same bill.

Q: Guys. Two thirty something 'rockers' really looking forward to coming to see you in London on 20th September were wondering if you might consider one or two old Terraplane numbers in the set. 'When you're hot', 'You can't hurt me anymore' or 'Couldn't handle the tears' would be nice. Steve and Steve, Berkshire
L: There won't be any Terraplane songs in the shows we do this year.  They were of their time and now is not that time !!!

Q: Luke, who are the publishers we need to contact regarding guitar tab? If we had these, we could then all contact them and stop hassling you poor guys. Dave, Chesterfield
L: The publishers are Rondor Music UK for albums 1 - 3, Hornall Brothers for albums 4 - 5.

Q: Firstly apologies for the previous email, only had a brief moment to browse the site before deciding to email, I've now read most of it and have found the answer to my question.  I do have a new one to pose, are there any plans to tour the rest of the country? I've thoroughly listened to MSA on my trips up and down parts of the M5, it's excellent driving music! It would be great to get to a gig that doesn't take hours to get there! Cath, Bristol
D: We would very much like to play a full blown UK tour, but at this time we don't know if it will be possible. It all comes down (as with most things) to money I'm afraid. We are only playing two shows now because we don't want our bottoms kicked any more than necessary by Monsters Of Rock. The simple truth is that if we don't sell loads of tickets for these two B&M shows, the promoters will conclude there is little point in putting on another tour later. You can help by telling the world and his wife he and she should be there at the shows. For our part we shall do our best to ensure the shows are fab. Hopefully if we all do our bit there will be a tour later when you won't have to drive for hours, though I would expect you to be at every show anyway....

Q: Danny, could you tell me how those things you wear in your ears on stage work? Sarah, Derbyshire
D: The things in my ears as you put it are ear drums, they beat to tiny vibrations carried in the air to produce sounds in my head... Sorry, teasing over. The "in ear monitoring" is essentially a flashy wireless walkman, carrying the sound of the band, tailored specifically to my liking, by a sound engineer. He sets it up and sends it to a radio receiver (or belt pack) worn by me, attached to headphones. The headphones are set inside specially moulded ear pieces to make them easy and comfortable to wear. The moulds are created by squirting special gooh into the ear and removed when hard, then sent off and hey presto... They are worn so you always hear it the way you like it, regardless of where you are on the stage.

Q: I have noticed that your answers are always well written and grammatically correct. You're spelin is won hundred % spot on two! Did you both like school and leave with a string of qualifications? Or were you rebellious and skiving at every possible chance? Margie B., Wales
D: Nice question, good observation, brownie points awarded...My school qualifications were pitiful, Luke's are better. He was there more than I. I was crap at most school subjects (not interested) and for that I am full of regret. However I was always very interested in English language, fascinated by words, spelling, composition, phrasing etc. This is why I appear to be clever in emails, but trust me it's mostly an illusion.
L: I left school with 3 'o' levels in English, German and Art and took 'a' levels in those three subjects but failed miserably. I wouldn't say either of us were particularly rebellious but we had our moments.

Q: Hey guys, how u doing? I ain't asked anything recently, so here we go!! I've just taken my GCSE's, passed them all (which was luck really as I was hungover during half of them) and I was just wondering if Luke or Danny had thought of going into further education, if so, what?? I'm considering joining 6th form. What's your (both Danny and Luke's) worst memory of being drunk?? I think I know Luke's favourite drink, what's Danny's?? Anyway Thank you, for the music, and hope to see you in Nottingham!!! Good luck. Jonny Wilts
L: As both my folks were teachers I think they probably would have liked me to have gone to University but as you can see in a previous answer my qualifications would have barely got me a job in McDonalds. If I had though I would have probably studied English. When you get to our age there are so many drunken memories that it's difficult to pick one out. I'm sure the worst may be yet to come!

Q: Hi Luke, any plans for any more solo material and or gigs as El Gringo Retro is just brilliant. Tim Tyrrell, Cambridge
L: There aren't any solo plans at the moment but you never know what might happen later. Thanks for your nice comments.

Q: Hi guys. A lot of people (including myself as I was there) mention how good your performance was on the Saturday show with Bon Jovi at Wembley in 1995, (and I know you agree as you've commented on it before and Harry also highlighted it) but what felt so different about the Friday and Sunday shows? In addition, what did you think of the opening act, Crown of Thorns? I haven't heard of them since, but no great shame.. Tim, Suffolk
L: The Saturday at Wembley was one of those shows where everything clicked. I can't think of any specific reason, it just happens like that sometimes. I can't really comment on Crown Of Thorns although I did see one of them (Jean Paul de Beauvoir?) playing bass with Little Steven's band at the old Marquee Club and he was terrific.

Q: Where do you like to go on holiday? and are you a Leg man or a Breast man? (Just thought I'd ask! No politically correct answers thank-you.) Kevin, Kent
L: Spain is always a favourite but I also love Italy. I'm an everything man......it's the total package that counts!!

Q: Just thought I should mail you guy to ask a unrelated question!  Every day I log on to the site and check the updates.  I have seen some questions that are starting to become very repetitive and annoying!  i.e.,  the ones about the set list for MOR and ones about guitar tab!  Anyway back to the question. Do you not just feel like telling people to stop fuckin' asking really repetitive questions? Owen McManus
T: It can get a bit frustrating sometimes, but we can handle it.  Besides, not everyone has time to read through all the archives before submitting their question.

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Q: How do you feel about bootlegs? Not just ones of Thunder but other bands to. I've got about thirty from many bands (no Thunder) Do you think live albums eliminate the need for collectors? Matt, Wetherby
L: I think that bootlegs by a large are for hardcore fans only. Some fans want to own everything with their favourite band's name on it but with live stuff, a great performance properly recorded will always be much better quality sound-wise. I've heard a couple of Thunder bootlegs and the quality is generally poor so I wouldn't buy them!

Q: Hi, guys! I'm coming to see your shows next month... I can hardly wait :)! I was looking at the setlists of your Japan tour the other day. Playing 11 songs from MSA is just wonderful, but can I ask one little thing of you? Please play more songs from El Gringo Retro (another superb album!) instead of those covers (that I don't know! )Well, just a thought... Fumi, San Francisco
L: Hi Fumi. We haven't finalised the set yet but I'm sure there will be some stuff that's different from Japan. Have a safe flight.

Q: Luke, I know this has been asked hundreds if not thousands of times about Thunder guitar Tab music sheets, but would it be possible to get some printed up for sale at the MOR concerts? Kevin, Shropshire
L: As I've said before Kevin, you'd have to get in touch with the relevant publishers.

Q: Luke and Danny, carrying on from Sarah from Derbyshire's question is there any piece of Thunder or Luke's solo tour memorabilia that you wouldn't part with? Even for 400K? I have a T-shirt from your gig at the Ulster Hall on the Laughing on Judgement Day tour which they will have to claw from my dead hands. Doc', Ireland
L: I'm not really into Thunder memorabilia although I've always kept tourbooks as the photos are always nice to have.

Q: Luke, Ever thought of writing any more heavy blues stuff? I can listen to "Baby I'll be Gone" time and time again, it's great. And also that hidden gem on "The Rare..." titled "Move On". Why was that track hidden from me for so long! Brilliant stuff! Oh and who did the "Scooby Doo" impression at the start of that track. See you at ULU and Wembley. Simon, Essex
L: I don't ever try to write a particular kind of song....they just tend to come out the way they do. I'm sure I'll write in a bluesy mode again at some point in the future. The noise at the start is Danny I think.

Q: Question # 1: I've been ordering Thunder CD's and the newly released Thunder DVD, thru a buddy of mine who orders them from Townsend for me. He just gave me my copy of "Symphony & Stage" that I ordered. Why is a record that is produced in 2002 with all the digital technology available, sound so, so bad on the "live" side of the collection. I realize that you don't maybe want to change the ambience of the original's, but the high-end of the sound and bottom line is often muddy and dirty sounding. When I ordered "Open the Window", it was virtually the same way production ways. Question # 2: I was notified of a Thunder CD called "Moonlight Club" that is available, it's a 2 CD Live set - yet I can't find any trace of this release at any site including Townsend and B&M - is this an illegal bootleg or what. Jim McCormick, Canada
T: Question # 1 - 'Symphony & Stage' was released by the record label without any involvement at all from the band - so the whole thing was out of their control.  However, the originals still sounds pretty damn good to us...
Question # 2 -  'Moonlight Club' is indeed an illegal bootleg. It was recorded during the Japanese leg of the Thrill Of It All tour

Q: I have been listening to Moth To The Flame and trying to play along with the riffs, however I just can't seem to get the right sound. could you please let me know what setup you are using on that particular song. And what brand of effects do you use. Great to hear about the monsters of rock concert that you are playing. See you there. And finally are you planning a meet and greet? Dan, Shropshire
L: We used an octave doubler for the main riff. I think we used it on 'Stand Up' as well. We haven't addressed the issue of a 'meet + greet' yet but we will get around to it.

Q: Hey guys important question for me - do u wait for something amazing or take something soon that might not be as good??? Tomo
L: Never be in a rush to accept something which you might regret should somebody offer you something better later. Go with your gut feeling.

Q: Luke, please, please, please put "loving you" in the set for the B&M tour. After listening to MSA for so long I slung El Gringo in and that gets better every time as well. I feel this song shows what a talent you've got Mr. Morley (Enough creeping I do feel! please play it!) Matt, Warks
L: We may do it, we may not. You'll have to wait + see!!

Q: Danny or Luke, do you regret to not have played live some Thunder songs ? Which ones ? And why ? Luc, France 
L: With every new album we rehearsed all the material and then decided which songs felt good to play and which ones didn't so there aren't really any songs we regret not playing live. If we didn't play a certain song we always had a reason.

Q: Hi guys. Firstly let me just say that I really enjoyed the B & M album and I am looking forward to seeing you at Rock City and the NEC (with MOR). Anyway...enough of the worshiping! We all know that during your time with Thunder (and probably your whole musical careers), you have suffered (through one way or another), at the hands of RECORD LABELS!!!! Record labels,,,,,the companies we love to hate!! But...how do you beat them? I ask as a fellow musician who was in an AOR band (who shall remain anonymous) and signed to a label (who shall also remain anonymous...but lets just saw you know them!), who dealt a bad hand. I am at present recording demos with a 'new' band but don't want to make the same mistake twice. Our sound in very Thunder so that's why I would like to ask:
1. If you had the chance to re-write history with Thunder...how would you change it?
2. What would you say is the main thing you have learnt since you started in the music business?
3. Who in the music business has helped you the most?
Thank you for your time and may I wish you the very best continued success, in your careers. Al, Cannock
L: 1. It would have been nice to have broken in America in a big way.
2. Always trust your instincts and disregard hype.
3. We have come across some great people over the years but it's difficult to single out anyone really. There are several people whose opinions we value and we still talk to them on a regular basis

Q: I'm another who would desperately want to hear Peaching from a chair live but I leave it to you. Just wondering, I know you are keen on your fender and Les Paul but have you a guitar with a whammy bar? I'm a fan of KISS and therefore Bruce Kulick and I know in the 80s he used a load of ESPs with whammys. That is not to say that I think a guitarist shouldn't just play a classic! By the way are those two songs, which you say are high on Danny's register, not workable live? James, Croydon  
L: Using a whammy bar is a skill that I never really developed so I don't bother trying. I'm not a fan of the sound of ESP's (I did have an ESP Explorer) and Charvels so I'll leave it to the Steve Vai's of this world. 

Q: Most grateful for the 2.4 good reasons for choosing BM over BC - who could possibly resist the tantalising prospect of "better looking girls"!?(don't tell the missus, though -I'll have to bring my baby brother instead!)
On a more serious and somber note: I think it would be a fitting tribute to the tragic deaths of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman if you were to release/include on your forthcoming EP an unplugged version of "In This Town" (putting "angel" in the plural form) and to donate the proceeds to an appropriate charity. I was moved to listen to the track again a couple of days ago, and although it was a painful, tear-jerking experience, the poignancy was immense. Have you given it any consideration yourselves ? If not, I would urge you to do so! Paul Edmondson, Portsmouth
L: To be honest Paul, as much as I see where you're coming from re. Holly + Jessica I think the best thing right now for their families, friends and the Soham community is to get on with grieving and trying to restore some kind of normality in their lives, impossible task that it is. Children being abducted and/or murdered is also not a pleasant place to go as a writer or performer. We've done it once spontaneously and the song is best left where it is in time as far as we're concerned. It's too painful to contemplate.

Q: We were listening to Behind Closed Doors earlier this week, when It Happened in This Town came on. We were struck by the poignancy of the lyrics, given the current situation with Holly & Jessica. Was there a specific event that inspired Luke and Harry to write this song or if not, what was their inspiration?
But on a lighter note, glad to say we have our tickets for both London and Brighton on the MOR tour and are going to see B&M in Nottingham - can't wait - Live Thunder in our lives again!!!!! Paul & Tina, Gravesend
L: Harry came to me with a very melancholic piece of music which was pretty much the whole thing that went on to become 'It Happened'. He had the words 'So long little angel' and it reminded me of an article I'd read in the local paper about a 15 year old girl who lived about a mile from me who'd been sexually assaulted and strangled and the lyrics just poured out of me very quickly.

Q: Luke, just wondering why you're embarrassed by "Everybody Wants Her"? I always loved it as a balls-to-the-wall rock number. I've read before that you didn't like the line "There's a ladder in her stocking that I'd Like to climb" from "Flawed to Perfection" but Coverdale and Leppard have lines like that in a fair chunk of their material. Look at "Pour Some Sugar On Me", "Slow Poke Music", "Slide It In" or "Lie Down". Are the serious songs better to write? Would there be no more room in a Thunder set for "Hotter than the Sun" or even "Numb" which has a comical side to it? Doc', Ireland
L: 'Everybody' was a bit of a pot boiler as we like to call it. It was basically cobbled together from several ideas and it sounds like that to me. 'Flawed' was just me being young and amazed at the California female which was a new concept to me at the time. I don't think it's necessarily a bad tune but the lyric is a little cringe worthy. It's not that the serious songs are better to write, it's just that the humourous ones are harder to write well. I'm very proud of 'Englishman On Holiday' because it makes a serious point by being humourous. 'Numb' and 'Hotter' are both songs I like and we have played both of them live but 'Hotter' never felt that comfortable to play whereas 'Numb' did so I wouldn't rule that one out.

Q: CD is good - looking forward to gig at London Uni and the MOR in Nov - now I wonder, any chance of a "Doo Wop" gig along the line somewhere to complete a good reunion? Chris Taylor
D: Danny & The Doo Wops is a once in a while legendary occurrence, an experience of epic proportions, and as such not one that can be planned. I have heard that several of the original members are in prison, some are working the clubs in Cuba, and one's now a bishop. Never say never, but don't hold your breath.... you may go quite red waiting.

Q: Hi Danny! You're a singer. Are you a smoker, and what do you think about legalizing weed? Simon, Germany
D: I'm not a smoker of anything, so I find it hard to understand the needs of those who do. However I see medical evidence suggests weed as you call it has a positive effect on some conditions, so if it helps relieve suffering I'm all for it.

Q: Dear all, just want to say thank god for bank holidays. I pre-ordered my DVD from Townsend records and because they are closed on Monday for the bank hols, I've got my copy two days early. Fantastic service or what? Anyway, to my question. How many times do you all check and write to the web site in one week and also how many questions do you get sent each week. Can't wait for MOR at MEN. Need to desperately save up to get me some goodies now. Hope you will have a good selection. Ann S, Blackburn
T: We don't keep a track of how many questions are submitted each week, but I would guess it would be around the 100 mark (not all of them can be answered, unfortunately). Myself, Danny and Luke check for questions daily, time permitting (we are all busy with other things as well as the B&M website, but we try to answer the questions as quickly as possible).

Q: A few questions: Great news you're back together as Thunder for the monster shows. Also got the new B&M CD - very Thunder like in my opinion especially the last Thunder album "Giving The Game Away" - was that the plan? I mean release an album you feel very comfortable without having the usual tags "Not as good as Back Street Symphony etc" that would have been thrown towards you (unfairly) if it was released under the Thunder name?
Not really a question more of a grovel really - any chance of playing Ball & Chain in the set-list - A MIGHTY DAMN FINE ROCK SONG gives me loadza inspiration - which I know was played live during 95-98 - cos I heard it many times. Also continuing the third album theme - why didn't you play Preaching From A Chair live? - if you did (sorry) - as far as I recall you didn't - the only reason I can think it was omitted for lives shows, was it perhaps too hurty on the throaty Danny? PS - I think Thunders 2nd album was the best - partly because it was when I got into the band - I remember Don Valley 93 with the Leps & it has Moment Of Truth on it - massively underrated song & Mr Morely how do you rate the song? - interested 'cos you didnt write it. Oh by the way - I hope you've all bought the new RHCP album & if not why not? Ben
L: B&M was always going to sound a bit like Thunder as Danny sings and I wrote the songs and played guitar. It was never going to be a Thunder album without B + H on it so we had to call it something different out of respect to the guys. As to what material we play in November as I've said before, I'll decide when we've rehearsed a bit. 'Preaching' is keyed extremely high and that isn't a problem for Danny normally but in the case of this song and 'It Happened In This Town' from the 3rd album they are both relentlessly high and although he could sing both of them fine, he wouldn't be able to sing too much after that. 'Moment' is an OK song; I don't think it's spectacularly great or terrible. There are definitely worse Thunder songs written by me i.e. 'Everybody Wants Her' which I detest or 'Flawed To Perfection' which I find embarrassing. I haven't got the new Chillies album but I love the single and they're a great band.

Q: Hi guys, I have noticed that in a reply to one of the questions Luke says that he is busy writing new Thunder songs – are they for the MOR tour or is there something we should know!!!!!!!!  Brian Love
L: I am writing new Thunder songs and there will be an EP to coincide with the MOR tour. More details to follow.........

Q: Have you ever had any really funny situations when ideas for songs came into your mind (e.g. while playing monopoly, being on the toilet, having sexual in...)? Are there any of these songs or ideas on albums? Simon, Germany
L: Many of the songs I've written have arisen out of bizarre circumstances. 'Girl's Going Out Of Her Head' for example. The lyrics say it all really...........

Q: New Thunder songs, is there anything you can tell us? P.S. El Gringo Retro is still the best album in my collection. Neil, Southampton
L: Thank you for your kind comments re. 'El Gringo'. All I can tell you about the new Thunder songs is that they will be new and they will be by Thunder. For more info. keep watching!!

Q: Of course you do realise that you could support Thunder as B&M? Or even do a triple bill and Luke could play the  El Gringo Retro set (or El Gringo Loco as the fools at Classic Rock called it)? Talk about the ultimate dream! Any thoughts? Doc', Ireland
L: Playing one show a night is quite enough for gentlemen of our age thank you very much!!

Q: Mr Morley, after having just been made redundant from my IT job after 20 years, would you like another roadie ?? (Cheap lol!!) I can use a chromatic tuner and can even set up a full floating Jackson whammy bar jobbie (believe me, that is a nightmare!) Cleggy
L: Thank you for your kind offer of your services. However we already crewed up as they say.

Q: This has bothered me for ages. Who is the kid sitting in the middle of the band at the back of the Greatest hits album? Matt, Wetherby
D: His name is Oliver Halfin, he is the son of Ross Halfin the very famous rock photographer. That particular photo session was needed in a hurry so Ross very kindly invited us over to his house. His son was there, as was his wife and Au Pair, but only Oliver wanted to be in the photograph, some people are funny aren't they? Riddle solved.

Q: Hi Guys, Just read some of the Q&A's on the web site. Never really occurred to me that the new Thunder shows could have a negative effect on the B&M album. Have you thought about harnessing the publicity to work for you? Here's some suggestions;
1. Give out a freebie tape at the gigs with 3 B&M songs on it.
2. Announce some more tour dates.
3. Play a B&M song - 'Drifting Away' would fit in nicely.
4. Flyers with this web site address on, tour dates, biography etc.
Are there any other ideas in the pipeline? PS For a small fee I could share some other ideas with you!!!!!!!!!! LOL James, Warwickshire
L: Thank you for your helpful suggestions James. You sound like you might have a future in the marketing dept. of a record label!!

Q: Just mailing you quickly to find out why the guys have not bee talking on the "Wit, Wisdom and Whiskey" section?  It is my favourite part of the site. Particularly liked the bit about Danny's mishap life!  (Very Funny). Well I am sitting in work at the moment and we are not exactly busy.  There is only so much I seem to be able to read, without reading the same thing over again.  (What can I say the office ain't exactly a sweat shop). Please could you ask the guys for something new to stop me having to do some real work. Owen
L: At the moment we're both extremely busy (Danny in an organisational sense and me in a writing new Thunder songs sense) so we've been less than rapid at writing a new WWW piece. However we will try to change that over the next couple of weeks. Thanks for your patience.

Q: Hi guys, We have both been Thunder fans for many years and we were very sad when you called it a day. We have been waiting for news of solo projects and were ecstatic to find an article in Classic rock about Thunder and your new album as Bowes and Morley. We picked it up today and we are very impressed, you certainly haven't lost your touch. Its like listening to a favourite album that you haven't listened to for a while, every track makes you want to sing along even though you've only just heard it. Its so nice to hear quality songs with well written lyrics again, especially when you are singing and playing them. We booked tickets for Nottingham after listening to the sound clips on the site - (we didn't need much convincing). We are also going to the Monsters gig at the MEN, we couldn't miss an occasion like that.  We have 2 questions, Firstly is the Nottingham gig going to be exclusively Bowes and Morley material or will you be slipping the odd "softer" Thunder track in, such as Better Man. And secondly, would you consider playing "like a satellite" at the MEN gig? It was our song when we lived 300 miles apart and only saw each other at the weekend (and it still is). Great to see you back. See you at Nottingham. Ian Jones and Angie Howitt
L: Thanks for your nice comments on the new album. The B&M gig won't feature any Thunder songs. As for the Thunder shows I haven't decided what we'll be playing yet and I probably won't until we rehearse so you'll have to wait and see!!

Q: Do you know who the support is for the Bowes and Morley gigs? Do you have much say in who it is? Mick Hodd, Luton
L: As far as I know the decision about a support act hasn't been made yet. We always get involved in the decision inasmuch as we want the show to be as good as possible. This means sometimes we choose the support act and sometimes we will have an act recommended to us or our agent/promoter.

Q: Hi, I was just wondering if any of you two gave a listen to the new Def Leppard CD. I think it's crap and lyrically the worst thing I've listened for ages, makes Britney sounds like Nick cave in that department. I'd really like to have your opinion about it. Can't wait for the gigs in September. Vincent, France
L: I haven't heard the new DL CD but the single sounds fine on the radio. I shall investigate further.

Q: Hi!!! Just got your new album. Amazing!!! I've got a few questions: Are there any tour-dates for Germany? Do you still have contact to David Coverdale? Are you planning to come to Frankfurt next March to the professional music fair? Thank you very much for answering! Simon P.s.: You're one of my favourite bands because you have the seldom combination of musical talent and not taking yourself too seriously! That makes your music so exciting!!! Simon, Germany
L: There are no plans beyond the MOR gigs in November but any future developments will be announced here first. I haven't spoken to David for a while but the odd message passes between us here + there. I can safely say that we won't be at the Frankfurt Music fair next year.

Q: Hi guys...just a quick note to say that some mates of mine last week tried to get tickets for the Glasgow gig at SECC..but were told..COMPLETELY SOLD OUT!!!...(Doesn't bother me cos me and the missus had already bought ours when the original gig at the Clyde had been announced!)....Anyways what a GREAT night we're going to have! (No disrespect to Mr Cooper but the only reason that the tickets have gone a storm is due to you guys!) Anyway us Jocks have decided we're going to tie you to the stage so you're forced to play a 5 hour set...Sorry but that's just the way it is!!!! ps:.....Harry may require 'Special' shackles!!!!!!!!!!!! Paul Bluesman
D: Ignore the misinformation about the SECC being sold out. It is not. If the venue are not going to sell tickets (why I know not) I suggest your friends try alternative sellers (Way Ahead or Ticketmaster).

Q: What is man to do ? Unfortunately, the B&M gig on 20 September  goes head to head with the only Bad Company outing in the South (Hammersmith  Odeon). Give me three good reasons why I should come and see you guys instead of Paul Rodgers & Co. and I'm there. (If you can only come up with two, could I suggest you forget ULU and go for a support slot instead! -only joking) Paul Edmondson, Portsmouth
D: Yes the Bad Company date is unfortunate, another brilliant bit of booking. As to why you should go to the B&M show and not Bad Company, how about this:-
1. The girls in the B&M audience will be better looking.
2. If the B&M shows don't sell well, we'll have real trouble convincing a promoter to book us again. Meaning: No more B&M shows - fact. Do you really want to be responsible for killing a new band's live career? I am joking, but only half joking.
3. Our show will be be smaller and more intimate, an occasion that will live in minds of those who attended for a good while to come. Bad Company are an established entity and as such will be back around (I know this), B&M may not
(see 2.).
4.  The girls in the B&M audience will be much better looking.
I know that's 4 but no harm in reinforcing the important points... The choice is yours (cue game show music).

Q: Will you have any input as to who the other two bands are on the MOR tour?  RE an earlier Question. Gary Hughes is the songwriter and singer with Ten, check out "Babylon". He also wrote and produced Bob Catley's (Magnum) solo albums. Pete, Preston
D: The promoter will ask "how many tickets will he sell me?" Do you know? If so let me know and I'll pass it on.

Q: Is Thunder supporting Alice in Stockholm and Copenhagen? Please, please let it be so. Henrik, Sweden
T: Sorry, Henrik.  The shows outside of the U.K. are not part of the Monsters Of Rock tour (they are Alice's own shows), therefore Thunder will not be performing.

Q: Hi, I have just finished listening to a wonderful version of the Bands 'The Weight' by Aretha Franklin and thought how cool it would be to hear you guys do a cover of the song. What do you think? Do you like the band? Elliot, London
L: I like the Band very much and 'The Weight' is a great song. Yes, we would cover it well. Maybe we will one day.

Q: Why do you think you have so few questions from females?........and my second question is....do you ever listen to your own music purely for pleasure ,in the car or at home, or are you too critical to simply enjoy it? Margie B., Wales
L: As to the female question, I haven't got a clue! When you write and record an album, you live with and breathe the same bunch of songs for months so when it's finished you tend not to want to hear it for a while. The best place to hear your own stuff is on the radio!!

Q: A question for Luke in a similar vein to Alex Towers' questions to Danny. I've been playing the guitar self taught for years but I've hit a brick wall and can't seem to get much better. Did you ever take lessons and if so would you recommend them? Basically, how did you get so good? Doc', Ireland
L: I had one guitar lesson. The guitar teacher said 'If you want to play like Jimi Hendrix I can't help you'. He advised me to go away, listen to the records and work it out for myself. So that's basically what I did. I watched a lot of guitar players very closely as well and learnt a lot that way. As Danny said in his answer it's all about practicing and practicing and then practicing some more.

Q: Hi! How much rehearsing do you plan to do before the Monsters Of Rock-shows? Johan, Borlange
L: We'll probably rehearse for 2/3 days.

Q: First of all congrats all round on a very good new album, but are you finding it a little bit frustrating that just as you are trying to get Bowes & Morley a bit of momentum going all this monsters of rock thing comes along (Just got tickets can't wait) and everybody seems to have forgotten your new venture a bit and seem to be going bloody crackers for THUNDER again. I can understand people missing thunder because you were (are) one of the greatest live bands I've ever seen (that includes KISS (WITH AND WITHOUT MAKE - UP, AC/DC, QUEEN, ETC ), but do you wish people could move on just as yourselves have tried to do (I personally wish thunder would start up again there's just not any decent British rock bands anymore ) Just wondering on your thoughts, good luck and look after yourselves lads. Ian Helliwell, Rotherham
L: I think the Thunder shows have a lot of meaning for people because they came to see us fairly regularly over a ten year period. It's the same for us in a way because it was a large and very special part of our lives. I'm not frustrated that lots of people still want to see Thunder play, I'm flattered. The fact that the timing worked out the way it did has unfortunately diverted a certain amount of attention away from B&M but we're in both bands so it's hard to be anything other than philosophical about it.
D: You have said it all. We came from a band that was very good, and collectively we are only 20% of that band, and we play different music. It's common knowledge in the music industry that the majority of fans of bands don't necessarily embrace the work of offshoots or solo projects. We accept that, after all it's not Thunder. And yes, the recent Monsters Of Rock announcement does make it harder for us to promote B&M, but we have committed to promote the B&M LP, so we will, despite the overwhelming competition from our other band. It's not frustrating, it's a David & Goliath thing, and you know how that turned out....
Thanks for noticing, so tell your friends about the B&M shows. They will be splendid, different from Thunder, but splendid nevertheless...

Q: Hi Danny, Thanks for your response, so I have a challenge for you. I assure you (and my friends will testify this) that as much as I would love to be able to sing I am the most untalented whaler this side of the ant artic. So my challenge is this - can you make the truly untalented talented? I would be happy to record a demo for you to "listen" to if you like and I would be forever indebted to you if you could make me sing! This mission impossible e-mail will explode in 5 seconds! Do you except your challenge Mr Bowes? Alex Towers, Reading
D: Yes...Whilst I do hold the belief that anyone can do it, I make no claim to be able to make it happen. Get yourself a singing teacher... Thanks for the exploding email by the way, made a mess on my desk. Cleaning bill on the way.

Q: Hey guys, do u know of anywhere I might be able to get some cool Thunder merchandise! i.e. T-Shirts and maybe other stuff!??? Tomo
D: Sadly, as the band split up two years ago, there is no Thunder merchandise available anywhere at the moment. There will however be Bowes & Morley merchandise on sale at the shows in September, and Thunder stuff on sale at the Monsters Of Rock.

Q: Danny, You probably get asked this a lot but how can I learn to sing in tune? Alex Towers, Reading
D: This is not as silly as it sounds. Singing in tune is not the be all and end all though. Some of the best singers in the world sing out of tune but they make a good noise. I know nothing about your abilities but if you're a novice some lessons would help get you on the right track. If you're not a novice some lessons would help you lose some of the bad habits you've probably picked up. I got better by practice and more practice and then even more bloody practice. I truly believe anyone can do it, so get out there and drive everyone mad....

Q: Hi Guys, me again. I need some advice - I'm hoping to become a "mature" student soon and want to become a music journalist. I am in the process of setting up my own website but my writing is very negative. At the risk of sounding like a complete arsehole how can I write more positively! Also, you seem (Danny in particular) to be very bitter about some of your experiences of the music business - would you recommend not getting involved in it? Alex Towers, Reading
D: I'm not bitter about my time in the music business, just realistic and experienced.... I love the music business, but I've been in it long enough to have lost my rose coloured spectacles. Music journalism is an area I know very little about, so I have a lot in common with a lot of so called music journalists (ha ha, joke not bitterness). Seriously journalism in any form is a noble art, but my advice would be to ensure you care passionately about your subject, read as many styles as you can, then decide how you can do it either differently or better.

Q: Hi Guys, Congrats on fine record and I look forward to hearing the new Thunder material in November. I have just come back from this years Bulldog Bash and noticed how many people were wearing Thunder t-shirts. I now you have played there before so what would the chances be of either B&M or Thunder playing there next year - your presence is needed. Also, I saw Thunder live god knows how may times but why did Castles In The Sand rarely get played? Alex Towers, Reading
L: We did have a good time when we played the Bulldog Bash but we have no plans beyond the MOR tour in November. We did play 'Castles' a good few times on the 'Behind Closed Doors' tour and it's impossible to please everybody with the choice of songs we play. We'd be there all bloody night if we played everything!!! 

Q: Have you guys heard of the independent label 'Now and then'? If so did you feel pleased that the planned 'Thunderstruck' festival was to have a billing from Ten? Do you enjoy Gary Hughes' writing? Also, if Luke's Subconscious is listening: how about Preaching from a chair at the Manchester date! :) See you @ Rock City next. Womble, Edinborough
L: Please excuse my ignorance but I don't know who Gary Hughes is. As for which songs we'll play when on the MOR tour, you'll just have to wait and see!
D: Sorry I have no idea what you're talking about..

Q: Hi Guys, congratulations on a fantastic album! I know Nick and Fiona at Spudnik very well and was wondering whether or not you are planning to film a video for any of the tracks? Was there much added pressure on the band whilst filming the live video? I have been in a covers band for years, have you ever heard another band playing any Thunder songs? And Finally!!!! - Could I have your blessing to cover Sick and Tired? Brian Love
D: Thanks for the kind words. There are no plans to shoot videos for the B&M LP, as to reasons, ask our record labels in UK and Japan. We have a home video of the Japanese shows in July which looks pretty good but probably not good enough to sell. I assume you mean the Thunder Live video, and no not really too much pressure, we did what we did, it seemed to work for most, the video was meant to capture that. I know of two cover bands in Japan playing only Thunder songs, I have videos of them, and very fine they look too.. Feel free to cover Sick & Tired, a cheque for £30 should be sent after each and every performance to Luke Morley, 1 Rock Star St, Leatherpants, L69 6969.
L: At this stage there are no plans to make a video unfortunately. Making the live video was just like any other gig really. The only pressure was trying to remember all the songs as we went right through the catalogue pretty much. We know of two Japanese Thunder tribute bands that exist and we do occasionally hear of bands covering our songs. I was visiting family in Dorset once and walked into a pub in Swanage where there was a band playing and apparently they had done 'Love Walked In' earlier in the evening although I wasn't there to see it. Say Hi to N + F for us.

Q: Luke, what do you think of Brian May's guitar playing and would you ever like to jam with him? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
L: Brian is one of the most influential guitar players ever and playing with him would be a pleasure. I've met him a few times and he is a nice chap; very quiet and considered....very unlike Freddie!!!

Q: One particular favourite song of mine by yourself is 'Today the World Stopped Turning'. This song seems quite underrated, as it was not only never released as a single (to my knowledge) but also  rarely or never even  featured in your set lists when I looked through the archives on thunderchannel some while ago. How do you rate it among all the songs you've written? One other question, I believe you worked with Jools Holland during Terraplane, what was it like and how did it come about? (is he a personal friend?) Tim, Suffolk
L: I always liked this song. We did rehearse it but for some reason it didn't feel right. Sometimes that happens. Also 'Judgement Day' had 'Low Life', 'A Better Man' and 'Satellite' on it so there wasn't a shortage of good ballads when we came to tour the album so I guess 'World' got sent to the back of the queue. Jools Holland played Hammond Organ on a song called 'I'm The One' on the first Terraplane album. This was down to the producer of that record who had been at a filming of 'The Tube' a week before. I think he'd had a few drinks with Jools and the following week we were in the studio so he popped down. I particularly remember a trick he showed us called 'the eleven finger crescendo'. This involved utilising all of his fingers and one other part of his anatomy at the same time! Jools isn't a personal friend but whenever paths have crossed since there's always been a nod and a smile.

Q: Aside from the music, Harry always made it quite clear he supported Palace. I was wondering who you support. And on an entirely different note are you married as my personal playing in a band is often frowned upon for taking up time I could be spending with her. Steve
L: I have a soft spot for Man. City as they were the first team I supported but I would describe myself as a confirmed neutral when it comes to club football; as long as it's an entertaining game I don't mind who wins. England matches are another matter though .......I do get very excited and I hate it when they lose.  I'm not married....probably because I've spent so much time playing in a band!

Q: Where is "Freakshow" about? Or is it a secret? Doc', Ireland
L: 'Freakshow' was written after a conversation I had with a female friend who surprised me by telling all about her interest in fetish clubs. She wanted me to go with her one night but we never got around to it so I thought I'd try and imagine how it would be.

Q: Hi Danny, Just wanted to congratulate Luke and yourself on a wicked album, your voice is amazing and looking forward to seeing you in September and November.  My question is who do you consider to have the best of voice in rock today? And any chance of The Black Crowes being added to the amazing MOR bill... Darren, Cambridge
D: Thanks for your kind words. I think Chris Robinson has a fine set of pipes, but as for others there's no one up and coming I think is amazing. Most people I hear right now sound a bit like they're trying hard not to sound like singers and more like they're throwing up in a bucket... I agree The Black Crowes would be marvelous, I'll pass it on and see what happens....

Q: Hi Guys, love the new album, v. cool. I was a big Thunder fan and also Europe (and subsequently Joey Tempest). I could never understand why Joey's two solo albums didn't sell better. However - my question is - How did you come to write with him? Did you write more than one song with him and if so, what happened to the others? James Daykin, Warwickshire
L: The situation came about by me attending a sort of 'songwriters forum' in 1998 organised by Chris Difford, the writer/guitarist from Squeeze. The forum takes place in a hotel in Devon which is miles from anywhere. 21 songwriters from all genres of music are invited by Chris and every day each writer is put into a group with 2 other writers. The groupings are selected by Chris and each groups' task is to write and finish a song by 6pm. After dinner everyone gathers in the lounge area and each grouping of the day performs the song they've written that day. It is a brilliant thing to do because everyday the groupings change and you find yourself writing with people you wouldn't normally work with. On day one I found myself working with Rick Astley (great bloke and a fantastic singer, I kid you not !) and a female jazz singer from Manchester who was covered in tattoos !!  Joey and I were put in a group with another guy called Chris Braidie who's a very talented writer, piano player and singer and we wrote 'Change' in about 4 hours I think.

Q: Hi there Danny, love the CD and it's nice to be able to listen to a real singer again after such a drought in the music world.  I was wondering as you mentioned you like opera recently in an earlier email, have you noticed you bear a striking resemblance to Alessandro Safina on the inner sleeve pictures of MSA? Karen, Essex
D: Can't say I have no, and as I don't know who this person is it's hardly surprising! I have no doubt he's incredibly gifted and not to mention handsome... (ha ha).

Q: Danny do you like computers? Just asking as Luke appears to answer most of the questions. Or are you just busy with other things? Dave, Chesterfield
D: Correct on all counts, I'm extremely busy and have to be extremely selective with my time. It should also be said that Luke and I have been together for many years so we nearly always give the same answers to most questions. I see no point in doubling up.

Q: Hi guys, I hope you've been thinking about your foreign-fans that live too far-away, and will be released some material from "Monsters of Rock", video, DVD, albums, whatever you want to let us know how fantastic was that show!  I want to ask Luke and Danny if you hear other music styles, I'm talking about classics, opera, and if so, what classic musicians do you like? Walter Jorge Valdez, Argentina
D: I have a particular love for opera, especially Puccini and Donizetti, but I'm not knowledgeable at all about musicians or singers. I'm strictly a hear it like it and buy it kind of opera lover. Apart from that I love Frank Sinatra's voice and torture my family almost every Sunday morning with a "Frank" wake up call. (as my father did to me).

Q: Yo, bloody fantastic news, I've only just heard! I never even new you had a bleeding album out! But I'll soon chase up that rascal, and give it a good thrashing. I can't thank you guys enough for your music over the years, it's helped me through some pretty bad moments, on the roller coaster of life. I think Lukes writing touches the parts, other writers can not reach!
And as for Mr Bowes vocal chords.................
When the good woman and I got hitched, a few years back we had "Love Worth Dying For" playing in the background, swiftly followed by Mama We're All Crazee Now! Which on the Slade theme, brings me to my obscure question. I remember you playing "Move Over" the Janis Joplin number on a tour some years back, a number Noddy and the boys used to cover. ('kin outstanding live) As a massive Slade fan from donkeys years ago, I think it's a tragic waste to music, that the main musical influence of the band, Jimmy Lea, seems to be a.w.o.l. from the music biz, why not give him a call. (That would be utopia) Did you ever get to see Slade play live, as they used to have the same "mates of the band" kind of relationship with their crowd as Thunder did, and were electrifying live? Adidas, Tanner (Bristol)
L: We both grew up listening to Slade records and they definitely had an influence on us. I've never seen them play live but everybody tells me that they were terrific.
D: Now you know you have to buy the record and tell the world about the shows...
This is your punishment for not having your ear to the ground in the first place.. In fact you should buy 2 copies for that...
I had the pleasure of seeing Slade twice over the years and I agree they had a very similar approach to live shows and the relationship with the crowd. I've always had them on my best live bands list, but I respect their decision to call it a day. Doesn't spoil the memory for me, in fact it makes it better.

Q: I'll be coming along to Nottingham Rock City to see you play, but I'm gutted I can't get to M.O.R, as every gig is while myself and 'er indoors are in Thailand (bad timing), but anyway, what I really want to know will there be any video/DVD footage to follow these concerts, as missing the you lot back in action, be it for only one more time, should never be missed!!!!.(by anybody)!!!!!!!!!!. Will there be any meet and greets at the Moving Swiftly Along gigs. Noel, Luton
L: Sorry to be vague yet again but there are several possibilities re. MOR and right now it's impossible to say what will and what won't be happening in any detail. All I can tell you is you'll read about it here first.
D: Good to hear you're coming to the B&M show, tickets are selling slowly so please tell all your friends (and urge them to tell their friends). Could it be that Danny & Luke are nowhere near as desirable as Thunder? surely not...
Talks continue regarding the filming of the MOR shows, so the answer is maybe. We plan to record one or more Thunder sets during same for possible release later. Thunder will also be selling a CD of new songs at the M.O.R venues (it may be 4 songs or it may be 11, depending on if we can record them in time) so give yer money to a friend who's going if you want a copy.
While we're at it please tell your friend with your money that there may be meet and greets but this is another one to be confirmed I'm afraid.

Q: Hi guys. I'm a big fan of Thunder and know most of the songs off by heart. My boyfriend got me into you when I met him and I listen to you in the car all the time. Me and Peter are getting married in September and we have chosen an Thunder song for the ceremony (like a satellite hope your new album is as good as all the past Thunder songs. So what I would like to know is are you going to keep up your music as a duo? And are you going to form another band in the future? So keep up the good work guys your great!!! Tara, Somerset
L: I'm very flattered that you're using 'Satellite' at your wedding. As far as the future is concerned I think it's safe to say that Danny and myself will work together in some capacity although there aren't any immediate plans.

Q: Luke, I heard you brought a bike what style have you gone for racer or mountain bike, will you be lending it to Harry to ride across the stage on the monsters of rock tour like he did at the Milton Keynes bowl some years ago? I am also a bike machinc don't feel bad about asking me any technical Q's about your bike! Matthew Hyde
L: It's a mountain bike and if Harry does get on it then anything is possible!

Q: Hoping to see you at NEC, so long as I'm able to keep my legs crossed long enough (2nd baby due 5 days later). Any chance of any warm up gigs-say at Rock City Notts? Julie, Nottingham
L: We haven't considered doing any warm up shows as yet but you never know.

Q: Just been on the Toby Jepson Website, he'd love to play Monsters of Rock, anything you can do to help? To see you both on one day would be out of this world! Julie, Nottingham
L: There are a few bands/artists that have been suggested for M.O.R. and they're all being considered so watch this space.

Q: Hi guys, do you enjoy making videos? and which Thunder vid is your favourite? Sarah, Derbyshire
L: Videos can be fun or a colossal pain in the arse. It depends on the concept. My two favourites are 'Low Life' because it still looks very dramatic and 'Backstreet Symphony' because it's a great performance by the band.

Q: Its taken me a while to tell you both, but well done for producing a superb album. It was everything that I imagined it to be which is quite rare because you tend to be let down these days. Not sure which is my fave track as they are all great, probably one of the ballads. As for some questions ... on DRIFTING it sounds a bit like Love is all around....On HESITATE did you hear 'Hold on I'm Coming' when the horns come in....Bad Co should have asked you to support them but I suppose you would have been to much to follow. I will be trying to make the Nottingham gig but I don't think I could stomach the rest of the bill to see Thunder sorry, now if it had been Don Valley aaaah...see ya.  John Ruggiero
L: I take your point about 'Drifting' although the horns on 'Hesitate' weren't directly due to 'Hold On'. My favourite brass arrangements are probably on Earth, Wind And Fire records.

Q: Hi, this is Jim from Greece, a Thunder fan since 'Backstreet Symphony'. I am thinking of coming to see you at Wembley and I wonder what the set list will be. Also, if you don't mind I would like to ask have you ever played the song 'Fire To Ice' from 'Laughing On Judgement Day' live? This is my favourite from this album. Thank you and take care. Jim Gallikas, Greece
L: The set list isn't decided yet but you can probably guess most of it! I believe we did play 'Fire To Ice' at some point on the 'Laughing All Over The World' tour. I certainly remember rehearsing it.

Q: Couple of questions guys! Are any of the Terraplane albums still commercially available. I never got to hear any of the pre Thunder stuff but would be keen to do so. Secondly did you get offered the chance to do the Freddie Mercury tribute gig. As a lot of rock bands played that day i.e. Guns and Roses, Metallica, Extreme and Def Leppard -  I was just wondering. Finally got the new album, very impressed indeed. Hope to get to one of the concerts this year. Keep on rocking guys - radio may not need you but true rock fans do. Andy, Oldham
L: I know that both Terraplane albums were released on CD in Japan. Try going to Townsends Records (our featured record retailer) as they'll be able to locate the albums for you if anyone can. We were actually in the studio recording 'Judgement Day' when the Freddie gig took place. Lars Ulrich invited us to go and hang out at the show but unfortunately we were too busy.

Q: This ones for you both, been a Thunder fan for ages but still cant work out the meaning to A BETTER MAN (if there is one) or have I just been doing me nut in. Glad you are back. Andy, Oldham
L: I thought it was fairly obvious Andy. The lyric is all about a guy saying to a woman 'Your love has made me a better person'.

Q: Hi guys......Okay...you're going to be stranded on a desert island for 10 years and can each take 3 items...What do you take? Paul K
L: Penelope Cruz, Charlize Theron and a bottle of Baby Oil................. 

Q: Hi Guys, Love the latest album, but my question is a totally different one. What is (are) your favorite AC/DC track(s)? Rob, Netherlands
L: Back In Black, Shot Down In Flames, You Shook Me All Night Long, Girl's Got Rhythm, Whole Lotta Rosie.

Q: Luke: What's the most challenging Thunder song you have had to play live? Danny: What's the trickiest Thunder vocal you have had to sing live?  Also Danny, what do you consider to be your top (but nicest) note? James, Croydon
L: There isn't a particular Thunder song that stands out as being more difficult to play than the rest. Danny's top note would be F#.

Q: Hi guys, What hobbies do you have. Anything interesting? See you in September and November. Dave
L: We both like to play golf when the opportunity presents itself. Other than that reading, watching films and I've recently bought a bike so I've been cycling a bit.

Q: Great news that THUNDER will be performing again, cannot wait!!!. Congratulations on the Bowes and Morley CD another masterpiece !!!. My question is...Over the years I have seen Thunder on many occasions, I have noticed that Luke, Danny and Ben have always worn some fantastic trousers...where do you guys get these from ?? Derek, Yorkshire
L: There isn't a particular place that we bought our clothes although the usual places in London like King's Road and Kensington Market were always favourite shopping locations.

Q: Luke, you played bass on "Don't wait up" right? I'm a bassist but like yourself, I play left-handed. I'd like to ask you what bass you used for the album? Peter Jordan, Dublin
L: I used a Fender American Standard Jazz Bass (right-handed model strung upside down) which the nice people at Fender lent me and my own bass which is a left-handed Musicman Stingray.

Q: Are you planning to do a meet and greet after the show in Manchester and if so how do we get to meet you? Do we stand in line at the stage door or will you be planning some kind of competition to win backstage passes? Ann S, Blackburn
T: It's really too early to say.  If meet and greets are going to happen of the tour, then information will be released on this web site nearer the time.

Q: Hi Guys, fantastic news about the Thunder reforming, (PLEASE MAKE IT PERMANENT!!!) I have just got my misses into the band to the point that the only tapes allowed in the car are Thunder ones, and as she is not keen to see all of the MOR bill would love a chance to see the band live. My question though is a Bowes and Morley one so here goes.... Will there be a single release from Moving, and when will it be released? Also why don't you do a Quo, and come down to sunny Somerset and play that great Rock arena that is Butlins Minehead. What a weekend that would be! Peter Machin, Somerset
T: Unfortunately there are no plans to release a single from 'Moving Swiftly Along' at the moment.

Q: Nice to see you guys will be playing in Cardiff on the final Monsters of Rock gig...can't wait. Any chance of getting back stage? Where will you be going after the gig for a refreshment or two?!  Haven't seen you live regrettably...my brother has twice (git!) when Thunder played at Newport Centre.  He'd love to hear 'She's So Fine' and I don't care what you play as long as Mr. Morley has written it! See you in November.  Are The Wildhearts still supporting?  Who are special guests? Martin, Glasgow
T: The Wildhearts are no longer on the Monsters Of Rock tour. No other special guests are confirmed at this time!  And no, you can't have a backstage pass...sorry....

Q: What Thunder line up will feature on the Monsters Of Rock Tour?  Will there/could there be a reunion tour/album? Martin, Glasgow
T: The Thunder line up at the Monsters Of Rock gigs will be Danny Bowes (Lead vocals), Luke Morley (Guitars), Harry James (Drums), Ben Matthews (Guitars/Keyboards) and Chris Childs (Bass).  

Q: Just saw the news about the THUNDER DVD....Please tell me its going to be region 1 (USA) compatible! THUNDER is my favourite rock band and I have never seen them live! its a crime!  Marty Wares
T: The DVD will be non-region specific (region 0).

Q: Guys, first let me say what a fan I am of your work, then & now.  I only wish there were some way I could attend one of the Monsters Of Rock shows in Nov.; guess I'll have to settle for the DVD.   I have longed to see Thunder live for years!  My question is are there any plans to compile a CD of rare or unreleased Thunder tracks such as "Dangerous Rhythm", "In A Broken Dream", "No Way Out Of The Wilderness", etc.?  Perhaps a "Rare, Raw, & The Rest II"?  I've tried hard to collect every possible studio track by you guys & am coming up a bit short.  Please don't give up on making it in America!  We could use you guys over here; the musical climate sucks!  Steve, High Point, NC
T: There are no plans for another collection of rare tracks to be released!  Even if the guys wanted to, it's not up to them - it's all down to the label that owns the rights to all of that material (EMI). However, 'In A Broken Dream' is available on the compilation album 'Their Finest Hour (and a bit)' and 'Dangerous Rhythm' is available on the Japanese edition of 'The Rare, The Raw And The Rest'.

Q: Do u know who the other 2 bands that will be playing monsters of rock will be? I have heard one is Rob Halford? Marty Wares
T: No further acts have been confirmed yet - once they are they will be posted on the site.  Rob Halford will more than likely not be appearing...

Q: How big a set are you guys going to play? (only coming to see you guys, not a fan of Alice Cooper) Angela Levell, Scotland
T: The finer points of the Monsters Of Rock tour have not yet been worked out (it's still a long way off), but Thunder will probably be playing for 45-50 mins.

Q: I have been a massive fan of you both for nearly 13 years - will you be introducing a fan club? All the best lads! Craig Isherwood
T: With the accessibility of the internet these days, very few acts actually see the need for Fan clubs.  There are no plans for one at the moment, as you will find all the information you need right here!!!!

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Q: Can you tell me if there's any chance of the Monsters of Rock tour visiting Dublin at all? If its not I'd definitely go to the London show. Peter, Dublin
: Book your ticket for London, mate!  The Monsters Of Rock dates already announced is all there is...

Q: Hi guys, brilliant news that Thunder are playing with AC...got ma tickets for Glasgow already:0) Been a fan of yours for years (first concert was with ma Dad when I was about 11!)Would there be any chance of you doing a Bowes and Morley tour next yr and coming up to Scotland??? Hardly any decent bands come as far north as Aberdeen and that's where I study so would be great if u played a gig there?!! :0) Danny you've got an amazing voice and would love to see you live again. Cant wait for November :0) Alison, Kinlochewe
Q: Cannot believe you guys are getting back together for the 'Monsters of Rock' gigs. This is the business!!! I now need to do some serious organising to get all the boys together that spent our (overactive) teenage years singing to Thunder with one arm over a mates shoulder the other with Cider bottle raised aloft. Sorry, my question...are you guys planning any solo dates in Glasgow in the near future. Carlo, Glasgow
T: It's really too early to say what will or won't happen next year - but anything is possible!  The best I can say is....stay tuned..... 

Q: Thanks everyone for deciding to release Thunder Live on DVD, my copy of the video has just about had it. This is definitely the year for spoiling myself with such a lot to choose from: Bowes and Morley CD, Bowes and Morley tickets, Monsters of Rock tickets and now the DVD. Great news all round, but I have to ask, where did the idea come from for the DVD? Ann S
T: The fans!!!  The DVD has been something that the fans have wanted to see happen for some time - I guess Eagle Vision finally listened.

Q: I see Thunder have reformed and are doing the recently announced Monsters or Rock tour with Alice Cooper. I'd love to see it. When did the idea for this tour come about? Also, when I started playing bass back in 1989, Snake was quite an influence for me. Is he still playing and does he by any chance have a website? Peter, Dublin
L: All the info regarding how the Monsters Of Rock tour came about is available in the message from Danny on the News page. Snake is no longer involved in the music biz.

Q: I think that genius is an over used these days but how else would you explain Eddie Van Halen? Alan Hamill, Motherwell
L: I don't think there is another word for Eddie apart from 'Git!'. People as talented as him are rare indeed. He's also a nice chap which is even more annoying.

Q: Danny, Luke - a non Thunder split question - what's your favourite colour? Taff
D: This is my kind of question. Blue.
L: Blue........sorry, that's films again. Let me see...........underwear-black (or none), jeans-blue, shirt-white, shoes-brown, hair-don't care as long as there is some, socks-black. I hope this helps....

Q: Dan & Luke, Are both of you having support on your 2 UK dates? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
L: There will almost certainly be a support act but we don't know who as yet.

Q: This is a question for Luke really; I love this Q&A section and the 'wit.....' pieces, as I always think you write so eloquently, and with such thought and intelligence. I was wondering whether you had ever written seriously, or thought about writing, apart from song writing, as I think you'd be well suited to the profession. Oh and glad to hear we will be seeing you again soon..... Rhiannon, Bucks
L: I would like to have a stab at writing at some point but it is dark and lonely work !! Writing music and lyrics is a lot more fun and the interaction with an audience isn't something you would be able to enjoy as a novelist. I do fancy writing a screenplay and I've even discussed doing it with a friend of mine but right now we're both too busy. However, who knows what will happen in the future.

Q: Do you think Childhood Sweethearts can last FOREVER??? Tomo
L: Childhood sweethearts ? Well, let's put it this way; none of mine lasted, although the helpless romantic in me says love will overcome any circumstances if it's strong enough. Wow, I feel like Clare Rayner.

Q: Boring one for Luke, When you do studio work how do you mike your amp up? Or is that your own little secret? Matt
L: The most important aspect of miking a speaker is where you position the mike in relation to the speaker cone. Get the amp sounding like you want it to and then take the mike and move if in tiny increments across the face of the speaker. You'll find that the sound coming through the studio speakers changes radically so you just have to be patient and keep doing this until you find the sweet spot.

Q: Guys, wow. Heard about this and have just read Danny's message. The idea is excellent! Only there's a black clouD: what happened with The Wildhearts? Who told them they couldn't be Special Guests? The reason I ask is that Thunder used to be one of my few most-favourite-ever bands, and The Wildhearts still are... it would have been a fantastic line-up. Waah. Jason Knight
T: Ginger had a problem playing below Thunder on the bill.  Thunder offered to drop below The Wildhearts to keep the peace, but the promoters insisted that Thunder were second on the bill, as they would pull the bigger crowd.  Ginger wasn't happy...

Q: Is there any chance you will also be supporting Alice Cooper in Sweden. I would love to see Thunder again even better if you come here!  Ian, Sweden
T: Sorry Ian, but that dates in Sweden (and the rest of Europe for that matter) are not part of the Monsters Of Rock tour - they are Alice's own shows - therefore, Thunder will not be involved.  

Q: I am is SHOCK... A wonderful shock though. Since you guys are getting back together for the Monsters Of Rock Tour , we you be doing some NEW work or just the Thunder songs ?? Thank you , Thank you for coming back. Only wish would be to see you guys LIVE. But I will have to wait to see what develops from the Tour. Ronald J. Gula, Swoyersville , Pa
T: The Monsters Of Rock gigs are Thunder gigs.  People will be there to hear Thunder songs.  Thunder songs is what they will get...

Q: Dear all, How can I get hold of some Thunder goodies? I've got the tickets for the Monsters of Rock concerts in November and now I would like something to wear to show where my loyalties lie. Is it still possible to buy the plain Thunder t-shirt that you wore on the UK tour in 1998.  If nothing is available yet and you want merchandise for your tours, then ring my boss and we will gladly cost out the stuff for you. We can do embroidered or printed t-shirts, sweatshirts, scarves, baseball caps etc. We already supply the Smokie fan-club and Burnley FC among many others. It would be a dream come true for me to work on an order for you all. Ann S, Blackburn
D: Sadly, as the band split up two years ago, there is no Thunder merchandise available anywhere at the moment. There will however be Bowes & Morley merchandise on sale at the shows in September, and Thunder stuff on sale at the Monsters Of Rock (including a 4 track EP of brand new songs if we can get it done in time). If demand is high enough, we may manufacture a limited range between now and then but it's really down to good people like you to ask us. Thanks very much for wanting to declare your loyalty on your chest (where better to have Thunder than on your chest?). See you soon.

Q: I am stupidly excited at the forthcoming Rock City and NEC dates - I'll be bringing my kids to the NEC gig - it'll be their first gig. How cool is that later in life when my kids are asked who their first gig was and they can say Thunder and Alice Cooper at Monsters of Rock - my own makes slightly less cool reading - Adam and the Ants! I am deeply ashamed .....but my parents weren't as cool as my kids parents! What were your first gigs? Paula Turner
D: The first band I saw live was Bad Company at The Rainbow Theatre in London in December 1974. I remember every second of the show, including getting my tour poster caught and subsequently ripped in half in the doors of the tube going home..... I sobbed....

Q: I've been wondering for a while about something to do with the 'They think it's all acoustic' album. What happened to Harry's version of 'New York, New York'? As when this CD was released it was to put back the missing tracks what weren't on the bonus CD from 'They think it's all over'.  Jamie, Norfolk
L: As I recall I think there might have been a problem with the recording at that point of the set which was why we didn't include it.

Q: Hi Chaps !. Is there any chance you could re-release "I CAN STILL HEAR THE MUSIC" on CD. It was definitely your most underrated track !. Also which Queen song would u like to cover, if any. Rock Dave, Stockport
L: I'm afraid it's not up to us Dave. You could try writing to EMI though.

Q: I read in the MSA book that you played bass on one of the tracks....so which one is it? And props to who ever laid down that sick bass line for POWERTRIPPING. MSA is my favourite CD at the moment! Sam, Florida
L: I played bass on 'I'd Take The Stars Out Of The Sky' as we decided to change the key at the last minute and Chris had gone off on tour somewhere so I had to replace his part. It was Chris who played on 'Powertripping' but the original version by The Power Station had the late Bernard Edwards playing on it. He wasn't a bad bass player either !

Q: When you say Thunder never toured the U.S do you mean literally, not even as a support band, and if not why not. How does it work with support bands, do they need financial backing from their record labels to fill a supporting slot on a tour and do they make no money themselves from the concert ticket revenue. It's a god damn shame if you never got to do your thing in America, I've seen you many times in concert in Ireland and England and you are for me the best band I've ever seen live. The first time I saw you was during the Back Street Symphony tour when you played the Ulster Hall in Belfast, an Irish band at the time called No Sweat were supporting you. It was a perfect gig and nothing has ever touched it since for me, even all these years later. Anyway I'm waffling, it would be great if the Quireboys were the other act on the Monsters of Rock tour. Jason Parr, Holland
L: The USA is such a large territory that touring as a support band you need to be supported by your label cash wise and at local radio or nobody knows you're there. Support bands do not get a cut of gate money although the promoter will occasionally pay them a nominal fee. Some headline bands even charge the support act to play, the rationale being they get to play to a lot more people than they would if they did their own tour.

Q: Thank you very much for letting me get a last chance to experience Thunder live at the Monsters of Rock. The question is, what do you think about Alice Cooper ?? & do you know who is going to be the special guest ? And could you please let there be a competition or something to let some lucky winners get backstage passes.... Inge Hassel, Norway
L: I bought 'School's Out' in 1973 and I loved a lot of AC's work in the seventies; some really good albums. Arrangements are still being made re. M.O.R. so it's difficult to be specific at this point.

Q: Any truth in the rumour you will be using Alice's snake on stage? Paul Allen, Peterborough
L: What exactly do you envisage us using Alice's snake for ?????

Q: Welcome Back!!! Thunder touring again, brilliant. Who decides on songs for the sets? Does areas of the country make a difference? Ever thought of playing any old Terraplane, especially 'Talking To Myself'. See you on tour. Graham Hayward
L: We won't be playing Terraplane songs as I believe most people there will want to hear Thunder songs. Picking the material we play is my job and the other guys trust me to do it. We wouldn't change the set list for regional reasons but when we do bring in a different song it's usually because we fancy a change, simple as that.

Q: Going to see you at Wembley on November 16th - any chance that you are going to play my favourite song "Love Worth Dying For" please? (cliff says hello). Gemma Kemp, London
L: Hi Gemma. It's a bit early to decide which songs will be in the set as we usually rehearse more songs than we need and then pick the ones that we feel are working best. I'll bare your request in mind though. Say Hi to your Dad.

Q: My friend and I are making the trip from Paris to Nottingham for the show so there rather be a meet and greet. But we won't come with empty hands, I'm pretty sure you guys will enjoy fine bottles of French wine so my question will be red or white? Vincent, Paris
L: Definitely red old boy !

Q: You say the reason Thunder split was that you can only play to the same people for so long. Don't you think though that your audience now consists mainly of (loyal I might add!!) Thunder fans anyway, but because Bowes and Morley is lesser known than Thunder was, you will still play to the same people but in smaller venues instead? Don't get me wrong, I think you deserve a far greater audience than some of the bands you have "supported" recently (mentioning no names of course ;-) )but the nature of this industry isn't fair is it? Keith Singleton, Stockport
T: I'm not quite sure where you heard that the guys were tired of playing to the same people, but that wasn't the case at all.  If you look back through the Q & A archives the real reasons are all there, but in short - it was time to move on and Luke wanted a bit more freedom as a songwriter. Now please - no more Thunder split questions....  :)

Q: Do you have something against the steel city (Sheffield) you didn't play here on Thunders farewell tour, you're not playing here on Thunders reunion tour, you're not playing here on the Bowes and Morley tour, you haven't responded to the 2 e-mails myself and my partner have sent you, (early July), so there must be a reason! is it the show you cancelled at short notice in Sheffield? I had tickets for that show and had to compromise and see you in Newcastle, I would gladly do it again but I have a 3 month old daughter now and cannot. any thoughts? (p.s. My mate was not so forgiving at the cancelled show and retorted "I want Danny on stage in 15mins or a signed note from his mum!") Andy, Sheffield
T: Nothing against Sheffield, at all Andy.  In fact the guys have played in Sheffield a number of times over years.  It actually has nothing to do with the band what cities they do and don't play on a tour - it is all arranged by the promoters.  I'm sure there will be a visit to Sheffield again one day in the not too distant future.  We can't respond to every mail that we get about playing this city and that city as we simply get too many and it would take too long, and as far as tour dates are concerned someone is always going to be disappointed anyway!  Unfortunately, it's impossible to please everyone...

Q: Can you please tell me what your car is that is too big to park? If you could have any car (money no object) what would it be? Keith Singleton, Stockport
L: It's not my car that's too big....it's my lack of ability! My dream car was always a Jaguar XJS so I bought one and the bloody thing was nothing but grief. It spent more time in the garage than on the road. Having said that it looked very sexy on my drive.....

Q: I play bass in a band and I know you have dabbled with it too. Can you tell me if Chris played a 5 string on any of your albums as it sounds too deep to be his Jazz or was it just studio trickery? Keith Singleton, Stockport
L: Yes he did play 5 string on El Gringo on several tracks.

Q: I am a patient American fan of Bowes/Morley and Thunder. I don't have a lot of cash, so flying over to the UK for any Bowes/Morley shows or the UK Monsters of Rock tour are out.. Any chance you guys (Danny/Luke &/or Thunder) will be taking a vacation over to the US (DC is nice in the fall)?? (if you do.. please bring equip!. hint hint!) David R, Washington DC
D: Both Luke and I would dearly love to play a million and one shows anywhere in the U.S. It is a source of some misery to us all that Thunder never got to tour there. Sadly the labels in the US are not particularly interested in B&M or Thunder these days. The facts are inescapable, and no amount of wishing and hoping can change it. My approach to these situations is to adopt the Sinead O'Connor approach and say "I do not need what I do not have", which helps, a bit... Still, things change all the time, and who knows?

Q: Hi Danny and/or Luke. I recently got hold of your Back Street Symphony and Donington video through an ebay auction for £7 (which I thought was very cheap), yeah very good and quite funny. Perhaps a stupid question, but was the bar filming actually set up with the owner before hand, as he did look clearly annoyed at the start like thinking you were a bunch of thugs about to trash the place and telling you where to go? In addition, who's idea was it to shove your own tights commercial in the middle of the live action? (perhaps an untapped talent there for the performer concerned!) Tim, Suffolk
L: The man at the door of the club is a good friend of ours actually. His acting abilities obviously fooled you. The stocking commercial was one of many stupid moments we filmed during the recording of Backstreet Symphony largely for our own amusement but as we all found this funny we decided to include it.

Q: I'm just interested to know how the business of royalties works when it comes to cover versions. I presume an artist such as yourself has to pay a fee every time you play a cover version live or record a studio version for release. I also presume it can't be prohibitively expensive otherwise you'd never do it, but would someone like the Rolling Stones make a small fortune from the likes of the Counterfeit Stones for example, bearing in mind that they tend to slip more than just the odd cover version into their set? Mark Burton, London
L: We actually don't have to pay a fee as such but moneys owed to the writer/s of the song due to performance or airplay are collected by the publisher of the work or agencies like PRS and MCPS and then paid to the writer.

Q: Not a question, but an amusing observation. If you go to www.thunderchannel.com (previously one of my favourite websites), you are now presented with an invitation to sign up to someone's porn site. Nothing to do with you guys I hope?!!!! Chris, Herne Bay
L: Thanks for pointing it out the stylistic changes to the website Chris. I only wish we'd thought of it !!!!!!

Q: The band I own most of (8 albums) is Thunder and if Danger Danger had released more material they'd be up there with you!  The most recent album I've bought is Harem Scarem's 'Weight of the World'- which in the field of hard rock I would class as outstanding. Danny, Luke, Thinny...What are your most recent purchases and which band/artist do you own most of? Aaron, Belfast.
L: Either The Beatles or Led Zeppelin......I'm not too sure.
T: At the risk of sounding cheesy - probably Thunder....although my Chas & Dave collection is quite extensive! (just kidding). My most recent purchase was the new Goo Goo Dolls album, Gutterflower.

Q: Hi all! Sometimes dreams do come true! For me to get a chance to see Thunder again at Wembley on my birthday sounds to good to be true! Plain tickets and hotel reservations are already in the mail. As someone that hasn't been to Wembley before (sorry, your pubs are just too inviting) I have to ask this (maybe) stupid question. I thought that Wembley was closed for rebuilding, is this already done or is there a separate venue next to the stadium? Will this then be an open air concert? Thanks for making my birthday complete! Rob, Netherlands
T: The gig is being held at Wembley Arena.  Wembley Stadium in the one that has closed.  Wembley Arena is an indoor venue.

Q: Hi all. I know you say you will not answer Thunder reunion questions, but according to the Harry James web site Thunder are reforming for 7 dates in November, is this true? Shall I get tickets to see you guys or is it not true. Steve Crooks
T: It's true, Steve!  I suggest you check out the message from Danny on the News page of this site....

Q: Luke...I know recently you were talking about new talent...I recently bought an album by a band called 'Five For Fighting'...the albums called America Town (yes unfortunately they are American)....but if you haven't heard it you should really check it out...fantastic melodies/arrangements ,acoustic guitar driven,, and the singer makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up...You would love it. Paul K
L: Thank you Paul. I'll look out for it.

Q: Likewise to a previous posT: Great news and what a great end to a year - Bowes and Morley in September and then a mini Thunder reunion in November!  Just wondering, have you considered having an online vote on the songs that the fans would most like to hear at the Thunder show in November? I believe the Stones (I think) have done something similar. If it were advertised enough then you won't get all the regular online geeks and you can make sure there's only one vote nowadays to avoid rigging. I only say this because it's surprising what Thunder songs are popular. You have proven that you can play live the majority of your material - didn't you end up playing 48 different tunes (I think I read that) when you were recording the Thunder Live album over those 4 nights?  There are some absolute classics you have recorded which you didn't regularly play live. Personally I would vote for, if I had 5 to choose, "Forgotten town", "Castles in the Sand", "Til the river runs dry", "Low Life..." and "Preaching from a chair" - I would vote for "Love walked in" but I assume you would play that! :) James, Croydon
L: In theory it's a good idea James. It's just that I'm far too much of a megalomaniac to let anybody else pick the set !!

Q: At the Thunder concerts are you, or would you like to, play any tracks of 'Moving Swiftly Along'? Michael Hodd
L: I have no idea what we'll be playing yet but I think there's more than enough Thunder material to consider first....

Q: Hi guys. Just wondering what kind of response you had from your Japan shows? Hope your not to jet lagged. Dave
L: The shows went very well thank you Dave. The band were excellent and the new material was fun to play. Jet lag is for wimps!!!

Q: What great news - B&M gig in September and then Thunder in November! The new album just gets better and better with every play, so thanks again. Here are my questions:- Do you have any pre-gig rituals or superstitions e.g. the 'Madonna Huddle', do you sit and jam for a while, have a couple of beers etc.? Also, why did you decide to only play a couple of UK dates as opposed to a longer tour? John
L: Before a gig we are always very relaxed. Danny might do the odd warm-up in the shower and I just tend to have a quiet drink or two. We have both been known to sleep up until 15 minutes before we go on. I think it's probably because neither of us gets nervous anymore. The audience always supplies us with all the adrenalin we need so we never have to fire ourselves up with some dodgy American chanting or praying. Damn it man, we're English !!!! We are looking at a longer B&M tour in the early part of next year if all goes well.

Q: I always thought that "Pilot of My Dreams" from The Thrill of it All would have made a great single. The song had a killer hook and was so up tempo it was infectious. How did you choose which singles to release from the albums and do you ever look back and think you should have released different singles at different times? Doc', Ireland
L: We always agreed on single choices and then we had to convince the label we were right. We normally won the argument if there was one. The singles market is a bit of a lottery as you're never guaranteed airplay so the best you can do is hope a few radio shows start playing it and people react by buying it. It is not an exact science I'm afraid.

Q: Sorry to keep bothering you but I am very interested to see your own view on your own material.Just wondering if there were any B-sides, or bonus tracks from either the Thunder days or Luke's solo project or from MSA that you thought should have been promoted to album status? Was there any unreleased tracks from the Giving the Game Away sessions? Doc', Ireland
L: There are definitely no extra tracks from 'Gringo' or 'MSA' hanging around. There are some Thunder live tracks but there's already been enough versions of them released.

Q: Hi guys, your new album is brilliant! There are rumours flying around that you'll be supporting Status Quo again on their huge 40 date UK tour 2002. Is this true? Tom, Hamburg
L: Not as far as I know Tom.

Q: About a month ago I went to see a Del Amitri gig at the Shepherds Bush. This revived fantastic memories of more than one incredible night at Thunder shows at that venue over the years, not least the show recorded for the Live Video. Del Amitri were very professional and did a good set but I couldn't help but feel all the way through the show that it was lacking something special. I couldn't put my finger on what it was, but it definitely wasn't as lively and the crowd didn't get as involved as they used to at Thunder gigs and I just wondered if you ever felt that there was a special rapport or X-factor with the fans? Also, Del Amitri didn't play some of their biggest hits on the night. All Thunder fans will know that the band were always incredibly consistent in producing top-notch shows every time you got on stage and I think that a small part of this was due to the fact we always knew with some certainty some of the tracks that would be on the set list, and there were some songs (like Dirty Love and Love Walked In) that you could never really get away without playing every night. With this in mind, were there some 'regular' songs that you used to dread having to play by the end of a tour and are there some that you never tire of playing again and again? And in the same way, which tracks off of MSA are you really looking forward to getting up and performing live? Kevin, Middlesex
L: I think bands are duty-bound to play a good percentage of their most popular tunes. The art of putting together a well-balanced live set is getting the mixture of new stuff and old stuff right. With every new album we made as Thunder there were some songs that came to be indispensable live numbers so the task always becomes more difficult but that's what we get paid for !! With MSA it's like starting again so we'll be playing almost all the album plus a few other appropriate tunes. Thunder's relationship with the punters was something we were very proud of; we always gave 100% and so did they. I really believe that if a band makes an effort to entertain without being self-indulgent an audience will respond. We always try to send people home happy and feeling like they've had their money's worth.

Q: Hi Luke and Danny, are you playing in Germany next time or must we travel to U.K.? We want to see your show, too!!! greetings from Germany. Sonja Steiner, Germany
L: There are no plans to tour Germany currently

Q: We all loved Thunder, but I hope people let you play what you want during the new shows and don't spend the whole of the time shouting for 'Dirty Love' etc. How will you feel if (and most likely when) that happens. Dave
L: If people shout for Thunder songs at a B&M show they will be disappointed. I'd like to think that any supporter/fan of Thunder then would be smart enough to understand why we think it disrespectful to the band's memory and the other guys that were in it.

Q: to Luke : your guitar style has changed drastically in my view from older albums to the present.....what REALLY inspired you to do so..?? Wayne Camilleri, Malta
L: I actually have to disagree with you here Wayne. The style of the song writing may have changed but I'm still the same guitar player. It's a question of playing what's appropriate within the boundaries of the songs and arrangements. The B&M album covers more musical styles and I have to appreciate that in what I play. A huge wall of Les Pauls a la Thunder would not be the right way to approach a song like Freakshow whereas it WAS the right thing on Dirty Love. It's a matter of economy dictating what's necessary.

Q: Love the album! MSA has a similar feel to it as a lot of Simply Red's better numbers. I was wondering whether Mick Hucknall is someone you could see yourself writing/ performing with. And if not, who would be your favourite writers/ vocalists to line up alongside? Steve, Stevenage
L: This is the kind of business where anything is possible as far as working with other artists goes but I have a feeling I wouldn't necessarily get on with Mick Hucknall. If you look through the Q+A archive you'll see who we admire and who we would like to work with.

Q: Hey Luke, are you by any chance related to the Animal Health Minister Elliot Morley? Just wondering, as yours is a surname I have only ever come across once before, as in Eric Morley who did the Miss World contests? Cake
L: Not relations of mine I'm afraid.

Q: How would you sum yourself up it 3 Words??? Tomo
L: Obsessed, addictive, sociable.

Q: Which Stadiums Did You Both Enjoy Playing When You Went On Tour With Bon Jovi In 1995? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
L: All of them but especially Wembley as it's in our hometown and we're both football fans.

Q: What was songs did you both enjoy playing in Japan? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
L: They're all good to play and I don't think I have a particular favourite

Q: Myself and fiancée Sarah are getting married 26 April 2003 and we are having A Better Man played at the wedding.  I was wondering whether you would be available / like to attend and perform it for us? Andy Nash, Bournemouth
T: Believe or not we actually get several requests a week along these lines.  If Luke & Danny were to go to every wedding they were invited to perform at there would be no time left for making records, writing, touring, playing golf, etc. Congratulations though -  we wish you all the best for your big day...

Q: This Sunday just gone, I went to see Mike Tramp play at a small bar in Sydney - mighty fine evening it was too !   He was quite vocal during (and afterwards) on how rock music is still being pushed further and further out /  is an endangered species / urging everyone to support live rock music as fully as they can etc etc. A lot of mates back in the UK are reporting an distinct upturn in rock fortune of late - some great names playing UK shows (albeit small ones) for the first time in years etc. Do you guys see things improving / staying the same or even getting worse (please no!) in terms of rock exposure in the UK (and worldwide).    Why do radio stations in the UK seem to not play any tracks that have guitar in it (unless it's an Aerosmith or Bon Jovi ballad )? What can be done to set the world to rights ? P. Bloxsome
L: All things in the music industry are cyclical i.e. everything comes around again and I'm sure rock will, albeit in a slightly different form to previously. As to your airplay question I'm afraid I don't have a clue !!

Q: Hi there, I just got my copy of MSA and I must say - Hey Danny it is just great to hear your voice again and to have you both back. What I like to know is have you heard about the project Ritchie Blackmore is running and what do you think about it. I'm asking just because you were scheduled to support him in Düsseldorf back in 1995 and I thought that there is a kind relation. Karl, Germany
L: If you're referring to Blackmore's Night then I would have to say it's not my cup of tea. That doesn't stop him being a fabulous guitar player though.

Q: Hey, How's it going? Do any of you like kebabs!?!? if not, why? Do u have like chilly sauce or anything on it!? I reckon its best plain, what about you guys?
L: Kebabs must have been invented by a very drunk person because only when I'm drunk do they seem like a good idea. I did consume a few in my twenties (with chilli sauce) but these days I don't think I could face eating one because I know I'm going to wake up with a taste in my mouth resembling a French prop-forward's jock-strap after a particularly hard match.

Q: Gonna be around for a drink after the gigs? Tomo
L: No...I'll be off to bed with a cup of cocoa....ha ha ha ha !

Q: It's sex, is there loads of it in your position? John Gaskell, Manchester
L: And what position would that be ???????????? Your question is a little ambiguous to say the least ! Let's just say we've had our moments............

Q:  I was delighted to see you added a couple of UK dates and then horrified to see that the London one clashes with Bad Company at Hammersmith. I'm surprised the guys weren't tempted to go to that show themselves! As this sort of "clash" happened quite often in the Thunder days (e.g. performing at the same time as Status Quo, Magnum, Little Angels, etc elsewhere in London), my question is do you or the promoter look and what other shows are on in a town which may attract your fan base away before choosing a date or is it all done completely independently? Matthew Bradshaw, London
L: Obviously we're aware of the Bad Co. gig but it's just one of those things that occurs occasionally. If we weren't playing the same night I would have definitely gone to see them and I'm sure they would have come to see us if they weren't playing !
D: We share the same agent and promoter with Bad Company. We sought their advice when we heard the shows clashed, and they weren't concerned. Also getting slots for shows is very hard, and finding slots that don't clash with anyone is even harder. This means that whilst you would always prefer to play when no one else is playing, it's not always possible. Much happens behind the scenes of the music business, and whilst it really is sometimes gross stupidity behind some decisions, if you want to play, sometimes you have no choice.... Sorry if the clash of shows makes your life difficult, for me there's no conflict, I know where I'll be...

Q:  Dan, which is your fave song off MSA and why? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
D: My favourite song from the album is Don't Take Your Love Away. Purely and simply because it has a beautiful melody, and structurally it's quite unlike any other song Luke has written before. It feels like the kind of thing Otis Redding might have done.....

Q:  Do you feel your career is a bit like Page and Plants, in that guitarist and vocalist have recorded together after a great rock group finished? What next, Luke to tour with the Black Crowes doing old thunder songs, and Danny doing an album of obscure covers? Mick Hodd, Luton
D: Wow, there's an idea, thanks very much....

Q: I was listening to MSA again today and wondered how did you go about writing 'Change' with messers Tempest and Braidie? It's quite a singular theme how do you come up with the lyrics collectively as a song-writing team? What sort of form was it in by the time you got to Danny and did he make any changes to it before it became the song we hear on the CD? Does Danny make changes to your songs at all, either lyrically or vocally? Karen, Essex
L: It's almost impossible to analyse songwriting in the creative sense. Obviously there are certain mechanics that all writers use but when you're writing with other people it's really just a case of sitting there with a couple of guitars or a piano, throwing ideas at each other until something pops up that you all instinctively react to and taking it from there. The way we go about making records/CD's is; I make a demo of the song in my home studio, send it to Danny who lives with it for a few days and then we get together and record his vocal. Danny doesn't write songs so he tends to trust me on the lyrical content. Obviously when we're recording his vocal spontaneous things will happen that add something to what we're doing but things don't change a great deal usually.

Q: What do you think of the state of British rock at the moment. In my opinion there are only a few great rock bands such as Oasis and U2 after them you are really struggling. back in the 60s you had great bands like The Beatles, Stones, Kinks and The Animals that gave each other inspiration. what do you guys think? Mick O'Brien, Glasgow
L: I think the talent and potential is always there somewhere but the industry is in such poor shape that precious little of it gets through. 'Popstar' may have been great for TV viewing figures but it did nothing for the British Music Industry long term.

Q: Luke, A few questions about the song writing course/seminars referred to in previous emails if I may? From the few names you have given, it appears as though the attendees possibly fall into a couple of categories: Those people who have had a fair degree of success previously (Rick Astley), and then left the limelight and are now brushing up on their skills: Those (such as yourself, Joey Tempest) who have continuously written for several years and have reached successful levels, but without being 'household names', and are not too egotistical as to think they can't continue to improve. My question is that have you ever encountered a huge 'star' (not huge in the Pavarotti sense) at one of these affairs who has a massive proven songwriting history, but still attends such an event and remains humble about their talents (eg a Brian May, Paul McCartney sort)??? Any thoughts as to why the media have created this fairly new category of "singer/songwriter" to describe the likes of Sheryl Crow, David Gray, Paul Weller, Eva Cassidy etc...etc... In my opinion, Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, Dave Gilmour, Madonna, Robert Plant to name but a varied few are all singer/songwriters by definition, so why do people only get considered in this bracket if they have an acoustic guitar and are featured in wanky, pretentious arty farty mags like 'Q' every month?  Why should the aforementioned Ms Crow always be referred to as "the singer/songwriter...." as if this puts her on a musical high ground, and, for example, you as "the former Thunder rocker...", delivered usually almost as an insult??? By the way, in my opinion you are easily one of the most excellent (and always consistently so) British songwriters (something the music press continually say we are short of) of the last dozen years or so. Finally a question for Thinny: what sort of capacity is the ULU venue for the forthcoming gig? Never been there, so just interested. So sorry to bang on... Chris Smith, Herne Bay
L: I've only been to the one songwriters forum and there wasn't anybody there of stellar proportions. The 'singer/songwriter' tag is symptomatic of the media's obsession with compartmentalising artists and leaving them there. I used to get frustrated with all the unimaginative descriptions of Thunder that were constantly dragged out every time there was a review or whatever (cheeky cockney rockers, diamond geezers, Sarf London rockers etc.), and there are many reasons why this occurred. The press love something when it's new and shiny (see all Thunder's press from 1989-1991) and they strive to analyse it and then categorize it. The problem comes when having already filed it away mentally, every time they come across it thereafter they refer back to the same old hackneyed phraseology without any attempt to re-evaluate what they're listening to. It's basically laziness on their part. I agree with your point that anybody who writes a song, plays it and sings it by definition is a singer/songwriter, regardless of musical genre. There is also a lot prejudice in the music media when it comes to hard rock; it's OK for an urban/hip-hop artist to have large amounts of gratuitous tit and crotch shots in a video but if a rock band take a similar approach then everybody at MTV screams 'sexist rubbish' and refuses to show it. The fact of the matter is that the 'serious' music press in the UK don't like or understand rock and see it as a kind of ugly relation they try to keep locked away in a dark room. On more than one occasion our records were taken to radio stations who loved it until they found out who it was. If that isn't discrimination I don't know what is. I take great strength from the fact that we're still here selling albums and tickets after all these years with bugger all help from the media. As Freddie Mercury once said "Talent will out my dear."
T: The ULU holds around 850 people.....

Q: To Luke : If you had to use one particular guitar for a whole tour what would it be and why? I remember seeing you using Les Pauls with Thunder and then seeing you again the next time and you were using Teles was there any reason for the change? Have you ever thought about having a guitar custom built to suit you? One more thing have you ever found yourself playing air guitar with out knowing it to any album if so what? Great news on the U.K. dates, got the tickets see you at Nottingham. Matt
L: I love both Les Pauls and Teles so either would be fine. I've had a Les Paul Re-Issue and a SG Twin-neck 6/12 built for me by Gibson and a couple of acoustics by Bob Whiles. The Who doing 'Won't Get Fooled Again' is possibly the only song that could make me play air-guitar.

Q: Luke what was the first song you learned to play all the way through - was it a Hendrix number? Tomo
L: The first song I learnt to play from start to finish was probably 'House Of The Rising Sun', a traditional song which was done brilliantly by The Animals. I think a lot of people learning guitar begin with this song as it is so simple.

Q: What was the first Thunder song you wrote? Tomo
L: The first Thunder song I wrote was either 'Dirty Love' or 'Girl's Going Out Of Her Head'. I'm not 100% sure as they were both written around the same time.

Q: Do u like The Simpsons? Tomo
L: I LOVE The Simpsons....doesn't everybody ?

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Q: Def Leppard have a new album out shortly. I'm a fan (and I believe The Thin Controller is too, although Bazza definitely isn't !). What do you think of them, musically and as a bunch of people you have (presumably) met ? Any chance you can get them to support you on the UK dates ??? Mark Burton, London
L: I think Def Leppard started badly but improved amazingly. Hysteria was a cracking album packed with great songs and it sounded great on the radio. You don't get as big as they got in the 80's without doing something right. They are also thoroughly nice chaps.

Q: How impressed am I ?!!! I have been waiting for the gig dates and was expecting another trip to London to catch you live. The news that you will play again at my local venue - Rock City - is so cool. Which leads me to my question. I have seen you appear there twice now, since I moved to the city, and I was wondering what association you have with the place ? Both concerts were electric, by the way, and you never failed to pack the place out with dedicated Thunder fans. I know that RC has a strong influence within the music industry, but what made you choose it over other venues? P.S. - A friend of mine (honest, no my question) also wants to know whether you ever managed to hook up with a certain Marti Pellow when you attended the song-writers forum with Chris Difford. Apparently, old Marti goes as well ?!! Yours in great appreciation for gig choice! Andy
L: When we were offered the show at Rock City we were chuffed. I think it's one of the best run venues in the country and Andy Copping (the promoter) is very helpful as well as being a great laugh.
I didn't meet Marti Pellow at Chris's thing but Danny and I spent a pleasant afternoon by the pool in the Sunset Marquis hotel in L.A. with him and The Wets bass player Graham in 1989. Suffice to say we drank the pair of Scottish wimps under the table.....perhaps we helped cause Marti's well-documented problems.

Q: What do you think of Noel Gallagher as a singer/songwriter /guitar player? Do you think his songs are meaningful or rubbish, and do you think Liam is the best frontman in rock? Alan Hamill, Motherwell
L: I think Noel is very talented as a writer. 'Wonderwall' and 'Don't Look Back In Anger' are proof enough for me. He's not the world's greatest guitar player though. Liam has a very distinctive voice and I think rock'n'roll needs controversial characters. I do think there's more to being a frontman than standing at the mic and swearing but it seems to work fine for him.

Q: Congrats on MSA, wicked!  Do you think that people will always be comparing you to your thunder days (excellent as they were) with this album and does it annoy you that some people wont keep an open mind with your new material? (p.s I don't get out of bed unless I have to!!!) Kate
L: Comparison with the past is inevitable so there's no point letting it get on my nerves. I can't change other peoples opinions but that doesn't mean I have to listen to them !

Q: That question about She's so fine being in an advert reminds me. Was Flawed to perfection used in a Marathon aka Snickers advert? Kevin, Kent
L: As far as I know 'Flawed' has never been used in an advert.

Q: If you were given a 'super' power e.g. X-ray vision, flying etc., what would it be? And, quite a few years ago I was at the pictures and I'm sure 'She's So Fine' was used as the backing track on an advert for a ladies perfume or something like that, but I don't remember it being shown on the TV? The album is bloody superb - can't wait for the gigs. John
L: When I was a nipper I used to collect Marvel magazines and my favourite characters were Captain America and The Fantastic Four. If memory serves me correctly Captain America didn't actually have any super-human powers but he did have a cool outfit and a shield. I loved The Fantastic Four because one of them could stretch himself like rubber and it occurred to me that if I possessed the same ability I could sit on the sofa watching TV, pour myself a glass of wine in the kitchen, make love to a beautiful woman upstairs and mow the lawn all at the same time. Not bad eh? 'She's So Fine' was used in a Max Factor advert which was made specifically for the cinema.

Q: Luke, how did you first come to work with Andy Taylor? did he approach you or did you approach him? Sarah Badham-Spalding 
L: Andy and Thunder had the same accountant and he was looking to produce an English rock band at the same time we were looking for a producer. We met, had a few beers and wrote 'She's So Fine' and everything fell into place.

Q: I have seen somebody on your site pass comment on the new album as sounding very much like Extreme and Electric Boys. This wouldn't be a bad thing, and I have nothing against those bands and like them very much (I have all albums by both bands), but can't help this person was listening to a different CD! My thoughts are that MSA (which is superb) is far more reminiscent of Stevie Wonder and possibly even the Style Council in places, but nothing like Extreme or Electric Boys:- I know that it is difficult to assess your own work comparatively against other artists, but your thoughts on these observations please Luke and Danny? Chris Smith, Herne Bay, Kent
L: I think that if you take elements of rock, soul and funk and mix them up as we have done on this album then many comparisons are bound to be made. Extreme and The Electric Boys flirted with funk but they were both contemporaries of ours and I think MSA's influences are a lot further back in time. Stevie Wonder is a massive artist/influence for both of us so I'd agree with you there but The Style Council ??????

Q: Are You Good At Playing Golf And What's The Worst Shoot You Have Taken When Playing Golf. Ben Jackson, Nottingham
L: I've seen people hit comedy golf shots many times but my bad shots aren't even funny. My handicap would probably be about 20 at the moment.

Q: Has either of you ever been called to do jury service ? (Doing mine at the moment but protocol dictates that I can't share the sordid details with you !)If so, how was the experience for you? If not, how would you feel about sitting in judgment on your peers? Paul Edmondson, Portsmouth
L: I've never been asked to do Jury Service and I don't think I'd feel comfortable doing it.

Q: Okay guys, after submitting a question to you last month which appears not to have reached your high standards of golf, booze, football and women, I've been doing a little bit of research on your Q&A pages........have you ever considered yourselves sexist by any chance? There's a distinct lack of questions from the female fan base that I know you have, I'm sure there are plenty of us out here with intelligent questions so where are they?  On a more personal note, the album is great and I haven't stopped playing it since I got it (my husbands very patient!) I'm really looking forward to seeing you guys, it's been far too long since I last saw you, had to miss your last gig at Wolverhampton due to illness. Any chance you might play some venues nearer to Northampton this time out? Kerry, Daventry.
T:  There is no information available as yet regarding touring. Details will be announced on the site as and when!  
I have no idea what your original question was, but if it didn't get answered then either the guys didn't want to answer it or I didn't feel as if it was appropriate for the site (this is unlikely as I can only think of that happening on a couple of occasions).  Remember, as it clearly states on the site we do not guarantee that every question will get answered - and it certainly has nothing to do with your sex.  However, female visitors should note that sending us a naked photograph of yourself will definitely result in an immediate response.  Now what was the question again?  Oh yes - "Are we sexist?".  Definitely not.... ;)

Q: Hi to you both,  I've just got my copy of MSA and I have to say, I'm very impressed.  It's not left my CD player since it arrived!! Congratulations!  But the question is... when are you going to play the UK? Can't wait to see you guys again.  How come Japan gets all the luck, the World Cup and Bowes & Morley...no fair! (Just a coincidence or engineered to look that way?) Miss Rae Bezer, Manchester
T:  That's just they way it worked out I'm afraid.  In fact, if they guys had their way, they would have been in Japan even earlier - say, just in time for England's first world cup match!?  The U.K. dates are yet to be confirmed - so stay tuned to www.bowesandmorley.com for all the exclusive details....

Q: Love the new album. Danny's voice is always going to remind me of Thunder, but the whole affair stands up superbly on its own. Luke, I was amused by your Rick Astley remarks in a previous reply. I have to admit to owning his 'Free' album, which was actually very good and a far cry from his SAW cheese. Another person who has been saddled with an unfair rep. Talking of cheese, If anyone remembers Chesney Hawkes, I stood next to him at a Shepherds Bush gig of Thunder's a few years ago !!! So: The tour, I know details are impossible, but any chance of an indication of time of year they are likely to happen? What about venue sizes. I imagine the fan base will be undiminished from the Thunder days, so will you be trying for the 'usuals' (Shepherd Bush type places) or any chance of fitting a show in down Brighton way ?  A special requesT: Please don't set the tour between 21st September and 6 October. I'm getting married and am away on honeymoon. It'd be a tough choice......Great to see you back.  Dave
T:  Congratulations on your wedding - I hope you have a great day.  As for touring details, we could tell you odd bits and pieces here and there but this is the music biz and everything could, does and almost defiantly will change from day to day!  Therefore,  what we tell you today could be totally wrong tomorrow - and then we'd have loads of irate fans on our backs for giving out the wrong information.  I know that you are all eager for the details of the tour, but I'm afraid you're just going to have to be patient. As soon as the dates are concrete they will be announced on the site and through the mailing list.

Q: Firstly...at the last Glasgow gig my mate Arthur was dragged up on stage to sing with Danny...He's asked if you remeber the magic moment...as a clue Danny remarked he looked like DEAN FREEDMAN (Yes he really is that ugly!!)..so much so that from that night on his nickname became DEAN!!! (Ah the things the Good Lord will be making you answer for!!!) Secondly...My missus wants to know if Danny sings in the shower?...and if so can she scrub your back? Paul K. (Ayshire)
D: Yes I sing in the bath and shower every day, for the same reasons as everyone else, it sounds great! When touring I sing in the shower sometimes three or four times a day (the steam helps re-activate my voice after the previous night's ravaging). As far as company goes, when you're in the shower three or four times a day do you look a bit like a prune, but I'm always happy to consider serious offers from good singers (naturally).

Q: I've got a band here in Gib and this Saturday we're supporting The Wailers who are gigging here. One slight problem is we're not exactly a reggae band though we do touch on it with some of our songs. Anyway, in the early years have you guys ever found yourselves in a supporting slot where you've felt slightly out of place? Or is it not really important? Craig Macdonald, Gibraltar
L: I remember in the very early days of Thunder we supported an out and out soul band at Junction 10 in Walsall. I think that the audience was a bit non-plussed initially but as our set went on they seemed to warm to us. I think that as long as you do what you do well it's possible to seduce at least some of any audience. We did a very strange gig in L.A.once which was a party for a magazine which was the American equivalent of Kerrang called 'RIP'. It was 1991 and the musical tide was definitely changing at that time as one look at the bill would suggest (Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Spinal Tap and Thunder). Half the audience loved us but the other half hated us because we were a more 'traditional' rock band. It was ridiculous really as it all sounds like rock'n'roll to me but such was the wave of anger against anything perceived to be vaguely old-school that we had sections of the punters screaming all kinds of abuse at us. It was a strange evening that was compounded by the fact that we were sharing a dressing room with Spinal Tap (very funny; they even did the soundcheck in character) and Pearl Jam (nervous young boys but very nice). As ever we put it down to experience and moved on.

Q: When touring previously, you always did a new cover version for each tour. Are you planning to do the same when you go out on the road again? Neil Parsons, Southampton
L: Yes you're right but I'm afraid you'll have to wait and see !!!!

Q: Which countries do you both like to go on holiday to? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
L: Spain + Italy; both have great climates and lovely food and wine.

Q: I've had the good fortune to meet yourselves on a couple of occasions, and enjoy telling mates what honest gents you were. However I also had the misfortune of seeing Pete Townshend approached by a fan who he told to, erm, 'issue forth'. So two questions:
1. I know he's a quirky old bugger, legend, genius etc. but have you ever had any experience of the chap? Was he just having an off day? Or does he fancy himself a bit too much?
2. Can you please describe the most annoying or tiresome fan encounters you've experienced. (I remember seeing a nutty middle-aged woman asking you (Luke) to sign loads of photos of you that she'd obviously sniped - she was prime stalker material!) Rich G.
L: I've never met Pete Townshend but I'm sure he'd probably be equally rude to me if he was in that kind of mood. I love what he does so I only feel qualified to judge him on a musical level really.  Circumstances permitting we've always tried to speak to as many of the people that come to see us as possible and I'm proud of that. If you're in this line of work you have to accept that you will come across the odd twit but it's not been that bad for us. I like to think that most people who like what we do will be sensible enough not to overstep the line. Usually if you're nice to someone they tend to be nice back.

Q: Hi guys, finally got my copy of the album today, and I have to say that it is GREAT, just a couple of questions, 1st to Danny, what kind of vocal exercises do you do, your voice sounds just as rich and fresh as it did on Backstreet Symphony, and finally Luke what gauge strings do you use, and how do you get that crunchy sound. Dale, London
D: Thanks for your sweet words, I bet you say that to all the boys...For the authentic Danny sound I have gargled every morning for years with a mixture of donkey urine and powdered glass, the quantities of each is a closely guarded secret, known only to the donkey and myself. Seriously I've never been much of a one for all that technique and exercises stuff. I've always just opened my mouth and let it all out until I'm done, then I stop and have a drink. Hard to know what else to say really.....
L: I use 10-46 gauge Fender strings and no effects, just a Les Paul/Stratocaster/Telecaster into Boogie/Fender amps.

Q: Hi Luke, I'm celebrating my own birthday today (18th) and intend to spend the whole day being spoilt rotten and possibly opening a nice bottle of claret later, so what have you got planned for your birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday for tomorrow. Karen, Essex
L: Did you know you share your birthday with Paul McCartney ? I'm being taken for dinner somewhere nice after which I will adjourn to my local boozer where I may have a drink or two. For my birthday I have only one wish..........England 3 Brazil 2 (after extra time)

Q: Back in the days when my hair was as long as Danny's used to be, I was the drummer (no drummer jokes please!) in a band who supported Terraplane at Shelly's Stoke On Trent. We were crap, but Terraplane were fantastic. Thunder became my favourite band (still are) and yes I was at Dingwalls for the last show where my car got locked in for the night - but that's another story! Moving Swiftly Along is brilliant - It has essence of Thunder, with a taste of Little Angles, Electric Boys & Extreme and I've played it continuously in my car since getting my order copy on the launch date. And now to the question - as good as the album is, are Thunder ever going to reform?? You have an army of loyal fans just waiting to rally to the cause. Dave Shenton, Cheshire
T: The guys are still all friends and have never ruled out the possibility of a reunion, but there are currently no plans to do so.  Maybe it'll happen, maybe it won't....

Q: I once read that when Thunder supported Bon Jovi summer 1995 you guys (Thunder) had heated arguments with Bon Jovi is this true and what was it over? I went to the Don Valley Stadium gig (Sheffield) my first gig and I was blown away. Also have you met Bryan Adams before and what's he like, as you guys, Bon Jovi and Bryan are my favourite artists. Nathan, Yorkshire
L: We didn't have a heated row with JBJ but he isn't the most pleasant person in the world. Bryan is a nice chap though.
D: I don't know where the "heated argument" came from, probably Chinese whispers. There were a few problems with the "backstage arrangements" on the Bon Jovi shows but nothing more than the usual jockeying that goes on. These were more than compensated for by the fans' reactions and our meeting with Van Halen (big heroes for us). When we met JBJ it was like being summoned for an audience with royalty or the Pope, and we were made to feel we should act accordingly. Good manners prevent me from making comments on personality etc. Richie Sambora was a totally different experience, very warm & very regular.
Bryan Adams has always been nice when we've run into him. Once again very regular. As you can tell from my tone, I do have a bit of a problem with people who believe their own hype....

Q: Hi guys, love the new album. Any signs of you playing a date in Glasgow? Morag, Glasgow
T: Once again....a U.K. tour is currently in the planning stages - no news yet as to when and where the guys will be playing, so stay tuned to www.bowesandmorley.com to hear about it first!

Q: Great to hear you back fella's....this countries live scene has suffered greatly since you and the lads called it a day. I know this is something you've probably been asked a few thousand times...but what with you working together again, what actually stops you from getting Thunder back together? Is it the fact that you felt it had run it's course and something new can be liberating? Just as a side note, I thought you should know that the new music is cracking and I would buy it and see you live without the Thunder association...so keep it up. Ben E Hall
T: As 'Moving Swiftly Along' and 'El Gringo Retro' prove, there is a lot more to Luke's song writing than what he was able to show within the boundaries of Thunder.  He felt the need to stretch a little more, musically, than Thunder had previously allowed him to.  The band may have dipped their toes occasionally in other areas, but all in all they were a rock band.  His solo album, and this project with Danny, allowed Luke to work outside the limitations and expectations of Thunder.  There was certainly an element of it running it course as well...Luke would have found it incredibly difficult to write another Thunder record after the 'Giving The Game Away' album...it was simply time to move on...

Q: Which country would you both like to record an album and tour the most? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
L: I'd like to tour the USA again as I've only done it once (with Power Station) and also Australia as I've never been down there. I like making records in the English countryside as I find it inspirational but Spain would be a good alternative.

Q: I've been told that David Coverdale from Whitesnake got you guys (Thunder) included on the bill for Donington (forgot the year), since he thought you carried the British rock tradition excellent. I've been in touch with a lot of Whitesnake fans from all over the world on the internet, and many think that Coverdale should get in touch with you Luke to write and record some songs, maybe even a whole album. What's your thoughts about that? Is Bowes & Morley a band in regular meaning or is it just a project? Do you know Coverdale? Would you like working with him?  I saw Alan talking about Joey Tempest (birth name: Joakim Larsson). I guess you know he's from Sweden as I am, but here he's is considered to be another rocker belonging to the 80's hair metal scene, which is a shame since he writes very good songs that is not heavy metal. I too, think it would be a good idea for you to write songs together with Joey Tempest who got a good ear for melodies. Lars, Sweden
L: David did support Thunder wherever possible and I wouldn't be surprised if he was involved to some extent in getting us onto the Donington bill. The last time I met David was on the final Whitesnake tour where we had a drink and a chat. I would never be averse to writing songs with other people as it's always interesting.....you never know what you're going to get.

Q: Firstly, a big thumbs up for the superb new album - great songs, expertly performed.  Having seen the fact that Joey Tempest shares a writing credit on the album, my thoughts wonder as follows;
1) Have you listened to Joey's superb debut solo album (A Place To Call Home) from a few years back, and if so what do you reckon?
2) Joey's website states that he has a new album coming out Autumn time, and bearing in mind he apparently lives in Dublin, and Luke is possibly on speaking terms with him, any chance of talking him into doing some support on your UK shows? I'm sure that he would be very well received, and I'm also sure his material would really get the crowd ready for you as it would complement your own set. (As Joey's last CD was criminally not released in the UK, the chances of getting him to tour here under his own steam are, I guess, very low).
3) Ever heard of a young British lady singer called Treana Morris? I saw her support Roger Taylor (Queen, not Duran!) doing a solo acoustic set, and she blew me away. her album "Naked" is awesome (although again not released here), and her voice and song writing absolutely overshadow most of the current females out there today (inc Sheryl Crow, Alanis M. and any other you care to mention).
Anyway, enough waffle - bring on the shows!!! Alan Hamill, Motherwelll
L: I haven't heard Joey's album but I'm sure it's good as he's very talented. The poor bugger has got 'The Final Countdown' hanging round his neck like a heavy weight so I hope he has some success.  I haven't spoken with him for a couple of years but I'm going to Dublin this summer so I'll try and get in touch.  I haven't heard of Treana Morris bit I will try to check her out.

Q: Silly question really but what are your favourite films and your favourite books? Just curious. Doc', Ireland
L: Films;
Anything with Robert De Niro is worth watching.
All Woody Allen's films
Shawshank Redemption
American Beauty
Some Like It Hot
Erin Brockovich
American History X
Scent Of A Woman
There's loads more but I don't want to bore everyone to death.
Man And Boy (Tony Parsons)
Anything by John Grisham
Moab Is My Washpot (Stephen Fry)
Catcher In The Rye (J.D.Salinger)
Anything by Bill Bryson
Any biography of an interesting person.

Q: Was "You're Drifting Away" written about an actual situation? Cake
L: No...but it is based loosely on the experiences of a couple of people I know.

Q: With the ever growing unrest in the world, particularly the middle east, do you ever fear for the future of modern society? Alan Hamill, Motherwelll
L: The thing about the Middle East is it's amazing and saddening that such intransigence can prevail over common sense. I think it worries everybody but what can we do to change it ? If I knew the answer to that question I'd be in politics, not music. 

Q: What is the story behind 'Powertripping', it is a Power Station b-side or leftover? Love Danny's Robert Palmer-esque vocals, by the way! I only had to wait a week to receive MSA in the states and have listened to it every day since.  Chris Q, Kansas City
T: 'Powertripping' was recorded by The Power Station during the sessions for their second album, 'Living In Fear'. It didn't make the final cut of the international release, however it did appear on the U.S. & Japanese editions of the album, as well as on the U.K./European release of the 'She Can Rock It' Single. 

Q: Hi Luke & Danny, I don't understand why the last Thunder double CD called "Symphony & Stage" did contain one CD with the GTGA album (it does already exist one European, Japanese & 10th anniversary versions) and one CD with cuts from the live album. It's your choice or not? The GTGA doesn't sell so well ? Luc, France
T: The 'Symphony & Stage' CD had nothing to do with the guys.  It was released by the record company, without any involvement from Danny, Luke or the rest of Thunder.  The contents of the CDs seem as pointless to us as they do to you...

Q: Do you ever see or hear from "Snake" your old bass player? What is he up to these days? Jen, U.S.
L: I see Snake very occasionally on the London social roundabout. He has not long ago become a father for the 2nd time and recently sold a courier business he used to co-own.

Q: Not yet had the chance to pick up the latest album, but looking forward to it greatly. Luke's "El Gringo Retro" is superb and I hope to be as pleased with the new album as I have been with all the other stuff you've done. Anyway, I was just wondering where you thought Rock music was currently headed. Obviously it's had a bit of a downward spiral for a number of years, but do you think bands like Nickelback can bring it back into the mainstream? One other quick questions...What do you think of Magnum's new album, against past stuff - were you ever fans of their music? I must admit to not being too keen on the new album, but I'm glad their back again (I've also heard they've got themselves a decent drummer!!!!!). Gordon
L: I think Rock is becoming very popular with young people again which is a good thing. We've had to suffer too much manufactured rubbish in recent years. It's also a good thing that Cable/Digital TV has stuff like MTV2 and QTV. I wish there had been as many places to get your music seen and heard when Thunder was around. I haven't heard Magnum's new album and I have to admit that I wasn't a fan although they are very nice chaps !

Q: How you doing guys? COME ON ENGLAND!!!! u were right they won!! thank you! Another question(S!!)- Do any of you two smoke? What do you smoke if you do? Have you ever been lured into drugs?? What's your favourite drink Danny? I know Lukes'. Any other tips on getting over girls? How do you 2 do it when you were my age......young, 16!! I'm drinking cider at the mo, did u do a lot of drink at my age?? Keep playin, you're great. Jonny Wilts
L: Unfortunately I do smoke ( Silk Cut Ultra ) but I'm determined to give up at some point. When it comes to illegal substances neither myself or Danny participate. I smoked a bit of weed when I was younger but it didn't do it for me. I have a fairly addictive personality so I've never taken Cocaine; it's a very stupid drug in my opinion.....it's expensive and people that take it become very, very boring although they think that everything they say is incredibly interesting. It also ruins your sex life ! I used to have a few beers when I was your age and occasionally I overdid it like most people do.

Q: Danny & Luke do you remember being approached in the lobby of the Brittania hotel, Manchester by a uniform Police Officer?, well you promised me a round of golf next time you were in the northwest !!  Please contact me when you get up this way, if you still play or you get in the sh*t ! Steve
L: Good to hear from you old boy. Undoubtedly we'll see you next time we're up in Manchester and let's hope we've got time for that round of golf.

Q: Can you remember meeting me at HMV in Doncaster, the guy with all the vinyl and CD's. (you signed a pic saying 'Nathan you will have to buy some more records'). Thanks for signing them all. Look forward to seeing you soon on tour.  Would you have any info on collecting record awards as I m starting a new collection. (collected all the thunder I could!) but would like to start collecting awards. Nathan, Yorkshire
L: I remember that my arm nearly dropped off after signing all your stuff ! I would have thought that most artists/bands who've won awards would want to hang on to them but I wish you luck .

Q: Hello, how are you? Is it true that you went to school with my dad Clifford Kemp at Askes Boys School you was in his year. Anyway he has your new album and he loves it. I like it as well. It is different to what you did when you was in Thunder! Are you going to do any London shows? Hopefully he will take me. He does not know I sent this e-mail to you so he will get a shock when he next checks your web site or this e-mail address! ha ha!  Gemma Kemp
L: Hello Gemma. Yes your Dad was in my tutor group at school. I saw him a few weeks ago at a Magnum gig. We are in the process of arranging some English shows at the moment so watch the website for all the details, which will be coming soon.
D: Yes it's true we were both at school with your Father, and a skinny long haired thing he was too, unlike the last time I saw him......

Q: Hi, I realised Danny played triangle in Montana Mountain Woman because of his  highly professional style, recognised in the world entire.  And these questions are for him: Danny, would you like to sing in another tongue, Spanish, for example? If  so, which song from the MSA (or Thunder's albums) would you choose to sing? If not, what do you think about singers who do that? Walter Jorge Valdez, Argentina
D: You clearly have exceptional percussive talent recognition ability!! I have big admiration for those who do sing their songs in foreign languages, after all you are doing more to help your records sell.  I have sung in Japanese, Luke and I did a whole LP of backing vocals for a Japanese Artist in 1988. Not speaking Japanese, we had to have all the words written out phonetically, and then had to drink a lot of beer... It seemed to turn out well enough, though I'm not sure how well the LP sold, either way I'm sure it wasn't all down to the quality of the backing vocals......

Q: Well Danny and / or Luke, nothing to do with MSA but where were you when England beat Argentina 1 - 0 ? It was a very sobering experiencing watching it here but it was still fab, great, brill etc... Angela, Switzerland
L: I was in my lovely local pub and I'm sure they could have heard the noise when the penalty went in in Tokyo !!!!!

Q: Have there ever been any embarrassing moments on stage/ television appearances? Have you ever the sound go at a crucial moment/ had a string break at a crucial moment in a song or performance? James, Croydon
L: I remember once during a gig in Derby (I think it was the Assembly Rooms?) there was a power cut. All the lights and sound went in the middle of a song so we nicked all the torches from our crew and pointed them at the audience who started singing. I think Harry might have done an impromptu drum solo as well but thankfully the power came back fairly quickly. When things go wrong it can sometimes be a lot of fun for the band as spontaneous things tend to happen.

Q: Luke, in early 2000 I was at the Midem Music Conference in Cannes, France and I was walking by a bar with my friends in the early evening when I looked in and I could have sworn it was you Luke. If it was, why were you in Cannes and did you attend the conference? Marc, San Francisco
L: Yes, I was in Cannes 2 years ago. I went to MIDEM as I'd never been before and I wanted to see what went on there.

Q: When you two were younger did u try and fit in or was being different everything??? Tomo
L: I think both of us were single-minded enough to want to be ourselves but I don't think we ever tried to be different. I think we're both fairly normal really.

Q: Do you write the melody or the lyrics first??? Tomo
L: As stated in previous answers I don't have any rules when it comes to writing. It depends where inspiration comes from on that particular day.

Q: About a year a go the British prog rock band Marillion released a website only single...it was buy one get on free. It contained two A-sides and two exclusive tracks. The idea was to give the free one to a local radio station.  According to the website it worked rather well, as quite a few radio stations played the single! I have read that you weren't considering a single release....but hey, just an idea :) LOVE THE NEW CD! Cheers! Sam, Florida
L: Thanks for passing on the information re. Marillion's single idea. We'll bare it in mind.

Q: Hi Danny And Luke, having met you both on many occasions during the Thunder years (one time telling Danny about the sad story of my friend in America committing suicide the same day "Just Another Suicide" came out). I wonder if you will be repeating the after show meet and greets. Dale, London
T: As the shows are a little way off yet, the finer details have not yet been worked out.  I dare say that the guys will say hello in some shape or form though...

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Q: What kind of animal is your ideal pet and why . We have an 8.5 foot snake (common boa), a large German shepherd dog & a bearded dragon (lizard). Mick & Tina Parsons, Sussex
C: We've got two cats, I guess they would be my favourite animal because they're so independent.
D: How very exotic! I have 3 cats and am extremely fond of all of them.
B: I've met a few bearded dragons in my time but I wouldn't consider keeping them as pets. I do like German Shepherds though but being away a great deal of the time it is a little cruel for me to consider having one

Q: Really enjoyed the gig at London Astoria - it's great to have you guys back on stage. Wanted to ask you a question about your set lists.... your back catalogue consists of some fantastic songs but you only choose to play 16 / 17 songs (I can see why Thinny didn't post the set lists after each show), and you don't seem to incorporate songs from Giving The Game Away, the favourite being Just Another Suicide - there are so many that you can use from that album. Another point, please play Shake The Tree when you tour again because that song is amazing and probably the best on the new album. I'm sorry if you think I'm moaning, but I am a huge fan and to have you guys back and to say you will tour again in November was the best news. But please expand the set list, I just came back from seeing Bruce Springsteen play two nights at Crystal Palace and he did 25/27 songs for 3 hours each night, and he has 15 years on you guys!!!! See you in November and don't take offence! Matt Barber, Portsmouth
L: Once again can I reiterate that it's impossible to please everybody all the time. We played 5 songs from the new album as that's what we're currently trying to promote. 'Shake The Tree' wasn't one of them but maybe it will be next time. When GTGA was released, on the subsequent tour we played Suicide, GTGA, Numb, Time To Get Tough, Funky Music, Rolling The Dice and 'Til It Shines. With the greatest respect to Broooce I'd like to see him do 27 Thunder songs and still walk off the stage - if you don't think we're working hard enough all I can say is sorry. In my opinion we've always given value for money and we work as hard as we can to entertain every time we step onto a stage. You might also notice that BS has more nights off between his shows than we do, a Lear jet, the best possible facilities and he charges a lot more!

Q: Thanks for a great show at the Astoria guys.I said on the message board that you were dynamite that night and I meant it.I thought your Wembley show was great, but this far outdid it. Hopefully I'll get to see you in November. Chris, your bass sounded good & loud. Did those pickups you mentioned before arrive in time prior to the start of the tour? Peter Jordan, Dublin
C: Glad you enjoyed the show - so did I. I fitted the pickups before the tour, and was very pleased with the result.

Q: Thank you, thank you , thank you for a great show at the Astoria on the 23rd. I flew in from Madrid for the weekend just for this (and to buy a couple of copies of the single at HMV). I have a suggestion and a question: My suggestion is for Thinny to create a "gear page" where all us fans and fellow musicians could have a read as to the set-ups you use onstage. The question: If enough of a stir is created by SATS (let's hope!!!), would you be open to a recording contract, or is freedom too precious? Manuel, Madrid
D: I think the equipment page is a nice idea but to be honest it would be a bit short, we're not that techy and we don't use that much equipment! The freedom is wonderful and the work is hard but I wouldn't swap it for a record contract..

Q: Firstly - great show at The Astoria as many people have already said. "Don't wait for me.." gave me goosebumps! A grown man too.... Just a couple of questions. You may not want to answer the first! Just curious as to how many copies of the album and single you sold? Or is this commercially sensitive information?! Secondly, promotion of the band. I was interested by your comments in one of the answers about the internet being a medium useful to yourselves and other bands. I think it's brilliant that you personally answer the questions on here (honestly) and not just leave it to some PR bloke to do your work for you. You must be busy and I'm sure we all appreciate the time you take to answer these questions. The only problem I see is how to get new
people to the web pages. Now the internet is a curiosity to a lot of people. They see a web address and think 'Oh I wonder what that's all about' and will go and have a look. This may sound like a very 'tacky' idea, but what about some car stickers with some simple graphics and the web address? People may see them, be curious enough to have a look and listen to your samples. You never know...... Not sure of the costs involved though. But if you couldn't give them away, I'm sure people would pay a nominal fee, just to help you chaps out as we all did with the single. ps 3000+ votes on the extreme radio album of 2003 :-) !! Han, Huntingdon
D: Glad you enjoyed the show. You're right about the commercially sensitive information. To be honest we know how many we've manufactured but as the records are all over the place in shops and distributors' warehouses and vans etc, so we simply have no accurate information on actual total sales, and won't have any for some time to come. All I will say is we are very happy and pleased at how we're doing so far. However, the fight goes on, as does the campaign for the LP, so it's vital you continue to spread the word to everyone you can, in any way you can. I notice the rock club/DJ campaign has gone a bit quiet lately, if you're going to a rock club please don't forget to take your copy of SATS and get the DJ to play tracks. If he/she likes it they can email us for a dj copy, if they do, let us know and we'll send you a prezzie. This is working, we just need to keep it going... Car stickers is a good idea, and one we've considered before but discounted due to cost, we'll have another look at it.

Q: Your main issues at the moment seem to be gaining a wider audience and proving a point that you can do well without a record label. Is there any way that you can use the contacts you have made over the years to organise some sort of event or festival in support of unsigned bands? The latest issue of Rocksound had a free cd of 'local and unsigned talent'. It would be a great way of getting yourselves known amongst us young'uns! Myself and anyone else I have dragged along to your gigs have been hooked after seeing you live. Just a thought, good luck! Trevor
D: This is something I would definitely like to do one day, but at the moment I am absolutely flat out 14 hours a day.. Perhaps it could happen once things with Thunder calm down a bit, thanks for the suggestion.

Q: Just read Anthony's Q&A I have to say that my two girls, as the lads will know by now, are total Thunder loonies. I took me eldest to Notts for the HMV appearance (we were on the front row) and we went as a family to Cambridge. Do you, as a band appreciate how well i have brought up me girls? I'm sure that out there are many other teenage fans who have been dragged up on Backstreet symphony etc. I cant express how thankful I am for the meet and greets. Are they somewhat a bind when you've just done a ball breakin hour n half set?.........The Purple one (Mandy), Derbyshire
D: Sometimes you're simply exhausted and want to go back to the hotel bar and drink a few drinks and chill, instead of doing a meet and greet. However the very fact that you mentioned you and your girls and the whole family attendance thing is the same very fact that makes us do the meet & greet. We know how important they are to our business, and we're sure the loyalty it brings is part of the reason we've got such a strong following. We set out our stall very early on, and to be honest we're so used to doing it, nobody ever really questions it, it's just as much a part of the routine as the soundcheck or the show.

Q: I was ecstatic at catching the quite brilliant show in Cambridge the other night, WOW you guy's know how to entertain! Much debate between myself and friends followed. Two questions: The general theme's of Thunder songs are, losing a woman, finding a woman or the wrong woman - Would it be fair to say that Luke is a tortured soul? Obviously this leads to great songwriting! Danny - What do you do between albums and tours other than keeping your voice in check? and Monsters of Rock? As you seem to have no instrument to master like the other guy's...do you get bored? Richard Augustus, Colchester
L: I think a lot of songs I've written are about relationships but they tend to be applicable to both male and female points of view. I wouldn't describe myself as a tortured soul.....I think I'm fairly ordinary really.

Q: Thanks to you all for a fantastic night out @ Wolverhampton!!! Nice to hear Les Pauls (Guitars) out for the show again i love telles myself but the LP's just have the upper hand!! When you did the MOR tour i saw Ben playing a gold top LP just curious as to how many of these he has got?? Thanks for "the thrill of it all" amazing!!! Mark, Warks
B: I've got five Les Pauls but only one gold-top, the milkman won't deliver anymore.
Les Paul Reissue Flame Top
Les Paul Reissue Gold Top
Les Paul Black Custom
1969 Les Paul Cherry Sunburst
Les Paul Tobacco Standard
The thing I like about telecasters is the weight - they are so much lighter on stage!

Q: BLOODY GREAT LONDON SHOW!!! Luke, as I was leaving the Astoria I saw a bloke by the control desk, long hair, fag in gob, spitting image of you, any relation??? Mark, Swindon
L: Not as far as I know........all I can say is I feel very sorry for him whoever he is!!!

Q: Hi chaps. Thanks for the acoustic set and the meet and greet at Nottingham HMV. I don't go to full blown gigs these days due to trouble with my hearing - so it was great to see you guys playing live again! Anyway, onto the question - how about The Pimp and the Whore as a follow on single to Loser? Seeing as you're free of record company influence, you're about the only band I can think of who'd get away with it! Paul
L: At the moment we're recovering from the tour so we haven't addressed any major issues as yet. We're going to take a look at the situation and then decide our next move but thanks for the suggestion re. 'Pimp'. We'll bear it in mind.

Q: Firstly thanks for an awesome show at the Astoria... Saw you at Monsters of Rock Wembley too, GREAT TO HAVE YOU OUT & ABOUT!! now have a rest! I'm 29 and been talking to people at work about Thunder & that I was going to see you guys on tour, you would not believe how many people said who? Who? well yes these people I work with are in there teens & early twenties, but maybe I just take it for granted that I was 16 when u released Back Street Symphony, do u find it hard trying to reach the younger generation? Anthony Roome, Croydon
D: Yes, but with people like you to help the cause we may not experience too much trouble like this in the future. We have no vast marketing budget to plunder so we have to rely on you guys to sell the band for us. Go to it man, tell the world what they're missing by not having Thunder CDs in their collections, play the CDs really loud at work when you can, make a huge fuss about how good the show was last week, and use every opportunity to mention Thunder whenever anyone mentions any other band. Apart from that, relax and enjoy your life. Well, you did ask...

Q: Did the Thunder thongs sell well? Do you think you'll have a programme on the merchandise stand at the next gigs in November? Margie B., Wales
D: The Thunderwear thongs sold OK, not as well as we hoped they would, so we'll be selling them via the site and the online shop later this week (once we find a suitable model ha ha). Tour programmes are an area we stayed away from because of the cost of manufacture for only 6 shows. In November we're looking at playing more shows so we'll be looking into the financial viability. They are expensive to make unless you make enough copies and therefore not viable if your potential audience isn't likely to buy them all. Once again, it's not as simple as "that's nice, let's sell them", but if we can do it we will.

Q: Great gig at Cambridge, you seem to get better every time I see you. Can't wait until the next tour. I noticed a few people at Cambridge with "Loser" t-shirts on. Are there any plans to make these available online? Mick, Desborough
D: The Loser shirts were made on a limited edition basis and despite a reprint in the middle of the shows, they proved so popular they sold out before we got to Cambridge. Like you, a few other people have asked about them, but we need a minimum order amount to make another reprint. Over the next few days we'll be making the tour merchandise available via the site and online shop, but if we've sold out of anything we'll have to wait to make an order, so please be aware there may be inevitable delay. We'll do our best.

Q: Who is Admin 2 on the thunder message board. Jools Johnson, Weymouth
T: If I told you that I'd have to hunt you down and kill you - and I really don't want to do that. He's just there to keep an eye on you lot whenever I'm away. Someone needs to make sure you're all behaving yourselves..

Q: Hi Danny. Yesterday, I saw for the first the "Don't wait Up" video. This is my question : Was it difficult to sing with a fish? Luc, France
D: I have a great relationship with all kinds of fish on account of being born as a merboy in the Mediterranean. I explained the need for the fish to impersonate a microphone and she duly obliged, as she owed me a favour or two. The hardest part was having to break from takes to keep putting Davina (for that was her name) back in the sea water every 5 minutes. Sadly she was caught off the coast of Cornwall 3 weeks after the video was filmed and ended up in batter alongside a plate of chips. Still, her watery star burned very brightly for a short while, and her work is preserved for all time....

Q: Was sorry to hear you didn't make the Top40 as it would have pi$$ed on a lot of industry bonfires had you done so, but I have to confess that I was one that didn't buy the 'Loser' single. In the past, I've bought every Thunder single because they almost always included an unreleased studio track, but on this occasion it didn't. As I prefer to listen to studio tracks as opposed to live versions of songs I already have, I passed on it. Was it because there weren't any other songs left from the sessions, or some other reason ?? I love the new album and your live shows (don't forget Sheffield next time !!), but I felt the single on this occasion wasn't good value for money, although I think it is credible that you're embracing new technology on your releases (ie. the PC video footage). Keep up the 5 STAR work. Rich, Sheffield
D: Thanks for all your support. If we'd had unreleased studio tracks we'd have put them on the single, we know the value of using them, but as we didn't have any we used the best we had. Still, if it's not good value for money, I can see why you wouldn't want to buy it and help us get into the top 40. I'm just glad the majority of fans aren't like you, or all our efforts would have been in vain and we'd have no chart position and load of singles coming back from the shops. Still, it's your choice, as is ours to either do it or not.

Q: Hi Guys, I have been a fan since day one. And, as you can see I live in the states. Are there any plans to do some live dates here? Luke, I have played left-handed for years now and I was reading one of the questions you answered earlier about the shop in California. The shop is Route66 guitars, and there is a place in Houston called southpaw( lots of les pauls here). Finding a GOOD left handed guitar can be very difficult and I was curious if you had ever tried a Tom Anderson. They are made in California, and they are really dedicated to the left- handed scene. I promise you would not regret trying one. Thanks for keeping real rock alive, and giving all the fans another piece of rock history. Brannon
L: The question is asked fairly often about us going to the USA to play and I wish I could answer in the affirmative but as things stand there are no plans to do so unfortunately. This is not because we don't want to; we'd play anywhere given the opportunity but the reality of the situation is we can only go where there is sufficent demand to generate the neccessary funds to make it possible. We haven't given up hope though so watch this space. Can't say I've ever strapped on a Tom Anderson but I'll make sure I look out for them. Thanks for the tip.

Q: Will you now start writing another Thunder album or stuff for another Bowes and Morley album. Hope you don't mind me saying songwriting wise the Bowes and Morley album is the best you have done for along time .thanks for another great gig at the Astoria. M Hodd, Luton
L: I'll just do what I always do and write songs and we'll see where that takes us! Glad you liked the Astoria.

Q: Hi guys, saw you in London on Friday, it was an excellent gig, thats despite the fact the train took 4 hours to get back to Margate and i started my new job the next day(the things we fans do!!!!) my question for the band is: Thunder are a very good band. i believe Thunder should be ranked amoung the best of the Heavy Metal bands, like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest etc do you think maybe if Thunder had of released their first album around 1984 you would have made it bigger? Of course ultimately that question involves an understanding of the way the music industry works which leads me to my second question, do you think the British music industry can ever be made better, we are in such a state at the moment that a real working band like my own will never make it anywhere and Bob the builder can carve his way straight to number 1 in the charts! Liam, Kent
L: I do think we do what we do very well. How and where we fit into British rock history is not ours to say really. We came along at the time we were meant to. I don't think it's worth speculating on what might've been. The Music Industry is in a period of massive change and although it's not that healthy at the moment, the internet is slowly but surely changing it for the better inasmuch as it is allowing bands like ourselves to do what we do and giving new artists a way of getting their music out there. Things always turn around and order always follows chaos.

Q: Thanks very much for a cracking concert at the Astoria. Out of the 14 Thunder gigs I've been to over the years I have to say that the Astoria show rated amongst the best. I'm even tempted to say it was the best. The set list was great guys - a few changes and several off the new album. Thank you. The highlight? Too many to mention... I particularly enjoyed Like a Satellite (piano version) and Thrill of it all (can't recall hearing that one before - perhaps way back in 96/97). Danny, after hearing Like a Satellite I decided to go back and have a listen off the e.p. Has your voice mellowed with age? Listening to a few live versions from a few years ago there's often a little roughness in your voice, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I think your voice is getting better, especially live. Have you noticed a change or is same as usual? Luke, did you stay off the cigarettes on tour? If so, great news. Must of been tempting. Once again great show. Hope to see you November. James Vincent
L: Yep...still off the fags although I did have the odd cigar with a drink after the show.
D: Thanks for the nice comments, we were extremely pleased with the way the shows went. My voice is constantly changing as I get older (and more senile), and I believe it is getting more mellow. The roughness you speak of is all to do with the sound of the wear and tear that happens when we play live. As each show passes, inevitable hoarseness creeps in after I shout very loudly for 2 hours followed by talking in a noisy meet and greet for an hour. Consequently the sound of my voice varies a great deal on live recordings, depending on the show recorded and where it was in the touring schedule.

Q: I've recently acquired a cd single but it came in a paper wallet without any notes. The tracks on it are: Like a Satellite, Like a Satellite (Live), Gimme Shelter, (A track I've never heard) possibly called Torn Apart. It's just a silver colour with written greetings and signatures of all the boys on the top face. The only numbers I can see are around the centre hole and are CDEM 272 880667 2. Any information you can provide will be gratefully received. Thanks in anticipation, Paul, Manchester
T: The single that you have is the 'Like A Satellite E.P.' from 1993. Track 4 is actually called 'The Damage Is Done'. For more info on this single please visit the ' Laughing On Judgement Day' discography page and click on the single cover...

Q: Hi guys, Don't know if you remember me but I am the girl that works at the Civic Hall in Wolverhampton who goes 4x4 racing near enough every weekend. I am wondering wether any of you own any 4x4's and whether or not you have trailed or comped any of your vehicles or would like to come along to any of our meetings as guests of mine. Don't worry I am not the sort of person who would let on your fame status. If you would like to see what we do you could visit our web site on www.midlandoffroadclub.co.uk. By the way thank you for Wolverhampton gig it was Superb. Also thank you for 'Love Walked In' without that track I wouldn't have met my wonderful Husband of 9 happy Years. Sharon Riches (bashful)
L: I have owned a 4x4 but I only used 4 wheel drive a couple of times to get up a steep driveway in the snow. Off roading doesn't really appeal to me although I can see why other people would enjoy it.
D: I don't have a 4 x 4 nowadays but I had a beaten up old Nissan Patrol for ages, and I loved it. I've done an off road training day and enjoyed every second of it, the mud the noise and the driving off a sheer slope bit were all great fun.
B: I've never owned a 4x4, not really my cup of tea - I like my cars like my women - sleek, sexy and expensive to maintain. The nearest I get to off-roading is when I'm on the phone, smoking a cigarette and changing the radio station at the same time.

Q: Hi guys thanks again for some more great shows, you guys are the best high there is..Anyway, Luke have you had a chance to listen to the Chango Mutney CD the guys gave you on Tuesday at HMV and if so what do you think, I love it, and I think they should support you in November..just a thought! Sarah, Derbyshire
L: Actually I have listened to Chango Mutney's CD and it's rather good. As far as November's support slot goes, we shall have to wait and see.

Q: Can you gorgeous guys in my favourite band help me out. I need a suitable ‘Thundery’ name for my new kitten! Any suggestions? Julie, Manchester
L: Definitely Doug.....or perhaps Dave?
B: Satan
D: Thor, not to be used if you usually thpeak with a lithp.... as people may think he has a problem.

Q: Excellent gig at Manchester, good to see you back. I know it's difficult to pick everyone's favourite songs but how come Love Walked In isn't on the playlist? Russ, Blackburn
L: If we only ever did a selection of our most popular songs then the set list would always be the same. It's impossible to please everyone and we have just released a new album so we have to factor that into the equation.

Q: Firstly I wish to thank you for a most excellent gig at Rock City on 20th May! Don't think I have ever had a better night and you were all BRILLIANT! Anyway, my question is this:- every year in July there is the Rock & Blues Custom Bike Show at Pentrich in Derbyshire that plays host to a 3 day festival of bikes and music. Has attracted many famous names over the years including Saxon, Magnum, Hawkwind, The Levellers, The Stranglers amongst others. Being bike "fans" and one of the best bands ever is it something you have been approached for and would you ever consider the gig? It usually attracts in the region of 20 to 30,000 bikers out for fun and good music. Kirsty, South Wingfield
D: We have indeed been approached about this particular festival, and but for the fact that I'll be in the USA on hols, we would have considered it most seriously. Still, maybe next year...

Q: Well done on, from what I hear, was a fantastic show in Cambridge. I say from what I hear because I got in the hall, bought the t-shirt(s) and just after BBS had kicked off I got a phone call to say my Son (6 months old) was ill and so had to rush off home. My brother-in-law stayed with his girlfriend and is now a converted fan having never heard Thunder before. The bloody unfortunate thing is this would have been the first time I would have seen you live!! I don't think I am destined for one reason or another to actually catch a show! However, I did manage to shake your hand (and you grabbed a kiss off my girlfriend) as you arrived and went backstage, so that at least made up for the missing out. Anyway, two questions,.... how the hell do you keep your energy levels up during a show (my brother-in-law said that you were like a man possessed) and PLEASE say that you will be touring
again very soon as I am NOT missing you guys again! By the way, our Son is fine now, in case you were worried! Jamie, Suffolk
D: Thanks for the nice comments, sorry you missed the show but your son's welfare is clearly more important than a rock and roll show, so I'm glad to hear he's OK. I have loads of energy naturally, I am quite a dynamic person, so when you add that to the adrenalin activated by a Thunder live show, I do get rather "possessed" as you say. I can't help it, and whilst the level of possession varies from show to show, it's not usually down to me, but the way the audience reacts to the band and my ranting at them. The more they give them more we give back and so it goes... I have to say it's fantastic at the time but very tiring afterwards, when I literally fall to pieces. As age creeps on me, I'll have to investigate ways to deal with this, perhaps I could become the next 6 million dollar man and have my limbs replaced?

Q: Hi Thunder, I guess you're all satisfied being back with the tour, I'm sad that I missed it, but I'm glad you're finally back (hopefully for good) Is there any possibility that if someone promoting "Hell Blues Festival" (Dio has played there twice...) or the "Nidaros Blues Festival" came up to you and asked you to come and play at their festival. What would you answer and would you have tried your luck here? Inge Hassel, Norway
D: We would love to play as many festivals as possible to promote our new LP. We have an agent who is working on this, I will put this one before him and we'll see what happens. Thanks for the suggestion.

Q: Hi, thanks for a great night on the 23rd!!!! In the middle of my exams and by god did that help relieve a lot of stress and relax me, for this hard week of revision before the exams start again!:-( Trouble is, ever since then I cant stop playing Thunder CD's, while I'm revising and when I'm not. I've listened to SATS 3 times so far today, BSS twice and the 'LIVE' album once. Anyways, i was just wondering how many of the shows were recorded by you and what you are planning on doing with the recordings, are we to expect another 'Live' album? thanks again cya in November:-), Antong
D: We recorded 3 of the shows properly and experimented with the equipment at the other 3. Not sure what to do with the recordings yet. Until we hear them it's hard to say, but you can rest assured they'll show up sooner or later. Watch this space..

Q: Hello team, Hope the new single does well - I'll do my part (as I've done for the past twelve odd years) - and in return if you could answer the following, It'd make my day. Cheers! "What are your thoughts on the band name 'Thunder' now? You must have picked it a hell of a long time ago, and a lot of water has passed under the bridge since. It's quite a butch name, and I was wondering if you think it may have pigeon holed you a bit? If you could go back in time and change it do you think you would? Finally, if you had to hijack another name from someone else what would you pick? (I'd have The Who any day of the week!)" Anyway, cheers! Unfortunately I won't see you at the London gig as I'm on holiday, but I bought a ticket anyway :) Good luck chaps. Rich G
L: I think the name is probably responsible for putting some people off but there's nothing we can do about that. I certainly wouldn't want to go back and change it as it represents a large part of my life that I'm very proud of. You can't please everybody all the time I'm afraid.

Q: Hiya Luke...firstly, I love the new album, its fantastic!! But I was wondering...because "When tomorrow comes" didn't make it on the album, does this mean that you wont be playing it at any of the shows on the up and coming tour? Also, what is the wierdest thing a fan has ever asked you to sign at a meet & greet? Lynzi, Darwen
L: As the tour is over now I feel I can safely say we didn't play 'When Tomorrow Comes'.....sorry. The strangest thing I've ever signed would probably be a condom although it's worth pointing out that it hadn't been used.

Q: Hi guys, can't wait for Wolverhampton. it'll come after 4 three hour exams over a couple of days so its a great celebration. Anyway, I was stuck in the traffic on the M6 the other weekend (how unusual!) and happened to have a copy of El Gringo Retro on the stereo. did you realise you'd created an antidote for roadrage? do any of you suffer from the red mist? James Minchew, Gloucester
L: 'El Gringo' was written in a relaxed environment so if some of that comes across on the album then great. I do have a bit of a moan about other drivers but only really to myself. People who drive in the fast lane of the motorway at 70mph when there's no-one in front of them annoy me particularly.

Q: Love the album, can't wait till next Friday, I've taken the day off to mentally prepare! but was just wondering: so what happens if Luke writes a song that you don't like? Do you guys just go "Morley, not sure what you were thinking of here but I'm not singing/playing that..." :-) or, Luke, do you know the guys and yourself well enough to know if your songs are any good? does every one pitch in the improve and put their piece of the Thunder stamp on it? Ingrid, Hampton
L: Everybody is welcome to say what they like but we've been together so long that those kinds of problems don't occur. Everybody's role within the band is very well established as a result of doing it for years.
C: The second part of your answer pretty much hits the nail on the head - Luke is very easy to work with when he has his producer's hat on - he has a clear idea of what he wants, but is open-minded enough to listen to other ideas.
B: So far that situation has not occurred, usually Luke has the good taste not to play it to us in the first place. I think you are underestimating his abilities. However he does pay for all the postage and packaging.

Q: Would any of you guys consider getting a tattoo or two and where and what would you have done?? (I have 3 and mum has 9!!!) Sars
L: I've thought about it a few times but always decided against it. It's the permanent nature of tats that worries me....
C: Sorry, pain isn't included in my catalogue of pleasure!

B: Never been big on tattoos, they are a bit permanent for my liking, what would happen if you stopped worshiping the dark lord and you have his name blazoned across you forehead?

Q: A friend got a south American version of Metal Hammer magazine sent over from Brazil. It states you guys are playing at Monsters of Rock with Whitesnake and Gary Moore etc in Milan. Is this true and if so how come we haven't heard about this?!! Belinda, Tring
D: It's not true. If it were you would already know about it via this site, this is the only official information portal for all things Thunder.

Q: Hi, hope you can help... 4 of us went to the gig on Thursday night...and WHAT A STONKING GIG it was!!! One of the lads who came lost his sister in a dreadful motorbike accident four years ago, they used to go to all sorts of rock gigs together (GUN, LITTLE ANGELS, SKIN & THUNDER to name but a few)...Well , that's where my question originates from , I think it was track 3 which was played on Thursday night, a song which really struck a chord, my mate Simon was really touched by the lyrics, but we didn't recognise it . Could you help ?? p.s . are there any plans to gig in europe..we used to travel all over the UK and followed Gun all over europe. And would love to do a couple of gigs in Europe if poss...?? After Thursdays gig we are well and truly hooked, a truly polished performance to be proud of ..!!! Big Jim
T: The third track performed in Wolverhampton was 'The Thrill Of It All' taken from the album of the same name...

Q: After the concert on Friday at the Astoria, we saw posters advertising dates for another gig for November. Any details? Dates? Tickets? Can u help us? The gig was Excellent, Fastastic, Brilliant or in the words of Danny "****** marvellous" it rocked!!! Best concert so far!!! Lorraine
T: Thunder will be playing the Astoria again on Saturday 29th of November. There will be other dates around that time, but nothing is confirmed at the moment - as soon as the tour is set in stone it will be announced on the site...

Q: How many music videos have you done and what tracks were they for? And for everyone except Harry ('cause I'm sure I know the answer already )which was your favourite video to shoot? Finally for Luke what is it like to have thousands of people singing along to lyrics you wrote? Gray, Stockport
L: Now let's see........we've made videos for She's So Fine, Backstreet Symphony, Gimme Some Lovin', Love Walked In (US + UK versions), Dirty Love (US + UK again), Low Life In High Places, Like A Satellite, Everybody Wants Her, A Better Man, Stand Up, River Of Pain, Castles In The Sand, Don't Wait Up and Love Worth Dying For (2 versions, one of which was crap so we never used it thank God!). We've also just made a video for Loser which is being edited as we speak. My favourites are 'Backstreet Symphony' because it's a great performance by the band and 'Gimme Some Lovin' because it was shot on my birthday on Zuma beach, California and we were surrounded by beautiful girls all day. When people sing words I've written it's very moving and long may it continue!!! !
T: There were also videos for Gimme Shelter (for charity), The Only One' (put together from live footage taken from the 'Thunder Live' video/DVD) and 'In A Broken Dream' (featuring clips from previous videos, alongside new footage of Danny singing on a rooftop).
B: I remember the worst video shoot - twelve hours on Zuma beach surounded by bikini-clad females, it was absolute hell.

Q: I see that more than 350 items belonging to the late Who star John Entwistle, worth an estimated £500,000, are to go on show in London before being auctioned on 13 May. The sale later this month at Sotheby's will include the late star's collection of more than 150 guitars and bass guitars, including two Gibsons expected to fetch between £30,000 and £50,000. As Who fans, are any of you likely to be taking an interest in what's on offer ? Do any of you actually own any memorabilia belonging to any of your "heroes", including autographed vinyl etc ? Mark
L: Memorabilia doesn't particularly interest me although I do have a signed copy of Storm Thorgesen's story of Hipgnosis which is nice. I also had a picture of myself with Jimmy Page which I gave to my father................
D: I have no great interest in musical instruments (not being a player of them) so I'm not really the person to answer this question. I do find it strangely grizzly somehow to think of rooting through someone else's stuff after they've died, with a view to competing with others to buy it. John Entwistle was a great player, one member of a great band. For me his legacy is his work, what he did, and it's all out there forever. Shame he had to go so soon but if you could ask him I'm sure he wouldn't be complaining.
B: I've never really been into memorabilia and, having seen the Who live, would I really want to buy one of their guitars? - they can't be in one piece surely.

Q: Hello Boys! I heard that boys like girls playing guitars....So is this true, and who is you favourite girl guitar player? Nichola, Kent
L: Bonnie Raitt is a great slide guitarist and Gail Ann Dorsey who plays bass with David Bowie is very good. I must admit to not knowing too many women that play lead guitar in the traditional sense though. My favourite female musician is the middle aged White lady that played bass guitar on a lot of Tamla Mowtown records in the sixties called Carole ?????? Bugger, I'm always forgetting her name but she is/was amazing. Anybody that deputises for James Jameson must be good!
C: Probably Bonnie Raitt - she's a great player.
B: No you misheard, I like girls playing with guitar players.

Q: I currently have quite a number of old Kerrang! magazines in my flat including two boxfulls that a friend loaned me. They date as far back as 1984 and I've read almost everything there is about Thunder in them. I notice that Ben quite often got referred to as the 'rhythm guitarist', did that ever bother you seeing as lead guitarists would sometimes bag all the credit, as it were? Chris, do you have active pickups in your Squire Precision or just the standard? I'm thinking of getting one and fitting it with some EMG's to beef the sound up further. Very much looking forward to your Astoria gig, only a couple of weeks away now. Peter Jordan, Dublin
C: Funny you should ask that question! I'm awaiting delivery of new pickups from Fender - I've ordered the 'Original' Jazz and Precision replacement pickups from them that they fit on their American Vintage and Custom Shop basses, so hopefully they'll be here in time for me to fit them before the tour, and you'll be able to give me your verdict on how they sound at The Astoria!
B: I really not worried how they refer to me as long as they spell my name right.

Q: Hey guys I was wondering what's your fave track on the Behind Closed Doors album? Vicki, Derby
L: I don't know..........
B: It changes each time I listen too it but Moth To The Flame always sounds great.

Q: Just out of interest did any of you take the national IQ test? I scored quite highly but then took it again pissed and was surprised to see my IQ drop to 76!! (how naive of me!) Andy, Sheffield
D: I was going to do it but completely forgot it was on. I guess that means my score might not have been that hot...
B: I did it the first time round and scored really well, so this time I left it alone just in case!

Q: Hello one and all. Very much looking forward to the Astoria concert, not long now! My latest question is on your attempt to get the single to chart next week. Do you have any feel for how many singles you'd have to sell to achieve a top 40 position, or a top 10 position? I know it probably depends on week to week sales of other releases. I'm no expert on chart stuff, not really my thing. But you hear in the press that the charts are easier to crack these days as there is less emphasis on singles and more emphasis on CD albums. Do you believe this is the case? I'm assuming that everybody who bought the album will buy the single. That is the certainly the case with other Thunder fans that I know anyway. If that was the case, based on the number of albums you sold (are you willing to say how many!), do you think you could actually achieve a reasonable chart position? Let's hope, by the Astoria concert, that you have an idea how the single is selling and we can have a bigger party than usual! It will be a proud moment for us all to see you in the charts again and a deserved reward for the efforts you've put in recently. Good luck!!!!! Trevor.
D: We have no idea of how many will be required as it depends a great deal on how many everyone else sells. To be honest we have no expectations as but we believe if all the fans buy it we'll do OK. The call has gone out and from the emails we've received it would appear the faithful are going to do us proud. You're absolutely right that it would be a great moment for all of us if we got a good chart position, but we'll count anywhere in the top 75 as a victory. After all as a small label we're relying on the tour and you lot doing the job of promoting it, rather than radio play and a huge marketing campaign like say The Stereophonics (who have a single out the same week, nice tune, please don't buy it unless you buy two of ours, ha ha). Good luck team, the hour of need approaches, we'll see you all out there....

Q: Hiya chaps. You already know my views on SATS. So we wont go there, again. My question is to Luke. (nothing personal other chaps) Luke, regarding El Gringo Retro. What's the chances of us mortals getting another burst of your 'private' musical talents? I bought the album out of loyalty to the band and didn't really expect the musical content to be much cop, much like most other so-called solo projects (Richie Sambora being the exception to the rule). I was very pleasantly surprised. I still play the CD about a dozen times a week, it's THAT good. Knowing the prolific song writing talents you possess, I feel there must be another couple of Retro's lying around on your living room floor. What's our chances? 2 little questions. Am I wrong in thinking there were a couple of video's from the Retro sessions? Where'd they go? Finally, since you gave up the ciggies, do you find your singing to be getting stronger or better in any way? Nice haircut, by the way. See you at the Astoria and Cornex. Pablo the anticipator.
L: Thanks for the nice comments re. 'Gringo'. I don't have any plans to make another solo album at the moment although it's not out of the question in the future. I did make videos for 'Go With The Flow' and 'One Drop' but there's no plans to release them at the moment although once again it may happen at some point. Thunder is my priority right now so it's difficult finding the time for anything else. As for quitting the evil weed, I'm still not smoking after nearly 5 months so I guess I'll find out over the next couple of weeks if it's had any effect on my Hobson's..........................

Q: If "Loser" sells well (which I have bought 3 of...2 for the converted Thunder fans onboard. I think you should release "If I can't feel Love". You really do put great emotion into that All the best for next week.Did you like the pictures?? Graham, Cruise Ship
D: Nice idea, let's see if the opportunity arises. Pics were nice, especially the one in front of the Thunder shop...

Q: Danny. Sorry about this but I've got a question and a little winge! Firstly I loved the Penthouse interview, but, being a girlie it was a tad embarrassing buying it! So for all us girlies, would you, if asked, consider doing the next one for Playgirl? Cookie, Kent
D: I understand the need for this question to be asked and I think I can say with a degree of certainty that if they ask I'd be happy to do an interview with PG but I say it because I'm pretty sure at my age it won't happen.

Q: I am really sorry that I won't be able to make it back to the UK for any of the concerts in May. It might not be known yet for sure, but do you expect to tour again later in the year? Guy, Belgium
D: If these shows go well (and I see no reason why they won't), we would like to do some more UK shows in November.

Q: Hi Danny, can't wait to see you on the 22nd at Wolverhampton. I would just like to know how can you tell that you like a song.. when I hear a great song I get goosebumps, might be a silly question but I just wondered. I do like the slower songs you do and the stories behind them, but I do like the ones that kick arse. me and my sister first saw you guys at the NEC Birmingham when you were support band for Heart, we loved you then and still do, when Heart came on we were board to say the least... Mel, Hereford
D: My gauge for songs is the same as yours, if it gets me going straight away it's probably a cracker, if not it doesn't usually grow on me. It's all about the hairs on the back of your neck or the goosebumps down the spine...

Q: Luke, did you guys ever perform Distant Thunder live? And is the live version of Another Shot of Love the only one you ever did on that tour? Matt
L: We did play 'Distant Thunder' on the BSS tour and we played 'Another Shot....' regularly during our first couple of club tours as far as I can remember.

Q: Hello one and all. Firstly if I can say that the new album is fantastic, well worth waiting for. My second point, if I can just go back to a question that was answered regarding the number of music videos that have been produced over the years. To my surprise I read that all in all, Luke listed about 18 including the US versions, and I have only seen 4.I appreciate that you may not have direct control, but is there any possibility that one day this compilation may become available on a DVD or Video format? If not what becomes of them or are they just deleted? Simon Walker, Sheffield
L: We fully intend to get these videos released on DVD but as it stands we are not as you said, in control of the situation. All I can say at the moment is we are determined to make it happen so watch this space.................

Q: Hello from myself & all thunder fans at 42 commando royal marines out here in Iraq!! Having been away sometime now, I've missed the release of the new CD and also news of the band, especially the tour. We are in the process of packing up and returning home on 15/5/03 just in time for the Manchester gig, however with only a few days before the gig I doubt if I will be able to get a couple of tickets, is there anything you can do ?? This is the first & only chance to use the internet since early Jan !! Good luck with the tour I hope to catch up with you all for a few beers in Manchester. Steve Boland, Iraq
D: The Manchester show won't sell out I'm sure, so you should have no trouble getting tickets at the last minute. Trust your trip home will be OK, and get along to see us if you can. The vibe is building so I expect it to be a cracker.

Q: As a beginner learning the guitar, where can you get a better selection of LEFT handed axes! Paul Wright, Surrey
L: There isn't anywhere I know of in the UK that sells specifically to left-handers but there is a place in Pasadena, California although I can't remember the name! One thing you can do is contact several music shops, tell them what you're looking for and get them to alert you if the guitar you desire becomes available.

Q: Hi Guys! Just a passing thought! I think you would do a cracking version of "when the levee breaks" the old Zepp classic! What do you reckon? Love the new album, so good to have you back with us again. Matt, Warwickshire
L: There's lots of stuff from the Zeppelin catalogue we've played in rehearsal or in soundchecks and it's great fun to do. I don't think we've ever attempted 'Levee' though.

Q: Does Paul still throw his mike stand way into the air (location permitting) and have you ever done the same with your bass? Brooksie, Mors
C: You wouldn't believe the things Paul does with his mike stand.... no, I've never thrown my bass in the air. I've often been tempted, but I love my instruments too much to risk dropping them on the floor, which you can be sure I would do.

Q: Just going through the collection and was looking at Giving The Game Away and was a bit surprised not to see "The Only One" on it when it was released as a single prior to the album during the Sheppard's Bush live gig it was introduced as a new track and I thought it was on the album! What happened that it didn't make it? Cole, N. Ireland
L: We figured that people would prefer to listen to an album consisting of 100% new material rather than include a song that had already been released.

Q: At the moment me and a couple of friends are practicing your songs but when we are finished do we have to ask your permission to perform in front audiences that haven't heard your songs before? (P.s. if we were being paid, I wasn't sure). Jools Johnson, Weymouth
L: No.....you're not required to pay us. If you are performing in a public venue then that venue should by law have a PRS (Performing Rights Society) licence and in the case of small venues (pubs + clubs etc.) they pay an annual fee to the PRS. In the case of larger professional venues, they have to pay a fee based on their capacity and the artists that perform there submit a list of songs played in their set . All the relevant information is then passed on to the PRS who keep a record of all registered songs and songwriters and they make the appropriate distribution to the relevant songwriter. Sorry to go into so much detail but if you are performing music it's all useful information.

Q: Whilst I'm aware that there weren't any local elections in London today, if there had been how would you have voted this time round and why ? (I religiously cast mine for Labour for years, then protest-voted for the Limp Debs (sic) last year but couldn't bring myself to turn out for any of them slimeballs this time) Paul Edmondson, Pompey (Champions!)
B: Sorry that's between myself and the ballot box. But I do think everyone should vote, all around the world people have given their lives for the right to vote, it is not an opportunity that should never be squandered, unless, it's raining or there's something good on the tele that night.
D: Without wishing to cause offence, I prefer to keep my politics to myself so I'll refrain from giving an answer to that one if you don't mind.

Q: I am a fan from Holland and I want to buy the album "Shooting at the Sun", but all the stores in Holland tell me that the CD will be released at 7 April, but the CD isn't still out and it's 1 May???? Can you tell me why? Marco, Holland
T: The CD has not been released in Holland, only in the U.K. and Japan. The April 7th release date was for the U.K. only. We hope to release the album in Holland at some point, but there are no firm plans as yet. The quickest way to get the CD is to order it from Townsend Records who will ship internationally at very reasonable rates.

Q: Hi lads, great new album, a real return to form with some brilliant songs and performances, the vibe of the album comes across of a band really enjoying what they do and I hope it does well for you. I got the SATS and B/M albums from Townsends and would like to say what a good service they provide. I seem to recall Danny and Luke being Doobie Brothers fans and was just wondering if it was the early rocky stuff they were into or the later pop/soul stuff they did with Michael McDonald in the band, either way a class act. Also for Chris and Harry, what was it like touring with the legend that is Graham Bonnet ? What a voice...Can't wait for the tour, all the best. Andy, Cambridge
H: Yes Mr Bonnet still has a remarkable voice. A memorable tour and you never know, we may see Graham again soon???
L: I'm a massive Doobies fan and still listen to them a lot. They were a really good rock band earlier in their career and developed into a interesting hybrid of soul, r'n'b and rock. I like pretty much everything they did and both Michael McDonald and Tom Johnstone are great singers.
C: You're right - Graham Bonnet still has an amazing voice. You mustn't forget that Don Airey (who is now with Deep Purple) was on keys for that tour, and it was an absolute pleasure working with him. Can that boy play!

Q: Hi guys, seeing that you enjoy the thrills of motorcycles, and racing, I was wondering if any of you were into F1. If so, which particular drivers/teams do you follow and what do you think of the this years season so far? See you in Cambridge. Dave
H: I am a fan of F1. I have no fav driver or team but will always look out for any British driver. I watch it whenever I can and normally check the results. Last season was a bit boring, but this season, with the changes in the rules, I think it will be far more exciting and less one sided!
B: I do like F1 I have to admit. I don't follow any particular team but I always champion the British drivers. I am just getting to grips with this seasons rule changes but I think Michael Shcumacher and Ferrari should be very flattered that they had to change the rules to stop them winning so often!
L: I have to 'fess up and say that I have no interest in motorsport at all. Having said that, I am looking forward to visiting Thruxton so maybe I'll feel differently afterwards.

Q: What is your opinion of a 35 year-old father of two (my husband) who has just bought a full size drumkit and put it in our dining room along with five electric guitars and two amps? Should I be concerned? Looking forward to Manchester Academy on 19th. Chris, Lymm
H: Chris - calm your pants! Sounds like a party just waiting to happen!
L: You should only be concerned if he tries to play them all at once.

Q: The English Summer is fast approaching(!) which means "Festivals", which of the 2003 ones would you like to go to and why? Sue the Jug, Kingston
H: Sue - To be honest, I prefer to be an artist than a spectator at a festivaL: however Ben and I did go to Donnington one year as
spectators - That was OK - How's the jug?
B: The Harvest Thanksgiving Festival is always one of my favourites
L: I don't enjoy the experience of watching bands at festivals any more probably because I went to so many as a kid. I do love playing at them though!

Q: Did u enjoy yourselves at Thruxton? Cath, Somerset
H: It was a great day day-Loved the competion and cheering on the Hawk Kawasaki Team. We were well looked after. (Thanks Nik) Would love to do it again sometime. There were some very interesting sights to behold!
B: It was a great day and our hosts Hawk Kawasaki looked after us very well indeed, thanks Nick! It has rekindled my motorbiking interests I am pleased to say.
L: Yes; we were very well looked after, it was a fun day and interesting to look behind the scenes at that kind of event. The promotional girls were very nice as well !!
C: It was my first Superbike race, so I found it very interesting and exciting. We were extremely well looked after by the lovely chaps from Kawasaki, so a great day was had by all.

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Q: Is there any guitar player you would most like to play live with or record with? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
L:: There's so many great guitar players out there.....if you refer to my earlier answers about favourite bands/influences you'll get a pretty good idea who I really like.

Q: I was reading through my old Thunder Channel stuff and found a question and answers sheet you guys had filled out. Being quite an avid reader myself I was interested to read the sections about your favourite books at the time. Following your comment about the horse whisperer I read it myself and, er, cried like a girlie!!!! he he! Are there any other good books either of you recommend as I've run out of Grishams and Evans and needs something to read!!!! Shelley Webster, Wolverhampton
L: I would recommend 'Man + Boy' by Tony Parsons; quite brilliant on the male condition as well as being sad + funny.

Q: You played Brixton academy and Stevie Salas and Sass Jordan came on for an encore. Can you remember the songs you did and any chance you could have them as support when you tour? M Hodd, Luton
L: I think we played 'Too Rolling Stoned' which is a Robin Trower song (from the album 'Bridge Of Sighs') and 'Gimme Some Lovin' with Sass + Stevie. As far as them playing with us goes it's too early to say at this stage.

Q: Just wanted to say that I loved the Thunder cover versions and always thought that you should have done a cover of The Knack's 'My Sharona'. Would have been great hearing Thunder put their own mark on a great rock track. What do you think? And by the way Luke, I have recently lent El Gringo Retro to a work colleague, who had never heard of you, and she thought it was wonderful! Just thought you'd like to know. Andy
L: Yes...I think we would have played 'My Sharona' very well...I think we may have even played it during a sound check somewhere. Glad to hear you're spreading the word about 'Gringo'. Keep up the good work!!

Q: I know this is a bit in the past, but thank you for writing and performing "You Can't Live Your Life In A Day". The lyrics of that helped me get through a very dark period in my life, and I still listen to it regularly. I'm amazed it was never a single... still, onward and upward, eh? I was unfortunate enough to miss Luke's show in Glasgow at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut (gotta love that name) due to my son being born (inconsiderate little git) and was just wondering what you thought of Glasgow audiences through your career? I remember a few mad nights at the Barrowlands myself, especially when Skin supported you guys. I was at the meet and greet after it, and the programme signed by both bands is still one of my treasured possessions! Hopefully we'll see you guys soon - look out for a fat bloke with glasses and long hair acting mental to the right hand side of the stage, it'll probably be me... Tony Cottam, Glasgow
L: Thanks for your comments on 'You Can't Live Your Life In A Day'. We've always had great shows in Glasgow and Barrowlands is a super venue with an unforgettable atmosphere; everyone goes out of their way to enjoy the show and make themselves part of it. The sprung dance floor is a bit scary though when the audience jumps up and down !!!!

Q: Have either of you guys been to Metal Sludge and if so what did you think of it? I know it doesn't mention you guys but it does slander some former touring partners, so are they right?! Matt, Notts
L: Somebody told me about this site a while ago and I don't have any feelings about it one way or the other. I'm not interested in whether or not a musician is well-hung if I like the music he plays !!

Q: Many great things are about to happen this summer. I'm going to be a father for the first time and you guys are doing an album together. Who contacted who about making the album? Henrik Larsson, Sweden
L: That's a very difficult question to answer correctly as it was a gradual process of events that led up to us doing this record. Initially I was going to write + produce a solo album for Danny and then somewhere along the line we decided that it was going to be a joint project. You have to remember that we are very good friends so it's not a question of us only speaking when we're working together; we have the kind of relationship whereby we run things past each other regularly so a lot of things occur by a sort of natural osmosis (good word....must try and get it in a song).

Q: Glad to see you guys back. Any live shows planned? Can't wait to get back to the days of Glasgow Plaza & Barrowlands and also Don Valley Stadium. All the best with the album. Mark, Glasgow
T: Live shows in Japan have already been announced on the News page.  Stay tuned for news of any U.K. dates, as you will hear it here first!

Q: I've been a mega fan for most of my adult life (about 13 years now ...god am I that old) and have always thought you were the best band ever.  Anyway....I was in HMV today asking about your album and they said they'd never heard of you! I tried to explain and they haughtily told me that they were the best place for albums and if they didn't know about it then it obviously didn't exist.  Do you want to yell them or shall I??? Emma, Leicester
T: Well, I think that on the day of release (Monday 27th May) you should go up to the counter, find said salesperson, wave a copy of 'Moving Swiftly Along' in his face and ask him to explain why HMV are selling an album that "doesn't exist"!!!  It is possible that HMV have not added it to their pre-release sheets yet, but many on-line retailers are already taking orders.  It will most definitely be in your local record shop (yes, that includes you Mr. HMV) on 27th May. 

Q: Would Mr. Morley come clean as to who "Sacred Cow" was written about ?? There was a lot of discussion about it from us old hardcore Thunder fans when Luke's album came out. This leads me onto Q2 - we have also been talking about where all these new fans have come from !! They didn't post on thunderchannel.com or Luke's site so why now ???? Cleggy
L: I think it would be a lot more interesting to know who you guys think it's about. It is about somebody close to me but I'd rather not say who. I don't care where the new people come from as long as they keep coming....the more, the merrier.

Q: I must say that there is one thing that I have been wondering about all this years! Why do you almost release the Japanese albums with bonus tracks. I must say that is not fair! In that way I usually can not get my hands on those bonus songs without importing the whole album which costs me a fortune. Is this a deal with the record company ? If so, please please renegotiate you're deals for the future. And thank you very much for not having any bonus Japanese only tracks on you're new album. Inge Hassel, Norway
T: The bonus tracks are on there because it is cheaper for the Japanese to buy imports from the UK or US than from Japan. Without the bonus tracks no one would buy Japanese versions and the record companies would all fall.  Therefore, the record companies insist on the bonus tracks so that the record buying public in Japan are convinced to buy home grown editions, keeping the Japanese market alive! (please note its the record companies that insist this and not the artist!).

Q: Having never heard the Terraplane album  "Moving Target" I was looking at the track listing and saw a song "Nothing On But The Radio". Put me out of my misery - is it the same as the recent Alice Band song of the same title. Steve C
T: Nope - two completely different songs!

Q: First came across you guys in the early Nineties via a late night ITV show called "Raw Power" (I was in my late 30s back then and hadn't yet succumbed to the Horlicks-and-early-night routine!) Totally smitten by your offerings, having grown up with the likes of Free, Bad Co. et al, I assiduously made a point of recording each programme just in case a "Thunder" track was featured. I struck lucky on more than a couple of occasions and finally got round to editing the clips on to a compilation video. But can I find the bl...y thing anywhere now ...!? (most likely fell victim to a raid by my kids anxious to record some inane offering or other by Ant and Dec !) Any idea where I might be able to get hold of these bits of gem footage again? Paul Edmondson, Portsmouth
T: Sorry Paul, but there are no Thunder video compilations available.  There was once a collection of the videos from Backstreet Symphony (along with footage from Donington '90) available. However, this has long been deleted and is highly sought after.  It crops up on Ebay every now and again, but be prepared to pay £30 + for it!
L: I'm afraid old TV footage is not something we or our management/label kept up with. Sporadically I was sent a few things here + there but a proper video archive doesn't exist to my knowledge. You could try writing directly to the TV station/production company that made the show or you could try leaving a message on the message board here....you never know. good luck.

Q: My question may sound a bit strange...but then maybe it won't...are there or have there ever been ANY song (either by yourselves...or by some other artist )...that had a profound effect on you ..whether it be the emotion of the song itself, or maybe the performance of the artist...I realise that something like this may be a personal thing but would appreciate your thoughts. Paul K
L: For pure unadulterated emotion and for maximum spine-tingling effect I would have to choose Pink Floyd's 'Great Gig In The Sky'. There are no lyrics just a beautiful and timeless piece of vocal ad-libbing/emoting by Clare Torry (I think)......wonderful. Anyone who hasn't heard this should rush out to the nearest record shop and buy it immediately.

Q: Luke, I've unsuccessfully tried to reproduce your 'usual' guitar sound on my Epiphone 335 dot and peavey amp.  Do you use any special effects or is it just a combination of the Les Paul and Boogie amp. (Promise I won't give away your secret, it'll just be between you and me).  Great have you both back together, the clips from the new album sound great !!!! Let's have more. Paul, Manchester
L: There is no secret; as you say it's just the Gibson and the Boogie (or the Fender amp for recording)

Q: When was the last time either of you heard of/from Mikael, Ben, Snake and Harry. What are they up to these days? Mark Burton, London
L: We all still speak regularly even if we don't see each other as often as we should due to everyone being busy. I see Snake very occasionally on the London social roundabout. Mikael obviously being in Sweden means I don't get to see him very often. The last time I saw him was when he came to visit me in Spain 2 years ago and that was the first time I'd seen him for 5 years. We do keep in touch via email though. Harry has just been on tour with Magnum and is as eccentric as ever. Benny is involved in various studio projects and designing websites. Mikael is working in I.T. in Stockholm although I believe he still straps on the bass occasionally to play in a hard rock covers band. Snake has not long ago become a father for the 2nd time and recently sold a courier business he used to co-own.

Q: What is the strangest gift you've received from a fan? Or what's the strangest or scariest thing a fan has done? Shell, Lake Tahoe CA
L: I can't recall any gift that would be construed as being strange unless you count baby oil, chocolate massage cream or flavoured condoms although we've signed some interesting things over the years; anatomy, Tampax, beer cans and all manner of clothing and underwear. The scariest thing a fan has done......one guy wore a Thunder t-shirt on TV (Crimewatch) during a reconstruction of the last known movements of his then missing girlfriend; he was eventually convicted of her murder.......I'd say that was pretty strange and scary; it certainly horrified us.

Q: Pat Butcher, or some lovin' from Mike Tyson? Death is not an option! James, Leeds
L: James you are a very sick puppy ! I think if you tried to make love to Mike Tyson death wouldn't be an option, it would be a certainty !!! Having said that I wouldn't like to fight Pat Butcher.......

Q: If you both had the choice of any band, who would you like to support or be supported by? Are you at all nervous before you go on stage and if so what do you do to calm yourselves down or are you just super cool? Mags & Fiona, Fife
D: I'd love to be supported by The Rolling Stones. They'd really get the audience going and ready for us, and I'm pretty sure they would be a good sized crowd too...... As for nerves, I have to say there have only been a couple of times when I've had butterflies in the stomach, and on both occasions I remember not doing anything particular, because once the show kicks off it's "you and them", and the adrenalin takes over...
L: If you scroll down to an earlier question about influences, look at that answer and pick any or all of the bands mentioned there.
I don't get nervous anymore....once you've walked on stage in front of 70,000 people there really is no need to be nervous anymore!!!

Q: Luke, is there a particular song that you have written that is dedicated to someone else? Kevin Figg, Kent
L: Many songs that I've written are about people I know or love or even despise in some cases. There are also a few that are dedicated to specific people but I'm not telling you who to protect the innocent !!!

Q: Luke, How do you come up with so many amazing love songs? This may sound like a bizzarre question, but I've noticed that you've written about every type of love there is... lost love, hopeful love, future love, love-at-first site, and the greatest "I Hate You" Love song... Dirty Love! I've always dug this but wondered where you got the heart for it. Brian Macdonald, Boston, USA
L: Human relationships fascinate me and I think like most people I'm romantic at heart.
Many years ago in the 80's the band as it then was (Terraplane) were recording a demo with a guy called Mike Batt producing (Mike is famous for writing 'Remember You're A Womble' and also 'Bright Eyes' and numerous other things). He asked me if we had any ballads which at that time (1983) we didn't. He naturally asked me why and I told him I didn't know how to write a ballad. He then gave me some very good advice: " Just tell the truth" he said. " And if you can't tell the truth then use your imagination, and if that doesn't work, lie!!!" Simple but good advice.

Q: Luke, When you tour, will you be wearing those tight leather trousers that I saw you in at one of the many Thunder gigs that I went to? Horny or what?? My husband wants to know if it's possible to get a copy of the Go With The Flow video? He won't take the CD out of the car, says it's the best album in his collection. Sue Parsons, Southampton
L: I'm not altogether sure if I will wear leather trousers again as the last time I did I was mistaken for Nicky Clarke. That's enough to put you off for life !! I'm flattered that you found them to your taste though. I don't have any plans to commercially release the 'Flow' video right now but if that changes you'll read about it here first. Also I'm glad your other half likes to play 'El Gringo' in the car as long as it doesn't make him crash !!

Q: Interesting to read Luke's comment that weddings make him nervous. Any reason? Has he ever had one of his own? If I mentioned that I was blonde, mid twenties, Australian, with a good job ... would this change his opinion??! Seriously, hoping he hasn't had any bad experiences. Hobi
L: I find the ceremony element of weddings a little bit out of step with the modern world to be honest; I find the vows totally archaic and unsuitable for me. The lovely couple I met in the desert outside Las Vegas ( I'd never met them before but I ended up witnessing their marriage) had the right idea; to me it's all about two people declaring their love for each other so why do you need all the paraphernalia that usually accompanies weddings? They are supposed to be fun after all. I know this might not be a popular point of view and I'm not trying to offend those of you who have had the wedding of your dreams; it's just that for me the traditional route wouldn't be what I would choose if indeed I ever did get married. The thing is Hobi, if indeed you are blonde, mid-twenties, Australian (I love Antipodeans as they tend to say what they think) and you also have a good job then you are probably too good to be true ! Can you cook as well ?

Q: Hi Luke, you must know that there are a lot of people out there who have enjoyed your music for many years now. Have you ever considered a 'meet the people' session in a pub somewhere, where those who are interested to meet the man behind the music could do so, over a pint or two? Or are too many of your 'fans' just a bit to freaky for you to want to meet them?! Hannah, London
L: As you will know if you came to Thunder shows in the past we always had a post gig meet + greet with the members of Thunderchannel. We enjoyed doing this as it was an informal and relaxed exchange but I'm not sure if I fancy sitting in a room and talking about myself all night. I think the songs shouldn't be analysed too deeply as they mean different things to different people.

Q: While I was at Uni studying Film I spent at least an hour travelling back and to listening to THUNDER to keep me sane in the traffic jams! While I was there I had to write a couple of scripts and for some reason when visualising what was going on I kept on picturing Danny playing one of my characters. To the point now....... Have either of you acted or do you fancy a go at it? Not necessarily as a permanent career move, just coz you wanted to try? Helen, Crewe/Stoke.
L: Good question......I spend a lot of time watching films, probably as many as ten a week on average so I've always fancied being involved on some level. As much as I fancy myself as being able to act, when I watch De Niro, Pacino, Edward Norton, Jodie Foster, Cameron Diaz (underrated), Helen Mirren or any quality actor doing their thing I realise that I'm fooling myself. More realistically I have had a few ideas for scripts that I've scribbled down here and there but never had the time to expand. It would be nice to work on a soundtrack as well at some point so you never know.

Q: FirsT: for Luke: what is a nice Rioja?? And I want to ask you about "They Think it's all over...it's now". There are some "jumps" recorded in the song "Fly on the wall", at 0:31, 1:27 and 2:22, and in the song "Love walked in" at 5:20. Those are defects from the company which had recorded the shows with this "jumps"? Why didn't they solve those songs before releasing the album? Walter Valdez, Argentina
L: Rioja is a Spanish wine from the 'Rioja' region. Check out Faustino Gran Reserva or Marques De Riscal....I recommend them both.
T: The "jumps" on 'They Think It's All Over...' were not actually faults with the recording of the gig, but a fault with the pressing of the CDs.  Most of the time these kind of things are detected and fixed before the album is released, but occasionally one slips through the net.  It's just one of those things!  At the time though, the record company did offer to replace faulty discs with fixed ones for those that had purchased the album.

Q: Do u both remember the days back at the white horse Blackheath as Nuthin' Fancy & do u think u should have made it BIG with that band!!! Tony. London
L: Actually Tony, it was The White Swan in Greenwich !!! I don't think we were anywhere near good enough in those days to have been successful; we were very young and learning our craft as musicians and performers and I hadn't written a decent song at that stage. They were fun times though......

Q: Could both of you give us a typical run through of a normal day. Kevin Figg, Kent
D: Typical day? I don't have a typical day. My life's far too glamorous (ha ha), I can't write it down, it would make you too upset to discover just how highly charged every day is for me. Seriously though, I count myself incredibly lucky that I don't have a routine working day as such like most people. However, it's not all beer and skittles being me, resisting getting a job 24 hours a day is very hard work you know......
L: Can't imagine why you'd want to know this Kevin but here goes; At around 7.30/8.00 I get out of bed and if I'm not hungover I will either go for a jog (not as often as I should) or walk to the newsagents and read the papers over a nice cup of tea. I tend to spend most days working in my home studio either writing or recording a demo of something I've written recently. This process is constantly interrupted by the phone ringing but usually I'll get some work done. I normally break for lunch about 2o'clock and then check my emails responding where necessary. It's then back in the studio 'til around 5ish then I watch the news and perhaps grab a quick power nap on the sofa. In the evening if I stay in I cook (pasta is my favourite washed down with a nice Rioja) and watch a movie on DVD or if there's something good on TV I'll watch that. If I go out it will usually be to eat (Italian, Japanese, Thai) or sometimes hook up with a mate, drink heavily and put the world to rights. I normally manage to get to bed around 1am but if I've been out socialising it's nearly always later. I hope you find this interesting 'cos it sounds fairly normal to me !!!!

Q: Danny, I spoke with you at the hotel in Copenhagen on your short  Euro tour in 97. You told me you were working on a solo project as a solo artist for EMI. Did you drop that project? Henrik Jensen
D: My record company (EMI) had a big personnel shake up, and the people who signed me moved on to pastures new. Consequently I found it impossible to get any help from the label. So after wasting a considerable amount of time finding and working with different people and getting nowhere, I eventually became very disillusioned and gave up. Record company politics, no different from other businesses I guess. However, as it turned out, they paid me quite a considerable sum in the end to not make a record, not quite in the Mariah Carey league admittedly, but I suppose you have to look for the silver lining in every cloud.....

Q: The one question I have always wanted to ask is......Was there any truth to the rumour in the 90's that Luke was asked to join Whitesnake?  I remember seeing you at the Bristol Bierkeller when this rumour was circulating and there was a very uncomplimentary chant by the crowd going on directed at Mr. Coverdale.  If this rumour was true then I am glad Luke stayed with Thunder as the music and the live shows have always been fantastic.  Keep up the good work and I hope to see some tour dates soon!  Kevin Wheeler, Wiltshire 
L: No. There was no truth in the rumour. I was asked to join The Beatles though.......or was I ?

Q: Hello Luke, It was so nice of you to be our witness to our wedding and also to meet Ian and your crew on December 1 2000. I was heading out to Las Vegas again wondering when you next trip there would be? Are you planning a trip to Holland? Thank you for the wonderful write up as well as being in the promo video of "Go With The Flow". You have truly given my husband and I a wedding to remember. Shantusha and Paul Geltink
L: Glad too see you are still together......and they said it would never last........Seriously though it was a pleasure to meet you both and a little surreal at the same time; either way it was memorable ! I don't have any plans to go back to Vegas at the moment but I'm sure I will at some point.

Q: I remember reading that John Gregory was a huge Thunder fan and used to play your songs as inspiration prior to Villa going out for games...Is this true?!!! (PS)....I presume the Derby boys weren't Rockers!!!!!!! Paul K
L: John did come to see Thunder a few times and hung out with us here + there. Whether or not he actually played our stuff as inspiration for Villa I don't actually know.........I think you're right in assuming he definitely didn't at Derby !!!!!! 

Q: To Danny, here's some house renovation advice- 1. DON'T have an injection damp-proof course injected into damp- affected  walls-they're crap,  get a plastic membrane inserted instead!  And use an NICEIC registered electrician for any electrical work that needs to be done and go for good quality kitchen units and bathroom suites-with your kind of money it won't break the bank.  Use a surveyor/architect to inspect any building work carried out.  All the best in your new ventures -  end of lecture. Paul, Merseyside
D: Thanks for the advice on building regulations etc, but you wrongly assume I know nothing on the subject. I was in the building trade for a long time before I was able to make a living from music. In addition most of my friends are plumbers, builders, roofers, electricians etc so there's really no need to worry about my house falling down around me. Besides it's been nearly finished for nigh on two years....

Q: I'm sorry, you're wrong and I think you know it. The selling of the CD won't be good unless you make it popular BY TOURING! You can't expect people to know about the CD. I know there are a lot of THUNDER-Fans in Germany but only few will know about your new project. For long-time rockers like you it would be hard to do support-gigs, but if you can't get a headliner-tour it would be better than not to play. Epi, Germany
T: I'm afraid it's not as simple as that!  Touring is not the only way of generating interest in an album.  The record companies job is to promote the record by arranging things like interviews, advertisements, etc.  If the record company does their job properly this will generate enough interest for a tour there BUT there has to be a certain amount of interest in the country/city/wherever before the band can play there - i.e.. they have to have sold a good few records.  Gigs can only be played if there is a concert promoter that is willing to put on a gig in that area for that band.  The concert promoter will only be interested in putting on a gig if they are going to make money from it.  If the record doesn't sell well, no one is going to be interested.  And what is the point in the guys travelling all that way to play to hardly anyone and lose money.  Like I said before, we'll have to wait and see what happens...

Q: From the release of Thunders début album up until the final album there wasn't a bad one among the lot, in fact they were all great!! And seeing Thunder for the one and only time Live at Folkestone in 1999 I could definitely say you were amazing live. However, Thunder were never really mainstream and no one I know has ever heard of Thunder, Do you believe that Thunder were underrated? I would certainly class Thunder as one of the top 10 best Rock acts in the world ever, along with the likes of, Status Quo, AC/DC, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, etc. Does it bother you to think that you were much more talented/skilled than ever recognized for? Liam Roberts
L: I think that perhaps Thunder would have been more successful internationally had we been around a couple of years earlier than we were. As Danny has said in other answers Grunge blew us out the water especially in the USA and if you happen to be successful there, there's nearly always a knock on effect elsewhere. Although we weren't a household name (although we were on the back of a packet of Corn Flakes once !) we were a success in as much as we had 16 top 40 singles, sold out a good percentage of the shows we did, sold in excess of a million records worldwide...we got to do things that we'd dreamed about as kids and make a living and he who is paid to do what he loves doing is a lucky man indeed !

Q: Awaiting the album with antici.........pation. My wife is delighted having hitched onto my Thunder fixation. She thankfully stopped short of making me wear a Harry mask in bed. However can you settle a sad argument. Are you totally left handed or just for guitar. My idiot monkey chum claims that, like Hendrix allegedly, you are in fact right handed for all other things. Finally Dougie White was mentioned as a friend of yours. Not the Dougie White from Glasgow, of La Paz surely. Stu, East Kilbride
L: I am naturally left-handed; however I do play cricket and golf right handed and eat right handed. Dougie is definitely from Glasgow; not sure if he was in a band called La Paz. I know he was in Violent Blue and Rainbow.

Q: Hi, I just will ask one question and this is addressed to Danny: you say you have been working behind the scenes in the film & video industry, would you please, let us know what exactly were you doing, and which are the films and videos?? I hope the Japan gig let you enjoy a lot and come with a strong urge to play around the world entire!!!! Walter Jorge Valdez, Argentina
D: I'm afraid the exact nature of my business is just that.  As for touring, I hope you're right, but wanting to, and being able to tour the world are sadly very different animals. Ho hum...

Q: Are you both surprised at what's happened to you over the last 20 years or so? You've brought a lot of enjoyment with your albums and gigs from when I first came across you bottom of the bill at Reading Festival. Good to see you're still doing what you do well, and I look forward to hearing what you do well soon. Steve Harvey, Brackley
D: The one big thing that constantly surprises me is that we're still doing it. It's a privileged position to be in, and we have always tried not to forget that.
L: It has been a bit of a journey since Reading '82. Without wishing to sound arrogant I always felt if people heard what we were doing, a good percentage of them would like the noise we made. Thank God enough people bought the records + came to the gigs to keep me in food and beer.

Q: Hi Luke. I remember seeing you at a very cosy and intimate Page and Plant gig at the University of London a couple of years ago (I didn't actually pluck up the courage to come and ask you whether you fancied a beer or not though!).  I'm not a huge, huge Zeppelin fan but I did think it was a good show. Can you remember it, did you enjoy it, have you met either of them and were you a big Zeppelin fan yourself - or did you just blag a free ticket and have nothing better to do that night ?? Mark Burton, London
L: I do indeed remember the show, which for a Zeppelin fan like myself was very special as they played an unusual selection of material. I think they were almost rehearsing for the tour that came afterwards which gave the gig a nice relaxed feel.  I have met both of them but I haven't really engaged R.P. in a conversation. However I have spent a few evenings in the company of Mr. Page who is a true gentleman. He came to a few Thunder shows over the years and I am fortunate enough to still see him occasionally on the odd social occasion.

Q: Gear question...Les Paul into a Marshall right? Anything in between? Wha pedal? Delay? Chorus? Lefty Jimi, USA
L: Live it's a Les Paul into a Boogie Mk. 2.  Studio it's a Les Paul, Telecaster or Stratocaster into a Fender Twin (clean sounds) or the Fender amp that Sambora uses (sorry, can't remember the model name !!). Don't like FX as I tend to trip over them !!

Q: You may have heard that Bad Company are touring the U.K. in September, no doubt you will catch them at the Hammersmith gig. when I first heard thunder I knew you must have been very much into Bad Co, Free, etc. How much influence did they have on you ? Looking forward to the new album - it will help ease the loss of thunder, the clips I've heard sound great, a bit of thunder and Bad Co I think. If you want to listen to a great rock CD try Human Stain by Cornerstone its fronted by Dougie White and the bass player from Royal Hunt. Classic Purple and Rainbow, 2002 style. John Ruggiero, Stoke
L: Bad. Co. were a big influence but I would say Free even more so. Kossoff was a great guitar player and Rodgers wasn't a bad singer either !!!!! We know Dougie White so next time I see him I'll get him to send me a copy...Cheers.

Q: Over the years I went to a good many Thunder shows and even got lucky with me being in the live album booklet. A great night was at Manchester Apollo, on election night May 1997. 'Welcome to the party' is a stomper of a song and a fitting tribute to Tony if you're of that persuasion. What I did feel was out of place was the band giving their political views via the spoken word at a gig. Hands up, I was one of the few people who shouted "Get on with it". I want to let my hair down for a couple of ours at a gig and I don't want to hear about politics, religion, rain forests etc. Luke - we all read your lyrics and you're getting the message across by playing these songs, we don't need a sermon at the gigs. Can you chaps comment? Axel Thomas
L: Fair play.......sometimes opinions just seem to come out in the heat of the moment. I don't think Thunder were the worst offenders though.

Q: I know Japan has its attractions, and I have no doubt that they'll welcome you with open arms (I have an 'email pal', Chizuko, who is waiting with baited breath for you to turn up!), but is there any especial reason for the 2 gig promotion tour? And when can we have the same?...Oh and could you detour to Cyprus for us and play a gig in the Mess at Akrotiri? David Ulke, RAF Akrotiri
T: No special reason for the Japan dates, things just fell into place a little quicker over there.  As soon as there are any U.K. dates it will be announced on the site and through the mailing list.

Q: Can you tell me if you will still be holding the Meet And Greet aftershows on your new forthcoming dates. Best wishes to you both and thanks for great times past and present. Mark, Portsmouth
T: As the shows are a little way off yet, the finer details have not yet been worked out.  I dare say that the guys will say hello in some shape or form though...

Q: After your first album was released, did you keep popping into record shops for a sneaking peak at it? Candy, Kent
L: Yes...it is a very proud moment when you see your own section in a shop.

Q: We, my friend Arjen and I, met the hole band some years ago in the Shepherd Bush Empire before a gig. I hope you'll remember. We gave you all wooden shoes from Holland with your names on it, now you know? I wonder, what did you do with the wooden shoes? Fred De Ridder, Holland
L: How could we forget you guys ? It was the one and only time in my life I've been given a pair of shoes.....marvellous. I think Harry still wears his most days.

Q: Luke, you praised The Rev's and I've just bought their album "Sonic Tonic". There's a cracking track on it called "Louis Walsh (says Rock 'n' Roll is dead)" Louis Walsh is the manager of Westlife and Samantha Mumba. The band seem to have the same ethos as yourself when it comes to modern chart music. The theme of the song is very like "Bed of Roses" or "Preaching from a Chair" and with the same element of humour. Just wondering what you saw in the band worth your approval? I had heard them play live at the Irish Rock Music Awards and they blew the place apart. Doc, Ireland
L: The Revs were very entertaining, great musicians, had good tunes and a sense of humour which is a very rare thing. They were also lovely chaps and deserve to be huge.

Q: When you say you didn't record anything in September 1999, you triggered my memory. I know that the show in Glasgow was filmed, I believe for some French TV channel. Do you know what happened to it? It has been nagging me ever since. Petra
L: I do seem to remember a film crew but I never saw or heard anything afterwards. Basically I'm as clueless as you.

Q: Danny, after splitting from Thunder, what have you done ? Did you take a break or did you continue to sing somewhere else ? I have tried  to look you up, but it seems like you just disappeared. But anyhow... I'm glad you're back and that you're working with Luke is even better... missed  you're voice and the teaser tracks from you're new album sound very very promising ! Keep up the good work. Cheers & doodle do... Inge Hassel, Norway
D: I have been extremely busy working behind the scenes in the film & video industry, managing a band and more recently a singer, and at the same time working on my very dilapidated house. A few singing opportunities have been offered, but nothing really exciting enough to tempt me. Until now...

Q: You can have 5 minutes alone with ONE of the following lovely ladies:  Buffy, Britney, Shakira.  Which one would you choose and why? Paul K
L: Interesting question.......I'd choose Buffy because as an actress she might have Penelope Cruz and Charlise Theron in her phone book !!!!

Q: I've got a mate here called Kevin Peach who's a brilliant keyboard player. He claims he knows you all very well and has visited you at different times especially when you guys used to gig in...Spain? Truth or Fiction? Why don't you come over to Gibraltar some time? You'll love it here... Craig Macdonald, Gibraltar
L: No offence to your mate but over the years we have met a lot of people on our travels and it's hard to remember everybody you meet. I'm good with faces and crap with names so it is possible we have met Kevin before.  Gibraltar ? Why not ! It's very close to my favourite golf course on the Costa Del Sol which is called Alcadeisa and you can see the Rock from the first tee.....marvellous.

Q: It seems that since the Thunder departure rock music has again become popular but in the style of nu-metal I just wondered what are the thoughts on this style of music. Also I have to tell you that I am a DJ at JB's night club in good old Dudley in the West Midlands where you played a few years ago and I recently had the pleasure of meeting you're good friend Toby Jepson and I have to say he was superb and he even gave me a promo of his CD to help me promote him. I extend the same gesture to the both of you and would love to see you at JB's and have me DJ for you it would be delightful for me and I'd guarantee a decent crowd. Mark Evans, Dudley
L: 'Nu-metal' is another piece of terminology that can sometimes confuse the issue. As far as I'm concerned it's not about the type or genre of music, it's about the quality. To be obsessed with superficial issues like haircut, clothes and image generally is not a good thing; it's not about what's in and what's out. I like a single that's on the radio all the time currently; I think it's called 'Are We Having Fun Yet'. I think it's by Creed (Note from Thinny: I think he actually means 'How You Remind Me' By Nickelback). I saw a band on MTV called 'A' who I quite liked....shades of Zeppelin and the guy had an interesting voice.  Thanks for your kind offer of a show at the lovely JB's. We'll have to see what our agent recommends.

Q: I saw Thunder about 5 times in Bradford, and Danny & The Doo Wops at Bradford Uni...any chance of dropping in on this s**t hole of a town to cheer us all up again, as either Thunder, D&TDW's or Luke & Danny? Rob, Bradford
T: As previously stated on this page neither Thunder or Danny & The Doo Wops will be playing anywhere in the foreseeable future.  Luke & Danny will be playing gigs at some point, whether or not they play in Bradford remains to be seen, but I'm sure the lads will keep you in mind...

Q: We saw you at the 'Venue' in Edinburgh 3rd of March 1990.  Support band was 'Jagged Edge'.  Do you remember the smaller gigs you played or are they just another date on your tours?  It was a really good night, we spoke to 'Jagged Edge' (Myke Gray & Matt Alfonzetti) they were nice, didn't meet you because we had to get a lift shortly after, but hey! That's life. What kind of venue are you interested in playing on your upcoming tour? Mags & Fiona, Fife
L: I certainly remember The Venue.........I think I must have lost a couple of stone in weight due to the excessive heat + lack of air that night !!!  I remember some gigs and not others, regardless of size. Harry was Thunder's diarist so he probably remembers more than the rest of us.  As far as dates this year are concerned, we will take the advice of our agent and make a decision. Watch this space !

Q: This is for Luke: hi, do you think that "El Gringo Retro" was enough as solo artist? And will you release some live songs from that album. If your new album will be released through Eagle records, what happened with Lefthook Records?, I acquired "El Gringo Retro" from that company. And will you be selling 'Moving Swiftly Along' in Argentina or we will need to deal with Townsend Records? Walter Valdez, Argentina
L: At the moment I don't have any plans to make another solo record but it may happen in the future. I didn't record any of the shows I did last year so I'm afraid there's no 'Live Gringo' !  Lefthook Records was my label created specifically for 'El Gringo' and still exists quietly.....
At the moment there are no plans to release Moving Swiftly Along in your beautiful country.

Q: Luke... You mention that you've seen both T.Rex & Deep Purple at the Lewisham Odeon...well, I never saw you there !!....As I've been the that venue on more that one occasion (The Faces & Wings etc) Can you tell me where you and Danny were born, and which school did you both attend, please... Paul Osborn, Charlton
L: Danny and I both went to Haberdasher's Askes Grammar School in New Cross. I was born in Camberwell and Danny (I think I'm correct in saying) was born in Bow.

Q: I know from your previous answers that you see the Bowes & Morley as a forward looking venture (and perhaps I've answered my own question) but do you think when playing live dates there might be room in the set for any Terraplane material or do you think those early songs are best left alone.  Personally, I think a lot of the songs still well worth a listen & would love to hear Dan belting out Couldn't Handle The Tears or I Survive. Oh and Q. to Luke how do you normally set about writing a song? lyrics first, music first or does it vary? Dean, Derby
L: There won't be any Terraplane songs in the shows we do this year precisely for the reason you stated; they were of their time and now is not that time !!!  There are no rules when it comes to writing. Sometimes it starts with a melody, other times with a lyrical idea or a guitar riff....the point is to keep your mind as open as possible and if you're lucky, sometimes you don't write the song, the song writes you !!! Other times you have to be disciplined and work hard until everything falls into place. The best quote I ever heard on song writing was from Paul McCartney (and he does know a thing or two about it); "Song writing is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration." That says it far better than I ever could !!

Q: I just wondered what was the best Christmas or birthday present you ever received? Candy, Kent
L: One of the best presents I ever had was from my Mum. It was two tickets to see T.Rex at Lewisham Odeon in 1971 for my 11th birthday. Apart from that it's just been the usual sad jumpers and socks that I hate and don't fit me properly .........

Q: Can you recommend any decent rock/blues clubs in Austin Tx, as I'm off to work there in the near future? Webby, U.K.
L: If you walk along 6th Street there's at least ten clubs all with live music of one variety or another. The best thing to do is just see what you come across. The good thing is they're all within 400 yards of each other.

Q: Do you guys, from an enjoyment point of view, prefer those small gigs or big gigs with big crowds? Jase, Newcastle Upon Tyne
D: Live shows are all different, and the atmosphere varies at each. Big shows tend to carry a great sense of occasion, but the band is somewhat removed from the audience. Small shows often lack the sensational aspect, but the very nature of a smaller venue makes it more intimate, more scary in a way because everyone is close and nothing goes unmissed. I have no preference personally, as long as it goes well, and it usually does so life is good....

Q: What do you guy's think of what Marillion have done in getting the fans to 'bank roll' a new album, removing the control from the record company? I was one of the many who happily paid up-front for the CD and I would have to say that Thunder (or you guy's) and Marillion are possibly the only bands I would do this for. Plus are you going to try and do some Christmas shows? My wife and I always attended the London December gigs and Christmas just hasn't been the same since Thunder ended.  Elliott Lilley, London 
D: I thought it was great that the fans got to finance and ultimately get a stake in the record for Marillion. In fact we considered doing it ourselves before we did the last Thunder Live LP with Papillon, but the nature of the deal we struck with Papillon was such that the "control" as you put it was split evenly between them and us, but they did all the work. We preferred this way, but there are no rules (that's the only rule in the music business), and not all record companies are the same, so it's down to personal preference as to how you make and ultimately sell your records. There are no plans at the moment for any Thunder Christmas shows (as Thunder is no more). Sorry your Yules have been un-cool, but I can't shoulder all the blame for that now can I?.

Q: Hello Don & Luke, remember me? It would be nice to see you at the Isle of Man TT this year, will it be possible? Usually we just get a few covers bands but it would be great to get you there. Much more enjoyable. Cant wait for the album followed swiftly by a tour PLEASE.  Helen (Trudy and Hilary's mum!)
D: Yes Mother Pask, of course we remember you, how could we forget? The TT Races sounds nice, but as yet we have no touring arrangements in place apart from 2 shows in Japan. We're talking to movers and shakers alike to explore all the possibilities for shows, and rest assured if it happens, here's where it will be announced first. More than that I cannot say.......

Q: 1. I can understand as professionals why you wouldn't dish the dirt on the worst bands you worked with on a tour, but who were the best? I recall Status Quo were very complimentary towards Thunder when you supported them on a tour in Germany a few years ago...
2. Why did Thunder split so quickly. You (and us) were having so much fun! Was it a legal or financial decision?
3. Had you remained as Thunder, how different would the new material be? Kev, Hampshire
L: Status Quo were great fun, Aerosmith were very professional but a little strange due to their abstinence although Steve Tyler was like a human dynamo; I wouldn't have liked to have seen him in the 70's when they were having it large; Heart were lovely and Ann Wilson can drink whisky with the best of them; Van Halen were nice guys and I couldn't believe after all the years I'd wanted to meet Eddie we only talked about golf! Metallica were my favourites as they have a very English sense of humour; Lars and I were big drinking buddies for a while. Please refer to my earlier answer about Thunder splitting....I don't have the strength to talk about it anymore I can't answer your last question as it is entirely hypothetical although I would say that it would have changed

Q: I notice that you're record company releases a lot of greatest hits & greatest live albums, but I wonder why don't songs that are only featured on singles & Japanese albums (which are hard to find) come on a second "The Rare, The Raw & The Rest"... Like for instance the song "The Damage is Done"... It's a shame that songs like this remain unknown to some people. Also I wonder if there will be possible once to find Music Videos of Thunder, Luke Morley (from the solo album) & from you're new album that's coming up on DVD/VHS, I have seen clips of some Thunder videos on the "In out put the kettle on" & would like to see them in full. Inge Hassel, Norway
L: The thing that you have to realise is that once the relationship between a band and a label is over, the label decides what is released and the band do not have any input. This is because they own the copyright in the recordings; there really is not a lot we can do about it and as I have said before in Q + A we are a lot more concerned with the future. Sorry to sound a little tetchy but everyone has an opinion on what songs should be released and packaged together so please feel free to air your views; just don't expect us to have a definitive view on something that happened 10 years ago that we can't control anymore.

Q: Now then gentlemen, Can't wait for the new album. I have almost everything you ever released in the UK. All the albums, singles, videos, promo releases etc. I just love the B-sides on the singles. Why did you change Can't Live Your Life In A Day? I prefer the b-side to the album version. Any thoughts? Richard Smith
L: 'Can't Live ...' was originally done in my home studio as were all the demos from '93 onwards. The only problem with this was that I couldn't record real drums there so I had to use programmed drums and I don't think they ever feel as good as the real thing. Promise I won't tell Harry that you preferred the ersatz drums. Ironically Thunder's biggest hit was 'A Better Man' and Harry doesn't play on that either.......maybe that's where we went wrong......ha ha ha!

Q: For Luke, bit surreal all this question and answering...and I feel like a bit of t*t but what I wanted to ask was did you find what you were looking for? Such a cheesy question I know...
Some words/music on El Gringo seemed less 'The Day The World Stopped Turning' but more lets take the roof off the car, stick some good music on and just go......... Angela, Switzerland
L: What was I looking for ????? That's a little deep and philosophical..............let me just lay down on your couch Angela;
I don't think I'm looking for anything different to most people; happiness, good health, enough money to live comfortably and not worry. Your comparison between 'El Gringo' and 'The World Stopped Turning' just illustrates the point that songwriters can only reflect their feelings and state of mind at any particular time; there isn't any great significance in what I do; it's only music and words. I suppose that if people who get to hear what we do can identify with the sentiments of the songs or feel better as a result of listening to them then we're doing our job well and it makes me feel that I'm not wasting my time !!!

Q: My next gig is Powderfinger at the end of May at the good old Empire. Any chance that you will be making a surprise appearance?? Candy, Kent
L: We won't be appearing anywhere until we've got a band together and that won't be until we rehearse for the Japanese dates in June. Sorry.

Q: Luke, you mentioned that the only compilation album you have been actively involved with is "The Rare, The Raw and The Rest." I'd like to see another compilation of bsides, rarities and unreleased tracks. Would you be prepared to get involved again if EMI asked you ? By the way, did you ever do "Drive My Car" (or any other unplugged tracks that haven't been released) on the unplugged promo tour for BCD? Mark Burton. London
L: I'm not sure if there's enough material to justify another outtakes album. The problem is that at some point in your life you have to move on and whilst I enjoyed putting 'The Rare....' together, it is an extremely time consuming thing to do and I'm not sure how good it is to spend a month wallowing in your own nostalgia!!!  As far as the unplugged shows we did for BCD go, I have to be honest and say that I can't remember which cover versions we did at that time. Maybe there's somebody out there that does remember ???????

Q: We saw you loads of times with Thunder and saw some rather scary support bands (Electric Boys probably being the worst. What happened to them!) We wondered who you thought was the worst band that ever supported you, that is of course if you can say without getting into trouble. It's wicked that you are back together. Karen & David Edwards, Nuneaton
L: We were always actively involved in choosing our support bands because we always wanted them to be as good as possible. We figured the audience would enjoy the whole evening more and it would make us raise our game so to speak.  I genuinely can't think of one support band we had that I thought were shite.  I can think of a few bands that we supported who were unpleasant and not particularly talented though. However, this isn't the time or the place for that. Maybe if you see me in a bar somewhere and I've had a few too many drinks I might just dish the dirt ............

Q: I found about your band Thunder, thru an interview that I saw with David Coverdale where he said that one of his favorite band's is Thunder - so my curiosity got peaked and I went on Grokster to find your music.  I was blown away by the band, here in Canada you're virtual unknowns. Trying to order your CD's thru Canadian Distributors is virtually impossible - and the cost of the import when you DO find a conduit, is whacko. What the hell happened to your band? Why did you not succeed over here in N. America like you seemed to have over in Britain?  To me and my friends that I've turned on to your music, you were an amazing breath of fresh air to a very stale music scene. Jim, Canada
D: Grunge....Nirvana happened just at the point when were poised to tour the US with David Lee Roth and Cinderella, the tickets failed to sell, and the tour was cancelled. Labels and radio switched overnight from playing traditional rock to grunge and everyone except Guns N' Roses sailed gently down the pan. I'm not bitter (much), it's one of life's little ironies I guess....
Thanks for caring.

Q: Will you ever release the "Thunder Live" video on DVD?  I'd love to have some of that 5.1 sound (plus my tape's a bit done in). Bob, Glasgow
T: There are currently no plans to release the Live video on DVD, but the decision is really up to Eagle who own the rights to all that material.  You're not the first to have asked about this, so you never know.  Why not try contacting Eagle?

Q: Danny......have u ever had singing lessons? Tom-Ass
D: This is only the second time I've ever been asked that question. Top marks! After I'd been singing for about 8 years, I thought I should have some lessons to find out if I was doing it correctly, so I got my manager to arrange it. I paid for three lessons, and went to a very strict schoolteacher of a lady who played various scales on a piano and made me sing them. After 10 minutes of this she gave me my money back and said she couldn't teach me anything. I wasn't sure if that was good or bad, but seriously I would recommend lessons to anyone starting out, purely for good technique and muscle strengthening. They won't do any harm and could possibly do a lot of good.

Q: Will the new album be released domestically in Canada? Will the Japanese version feature any tunes not on the UK one? If so, what? Terry, Canada
T: The guys are currently looking into the possibility of an international release, but there is no information available as yet - we'll keep you posted!  Truth is though, that even if it does get released in Canada it won't be for a little while yet, so getting it imported from Townsend might be your best bet for now!  The Japanese version does not feature any additional tracks - the only difference is that the first two track are swapped around.

Q: This is for Luke. I have fallen in love with El Gringo Retro. You sound happy on a couple of tracks. What inspired you ? Did you find love? Angela, Switzerland
L: The main inspiration behind a good few of the songs on 'El Gringo' was hanging out in Spain; the sea, the sun and the sand, the rioja etc. As for 'finding love' as you put it, I think the album is more about loving life than a particular person !!!

Q: with all those big gay boy bands doing soppy versions of decent songs, have you lot ever been approached for one of them to get their corporate paws on a Thunder tune? Steven, Notts
L: This is a great question.......Most of the time when a song has been written, the song is then submitted to a publisher and it's the publishers' job to collect all monies due to the writer (a percentage of retail sales, royalties due from the song being played on radio, TV, adverts and films etc.) and to 'exploit' the songs in as many ways as possible. What this means is that publishers (if they're doing their job right !) will look for opportunities to 'place' their writers' songs thereby maximising income for both parties (the publisher takes roughly 20%, the writer 80% although this can vary).  Baring all this in mind, most writers would be understandably be dead chuffed if the biggest boy/girl band of the day decide they want to cover one of their songs.  In answer to your question we have never been approached by any such bands but if we were I would have to have a bloody good reason to say no....I've got to earn a living as well you know !!!

Q: Luke, (me again!), can we expect to hear any clicking at the front of any of the new tracks on the CD ???? LOL!!  ps Harry did actually play some on the first night in London! Cleggy
L: I'm sure you'll be able to find something bizarre and unusual if you listen closely enough ?!?!?!

Q: Why release and album of music that's already been released? How about an album of live covers? Mhodd, Luton
L: Please refer to my previous answer.  Record companies own the copyright in the recordings so they can basically do what the fuck they like; it's just how it is. You as the punter have the right to vote with your money so if you don't like it, don't buy it.....it's your call.

Q: Hi guys! Just thought I would ask why you have never put "Every Word's A Lie" on any of your compilation albums? I love that song (& so do all my mates...now!) Emma, Bristol
L: I'm afraid to say that we have only been consulted once regarding the content of 'compilation' albums and that was 'The Rare, The Raw And The Rest'. Most labels can't be arsed to get the artist involved which is a shame as the content would be more interesting and valid if they did.

Q: Have you been considered the possibility of recording some Thunder songs with orchestra arrangements? I think songs like "All I Ever Wanted", "Moth To The Flame", "Love Worth Dying For" and specially "A Better Man" would be appropriate to be played with an orchestra. Martin Romero, Argentina
L: Another interesting question....To be honest I've never thought about this. If someone ever did it, it would have to be done with taste and flair; I'd hate it if Thunder tunes suddenly sounded like elevator music!!

Q: It's great news about your forthcoming album...I'm also a big fan of David Coverdale, and take part in his "postings" section on his web site...he always speaks very highly of you guys and sends his best wishes to you. Can you tell me/us of any experiences, good or bad(!) you have had with Mr C or Whitesnake? Matt Boocock, Newark
L: We both were fans of Deep Purple as kids and I saw the Mk. 3 line-up at Lewisham Odeon in 1974 (I think that's the right year) just after 'Burn' came out. It's still one of my favourite Purple records.  We first met David in 1990 at Donington and got along very well. He then joined us on stage at Hammersmith later that year (along with Adrian Vandenburg) for an impromptu version of 'Can't Get Enough', the Bad Company song. We decamped to a hotel bar afterwards for much drinking and a singalong developed around the piano in the bar. I particularly remember David and Harry duetting on 'Great Balls Of Fire'.....strange but true !!  The last time we met was at the London gig on Whitesnake's last tour a couple of years ago when myself and Benny had a few swift drinks after the show with David and the rest of the band.

Q: I once heard a story that years ago when Back Street Symphony was out and you were in L.A., you met Axl Rose in a bar on Sunset strip and he loved the album.  He drove off in his car with Back Street Symphony blasting out of the stereo shouting that it was the only album he kept in his car. Is that true and did he help you get the record deal with Geffen. Jason, Holland
D: This is all true and very accurate. Axl was very nice to us, he even tried to sign us to his Uzi Suicide label. I wonder how that would have turned out?

Q: Do you remember the acoustic gig that Thunder did in a record store in Gothenburg? Henrik Larsson, Sweden
D: Yes I remember it very well. Mikael was very very nervous, and we all had very bad hangovers, but it was a great success, loads of people and a nice time was had by all.

Q: What was the deal with why "Backstreet Symphony" went from being released on Capitol to Geffen in the U.S.? Mac McCraney, Pensacola, Fla
D: Good question.  Backstreet Symphony was originally released on Capitol as our worldwide deal was with EMI in the UK. Unfortunately whilst many of the Capitol staff were great, the top man hated rock music and made no secret of it. Having seen it "escape", we made the decision to switch labels to give ourselves at least some chance of selling some copies. However this proved harder to achieve than we hoped, and we could find no one to take us and our LP on. When we did Donington Monsters Of Rock in 1990, Aerosmith and Whitesnake were the main acts and both were Thunder fans. John Kalodner was there with Aerosmith, heard our set live on the radio, the next week we were on the plane to LA to meet him, and a deal was subsequently agreed. Dirty Love went No. 1 on Dial MTV for 6 weeks and we sold 250,000 copies without playing a single show. Sadly, we never got to tour the US (Grunge happened), so I guess we'll never know how that would have turned out.......

Q: What Advice Would You Give To Me Promote My Album When It Comes Later In The Year? And What Advice Would You Give Me On Store Promotions? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
D: My advice would be do absolutely anything and everything anyone asks you to when it comes to promotion. This is easy to say and hard to do, because if you're asked to do lots you will soon discover it can be quite wearing to have to repeat the same stories over and over again (most people ask the same questions) and make it seem like it's the first time you've said it. Find a
way, it's very important.  When you meet potential fans at in stores, be vile to them, they'll love you for it, or be nice them, they may love you for that too. What I'm saying in a clumsy way is be yourself, otherwise everyone will know. Alternatively......

Q: What jobe did you have before you became full time musicians? Tricia W & Margie B, Wales
D: Sorry, but I need to ask, are you overtly religious? I never had a single jobe before I was a professional musician...
I had loads of jobs if that's what you mean, but if you can't spell check your emails.......

L: I was a porter for Boots The Chemist, an MFI warehouseman, an assistant photographer, a concert ticket salesman in the Virgin Megastore Oxford St. branch, a warehouseman for Magnet + Southerns and a van boy for Curry's. I think I worked in Our Price records for a day as well.

Q: Hi Danny, its great to hear u r back on the scene, u have been sorely missed.  So would u consider playing my mates rock pub in Leicester?  I met u and the band after a gig in Leicester we had a drink in the hotel bar after, u asked how the show went and my mate rudely said u were great but danced like a cheesy gay boy dancer for this I must apologise, would love to c u in Leicester again. Donna, Leicester
D: Yes he was rude wasn't he. Still he was right though. I can't tell a lie, I probably wouldn't want to play in your friend's rock pub, nothing to do with pubs or your friend, I just did it a lot a long time ago.

Q: My worst ever job was turning over apples so the coloured side was facing up. What was yours? Candy, Kent
D: I had loads, but I remember I once had to drive a truck with a congenital idiot in the cab. He continually sent us to the wrong address, gave the customers the wrong things so we had to go back, and when he drove, if I told him to go straight over the roundabout he would do just that......
L: The worst job I ever had...........probably working in Magnet & Southerns warehouse in the Old Kent Rd when I was about 20 years old; I was made foreman very quickly which meant I had to tell all these terrifyingly huge looking Irishmen in their 40's and 50's what to do. It was fine until I had to tell one of them off for being late.......he just laughed at me understandably !!! I did however pass my forklift truck test while I was there....not a lot of people know that !!

Q: Hello lovely guys!!!! I'm screeeeming now because I heard the news that you'll come Japan on July for the gigs . Danny, do I have to bring the new dance shoes? would you please tell me, on which type of stage do you like singing and dancing? and does a horn section accompany this tour? Tambourine Woman, Tokyo
D: Yes you need new dancing shoes for these shows. Stage type is irrelevant for me, as long as it's big enough for me to get on it with the band.  The brass section will not be physically coming with us, but their genius will be there.....
Tell everyone you know that Bowes & Morley are coming to town, and they haven't even told their parents what time they're going to bed......

Q: Danny, as a long time fan of Thunder I was extremely excited when today I heard you was touring as thunder and stopping off at the Apollo Manchester on 9th June 2002,is this true? Please tell me that it is. Geoff Conway, Wigan
D:  Someone is yanking your chain. Thunder are not touring, and not dropping in to the Manchester Apollo on June 9th. Bowes and Morley may be touring soon, but I'd be pleasantly surprised if we could sell enough tickets to play The

Q: The new Thunder release, "Symphony and stage", means a possible Thunder reunion in the future to come or not ? I hope someday Luke, Danny, Harry, Ben and Chris hit the world again.  Martin Romero, Argentina
T:  As previously stated on the Q&A page the Thunder guys all parted as friends and have never ruled out the possibility of reforming - however, there are currently no plans to do so.  The "new" Thunder release was the record company's idea and has very little to do with the guys. It certainly does not indicate that a re-union is on the cards...

Q: Hi Danny and Luke! I'm really pleased to hear you get together again! I'm a long time Thunder fan and I can hardly wait 'til the release of your new CD. I hope you will tour in Germany? Epi, Germany
T:  As far as touring goes, it all really depends on how well the CD sells over there!  I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

Q: I'm 15 and in a band at the moment, Thunder's music has inspired us for many years now and although I'm not 1/4 as good as Danny, I try my best.  Pleaseeee tell me what it was like for you trying to start a band and all the procedures you went through?!? Tom-Ass (15)
D: When we started our first band we had no money for equipment, and none of us could drive so gigs were a bit thin on the ground to begin with. I got a driving license and we were off. We played schools at first, and eventually
pubs, but we made no money (in fact we always lost money) for the first nine years. We entered a talent contest to win enough money to make a demo but we lost (despite winning our heat), but we did meet a man who was to become our first manager and 4 years after that we got our first record deal. It was hard keeping our collective chin up through all the disappointments and rejections but we were mates and our team spirit was always good. We rehearsed evenings after work and the went to the pub (as soon as we could get in) to talk about what it would be like to be rock stars. I believe the most important thing when you're starting off is to find people you really get on with, who will be prepared to work as hard as you will all have to.

Q: Danny, Would appreciate it if you would give me some advice on microphones...I'm after something that performs well both live...AND while recording in the studio...Would appreciate your comments...(hey and I'm not a rich rock star so something mid priced would be a help!!!)......Cheers. Paul K
D: I'm not overly technical when it comes to these things. I sing in them and break them, that's really the extent of my involvement with microphones I'm afraid. I know the tried and tested Shure Beta 58 crops up again and again in studios and on stages so it must be doing something right.

Q: Was the video, "In, Out Put the Kettle On" ever released and where can I get a copy of it? Doc, N. Ireland
T: The video had a limited run and was sold through the old Thunderchannel.com website.  Needless to say it sold out pretty quickly and is no longer available.  Try posting on the message board to see if there are any fans out there that have a spare copy that they are willing to part with...

Q: If you had one choice for a cover version, what would it be? Given the choice, which song, would you have liked to have composed and/or recorded? And for what reason? Paul Osborn, Charlton
L: It's impossible to pick one song to cover as there are so many brilliant songs. Maybe I could come up with an answer if somebody had a gun to my head. I wish I'd written 'Yesterday' as it's the most covered song of all time and I'd never have to work again !!!!!!!

Q: Where was the "Love Walked In" video clip performed, and what happened to Luke's big guitar? Are the topics of the new album love or do they make some concept of the new life, new world?? What are your perspectives of the world at this moment?? What do you think about the wars, new terrorists way, the new order, just your opinion, without a politic tendency, just what do you think. Walter Jorge Valdez, Argentina
L: The twin neck Gibson SG which is the guitar I think you're referring to (this was in the US video for Love Walked In) I still have although I don't think I've played it since !!! There isn't a unifying lyrical concept running through the new album but I do tend to write mainly about human feelings and relationships; love, rejection, optimism, sadness etc. It's difficult to have an opinion on the current state of the world without it being political !!!!!  Like most people my views are fairly simplistic; I think it's hard to justify war; I think we are fed propaganda via the media so it's hard to know what's true and what isn't; I think terrorism is a dreadful thing but for some nations who don't possess a massive military arsenal it's the only way they can draw attention to a cause; Sept. 11th was appalling but so was killing innocent people in Afghanistan. Having said all of that I've always seen the musicians' job as being important in terms of helping people forget how brutal the world can be and celebrating the human condition.

Q: Luke...El Gringo...I must say that the feel of the album was tremendous.  When you guys tour will you be doing a mixture of old, new & solo stuff?  Paul K
L: I'm glad you enjoyed 'El Gringo'. We haven't started working on the live set as yet so it's difficult to say how the set will run. All I can tell you is that it will be a great show !!!

Q: I'm from the city of that band you like in your trip to the U.S. (Kinky). My question is: What is your favourite live CD ever??  Gustavo Cavzos, Mexico
D: Love You Live by the Rolling Stones is my favourite, though Free Live comes a close second.
L: Once again it's hard to pick just one live album but for me Deep Purple's 'Made In Japan' was an important record. The standard of musicianship is stunning and I love the fact that they do improvise a lot without it ever becoming too self indulgent. The other one I would pick is 'If You Want Blood' by AC/DC just for sheer excitement. Also can you send me a copy of 'Kinky's CD????????

Q: 1/ Will the video of the last ever gig at Dingwalls ever see the light of day as my wife cannot iron unless she is watching one of your vids. 2/Are there any plans to involve a superb drummer who goes by the name of Harry when you tour? I saw him a few weeks ago with Magnum and he is rather good. 3/Can I be so bold as to suggest a good gig for you. The Gods festival at Maxims in Wigan in November or just come and play Wigan anyway. Peter Walker, Wigan
D: The Dingwalls show was not filmed by us, I think it may have been filmed by Ken (ace Japanese website lady). She may be able to help you.  Sadly Harry will not be our drummer. Nothing to do with ability or personality as he is exceptional in both departments. This is quite simply a different thing, and to have Harry involved would simply make it Thunder again.  Thanks for the info on the club, we'll bear it in mind.

Q: What has happened to Ben?  Tricia W & Margie B, Wales
D: Ben is busy making dance records with a DJ friend, engineering records for other people, and generally keeping his fingers in various pies.

Q: Which Bands Or Artists Would You Both Like To Do A Tour Or Album With? Have you learned to reverse in an airport yet Luke? There was rumours you were managing a band once Thunder finished Danny, was it true, who are they and what they up to now? At the end of You can't live your life in one day on The thrill of it all album, you make what seems to be a dig about Ozzy. Do you not like him? Explain pleeze... Kevin Figg, Kent
L: No...I'm still crap at reversing into parking spaces which believe me is a major handicap in London.
D: I have dabbled with management, and am currently helping some talented people as much as I can whilst balancing the rest of my life.  The Ozzy "dig" as you call it was no such thing, I shall explain. It stems from when Mikael Hoglund was in Thunder. His big hero was Geezer Butler, so us being us, we used to tease him relentlessly by playing jazz and lounge versions of Black Sabbath songs. Once he left and we were recording Thrill Of It All, we were drunk and jamming, and I walked in as the band were in the throes of the 27th cover version, bottle of wine in hand. I stepped up to the mic and quite off the cuff, said something like "Hello, my name's Ozzy Osbourne, and welcome to the Moonlight Club". Everyone fell about laughing as it got more and more bizarre. Unbeknown to us, Rupert the engineer had recorded every word......

Q: One of my favourite memories was when you opened for Heart at Wembley. At the beginning of Dirty Love, Dan would tell the story of his girlfriend leaving him but then coming back (tackled up, of course) and he would ask the audience what he did to her. Dan then jumped into the photo pit and handed the mike to a mate of mine who then told a packed Wembley crowd "f**ked her brains out".  It was a classic moment.  What was your funniest memory of being on tour?  Did this only happen at this show or was it a common occurrence? and also what was the best live performance you have seen and what made it so special?. Rob, London
L: The best live performance I've ever seen was Bruce Springsteen + The E Street Band at Wembley Stadium in 1985. I'm not a massive fan of his albums so I went to the show grudgingly but I'm so glad I did. To hold the attention of 60,000 people for three hours and not be boring is an extremely difficult thing to do and he did it brilliantly. He even took a 20 minute break in the middle of the show without losing momentum. I think the most remarkable thing was that he opened the show on his own with an acoustic guitar; no intro tape, no fanfare or anything. He just walked out into the daylight and started singing 'I Don't Wanna Talk About It' the old Danny Whitten song and the eruption of noise when he finished the song was incredible. He also manages to talk to an audience that large and still makes you feel like you're sitting at the bar with him having a conversation. The funny thing was he hadn't had a top twenty single at that time but everybody still knew the songs. A truly gifted and natural performer. I met him once in California. The guy I was having lunch with had filmed a couple of his gigs and Bruce walked into the restaurant. He came over and sat down for 10 minutes or so and chatted. What's really sickening is that he's a lovely man as well !!! Git.
The funniest thing that's ever happened on tour was the legendary time Harry vomited on the Bullet Train in Japan. Seldom have I laughed so much probably due to the expressions of the Japanese businessmen who couldn't believe that this bald man in shades had uncontrollably and violently tossed his cookies in the normally sedate and quiet first class carriage. To make matters worse Harry just wiped his mouth, looked up at everyone and said "Sorry about that", sat down and lit up a Benson + Hedges before falling asleep. I think the poor Japanese people were terrified. You'd have to ask Danny about the 'Dirty Love' intro. I think he just did it spontaneously one night when Benny or I were changing guitars and it remained a fixture in the show for the first year or so we were touring until we got bored with it !

Q: Which Bands Or Artists Would You Both Like To Do A Tour Or Album With? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
L: If you look at my earlier answer to the question on influences that will give you a good idea.  I was lucky enough to work with two of my heroes in Robert Palmer and Bernard Edwards who unfortunately isn't with us anymore. I had a cassette stolen from my car about 8 years ago which was a studio jam session I once had with Bernard on bass, Mel Gaynor (Simple Minds) on drums and Bernie Marsden on guitar....to say I was pissed off about having it nicked would be an understatement as it was the only copy !!

Q: Great to see you guys back together. Probably too daft a question to answer, but do you chaps still hang out with Sweety, at the St. Moritz club? Steve, Slough
L: I spent a lot of time in the Moritz during the 80's and early 90's and I did bump into Sweety in the street a couple of years ago which made me pop in for an early evening pint later the same day but I haven't been there since.

Q: Presumably following the closure of lukemorley.com, there is, presently at least, no more 'Luke Morley - solo artist'.  Why after just one (superb I must add) album, are you not 'absolutely solo' now?  Is it for financial, musical or other reasons?  Did you have the 'Bowes + Morley' thing planned, but had some spare time in between and couldn't stop working? p.s. Please, please, please make sure that, for all the red blooded males watching whenever you tour, Tara and Anna MacDonald are with you!!!!! Chris Smith, Kent
L: I thought it would be daft to keep luke-morley.com going when all the news in the immediate future is going to be mainly concerning what Danny and I are up to. I haven't thought about making another solo album but in the future who knows !  The McDonald girls are very dear friends of mine and I'm sure we will work together again so you're in luck Chris !!!

Q: When I've been to a gig, I cant sleep that night and I'm on a buzz for a good few days. I just wondered if when you are performing its the same, or if you just get used to it. Candy, Kent
L: I do get an adrenaline buzz after gigs, especially if they're really good. That's why we would normally sit in the bar at the hotel or wherever after a show and calm down over a couple of stiff drinks.

Q: I've been a fan for a while....I got the first two Thunder CDs and until I got involved with the internet I had no idea of any further Thunder releases.  I've since caught most on the way up and was just wondering why more or less only U.K. and Japan get any of your time?  I live in Columbus, Ohio (Midwestern U.S.A.) and am requesting your presence in the growing entertainment spot on the map.  The Newport or Promowest Pavilion would be perfect.  At least start releasing your music here again. Brian Wigton, USA
L: Believe me Brian, it's not the lack of wanting to release/tour the USA. I did it once with Power Station in '97 and I kept thinking to myself it's such a shame that Thunder never did tour there properly.  Unfortunately there's a lot more to it than meets the eye; we were never supported by our labels in the States and being such an enormous country, it does take a certain amount of financial backing to tour there. If your record company isn't committed to supporting you at radio and in the stores there's really not a great deal you can do about it. The great frustration is that Backstreet Symphony did sell over 250,000 copies and Geffen STILL wouldn't support a US tour....bastards.....

Q: I remember seeing one of your support bands called Lukan who released Head to the Sound in 1999. Any idea what has happened to them? Dave, Chesterfield
T: Lukan split last year due to a lack of label support, even though they'd just finished recording their debut full length record (which remains unreleased!).  However, 3 members of the band (all but the drummer) are still playing together in a band called Fin.  They gig regularly around the Nottingham area but they're quite different to Lukan - much more acoustic based, and sometimes sound scarily like U2.  Check 'em out if you can - I highly recommend them...

Q: Which Bands Or Artists Would You Both Like To Do A Tour Or Album With? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
D: I'd have loved to have sung a duet with John Lennon, or Elvis. As for living people I'd wet myself if Stevie Wonder asked me to sing with him, so I'd have to change my trousers and probably miss my chance. Ho hum.

Q: Danny, we think you sound very like Paul Rogers from Free.  Have you ever seen Free live or talked to them?  We ask this because this was the first band we saw, way back, and we are in the same age group as yourselves. Mags & Fiona, Fife
D: I'm not sure how old you think I am, or indeed how old you are (I wouldn't be so rude), but my first ever live concert was Bad Company at The Rainbow in London in December 1974 (I was 14). I never got to see Free, but it's true I practically ate & drank the entire Free & Bad Co LP collection for a few years (until Bad Co got lazy and I discovered Stevie Wonder).  I did meet Mick Ralphs (we jammed Shooting Star and Feel Like Makin' Love at the Brixton Academy), he was nice, but I've never met Paul Rodgers.

Q: We are very interested (or nosey, some might say) to find out what Thinny is like!  C'mon Thinny reveal yourself and put a pic on the website! P.S. Are you Chris Childs? Trica W & Margie B, Wales
T: Reveal myself? You know I would, but there are kiddies that visit this website and it would probably scare them!  And no I'm not Chris Childs (or any other member of Thunder for that matter) - Chris is far too busy for all this website nonsense....

Q: I am a songwriter, and as part of a band, and Thunders biggest fan I Need to play your music myself..........where can i get hold of your music, I need tab books, do u have any sites, names or numbers? Tom-Ass (15)
T: Tab books for Laughing On Judgement Day and The Thrill Of It All albums were available in Japan, but have been deleted for many years and are virtually impossible to come by. 

Q: I've a very serious question for you. Do you like Marmite? Candy, Ribbons
L: I love Marmite ! Just this morning I was dipping my marmite soldier into a hot moist yolk..........................

Q: Just visited my local HMV website and came across the following: Symphony & Stage 2 CD set - Thunder.  Can you offer any more info on this? Terry
T: It's a 2 CD compilation of Giving The Game Away and the best bits of the first Live album.  It's coming out on Snapper Records (SMDCD374)  in the U.K. on Monday 29th April 2002.  I'll try to find out a bit more, but the proposed track listing is:
CD 1:
1.   Just Another Suicide
2.   All I Ever Wanted
3.   Giving The Game Away
4.   You'll Still Need A Friend
5.   Rolling The Dice
6.   Numb
7.   Play That Funky Music
8.   'Til It Shines
9.   Time To Get Tough
10. It's Another Day
11. It Could Be Tonight
CD 2:
1.   Welcome To The Party (Live)
2.   Don't Wait Up (Live)
3.   Higher Ground (Live)
4.   Low Life In High Places (Live)
5.   Backstreet Symphony (Live)
6.   I'll Be Waiting (Live)
7.   An Englishman On Holiday (Live)
8.   Like A Satellite (Live)
9.   Dirty Love (Live)
10. A Better Man (Live)
11. Laughing On Judgement Day (Live)
12. Until My Dying Day (Live)
13. She's So Fine (Live)
14. Love Walked In (Live)
15. River Of Pain (Live)

Q: DB...wot did you do with gigantic pair of knickers we gave you at very last thunder gig at Wolverhampton? ! (Don't tell us you passed 'em on to Matron and she wears 'em for Sunday best?  P.S. Is Matron aka Thinny? If so, hope she's not easily offended. :) Trica W & Margie B, Wales
D: I remember the knickers in question but I'm afraid I have no idea what happened to them. Perhaps Harry has them in his wardrobe?
T: Matron & Thinny one and the same?!?  my goodness, what a scary thought.... ;).  Nope, last time I checked I was definitely male, and Matron is most definitely not!  And no, I haven't seen those big knickers since either...honest.....

Q: Luke, you are put in a room with no doors or Windows. You are single and not attached in any way. In the room is your guitar. Also in the room is the sexiest woman you can think of, (Lisa Snowdon perhaps) who shows a keen interest in you. Who or what do you play with? Kevin Figg, Kent
L: If I happened to be in such a place in such a situation I would pick up the guitar first then attempt to seduce the sexy woman by writing her a song then singing it to her......it usually does the trick !!!!!!

Q: Danny...you are shipwrecked on an island. You are also single. Only you, a microphone and a sexy woman are with you. Do you sing hoping one of us fans hear you and rescues you, or sing for your lady friend who has this thing for singers with a great voice? Kevin Figg, Kent
D: Sorry, but I wouldn't need a microphone.

Q: Does Danny play any instruments and did he share song writing duties on this album. If not, why not!! Also, when you tour, can I be a roadie, cos I'm drowning in my current job - rescue me, before it's too late. (You don't know how serious I am!) John
D: I play three chords on the guitar, two on the piano and can keep time on the triangle but that's it. I wrote no songs on this LP because I decided I don't write songs, and have also decided to leave that particular job to people like Luke who do it very well, rather than sing crap songs just because I wrote them.
I'm sorry your job is hell but you can't be our roadie (it's a backline tech, no one calls it roadie any more, so get it right or you'll never get anyone to take you on). I hear Toby Jepson's going out on tour, why not email him?

Q: Danny, How old were you when you realised you wanted to be a singer, and had your parents secretly been hoping that you would get a "proper" job as a doctor/lawyer/accountant? Cake
D: This is the short version....I was 15 years old, it was school lunch break, at Luke's house (heavy smoking practice), he was in a band, I wasn't. I sat next to the drum kit in his bedroom drinking tea (shiny and red, the kit not the tea), made the decision that I had to be near one (a drum kit). Had no inclination to play anything and figured that singing was the easiest option (no expense). Decision made. My Mum was always very supportive, my Dad was too but with "proper job" type reservations (until he came to a show and the after-show party was full of page 3 girls, then he was very proud).

Q: Hi Danny & Luke, It's great that you are working together again but will you try to visit Norway (Trondheim) this time on your tour if any... And will you're album be available directly here... ??? (El Gringo Retro I had to import) and a final question... I can not find your old Terraplane record anywhere... Is there a possibility that the "Moving Target" album will be re-released ? Inge Hassel, Norway
D: The new LP should be available in shops in Norway on Eagle Records. As for touring it's the same old reply, no shows are booked anywhere yet, but as soon as they are we'll announce it here. Whilst we would love to play everywhere it may not be possible, it really all comes down to how well the LP sells.....
Moving Target has been re-released by Sony in Japan, but as far as we know there is no plan to do the same anywhere else. I suggest you contact Sony UK for more accurate info.

Q: We all know that Luke is a great songwriter and he can play a note or two! Danny has a fantastic voice. What was the reason Danny wasn't singing on Luke's solo debut?  In my opinion he should have been. Luke's voice is cool for the right song, but not for an entire album. Just my opinion. Also, when the time is right, hit us with Thunder again - but you need to come back as fresh as the debut hit us in 89/90 - that was something really special! Comments? Axel Thomas, Marple
L: If Danny had sung on El Gringo Retro then it wouldn't have been a solo album would it ? It was also good for us to have a break from working together for a while as we'd not stopped in 25 years !!  As far as Thunder is concerned we'll just have to wait and see........

Q: I would like a little advice as I am new to the guitar game but had a burning desire to write down some of my thoughts...so I picked up a guitar, read a book and have mastered the basics.  The lyrics came fairly easy to me, but I wondered the best way to get an opinion on some of my attempts to see if they are anything more than pure excrement! Ian, Wales
L: The best place to get an opinion on your songs initially is from your friends + family. As the people that know you best they will be brutally honest and that isn't a bad thing. If you can stand the trauma of hearing your nearest + dearest's points of view then send out a few songs to some music publishers as they deal with songs + writers all the time.  The main point is if you really believe that your work deserves to be heard then pursue everything and everybody you can until you make something happen. It is very competitive out there but good luck !

Q: What was the musical influence behind this CD or was it all spurred on just by working together again? Matt
L: With this album we were able to call on a lot of our influences that maybe wouldn't have fitted comfortably into Thunder's portfolio. Although we love hard rock from the period during which we grew up, we also both listened to a lot of other things like Motown, West Coast (Petty, Doobie Bros), Steely Dan, Soul (Chic, Teddy Prendergrass) and it was important to us to NOT make an album that was like a bad version of Thunder...that wouldn't be fair to the other guys in the band or to the fans or ourselves.

Q: Hi Luke, Out all of your guitars which one do you most enjoy playing in the studio and live? Ben Jackon, Nottingham
L: I have five guitars that I use regularly:
1) White Les Paul Custom (studio + live)
2) White Fender Telecaster (studio + live)
3) Burgundy Fender Stratocaster (studio)
4) Ovation Balladeer acoustic (studio)
5) Takamine single cutaway acoustic (studio + live)
I don't really have a favourite as they all do slightly different jobs.  My most valuable guitar is a Les Paul Standard Re-issue but I snapped the neck about 6 years ago and since I had it repaired I don't take it out of my house as it's still a little fragile.

Q: What is your favourite, least favourite and most meaningful of all the songs you've ever performed/written? What is your stand on Napster and all that legal stuff? Any chance you will play at my wedding? Kevin Figg, Kent
L: It's very hard to objective about my own songs. Sometimes what they mean to other people is more important than what I think. There's a couple that I'm really proud of; A Better Man, Low Life In High Places, River Of Pain, Living For Today, Numb, Go With The Flow all for purely song writing reasons. Some songs are great to play live; Love Walked In, Until My Dying Day, Welcome To The Party, Just Another Suicide. The songs that we didn't generally feel that good about nearly always ended up as extra tracks or b-sides.
As far as Napster is concerned I'm not too bothered by the whole concept but I do think they should pay something to the artists involved. I have no problem with people putting one over on Record Companies as they are shafting artist and punter alike; morally they should be taking a far smaller piece of the cake than they do. Having said all of that the whole industry is based on the fact that they need us and we need their distribution network and they've been holding the whip hand for so long that they are obviously not going to change their tune unless a couple of huge acts make a stand about it.
Weddings make me nervous so I doubt we will be able to take you up on your kind offer !!!!!

Q: Any chance of covering the songs El Doomo by Ellis or Be Me Friend by Free maybe as B-sides? Gazza, Sidcup
L: We have done covers in the past and I'm sure we will again and it's always been a spontaneous thing so you never know !!

Q: Went along to see you play at the Leadmill, Sheffield a couple of years ago with Andy Taylor which was great. (Got poked in the back by Harry whilst waiting outside and told to take Thunder t-shirt off before entering though, strange man (Any reason??).  Any plans to do anymore stuff with Andy in the future? Anthony, Newcastle upon Tyne
L: You're right....Harry is a strange man !  Taylor and I have written together for years so there's no reason why we wouldn't do it again. At the moment he's very busy making an album with the original Duran line up so watch out for that.

Q: Luke, I know one of your favourite songs is "Preaching from a chair" (and it's my fave too) but never was playing in shows or never was recording live, and I wonder why. Walter Jorge Valdez, Argentina
L: I can't remember why we didn't do 'Preaching' live; I know we rehearsed it before the 'Behind Closed Doors' tour. Maybe it didn't work as well live....sometimes that happens.

Q: Luke old mucker, do you still have any endorsements with any guitar companies like you used too ??  If not, who would you choose ? I have seen *SO* many artists now playing the lovely Paul Reed Smith geeeetars - ever tried one? Cleggy
L: I don't have any direct endorsements because I like to be able to play all kinds of guitars without upsetting anybody ! Paul Reed Smith guitars are supposed to be lovely to play but being left-handed, I've never come across one that I could try........bugger !!

Q: Any likelihood of Danny and the Doo Wops making appearances in the future? Jason Grey
Q: Will we ever get the chance of seeing Danny and the Doo Wops again? Kevin Wheeler, Wiltshire
D: Danny & The Doo Wops is a once in a while legendary occurrence, an experience of epic proportions, and as such not one that can be planned. I have heard that several of the original members are in prison, some are working the clubs in Cuba, and one's now a bishop. Never say never, but don't hold your breath.... you may go quite red waiting.

Q: Are you going to have a fan club like Thunder Channel?  When you tour will you have after show chats like Thunder did? Will you be doing any interviews in music press, e.g. Classic Rock or Q? Marion (Syme/Clark) Spence
D: There are no plans to run a fan club for Bowes & Morley. To be honest the Thunder fan club became a bit of a monster, too big to run efficiently from Thunder Towers.  As we have no shows booked as yet, we haven't discussed the "after shows" but I dare say we'll do them, provided people don't keep going on about my hair.  The label will deal with the press issues, so we'll have to wait and see who they are.

Q: Uh slightly strange question but is it true that Danny has been directing Atomic Kitten videos for the last year or so? Matt Steven, Notts
D: You should know by now that everything you hear is true, or is it?

Q: Has Danny any plans to make his own solo album in the future?  Mark Stanton, Northampton
Q: Gentleman, Good Luck with the new chapter, I was the fan who works on cruise ships in the states and met you many times after the gigs when I was lucky enough to be  home while you were touring, but not upset if you don't remember me.  Danny, even though you and your old mucker are treading the boards again, ever been a desire to make a solo CD ?? Graham
D: Of course I remember you Graham, you had a gorgeous girlfriend, ha ha! Yes I'd love to make a solo LP one day, and I may do, but then again I may not, it's about moods with me. I hope all's well on the cruises, never did take you up on that offer did I?

Q: Great to have you back! Any chance the live tour would bring you guys to Holland? Rob, Holland
D: Holland? Why not, don't know yet, we'll all have to wait and see.

Q: I collected you guys in my cab when you were rehearsing / recording the Thrill album in Sussex!  Two questions, what the F**K has Danny done to his hair, and what's happened to Harry?!  Is Danny trying to be his body double?! Simon, West Sussex
D: That's it, it's been two days and already I'm fed up with the hair bullshit. Future questions/comments on hair will be ignored. You know I love you all, but please, enough with the hair.

Q: Hi Danny, Love your voice, love ALL Thunder music, you look great in the Video I have - with your hair very short - but pray tell me, where has it all gone??  Surely you're not going to remain 'white-headed'/bald? Honey, it doesn't suit you! Zita, Dorset
D: Here we go again with the hair comments. It's been two years and this is the best you can do? My hair is my own affair, as yours is yours. I will do with it what I will, regardless of whether or not you think it suits me. I love your voice as well.

Q: Old time U.S.fan here. If I fly over the pond to see you boys, would there be any chance to get to jam with you? I know all your music note for note.  It would be a great honour to play with two of rock's greatest. So if your looking for that second guitarist for the upcoming tour...give me yell. Lefty Jimi, USA
L: Thanks for volunteering your services but I can't promise anything...

Q: Has anything bad or really embarrassing happen while you were on stage? Clearly walking out on stage in Japan wearing next to nothing is not acceptable as this was more embarrassing for us fans. Kevin Figg, Kent
L: My, my, you are a cheeky chappie aren't you Kevin ! In the past I've always found that when things go wrong as they are bound to do occasionally, the best thing to do is to own up...an audience will always know anyway, so there's no point pretending otherwise. This philosophy was always upheld during the Thunder years as you will know if you saw us a few times.
D: Good question.  Many strange things happened to us onstage, too many to name them all but I remember once at Cornwall Coliseum when I was in the middle of singing the quiet bit after the solo in Until My Dying Day, eyes closed, baring my soul,
preparing for the big big note, when I heard someone say "Hello Danny". I opened my eyes to see a strange guy I'd never met standing right next to me, grinning. He'd apparently walked straight past all the backstage security like he owned the place, no pass or anything, past the crew and our personal security guy, and up on to the stage. I stopped the song and said hello, wondering what he thought he was doing, and also wondering if he was going to stab me, then the band's (soon to be ex) security guy rushed on and whisked him away. I'm sure the crowd thought it was a planned comedy moment but it wasn't. It was only a split second thing, but for me personally, it definitely rates as one of the strangest ones......

Q: Are Luke and Danny planning to keep recording together any other album, or is this the last?? If you are planning to go on stages, would you (please) take a ride to Argentina?  Is in the new album all the songs you done, or kept some of them out?? Walter Jorge Valdez, Argentina
L: We haven't actually made any plans beyond this album so we can't answer your first question....let's just say I'm sure it won't be the last time we work together !!!
We'd love to come to Argentina again. The people were really friendly and in my opinion the Argentineans are the most beautiful looking race on the face of the earth !!! I've never felt so ugly, spotty and unattractive as I did in Buenos Aires because the girls were all gorgeous and the men were all handsome......
We recorded all the songs for the album as they were written and when we had enough we stopped so there aren't any more at the moment.

Q: I have a 13 year old Sheltie named Danny (just a happy coincidence), and was wondering what you both have for pets. Chris, Kansas City
L: I'm afraid that I don't have any pets at the moment. Over the years I've had a lot of cats, gerbils, a snake called Ernie and a mouse !!!
D: I have 3 cats, Frank, Diesel and Polly. All black, or black and white. All moggies (not pedigrees), all insane, and always hungry.  I have also have a stick insect, called Dave. At least I think he's in there, I haven't seen him move for 3 months...

Q: Who has influenced you both in terms of playing, singing and writing? Paul K.
L: Influences in terms of playing: Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Pete Townsend, Jeff Skunk Baxter, Nile Rodgers/Bernard Edwards, Paul Kossoff, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, James Jameson
Singing: Lennon + McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Robert Plant, Donald Fagen, Levi Stubbs (Four Tops), Paul Rodgers, Roger Daltrey, Michael McDonald
Writing: Beatles, Pete Townsend, Page/Plant, Holland/Dozier/Holland, Becker/Fagen, Rodgers/Edwards

Q: I would like to know why thunder split in the first place?  It just seems a bit odd that you are two are back together. Was a record company type of thing or u just needed a break? Andrea, Manchester
L: Thunder ceased to be because we didn't feel we could further our musical careers together in the climate at that time. Also we needed a change. It's as simple as that.

Q: This may seem like a trivial question, but what kind of harmonicas does Luke use, and are the pick ups in his les paul standard, and are there any other modifications, and what amp do you use? (just looking for that authentic sound!!) Lee
L: All harmonicas are made by Hohner; I use either a Blues Harp or a Cross Harp. Les Pauls are all off the peg models without modifications.  I use Fender and Mesa Boogie amps; Fender for recording and Boogies live.

Q: Who are the other musicians on the new album? Jon, Norway
D: The musicians on the LP are (lifted from the credits):
Daniel Bowes: lead & background vocals, wheels, deals, food, drink etc.
Luke Morley: lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars, bass (one), background vocals, percussion + keyboards (but not the hard bits).
Chris Childs: bass guitar (all bar one).
Dave (Muncher) Moore: keyboards (all the hard bits).
John Tonks: Drums.
Ben GanT: Trumpet.
Marlin Robertson: Saxophone.
Ian MoffaT: Trombone & tadpoles on washing lines.
Garfield Anthony Myers: Sitar-guitar on Something About My Baby, nice teeth.
Peter Shoulder: Solo guitar on Powertripping, youth.
Linda & Dee Lewis: Background vocals on Dancing The Night Away, Something About My Baby & Hesitate.
Ana & Tara McDonalD: Background vocals on Freakshow & Better Times.

Q: Re: Danny's hair!  Danny...Did you win the bet ??.... Paul
D: Yes, thank you.

Q: Hi thanks for the update, this is great news!! But what about us poor sods in the US? Will it be released here or will we need to import it? And if I must import it, can you recommend a good source? Mac McCraney, USA
D: We're talking to a couple of labels about the possibility of releasing the new LP in the US. Though to be honest it will almost certainly not be out there until after it's out in UK/Europe so I suggest you get it from Townsend Records who will be happy to sell it to you I'm sure.

Q: Hi Danny, Who Is Your Fave All Time Band At The Moment? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
D: I've no favourite band at the moment. To be perfectly honest I find the current kid band thing a bit non-stimulating. I like the energy of the punkier bands but I find the lack of songs a bit dull. I can't help it, I like to hear singers...

Q: Did Luke ever take part in a tv programme years ago that involved being left in a room with a table loaded up with chocolate bars, with a hidden camera watching to see if he would stuff his pockets when no-one was looking?  Heaps of other people took part too, the test being to see what type of person would take the choc if they thought they would get away with it.  I think Luke was in it, and he stood with his back to the goodies studying the pictures/paintings in the room. Cake
L: Yes....it was me ! The programme was called 'Temptation' and presented by Angus Deayton. They took people from different walks of life and professions (I was the token rock musician) and stuck all of us individually into a room full of goodies (wine, food, designer clothes etc.). I was told that everything in the room had been left over from a photo shoot and a party the night before and  that while I was waiting for Angus to finish his previous interview I could help myself to anything I wanted. The objective of the show was to see how the different individuals would react to being told they could have anything in the room they wanted. They didn't however tell us we were all being secretly filmed. The only problem was that I happened to notice the badly hidden security cameras and I knew the show was called 'Temptation' so it didn't take me long to suss out what was going on. Also I had a crippling hangover (the show was filmed at 10.30am) so the last thing I fancied was wine or food. I suppose I could have thrown up on some of the designer labels but I certainly didn't want to be filmed doing it!!

Q: soooo do you miss Thunder or are they still kinda lurkin around *wink wink* and how do you rate rock city in Nottingham?? Sarah Kelly, Nottingham
L: Having been in a great band like Thunder part of us will always miss it a bit; it's inevitable. However we've all got to move on in life and put the past into some kind of perspective; standing still isn't a healthy thing !!! We've always had a great time at Rock City. It's a rare combination of being a very well run venue from a bands point of view as well as being a great place to see bands. It isn't too big or too small and has a fantastic and friendly atmosphere. We love it !!!

Q: Surprised to see you're back on Eagle Records - will the album be on sale in HMV / Virgin etc, or just over the web? Chris D, Croydon
T: The album will be available in all good record shops!!

Q: Is the backing music without vocals (I do love Mr Bowes' voice and will never match it) available? I have singing lessons and would dearly love to have a go at some tracks from Behind Closed Doors, I'll be waiting, 'Til the River Runs dry  or Preaching from a chair.  Angela Burrows, Switzerland
T: Unfortunately, the backing music without vocals has never been, and almost certainly never will be, available.

Q: Are you guys going to be going out on tour?, because everyone is sooooooooooo excited!!!!!! Craig Saunders
Q: The big question is......are you going back on the road with a tour or even a few gigs? (please say yes)! Margie B, Wales
Q: Hi guys, can't wait to hear your new stuff live any info yet? Susan Coghill
Q: Are there any tour dates in the near future ? (Could you possibly make the venue bigger than The Borderline?). Paul
Q: When are we going to see you guys live ????? Steve Crooks
Q: Are you going to be touring Scotland this year? Mags & Fiona, Fife
L: We're still in the planning stages right now but all visitors to bowesandmorley.com will be the first to know when dates and details of live performances are finalised.

Q: The burning question ! Will Thunder reform? Paul
Q: I would like to know if there are any chances that Thunder (the best band ever) will reunite? Jonas Hamm
Q: Any chance Thunder will ever get back together? Kevin Figg, Kent
L: We parted as friends, we're still friends and we've never ruled it out. If a time arises when we all feel like we want to do it and we're all in a position to do it, then who knows; it's always a possibility.

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Q: Hi, today I read at RockHard Magazine that you'd play a show at Nürberg (Nuremberg), Germany on 29th January 2004. My p roblem is, that I couldn't get tickets for that show anywhere and didn't find the date on any other pages. Is the date right, and if yes (I hope so!!!!), where can I get tickets? I first heard of you about three years ago, when I met my boyfriend and for this time I've been a great fan of your music. Would be so glad to see you on a live show at Nürnberg or Munich! Hope you're alright, see you. Vera Kaufmann, Nürnberg
D: There was talk of some Thunder shows in Germany at the end of January, dates were arranged but agreement couldn't be reached with the promoter, so they were cancelled. This explains why the date was out there but you couldn't buy tickets. We are continually seeking a way to get to play in Germany, so far there is no news. Watch this space, this is the only 100% official place for Thunder news.

Q: Just discussing with Jules, how many Thunder shows she has attended, and I started wondering how many performances, as Thunder, that the band has actually done? Does anyone have an accurate figure? Wubba ALL of you! Thanks for being so generous this year! Happy Ho Ho! XOXOXO. Dana, Utah
D: There was a list once, however it has long since disappeared, and more shows have been added since. I'm going to do my best to track it down though.

Q: Just wanted to say thank you for the great time that was had at your Christmas Party on the 16th Dec. My friend and i thoroughly enjoyed the show, it was his first one and he was suitably impressed...I think you just gained another fan but then i am not surprised as your shows are always amazing. We were both very impressed with Peter Shoulders guitar solos (and one fingered salute) on Man Inside and wondered where we could hear more. Has Mr. Shoulder done any other work other than with Thunder or Bowes and Morley? We were also impressed with the two ladys providing backing vocals. I have to say Harry's plan to wear shades that night so he could stare at them all evening without getting caught was an act of genius...you lucky swine!!! 
Cant wait till next time! Roland Amft, Peterborough
T: You can hear more of the very talented Mr. Shoulder in his band 'The Others'. 

Q: Would have given my eye teeth to have attended the party on 17th...if my dentist hadn't got there first and charged me £418 for the privilege (I jest not!) Had a great time at the gig in Pompey, though, for which many thanks. I've just heard that The Who, David Bowie and The Stereophonics have committed to headlining the Isle of Wight Festival in June next year and wondered whether you might consider putting yourselves forward for inclusion on the bill? Have a cracking Christmas in the meantime (and give Thinny a festive peck from "uncle" Paul) *Pompey* Paul, Portsmouth
D: Our agent is under firm instruction to put us forward for everything that's going, including the IOW festival. We wait to see what happens. Merry Xmas.

Q: A great show on the 17th Dec...the only thing slightly disappointing was the lack of support by the audience in respect of the "black tie" theme. are there any plans to repeat this type of show in the future and if so wouldn't it be fantastic if the dress code was a condition of entry!!!! PS Danny, I waited a whole 10 minutes after the show for my CD but you never showed up???!!! Justine C Wallace
D: Yes, clearly the black tie theme wasn't popular, but it goes to prove you can't make people do things just because you like it, I know this from experience. Having said that, I thought those who did dress up looked splendid. I see no reason why the "Thunder Quietly Seated" show can't co-exist quite happily with the usual "Noisy Unseated" one, so we'll probably do it again at some stage in the future. Not sure about the entry being conditional on dress though, I'm no fashion policeman, and I'm happy to stay that way. Sorry about not showing up with the CDs as you left the venue, in the rush I got my tongue stuck between a CD and a label and had to go casualty......In all seriousness, we're all going to take some time out now to do the Xmas thing, before selecting the best bits to mix in Jan. After that it's off to the factory, so I anticipate that your CD will land gently on the doormat in late Jan or early Feb. We know you'll all be waiting so rest assured we'll get them done as soon as poss. Merry Xmas to one and all, be good, stuff that bird etc.

Q: First of all, Balham gig was superb, those who missed it will be killing themselves, my question is the lovely Anna single and can I have her phone number?!! Michael
T: Oi - No queue jumping, pal. Get in line behind the rest of us...

Q: Fantastic night on the 16th who was the support guy and will his slot be on the DVD and who were the girls ? now the main question Have the band ever thought about doing a book with the bands history inc pre Thunder and a good selection from Q&A? it has to be a best seller.. well I'd buy it. Steve C
D: Thank you, we hoped you would enjoy the format. The "support guy" as you call him is called Earl Okin. He has recently signed a recording contract with Sony's Jazz label, so his set won't be featured on anything we release in the future. Watch out for him in the future, his set was filmed on the first night, and Sony may decide to use the footage in some way in the future. We thought he was fantastic, we hope he did it for you too. The girls were Tara & Ana McDonald, the boy was Peter Shoulder, the man was Fearless Steve Smith. The book idea is a good one, though I fear the truth may be too shocking for most... Who knows? Maybe one day....

Q: Great night in Balham on Tuesday, it has set me wondering, who decides on which covers you record or play live? Baldy, Watford
L: It's normally me who picks covers but there have been occasions (as in the case of 'Play That Funky Music') when a jam in soundcheck or rehearsal will result in us covering a certain song. Glad you enjoyed the show.

Q: Luke, I know you must be proud of every song you write (it would be stupid not to) but you mentioned a while back you were especially proud of the songs "numb" "just another suicide" and "low life in high places". My question is what about these songs makes you more pleased about them. Is it lyrics, music, solos etc, or just a fond memory of writing them. Paul, Kent
L: It's kind of hard to explain....... it's to do with when the different elements of a song (tempo, melody, lyric, arrangement etc.) all come together to create the exact atmosphere I imagined when the basic idea flew into my head; it feels like I've done my job properly if you know what I mean!

Q: I've read that you have a "scotch" before you go on stage. What do you prefer a single malt or a blend? I was at both the Glasgow Gigs "BRILLIANT" Look forward to next one. Mitch Robson, Orkney
D: A nice single malt is my preference, though in times of need I have been known to drink battery acid. Thanks for coming back...

Q: Guys, my question is two fold, re. promotion! Does it seem harder this time around. In the early 90's the rock media couldn't get enough of ya....That was the popular music scene back then. How much trouble are you having getting yourself heard by a younger 'rock lovers' generation? Also have you considered the New Zealand market? Here is a small country that is passionate about live music. (just to demonstrate the kiwi's passion for all that is live n' loud) Metallica are head lining, their concert of year, 'The big day out' in Jan (a concert that is reminiscent of Donnington MOR. I immigrated here in March last year, bringing my music collection with me.....I must say those whom I have introduced to BSS and such like have been impressed. An offensive here could only be productive. Katheryn Quinn 
D: Yes it's harder as you go on, mainly because the popular press always bite you after they've been nice to you. This is normal and the way it is for all. People power is our preferred method of communication, word of mouth is best, always. So tell everyone, continuously... New Zealand is a part of the world we'd all love to go to, but we have no track record there, as far as I'm aware we've never had a record released there. This means getting offers to go play there is nigh on impossible. Once again, as with most things, it comes down to money... Ho hum

Q: There is a message on the quo board that you are playing a festival in Holland with Quo, Deep Purple and Cheap Trick. Is it true? Loved seeing you again aftershow in Glasgow. Marion 
D: This has been discussed and there is a strong likelihood that we will be on the bill.

Q: Is the Myke Gray who played with Must the same Myke Gray who used to play with Skin and if so is there any info. on what the rest of the former members of Skin are doing. Lyle, Glenrothes
T: Yes, it is the very same Myke Gray. We don't know what the other members of Skin are doing nowadays, you'd probably be better off asking Myke. I did hear that Nev is now a teacher, Andy is an accountant and Dicki is still playing drums for someone or other, though I don't know how true those rumours are...

Q: Is there any chance that you know what time the show will end on Wednesday 17th, as we need to sort out how to get home. John Bush
T: If you head over to the News page you will see that the show will be over by 11pm. 

Q: Are you still touring in December? If so, what dates and where please. Saw you in Norwich in November and it was amazing! Sharon, Norfolk
T: "Still" touring in December? Thunder never were touring in December. However, they are playing 2 acoustic dates in London on the 16th and 17th (which you can read all about on the news page). The 16th is long sold out. There may still be a very small amount of tickets left for the show on the 17th...

Q: Any news on when the new B&M album will be released? Dave, Kent
D: We're working towards a 27th of February 2004 release date. If all goes well the LP will come out on the same day across Europe, the UK and Japan, but there's still much to do so it's all hands to the pumps at this end (well both of mine at least). We're looking to make some sound clips available on the site in early January 2004, just to give a sneak preview of what's to come.

Q: I didn't realise until I read the Q and As today that Tony Thompson had died as well as Robert Palmer - he was one hell of a drummer. When did you play with the Power Station, did you contribute to any tracks, and how about getting Andy Taylor to guest at the odd gig? I saw Morley/Taylor at the Charlotte in Leicester , and I know he's a good player, but I'd really like to see him playing some of the hard rock Thunder songs! Nick 
L: I did one Japanese tour in 1996, some European shows the same year and a US tour in '97. My only contribution to albums was a co-write on the second album called 'Love Conquers All'. AT is currently very busy with the re-formed Duran Duran although I wouldn't write off the pair of us working together in some shape or form again as something good always comes out of it.

Q: Do you not get feed up with people who are stuck on the first album and moan when you don't play the whole B.S.S album back to back live (p.s i am)? Martin Porter, Essex
L: As I've said many times in Q+A it's impossible to please everybody 100% so now I tend to not let other people's myopia bother me.....life's too short!

Q: Are cameras permitted at the Christmas shows? Mick, Desborough
D: Good question. We have no problem with cameras normally as you know, but on this occasion, unless you can take it without using a flash, we would prefer you don't do it. The flashes will affect the filming.

Q: Hi guys great show at the Astoria had a lot of fun there just a point to Danny I am the big guy you pointed out during Dirty Love I myself enjoyed the pun my wife on the balcony was very embarrassed as a few people knew me and said so to her. Still I can jump well for a fat guy. Now my question. have you all gone a bit Cliff Richard and stopped drinking or do you not like Becks any more or is Evian just better on stage thanks for a great night. The sweet singing fat bloke (Stuart)
D: I sweat like a very sweaty thing with a good reason to sweat when I'm performing, and have found that if I drink beer or water I get dehydrated and then excruciating cramp in my legs towards the end of the set, rendering me nigh on crippled. I drink coke on stage as it helps me avoid the cramp. I don't like the taste of it particularly but it does work. That and the bottle of scotch immediately before we go on... I drink after the show, though in moderation (until the end of the tour).

Q: After reading some of the comments about the support-act that stepped in when Must dropped out, I would like to say that I think choosing Schism was an excellent, although very daring choice. Although we had to listen to quite some bad language, Schism did get the audience go quite mad before you guys even showed up on stage! Dropping in halfway a tour is always hard, but I think the boys did an excellent job, and there are more people who will agree with me! Do you all have a say in who gets to be support act during a Tour? Thanks again for 6 excellent shows, and we will see you in January in Holland and Belgium!  Di, Holand
D: I thought Schism did a fantastic job stepping when they did. This is all down to the efforts of Myke Gray. He played bass with Must and was unhappy about them pulling out of the tour, and put his band forward. The timing was such that there was no time to check who was available, but as we've known Myke a long time, we took his word that they would do a good job with the audience, despite not knowing their music. Whilst some may not have liked their approach, many did, so I feel under the
circumstances, it turned out pretty well, and we're grateful to him and them for stepping in and doing the business.

Q: Re: Hiya, we saw you all at Portsmouth guildhall, amazing gig, you guys just get better. Question I would like to ask, and am sure many others will, are who are the special guests at your Christmas Party gig on December 17th? We have tickets, and was just wondering if one of your guests would be Steve Overland? Would be nice to know, otherwise we will just have to wait and see. Kissy, Portsmouth
D: Steve Overland will not be one of our guests. You'll have to wait and see. So there.

Q: I know some of your answers to Q&A's are somewhat tongue in cheek. However, for reference, some of your fans are gay - including me. So, for me at least - and I would guess a few others - attending GAY after your London Astoria concert would not seem such a strange act. I did exactly that after Queensryche's concert earlier in the year! I consider myself to be as much of a fan as anyone else who turns up at your shows and m&g's, and buys your product. I have now seen Thunder about 8 times,
and will be at the December 16th event. I just happen to be gay, and I happen to love Thunder (and, no, not like that!!) The two are not incompatible. What do you think? BTW it is so good to have you back, and I can't wait for the December gig and for Thunder stuff in 2004. Thanks for a great 2003 it's been - as I think you'd say - "absolutely bloody marvellous!" Mark, Sheffield
D: Oh dear, I've done it again. I see no reason why our gay fans shouldn't go to the GAY club night after our show if it makes them happy, as you rightly say, the two are not incompatible. I had no idea you were gay, but it would have made no difference if I had, to me all fans are fans, regardless of sexual preference. Sorry for any offence, this was not intentional, but I'm not gay and nor are the rest of the band, which is why the answer was funny to me. As you say, tongue in cheek..

Q: It's not a question, i just want to thank you so much for an excellent gig on at London, it was the best i have ever seen you guys. I think everyone (well nearly) will agree that the tour was great! How anyone can moan about the setlists and so on i can't understand, it was all great! I loved Empty City! Thank you so much you guys for getting back together and going on that MOR tour 2002, otherwise i probally would have never of heard of you! Can't wait for next year to see you again if you tour and for the new album if its out next year? (damn thats a question!!!). Hope you have a good Christmas. Eccles
D: Thanks for your support, and don't worry yourself about the negative few, for they really are only a few and we have masses of great emails from people like you. There will be a new LP next year, but as it's not written yet, let alone recorded, I can't say when it'll see the light of day. There will be news on live stuff sooner than that. Please use the time between now and then to spread the word to others who may not have heard of us. Word of mouth is the best promotion I know, and we need you to educate for us. Thanks a million.

Q: Re: Miserable Moaners. My wife and I went to the gig in the Astoria and it was bloody superb! You can't please everyone but you certainly pleased my wife and I. We have seen you three times in 12 months and each time I go totally nuts and have a blast much to my wife's embarrassment. Oh yes question! We are going to be parents in June, so who should we name the child after?...assuming we have a boy! Matt and Nicky, Uxbridge
D: Thanks for your kind words, but really, the moaners are very much in the minority so... As to boy names, I met a boy called Merlin the other day, he seemed quite magical, not sure if it was him or his name, but I thought it was well funky.. Sorry not to be more helpful..
C: I think you should name your baby after me, as my birthday is also in June. And it doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl!

Q: Hi Chris, thanks for a great show in Watford this week! I'm also a bass player and I've also been a huge fan of Thunder for a long time. I learned bassically (pardon the pun) all I know from Thunders previous bassist Mikael Hoglund (such a great melodic player who really complimented the tunes and Harry's grooves but I have to say after I saw you play I have really become a big fan of your playing! I really learned a lot from watching you - it seems (all) Thunders bassists seem to love Musicman's! Go well and many thanks again for rocking our (my) world! Scott
C: Thanks for your comments, and I have to say, Musicman basses are the proverbial dogs'. Credit where credit is due, I think you'll find that all the bass lines on previous albums (and most of the bass lines on the current albums) were constructed by Luke, as integral parts of the songs. Take a listen to his bass playing on The Thrill Of It All and you'll see what I mean.

Q: Ok guys, this all seems a little surreal right now, but my curiosity has been aroused amidst other rather more naughty thoughts ;o)  Picking up on a conversation in the loonie room a few nights back, and a brief reference in Nigels question to the 'frock' aspect of the X-mas party, if you did have to wear a 'frock' what would be your preference is style/colour be (oh and don't forget the accessories) ? Maybe you've always wanted a little strappy black dress or off the shoulder number, or is it a full length, deep blue low backed dress with a thigh high split, or are you into a silver sequinned number? Go on, indulge yourselves with a little x-mas fun and fantasy ;o) curiously awaiting your replies, and intrigued to know if any of us came close to your own choices! Kerry
C: I'm more interested in what I'll be wearing underneath.....
L: Definitely tight and black with a plunging neckline and split to the thigh. I'm obviously a bit of a tart...... 

Q: Hi guy's I was at your gig at wolves civic on Sunday night and one of my friends is engaged to spike of "QUIREBOYS" so she managed to get me into your aftershow meet & greet AWESOME. In the process of meeting you I appeared to have lost my vocal ability and became a bag of nerves. Harry will remember me I asked him to sign his name twice on my ticket and called him "THE MAN" anyway I just wondered if you had any plans of releasing the cover you did of Robert Palmers - Addicted To Love as it was absolutely brilliant and me being a DJ at JB's Dudley would love to have a copy of that song by yourselves. Plus have you ever considered doing an album of cover versions as you always do them such justice and thunderize them ;) Have a gr8 X-Mas. Mark Evans
L: I think we'd rather just do the odd cover here and there than undertake a whole album's worth. No plans to record 'Addicted' either....sorry.

Q: Took the train to see the gig at London Astoria, looking forward to the second leg of the SATS tour... only to find that Busted were the support act... sorry I mean Schism. They are by far the worst support act I have ever seen.... who screened this act, I can't put into words how she-ite they were. However, their only saving grace was their lead guitarist, my advice to him is get out while you still can and join a band with some talent. Lyrics boys, lyrics, this is what sells songs! Perhaps they should go back to the drawing board and pen a new song "Schism do suck and no doubt swallow". When Thunder came out everyone drew a sigh of relief. I have to admit that watching Schism pack up their own kit did make me laugh... very rock and roll!! No big changes to the set list, although bravo for Moth To The Flame, Ben Matthews, you are the dude he really looked as though he was enjoying it and Danny, well what can I say, self indulgence personified, enjoy it while it lasts!!! I have to admit, I didn't make the 8 mile journey to see them at Portsmouth, somehow when I saw on the website that the set lists were not going to be published until after the tour I had serious doubts. I gambled seeing one show, and it paid off. I should have hedged my bets and not bothered. Obviously they did not heed the advice of their fans and try and give them a reason to buy another ticket. A tired format, and I'm tired of parting with my money. I wonder how much life is left in the old dog? Matt Barber
L: Thank you for the frankness of your views. I think you'll find that when it comes to listening and considering the fan's perspective, we do it more often and more seriously than you think. You are perfectly entitled to attend future shows or not as you desire. Oh, and don't worry, there's plenty of life left in the old dog yet....let's face it we have to give people like you something to moan about don't we?

Q: After hearing you guys at the Astoria i have become seriously interested in buying a Hughs and Kettner amp (if I had the money!) My question is to Luke, what type of head and cab did you use on the recent tour and what did you pay for it? Also would you recommend it? Paul, Kent
L: The head is an H&K Tri-amp and the cab is their standard 4x12. Fortunately we don't have to pay for them. Go to the links section on this website to find out more.

Q: Cracking tour guys, didn't think you would be able to top May but you certainly did. Luke, when you're on stage are you actually aware of the people who are stood at the front? Do you focus on anyone? Do you come away with anyone who has stood out in your mind for any reason? Jo, Yorkshire
L: I'm always aware of people standing at the front but not in a particularly focused way as I'm concentrating on other things.

Q: Before my question I have to say the show in Wolverhampton was great! One tiny moan though Danny, you must stop getting us to jump up and down, I am ample breasted and black eyes are a mandatory part of jumping. obviously it's my choice whether I jump up and down or not but you get lost in the moment and feel you must comply (the bloke next to me was none too chuffed either). Anyway onto my question, is the internet the only place to get meet and greet passes, for future shows etc.?? Mel
D: So sorry to hear of your black eye predicament. The very idea that I harmed you by making you and your breasts jump up and down leaves me feeling both sad and ashamed. How could I have been so thoughtless, so inconsiderate, so blind? I send my most profound apologies to you, your eyes and of course your breasts...In response to your question, I know the recent meet and greet pass system is not perfect for everyone, but you have to understand we changed the system as a reaction to what happened in May, when The Thin One was subjected to a great deal of verbal abuse from far too many people who missed out on passes. We also noticed in May, that a lot of the same people were in the aftershow night after night. Neither is very fair, which is why we felt we had to change the system. We simply don't have the admin staff nowadays to deal with the rigours of the fan club mail order type situation, so the internet is really the only effective method we have of ensuring two way communication. We know full well that it's not ideal, and we will work to improve it, but unless something drastic happens, we're not exactly flushed with options.

Q: 'Oh Danny Bowes, The voice, the voice is calling, from gig to gig....' The Astoria gig was Fab you're all Fab. Gushing I know. I don't understand how one of the punters below left 'Bitterly disappointed' We all left hot and sweaty. To top it all you played my dream team of songs, 'Empty City' and 'Low Life In High Places'. The gig finished at 10pm (yeah 10pm, the earliest finishing time for years - not a criticism) which meant there was an hours drinking time to come down, calm down after the Screaming, Shouting, Singing. Now the question, what did you do after the gig...was it Ovaltine and Horlicks or PAAAAAAAARTYYYYYYY? Angela, Surbiton
D: Glad you enjoyed it. Re: Bitterly disappointed individual, we fully accept that we can't possibly please every single person at every show. We work very hard every night to make it a great night, and from where I was standing, it looked like most of you were loving it, so as far as I'm concerned it's all worth it. Since the show on Saturday, we've had hundreds of great emails and just two moaners, so whilst it's always a concern when some people complain, we accept it happens, and it's not exactly keeping me awake at night. After the show, we did the meet and greet for a while, then some went drinking, some went home, and some stayed for the GAY club night (not! ha ha). For my own part, I went out to eat (nothing flash), then went home, slept for 4 hours, then drove to Wolverhampton for the final show. After that one, we all hurt ourselves really rather badly in our hotel bar...... As for details, I'm afraid that would be revealing just a little too much.. Suffice to say, pain and misery was all around on Monday.

Q: Will there be any tour t-shirts for sale from the November tour? By the time I got to the merchandise stand in Wolverhampton all the XL had gone! Margie B., Wales
D: Yes, we'll be making the tour merchandise available for purchase via the website as soon as we can get the images and prices uploaded. There's lots going on right now so be warned it may be a week or so...

Q: Luke, I was watching you on a Thunder DVD the other day, you look so delighted when you hear the crowd sing. how does it feel to have hundreds of people sing words back to you that you wrote? It must feel amazing, but weird at the same time. M
L: It's a great feeling when other people relate to something I've written and there's nothing weird about it at all!!

Q: Luke, in Between the Covers, 'the mum' tells 'you' that three's more fun between the covers right? But in your story there was you , Nick Linden, and the ladies, making 4. So did Nick go home early? Matt, Leeds
L: You have to grant me some artistic licence occasionally......

Q: Luke Morley, you are God. Well, I think so anyway. But I was just wondering: if you really were, and you could change anything you wanted, what would you change about a. your looks b. your personality c. your talents (or lack thereof) and d. each of the other band members? 'Nothing' is not an option, I'm afraid... Gillian, Hull
L: Funnily enough I've just watched 'Bruce Almighty' so ......I wouldn't mind looking like Johnny Depp for a day but seriously I would have to say that I try to hone in on the positive aspect of everything.Nature is by + large a good designer and I wouldn't presume to be better qualified!

Q: hi, I was at this gig last night, and was wondering why 'Love Walked In' did not get played? I've liked yourselves for a very long time, and I have never known a gig where so many people left bitterly disappointed. Although I know your never going to please everybody with your song selection why did you leave the one song out that everybody knows and loves and replace it with a song that is not yours, as well as a few others which don't compare? please answer back. Gary
L: We played 'Love Walked In' every show for 13 years and we've given it a rest this year. I met a good few people in the aftershow and not one of them told me they were 'bitterly disappointed' as you say. 'LWI' may well make an appearance next time we tour and I'm sure it will benefit from the break. Whilst I respect your opinions, our reasons for playing 'Addicted To Love' were born out of my wanting to pay tribute to two friends of mine that died recently (Robert Palmer and Tony Thompson). This did not as you say 'replace' Love Walked In. If you think our other material doesn't compare to LWI then I can see why you were disappointed but can't help asking myself why you would go to a gig by a band that only have one song you like.........

Q: Hi Luke Saw you at Watford last night and didn't get the chance to ask you after the show. On a few songs last night you were giving the old Les Paul a good hammering! and on a few solos you kept switching the pickup toggle switch rather vigorously??? What's this all about? Like most of us fans is your Les Paul wired differently? or is this just a Morley technique I haven't noticed before? hmmmmm? Tony B, Devon
L: When you turn one of the pick-ups off and then switch between them quickly it can create some interesting effects...

Q: Thanks for the gig in Bristol! Ive been going to your gigs since Terraplane & wondered when you are producing your more 'rocky' tracks, are you conscious of not over-producing & keeping the sound basic? (perfect is a better description) Matt P, Bristol
L: It's more a question of getting the arrangement of the song right first. If that happens then everything will record as it should.

Q: Cheers lads for a great show at Bristol, and cheers to the guy who gave me and my better half 2 aftershow tickets....I tried saying thank you but my voice was gone! Cheers for the signatures (i regret not getting my ticket signed though, but Emma's happy with the bag).........so Luke was the shirt you wore at Bristol made or bought??? Tomo and the Booby Bagged Girl
L: I bought it on the tour in a shop in Norwich but I can't remember the name....sorry! 

Q: I came to the gig you played on the 29th November, in London and you were brilliant. It was my first ever gig! Is there going to be a CD released with you live on the 29th on it? Thanks so much! Charlotte Anderson, Norfolk
D: Thanks for your kind words, I'm very glad you enjoyed the show. The whole tour was amazing and we thank all of you for coming and being so brilliant. We recorded some of the shows, but not all of them. This was down to technical reasons too dull to go into. We're going to have a couple of days off, before getting into arrangements for the Christmas parties. Once they're done and out of the way we'll no doubt listen to the November recordings and make a decision as to what to do with them. Watch this space..

Q: Will there be meet & greet passes for the European shows as well? And if so: how do we get them? Thanks so much! Caroline, Holland
D: I see no reason why we won't do a meet and greet for the Euro shows, but as to procedure, nothing is finalised as yet. More news on this when we have some.

Q: Firstly thanks to the guys, I saw three of the shows (Liverpool, Nottingham and Wolverhampton) and was chuffed to get my stuff signed at Liverpool. My question for Danny is to do with... TEA! I'd like to know your preferred brand of tea, cos after those shows, whatever you are drinking, I'm switching to! Also, do you agree with me that it is vitally important that you must have boiling, not merely hot water to make a decent cuppa! (One thing I hate is seeing pots of hot water and no kettle!) Cheers and see you on the 17th! Ronster, Liverpool
D: I agree entirely with you on the boiling versus merely hot water front. Brand wise I'm not fussed but it must be strong and it absolutely must be leaves rather than bags. Glad you enjoyed the shows, thanks for coming.

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Q: I know that you have been using in ear monitoring system for some time. But at the recent Glasgow gig I saw that you also had monitors at the front of the stage, just curious as to why. As I wouldn't think you would require them if wearing the earphones. James
D: I use in ear monitoring, but conditions vary in venues, so it's more successful in some than in others. I keep the traditional monitors as a fallback in case the IEM fails. Also Luke and Ben sometimes get their guitars switched into the monitors at the front and center during their solos.

Q: Danny made a comment during the gig concerning the lack of people at Watford. Our question is...As loud as the crowd are, (or not), and as happy you all 'seem' on stage. Does it get you down if the crowd isn't as large as it should be (considering Thunder are 'The Dogs B******ks live) ? As a completely fulfilled crowd member and fully autographed aftershow meeted and greeted fan, no matter how intimate the gig felt, it p***ed me off that 'too few' fans turned up on the night to support a band that never seem to give less than 100% at each gig they perform. Without wishing to sound like a twat, keep up the good work, and we ,look forward to seeing you all on the 29th Nov. and the 16th Dec. Steve/Tracey B. 
D: There are all kinds of reasons why shows aren't full, sometimes it's down to dodgy promotion, or the fact that the band have not been there before, or the proximity to other shows on the tour. It can be some or all of the above, but regardless, we like to put in shows at places we've never been to, just to find out. When we do we don't take anything for granted, and whilst I may make a joke or two, it's to help the vibe, the truth is we're always glad to see smiling faces, regardless of how many.

Q: Saw the show last night (brilliant) can you give me any details on your support act or point me in the right direction to find out some info? Alan Walker, Watford
T: The support band at the Watford show was Schism. 

Q: Hi Danny, I was just reading Through the Q and A's and saw one regarding a Jim'll fix it question. your answer read that you are and always have been fascinated with car manufacturing plants, well how do you fancy looking round one? I cant promise when I could arrange it but if you have the time I could possibly arrange a tour of the Lotus Cars plant here in Norfolk you would see a prestige sports car being hand built from start to finish. If you ever fancy the idea then let me know, My brother is sales and export co-ordinater for Lotus Sports cars Ltd and they always have factory tours you would be most welcome. see you in
Norwich in Nov and at the xmas party in dec. Carl
D: This is fantastic! I'm sure some of the others would be into it too, so thanks for the kind offer, and let us know when your brother might be able to arrange a visit. Could we bring a cameraman to film us while we're there? We're trying to gather footage from everything we do for next year's DVD.

Q: I know this isn't a guestbook but I feel that it would be the best place to start a crusade! In response to Bezo's idea, I for one would be up for the the 'formal' night. I'll be going on the 17th so I call on you Danny, as the literal 'voice' of the band, to start a campaig n for DJ's and Ballgowns (band included.. probably not the first time Harry has worn a frock I should guess!!!). What's the verdict Danny? Are you all up for it? Nigel
D: I have no objection to the Christmas party nights being attended by either fancy dressed, or formally dressed people. The rest of the band are likeminded. Given the time of year, and the potential expense of dressing up (not to mention the exposure to potential travel ridicule), we will be happy to see you wear whatever you wish, provided you wear something. This should be a stress free, fun night, after all it's a party...

Q: Hi just a quick question, I was lucky enough to get tickets for the xmas gig 2 on the 17th. Just wanna know if both evenings will be filmed? Nigel
D: Both evenings will be filmed and recorded.

Q: A questions of integrity and morals over business sense if you don't mind? Bearing in mind your well publicised opinions over Bon Jovi (both personality and music-wise), if the opportunity came up to support them again at some huge gig or tour, would you take it??? As an addendum, what are your thoughts on the situation where headline bands advertise amongst their fan base for support act ideas, promising them that this will give them a chance to get a well matched band, only to turn up at the gig and find that it always ends up being the bands with management/label money behind them who get the slot? A particular instance in mind is from Skin a few years back advertising in Kerrang! for bands only in the same musical vein to send in demos etc for
consideration, only for the slot to go to a country/southern boogie type band cos their management were buying them onto every tour going. Hope you can answer and give your thoughts to this - can't wait for the Astoria! Chris, Herne Bay
: If we got the chance to tour with Bon Jovi, I'm sure we would! They still attract a huge audience and the name of the game is to play to as many people as possible. As for the support slot issue, it's morally wrong to advertise for local bands to support you, only to take out a band slightly better known, established and with financial backing. It's the nature of the music business unfortunately! And money does talk!!! See you at The Astoria Chris. Make sure you shout loud !!!!
C: I personally would be excited about doing a support slot with Bon Jovi. It would be a great opportunity to get in front of a a lot of people who aren't necessarily familiar with Thunder, and I'm confident that once somebody has seen us live, they're sold. On the issue of asking fans for support act ideas, there are more considerations than compatibility with the main act - usually financial - but also what the support might bring to the show in terms of profile or additional bums on seats. It can be very hard to make money on tours, and any stream of income, whether it be tour support from record companies or simply more people at shows is welcomed by the guy doing the sums at the start. Doesn't really answer your question, does it? And personally, aside from giving the fans value for money and a good show, I'm not really bothered who supports because most of the time I'll never get to see them!

Q: Guys (and even Thinny - hi Thinny!). Have you heard the new Bon Jovi record? And how they've butchered the classic songs we all know? I loved the '95 acoustic remake of Livin' On A Prayer, but that CD takes the jammy dodger... This is basically a double edged question - what do you think to it (if you've heard it) - and would you ever go back to your earlier songs, rip them apart and rebuild them like that? Thanks, see ya in a couple of weeks! Inno, Glasgow
H: I haven't heard it to be honest. but it can be fun to re-record a song or an album of songs, with a slightly different slant. That's why I think it's good fun to play some of our stuff acoustically. But as for going back into the studio and recording old stuff, it's a waste of time really. What's done is done......move on!
C: I haven't heard the new Bon Jovi record, so I can't comment on that one. As for remaking old songs, unless you're taking a radically different approach, ie doing acoustic versions or (ahem) dance mixes I see no real point. Chances are you've already done the best version first time around.
D: Haven't heard it, not surprising really, I can't stand them (though Richie seems a nice chap)
T: Hi Inno. I havn't heard the Bon Jovi album in full but I did hear sound clips of it on the net - and I was suitably unimpressed. I hear that Richie is about to start work on a new solo album though - now that I am looking forward too!  I always thought that he was the real talent behind Jovi anyway and he has a much better voice than Jon in my opinion.

Q: Was there any milestone in your musical careers where your parents thought that you may indeed be able to make a living out of music and stop pestering you to 'get a real job'? David Boyd, Kilmarnock
H: Mum and Dad always gave me plenty of support in my early years and still do! I did have a "proper" job before Terraplane signed their first record deal, and I believe it was at that moment in time, that they realised that I was going to make a living within the music industry! Dad always wanted to play drums and always dissuaded me from following in his footsteps-the butchery game! I also could have been pretty good selling shoes.........Size 8....We have that. See!
L: I think my Mum stopped worrying the first time we sold out Hammersmith Apollo and she watched it from the balcony. I think all our folks were very proud and relieved.
D: I don't think my parents ever had a clue as to how the music business worked, and what they learned they heard from me, but they'd always been very supportive throughout the struggling years, and they were very proud when things started happening for us. When we landed our first record deal with Terraplane, we got most of our Mums and Dads together and drank champagne, it was very nice to see them all proud together. I remember my Dad was especially proud later when all the Page 3 girls came to a Thunder show at Hammersmith Odeon! That was certainly a milestone for him....
B: Who said they've stopped?

Q: As these Christmas Shows are going to be really special I think it would be a smashing idea to encourage everyone to dress up. I always enjoy a black tie and ballgown affair, but very rarely have the excuse to dust down the DJ. If it was a full blown rock night then I'd say it would be a bit too stiff. However, the seated tables, acoustic, festive show may provide a perfect occasion and could look jolly good on the DVD. What are your thoughts on this? BTW, really looking forward to a few dates next week and of course December 16th. Thank you for a great Thunder year. Mark 'Bezo' Besley. Frome
D: I have to say this is the best idea I've heard for ages. I did initially think of making it fancy dress but changed my mind. The bizarre thing is now I think about it, I can't remember why... It would be good for us (and the film) to see an audience who'd really taken the idea on and gone to town. Whilst I don't think we should try to dictate what you wear, just let me say if this becomes a reality, we'd be chuffed..

Q: A long time ago, you talked about European AVO Session gig. You said : "The TV broadcast will also go out on the same night, but will not be live." It's really near now. (14th November) Will it be broadcasted during the same night or not ? I've searched everywhere on swiss TV websites and found nothing about it! Olivier, Belgium
D: That's what we've been told. Why not go to the AVO Sessions website and ask them?

Q: How do the rules regarding the release of singles work? I ask because supposing people went in to HMV tomorrow and bought copies of Loser from the 'past singles' bit of the shop, does it count for anything, or do sales not get counted after a certain period of time? I'm not asking if you've got any further chart ambitions (for the minute!) but would it have any sort of retrospective effect? Matt, Leeds
D: Theoretically, if enough people descended upon HMV tomorrow and were able to purchase hundreds of copies of Loser, it could make the chart, but it depends on how many copies of all the others singles were sold that week. There's no reason why that couldn't happen, apart from the fact that there are very few copies in the shops any more, and I'm sure most of you already have it.

Q: Dear Thinny, I may be thick, but I'm a bit confused. When asked about a DVD, sometimes it's said that it will be here before Xmas, and other times there's talk about a DVD coming out in the new year. Could you please explain once and for all which is which? Sorry if I'm the only one that can't get it straight... And my other question: will there also be a meet & greet session after the Dutch show? Hope so!!! And if so - how does one go about getting said passes? Thanks for taking the time to answer and you're doing a great job! Caroline, Holland
T: Hi Caroline. There will be a new DVD released very soon through this website. This DVD will include the full show from the Marquee last November and a remastered 'In Out Put The Kettle On' (handy cam footage filmed throughout the bands career). A second DVD will be released at some point next year. This will include the Christmas show which will be filmed next month. Hope this makes a bit more sense now...

Q: Hi fellas. May I first say that I'm really looking forward to being part of the party on Dec 16th, as I know it's going to be a blast, as indeed are all Thunder gigs. But I hope I'm not alone when I say that just to be going to the gig is thrill enough, and that you guys should take this opportunity to make some dosh for yourselves by making the 'exclusive' CD available to all who wish to buy it. I'm going to the gig (and feel privileged to be one of the lucky ones) for the fun and to store up precious memories, and that's enough for me. I don't need the smug satisfaction of knowing that I have something that others can't have, and frankly I'd be disappointed in any Thunder fan who felt otherwise. It wouldn't be hard to poll those who have successfully purchased tickets to find out how they feel. And I really would object if I saw one going for an inflated price on Ebay, knowing that you didn't profit from it in any way. The bottom line is that we fans are in this thing for love of the music, but you have to make a living. See you soon and, again, thanks for taking the time to party with us on 16th! Jules, Glos.
D: Thank you, your words of support are very much appreciated. I honestly believe most Thunder fans are nice people, but we have to be alive to the fact that they can't all be like you. As for the Live CD, we've decided to put off making a decision on that until after the show and we've heard it.

Q: Ok guys. I think a while back you said the DVD would be coming around October time but still no sign, will we see the DVD come out before Christmas? I hope so. Michael, Flint
T: It will be here well before Christmas...

Q: Hello chaps. We were listening to The Rare, The Raw and the Rest this afternoon and my daughter Rebecca would like to know who does the Scooby Doo laugh at the beginning of MOVE ON. Denise
D: It's me.

Q: Hey Guys, can you tell me where the live tracks on disc 2 of "Symphony And Stage" are from? The Liner notes don't say. Danny calls the crowd "Wolverhampton" during one song. Are any of them the same tracks as on "Live" or "They Think It's All Over..."? Thanks. Really, really hope to be at the Christmas show. Andy, Essex
T: All the tracks from CD 2 of Symphony and Stage are the same tracks as the ones that appear on the "Live" CD - it is just a record company re-hash that had nothing at all to do with the band. All the tracks were recorded over four shows (2 at the Shepherds Bush Empire in London and 2 at the Wulfrun Hall in Wolverhampton) in November 1997.

Q: Luke what is your current set up on stage ie amps guitars, mikes, etc what was the first guitar you played on? Jan Starchild
L: My first guitar was a cheap Spanish nylon string which cost my Dad £10. On stage I use Gibson Les Paul Customs, Fender Telecasters and a Tanglewood acoustic. Amps are either Mesa Boogie or Hughes & Kettner. Mics are Sennheiser.

Q: Mr.Morley,I had such a rude dream about you last night, delighted! My question is would you like me to bring you all a proper cornish pasty for after your wolves civic gig? looking forward to seeing you all again love you from the bottom of my heaving bosoms. Wazzomamatron, Cornwall
L: Well I do like a Cornish Pasty and I know Harry loves them as well so why not?

Q: Hello guys. I am 20 and have been listening to you guys for about ten years or maybe longer (also am really into great rock bands such as FREE, Deep Purple, Wishbone ash (old), Status Quo (early 70s), Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac. I got a few quick questions 1. What are your favourite guitar solos other artists/ your own (don't think to long, the first thing that comes to mind.
L: 'My Old School' by Steely Dan....'Goodbye To Love' by The Carpenters.....they're the first two that spring to mind today. As usual I have to pass on my own work....that's for you to decide.
2. Why was EMPTY CITY not on the THUNDER LIVE video???
L: I can't remember....sorry.
3. PLEASE, PLEASE come and do a show in Ireland , Dublin, Belfast anywhere (not really a question but needed to be said.)
L: We'd love to but I'm afraid it's not as simple as that.
4. Is Empty City like Thunders version of Rainbows Stargazer? Similar drum sound and soaring guitar and vocals (although you guys really go to town when performing it live just simply amazing I thank you for this that live version off thunder live is perfect a true classic)
L: They're both big rock epics but EC has a much better lyric!!!! I've always been suspicious about lyrics involving Wizards, especially when sung by an Elf!
5. will you guys ever cover an early Free song e.g. I'll be creeping, I'm a mover, Mr. Big, oh, I wept, Heavy load, Fire and Water....?
L: I'm sure we covered 'My Brother Jake' or maybe I imagined it....
6. I don't know if anyone has ever asked this before but is ' Baby I'll Be Gone' your version of Free's Mr Big? similar structure and theme (is it just me) (have any of you guys ever seen Paul kossoff play the guitar solo to Mr Big Live isle of Wight 1970? It is full of agony and pain he really does feel every note he is my favoutite guitartist a real true guitarist who nerver really go his due).
L: Baby I'll Be Gone' is actually our version of 'Baby I'll Be Gone' as far as I can tell.....
6. What in your opinion makes a great band?
L: The 'X' factor.....just don't ask me to define what that means. I only know when I feel it.
7. Whats on that new Dvd put the kettle on? CF, Ireland
L: Read the news page on this site and it will tell you.

Q: Ok, you know that scene in the Blues Brothers film where they find themselves in a Country & Western bar, and they have to play Stand By Your Man, and the Theme From Rawhide to escape a lynching? What songs would you guys play if you ever found yourselves in that situation? Robert Elliott, Glasgow
L: Ha ha....good question; probably 'Sylvia's Mother' by Dr. Hook And The Medicine Show or 'A Boy Named Sue' by the late, great Johnny Cash.
D: It would have to be a cast iron sure-fire winner, a song that would be guaranteed to get everyone up and into the vibe. I guess it would have to be Bright Eyes by Art Garfunkel.
C: I've been in a similar situation on more than one occasion - but we didn't have the benefit of chicken wire in front of the stage! As for what songs we played, I've no idea, but they must have been the right ones or I wouldn't, be here to tell the tale!

Q: Hi Guys. Not that anybody has asked me yet, but the man who does ask me to marry him will have to understand one thing, well, two things really, the first is that when I walk down the aisle I want a Thunder song playing and the second, that the first dance at the reception will be a Thunder song. I was thinking of Here In Your Arms for the first dance, but what would you recommend for when me and Ben...er...whoever are walking down the aisle? Could I also just say how icky cited I am about seeing you at Wolverhampton in November, I cant wait, (but think I might have to.) Jodie Lewis, Worcester
L: Definitely not 'Cosmetic Punk' as you don't want to be running down the aisle....how about 'Until My Dying Day' as that's a pledge of love that will last a lifetime?
C: I think 'Just Another Suicide' would be appropriate for the wedding.... just kidding
D: Cosmetic Punk would be great fun, not necessarily for the Vicar of course. I gather many have gotten spliced to the accompaniment of Love Walked In, but to be honest I can't imagine it, I just can't. Seems so weird to me.

Q: As a history buff as well as a rock fan I was wondering who from history would you be and why? I'd be Nell Gwynne because she made something of herself despite a poor start in life, she didn't want too much and made sure that her children were well provided. See you at the Portsmouth meet and greet. Angie Stewart, Oxfordshire
L: I wouldn't have minded being Lord Byron.....running around the South of Europe in a big floppy white shirt drinking too much wine, writing poetry and chasing girls....a bit like what I do now really!
C: I'd have to be Vlad The Impaler. What a great name!
D: Winston Churchill would be my choice, no question.

Q: Danny, I can't find it right now but I distinctly remember someone asking before if it was true you had made videos for Atomic Kitten. You didn't really answer. So, being the freak that I am, when I had an interview with the ladies (well, one - Liz) recently, I decided to throw the same question in for fun. And I'm sorry to report she doesn't have a clue who you are. Care to comment? Just thought the other fans would like that, too... And Luke: thanks for writing so many beautiful songs that stick with you. Question: do the lyrics of the songs take you back to what- or whoever inspired them every time you play them? Great you guys are back together. Now, if you would only play Holland... Never mind, thougH: three of us cloggies are coming to see you in London. Now if only the useless travel agent can find us a hotel... Any space left on your respective floors? Miss TCA, Holland
L: Umm...I thought we were playing in Holland in January; have a look at the news page. Some of the tunes are like little time capsules but time can also play tricks on one's memory as well...it's a bit like that Clive James book 'Unreliable Memoirs'.
That is correct, Liz doesn't know me, nor I her. Please see other pages for latest Dutch show information.

Q: Danny - you have on these very pages I believe extoled the virtues of Sennheiser IEM systems. If I were to come along to a gig with my IEM recevier and earpieces, is there anything electronically or legally preventing me from listening to the gig via one of the band's monitor mix, if I can find one of the frequencies? I'm not going to do it of course, but (as I've been delving into the aread of IEM for my band) the thought just struck me as something strange and stupid that someone might one day do! Chris Smith, Herne Bay
D: You assume I'm up on the technology (I am most definitely not), and if I was, and you were right, do you think I'd tell you? In short, I have no idea... Try it, you might get my mix, or you might get Harry's. Seems like a load of hassle to me, especially as security could conceivably see you twiddling with your kit, mistakenly think you were bootlegging, the gig and throw you out! That would be a choker!

Q: Thinny, Information please. I no it's a bit far in advance but is it still the case that Astoria on a Saturday have to start early because of some club night? if so what time will Thunder be on? Also, this X-mas thing, will it just be the details announced on Monday or will the tickets be on sale that day as well, i.e. do I have to be on this website all day, miss lectures in order to have any chance of getting tickets? Cheers Thinny! Alex, Southampton
T: The Astoria is indeed an early show because of the club that takes place afterwards. Details are not fixed yet, but we think it will go like this:-
6.00p.m Doors
7.00-7.40p.m. Must
8.00p.m Thunder
I must stress this is how we think it will go - remember, nothing is set in stone yet!!
Christmas Party: Full details will be available on Monday. We are going to do our best to make the announcement as comprehensive as possible, so hopefully all questions will be answered, including what, where, when, age limits, and of course how to order tickets. The tickets will go on sale at the same time the full details are published. We cannot advise as to the exact time, it would be foolish to attempt it. If we did, evil forces will inevitably conspire to make it go wrong, and/or the sheer weight of traffic will cause our server to grind to a halt. Neither eventuality would be acceptable. Sorry not be more specific, but we're not doing it on purpose...

Q:  1.Do you think Ben looks like the reporter from AIRPORT??!!
B: Not high on my list of things to watch.
H: No I don't!
C: Haven't seen it, so I can't comment
D: I have never seen Airport.
2.What do you think of beefeater restaurants??
B: Should stick to making gin, not dabble in things they don't understand.
H: They're OK - I'm partial to a bit of steak!!
C: Being a closet vegetarian..... not really my choice
D: I would have to be very hungry to eat in one.
3.Ever been to Swindon
B: Why, do you need directions?
H: Not yet-why is it nice?
C: Not voluntarily
4.Your headlining a major gig, which three of todays bands would you want supporting you?? Mark, Swindon
B: I'm at the bar in anycase.
H: The Darkness, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Girls Aloud!
C: Atomic Kitten, Liberty X and Girls Aloud - not for the musical aspect, you understand....
D: Must, The Others and Danny & The Doo Wops.

Q:  I was digging through my CD collection the other day and came across an old Tesla CD, I had forgotten what a great sounding band they are (I think they re-formed recently). Have any of you heard or seen Tesla, if so what did you think? Elliott, London
B: I watched the soundcheck when we played with them in Japan. It was enough.
H: Not bad  -musically they're fantastic but live, found them a little boring!
D: Tesla were on the same bill as us at the Final Countdown show in the Tokyo Dome in 1990. Europe and Metallica were also on the bill. Tesla were good players, but I've got to be honest I personally found them a little dull as a live spectacle.

Q: I just had my school photo taken, and I wanted to know, do you like having your photo taken? And what is your favourite photo of yourself? Harry Griggs-Walker, age 6, Kent
B: It's not my favourite part of the job but you gotta do it. As for a favourite photo, I love them all!!
H: Yes - I enjoy having my photo taken - it's part of the job really! My favourite photo of me was taken by Ross Halfin. It appeared on the back of an issue of "Kerrang" and Ross drew a line on the top of my forehead and wrote "cut here"! Harry - Don't try this at home!!!I
L: I don't mind having my photo taken as it's part of what we do. I don't have a particular favourite photo of myself but I have many great snaps of the rest of the band.
D: I remember feeling very strange when I had my picture taken at school, they made me hold a pencil and pretend I'd drawn a picture of a house that was already there. I found this most puzzling, I wondered who'd drawn it, and felt that mine would definitely have been a much better house. Nowadays whilst I don't particularly enjoy it, I don't hate having photos done, it goes with the job. When we get the pics afterwards I'm always amazed that I look that way to others, it's not how I feel, or how I see myself when I look in the mirror... Strange...Still as you're only 6 I guess all that was very boring, so let's talk Beyblades and liven it up a bit...
C: I do like having my photo taken, and my favourite photo of myself is one that was taken when I was about 7 - I was such a sweet little boy, don't know what happened.....

Q:  Hi guys, I'm really looking forward to the Wolverhampton gig cant wait..just got one quick question which song is your favourite to perform off the new album? See you in November. Samantha Swindells
B: Of the one’s we’ve played I think Loser wins the day so far. It’s a very satisfying song to play.
H: I think it would have to be "Loser" with "Everybody's Laughing" coming a close second.
L: I have no idea as we haven't actually performed all of them. Ask me again after the next tour.
D: So am I, the simple answer is I don't know, we haven't played them all live yet and won't until we've done a bit more rehearsing in the next coupe of weeks. Stay by the computer, I'll let you know how it goes... Failing that I'll see you in Wolverhampton, where we'll both find out.
C: That's an easy one - Loser

Q: When I was still very young, maybe 9 or 10 (a ve-e-e-ry long time ago), my dad took me along to the Fairfield Halls in Croydon to see the Spanish flamenco guitarist, Paco Peña. I still remember with absolute clarity the awe I felt that evening, and it instilled in me a lifelong love of classical guitar music. So, as I sit here sipping a rather nice Rioja and listening to the music I heard that night (The Preludes by Villa-Lobos), I found myself wondering whether any of you enjoy classical music and, if so, what kind? Or is it rock all the way? Jules, Glos.
B: When I was young my parents took me to the 1812 Overture at Crystal Palace Park and I loved every minute of it, cannons and fireworks, it was the AC\DC of the classical world.
L: I have been known to listen to Radio Three in the car and I do own a good few classical CD's but normally when I do get the opportunity to listen to music it wouldn't be my first choice. I don't suppose 'The Buena Vista Social Club' counts a classical but I do listen to it quite a bit.
H: Believe it or not, it has been known for me to slip into classical music mode. It is of course a mood "thang" for me but I have a few CD's-mostly compilations. Whilst holidaying in Spain a couple of years ago, I bought a couple of classical guitar CD's which reminded me of my holiday and also enabled me to continue my flamenco dance routine!
C: I can't say that I would sit at home and listen to classical music - but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy it. I try to keep my mind open to as many different styles of music as I can, often you'll find inspiration in the most unlikely places.
D: I'm not a massive fan of classical music, more out of ignorance than anything else. I like some opera, Puccini and Donizetti are my favourites really. I have to be in certain frame of mind to really enjoy operatic pieces, so I don't play it very often, but when I do I always think I should make more of an effort.

Q: Seeing as how my daughter's miniature schnauzer is soon to be a mommy, my other daughters chi mix is just sooo snuggly, cozy, and I was made fun of the other day for leading such an exhilarating life because I was changing the water in my fish tank, I began to wonder if any of you have pets? If yes, what kind? If no, what type of animal would you consider if you felt you could give some time to one? Dana, Utah
B: I thought a miniature schnauzer was a very small nose, you can imagine my surprise...
L: No pets currently but over the years several cats, gerbils, mice and a snake. I always wanted a dog but never really lived in the right kind of environment to make it a possibility.
H: I have a rather fierce cat called "Elfy". He's a bit of a monster but we love him! I did have 3 goldfish-I now have two! Elfy-Where are you!!! I am constantly under pressure to get a dog; but just haven't got the time!
D: I have three cats, 2 long haired black and white (girls), 1 black and short haired (old boy). I had 2 dogs as a kid and loved them both dearly. I'd like to get another one day, but at the moment I have no time to devote to my family let alone a canine, so that one's very much on the back burner for now. One day...
C: I have two cats, my favourite animal.

Q: Guys, bit of an odd question here. As you'll know Johnny Cash died in the last few weeks. In the last decade of his life he recorded covers of songs by people like Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails. How would you have felt if he had "countrified" a Thunder song, and is there any particular song you think would have gotten an interesting twist from JC singing it? Kieran Keegan
B: I'd love to hear him do a version of Backstreet Symphony - yee haw
H: Mmm......."Does It Feel Like Love"..........Now that would have been interesting!
D: Johnny Cash, not much to say really. Very few artists sold more records than he, now that is an amazing fact. If he'd have covered a Thunder song it would have to have been Stand Up. When we play it acoustic style it has a country slant to it, and I know he could have done what only Mr Cash could do with the angry lyrics. 

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Q: I had a minor embarrassment with my three year old son the other day. We were at playschool and on being asked what he wants to be when he grows up (in front of other parents etc) stated he wants to be a loser with the blues like Luke. Although that was only a minor embarrassment I would like to know what your most embarrassing experiences are. Loser
C: I'm afraid that my most embarrassing experiences were painful enough at the time - I don't intend to share my misery with the rest of the world! Good on your son, though, he'll go far.
D: I have to say this one made me laugh out loud. I wish I'd have seen it. I can remember my daughter remarking a bit too loudly on a very large man's bald head once. We were walking down the road towards a car park, and he was in front of us. She commented, I shushed her and asked her to keep her voice down, but she was having none of it. Kept going on and on about how shiny it was and how much like a bowling ball it looked. I had the cold sweats, I wanted to die, I honestly thought he was going to
turn around and thump me. If he had I'm certain my wish would have come true, he was very large indeed.

Q: I have read that TOTP are hoping to get all acts to play live now...did you have to mime when you played on the show? Margie B., Wales
D: Huurah! On all occasions when we played TOTP, the band had to mime and I sang live to what they call a TV mix (no vocals). That was the way it was then, much to our frustration. We argued long and hard but they would not be persuaded. I'm glad they say that's what they're going to do, I won't believe it though until I see or more importantly hear it.

Q: Is there a Thunder lyrics page or site you know of? BTW, I've imported all the CD's I've purchased.... can't get them any other way! Love the tunes! Monique Areano, Utah
T: Um...no. But what do you need a lyrics site for? All the lyrics are printed in the booklets of those lovely CDs that you've imported...

Q: First of all I would like to say Danny you have the voice of a god, capable of making any females knickers fall off.i am sorry to have to ask this it is going to make me sound like a dumbass, but what is meet and greet? Have been a fan of the band since I was 15 am now 27 have been to see you seven times and I still don't get it. M, Sunny Cornwall
T: The meet and greet is when the band, err...meet and greet the fans after the show.  If you have reserved passes you will be able to meet the band, have a short chat with them and maybe they'll even sign your Thunder CDs. See the news page for more details - however, all meet and greets are now full. Don't worry though - they do this on every tour, so if you have missed out on getting a pass this time around there's always next time...

Q: I have all of Thunder's studio albums apart from The Thrill Of It All, and I'm having trouble finding it. I've heard some songs from it and it sounds excellent so I'm getting rather frustrated!!! Could you please recommend anywhere that I might find the album and why is it so hard to get? Paul, Kent
T: The Thrill Of It All is so hard to find as it is no longer in production. To be honest, your best bet is to try searching on eBay - there always seems to be a few copies floating around on there.

Q: Hi, Just been reading some stuff on David Coverdale's site, and I read that he jammed with you. Wondered what your thoughts were and if you would do it again? Ta! Janet, Manchester
T: If you do a search of the Q + A section (see above) you will find that the bands relationship with David Coverdale has been already been discussed several times. Thanks!

Q: You mentioned recently the "On with the show" shout at the end  of the B&M CD, and said it was due to re-using tape. Is that the same reason for the stuff at the end of The Thrill Of It All ("Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, my name's Ozzy Osbourne...") or was just for the hell of it? Also, about 90 seconds into Cosmetic Punk it goes quiet and there's various unintelligible voices over the top - more of the same,  or have I got a dodgy ripoff CD? Andy, Essex
D: The Ozzy skit at the end of TTOIA was a jam, the band were taking the mickey out of our old bass player Mikael Hoglund. He loved Black Sabbath, and got upset if we derided them in any way, so us being us, we used to occasionally play "lounge versions" of BS songs, just to incense him. During the TTOIA sessions, there was much late night jamming, and so it happened one night. Rupert (engineer) recorded it all (without us knowing), and we decided to pop it on the end of the record. It was a bit of mischief, nothing more. The Cosmetic Punk story is largely the same. Not being a guitar player, I made them let me do the long feedback guitar intro to the song, the vague rambling voice is actually me, in mid guitar howl shouting "I love it!" Turn it up loud and you'll hear it, but turn it down again quickly before the song begins or you'll blow up your hifi! Rest assured it was just impish mischief again, and you don't have a dodgy copy (assuming this is what you're referring to of course).

Q: Is it true that you were Support of Status Quo during 1998?? I think it was THUNDER I've heard there in Munich...cool Band then...  Christian, Austria
T: Yes, Thunder did indeed support Status Quo in Germany back in 1998.

Q: Morning all, Regarding Mr. Shoulder, it's a shame that he isn't at all the venues on the tour. Is this due to the venues not allowing it? I was eager to hear what he sounds like and what "The Others" songs are like but he's not going to Bristol. Will there be a CD of some description for sale at the merchandise stall? Keep up the good work. James Minchew, Gloucester
D: Peter's band will only be at 6 of the 11 shows because his drummer is not available for all. I agree it's a shame, but as it's none of my business I can't really comment further. I think they are recording at the moment, but I don't know if they'll have any music for sale at the shows.

Q: Luke; you've 'self-produced' Thunder's (and B&M etc.) music for a number of years now. What are the advantages and what do you see as the Producer's role? I remember a quote from you along the lines of 'if someone is having an off-day in the studio nobody will know that better than me' so, if a 'big-name' Producer (e.g. Mutt Lange) offered to take over the production duties on the next album (for free of course!) would you prefer to decline? Which Thunder album are you most pleased with in terms of the overall mastering/sound? Looking forward immensely to seeing you in November. All the best. John
L: The way the songs are written and arranged means that anybody else coming in at the recording stage to produce wouldn't have a great deal left to do so it might as well be me. It would be very interesting to work with a producer but in the past when we've done it the results have been varied so I would be a little nervous. I'm not sure Mutt Lange would be right for us but if
Ted Templeman volunteered his services I would definitely say yes!

Q: If you heard SATS in 1989, and had been told this was Thunder in 2003, what do you think your reaction would have been? Matt, Leeds
L: I would've asked where the Time Machine was parked and who wins the three o'clock at Kempton tomorrow.......
D: Blimey, what a good album!! No, seriously I hear you baby. If I had the time, I'd assume the band must have been cryogenically suspended somehow. I must say if I'd been able to hear 2003's record way back in 1989, I'd probably have been too busy using this gift to invest in the stock market to worry about Rock'n'Roll records of the future.

Q: If we had a match, which Beyblade would you use to defeat my Master Dragoon? Harry Griggs-Walker, age 6, Kent
D: I'm reliably informed that I'd need to use my Mega Dranzer to destroy your Master Dragoon, that along with my superior technique of course... As you may have gathered, I know nothing of these things, but my son does and he's pretty convincing.

Q: Hi, Can you let us know when we will be able to buy the forthcoming Marquee + 'In Out Put The Kettle On' DVD? My birthday is next week and you have said before that it would be October - any chance of my wife being able to order this for me by Thursday?????? p.s. Not complaining, but more commenting on the release: - the whole gig being there is fantastic (not least cos I was at the front!!), but most true fans will already have the 2nd disc stuff from the original video release. Could this not have been used for the Shooting At The Sun 'making of the album' footage that you have previosuly stated was extensively filmed, as this may have prompted some slackers who buy the DVD for the gig, to buy the CD if they haven't yet??? Chris, Herne Bay
D: We've been working on the DVD for some months, and it has not been without its technical problems, but we're getting there. Final touches are being made to the masters, then it will go off to the factory for manufacturing. It's all down to manufacturing times, but I'm pretty confident we'll have the definitive item to sell within the next couple of weeks, at the very latest by the time the shows begin in November. Our new online shop is also nearing completion, which will enable DVD credit card orders to be placed via www.thunderonline.com. It will also be on sale at the shows. Your point about the SATS studio footage helping LP sales is well made, and that footage will surface hopefully next year on our second DVD release. Your other point about most true fans already having the second disc is wrong I'm afraid. We only made 1000 copies of the In Out Put The Kettle On VHS, and we had orders for many more. We've been asked for it constantly ever since the original release, I must assume these are people who couldn't get it the first time. This is why it's on the DVD.

Q: Hi guys, good luck on the upcoming tour! I'm looking forward to seeing you all down here in pompey and at the meet and great (and thank you for the privilege of it as well) and myself being a guitar player and just starting on the bass as well I'll be looking to see how certain riffs are played ha! anyway...don't know if you been asked this before, but here goes, I know you do various types of competitions etc but have you ever thought of doing a competition where the prize could be being a roadie on a complete UK tour? unpaid of course! or is this something that would be a logistical nightmare??? Sean, Portsmouth
D: Whilst the idea is novel, I fear it's not altogether practical. The job of backline technician is highly specialised, the shows depend on all crew members being good team players, knowing their onions, and doing a first class job at all times. Unless all the competition entrants were qualified, the show could be at risk. Take it from me, our crew would make (and have made) pet food of anyone who didn't know his/her job. I fear in most cases, it may end up as more of a punishment than a prize...

Q: Are there any plans to video or record any of the gigs in Novemeber? Antong
D: We may record some of the November shows, and a cameraman friend will shoot documentary style footage throughout. We won't be doing any grand multi-camera shoots though.

Q: what's your opinion on Enuff Znuff and also have you heard the solo album by Donnie Vie . If you haven't I strongly recommend it, brilliant songwriting like yourself. Graham Briley, Kent
L: No I haven't heard it but I'll watch out for it. Ta for the tip.

Q: Hi guys, I was looking through your discography trying to find whether you've done a cover of Rod Stewart's song 'First cut is the deepest', and was shocked to find that you hadn't. Are you ever going to consider doing this song as a cover, or not, because I think it would be amazing to hear played by you guys? See you at the Astoria in November. Laura, Beds
L: Yes it is a great song and I may have covered it in my shower many times!!!

Q: Regarding the meet and greets at gigs would not a fairer way be using ticket numbers i.e the first people to buy tickets for each gig get the after show passes. Terry, London
T: No. Just because you have ticket number 1 it does not mean that you were the first person to buy a ticket. What about fans that buy tickets from their local record shop, or from an online ticket seller, rather than direct from the venue? You could still end up being the first person to buy a ticket, yet you could have ticket number 1000, which won't help you much. Also, collecting all the information from the ticket sellers would be a complete nightmare, as well as getting in touch with those people and letting them know. Nice idea, but practically impossible...

Q: Did you lot, in another incarnation ever do a version of Tom Jones's Delilah, as done by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band or have I had too many late nights/whisky sours/fleeting glimpses of Luke's red PVC trousers? Jane Stevenson, Hawley
L: Wow...I haven't worn red PVC trousers since the early Terraplane days twenty years ago! I think we did cover 'Delilah' even before Terraplane when the band Danny and I were in was called 'Nuthin' Fancy'. Hope this helps..........

Q: Luke - I know Danny loved Free but how do you rate Paul Kossoff? Kenny
L: I'm a huge fan. We've actually covered 'Come Together In The Morning' on the new B&M album.

Q: Hi Guys, I'm really looking forward to the Northumbria Uni gig but I wondered if you could confirm whether or not Peter Shoulder is going to be supporting you there? I asked a question about him once before you may recall (thanks for the response!) and I'm a bit of a fan of his as well as your own good selves. Lynne, North East
T: As stated on the news page, Peter and his band will NOT be playing at the Northumbria show.

Q: Have the band ever been approached to play any concerts for UK servicemen and women serving abroad. I know a lot of bands that have done this and they always go down a storm. I think Thunders particular brand of music would go down great with the boys and girls wherever they are in the world and it would definitely bring the band to a wider audience who may not have heard of them in the past. Not sure what the financial deal is with these events but I'm sure there could be some record sales to come out of it? What say you guys? Phil Stark
D: We've never been approached to play for servicemen and women serving abroad, but if we were, we would have no problem with the concept.

Q: I was listening to Planet Rock last night (6/10) and Colin Slade said that he was going to be interviewing Thunder. Is this true? If it is when? Elliot, London
D: I did an interview with Colin Slade yesterday. Not sure when it'll be up, so I guess it's a case of checking in regularly...

Q: I've got a 7" picture disc of 'A Better Man' and a 12" picture disc of 'Everybody Wants Her. Anyone know how much they're worth?? Thanks. Sarah, Wales
T: Well, if you've got a 7" picture disc of 'A Better Man' it would be worth a mint as there wasn't a picture disc for this single. I expect you mean the 3D circular sleeve. Eil.com have this for £6.99, so that should give you a fair idea. I would expect the Everybody Want Her 12" picture disc to fetch a similar price...

Q: Are you going to release another single apart from Loser off the Shooting At The Sun album? Matthew Giles, Somerset
T: There are currently no plans for another single from SATS.

Q: Dear All, I have listened to the Ballads compilation for a while now and think it is good value for money and also a triumph of organization to have a compilation over several labels. I do like the new track and hope there is more like it coming either from the past or from the future. This has been done before though by Doro Pesch. Have you heard of her and / or seen her? What do you think of her singing and / or music? I have several albums by her and saw her last year and she seems to have an impressive range. 
D: What has been done before by Doro? The song or the ballads concept? I like her trousers best of all. 
L: She came to see us in Bochum, Germany a few years ago and seemed like a nice girl. I haven't heard much of her stuff so it wouldn't be fair to comment.
As some of it is from EMI is there any chance you will ever reissue on CD in this country the track Until the night is through (Dance Dance Dance) as I think it is only available on the B side of the red 10 inch Gimme Some Lovin' single and my copy is getting rather worn. 
D: That's an EMI question, though I think a B-Sides compilation is probably inevitable, it's probably only a matter of time, they've done just about everything else. 
L: I'm sure EMI will release it in some shape or form at some point.
Is it the first time you have played Liverpool with the new lot of dates? I intend to see you there if I can but it is a matter of getting babysitters for a 4 month old which is not easy. If not when is the last time you played there?
D: We've played Liverpool a few times before, at the Royal Court the last couple of times, but the dates elude me at this hour of the morning I'm afraid. 
L: We've played there a few times over the years. Ithink the last time was around '97 although I wouldn't swear to it.
Why is there the shout "On with the show" at the end of the first Bowes & Morley CD? Several people have asked me this when we thought it was finished and there it is, most odd really. I am rather disappointed that the new Bowes & Morley CD will not be all original (bar one) again as the last one seemed to be the best thing Danny had ever done, well since Danny & the Doo Wops and my wife thinks it is her favourite CD ever and she has played it to all staff at North Bromsgrove High School.
D: For the record the new B&M record will feature at least 6 original songs and maybe 7, the rest will be covers, personal favourites of Luke and I. I thank your wife for playing the MSA cd to the staff at school, but I need to know, did they like it enough to buy it? With the shout at the end of MSA, usual studio practice is to use what they call "virgin" tape, that's tape fresh out of the box, never been used etc. However 2" studio tape is expensive, the budget was tight, and we needed to save money, so Rupert (engineer) brought along some tape he'd used on a previous session, and despite erasing it (or so he thought), some previously recorded stuff remained, and I think you can guess which bit it was. When we discovered it we laughed very hard (like you do) and after pondering if we'd ever heard it anywhere else, thought it would be fun to have it on the end of the record. Silly really but you have to have some fun don't you? 
What is your reaction to the death of Robert Palmer? I was very surprised as I did not think he was that old or in that bad shape. It just shows you that you never know what state you are in and that you really must do whatever you are planning to do now or as soon as you can. He always gave me the impression of being in control, smooth, neat and talented and will be missed by more that can be said.
D: I was very shocked to hear the news. Robert was one of my idols growing up, he was a massive talent and left a very distinct mark on all areas of British music. He was also a very nice man, he liked a drink, and I suspect that contributed in no small part to his demise, but 54 is no age to die. Luke knew him better than me so I daresay he'll go into more detail. It's very sad.
L: I was very saddened to hear about Robert. He was a unique and extremely talented guy. I was lucky enough to play with and and hang out with him and the saddest thing for me personally is that I'll never be able to enjoy his company again. We last spoke at the start of the year and he was in great spirits and looking forward to his new album. His death is a terrible loss to his family and music. Wherever he is now, I hope there's a good house band.
I hope all goes well with the album & tour and look to seeing you in November. Tim, Worcester
D: Thanks, please spread the word... 

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Q: Hi Guys, Just read the appeal about the tour and have purchased my Astoria ticket already, I will also be attending Portsmouth and I'll bring a couple of people along. My question is that though I know you don't decided set lists until a couple of weeks before the tour what would the chances be of a different or varied set list every night. I am not complaining (please don't tell me off Danny) as I know you guys have to pay for this yourself but over £20 for a ticket is a lot for a student like myself and I don't mind paying it cos you guys are so good live. But if we had the chance to see different sets then I'm sure you could get loads of people to go to all the shows on the tour. Maybe you could have 3 set lists and advertise which set number you'll be playing on whatever night. If you do this I may even try to get to the Watford show as well, even though I am skint!!! Alex, Southampton
L: We may vary the set, we may not but either way it won't be decided until rehearsals or in some cases on the night of the show. We've always worked that way and spontaneity is a large part of what we do.

Q:  On the subject of the tour in November I was wondering if there will be any surprises? I know you generally don't decide on set lists etc.. till much closer to the event but are we going to get anything different from earlier this year. I have already bought my tickets and know that any Thunder gig is well worth seeing as always but there may be some people out there that are thinking "it's just going to be the same set as we got before, why go again?". I know we've just had a superb new album but can we expect any oldies, new covers, pyrotechnics or strange clothing? This isn't meant to sound greedy but it may get a few people sitting on the fence to get off their arses and sort out their tickets. Tim, London
L: We will always play what we believe to be a good set worth the ticket price but we can't please everybody all the time. The set will be different to the May tour but to what extent I can't say until we rehearse.

Q: I was listening through some of your albums yesterday and it got me thinking - If I had to pick two songs that you would play, what would they be?!? My first choice was Empty City, because I saw you play it back in 98... You know when you're listening to music, and you suddenly feel a tingling down your spine, and you just have to smile? Well I had that through all of Empty City when I saw you play it live! I closed off from the rest of the crowd and it felt like I was in some kind of video, it was a truly amazing experience that I have never had with any other band or song! The second choice was a hard one... I wasn't sure what I wanted to hear live, so I had to really try hard to pick just one track... I finally chose Til' It Shines... I'm not sure if you've ever done it live, and I thought that is would be an unlikely track for you to pick as its not such an upbeat track! I think the reason I love this song so much is because whatever situation I am in, I can relate to the lyrics somehow, it is really a magical song for me! Well after the hours of thought I thought I could let you know my choices, and the reasons behind them... I will ask you to consider playing them at the Astoria, but I understand not all songs work well live, or you may not want to play these two... But please have a think about it, try them out in a soundcheck... You'd make me a very happy man if I got to hear them when I see you... Dan Birkett, Southampton
L: Thank you for your comments re. the songs for the live set. As usual we will give consideration to many songs but the final decision will not be made until rehearsals which take place the week before the tour.

Q: I'm a big fan of Golden Earring and I was gutted when they released an album of covers entitled "Love Sweat" a few years ago. Happily this was a one-off in the covers direction. My question is why will you be performing covers? (My understanding is that there will be a few on the forthcoming B&M release). I don't object to ONE being slipped into an album, but I would much rather hear new material. I would urge Luke to consider collaborating with other writers rather than picking a cover. Whilst it's more effort and you don't get the chance to pay homage to another great song, I just feel the band and fans alike will be more satisfied in the long run. Axel Thomas
L: The album will contain a few covers because that's what we want to do. I respect your opinion that one would be better but we do not share that opinion and ultimately we will decide the content of the album. As has been said many times before on this site you have the ability to vote with your money or not.

Q: Friends have heard that this years tour as been cancelled is this true or not? Greg
T: Absolute rubbish. The November dates have not been cancelled!

Q:  What do you think of David Blaine's latest trick? Any of you seen him in his box by Tower Bridge? Margie B., Wales
L: I don't know who's more stupid....him for doing it in the first place or us for being interested!

B: I can't say that I am interested in a man sleeping in a plastic box. It is hardly captivating television - a bit like those "I'm a celebrity..." and "Big Brother" - I am proud to say that I have never watched a single show.
H: Not sure why he's doing it!? I believe him to be a very intelligent and spiritual human being and one who is obviously not afraid to die! He must be a little crazy too......I admire that. The hamburger and golfing incidents have amused me. 
D: Being relatively well adjusted as I am, I can't help thinking it seems a very silly thing to do. For me the antics around it have been far more entertaining (the BBQ underneath was a triumph, matched only by the cheeseburger suspended from the radio controlled helicopter). Having said that I do admire the simplicity of the idea, and it's obviously had the desired effect on the media and The Great British Public. I wonder if he's desperate for attention, or simply desperate to lose weight, or just plain desperate? Still, if it makes you happy...
C: I find him a fascinating character - although completely mad! Why would you do something like that?

Q: Hi Harry, It´s me again, the guy who asked you that strange question about the podium in the Olympic drumming games. You managed to give a coherent answer but that wasn't what I actually wanted to know, sorry. As my English is quite poor, I made a direct translation from Spanish and I said "what would be the podium like", so you misunderstood it and you thought I was talking about what materials would you use to build the podium! No, what I basically wanted to know was who of that three drummers (Bonham, Paice and Moon) is your number one, two and three respectively in your personal taste. See what I mean now? Thanks for finding a time to answer all our questions. See you! Daniel, Barcelona
H: Aah Daniel my friend! In third place would be Mr Moon...2nd......Mr Bonham.......and....cue the roll on the drums.......Mr Paice. Cheers!

Q: Having read the message about the November tour, I had an idea for promoting the gigs. I am guessing that you will be selling T-shirts at the shows that have the tour dates on the back. How about you get some of these t-shirts made up early and sell them over the web site. I am sure many of the hardcore fans will buy one. If the back of the t-shirt says 'Thunder UK tour November 2003' and then lists all the dates, this will give the tour a decent promotion. I am sure that the fans who buy one will wear them to any gigs or nights out to rock venues between now and the tour and so exposing many rock fans to the forthcoming tour. I also have a couple of questions regarding Deep Purple. I have read on these Q&As that you are all fans of Deep Purple. So I was wondering if you have heard their new album, and if so what do you think of it? Also what is your favourite Purple line-up? Distant Thunder
B: I’ve always thought Deep Purple are a great band, my favourite line-up was the classic Gillan/Blackmore although a good friend of mine (Don Airey) has now joined the band so maybe the current line-up may edge it. I haven’t heard the new album yet as Don is obviously not that good a friend or he would have sent me one – Come to think of it I always liked the original line-up best!
H: Great idea! I haven't heard the new Purple album yet but I'm sure I will. As for fav line up.......difficult one really.....I prefer Gillan's singing! What a great band. See you in November.
D: What a very good idea that is. I'll get right on to it. I haven't heard the new DP record, I must confess I haven't got excited about DP for a while, but they are still a great band. I most prefer the Gillan & Blackmore era (In Rock, Fireball etc), followed by the Coverdale/Hughes time and then the Tommy Bolin moment. I saw them on the Come taste The Band tour at Wembley and loved it. I saw them again years later in Tokyo with Joe Lynn Turner singing, and whilst he's not my favourite DP singer, the band was amazing.

Q: Hopefully this is a fairly original question. Are any of the guys interested in playing video games ? If so what type/genre and do they play on PCs or on consoles ?? Whilst were at it, knowing that they have access to the Net, what type of sites do they regularly visit ?? (Ben doesn't need to answer that bit lol !!) Cleggy
H: Don't really have the time or the inclination Cleggy, to be perfectly honest. Use the computer for email, writing songs and normally visit the usual websites (like this one!). Have been known to hog the Playstation on a few occasions though!
L: I used to have one of those pocket-sized Sonic The Hedgehog things but I left it on a tour bus somewhere. Also the band as a whole got very into the arcade version of Sega Rally when it came out. That's about as far as I got really. I tend to use the Net for general information and booking holidays mainly.
B: I have to admit I do like the odd computer game, PC based naturally. I do like the "god" games such as Caesar III, Civilization and the like but they are a bit time consuming. Perhaps I have despotic tendancies.
D: I loathe computer games, they eat time and reduce the player to monosyllabic conversation. I use the internet as a tool for research mostly, so I surf little. I'm not grumpy really, but computer games are my big hate...

Q: Hi guys, I'm just curious, do any of you like Van Halen? If so, what's your favourite era, David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar. I myself prefer David Lee Roth as I think the band had more attitude, better guitar sound and solos and more of a hard edged, raw quality about them. Also I'd just like to say I love Luke's guitar playing and do you plan solos or improvise mostly? Can't wait until November (I've converted my friends so we're all coming) Paul
I went to see one of Van Halen’s first ever shows in the UK. They were supporting Black Sabbath at Lewisham Odeon and they were very exciting to watch. Diamond Dave came out in the first number and said “Lewisham – you are the rock and roll capital of the World” - I’ve never heard such rubbish in my life – fantastic! It was a nice thing that they were so friendly when we played with them and Bon Jovi. All round decent chaps in my book.
H: Love Van Halen and Paul, I agree with you - Dave Lee Roth era-He added so much to the band. A real entertainer!
L: Funnily enough I recently bought VH1 on CD. I think I've got the first 4 or 5 albums on vinyl and I would agree with you that that was their best period. DLR's sense of humour was a very important part of the band's identity. They were also a phenomenal live band in their early days. Solos are usually improvised.
D: I missed out on seeing VH when they first played here with Black Sabbath a hundred years ago, but I remember how everyone raved about them. I saw them with Dave when they toured the second LP, they played the Rainbow in Finsbury Park North London, and it changed my life. Until then almost all the singers I'd seen did just that, they stood and sang, but they didn't really make any effort to perform. For Dave it was all about the performance, more so than the singing. He was amazing, so over the top. The band were incredible too, I decided there and then I had to be a performer as well as a singer. When we did the Bon Jovi shows in 1995, VH (with Sammy) were the special guests and we got to meet them after their final show. They were very nice to us, they even told us they were pleased to be going back to the US because we'd been kicking their collective butt every night. Not surprisingly, we were chuffed!
T: Bah! You're all mad...SAMMY! SAMMY!! SAMMY!!!

Q:  Hi all. I'd like to know is there even the slightest chance that the DVD will be made available to fans from across the Irish sea, or will it have to be ordered from the UK? One more thing, may seem like a silly question but about the Marquee where you did your secret gig, is it the same one as the prestigious venue in central London that was known worldwide, that every band under the sun played or wanted to play, that was closed down in the early 90's, or is it a completely different Marquee venue? DUBLINMKT3
The DVD will be available via our distributor called THE (Total Home Entertainment), they are the biggest in the UK, so I'm sure they must have arrangements in place to sell to shops in Ireland. I suggest asking your local retailer if they can order from THE in the UK. If they can't you could always get it online via our website shop. The Marquee was originally in Wardour St in Soho (that's where all the legendary bands played - including us when we were Terraplane in the 80s). Then it moved to Charing Cross Rd before closing down in the 90s. The Marquee name was sold and a new club was built, opening last summer in Islington, and that was indeed where we played. Sadly the club closed down last Christmas, not sure what happened, but I'm glad we played there, that must make us one of the few bands that played at all 3 clubs.

Q: Hi Chris. How are the new pickups on your Squire precision working out so far? I'm looking to replace the pickups on one of my basses, preferably EMG or Bartolini. Peter Jordan, Dublin
C: They sound great, I'm very pleased to say. I've just used the Precision for the whole of the new Bowes and Morley album, so you'll be able to check it out yourself soon!

Q: Help! Haven't read the Q&A board for ages? It's full of TLA's of or more e.g. BCD, TTOIA and GTGA. I'm too blonde to figure them out. Any chance of a key to these Thinny? Angela, Epsom
T: They are usually just the initials of the album being referred to (it's quicker than typing out the whole title). eg:
BSS = Backstreet Symphony
LOJD = Laughing On Judgement Day
BCD = Behind Closed Doors
TTOIA = The Thrill Of It All
GTGA = Giving The Game Away
TTIAO = They Think It's All Over
MSA = Moving Swiftly Along
SATS = Shooting At The Sun

Q: You say 'bring your kids' to the tour, I'd love to do that but am concerned that the venues may not let a 6year old in, do your gigs carry an age limit? In the past I have been to several thunder gigs and would love my little one to come and enjoy the show - she loves singing and dancing to rock! Nicola, Merseyside
T: Thunder themselves do not enforce any age restrictions, but some venues do. The best bet it to check with the venue or box office before purchasing tickets. There are certainly a number venues on the tour where children are allowed in.

Q: Thanks for the info re the support. I note (as for My Sins I am also A Def Leppard Fan [Yes we all have our vices]) That Must are Supporting both Bands throughout this Autumn, any further Details eg Web site etc? It has been great over the years to have Great Bands as Support to the Greatest Band ever, Thunder!!!! Ps i was in a crowd shot in the Stand Up Vid - about 1 1/5 secs honest Guv!!!!!!!!!!!! See Ya In Watford. Jonathan, Aylesbury (formally Of Bicester)
T: You can check out Must's website at http://www.mustband.com

Q: Greetings, I followed a car with a Marillion.com window sticker today. Why haven't the chaps done these yet? Billy Bonkers
D: All things will come as and when we can afford them, so that's another one for the list once the DVD is out there and selling millions...unless there's someone out there who can get them printed for nothing of course...

Q: The Who song 5:15 that you covered, did you only perform it live or is it on any of your albums? Haven't got it on any of my CD's but having argument with boyf as he says I'm singing Who version and I swear blind it's your (very similar, but better!!) version. Sure I had it on cd but seem to be losing the argument! Please help! PS looking forward to the tour! Becca Runyard, Oxford
T: A live version of 5.15 is available on 'The Rare, The Raw And The Rest'. It also appeared on one of the CD singles to River Of Pain. Check out the discography section for more details...

Q: I noticed in the Q and A section that you were re-releasing 'In Out Put the Kettle On' in DVD format. I have one of the signed videos of this but have always wondered why the promo videos featured were not shown in their entirety - will this be remedied on the DVD? Nick
D: There were legal reasons why we couldn't put the full versions of the promos on the original VHS, and those reasons are still there I'm afraid. The IOPTKO DVD will therefore be the same as the original VHS release, complete with the short promo clips, only remastered for DVD. EMI may release a DVD in the future that will hopefully contain all the promos we made during our time with them, but it's down to them. Because the original release of IOPTKO was limited to 1000 copies, we're constantly being asked about it, so we felt if we included it with the secret Marquee show from last year, it would A) satisfy those who haven't managed to track down a copy on VHS, and B) make it good value. Hopefully those with dodgy VHS to VHS copies will no doubt be glad of something of slightly higher quality, as well as the relief of knowing that they're no longer breaking the laws of copyright (ha ha).

Q: Will the new DVD(s) be released as Region Free? Us yanks would love to enjoy it as well.....I managed to get a PAL player, but still only Region 1. Sam
D: We're doing the technical stuff next week, and I'll be pushing for a region free DVD, as it's better for us as well as you. If it doesn't happen, it will be for a cast iron reason, out of our control, too expensive or something like that, but rest assured I'll do my best. Regardless of whether or not we're successful with the multi-region thing, fans abroad who may be contemplating purchasing the DVD must know it will be in PAL format, so they'll need PAL system compatible equipment to view it. Sadly we don't have the resources to manufacture NTSC or Secam versions.

T: THERE'S NO NEED TO SHOUT!!  Meet and greet details will be announced shortly. Stay tuned...

Q: I am coming to the Northumbria university gig and as I had to have a steel rod put in my head last year I wondered if you had any ideas how i am going to jump up or down or headbang. is there an alternative way to enjoy your great music? Jill Flynn, Tyne and Wear
D: Not having any experience whatsoever in the "steel rod in head" department, I'm afraid I don't know where to begin. I suggest you avoid getting too close to any large speakers in the venue. I'm assuming the steel rod prevents any free movement of the head, and if so perhaps you could invent a new dance that only involves body movement, a bit like Irish dancing for rock music. If you're successful a simple credit will suffice.

Q: Hi guys! I'm very into collecting records from Purple to Whitesnake and of course I am a big fan of you and your music, so which of your albums were released on vinyl?? are they still available? and how about the flexi-promo disc of "She's So Fine", where can I get it? Chris
T: If you check out the discography section you will see that Backstreet Symphony, Laughing On Judgement Day, Behind Closed Doors, Their Finest Hour (And A Bit) and The Thrill Of It All were all released on vinyl. Unfortunately they are no longer available so your best bet is to try record fairs or music collectors websites or maybe even ebay? Same thing goes for the flexi disc...

Q: Do you when you write your songs, sometimes words or phrases spark off an idea for another song? I only ask as in a few songs you mention something and then a bit later on, say the next album or 2 a song sometimes songs appear either very similar to that phrase or is the same. Looking forward to seeing you soon in November, and to buying the new DVD when it arrives (how long before we hear anything about content...?) Antong
L: I guess there are certain words, phrases and images that crop up here and there. To be honest I'm not really a student of my own stuff so when people point it out to me it's always amusing. Spike (Quireboys) told me that lots of my songs have references to doors in them; I'm sure he's probably right but I haven't checked.
T: The forthcoming DVD is to be a 2 disc set. Disc 1 will feature the full Thunder show from last Novembers gig at the Marquee, while disc 2 will feature a fully remastered version of 'In, Out, Put The Kettle On', which was only previously available on VHS in VERY limited quantities from the old Thunder Channel website and fan club.

Q: Luke, just wondering which song do you think is the best constructed song you have written and/or the most technically brilliant (musically speaking) song you've written. Also, out of interest where was that song writers' convention thing you mentioned a while back (I think with regard to "Change") as I've got a mate who's a great song writer/guitar player and I think it would be right up his tree. James Vincent
L: Sorry to disappoint and cop out but I don't really look at the songs that way. Without wishing to blow one's own trumpet they're all well constructed because that's an automatic part of the process when you write songs. There are some songs that I like and others that I'm not too keen on but you can find that info elsewhere on the Q+A page. The songwriting convention thing took place at a large hotel in Devon called Huntsham. The whole thing was on an invitational basis and organized and run by Chris Difford (the chap from Squeeze). Unfortunately it hasn't happened the last couple of years due to the Hotel changing hands although I understand that Chris is looking for another suitable venue.

Q: In light of the recent Darkness interview where a member of the band rated a Thunder gig as the best live show he had ever been to, from a 'business' point of view, what would your opinions be on a 'support slot' with them ? I don't know who invites who in these circumstances or if you can 'tender' for the slot, but lets face it, they are flavour of the moment. Its also interesting that apparently their first single charted at number 43 without any radio play (!) Maybe they could be a route to 'springboard' you back where you belong? Dave F
L: I think we'd have to consider it. We've never been precious about where we go on a bill so anything is possible.
D: They're certainly not my favourite band, but I do wish them well. If The Darkness invited us to play with them we would certainly consider it. If they do you'll hear about it here.

Q: I just went through the archive and didn't really find any questions resembling the one I am about to pose, but apologies if they has been asked before. Firstly, my opinion: Although there are many women vocalists, lead, solo and backup, out there that can more than carry a tune, my personal list of favourites is short when it comes to those who can really "belt it out" singing the style of music I most prefer. Soooo....three questions: 1. What women vocalists are on your list of power voices?
Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Gladys Knight
2. What woman vocalist is your most favourite when taking into consideration all musical genres?
L: Too many good ones to decide...sorry!
B: For me one of the greatest female singers is Aretha Franklyn such a natural talent. She answers both questions for me.
3. Do you like mustard on your pretzels? :-) Hugs and Kisses from the States! See you 'round Pilgrim time! Dana, Utah
L: I shall have to try it!!
B: As for pretzels, they really are the most taste free snack I've ever tried - A bit like spam.

Q: Imagine yourself in the Olympic Drumming Games. You must give gold, silver and bronze to Ian Paice, John Bonham and Keith Moon. What would be the podium like? Why? See you in Barcelona sometime! Daniel, Barcelona
H: Well.......the podium for gold could be a massive bass drum.......silver a floor tom........and bronze could be a big hanging tom.....interesting thought!

Q: How can I get to see or hear the band in the Hawk Kawasaki tent at BSB Donnington. Ride a ZX6R and big Thunder fan. Thought the Thunder girls looked great at Cadwell. All the best on the tour. Dave McCombe, Rotherham
T: Funny you should ask that....there is only one way....head over to the News page now!

Q: I was talking to spike from the Quireboys after a show in Cambridge two nights ago, he said there is a strong chance he will be supporting you on part 2 of the tour, question 1: could you confirm this? & question 2: I have listened to his new solo album on promo, have you heard it & what do you reckon? Martin Porter, Essex
D: Spike has asked me about it, and I have told him the score. There are others in the frame and deals potentially to be done for other tours for us. He's well aware of the facts, so he's a bit of a naughty Spikey for even saying he may be doing it. More than that I cannot say. We'll be confirming the support act in the not too distant future, as soon as discussions are completed and deals done, or not. Sorry to seem vague but much has yet to happen before anything can be officially announced. I had a copy of his album but someone took it before I could listen to it. Ho hum..

Q: Could you guys tell me, why in the LOJD booklet Metallica's drummer Lars Ulrich gets a mention? Michael
L: Lars and I were big drinking buddies for a while when I was temporarily residing in LA thus the credit.

Hi guys, after reading Bens WWW, I was reminded of the Loser video that you produced. What chance is there of us being able to see it? Either as a download or on the back of a single/album release? Merry Christmas (in case I don’t write again!) Gordon Hall, Manchester
We're still working on the content for the upcoming DVD release, and the Loser video obviously forms a part of our total collection of band footage. It may or may not end up on the DVD, but if not it will definitely appear on something else at some stage. We know from the experience of the Spin Doctor video, the demand for downloading simply destroys our site, so unless our technology improves (and we're always looking at it), this won't happen. Fear not, it will surface sooner or later, it's purely down to us finding a suitable medium to get it out there.

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Q: Hi, this is not just a question. In a changin' of point of view, what would YOU want to know about your fans? Only one question from each of you, and that what's the most important thing you want to know from your fans? This is a real question: in the song "Everybody Wants Her" who play the high voice in the chorus? This is a surreal question: is Argentina in a Thunder's Future Dates? Walter Jorge Valdez, Argentina
B: Depends if there're female or male. Female - Phone no, vital statistics, availability. Male - Girlfriends phone no, vital statistics, availability - perhaps a photo. As you may know we have played in Argentina before but we won't come back until we receive a signed letter from Maradonna confirming that he used his hand in the1986 World Cup.

Q: I'm a big fan - like everybody else on this site! Such a pity that the music world has changed over the years! Just one small question...what do all of you make of the Darkness? Spoof or proof there's life still out there. Personally I prefer somebody who can hit all the notes - somebody like Thunder. Thanks for the music guys. Scott, London
H: I think they are OK - Great to see a rock band doing well and getting a chance in the music business. I find them a bit Spinal Tap (one of my favourite films) and they are obviously enjoying themselves, which is great. I've heard snippets of the album and it sounds good - not sure about the lead vocalist though!
D: I'm in two minds about The Darkness, not sure if I love them or hate them. Either way it's of no consequence, they're clearly flavour of the month, and I know from personal experience how that feels, so they'll hopefully be enjoying every minute. Getting a shot is one thing, what you do with it is very much another. Only time will tell if they're destined for great things, we'll see. I wish them well.

Q: Have any of you ever used the 'don't you know who I am' line?? Mark, Swindon
H: No but I get lost all the time-terrible map reader me! I frequently use the "do you know where I am" line.
B: Fancy asking a question like that - don't you know who ...
C: No, but sometimes "Don't you know who I thought I was going to be?" works just as well.
L: Only when drunk and then it's more likely to come out as 'do you know who I am because I appear to have forgotten..'

Q: Hello Chaps :o) HARRY!!!!!!!!!!, sooooooo great to see you're back and getting healthier by the hour/day! :o) A few questions, hope you don't mind - tee hee! I see from an earlier post that you use Pro Mark Millennium 2 707 Hickory sticks. I have an old set of Regal tip nylon, I think, if you'd like them? I'll even sign 'em if you like? :oS I gave up drumming about 12 years ago and they're now collecting dust. Who inspired you into pursuing percussion? Phil Collins has been mentioned in a recent Q&A, just wondered what you thought of his talents, apart from the good looks ;o) ! Do you wear ear plugs and if not, has drumming screwed up your hearing over the years? A message to ALL the lads - if you hadn't taken up your preferred instrument/voice is there any other you would have loved to have a bash at? Mine would have been saxophone, rather than flute, singing rather than strangled cat, harpsichord instead of piano and tae kwondo instead of percussion ;o) !!!! Keep up the fantastic work! You know you wanna ;o) Cath (piddy_po), Norwich
H: Thanks mate-please keep the sticks - you may need them one day! You never know. My pursuit into percussion was inspired initially by my Dad's interest in the drums, and then I heard Ian Paice and John Bonham. That was it - I was hooked! I did listen to Genesis quite a bit (Trick of the Tail was a fav) so Phil Collins was an inspiration at the time. Good drummer and songwriter. I wear "in-ear monitoring" during the Thunder shows. My hearing has been screwed up over the years by playing live - my monitor was frighteningly loud at one point!! The "in-ears" allow me to hear exactly what I want to hear. Down boy.....good dog.....who said that?
D: I'd like to be able to really play the piano well, as it is I can't play it at all, so now I'm in the twilight of my years, with so many other things to do etc.
B: I'd have been a singer. No equipment to buy or carry around and you can behave like a complete arse and everybody says it's OK

Q: If one day a big Hollywood director said he wanted to make a film about the history of Thunder who would you all want to play your parts in the film? And who do you think they'd get to play the parts as well..... And yes, this goes for you Thinny as well. Jamie, Kings Lynn
H: Both Bob Hoskins and Phil Collins have intimated they would interested should a film be made on the history of Thunder - nice guys.
L: Probably Eric Stolz from Pulp Fiction as he's the only actor I can think of with red hair!
B: Is Homer Simpson available?
C: I'd like Angelina Jolie to play my part.... well, you asked.
T: Hmm...I think that I would have to play myself, as I can't think of a single Hollywood actor that could effectively capture my classic good looks and magnetic personality, along with my well toned, sex god like, body... ;)

Q: Thinny and the band, would you pay money to go and see Busted? Matt, Leeds
H: No................ but my kids are big fans so I may be dragged along to see them at some stage! Just hope they can play their instruments!
L: No. Not because they're a boy band; I just don't like that kind of music. If it had to be a band of that type then it would be Good Charlotte as I quite like their song about girls not liking boys but preferring cars and money.
B: No, but I would pay money to leave.
C: I don't think so, but then again, there are few bands that I would pay money to see
D: If my kids really wanted to go and I couldn't use my contacts for free ones, I would pay. It would be interesting to go to find out if they can play.
T: I wouldn't go and see Busted even if THEY paid ME...

Q: I had a dream last nite that we all went on a Teddy Bears Picnic with all our favourite teddies. How luverley! Do any of u have any ickle mascots u like to take on tour with u? If not can I volunteer my services - cant wait to c u all in November - I'm getting moist at the thought!! Kirsti, Derbeys
L: I'm sorry but I have no idea what you mean..................
B: Yes - I have a luverly ickle bottle of vodka called "drinkme"
H: Aaaaah................ickle no !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
C: Don't quite know what to say to that.
D: I have no mascots or good luck charms, unless you count Harry. I drink one stiff Scotch before I go on stage but that's about the extent of any rituals. Your offer is nice but I only have a very small bag, so I'm afraid it won't work, and your moisture level is slightly more information than I require...

Q:  I'm a great fan of your music and I just wanted to ask you guys when do play some concerts in Germany in the future? Is there anything planed? All the best wishes for the future and present! Chris
D: Our agent is looking into the possibility of playing in Germany, so far there is no news, but if there is it'll be announced here first.

Q: I notice that after the Liverpool gig and before the Nottingham gig you have a day off, I live in Cheshire, (between the two) and would like to invite the lads for a round of golf at my club, Shrigley Hall. Danny you told me in Manchester some time ago you were up for a knock ! what do you think ?? Steve, Cheshire
D: Thanks for the invite, but at this time it's hard to say for sure what we'll be doing on that day. It's down as a day off at this time but that may change. If we're up for a game we'll be in touch once we know what we're up to.

Q: Morning, well morning here. Did you here that the guy who cheated on "Who wants to be a millionaire" died of a heart attack, and that they are blaming ITV from the pressure they put on him. So a spokesman from ITV said they would pay for the funeral...but not the "coffin"....I thank you. Question, Still here in Vegas, I just saw an ad for Vertical Horizon playing at House of Blues, I'd had been a fan of them a while went down to the gig what a great show. Have you guys heard of them?? Also Luke & Danny Have you heard of a band called "The Calling" Great voice and great song writing. All the best. Graham
D: Must be behind the times a bit, not heard of either band. Will check them out though. Thanks for the tip.

Q: I can't speak English. But I have a question. Rumour has it that THUNDER is going to come to Japan. Are you going to come to Japan? I can hardly wait to see THUNDER. Yoshikiyo Kuroda, Japan
D: We've tried repeatedly through our agent and various promoters to play this current LP in Japan. So far, this has not resulted in a tour. I wish it were not so, as we love playing in Japan, the band are all most disappointed at the current situation, but I see no sign of it changing in the near future.

Q: What are the chances of the band playing any tracks from the Bowes and Morley album and what did you think of the album? Ade, Cheshire
D: B&M is a separate thing, and nothing to do with Thunder, so we won't be playing B&M songs during the Thunder UK tour in November. I am very pleased with B&M1, the feel and vibe of the music is different and it was great fun to make. So much so that we're getting ready to begin recording on B&M2. Luke is writing and I'm making the arrangements.

Q: I was listening to some Thunder songs last night, and I heard The catchy Cosmetic Punk but this is very different from what you guys usually do, its not the normal rock that you make. I wanted to know, how did this song come about and why did you put it on the album? Michael Beck, Wales
L: When I write I don't really know where I'm going so I tend to just follow my nose so to speak. I started with the main riff of the song and the rest seemed to follow on naturally. The tempo is unusually quick for a Thunder song but that's why I liked the idea. We made the tambourine extremely loud on the fade as a deferent direct quotation from Deep Purple's 'Fireball'.

Q: I had a dream last nite that we all went on a Teddy Bears Picnic with all our favourite teddies. How luverley! Do any of u have any ickle mascots u like to take on tour with u? If not can I volunteer my services - cant wait to c u all in November - I'm getting moist at the thought!! Kirsti, Derbeys
L: I'm sorry but I have no idea what you mean..................
B: Yes - I have a luverly ickle bottle of vodka called "drinkme"
C: Don't quite know what to say to that.
D: I have no mascots or good luck charms, unless you count Harry. I drink one stiff Scotch before I go on stage but that's about the extent of any rituals. Your offer is nice but I only have a very small bag, so I'm afraid it won't work, and your moisture level is slightly more information than I require...

Q: Awrite there guy's I've just been on the melodic rock site and looked under new releases and couldn't believe what I saw. Are you guys brining out a new studio album in 2004? surely you would be the first to let us know is it true? Rob
D: There's not a new record yet, not written let alone recorded, but provided all goes well with SATS, and the signs are good so far, we'll be looking to make a new one at some stage in 2004. Projecting further ahead is futile, as no one knows what's around the corner, but let's say this is our intention.

Q: Danny, without wanting bash any particular radio station(s)! - such as the fools @ 'Inexperienced' Radio 1316 - what's your take on radio in the UK? Do you think there's a market for a national rock radio station in the UK? I know there's totalrock but thats only on digital & am I right in thinking the record companies are screaming blue murder about internet radio because they don't get commission on songs? Sorry for the long-winded question but I think that the time is getting closer what with 1Xtra & other specialist stations... Matt, Leeds
D: I believe it's only a matter of time before licences are issued to those dedicated to bringing good and proper music to the mainstream airwaves. The recent published listening figures for the big radio stations are dreadful, so they may just see the light, but I suspect music heads at stations may have to change before that happens and then you're into contracts and payoffs etc. Heads of record labels all sit on Music Industry bodies, so they should get together and lobby the government and/or the BBC for a "grown up" national rock station, and by grown up I mean attitude to programming not necessarily music content. The audience has always been there, and the record sales also, despite the lack of exposure, so how much better would it be if the records were played during the day? The answer is VERY.

Q: Hi Danny, Have just re-read your wit, wisdom & whiskey page from earlier in the year & wondered if you're still as accident prone now...I'm also concerned it's to do with the name, as my youngest child is named after you & he's the grace of a camel!! Looking forward to seeing you in November. Nicky, Gloucester
D: Having hurt myself extensively both as a kid and yoof, I must have learned how to avoid just about all types of injury, because I'm pretty much and accident free zone these days. I am more considered, I guess deep in my sub-conscience I know that I surely must have used up my nine lives.

Q: What??! You say you're in the twilight of your life, and other things to do??! Do I take it you are referring to the her indoors and the rest of the Bowes clan, plus the other wonders of married life such as mowing the lawn/painting the fence etc?? I can appreciate what you mean, because since I married Mrs Chris, its always an argument as to whether I am going to be able to get to the band rehearsal or gig/golf course. Any tips on how to (a) get out unseen without using the drainpipe (ours are plastic), and (b) avoid the inevitable frying pan/rolling pin when coming home? Chris, Darlington
D: I don't think I have any marriage guidance qualifications, and I know nothing of you or your better half, so it would be dangerous to go into detail. Personally I think it's important to speak openly and honestly on all matters, however unpopular they may be. If that doesn't get the desired result, you could always try grovelling and begging, sobbing and wailing uncontrollably, oh and don't forget to hide all the heavy blunt instruments in the house...

Q: Hello All, First thanks for my goodies including the autograph CD cover, sadly I haven't seen it but mum says its very nice if you like that sort of thing.....Bless I am here in Vegas for 5 days before going back to work...boo hiss. Mind you blaring out SATS has to been done from the convertible. Question is where has been your favourite holiday.. you to Thinny. I saw Danny wrote he went to the states whereabouts did you go. all the best. Graham, Cruise Ship...ish
D: I went to a place called Bradenton, just a bit up the Gulf Coast from Sarasota in Florida. Great beaches and very quiet.

Q: Gentlemen, I just read in Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles (#72) that "Shooting at the Sun" will be released in the UK as a Digipak with bonus tracks. Is this true? And if so, what will the bonus tracks be? Sam
T: Not true. This is actually the European release of the album (through Frontiers records) and will not be available in the U.K. This version will include the bonus tracks River Of Pain (Live), Somebody Get Me A Spin Doctor (Live) and River Of Pain (Live - Windows Media Video). All three of these tracks were previously available in the U.K. on the 'Loser' CD single.

Q: Hi guys! My name is Gilmar I'm a vocalist and I like your songs very much. Amazing music. Danny, you are one of my favorite vocals, one of the best I've ever heard and I play your melodies one by one even with my band. Good voice, buddy! I'm wondering, where can I buy some video materials with you guys? Some DVDs or maybe VHS...I want to see you not just listening...to watch your shows. Where "Thunder" come to Toronto, 'cause everybody was here...(from Whitesnake and Scorpions...to Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, AC-DC, Rolling Stones) but you!!! Gilmar, Toronto
T: There is a live DVD available from our official On-line shop at Townsend Records . But be careful - although this release is region free, it is only available in PAL format, not NTSC, which means that you will need a PAL compatible player for it to work! There will also be a brand new DVD available in October (more details soon...). Unfortunately there are currently no plans for Thunder to play Toronto.

Q: November 15th. Spitz 109 Commercial St, London E1. Wayahead.com are selling tickets to see a band called Terraplane. Is there a band out there using the old name or could this be another secret gig like Danny & the Doo Wops last Novermber?! Kevin, Middlesex
T: The "Terraplane" that are playing The Spitz is not the Terraplane that we know (nor is it Thunder or Danny & The Doo Wops). It's actually a completely different act from the USA.

Q: I have heard Rumours that Thunder will be at the Reading festival. Is this just a rumour or is it true? Great show at Cambridge last time, see you at Watford in December. Jonathan, Bicester
D: This is not something I know anything about so I think we must assume we're not playing there.

Q: Danny, I've got to ask because I'm a huge fan of SAHB - how did you get involved in the recording of the Alex Harvey tribute album? When are you recording it and what track are you singing? Any idea when it will be released? Damn, the best set of pipes in the business singing a SAHB song!! It's almost too much for me to take! 'Nurse, bring me my medication please! John
D: Apologies for delay in getting back to you on this question. I've been on hols. I got an email about the SAHB LP a month or so ago, so I sent the organisers an email declaring my love of the band and that I'd be interested in participating. They got back to me and since then we've been talking about it. The song is likely to be Last Of The Teenage Idols, though I understand a rather huge UK male solo artist of now has expressed an interest in doing that one also, so I'm not counting any chickens. There are loads of singers and a lot of it will be down to availability, I'll probably do my bit in November in Glasgow when we're on tour. Release date I believe is April 2004, but I'm not in charge so don't quote me on that. Not sure how it'll turn out but I'll be glad to
be involved.

Q: This is a question for Danny. Today I had the misfortune of hearing Rod Stewart's version of In A Broken Dream. I wondered if you have heard it and what you thought of it. I think that Rod should be arrested for murder of a classic ballad. Sorry Rod, but your voice just doesn't suit the song. Second Question, I liked the way you played Thunderstruck at the start of your recent gig at Wolverhampton. Having heard AC/DC's version all I could imagine was you (Danny) singing it. It just didn't sound right by AC/DC. Have you ever done a version of it and if so where can I get a copy of it? Thanks for taking the time to read this. Stuart, West Midlands
D: Rod's original version of IABD is a classic, though I accept it does sound a bit dated now, I prefer to say it's "of its time". We've never played Thunderstruck, I'm sure the rest of the band could do a fine job of it, it's not the kind of song that suits my voice particularly, so I wouldn't hold your breath.

Q: This is a strange one. I asked Thinny, but he must have thought the question was too bizzare to ask. Take a look at the Back Street Symphony album/cd sleeve. This picture shows you with a very clear, distinct superfluous third nipple. Can you please clarify this, as it has bothered me ever since I bought the album back in 1990. I tried to find out for myself when you opened the 1990 Donington, but you were canny far away. (best opener at MOR ever.) Sorry for the daft question. It's all fun 'in'it!!!! Dave, Newcastle
D: I've been asked many times about the mysterious third nipple in the picture, and I am sorry to report once again that I have absolutely no clue as to how or why it came about. Having said that it's handy sometimes to whip out when the evening is flagging...

Q: Hi guys, I've just been catching up on the Q&A page and a couple of questions spring to mind after reading some of your replies....Danny, I was surprised to read that if your house was on fire, after your family and pets you would rescue your photo albums in preference to your pc's, golf clubs, and car keys. You being a family orientated sentimental kinda guy are your albums brimming over with family photos, wife and children etc, or are you just a hoarder of family and friends photos from your life that hold lots of dear memories which you like to reminisce over with friends and bevvie? Are there some 'interesting' photo's of Thunder through the years that we may get to see ? Ben, you say as a nipper you had a voracious appetite for reading, and still have now, so what do you like to read ? Whilst I have your attention, I'd best ask all the other little questions while you're about, did you get around to buying your mates motorbike, or any motorbike, second hand or brand new? How fluent is your Japanese? I heard you speaking with Yukiko at the M&G in May, when she gave you your shirt (which was beautifully made) to me you sounded proficient, however, as I don't speak Japanese maybe I am mistaken?
B: I actually read male junk such as John Grisham and Clive Cussler although I quite like a bit of non fiction now and again. I didn't buy a motorbike and my Japanese is pretty bad! I know a few words in a lot of languages and I'm a lousy photographer. I've never kept a diary and I am terrible at devising long answers.
Harry, we're all missing you, so here's one especially for you as I see your still absent from replies on the Q&A. I know you've contributed material to albums on occasion (your credited on the sleeve notes) are you still writing ?  Have you put pen to paper during your convalescence? Have you turned into a surf junkie while you've been recovering?
H: I'm back Kerry! Getting better-BIGGER-stronger-hour by hour-day by day! Thanks. Been busy composing over the last month or so-I've had lots of ideas and I will get together with Luke at some point. Yes I surf the web from time to time-Can't say I'm a real surf junkie really.
A few other little Q's that came to mind for all of you ......
Do any of you speak any other languages fluently?
Trying to learn Dutch, and schoolboy French
H: I speak fluent Franglais! Oar-he-Oar! Mon bicyclette est on fume
T: Ok, I've been told off by Kerry for not answering these myself, so here goes.....I studied French and German at school, but I don't remember much of it now. I could probably handle the odd sentence, but I certainly couldn't attempt to have a conversation.
Are any of you keen photographers or are you just pleased to get your subject matter in the frame with heads, arms and legs intact? Are any of you the unofficial Thunder photographer, you know , always got a camera handy just in case !
D: I am a lunatic photographer, not any good or arty, but I snap all the time. I have built up a vast library of pics, and like to look at them when I have time. I find pics are the best way to get back to the time and place. There are plenty of interesting Thunder pics but hopefully you'll never get to see them, dammit a band has to have some secrets!!
: I wouldn't say I'm keen, but I've always had an interest in photography - I could imagine a hobby developing from it (as it were)
H: I used to snap away quite merrily and have loads of stupid pics of us - I don't do it so much these days. Jason, our old mucker, follows our movements and he is very good at capturing the moment!
T: Well, I've never really been one for the camera - whether it's in front of one or behind one, but I did really enjoy taking the pics of the guys on stage earlier this year for the website. Sigh...now you've gone and got me all depressed about not being able to be back on the road with the band in November....
Last question, honestly, and it may sound silly and maybe it's a girl thing, but do any of you keep a diary or a journal? Somewhere for your private thoughts, somewhere to mull things over, get things off your mind, somewhere to begin visualising and realising your dreams and ambitions? Kerry
D: I am a sporadic diarist, which I always think is worse than not keeping a diary at all.
C: It all stays firmly in my mind, I'm afraid
H: I keep a diary - Have done for over 20 years now! One day I'll read them - It'll be interesting!
T: Um....nope I don't think I've ever kept a diary of any sorts, unless you count the Thunder tour diary. My head is usually full of so much junk that making sense of it all on a written page would probably be a bit of a task....

Q: Harry, I was reading through your answers and spotted your franglais: My bicycle is one smoked? C'est le miel rôti? (Is it also Honey Roasted?) or did you want "Ma bicyclette est sur le feu!" Come on Palace this season. Strange seeing Steve Kember in charge as he taught me football in the eighties. Wasn't that good at it so he won't remember me. Now a question... Danny what's your favourite tipple (it looks like water or is it vodka in water bottles), Evian, Pellogrino, Volvic... for cooling down the vocal chords during a show? Do we all stay relatively sober prior and during a show or do we get divine inspiration, as some musicians do, from slurping a few pints and shots before and during a gig? James Vincent
D: I drink beer (bottled and cold, premium brands, no piss), nice red wine, orange juice, and water. I try to drink gallons of the healthy stuff and moderate my consumption of the not so. I'm not always successful. On stage I drink water or occasionally cola, a stiff scotch before a show as a good luck charm. Brand of water is irrelevant to (I'm not fussy, I'll drink tap if it tastes nice).
H: No - Ready salted - Well spotted there James - Deliberate mistake. Yes we generally have a beer (or a scotch) or two before we go on. And there's normally a beer on stage. Personally I don't like to drink too much before going on - it tends to take the edge off of one's performance.

Q: Hello Chaps :o) HARRY!!!!!!!!!!, sooooooo great to see you're back and getting healthier by the hour/day! :o) A few questions, hope you don't mind - tee hee! I see from an earlier post that you use Pro Mark Millennium 2 707 Hickory sticks. I have an old set of Regal tip nylon, i think, if you'd like them? I'll even sign 'em if you like? :oS I gave up drumming about 12 years ago and they're now collecting dust. Who inspired you into pursuing percussion? Phil Collins has been mentioned in a recent Q&A, just wondered what you thought of his talents, apart from the good looks ;o) ! Do you wear ear plugs and if not, has drumming screwed up your hearing over the years? A message to ALL the lads - if you hadn't taken up your preferred instrument/voice is there any other you would have loved to have a bash at? Mine would have been saxophone, rather than flute, singing rather than strangled cat, harpsichord instead of piano and tae kwondo instead of percussion ;o) !!!! Keep up the fantastic work! You know you wanna ;o) Cath (piddy_po), Norwich
D: I'd like to be able to really play the piano well, as it is I can't play it at all, so now I'm in the twilight of my years, with so many other things to do etc.
B: I'd have been a singer. No equipment to buy or carry around and you can behave like a complete arse and everybody says it's OK

Q: Being a huge fan of Peter Shoulder, whom I saw a year ago at a local free Blues festival and I've been trying to follow around since (bit like trying to knit fog, that!), I wonder how you came to get together with him? Looking forward to the tour in November because we're spoilt for choice up here for live music and I had other commitments for MOR - which I've deeply regretted ever since! Lynne, North East
L: A publisher friend of mine sent me a demo of Peter's stuff which I thought showed great potential. He was doing a showcase for Sony USA so I went along and met him and his family who were all very nice. We have written a few tunes together and I've been producing his demos over the past six months or so in between Thunder commitments. Hopefully we're going to record 4 tracks to master level in September so with a bit of good luck there may be something released quite soon.

Q: Hi Luke, It's great to hear that you have started work on writing the new Bowes & Morley CD - one for us all to look forward to. My question is about the exclusive acoustic mixes released alongside the MSA album. They were great but not particularly easy for people to get hold of to say the least - we couldn't buy them. Was it done purely with a view to promotion ?
L: We asked people to help spread the word about the 1st B+M album by encouraging them to gather email addresses of people the knew and for this they received an exclusive copy of the acoustic mixes. They were never sold.
I guess it is probably too early for you to know exactly what you plan to do this time around but please do consider doing some more acoustic mixes for the new B&M CD. Perhaps you can allow us to buy them this time around - either by sticking them on the CD itself as "bonus tracks"  or releasing an acoustic EP to earn yourself some more beer money. Mark Burton, London
L: As you say it's a bit early to be talking about extra tracks and formats. Let's see what happens when we've made the album.

Q: For Danny and Luke, I am a french fan, I was present for the Bowes and Morley set in Nottingham, Last September (2002). Fantastic! I was at the London Astoria in May (2003). Great! My question is simple : do you plan to record a new Bowes and Morley album? And when that new album will be released? Thanks and my congratulations to you. Bertrand
L: Yes, we will be making a new B&M album which I'm currently working on. Hopefully it'll be released earlyish next year.

Q: Many thanks for the May gig at Wolverhampton, we were lucky enough to be on the front row and hope to be on the front row again there in November. Is there any chance of you playing the greatest ballad ever, Today The World Stopped Turning? Also I am having to get used to my 11 year old son's taste in new metal i.e. Sum 41, Bowling for soup, etc. Are there any of these new groups that you rate? Andrew Mellor
L: I've no idea what we'll be playing in November because, as stated elsewhere on Q+A, the decision isn't made until we're rehearsing. I watch Kerrang TV occasionally to check out what they're playing but I have to be honest and say that I'm not a massive fan of nu-metal. I like Queens Of The Stone Age and Nickelback if they count!!

Q: I was in HMV today and what Joy!!! A new Thunder Album, and what a cracker it is too. Glad to have you back!!!!!!! Will you be adding to the tour dates at all?? St Georges in Bradford would be great once again. Or maybe the Town and country in Leeds? Otherwise it will be trip to Liverpool. Which will be well worth it I'm sure. Andy, Bradford
T: There are no plans to add any more dates to the November tour.

Q: Hi Guys, hope you are all making the most of the hot weather !!!! I know you've discussed meet and greets before but I was after some clarification on the subject. At the Astoria gig this year we went immediately to the merchandise stand to get the where and when of the m & g only to find out that passes had been handed out 5 mins before. I know that the venue has a say in the order of events but do you have any idea how the m & g will be handle (i.e. will passes be handed out, first come first served, or will details be given out, at the merchandise stand, of where to go after the show) at the Watford and Astoria shows in Nov ??? Mum and me were gutted that we missed out on having a chat with you last time so we figured if we get some guidelines from you we can have an action plan for getting ourselves a couple of passes !!!! By the way, we're both really looking forward to seeing you twice in one week !!!! Lois (and Carol), West Drayton
T: On the last tour the meet and greet passes were handed out on a first come first served basis (and they would go within minutes most of the time), so the only advice we could offer is to get there early and head straight to the merch stall. There are only a very small number of passes available at each show as we simply cannot fit everyone into the room. We are not yet sure how the meet and greets will work on the November tour, but as soon as we know we will post the details on the news page.

Q: Here I am all this week (w/c 4/8/03) sat in a very hot and non-air conditioned job centre doing my bit to get people a job and I was wondering what all the band are up to - sunbathing in the garden? sitting in a studio?  Pauline Moran, Doncaster
B: Sitting in an air conditioned studio recording the All Female Naked Swedish Cheerleader Band. Man it's tough. Now girls once more from the top this time with some feeling ....
C: Up until a short while ago I was on a beach in Lanzarote. I don't think it was as hot as it's been here, though!
L: Unfortunately I'm also in a non air conditioned room writing the next Bowes & Morley album. Time to sunbathe would be a luxury!!!!!!

Q:  This may only play to the non-guitar playing members of the band but it doesn't have to. If you were to enter the forthcoming UK Air Guitar Championships what Thunder song would you choose to "perform"? For the guitar members are there any songs you prefer playing on Air Guitar rather than on the real one? Alex, Southampton
C: One of my personal favourites, on or off guitar, is still Since You've Been Gone. Let's face it, everyone wants to be Ritchie Blackmore.
B: They must be getting a lot of sun down in Southampton. Perhaps it's a sign that the ozone layer is depleting more rapidly than we suspected.

Q: I was listening to Black and White, (having finally managed to track it down on CD after killing the vinyl many years ago) yesterday in the car and a couple of questions came to mind about Terraplane and Thunder. 1. Have you ever considered re-recording some of the Terraplane stuff that Is Thunderish i.e. Couldn't handle the tears or Talking to Myself? 2. How do you decide on an album title given that only one of the Thunder albums with new material at the time of its release is not reflected by a song of that name in the track listing. Do you name it after what you think is the strongest/weakest song or just whichever Sounds/looks best at the time? Thom, Bristol
L: We wouldn't consider re-doing a Terraplane song as I can't see the point. That was then and this is now. There aren't any hard + fast rules to choosing an album title apart from it has to be a memorable phrase that has some relevance to what we're doing at that time. Backstreet Symphony is an exception as I had the album title way before before it turned into a song.

Q: I've heard about you coming to next year's Rock Festival Serie Z in Jerez (Cadiz-Spain), is that right? Rafa, El Puerto (Cádiz)
L: We would love to come to Spain to play but there are no shows confirmed at the moment.

Q: Is it true Terraplane are playing a gig in London on 15th November, and if so is it the original line up or another band using your name? Paul Dryden
L: Definitely not!!!!

Q: Thanks for a great gig in Glasgow. I managed to blagg my way backstage and meet the guys, not that I can remember much about it as I was out on the lash the whole day. Anyway I asked Danny if the voice on Baby I'll be gone that say's "you've been a bad bad girl im gonnae make u mine" was Alice Cooper or maybe Axl Rose but he couldn't remember that far back. However im still curious. See ye in Nov, Matchboxjoe20
L: It's actually Danny's voice but it's been distorted to achieve the necessary effect.

Q: Any chance of Zico joining you again in November; and did they seem to go down well as a support band, compared to others, in your opinion? Lynsee, Norfolk
L: Unfortunately the support band are nearly always on stage when we're in our hotel so we don't often get to see them. We haven't decided who will be supporting in November yet.

Q: Hi Harry, glad to see your back and making progress towards being a fully fit tubthumper again. My question is, What did you do to pass the time when you were ill? Are you an avid reader if so what? Do you watch a lot of TV if so what? See you at a BI gig soon. The Bald One, Watford
H: Thanks mate. No I'm not a big reader at all and spent some time watching TV - Luckily for me, Wimbledon was on when I came out of hospital and I do like a game of tennis - I watched a little bit of daytime telly - How can anyone watch that rubbish week in, week out! Watched a few films on DVD and generally pottered around on the computer. Basically, I didn't do any brain taxing stuff and chilled for a while - Doctors orders!

Q: This is for Harry "Gary" James. Hi! I want to know what kind of sticks do you use to work?, and if you can say, the specifications of each. Also want to know the mark and if you have any kind of sponsor. Would you like to have your own line of sticks, I mean something like "HARRY JAMES LINE", fixed on the sticks? Walter Jorge Valdez
H: I use Pro Mark Millennium 2 707 Hickory sticks - I am able to get the sticks at a reduced rate (only for me you understand) I used to have my signature on them.

Q: I've noticed that one of the answers most often given for not releasing live material is that the material is "owned" by someone else and will never be released. My question is, and it may be a very stupid one, if the material is never planned to be released why can you not get hold of it? Or at least buy it for a small fee? Surely whoever owns it would rather make some gain from it rather than it sitting around doing nothing? Sure there's a very logical answer to this and it's bound to be something to do with recording bureaucracy. Tim, London.
L:  think you've got your wires a bit crossed here Tim. To my knowledge there isn't any live material owned by EMI, Castle or Eagle that hasn't already been released. Now we have our own label the choice to release any 'future' live or studio material rests with us. Our previous labels are in the business of making money of course so they maintain the right to re-release/re-package any material recorded while we were under contract to them. I hope this clears up your query.

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Q: In your un-biased opinion as main songwriter, is 'Giving the game away' worth buying? It's the only Thunder album I haven't got. I'm sure your bank account won't influence you. Just bought Laughing on Judgement day on CD. Danny really pushes his voice on one part of 'Does it feel like love'. A new limit!! Does he do it live? Dave, Newcastle
L: Hard as it is for me to be unbiased I would say that it's one of my favourite Thunder albums and there's a couple of songs on it that I'm very proud of in 'Numb' and 'Suicide'. It may sound arrogant and it probably is but I don't think we make bad albums; some may not meet with everyone's approval but that's life. Take a listen to the live album and I believe you'll see that Danny does indeed 'do it' live.

Q: I saw you at Sheppard's Bush Empire on the Thrill or Doors tour, but I remember seeing out side a BBC outside broadcast truck and you said during the show you were recording.....well, what happened to the recording. Will we see it on DVD ever. and I know this is a repeat q but when are we getting a decent 2 disc dvd live.? lets face it you are the main event when it comes to live entertainment, so give us what we want....DVDs live. Simon, Little Hampton
T: The gig at the Empire was from the Behind Closed Doors tour, and it was indeed recorded by the BBC. Several tracks from the show did air on Radio One's Rock Show in 1995, but other than that the material has never been used. Video footage from the same gig was used in the promo video for the 'Stand Up' single. It's unlikely that the show will ever be released in any shape or form as the recording is owned by the BBC, not the band. The content of the forthcoming DVD is still being put together - once the band are ready we will announce the details of what it will include on the website.

Q: Harry, Can you settle a bet with me and a mate? Did you play at the Queens gig last year? I say you did. Also, are you still assisting on the drums with Magnum? Also, what's your view on Palace for next season? G. Hayward
H: No it wasn't me-It was Phil Collins-Although I had to look twice to see if it was me playing! I can see a resemblance there. What a great looking guy he is !!! Yes I will be playing with Magnum. Check out the website for the news. There's an album and tour planned for next year. As for Palace - I think/hope we have a good chance of doing well next season. We have the players so it depends on whether Mr Kember can make them play as a team.

Q: Harry, excellant new album, do you still have time to drum with Bad Influence?? Chris, Chesham
H: Yes Chris - I will be back drumming with them in September. Check out the website for details.

Q: Thanks for a superb album and tour guys - roll on November! I've got a couple of questions for Harry; You've done a bit of song writing with Thunder - was that lyrics or melody, and would you like to do more song writing, either within the framework of the band or as solo/other ventures? Also, there's a phrase you use a lot in your playing, an example is at the start of 'She's So Fine', after Luke's opening riff, sort of a punctuated roll after the big guitar chords, using, and I'm guessing here, toms and bass drum - do you know what the hell I'm going on about and if so, how is it done and what is it called? Sorry to be so bloody vague!! All the best. John
H: Mainly melodies, riffs and a few drum patterns thrown in there - I'm always working on new ideas and if they are good enough, they will finally evolve as a song-normally with Luke's help. No plans to release the Harry James solo album but who knows! Now that would be fun ????? No idea what your talking about regarding the drums in "She's So Fine" but on the November tour, please feel free to bug me about it and I'll demonstrate whatever it is you have on your mind. Cheers John.

Q: Harry, As a fellow tub thumper, (self taught though) how do you go about structuring a drum solo, do you just start mucking about and see what happens? I have been playing on and off for about 12 years and have never really known where to start in achieving a good solo. I have read articles and had debate that some folks find these old hat and dated, but when I saw Whitesnake recently the drum solo was about 10 minutes long and halfway through discarded the sticks and played with his hands, amazing! Thanks for all the inspiration you have given me as a drummer and keep on keeping on my friend! Dom, Southend on Sea
H: Exactly right Dom. I just muck about and see what happens, but I have to say, I'm not really one for the drum solos. Not a big fan!

Q: Saw you at Manchester Academy (19/5/03). Superb gig and the band was as tight as a knat's chuff but, we had the pleasure of meeting you all afterwards (all very pleasant chaps!) and I noticed that you write with your left hand but play drums and guitar 'right-handed'. I'm not going to lose sleep over it but why is this? Any reason? Ta! Paul Ryan, Warrington
H: Thanks Paul. I never write with my left hand unless my right one is holding a drink??? Are you sure??? Had you had a drink???

Q: Hi Guys. Congratulations on the the comeback and the recent success. I first got in to the band back in 89 and saw you at Donington 90 and 92 plus several other concerts in between and after. My question is that around the same time that I was getting in to Thunder I was also a big fan of Little Angels who sadly split up a few years later. I wanted to know your opinion on the band as they were not unlike you musically and if you ever did anything socially with them either then or now or indeed if you got on with them at all? I was at one concert where you played on the same bill which was supporting ZZ TOP at Milton Keynes in 91ish so I assume you must have met them all at least once. Phil Stark
H: I thought they were a pretty good band, but I always felt that there was something missing. And to this day, I don't know what it was! Yes, we got on - had a pint or two with the boys on a few occasions.
L: I thought they were nearly a very good band. They played very well and certainly both of their drummers went on to do good things. I couldn't put my finger on why they didn't float my boat but it's only my opinion. They all seemed like nice geezers though.

Q: Hello Boys...Your professional lives seem so loud, so I imagine peace and quiet can be very restful sometimes. Is it easy to find silence, or do you always have some noise or other flitting about? Have you tried the isolation tanks where you just float around? I guess I'm asking are you restless peeps, always humming; strumming or drumming, even perhaps when you're unaware of it? Nicola, Kent
H: There's always noise around me. If there isn't, I create it. There's always a TV on, computer spewing out weird sounds, radio on or a CD in the player.
B: I am always tapping my foot or drumming my fingers, it used to drive my mother mad and even got me thrown out of a chemistry lesson at school. I don't like the sound of the isolation tank didn't they used to call them "solitary confinement"
C: When I'm at home, and not working on anything, I never have the TV or radio on - as you say, silence is very restful.
L: I'm actually addicted to having some sound or noise going on. Whenever I can't sleep I put the TV on and it always does the trick. Silence is a very difficult thing to find when you live in Central London.

Q: Guys. I've seen a previous question where someone asked who you prefer - Iron maiden v Def Leppard etc. I read in Thinny's diary entry that you used "Thunderstruck" as the PA intro. Just wondered who you prefer - Bon Scott or Brian Johnson. I think that to sing stuff like that, Bon is top's - great voice, and sly sounding too!! What do you think? Kieran
H: Definitely Bon Scott!
L: I think they're both good for AC/DC as you can tell because their best two albums are 'Highway To Hell' and 'Back In Black'. I rest my case Mi'lud!
D: Bon would be my choice every day of the week, but the material was written very much around his voice, as the later stuff was written around Brian's. Hard to compare the music and the effect, but I saw them with Bon and they were fantastic.
B: It's not really a fair question to ask,  Brian Johnson had an enormous task to fulfill by stepping into Bon Scotts shoes, not one any singer would envy. Not only did he do the job well - the band then went on to make one of their finest albums (Back In Black).  I suppose as I grew up listening to Bon Scott I am slightly biased but this doesn't detract from what Brian has added to the band now.  Gotta go now as I appear to have a fence post up my backside.

Q: I am glad to see that you guys are still around. Being in the States, the last big album that was pushed here was "Laughing on Judgment Day." After that, I thought that the band had parted ways. A friend of mine went on a trip and came back with "Shooting at the Sun", and let me tell you that the music scene here in LA being mostly rap and rock, I am glad that Thunder is still putting out great music. I am still in the process of getting all of the other albums you have put out. I’ve even got my wife, who is not really a rock fan, listening. (she even started singing along to “Today the World Stopped Turning” on the way to Vegas!) My question is for the band in general. After putting out so many great albums, which one was the most fun, and which are you the most proud of? Please continue to put out the great music that you make! Jeremy Jones
H: I would say that all of them were fun to make in different ways and I'm proud of them all!
B: Making an album is always good fun and each one has it's own highlights, BS was a party from beginning to end. LOJD was done in exceptionally grand surroundings, BCD was an adventure in the US, TTOIA was done in a studio owned by a madman, GTGA revived my interest in red wine and SATS was ours, all ours!
L: Nice to know that there are some people listening over the pond! There's things about all of our albums that I like and a few bits I don't like, all of which are catalogued elsewhere in the Q+A section. Spread the word in the USA!!!!!

Q: With the youth of today forever bored if they cannot get onto a computer, what were your favourite/memorable childhood pastimes? (Danny, Please note that this DOES NOT include spending time at the nearest A&E !! )..... Paul, Charlton
H: As a youth I spent a lot of time in the local park-playing football (jumpers for goalposts!), riding my Chopper (erm... that's a bike!), climbing trees and scrumping! Then at home there was the obvious music interest- I used to practise on the drums for hours and hours-next door neighbour soon had a nervous breakdown! Sorry about that.
B: Ahhh, pass me my rose tinted spectacles, my pipe and slippers and let me tell you about Worthers originals and how Mars bars used to be the size of Bournemouth. I used to ride my bike for miles when I was a kid, that is until I discovered the petrol engine. I also used to read voraciously as a nipper something that I still do now.
D: For me it was climbing trees and being out on my bike. As a kid I was never in unless I had to be, regardless of the weather. After an unfortunate and emotionally scarring incident aged 8, with a pensioner and a set of electric hair clippers, I always had an aversion to having my hair cut, and would run away at the mention of the words hair and or cut. I would return at bed time.
C: I spent most of my childhood playing outside - I lived in the country, so there was never any shortage of trees to climb or dens to build.
L: Predictably listening to music, football, ornithology (seriously!) and as a teenager playing my guitar was my single biggest pastime next to chasing girls.........some people never change really!

Q: Hello gents...What was the first thing you treated yourself to, when you received your first cheque from a record deal ? Paul, Charlton
H: A pint!
B: I'm still waiting for it.
C: I've never actually had a cheque from a record deal....
D: God, I really can't remember. Knowing me it was probably either a new hi fi or a power tool of sorts. Can't honestly say my little grey cells work that far back... Actually when we did the deal with EMI, the first thing we did was go on holiday. We sent them a postcard, it simply said "thanks for the dosh, what album?"

Q: I always hate this question at interviews, so I thought I would ask you guys. "Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?" Mazdaz, Slough
H: Ask me in 5! No idea but I'll hopefully still be playing drums and wearing silly wigs! Who knows what the future will bring.
B: It's a question we've been asked many times and I've yet to predict the outcome correctly yet, I'd like to have a lower golf handicap though.
C: In ten years time I'll probably be doing pretty much what I'm doing now - perhaps a bit slower...
D: I'd like to be healthy wealthy and wise, and living somewhere nice in the sun, but a sad lack of the pre-requisite crystal ball means I'll have to wait to see if I'm right.
L: I really and genuinely have no idea......sorry. All I've learnt is that the more I see, the less I know.

Q: As you don't seem to plan to come back at the Biebob (Belgium) in a near future, I had to buy some tickets for the UK tour in November ! :-) But the problem was to convince my girlfriend. So, I've promised to stay in London for the whole week-end. Now, the question : What is your favourite place in London that we could visit during the week-end? Olivier Monnard, Belgium
H: Ben's house - You get a lovely cuppa and the cuisine is most delightful. Check out the gardens there - the views are spectacular!
B: I've always liked Harry's house, a decent cup of tea at a reasonable price and the art gallery puts the Tate Modern to shame!
L: I would recommend Greenwich as it has Greenwich Park (great view of London), the Maritime Museum and Royal Naval College (both designed beautifully by Christopher Wren) and there's lots of nice pubs overlooking the Thames!
D: Here is your itinerary for the day and night you'll not be attending a Thunder show. Visit all the museums, then art galleries, then a football match, then an Italian meal, back to hotel for freshen up followed by drinks in the bar and bed. The rest is up to you.

Q: Before I get too far...THANK YOU, in advance, for putting up with this lengthy query! (Jules...shut up, please! LOL!) Most of us are aware that Luke and Danny met at a rather tender age at school (I love the hair story! During registration, was it?) My questions posed now are as follows...
To Luke, Danny, Ben, Harry and Chris:
1. At what age did you first begin tinkering around with your musical instrument of choice (And, for clarification purposes, I am referring to your voice box, Danny! :-) )
H: Think I was about 8 when I found out I had some rhythm in me.
B: I started tinkering with my organ ... nah sorry that's cheap. I got my first guitar when I was around eight years old and my parents always had a piano in the house (my mother's an accomplished pianist in actual fact).
D: My love of music began around the age of 13 when I went to stay with my Aunt while my younger Brother was sick. She had a huge and varied stack of 45s (for the younger readers, these were 7" vinyl singles), I played them all day every day. From that moment my life changed and records were purchased with every penny. I began singing in the bath around the same time, but never sang out loud until my audition for Luke's band at age 15. This audition is covered in depth elsewhere in these pages.
L: I was 10 or 11 when I first picked up a guitar.
C: I started playing 6 string guitar when I was about 12, bass when I was 15
To Luke:
2. Approximately how old were you when you sat down and wrote your first song? And, were there any preludes to it - such as words-but not music, or music-but not words?
L: I can still remember the first proper song I wrote. It was called 'Man In The Sky' and musically it was a complete rip off of 'Your Time Is Gonna Come' by Led Zeppelin.
To Luke and Danny:
3. After that initial school chum encounter, when did you first become aware that the other was musically inclined in the manner that you are, and that you had something worth pursuing when you intertwined your talents?
D: From the beginning Luke and I seemed to agree about pretty much everything music wise. He was fairly dominant on material as he had to learn the chords. I only had to learn how they went. Once he started writing tunes I was always in awe of the fact that they came from within him. He will be the first to admit some of his earliest offerings were shall we say.. Crap! Mind you I've got the tapes and we didn't play the songs that well either.. Let's say we were slow learners. There's hope for all.
L: Before we were in a band together we hung out with the same gang of friends and music was always very important to all of us but I had no idea that Danny could sing until he convinced me to give him an 'audition'. Luckily he could sing and to this day I guess we've never had to think about our relationship too much and that's why it's endured.
To Danny:
4. I think this might have been asked before, and if so - my apologies, but it's sort of popped in me head and seems relevant to my line of questioning...Do you know how to play any instruments in addition to those glorious pipes?
D: I'm pretty much musically inept. I can play 3 chords badly on both piano and guitar, the problem is I can't tell which is which so I try to strum the piano... Bottom line, as a guitarist I would starve.
Finally, (as you all wipe your brows - sorry about that!)
To Ben, Harry and Chris:
5. How did you come to be acquainted with everyone else and subsequently become an integral, yet individual, lightning strike in the Thunder mix of things? And...approximately what year did each case of this serendipity occur? Dana, Utah
H: I got to know Luke and Danny in the Moon Tier days. Tony Myers (guitarist) was an old acquaintance of theirs. I joined Luke and Danny in 1981 - That was Nuthin' Fancy that evolved into Terraplane then came Thunder. Known Ben for a number of years from local gigs we did with Nuthin' Fancy and Chris I'd played with a few years earlier. When it came to the auditions for bass players we were looking for candidates for the job-A mutual friend recommended him and the rest, as they say, is history!
B: I had know the boys ever since I was at school and we appeared in the same talent contest in different bands, they also asked me to engineer a few of Terraplane's demos .. come to think of it I've never been paid for that.
C: We had a number of mutual acquaintances in the music business, and I joined in November 1996.
D: Ben played in the band we stole Nick from when we formed Terraplane, so we knew him a long time before he joined the band. Chris was known to us when he played with Andy Taylor and Mark Shaw. He actually auditioned for us once before, but we gave the gig to another geezer who actually never got to play with us. Chris got the call and like a fool he came back for more. Just shows what we know doesn't it, he's far and away the best bass player I've met.

Q: Hi chaps. What do you think of vinyl? I know one of you (Luke?) said he loved the crackles but what about the etching and stuff that you used to be able to get? I always swore that CD would never replace it but I do admit that CDs are so much easier, but they aren't nearly as interesting. This is prompted by the retrieving of a stash of my vinyl from the oldies and a little reminiscence to my November Rain etched disc....... Izzy Jo, Bedford
H: The big thing I miss about vinyl is the album sleeves - But you're righT: CDs are easier but not as interesting.
B: I think the only downside with CDs is that the artwork is so much smaller, this limits what you can do conceptually. "Dark Side Of The Moon" looks fine as a CD but "Houses Of The Holy" should be renamed "Bungalows of the Tiny". I always said twelve inches is a good size.
L: I do miss the physical size of the artwork on sleeves. CD's are as you say more convenient and durable but I'll always have a soft spot for vinyl.
C: There was definitely something about vinyl that CDs don't have - you had to treat them with care, there was so much more artwork and packaging involved, you felt like you had something more for your money, and it was a great feeling getting a new album out of it's little white paper cover for the first time! The whole 'vinyl experience' was much more organic.
D: I love vinyl. The scratches, the sheer size of it, the feel (hang on I'm getting a bit gooey), the etching round the outside of the label, and the most important thing, the sound of it. I agree it's nowhere near as convenient, but I wish it would come back. I play my old vinyl LPs every now and again and they transport me right back to my youth (sigh).

Q: What would be the first thing you would save if your house was on fire (family and pets not included)? Mark, Swindon
H: The phone......so I could dial 999..........My computer, drum kit and car keys I think!
B: My unused smoke detection system and fire extinguishers.
D: The Photo albums, then the computers, then the golf clubs, then the car keys.

Q: First of all happy birthday to Ben, maybe you should celebrate tonight with a drink for each year you have accumulated. Have been watching MTV cribs and just wondered who out of all of you has the best house and what's your favourite item in it? keep up the good work. Stu Smith, Halesowen
H: Ben has the best house and when I'm there, I'm the best thing in it! Seriously though....everyone has the best house! The best house for them!
L: Our houses are all different so who has the best house is irrelevant....we all have the best house for ourselves! My favourite item would have to be my studio as that's where it all happens...
B: I have the best house and I'm the best thing in it. But then again we're all going to give that answer aren't we.

Q: What would you say is the best part of your jobs? i.e., Recording, Live, Money?!?!, or the whole package? Kevin, Kent
H: Every part of the job is pretty happening really - My fav bits are live and studio.
B: They've all got there upsides and downsides. but I guess playing live is hard to beat.
C: The whole thing.
D: I have to say it's the whole thing really. I always feel very weird when I think that we take thin air and make something from it that gives people pleasure, and once made, the songs last forever.
L: I enjoy all of it really. Recording is great because you can see a song coming together slowly but surely and as a writer that's very satisfying. Playing in front of an audience is great for a different reason in that you get a reaction to what you're doing right there and then and that creates a different kind of buzz, probably due to the adrenalin involved.

Q: Hi guys. Is there any confectionary (sweet or sour) that you just couldn't live without. Mine would have to be a Kit Kat or cheesy Doritos crisps. Cake
H: This week I have been mainly eating....Haribo Tangfantastics Sour Mix - Can't live without 'em!
B: Never really had a sweet tooth but life without toast is unthinkable.
L: Can you have sour confectionary? Anyway I'm more of a savoury fan myself. I do have a weakness for salt + vinegar crisps but most of what I eat is boringly healthy.
C: My weakness at the moment is Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli crisps - I can only eat 3 or 4 packets of those at a time.
D: I'm not ever in desperate need for anything, except a nice cup of tea. I like sweet things and I love chocolate, but I can do without it no trouble. The cup of tea in the morning, however, is vital to my very existence, and I have to have it, I even take it on tour if necessary.

Q: After watching a very cringing interview on French TV with Jimmy Page - I suppose we all have to sell our souls at some point - there were a serious of 'Which do you prefer? questions. When asked the final question 'Which do you prefer your Wife or your Mistress? he replied 'My Guitar is my Mistress..' gave a wry smile got up and left. So which do you prefer. 
Iron Maiden v Def Leppard
Dark side of the Moon v Wish You Were Here
Black Sabbath V Dio
Muse v Feeder
Placebo v Suede
and finally
Magnum v Solero.
Angela, Switzerland
H: Iron Maiden v Def Leppard
Dark side of the Moon v Wish You Were Here - Dark Side of The Moon
Black Sabbath v Dio - Black Sabbath
Muse v Feeder - Feeder
Placebo v Suede - Placebo
Magnum v Solero - Magnum-You're having a larf !!

D: Iron Maiden v Def Leppard - Not mad about either but if I had to choose I guess DL would shave it.
Dark side of the Moon v Wish You Were Here - Dark Side of The Moon, WYWH is great, but DSOTM is a classic.
Black Sabbath v Dio - Black Sabbath
Muse v Feeder - I like these equally, I'd choose both over any other band you'd mention.
Placebo v Suede - Hate them both.
Magnum v Solero - Don't know Solero, void contest.

C: Iron Maiden v Def Leppard - Def Leppard (don't like either of them very much)
Dark side of the Moon v Wish You Were Here - Dark Side Of The Moon (one of my favourite albums ever)
Black Sabbath v Dio - Black Sabbath
Muse v Feeder - What? Who? Sorry
Placebo v Suede - See previous answer
Magnum v Solero -  I'd probably go for a plain old raspberry split....
B: Iron Maiden v Def Leppard - Either
Dark side of the Moon v Wish You Were Here - Dark Side Of The Moon
Black Sabbath v Dio - Black Sabbath
Muse v Feeder - Neither
Placebo v Suede - Suede
Magnum v Solero -  Both

Q: Being the main song-writer, I want to ask you some advice. Ho do  you come up with 'riffs from hell' like on 'Loser' and great melody ideas like on 'If I can't feel love'? I am a guitarist and constantly find myself ending up playing other people's stuff out of frustration with my own ability/originality. If you can't give me any advice, would you like to buy a Gibson Les Paul Studio (right handed, but I'd swap the strings round for you!) and a Marshal Valvestate 8080 Combo? Only joking about the last bit. I need some inspiration. Lessons don't work. Hope you can help. Dave, Newcastle
L: I'm afraid that the only advice I can give you is don't give up! The trick is not necessarily coming up with an idea but being able to spot the good ones. If I haven't written for a while it always takes me a few days to get into the right place mentally before I start coming up with anything good and that is terribly frustrating but you just have to push on through it. Paul McCartney said it all about songwriting; 'Writing songs is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration' so always keep that at the back of your mind and you'll be alright.

Q: I've been a fan since 1996 when I picked up "Backstreet Symphony" on a whim. Greatest thing I've done. I've spent hours tweaking my own percussive abilities to Thunder Tunes. Do you ever stop the United States on tour, if you had any backing in the states would you? As a DJ (selling the show right now, should have an offer by fall) I would shove Thunder Right down the throats of everyone out there. Vince Wylde, Lancaster, MA USA
L: As we've said elsewhere on the site we'd love to come and play in the States but we would need help in the shape of a label or some kind of support to be able do it. I hope you get your DJ spot sorted out and you do manage to play some Thunder tunes. Good luck!

Q: Which of your own songs is the hardest to pull off live or which do you dread playing the most? John Pullin
L: Some songs are impossible to play live due to the amount of musicians needed to reproduce them properly but I've always felt that the two mediums are different. You have to be a lot more precise with arrangements in the studio but live you can exaggerate all dynamics and create a sense of drama that adds a lot to the material. I wouldn't want us to attempt to play a song that didn't really work in a live sense.

Q: Have you had a chance to hear Jane's Addiction new single "Just Because" and have you noticed any similarities to Backstreet Symphony's bass line? Ken, Maryland, USA
L: Can't say I've heard it yet but I will check it out.

Q: Luke, I'm delighted to hear that you are a golfer and cricketer and as a mirror image to you believe that the stronger dominant hand should be the the top hand for both disciplines. It's the other people who are 'cack-handed'.
L: Certainly in golf the top hand should be dominant although I actually play both golf and cricket right-handed. Don't ask me why....
Who else graces the fairways from the band and what are their handicaps? Golf is a great parody for life. A great escape and lots of fun.
L: I'd say I'm currently playing off about 18, Danny and Ben would be around 22 and Harry and Chris 28!
Despite failing to ever get hold of Moving Target I must commend you on Terraplan's Black and White album. How on earth did your collaboration with Ruby Turner evolve? Danny and Ruby absolutely 'mullered' those notes!! Fantastic.
L: I can't remember to be honest but she is a great singer. She even sang on the first demo version of 'Dirty Love'. Not a lot of people know that.
It's refreshing to hear your comments and read your well balanced lyrics as a sensitive Londoner myself. Before I see you all at the Astoria, are you allowed to play songs from Moving Swiftly Along and El Gringo? Mr. Fiesal Bacchus, Teddington
L: We're allowed to play whatever we want but there's so much Thunder material to choose from and B&M is a seperate project as far as we're concerned.

Q: First of all, stonking album!!!! Welcome back!! On the 'Back for the crack' E.P. it says on the back that track 3 is not available anywhere else but the E.P. Wow, 'an exclusive rarity' I thought. Then I bought the album and it's on there!!! How come????? Change of heart? Well done at the Alice Cooper show at the telewest arena, Newcastle. You stole the show!!! Good to see you recording again. I hope you get the support you deserve from your record company and promoters!! The fans won't let you down. Danny, are you still accident prone? Dave, Newcastle
T: It's a misprint. The back of the sleeve is actually supposed to say that track 4 (When Tomorrow Comes) is not available anywhere else - which it isn't, so you do still have 'an exclusive rarity' on your hands.

Q: Hi Danny, just some trivial info for you...did you know you are on a list of famous people that have come from Brockley? You are on the list next to Lord Brockley and Kate Bush...fame or what? Check it out on www.brockley.com/famous.htm I'd never heard of Brockley before so you have put it on the map for me, anyway! Margie B., Wales
D: How interesting...I lived there for a few years, I tried to stay in the flat all the time, I wonder how they knew I was there? Note to self. Do not go out, ever.

Q: Its been a while so I thought I would drop you all a line. Firstly, I could swear that I saw Chris in Uxbridge just the other day,
but probably not, second, I have heard a rumour that Thunder are back in the studio again, is this true? and finally, for Ben and Luke, how do you rate Brian May as a guitarist. See you in November, and Danny! I will buy you that beer in November as well. Dale, Uxbridge
L: Thunder are definitely not currently in the studio. I don't envisage that happening until next year. Brian May is a fabulous musician and writer, a true individualist.
B: Thunder are not in the studio, that wasn't Chris and you can't argue with hair like that.

Q: Hi Benny!! Happy birthday to you!! I have a quite simple question for you how will you spend your birthday, just relax for a while or see some friends of you?? Or maybe you will go and drink with members of THUNDER to St.Moritz??? Wish I were there with you, would like to you say happy birthday to you and hope your year will be very enjoyable and comfortable one... Tak (the crazy woman) LOL, Tokyo
B: Thanks for pointing out that I'm even older now! I'll spend the day relaxing and drinking after all at my age what else can you do?

Q: Ben I see from a previous question that you would have Skynyrd & Purple on your festival line up. Did you go & see them last week? What did you think? I went to Glasgow, Purple were good but Skynyrd were excellent. Whats your opinion on the modern day sort of southern supergroup Skynyrd as opposed to the pre plane crash group.I think they both have their place and both make quality records although the modern day version leans slightly more towards a sort of AOR sound. Did any other members of the band go to the gigs? David Boyd, Kilmarnock
B: I'm afraid I wasn't able to see the show but I have it on good authority that it was a great bill. I think you have answered your own question in as much that both have their place. Of course we will never know what the pre plane crash line-up would have sounded like today so it's a fairly pointless exercise in comparing the two.

Q: Dear Benny, I think about in what may make this question you on on-line. However, This is an indispensable question in order to keep a promise with you in May, it dares ask a question for you. Please let me know your hips size (centimeter) or jeans size (inch). See you November! :-) and...Happy Birthday! Benny! Best of luck on your birthday and for the future. Yukiko, Japan
B: I'm a 30inch waist and 31 inch inside leg - I think. Thanks for the beautiful shirt Yukiko

Q: Luke/ Ben, I don't know whether you have heard but Gibson have developed a digital plug in so you can directly link up to a computer and add digital effects etc. What do you think of this idea? Will you upgrade one of your Gibsons with the new technology? It's an interesting idea.http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/1/hi/technology/2737331.stm James Vincent
B: As I'm sure you all know I love a bit of technology and embrace it in all it's forms but... I guitar with a ethernet connection? I can't see any advantage. After all the beauty of the instrument is that it's a guitar pure and simple - the rest is down to the player. I've heard Jeff Beck make a simple strat make more unusual sounds than any piece of software could. It's not for me (yet!)
L: Digital technology is the future whether we like it or not so we may as well embrace it or at least try it out! Those lovely people at Hughes And Kettner have developed a digital amp that sounds very interesting so I don't think it'll be too long before we're using it in some shape or form. I don't know if I'd modify any of my guitars though. I'd have to buy a new one I think!

Q: Two daft questions; who would win a ruck between all of you? (My money is on Danny as I think he might be a bit 'tasty') . And your favourite Viz characters please? Nick
B: I guess Harry after all he hit things for a living.
C: I think your money would be well spent - I would certainly be the first on the floor. Haven't read Viz for a while, but my favourite section is always The Profanosaurus.
D: We've never even come close to fisticuffs, we all get on very well indeed (it's true). No one would deny I am the most outwardly aggressive, but it's all front, I'm a pussycat really. As a kid I got into scrapes a-plenty, but you know as time passes etc etc. The rest are mostly non-confrontational, though Benny is guaranteed to shout if you try to get him to do anything before the crack of 3pm....

Q: I just want to say that I have been a Thunder fan since Backstreet Symphony was released under Geffen records here in the US. Sadly only the Symphony and Judgement Day were released here but I have been able to import the other albums over the years. I was very sad to see the band part ways after the last album but I am thrilled to see you guys storming back with the new "Shooting at the Sun" album. The album is amazing, but I am wondering, after "Giving the Game Away", what brought you guys back to the straight ahead rock of your earlier albums on "Shooting at the Sun?" I personally think it's the best album you guys have done. And with the pathetic music scene here in the US as of late, it's such a breath of fresh air to see something great again that I can pop in the CD player and listen to from beginning to end! Keep it up and I'll keep listening. I'll convert as many US listeners as I can. Take care! Corbie Dillard, Crane, TX USA
L: To be honest it was I think being away from Thunder for a while was good for all of us and for me as a writer it allowed me to pursue other musical styles with 'El Gringo' and 'Moving Swiftly Along'. I guess that after those two albums I felt refreshed and I was definitely looking forward to writing new Thunder material not having done it for a couple of years. A change is as good as a rest so they say.

Q: Hi guys. I've been a fan since buying BSS in 1990 (by the way, my first ever CD), and I'm chuffed to bits that you've returned with such a great new album. Anyway, my question is regarding the new 'Ballads' compilation. Why is the chronological order of the tracks not maintained for the album's entire length? Or put another way, why is the track from 'Shooting at the Sun' before the two from `Giving the Game Away'? Only a trivial point I know, but I just can't understand it, was it  a mistake? Anthony, Coventry
L: To be honest I can't remember..........sorry to not be more helpful.

Q: So tell me, in the company of Ian Gillan, David Coverdale & Jon Bon Jovi (all of who I've seen over the past month or two) You were the best live vocalist, by a fair old stretch actually, any secrets to keeping your larynx (sp?) in trim? And give yourself a pat on the back! Richard A, Colchester
D: Thanks for the praise, much appreciated. I've never smoked, I drink in moderation when working (harder when day off next day), and I try to confine my shouting to the stage only and not in the after show or in the hotel bar. In addition I spend rather a lot of time in the steam room, or hotel shower, I find the moisture and gentle warming up exercises help reactivate the tired vocal chords. Adrenalin plays a big part in my show and over the years I've got better at controlling it, but it has been very hard. My problem essentially that I can sing twice as loud as is healthy for me, so if I get excited I do that thing and then it hurts next day. I know it'll happen while I'm doing it but if I'm "in the moment" and the show is great, I can't always stop it! As a kid I used to get so hyped up that I couldn't remember anything about the show afterwards, consequently I lost my voice rather a lot. Touring is therefore a bit of a psychological battle for me, and it gets harder with each record as the songs people want always seem to be the hardest ones to sing. One after another, night after night, it can be quite tough mentally as well as physically, but the payoff of the show is invariably worth all of the angst leading up to it.

Q: Oi Morley !! Whatever happened to that acoustic you used to play on "Low Life" that had your name in mother of pearl along the fret board ?? I think you had it custom made about 1992. I'll give you £50 for it, if you are not using it ......... :o)) Cleggy, Bucks
L: The guitar in question is currently residing in my studio but unfortunately in two pieces! This was due to my girlfriend tripping over it one drunken evening. I was obviously delighted and very understanding about the whole affair..............

Q: Guys, was starting to get used to my spanky new PC (oo-er) and set about putting every Thunder track I own onto my system so I can listen to Thunder whenever I like (yay!) and I noticed the composer details for "Ball & Chain" - according to Windows Media Player, it was composed by Ben Matthews, Daniel Don Bowes, Luke Morley and Tommy James & the Shondells??? First, has Danny ever knowingly called himself Don??? and who are Tommy James & the Shondells? Is it just mistaking 'Arry's name for something else? Not exactly important on the grand scheme of things, but it's bugging me now :) Tony C, Glasgow
L: I'm afraid I have absolutely no idea what Tommy James and the Shondells have got to do with it! If you look at the album booklet you'll see that the writing credit is Morley, Matthews, James & Bowes. 'Don' was Danny's nickname for a while but I can't remember why; probably something to do with Harry as most things are!

Q: Hi guys, thanks again for a great day at Brands Hatch! I'm still grinning! I just got my copy of the Ballads album and it's great! I was just wondering if any of the songs were re-recorded or remixed... somehow the songs sound "fresher" than they do on the other albums, but maybe I've played them so many times I've worn them out! :-) Ingrid, Hampton
L: The songs were re-mastered so they do sound slightly different. Well spotted!

Q: Question: Mr. Chris Childs, take a bow sir, you are a true star. I had the pleasure of attending the 10th Blues & Soul Charity gig at Great Gransden on Saturday night, and what a great gig it was too. I was wondering what your general opinions of the gig were as you onstage all night? Andy B, Cambridge
C: Glad to hear you were there and enjoyed the show. Personally, I had a great time - wonderful musicians to play with, fantastic audience, beautiful sunny evening, and we made shitloads of money for charity!

Q: Firstly just want to say, love the Ballads CD and also BCD, great album got both within the last 3 days and am spreading the word about the tour and Thunder to as many people I can:-) Anyways my question(s) is, do you have any plans to convert and then relase BACKSTREET SYMPHONY - THE VIDEOS (1990) onto DVD? Or even a DVD / video of all or as many Thunder videos you've done and can fit on? Also Luke, were you influenced by The Beatles on writing, Here in Your Arms? It sounds like a a very similar style to them. Antong
L: We were recently approached by EMI about a DVD release but as yet nothing is scheduled or decided content-wise. We will definitely be releasing a DVD later in the year but once again we haven't decided the content as yet. Good to hear you're spreading the word; keep up the good work! 'Here In Your Arms' does tip it's hat to The Beatles in terms of it's arrangement but I don't think that's any bad thing!

Q: Hi Thinny, Danny and the rest of the band, Firstly I wanted to know how much I admire your recent effort to raise money for clic. The amount you raised was fantastic, and shows the level of support the fans are prepared to give, for a very worthwhile cause. Well done to all involved. Which leads to me my idea/suggestion....How about selling/auctioning a small number (say 10 per venue) of passes for fans to see the sound check at each of Novembers gigs. Then donate the proceeds to a local charity, this could generate some funds for worth while causes, and provide you guys with some good publicity, which may not generate extra gig ticket sales, but would raise the profile of the band to a wider audience. What do you think? Magic Dave
D: This is a good idea, we'll look into it, though if this recent experience is anything to go by, we'll need a huge staff to deal with it (which we don't have), so it may not be practical at this time. Either way it's still a good idea. If not now then perhaps it may work in the future...

Q: I see that one of the auction pressies is an advance copy of a forthcoming DVD - can you let us in on exactly what this will contain (please tell me it's the WHOLE Marquee gig), and when we can get our mits on it? Chris Smith, Herne Bay
D: The final content of the DVD is still very much up in the air. We have loads of footage which we're gradually working through, once done we'll get it into the editing suite and see what comes. Sufficed to say we'll make it as comprehensive as we can. Sorry to be vague but until we're sure it's dangerous to speculate. We hope to have it ready for release by October.

Q: A question for Luke, Danny and Chris regarding the forthcoming Bowes & Morley album. I'm assuming that the main people who bought the first album were Thunder fans and that quite a few would have been disappointed that it wasn't just Thunder under a different name with regard to the musical style. (I could be wrong but that is the case with most of the people I know) My question is would you like to tour as a support band to a more mainstream pop act or any other band that are not considered rock as a means of promoting it and making it commercially viable. If so who do you think would be a suitable band? David Boyd, Kilmarnock
D: I guess you're probably right that some may have been disappointed by B&M's MSA not being a Stealth Thunder LP. Having said that we've had a lot of very positive feedback on the record, certainly enough to make us believe it's right to make B&M2. I've always felt Thunder fans knew what they liked about us, and we've been pretty open about our desire to try different things whilst maintaining a high level of quality control. This has meant some fans have inevitably been taken into some musical places they may not have previously thought of going to, but I like that. We know we can't please everyone with everything we do but provided we feel it stands up musically, we're happy. After that it's down to the fans to decide whether or not they're into it. If B&M were to get a shot at opening for a more mainstream act we'd take it of course, for all promotion is good and helps the cause for both B&M and Thunder. As to who that act might be, I have no clues right now, so your guess is not just as good but probably better than mine.

Q: Great to see Thunder back. Just wondering if you've got anything against Yorkshire as you are nowhere to be seen for the tour in November (and we were missed out during the recent tour)? Great memories of your performances at Bradford St George's and York Barbican. Not to mention Don Valley Stadium. Anything you can do to rectify this horrendous omission? Stu, York
D: There's no plot to exclude Yorkshire, it's all down to availability of venues. The band's agent was briefed as to time of year, and he approached the venues and promoters. The tour dates are the result. We always try to go to different places each time we play, but it's not always as easy as you might think. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Q: I saw you at Don Valley 1993 and haven't missed a tour since. Three questions please. 1. Luke, in my humble opinion you write the best songs of your "genre" does it frustrate you that you have not had the huge hit that you deserve and in hindsight would you have done anything differently?
L: Yes and no respectively!
2. Danny, you talked in an earlier reply about cover versions. I remember the Danny and the do wops tour and your voice so suited some of the old soul songs. I particularly remember the old Jackie Wilson song Sweetest Feeling - any chance? 3. Finally, I have a video of you performing the live piano version of Satellite from somewhere in Europe, where did it come from and what was the purpose of it's release. John, Durham
D: Glad you've enjoyed so many of the shows and a big thank you for the support. I love the Jackie Wilson song, not suitable for Thunder, perhaps not even B&M, but one day D&TDW will return (I know not when, but it's inevitable), and on that day I'm sure it will be there. Patience is a virtue. However I must point out that the singer in D&TDW is Danny Ocean, and not my good self. It's true we're the same height and build and have very similar sounding voices, but he is American with a moustache and I am English without. I hope that's cleared that up.

Q: I just found out that Luke, Danny and Ben had made an appearance in Germany on the 16th of June. I happened to be in Germany at that time but had no idea you'd be showing up there. After not being able to meet you after the Astoria gig, I would certainly have come to meet you at this jamming session. Was there an opportunity at the Hughes and Kettner show to meet you guys? I hope not. I would hate to think that I missed yet another chance of shaking hands and shooting a photo with you. Whereabouts is St. Wendel anyway and I was wondering via which airline do you guys fly abroad? I think you should have a Thunder jet liner but i'm a dreamer . . . A final question to Danny: you have mentioned previously that you were born in the Mediterranean. Were your parents sailing around or they were living in some Mediterranean country? (Why don't you publish your biography so we won't bother you with all these questions?) Bled, Albania
D: The Hughes & Kettner day was I believe an invite only event, though I think some tickets were given out by H&K. St Wendel is 90 minutes drive from Frankfurt though in which direction I know not. I was driven and wasn't paying attention I'm afraid. Like most we fly the airline that costs least when we pay, and usually the same rule applies when someone else pays. We do not have our own jet (ha ha, the very idea). I was born in West Ham in East London, which is quite a long way from the Mediterranean. Not sure where you got that idea, but it certainly wasn't from me. Urban Legend?

Q: Hi guys, well last night I went to an Alice Cooper gig in Wolverhampton. It was wicked but the thing that really made my night was seeing a Thunder poster outside for November. I couldn't stop smiling. Anyway, my question is: Danny, have you ever got really bored of singing one song? Samantha, Macclesfield
D: The answer is yes, I do get bored with some songs, but usually a little break makes it OK again. Strange thing is I start to miss them after a little while. Aaah. Bless 'em.

Q: As a HUGE fan of the boys since the very beginning I cannot express my orgasmic joy at seeing them on stage again for MOR and in Wolverhampton in May (roll on November is all I can say)! They're back & as utterly awesome as ever!!!! Now for my question - is thunder channel the 'fan club' still up & running? I lost touch with them when I changed address in the midst of the bands' breakup & have never really managed to sort this out. Since the new meet & greets rely on membership, how do I join again, or will (very) old cards suffice!?!?!? Loubi, Worcester
T: The Thunder Channel fan club is no more. Details of how to gain entry to the meet and greets in November will be posted on the site nearer the time...

Q:  While searching for something entertaining to watch this evening, my gaze fell on my "An evening with Bon Jovi" vid and it struck me that this is just the sort of thing a lot of Thunder fans, myself included, would part with our hard-earned dosh to see - a video of an 'unplugged' event. We all loved the acoustic section of the Dingwalls gig, the unplugged promo events for past tours, and the daft banter that goes on between songs, so what better than an acoustic gig in an intimate setting, recorded for posterity? I reckon it could be a lot of fun for band and audience alike, especially if it included some of the less well-known but much-loved songs eg. Montana Mountain Woman (a stunning song) and Every Word's a Lie. Is it something you would ever consider doing, if the cost were not too prohibitive? You know us lot, always hungry for more, more, more video footage to keep us going between tours! Jules, Glos
D: This is yet another good idea, and without blowing our trumpet (parp) too much, we've already thought of it! This comes under the heading of "to be arranged at some stage", so well done and watch this space...

Q: Firstly, Congrats on the recent tour and the new album, thanks for 2 great nights in Wolverhampton (special thanks to Thinny for passes at Wolverhampton) and the Astoria. Now for my question - Have just read on a website for Pearl Drums that a certain Andy Treacey has played some gigs with Thunder. Is this true? Was it at a time when Harry was unavailable? Has Harry ever missed a gig? By the way, get well soon Harry. Don Airey told us you had a lucky escape when we were talking to him backstage at Deep Purple's NEC gig recently. Mark Besley, Somerset
D: Andy Treacey played drums on both the B&M UK shows last September 2002. A splendid fellow he is too, who stepped in at the last minute after our B&M regular (if 2 shows in Japan can be called regular) drummer Mario Goossens was called away on Hooverphonic business. Nice to see he enjoyed it enough to give us a mention. Nice man.

Q: Danny. If your solo venture had taken off with EMI (?), what would have been your choice of material? Paul, Charlton
D: My solo deal with EMI was a strange experience from start to finish, and though not written by Luke, the material was not unlike Bowes & Morley in style. Having said that none of it ever got finished and I'm content for it to stay that way. I did have some nice covers though, who knows they may end up on B&M2.

Q: Some years ago I met a very well known musician who had at the time just retired from the music business. I asked him what he hated most about the industry and his reply was the business aspect. He said that 80% of the time was spent dealing with business issues - i.e. dealing with lawyers/accountants etc. As he put it; "making sure that no-one is trying to shaft me". The remaining 20% of his time was actually being a musician. He felt it should have been the other way round. My questions are; you hear of these horror stories of bands being apparently "ripped off" by management, labels, accountants etc, but in your experience is the music industry really that cut-throat and ruthless, or is it simply a case of the musicians trying to blame someone else because they have taken their eye off the ball? In your case, how much time do you have to spend dealing with business issues in comparison to being an actual musician? Don G
D: I have always spent most of my time concentrating on the business and much less of my time doing musician type things. To be honest I believe you gravitate to the things you're most interested in. Don't get me wrong I love singing and making records and the whole shooting match, but I was always more interested in how it all worked. For the rest of the band I'd say it's the opposite. In my experience I am something of a rarity in that regard. There are times when I wish it were different but only very occasionally.

Q: How soon is 'soon' for the more dates to be announced for the November tour? Sorry but really can't wait after the last one!! Rae, Salford
D: It's all going on behind the scenes, not much longer now, honest....

Q: Luke, You are a great songwriter and musician, this we know, and we all know you play all the necessary instruments (with the exception of drums maybe?) to play all your compositions yourself, so is it frustrating trying to get the rest of the band to learn your songs, and not to cause any friction between the band, do you secretly think, "I can play that a lot better myself!" or am i just simply causing trouble, sorry! Rick, Manchester
L: You are talking about a very talented bunch of musicians and I'm delighted to have them playing/singing my songs. I did think I was a good bass player until Chris joined the band!

Q: Is it true that Harry and Chris will be back out on the road soon with Mr Bonnet and Mr Airey banging out those old Rainbow tunes again. According to JBs in Dudley they could be ?. If this is so are there any other dates? Andy, Bristol
C: The tour has yet to be confirmed - I'm sure you'll hear about it if it goes ahead.

Q: Hello, I have been following with much interest this Q&A page for some time and I often have to envy people who have written "thanks for the great show the other night" or "I am looking forward to seeing you" - I happen to live in Japan. I can't see you on stage or TV, and as far as I understood I am not even allowed to ask you when you are coming to Japan again. So instead I would just like to express my love and thanks to you. It's just the best way to relax when I put on my earphones in my bed and turn the CD player on after another hard day taking care of my three little kids. A pity that I can only learn the first couple of songs in every CD by heart, because after that I slip into a deep sleep (sorry! but even the strongest love cannot resist the exhaustion when you got a 3 year old boy and twin girls who just turned one - are any of you fathers?) Now by the way, my question is: Do you see your music and yourself "British" beside having a British accent? If you do, in which way? Eriko, Yokohama
L: I think our 'Britishness' does permeate our music and our personalities. The band's sense of humour is particularly British and we often fall back on that when things aren't going so well. I'm not a father and neither is Ben but Danny, Harry and Chris all have kids. Maybe you should try starting your CD's from track three!

Q: OK then!!! Luke comes up with a song and some lyrics, what happens then? does the band get together have a listen to Luke strumming away on his own and think Yeah!! that will work and beef it up between you? there's got to be a point where you all start to like a song and play together, How does the process work from pen to album track? Tony Bye, Plymouth
L: Basically I record a demo of the songs in my studio and send it out to the others. We then convene in a 'proper' studio to record the song properly although we do sometimes keep bits and pieces from the original demos.

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I see from the tone of late that some people may be getting a tad uncomfortable with the levels of frankness and honesty occasionally displayed in these pages. I like a debate as much as the next person, but only when there's a level playing field for all involved. I have no desire to upset anyone with my answers, and I'd hate to think that you thought I was telling you off (Matron did that far better than I could). It's not my mission to upset you, that would be stupidity itself, but I have always found ignorance and rudeness hard to tolerate, anywhere. I'm simply reacting honestly to the questions put to me (and sometimes it's not a question, but an opinion with a "how do you feel about that?" tagged on the end). If you have an opinion and want to express it that's fine, after all that's part of what the Q&A can be used for, as long as you understand that if you've been rude you may not always like the response. We reserve the right to disagree with you if we do. You're always very quick to point out the things you don't like so why can't we do the same? It has to be a two way street. The alternative is to do away with anything real and stick with the toothpaste and socks and favourite colour type questions, which we can do of course if it makes everyone feel better. Based on most of what I see and hear, I don't believe you want that.

Q: Hi guys. Firstly that bloke with the bleached blond hair at the Bon Jovi gig was singer for the opening band - called "Crown of Thorns". My question is about the live stuff you have recorded. I've read you have recorded a few gigs and bet you've got quite a few saved up. This may be quite naive - but could you offer copies of them for sale? I love Thunder live, and wouldn't mind a few more songs - I'd supply the blank disks if needed, and don't need any fancy covers! Or could you make them downloadable off the net for a fee - I think some bands are doing this. The costs (bandwidth etc) would be covered by the fee. Really looking forward to the new album - keep 'em coming! Chris,Walsall
D: Mmmm, we do have a lot of the last tour in the can, as well as last November's secret Marquee club show, and it's all great. I suppose it comes down to whether or not there's much of a demand for more live material from us. I'm not being negative, if enough people want it we'll see what can be done, but there were grumblings from some when we included live songs on the Loser CD single, how it wasn't good value for money etc, so to be honest we discounted the idea of more live releases. What do other people think? If you'd like it let The Thin One know, if we get enough positives, we'll look into the viability...Still, if nothing else it opens up the question.

Q: A question for Danny really: is there anybody that you would really like to record a duet with? I ask, because I would love to hear yourself and Sam Brown sing together in a live setting... Adrian Smith (Shady), Cambridge
D: Sam Brown has a great voice, and if she asked I'm sure I could arrange to wash my hair another night...Seriously I haven't done much dueting but I've enjoyed when I have.

Q: Danny - could it have been Jean Bouvoir from Crown of Thorns? Kenny, Aberdeen 
D: I remember him being there of course, but I have no memory of him being on stage with us, but to be honest I'm not sure now if that was the question...

Q: I first saw you playing at the Bon Jovi concert on the Saturday show and you guys were fantastic which made me go home and nick my dads albums - I've been a fan ever since! I was wondering though who it was that sang with you that day as I can't seem to find him mentioned anywhere. He had bleach blond hair. Can you help me? Nicola Booty, London
D: I have absolutely no idea what this is about. As far as I can remember we were just the five of us during our sets on the Bon Jovi shows, but it was in 1995 (almost 8 years ago!) so I may be wrong. The old grey cells aren't what they were you know... Does anyone else out there have any clues??

Q: I'm sure I can't be alone in following bands other than yourselves, such as Marillion, Magnum and Fish, who also seem to have similar 'media profile' problems as yourselves (80's heavy metal bands!!), and lack of record company support. You all seem to be using the Web to counter this apathy. I was therefore wondering if you had ever thought of forming a co-operative with like minded bands to mutually benefit all, i.e. running one record company instead of x individual ones? Dave, Kent
D: Nice idea, but I fear it may be just a bit on the Utopian side. Everyone's situation is different, as will be their approach to music, recording and business I'm sure, so it doesn't automatically follow that you should join together just because you do a similar thing. It make sense though, assuming of course you can find like minded people you can trust. Please bear in mind that the media is notoriously hard for all kinds of businesses, and big labels suffer in exactly the same ways as small labels. The difference is they have the ability to chuck more money at it, but spending more money doesn't mean their acts get any more exposure, and once spent the acts do owe the label the money, so they will have to sell more records etc.. That's just a small part of why the record business is in the shape it's in. The web is a very good alternative tool to help gain exposure, and also to alert your followers, but it can't possibly do it all. It can take a big team and big money to launch a band, that's where big labels come in. Once you've been around for a while and hopefully built up some following, the opportunity to take control is there, that's why some bands do it. I am currently talking to various bodies about the possibility of using the Thunder model to help other bands who fit the required profile (good live, been around a while, self motivated etc), but it's very early days and it could amount to nought so there is nothing concrete about this right now... I'll keep you posted as to developments.

Q: After getting Classic Rock last week, I was sad to see that there was no review of your tour. Is it still pending, or will there not be one. You deserve a good review, as you were brilliant at Manchester. Also, there was no review of your new album. Is this because it was on your own label? Danny, i don't drink tea, but you can come and pour me a glass of wine anytime. Angela, Lancaster
D: Not sure why Classic Rock decided not to run a review of the tour, so I guess you'd have to ask them. There was a review of the LP a while ago, pretty positive too. Sorry, the offer was tea only...

Q: I got El Gringo Retro two days ago, and can I just say what a beautifully crafted album it is. The songs just seem to flow into each other. There are few album which are suited for summer weather and thankfully yours is. My favourite track is One Drop. it is fantastic. I would like to know will there ever be a follow up to El Gringo? I do hope so because it is so different to Thunder and is very relaxing. Also can I ask who were you listening to to record the album, did you pick up any things from listening to other artists. Michael Beck, Flint
L: Glad you like 'El Gringo'. I would like to do another album at some point but who knows when that will be. I wouldn't say I was listening to anybody in particular during the making of the album although during the writing period I was listening to 'Stanley Road' by Paul Weller and 'Jagged Little Pill' by Alanis Morrisette. I'm not sure how much they influenced what I was doing though!

Q: Hey all! Hope you're all well. Just a quick one for Luke if I may..; Just wondering, being a song writer myself I prefer writing about things that are relevant to what's happening around me, especially in my life. Do you write based on what you personally believe, or do you just go with what you think will turn out as a good song? Thanks for your time, take care all! Dave, Newcastle
L: There are no rules when it comes to writing songs so I do it any way I can! It's all about what feels good and that's a very difficult thing to explain. Lyrically I have to be able to understand and empathise with whatever or whomever I'm writing about. I couldn't write about something that wasn't real to me or within my experience.

Q: I recently watched the BBC 'Imagine' programme on Charles Saatchi, which featured some of the works of Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst among others, and it struck me how much of a role 'critics' can have in popularising art in all its forms, even if to some people it seems like the work that is being praised is absolute garbage! I enjoy reading reviews and do respect their opinions and even come to like the style of some reviewers (Charles Shaar Murray and Brian Sewell are two that come to mind), and I suppose I am influenced to some degree. Film reviews are an obvious example - usually the critics get it right if they say a film is lame. So, what I'm leading up to in a long winded way is; What role do you think the 'critics' have to play in your art form and are you ever influenced by their opinions? John
L: Good question. One the one hand you could say that opinions are like assholes; everybody's got one. On the other hand you could say critics perform a necessary and important function in making us aware of quality art that we might not know about. Either way critics are a strange bunch. The subjective nature of all art makes it impossible to be 'right' when passing judgement so I guess you need to believe totally in your own eyes/ears to want to do it at all. For me being a 'good' critic is all about having your own style, honesty, wit and an unjaundiced approach to what you do. Simply being cynical or sarcastic is not enough in my opinion. If you criticize anything it does help to have had some experience in that particular field yourself. I'm not influenced by critics but I will always listen to opinions of people I respect.
D: Nice question. Hard to be objective about critics when they're writing on your work (blood sweat tears etc), but on the whole I find that film, literary and art critics appear to be much better informed than music critics. Certainly when it comes to music hacks the general competence (and sometimes lack of it) with words appears to suggest a lack of formal training for the job. Having said that everyone is entitled to their opinion and no matter what they say, I believe the process has to be based to a degree on a subjective viewpoint. We don't allow it to have too much of an influence on us (too many people have said negative
things in the past), if we'd have listened to everything written about us we'd have given up years ago! "Take the good, ignore the bad", a very wise man said to me once, and I always to do that.
B: Can't you see he's just trying to get us to do his sociology homework for him ... and you fell for it!

Q: Q1 - What is the bigger game plan for Thunder now? Is there a hunger to get a deal with a major again? Does this matter? Have you chaps sat down together and discussed what you might like to achieve now that the band has reformed? How far into the future are the band thinking?
Q2 - Hypothetical question, but if each of you had the option of picking 5 bands to appear at a Monster Of Rock style event with Thunder on the bill (headlining or not) which 5 bands (currently active) would you choose in order of appearance. Perhaps you could give a reason or two for your line-up choice.
Q3 - Er, what toothpaste do you use and what's your fave colour? (You don't have to answer this one!) Axel Thomas
L: We are very happy with our own label thank you. At this stage of our career maintaining control over every aspect of what we do wherever possible is very important. As for the future, as long as we enjoy what we do and there is a demand for what we do, we'll keep doing it. I think festivals featuring only one genre of music have become a little dull so if it was up to me I'd make it a varied bill. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band ('cos he's great live), Steely Dan ('cos I've never seen them and they're one of my all-time faves), Radiohead (but only if they played songs from The Bends and OK Computer), U2 (once again I've never seen
them) and obviously we'd have to open.
B: The nearest I want to get to a deal with a major is a decent price for a second hand tank. My lineup for the festival would be Lynyrd Skynyrd, Deep Purple, Aerosmith and Atomic Kitten (just to see how they would cope).

Q: Hi Guys, I have just come back from a relaxing holiday in Rhodes, where I spent many a while reminiscing by the pool. The lack of rock music in Greece made me pine for my CD player, and think of all the ace Thunder gigs I'd been to! One I remember going to was at Derby Assembly Rooms, it must have been some years ago as Danny had just cut his gorgeous long hair to shoulder length, and had some fab yellow 'Rupert trousers' on. Which leads me to ask whether you have to choose and purchase your own clothes for tour dates (past & present) or are they provided by sponsors? The other question I have is: Other than the ones you've done in London, do you ever do or have any plans to do one off gigs in smaller venues around the country such as pubs and the like. I'm sure the atmosphere at a smaller venue must be magical. I can't think of anything better than a small pub being crammed wall to wall with Thunder fans! Just a thought! Anyway all the best, and hope to see you all in November (only five months to go - hoorah!) Leanne, Derby
D: You must be the only person to make a favourable comment on those particular trousers! We buy our own gear most of the time but have worn sponsored clothes from time to time, but it mostly comes down to whether or not we like what's offered really. We're talking to various bodies about all kinds of promotional opportunities, which may include smaller shows in various modes (acoustic, full on etc), it's a case of establishing the best and most cost effective ways to do it. Watch this space...

Q: Chaps, congratulations not only on the album & tour but on the whole shooting match of taking on the business side of things & controlling your own affairs, hope it continues to be successful. Hypothetical question. How much different do you think your careers would have been had Terraplane been as or more successful than Thunder? Would the poppier side of Terraplane have been continued with or would the songwriting have evolved into the more blues rock type of thing anyway? Could the Bowes Morley album have been something that emerged much sooner as I feel the style & feel of the songs is much closer to Moving Target than any of the Thunder stuff? David Boyd, Kilmarnock
L: Sorry to cop out of your first question but I haven't got a clue. The only thing I know for certain is that we didn't really know what we were trying to do musically as Terraplane and Thunder was exactly the opposite; focused, organised and with a label and manager that understood where we were going. I think that the B&M album is a lot more visceral and real than MT. I think MT was very over-produced in an eighties kind of way.

Q: Danny, on the video, In out put the kettle on" you're sat on the stage (soundchecking) mouthing the words to a song, it's got a spoken lyric..."I've got a good job and I'm newly born????" Pardon my ignorance, What's the song, it sounds great?? Lauren Long, Bury
D: The song is called Bell Boy and it's by The Who, from Quadrophenia. You're right, it's great, in fact the whole Quadrophenia album is one of my favourites, so check it out.

Q: Hi guys, hope you had a great time out in Germany... Thanks for the autographs and get well soon Harry! I was just wondering if you have plans (and the the resources) to issue another single to coincide with the November tour? Perhaps 'If I Can't Feel Love' might match or better the success of 'Loser'? Anyway, thanks for a great night at the Corn Exchange (I took two members of my family and they are converted!!) and good luck with everything... Adrian Smith (Shady), Cambridge
D: There are no plans to release another single for the foreseeable future, as we're up to our necks with various things. However that may change as time goes on. Just so you're up to speed with the kinds of things we're doing, Luke and I will record a new B&M LP this summer, Ben is making various LPs with other bands, as is Chris. We have footage to edit for a possible DVD release hopefully later on in the year. The marketing campaign for SATS continues (we're talking to various companies about
this - you know as you work for one of them), as do the explorations for more foreign releases and promotional opportunities. There are ongoing talks regarding European shows, as well as the UK shows in November of course. As a general rule of thumb if it goes a bit quiet at this end, it's because we're hard at it coming up with new things for later on. Onwards and upwards..

Q: Hi Ben, who was your biggest influence when you started learn playing guitar & keyboards? p.s. I think you play the guitar & keyboards very well and  what you think of the new hammond B3??? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
B: I think every musician you hear influences you somehow. When I was growing up it was the British blues rock outfits that I listened to the most. Bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and The Who. I haven't tried out a new B3 yet but as it's based on the old one I'll stick to my 1963 B3.

Q: The previously Firstly, Thank you for entertaining me at Cambridge last month, absolutely fantastic gig, and the choice of tracks you played, just great. Thank you for signing my copy of SATS. My Question is.....  After your spectacular performance on stage, I was amazed to see how alert you all still were at the M&G. It clearly takes a lot of energy to perform such a show and when I met each of you, you looked as if you could go back on stage for another two hours....No problem! How do you manage it? I have major problems thinking of two hours work. I've heard a lot of bands take portable Gym's with them to work-out whilst on tour. Do any of you guy's work-out or keep-fit? Nick, London
B: It's adrenalin. It kids you into thinking that your are fit so you just keep going. At the end of the tour your legs drop off. What's a 'gym'?
C: Staying alert immediately after the gig isn't too much of a problem - it's part of the night's work. It goes downhill pretty fast from there though! I started off the year with the best of intentions - going to the gym 3 nights a week - but I've been so busy it's temporarily fallen by the wayside.
D: I've always been pretty active, and I seem to have been blessed with lots of natural energy. I used to work out ferociously, and the band did a lot of training with an ex champion Thai Kick boxer. When I had my knee operation the physiotherapy was far harder than anything I'd known, and once it ended I was so relieved, I couldn't face going to the gym again. I don't train any more, but I eat well, and it keeps me active just keeping pace with my kids.
L: I do go to the gym a few times a week but we don't take a portable gym on the road with us. Adrenalin does contribute to what we do and jumping about on stage always comes naturally when an audience is as good as you lot are most the time.

Q: Hi guys, went to the gigs at the Astoria and Cambridge, thanks a million for two great nights. A big thank you as well for doing 'SATELLITE'. Danny in the answer you gave to a recent question, you mentioned a BALLADS album, i look forward to hearing it, a couple of months ago I made up a compilation album and funnily enough I called it Thunder, The Ballads, and i managed to persuade my local pub to put it on their juke box, I put on a few rockier songs too, and nine others from the pub joined me at the Astoria gig, anyway question is, which Thunder ballad is your favourite, for me its NUMB. See you all soon. Gareth, Hampshire
B: I really love playing "I'll Be Waiting", not sure why just feels great to play live.
D: Very impressed both by your persuasion power (pub jukebox) and your recruitment techniques (9). Brilliant! Keep up the good work. I tend to agree with you about Numb, it always gets me at it, but then so do lots of the ballads, and it changes all the time, so very it's hard to single one out as the definitive one. I find you simply can't beat a good old fashioned bearing of the soul...
C: Numb is a great song, but my favourite at the moment is A Lover Not A Friend from SATS.

Q: Hi Luke, I think this question is for both Ben & yourself. Since I first heard you at Donnington in 1990 i fell in love with the Gibson Les Paul Sound And Especially the Distinctive style of play you both have, do you both use similar set ups? and are they fairly basic? Plus one last question, what were those really cool amps you were both using at the Astoria? How rock n roll are those blue backlit panels!!! sorry for three Q's in one but I could probably spend hours quizzing/talking (boring the pants off you more like) to you about your guitars, Tony Bye, Plymouth
B: Yes we do both have similar setups now as we have started using Hughes and Ketner amps. These are the one's with the blue lights. We use the H&K Triamp except that Luke has had his amp modified as he is left handed. The setup could not be simpler, we plug the guitars into the amps and turn 'em on. To busy posing to worry about pedals.
L: We've always used similar set-ups. Guitars into amps with no FX although I did use a wah-wah pedal on the last tour. The amps are made by Hughes + Kettner and if you go to our links page you'll find their website address

Q: Hi Guys, just wanted to comment on all of this controversy spinning around on the Q&A at the moment. This isn's so much for you as for the fans who have written in to say they disagree with some views expressed by others and have used these 'negative' comments as a way of expressing their undying love for your excellent band I read Matt's comments and I think some people are missing the point. Matt's postings have simply been asked for more Thunder! His comments about the set were valid (just my point of view) as I would love to hear a little more from you when I travel to see you. Just another 15 minutes, three more songs from any album would go down a treat. I understand that with the meet and greets and the tight schedule you have, that you're dead on your feet after 16 songs, so I am not expecting you to make any alterations to this system during the November gigs; but you know what, I will still be there, shouting as loud as everyone else and I am sure Matt will be too. I can appreciate that as an artist some things might not be too easy to hear, especially when you are doing everything from marketing to driving the bus (really? I am having some trouble picturing that one!). As Danny said in his post, being so involved in a Q&A as you are, you will be at the sharp end of things, which, we have witnessed, can cause both pleasure and pain. It must be very difficult not to take things personally when this is personal because it is so much of who you are as people. Matt's second posting pointed out that the Ballads album was not value for money; once again this is his opinion and I won't discuss that here as I think both viewpoints from yourselves and from some fan postings have covered this. The issue of the infamous 'fan who wouldn't buy the single' is something that concerns me. I remember his posting was certainly not rude or even confrontational; and yet I would have to agree with Matt that Danny's response was harsh. 'I am just glad all of our fans are not like you'. That might be the case Danny, but the fact is, that in running your record company in this manner you are now firmly in a customer facing environment and being on the receiving end of a comment like that can end a fans commitment pretty sharpish! In Luke's reply to Matt, he said he didn't appreciate being told how to do his job. I take my hat off to the commitment of this band and the balls you have for doing what you are doing; but surely the whole point of being in touch with your fans is listening to them and effectively how they feel you can improve what you provide to them? I know that if I didn't listen to my customers I would lose them pretty quickly; You guys have never been slow to criticise EMI for some of their poor releases in the past, so I think that if someone doesn't like the formats of single currently available then they too have the right to say it to you personally in the absence of a named record company, without being criticised in return. By the way...what type of toothpaste do you use? Ben, London
D: Thanks for your opinion. You are right of course. I am harsh. To disagree is fine, but we've done this, and to pursue this theme further will serve no useful purpose. I use Colgate.

Q: Dear Luke, A few questions for you, if I may? What influences your decision to use female backing singers on certain tracks? Do you have any brothers and/or sisters and, if so, what do they do for a living and are they musically talented like yourself? Have you tried Tesco Select salt 'n' vinegar crisps (they're absolutely delicious)? Finally, I've read that you like cycling (in your spare time) and use the exercise bike when at the gym - have you ever tried a 'spinning' class before? Lynne, Gateshead
L: I have two sisters and one brother none of whom are musicians although they all love music. When we have girls in to sing it's because I think that a certain song will benefit from having female voices. I tend to think of backing vocals as another instrument and obviously women add a different texture to the overall sound. Also being in the studio for weeks on end it's nice to have some women around the place for a change. I shall try the crisps as recommended - thank you. I've never partaken in a 'spin' class before on the grounds that I hate people shouting at me......

Q: I know this is a trivial question but it'll make a change for you to answer a light-hearted question! I have always wondered why do the roadies always wear shorts!? I've been to gigs where there is snow on the ground but still they wear shorts! Is it some sort of unwritten uniform/dress code that they feel they have to adhere to? Margie B
T: That's a very good question, and after much thought I have come to the conclusion that all roadies believe that they are gods gift to women, and think that you want nothing more than to see their muscular (!?) legs strutting around on stage. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, but that's how they get their kicks you see. Mind you, if you think roadies in shorts is scary, you should see Big Pete getting out of his bunk in the morning wearing nothing but his boxers. I couldn't eat again for three days... ;)

Q: I have heard that you go on these little seeking solace holidays to clear up any cobwebs, and to strum and hum a bit, with the intent of finding the inspiration to create loads of material with which to pick and choose from for a new release. It makes me wonder about the Luke Morley secret archive. And now the barrage of questions!
 1. How much time, on average, does it take for you to write one song - from start to finish? I am sure you have some that you started 10 years ago that are not yet done, but when you are really focused and have given yourself a deadline, is there a general time frame?
L: Wow....just a quick query then! Now let me see.........There is no logic or formula to how long it takes me to write a song. It can vary from five minutes (if I'm very lucky) and two/three weeks. If the writing process takes longer than that I tend to lose interest.
2. Can you offer a guesstimate of the number of songs that you have written and, at this point in time, they have been shelved?
L: It doesn't really happen like that. The reason that songs will sometimes appear a few years after they were written is because they weren't deemed right or necessary at the time of completion. However you can sometimes 're-discover' them at a later date by which time they sound better or more relevant. Judging your own work is sometimes very difficult when you've just finished it and it takes a while to really see it.
3. Do you have any songs that you have spent loads of time on and then after completing it, you gave it a sincere, severe, and critical listen, finding it, in your opinion, to be complete crap, as you then promised yourself it would never see the light of day beyond the moment you last played it for yourself? (if so, may I be first in line for the contents of your circular file?) :-)
L: I know myself well enough now to know when I'm wasting my time on an idea. Sniffing out the bad apple idea-wise is a skill you acquire over the years. It's like developing another sense; the more you use it the easier it gets. There have been a few that have got through the net but not in recent years.
4. When you do make the decision for the final track listing of a new album, roughly what percentage is new material written specifically for that album, and how much is pulled from one of the boxes in your closet and reworked?
L: I'd say that 85% of the material is written specifically for whatever project I'm working on at the time and the remainder may well be 'off the peg' songs which are waiting to find an suitable home. When you write a lot you're always bound to have some songs laying around that weren't suitable at the time of writing. 'El Gringo' was probably a case of the reverse being true. Most of the material was written over a period of 5 years.
5. Has the band ever gone in the studio with a completely blank slate and tinkered around until you collectively came up with one song that you actually released? If so, please name that/those tune(s).
L: The only occasion that springs to mind is 'Duelling Harmonicas' which has a certain comedic value but was never going to win any prizes! 'Numb' was conceived in my head while driving to the studio during the GTGA sessions and subsequently put together that day but that was one of those miracle songs that just arrives in your head almost finished. 'Gimme Some Lovin' was a result of a jam but obviously I didn't write it! The recording studio is an expensive environment to experiment in and being the sensible types that we are, we prefer to go into that particular environment well prepared.
6. And, lastly, but not leastly (is that a word?) when writing, do you start with one song and finish it before moving on to another, or are you inspired by your own words, during the process, which spins you off in another direction and you end up writing several songs at once? In simpler terms, have there been occurrences where lyrics originally meant for Castles in the Sand, ended up in Once in a Lifetime? Dana, Utah
L: I tend to spit out a load of rough ideas at the same time and then come back to them a day later and if they still sound good I'll try and develop all of them concurrently. This is a good way to work as the 'favourites' tend to push themselves to the top of the pecking order. During this process some ideas will cross fertilize and throw up something interesting that I hadn't anticipated and that's when writing is a lot of fun.

Q: Luke, I have to say that I am astounded by Matt's comments. I have followed you lot since BSS and I can say that no band gives their fans what you lot have. I will be buying the new album, simply to get the extra track and to complete my collection. I collect the tracks not the albums. Therefore I didn't buy Symphony and Stage as I have all the tracks. I bought the single of Loser to support the campaign and so I could get it signed. I recently bought an old single to get an interview track which I didn't have. I don't feel ripped off or conned. I know it's my choice. I obviously missed the Thunder fan's meeting where you or Danny read out the leaflet that said, "You will buy all our product regardless of your own wishes and feelings, financial circumstances or necessity." I'm delighted that you may have the opportunity to spread the word further with the Ballads album and I am very very sorry that some of the fans just don't get it. I have also seen the price of the album and it's a steal considering what you are getting. I suppose I have to ask a question now, and so it's in the theme of proving the point that you are the most accessible band on the planet. Who thought of the meet and greet idea and do you ever want to strangle that person? Met you all in Glasgow and you were all infinitely patient and kind to pose for all those photographs and answer all my dumb questions. I don't think we tell you often enough, but thank you, I have gotten a lot more from you by being a Thunder fan than you ever will from me. Doc'
L: The meet + greet idea came up so long ago that I can't remember. I do recall a lot of research being done on other bands' fan clubs very early in our career. The reason behind this was we wanted to know who did it well, who did it badly and why and then adapt our knowledge to suit ourselves. As people we've always been at ease in a social environment so m+g was and is a comfortable thing for us to do. Thanks for your support and faith in what we do.

Q: Luke, the solo you pull off at the end of River of Pain (the live version on the single) is absolutely blistering! I've been trying to nail it but without success as yet - I know speed isn't everything, but do you have any tips for building it into soloing? Nick
L: Practice, practice and more practice. Sorry there's no quick fix but that's all there is to it really.

Q: Can you explain a little about the recording process? I've always wondered, who goes first? As can be seen from 'In, out Put...' you all do your own piece, listening to the others on headphones. But who starts it all off? If its the guitars, how do you keep the timing on such a new song? Also, one final question, What are those big black boxes sitting at the front of the stage during gigs? Are they speakers, or fans to keep you cool. Kevin, Kent
L: There are many ways of doing it. You can record as live where you all play as you would in a live situation but that depends on the amount of space and acoustic seperation you have in the studio. If you're recording to a click track or generated time source you can start with any particular instrument you wish or any combination of instruments as you are not depending on the drums to keep time. The black boxes are monitor speakers although we did at one point have some fans made that looked identical from the audience's point of view.

Q: Mornin'. In response to your earlier comment of being good at your job, you're not good, you're fan-blinkin'-tastic at your job, as are all of the band. anyway, on to a question. if I'm reading this right, do the record companies own the rights to your work? it would seems strange that your work is not owned by you. as you're now without a record company, does this mean that you own all of SATS? keep up the good work and I'll see you in November. James Minchew, Gloucester
L: Thanks for your flattering comments. When you sign to a record company they own the copyright in the recordings you make under the jurisdiction of said deal. They do not own the copyright of the songs. That is a different issue altogether. Yes, we do own SATS in it's entirety and that allows us to license the album which is like granting a short-term lease to another label
(as in JVC in Japan or Frontiers in mainland Europe) for a negotiated royalty rate.

Q: I would like to express my appreciation to you for the "reformation". Part of this idea of the Q and A is for the fans to be in touch with the band and although I agree that everyone should have an opinion, this is your living and criticisms of the releases is a bit much if you ask me. You are trying to market the album, promote the single, promote the tour and by your choices on the single should bring back some of those older fans who may have seen you a few years ago. The live video was great and yes possibly having a more obscure track might have satisfied the fan which has all the singles and has heard River of Pain in different versions but it's overall appeal. You are looking to extend your market and by putting one of the best tunes on the CD single will show them what Thunder is all about. This goes for the compilations. Sure we could quibble about a couple which we think may have been left off but overall it's a fair choice. Shame one of the new recordings of Like a Satellite couldn't make it. Keep up the good work and again I must say that I loved the setlist - still would love to hear Castles or Preaching. Now time for my question.... I'm off to Australia at the end of the year and I will make it to the London show but any chance you could all arrange a "band" holiday and try and arrange a club gig in Melbourne? I know you love it there and I know that you've not really ventured forth into the Australian market.  We should be proud that you give us the time of day. With regards to the previous comment about KISS charging $1000 for the special package. Fans pay it so why not. That is what Gene is all about - making money. I went to Melbourne in February and saw the Symphony show. Worth it in my opinion but I'm a fan. The album is out next month - it was a great gig. James Vincent
D: I suppose this really goes to show that you guys always decide what you believe is good value for you. I agree with you about Kiss, they've always shown everyone the way in terms of business, but as I said before, if you're a fan and you're prepared to pay it, everybody gets what they want out of it. I don't feel comfortable with it personally, but that's me. Regarding Australia, nothing would please me more, believe me when I say it's a constant source of irritation that we've not played there yet. We live in hope...

Q: Right enough of the serious negativity stuff. This is something that has bothered me for years but I've never asked for feeling, well, er stupid!! I've been to thousands of gigs and never once have I seen a singer in top soul bearing moment sneeze or cough. How do you keep your hooter under control? Alex, Southampton
D: At last. I don't know about others but I've been known to occasionally cough and splutter, I don't think I've sneezed though. Not sure why you  haven't seen it, but it's nothing special, and I try to disguise it obviously. I'm sure adrenalin plays a big part in why it doesn't happen more often, most aches and pains I have prior to the show usually disappear the moment I step on the stage, it's a case of getting in the moment.

Q: Guys.... may not be the most popular person regarding my comments on your set list for the recent tour, kind of opened up a  hornets nest and possibly hit a nerve but it's only an opinion. I did want to comment on the future ballads album. You say that in the past you have had no control over what EMI release (case in point being "They think It's All Over...which had three individual releases I think?), is this happening again? Or are the tracks that are going on this album different recordings over the years?? It would be really good to have another album of classic tracks made from archive stuff like The Live, Raw..... If it is all the album versions again with just one unreleased track then that sort of takes the piss... and I agree with the bloke that wrote in about why he didn't buy your single because it didn't offer him anything new. I must admit that the response given to him was a little out of order by saying that you're glad not all you're fans are like that. Comments like that kind of makes a fan step back and think how unappreciated we are. Bands make it, whether they be big or small, by giving the fans things they want rather than rehashing the bread and butter that they live on, such as back catalogue songs. One final point, going back to how you speak to certain fans that criticise all the hard work you do... Luke.. don't try and compare yourself with Bruce Springsteen he could do 27 Thunder songs without raising a sweat. The man is a global star, people are still desperate to see him... I wonder what he did right... perhaps you should take some notes. Matt Barber, Portsmouth
L: Right, let me make it perfectly clear to you. I think Bruce Springsteen is one of the best live performers in the world and has been for 25 years. I wouldn't dream of comparing myself to him in terms of musical ability or talent. He does what he has to do and so do I and that's it. I've read my previous answer in Q+A and if you take the trouble to read it again you will notice that I used his name to illustrate my point about how hard WE try to entertain people. Can I repeat myself by stating that Bruce and many other artists who perform on that scale don't generally do six gigs a week, they don't travel by bus driving themselves and they employ many people to take care of everything that isn't to do with actually performing. I'll turn my original point around and perhaps it will be clearer to you; if Thunder were touring and performing under the same set of circumstances as Bruce then maybe we'd be able to play longer sets as well. I do not appreciate you telling me I need to 'take some notes' as you so wittily put it. I do my job well and I don't tell you how to do yours so please don't tell me how to do mine. If you don't like what I do you that is your choice. When you are sharing your opinions with us (which is your right and I thank you for taking the trouble to do this), be they positive or negative please take the trouble to do your homework; EMI didn't release 'They Think It's All Over', Papillon did. Secondly the 'archive' album you refer to is actually called 'The Rare, The Raw And The Rest'. When I heard that EMI were going to release another album (they can do this anyway; they don't legally need our approval) I thought that the overall package would be better with our involvement as we DO actually give a toss about the quality of what gets released. Remember.......YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY IT! Neither Thunder or EMI are attempting to steal your money; you're merely being offered the choice of buying it or not. The guy you refer to in your question is a good case in point...he chose to not buy the single and that was up to him. I resent the implication that we do not conduct ourselves in the right way when we speak to our fans. We are only human and we reserve the right to express how we feel on this site. Even if it isn't pleasant all the time, at least it's honest and driven by a genuine passion for what we do.

Q: Forgive me for going back in time...however, I was listening to Power Station, Living In Fear album. You write one song, "Love Conquers All" and give the rest of the band a credit...why? Did they help write it, the song stands out a mile!!!! Surely you did all the hard work, how much input do you require to get a song writing mention!!! Johnny G, Bury
L: Actually I didn't do any work at all! Andy Taylor rang me and asked if he could use the chord progression from the chorus of 'Once In A Lifetime' and I said 'Fine'. That's all I had to do with it.

Q: Mr Morley, this is not a criticism as I am well aware that you could not please everybody with the track listing for the Ballads album, however I am curious as to how much free reign you given in your selection of the tracks? Did EMI veto the use of less well known material such as 'The Damage Is Done' & 'Every Words A Lie' or was it merely a personal decision to fully maximise EMI's marketing potential? I shall fully understand if you cannot/do not wish to answer. Again this is not a criticism, (i live in permanent fear of being told off by Danny ha! ha!). Andy, Sheffield
L: The track selection was my choice. EMI did not veto any lesser known material. I wanted the album to be a compilation of our best ballads in my opinion. I realise that this choice may differ with other peoples but that's life. Of course we want to maximise EMI's marketing and distribution capabilities as this helps our career in other areas.

Q: Hi all, You've probably had enough questions on the subject of this new ballad compilation album, but do you guys actually have any say in any of your older material being rereleased  by record companies due to who owns the copyright etc as I noticed that the "Symphony & Stage" double CD was licensed from Eagle. Martin Rodwell
D: Yes we do have an input most of the time, but not always. As the labels have the ownership they can do it but they are duty bound to ask our permission before releasing it. We are duty bound not to withhold our permission, it's all legal BS really. Having said all of that the seeking of permission only covers the release and not necessarily the selection of the songs. Luke worked very closely with EMI on every aspect of The Rare The Raw And The Rest, and with Toshiba EMI on the mixing of the Japanese release of the Live Donington 90 LP. We did the same with the EMI Greatest Hits LP, and our input on the upcoming Ballads LP is well covered elsewhere in these pages. All the other various compilations have been nothing really to do with us.

Q: Lets cut the crap shall we. Danny, you are doing a brilliant job and so is everyone else, the band, your 'behind the scenes' people and of course, Thinky (aka, Thinny). We love you, so please continue doing what your doing. i.e. making me sing along. Sod those narrow minded peps. Believe me when I say, their view is not necessarily the view of the majority. I'll be buying this record because its Thunder. Mind you, I’d buy a used tea bag if it had Thunder written on it. Oh, my question... How do you deal with the negative feed back you get? Is it like water off a ducks back? or does it get to you some times? Juel, Luton
D: Thanks for your kind words. Most of the time the negatives don't mean much but like most other humans we have good days and bad days and timing plays a big part.

Q: Here we go again, another blikin compilation album. EMI, eh? What a surprise. I'll tell you what I'm disappointed about - the fact that Thunder have recently contributed "Here In Your Arms". If I was in Luke and Danny's position I'd have told EMI to stick it up their jumper. I find it rather distasteful that compilation CDs often have that odd extra track to lure die-hard fans to part with their cash. Would you like to respond chaps? Axel Thomas
D: Right then, here we go again. I've explained our reasons for helping EMI in some depth in a previous Q & A, but....We have a big and wide picture to consider, so it's not as simple as it obviously appears to you, but nevertheless your view is valid, if a little narrow, and of course you have the final decision as to whether or not to spend your hard earned cash. After all your money is currently safe in your pocket, and no one is going to force you to spend it on this LP. For more insight into our collective reasoning I suggest you peruse the previous answer on this subject, and take it in. I ask you to engage your brain and ponder, knowing us and our views as you must do by now, and given our momentous (not to mention risky) decision to control every aspect of the release of our new LP, why you think that we might have chosen to support this EMI release. Could it possibly be that it may help the new record and spread the word about it? I'm used to moaning, believe me I hear it every day. Part of the
purpose of the Q&A is to involve you the fan, to give you the honest opportunity to ask all kinds of questions, big stuff, stuff that isn't asked. You may be disappointed that we've contributed a song, but I'm willing to bet you're not anything like as disappointed as I am in your email, and if we went round telling people to stick their marketing up their bottoms we'd have run out of friends in the music business years ago. Sorry if you think this is a rant, it's not (when I do you'll know, believe me). I respect the rights of the fan, but it has to be a reciprocal arrangement.

Q: The previously unreleased track on the new ballads CD ---- "Here In Your Arms". When was it recorded? Dana, Utah
L: It was recorded over a period of several years actually! I wrote the song with Andy Taylor in Spain in 1996 and it was a possibility for Danny's solo project with EMI . When that didn't happen it was put to one side until I re-discovered it recently in it's original form with me singing it. Danny came round to my studio and sang it about 4 weeks ago and that was that.

Q: Hi Luke, I was just wondering as someone who is learning to play the piano. I know you have some songs with keyboards/organ/piano in them, but have you ever thought of writing a song with the synth as the main instrument? Avoiding The Final countdown type riff. Maybe something up beat like Van Halen's Jump or something moody like Ozzy's Mr Crowley? Just a thought. And as we are in this frame of mind have you thought of writing a song about the fans? Something like an anthem? again just a thought. I love SATS and personally like The man inside there's something classy about it. gutted about Loser only reaching 48. I was looking forward to watching TOTP for the first time in years. Rod, Cardiff
L: The way we arrange material tends to revolve around guitars most of the time probably because I'm a guitarist. Some Thunder songs actually have been written on piano but for some reason they tend to end up on guitar. It's not something I think about too much. I just tend to let it happen. The same goes for lyrics; it really depends on what mood I'm in at the time. All the different fans I've met would be enough subject matter for a triple album as there are some seriously wacky and wonderful characters out there! I don't think I could do them all justice!

Q: Luke, there is something particularly haunting and beautiful about “A lover not a friend”. Did you write this in a particular key that makes it sound different, or are my ears just a little odd? Once again – a fantastic album! Gordon, Manchester
L: It's written in A minor which isn't an unusual key for guitar bands to use. Perhaps it's the mood of the song which appeals to your particular sensibilities. Either way thank you for the nice comments.

Q: I gather that some or all of you are fans of King's X, I was wondering if you would be able to get them to support you on the possible winter tour? They have a new album out - but it seems that UK interest isn't good enough to get them a headline tour. A night with both of you playing at Rock City would be heaven. My brother is e-mailing Doug - so how's about it? Is it possible - or am I just dreaming? Damn fine to have you guys back gigging, hope it all works out this time around! Rob of the magnificent beard, Nottingham
L: Kings X are a great band and if there's any way we could help them out we'd love to. Keep us posted.
D: Thanks for the info, we shall make enquiries...

Q: Hello everyone, before i start mi question I've got to say that since I've been following you lot (bought the Dirty Love single, then realised that when you were announced to play Donington '90 I had to go) which has been just about from the beginning, I've seen you on every tour since and I must say that when I saw you at Manchester it was the best I've ever seen you play, I don't know what it was but you seem to have a renewed purpose and I must have about 20 people telling me to tell them when you tour again as they want to see what I've been ranting on about all these years...FINALLY!!!,anyway keep up the sterling work chaps. Right then my question...I've been reading a few disgruntled reports about people about not getting to see you in the meet and greets, but have you seen what KISS are doing on the upcoming treck with AEROSMITH, they are charging $1,000 dollars for a top seat and a photo opportunity with the band( probably no conversation whatsoever ),i thought bloody hell I would want to be sat on bloody stage for that, at least you lot do the meet and greets for free (although i've never actually been to one) and you talk to your fans, I think this is what makes your loyal fans go that extra mile for you. (i.e. 3 copies of Loser) Just wondered what you thought about this...oh and sorry for the long question. Ian Helliwell, Rotherham
D: Wow, now there's a way to make some more marketing money (ha ha), no seriously Kiss have always amazed me, I don't know how they get away with it.... Still, if they've got the front, and someone will pay, I suppose it's a fair exchange, but it's not my cup of tea, at all.

Q: Fellas, forgive me if I'm going over old ground, but I sort of lost touch with you for a while until you did the MOR tour, (So glad you did that and got back together- also absolutely loved the recent tour, Rock City was FANTASTIC), but why haven't you got a record contract with a major record label now? Thanks for the autograph session after the HMV acoustic session it was the best day of my year so far. (hope the wife doesn't see this) Phil J
D: Glad you enjoyed the show, but as for your question, I guess you've been out of the loop for some while. I can only suggest you look through the previous Q & As. We've been over this many times.

Q: Danny and guys, first, can I just say I’m probably not as fed up of people complaining about the set list as you guys are, but surely anybody out there with half a brain will know that you can’t please all the people all of the time (or even some of the people part of the time). Regardless of what songs you play, you give the best live performance than I’ve seen with any band, so just get on with it, play what you want to play and sweat your nuts off on stage for us for a couple of hours – we all appreciate it!!!!!! Anyway, I have three questions.
1) How successful was B&M? I adore the album, but it can’t have appealed to all Thunder fans, so did you reach a new audience with it? It’s great news you’re doing a second album – have you learnt anything from the first album, or are you just building on it’s success?
2) In regards to an extra track on a compilation album, how do you exactly feel about that, with current Thunder fans probably owning most of your work already? The extra track is obviously there for Thunder fans who have a lot of your music already, so paying £14 for an album for just one track is a lot of dosh – what do you think?
3) Regarding comments made a week or so ago from “Rich, Sheffield” about the value of the single (or lack of), are they considerations you think are valid and if so are you thinking of addressing it or are you generally happy with the way things were? If I had my way, I would have liked to see an extra unreleased track on there, but at the end of the day, I really wanted to see you guys get into the charts so that was my main motivation in buying it. By the way, you owe me three cups of tea next time your in Manchester! All the best and maybe next time the top 40 eh? Gordon
D: We do sometimes feel some fans don't see beyond what they personally want, but luckily they appear to be in the minority, and it's never been any different, and to be honest with each new LP it gets worse. We're used to it now, and ultimately when we play live, we always play the songs we want, and not what anyone else wants. Your comments are well appreciated on that front. B&M kind of got swept aside in the wave of hysteria surrounding the Thunder reformation. It was a case of timing from hell, but there was really nothing we could do about it, the control was not ours. I have no idea how well the LP has sold, but both Luke and I are very pleased with it, hence the reason we're making B&M 2. The plan will be to sell to as many Thunder fans as like it, and with a bit of luck, perhaps some new ones too. It's always healthy to get a bit of cross-fertilisation going on, and we may bring some new fans indirectly to Thunder. The extra track on the impending EMI Thunder Ballads release is there precisely to make some people buy it, and in that sense it's a marketing tool for EMI. It's a pest if you already have all the other tunes, but the package will hopefully be nicely put together, and people will make up their own minds as to whether they think it's either good or bad value. For us, running our own record company as we do now, including a song from our new LP is a way to get much needed marketing for it, as EMI will hopefully market and promote it in ways we couldn't afford to. The other overlooked point is that a Thunder Ballads compilation record has long been sought by European radio stations, so we have to see a wider picture when we consider this kind of release. It's linked directly to your next question about the single. You have said you'd have preferred exclusive tracks on the single but you bought the single to help the cause. We are first of all very grateful to you and all the others like you who did the same, as YOU got the record to no 48 in the national chart (don't underestimate the significance of that, it's a real achievement). We know and appreciate that you guys would ideally want exclusive tracks, and it's a valid point. The simple fact is we had no exclusive tracks recorded when we had to put the single together, and had no money to record new songs, even if we'd have had them written (which we didn't). Hence the live tracks, and the live video from the Marquee show in November. We put together the best single package we could based on the resources open to us. We had to hope enough of you would like it to buy it, or buy into the cause. If it wasn't considered good value for money by some, there's nothing we can do about that, as I said we gave it the best shot we had, and thankfully enough people bought it to get it to no 48. Releasing a single is both risky and expensive, we're pleased and relieved that the moans have been few and the result was good, so all in all, given what could have happened, it didn't turn out too bad.

Q: Please guys can you tell me where I can find the Loser lyrics? Spent the whole day searching with no result...someone helppppp? Sophia, Greece
T: The 'Loser' lyrics are available in the booklet that comes with the 'Shooting At The Sun' CD, which I'm sure you have (if not you can buy it from our online shop). Hope this helps....

Q: Just a couple of things to ask guys. Have you guys heard of a band called "The Darkness" if so what's your opinion on them, I reckon for a split second Luke appears in that video either that or the rhythm guitarist is a look a like. Any news on when your coming back to the recording studio? Michael, Wales
L: I saw The Darkness supporting Def Leppard and I thought they were quite entertaining to watch. I wasn't sure about the strength of their material though. The singer has the kind of voice you either love or hate but it is interesting. It's definitely not me in their video.

Q: Hi Guys. Firstly, Cheers for a great gig at the Astoria last month. Quite a gutsy move I thought, playing a good selection of the new songs.. On the question front, (and I hope you don't mind me asking!! ) What are your plans as Thunder? Do you have any cunning new avenues you wish to explore or is it to 'crack - on' as if you never broke up? I'm just interested if the same issues apply, which caused you to take a 'wee - break' and if you see things differently now. I hope you get the jist.. Cheers!, oh and from someone who never used to be a devout Thunder fan, Loser is a great single! Nick W, Leigh-on-Sea
D: Glad you liked the show, and also that you approved on the setlist structure. It's hard to pick a setlist after so many LPs, but we have to please ourselves first and foremost, and we really wanted to play songs from the new LP. The plan for the immediate future is to continue to break new ground with this new LP. HMV have told us they have already sold more copies of SATS than they did of GTGA so we must be doing something right. This is great news of course, but there's still much to do, and offers are coming in all the time for shows so we're considering them. No firm plans for any of these yet but when they are we'll announce them here on the site. We've recorded a brand new song for EMI to add to a new compilation LP they're putting together called "Thunder Ballads". No prizes for guessing the tone of the LP, and it's an idea Luke has suggested to them more than once. Exact track listing to follow soon, along with the confirmed release date which is currently set for 14th July. From our standpoint it's a good thing as they'll be featuring one song from SATS, and marketing the LP all over Europe. It's a way for us to gain valuable (albeit indirect) promotion for our new LP on the back of theirs. Apart from that Luke and I plan to record a second Bowes & Morley LP this summer, for release in early 2004. I'm talking to clubs about setting up some impromptu acoustic appearances at Rock Clubs, maybe in September. We'll play some more full on UK shows in the Autumn and perhaps some European ones too if we can dot the I's and cross the T's. There's a lot of behind the scenes business stuff going on too but I won't bore you. Sufficed to say if it all comes off things will get pretty exciting around here, but whatever you do, keep up the good work and keep spreading the word about the band and the new LP, we need all the help we can get!!

Q: First I would just like to say however many songs you play live it is always party time. Danny is great with the audience. What is your fave Zeppelin song? Mick Hodd, Luton
B: I've always loved the Rain Song, I learnt to play when I was very young only to find out that JP uses an open tuning and I'd worked it out using a regular tuning - how stupid is that?
L: Too many to really pick one but I've always had a soft spot for 'Ten Years Gone' from Physical Graffitti'
C: There are SO many great Zeppelin songs, but my favourite at the moment is Since I've Been Loving You.

Q: Thanks for such a fantastic tour,and the whole 'HMV experience' was excellent too. Just wondered what the highlight of the week was for each of you? Chris, Lymm
B: Too many to list I'm afraid, but finishing the Daily Telegraph Crossword on the second day ranks highly. Am I getting old?
L: The audience was brilliant every night and the atmosphere created was great. The nicest thing for me was the new material going down so well.
C: I had 6 highlights on the tour - walking out on stage in front of you lot every night always gives me a real thrill, nothing quite like it!
D: Glad you enjoyed it. Hard to pin down a highlight really, it was very gratifying to see so many smiling faces jumping up and down and ready to enjoy themselves every night. Thoroughly enjoyable and very humbling, so much so that I've asked the agent to book some more shows in November (more enjoyment and humbling required). More news when it's firmed up, then we'll begin the whole process all over again. In the meantime please spread the word, tell everyone you meet just how you good it was, and why they must a) buy the new LP and b) come to a show in November....

Q: Which female singer would you like to do a duo with if given the chance?? Sarah Weeb, Yiewsley
D: Bonnie Raitt, or Gladys Knight, both fantastic voices, control and tone, emotional and moving.

Q: Luke, I really enjoyed the concert in Wolverhampton, I've now seen you at least once on every tour that you have done including support. This time I went with my brother-in-law who is 57. Is this the oldest person to see you? He had not been to a "rock" gig before since Pink Floyd so was extremely impressed with your performance as was I. Also in the row in front of us was a whole family who had come to see you with 2 daughters under 10, is this the first whole family that has come to see you at once and are you surprised to actually be a "family band"? Also as you are now smoking free and spending lots of time at the gym have you thought of supporting SHELTER again and doing a marathon or half-marathon, there are lots of them around and it could give you some publicity whilst supporting a worthy cause. All of the band could take part and even do a gig at the end or maybe just gain some overall fitness to add to all the jumping around on stage. I look forward to seeing you again later in the year and may be you'll play in Birmingham as opposed to Wolverhampton. Why don't you try The Academy? It holds about as much as the Civic in Wolverhampton, you have not played there before and the parking is easier. Also what is that "On with the show" shouting at the end of the Bowes & Morley CD? Hope to hear from you soon. Tim, Worcester
L: We don't know the age of everybody who comes to the gigs but there have been members of my family older than 57 who've seen us. Similarly we don't keep a log of families that come to see us but it's great to think we can sometimes appeal to several generations enough for them to all come to a show together. Despite being fitter than I've been for a while, a marathon is probably way beyond my capabilities right now. I have thought about it and would love to do the London marathon but I would have to have the necessary time to train properly and at the moment I don't. Maybe later. As for the rest of the band you'd have to ask them. We have an agent who books venues on our behalf so we are not usually directly involved in the process of choosing venues.

Q: It might be my mind playing tricks on me, but I seem to have a daft recollection that at the "Empire" (the same day you shot the Stand Up video) the guitar amps you used on stage were small and not facing the front of the stage. Recently, I've noticed that they're fully fledged amps and have a prominent place on stage. Is it my imagination, was it to improve sound quality in the venue, or am I completely daft and wrong (as usual?) Paul, Darlington
L: To be honest I can't remember what we did in 1994 amps-wise! It is possible we angled the amps across the stage....sorry I can't be more helpful.

Q: I flew to London just to see you guys at the Astoria. It was a great show. However, I was a little pissed off that I could not get into the meet and greet session. As I didn't want to miss any of the songs in the show, I waited till the end to get some merchandise and a pass, but they told me there were no more passes. I tried hard to talk my way into the backstage but failed. According to what Thinny said on the website, it was just enough to buy some merch and then get a pass. Well, that didn't work. My bandmates back home will torture me for not having taken a photo with you or signing the CD. What makes the entry so difficult at the meet and greet? Was it Astoria policy, tight rules, few passes? Is there any way you can help us unfortunate fans who don't live in the UK to get to see you after future shows? Aged 32 and with a lot of self-respect I don't enjoy having to beg security guards to let me meet people like you whom I regard as fellow rockers. If you are touring in November, I will be there to see you again. However, can you make sure I get my fair share of meeting and greeting? Bled, Albania
T: The news page clearly states the following: "It is important that you are aware that each meet and greet is strictly limited to numbers and will operate on a first come first serve basis." - so let's face it, leaving it until after the show to get your passes wasn't the greatest of ideas. The doors for the show opened long before the band took to the stage, so you wouldn't have missed any of the songs. We are indeed limited on numbers for each meet and greet - most of the time the rooms are very small and we can only fit a certain amount of people in the room. The top and bottom of it is that there is no way to guarantee entry to the meet and greets - but getting there early helps....

Q: Have you ever considered playing at Capital radio's "Party in the Park"... not sure if you need to be invited to play but surely if you offer they wont refuse since it's for charity? what better place to start with "Welcome to the Party"! I already booked my tickets for November and I'm already looking forward to it! Can't wait! Thanks again for all your hard work, the Astoria gig was "absolutely bloody marvellous"!  Ingrid, Hampton
D: It is very much a case of an invite being required to play at PITP, and as Capital Radio always hated us I suspect such an invite won't be forthcoming. Still, thanks for the thought and I'm glad you enjoyed the show.

Q: It's known that a certain person in a certain band didn't like you to much when you supported them at Wembley Stadium a few years ago. But who did you get on the best with who you supported? And was there any bands who supported you over the years who you thought 'I wish we could have these with us all the time as we get on so well' ? Jamie, Kings Lynn
B: We got on very well with the boys from Van Halen, Aerosmith and even Alice Cooper and his band (it must be the golf connection I guess). We were supported by five strippers at the Bulldog bash once, I'd have been happy for them to play with us anytime - ho hum.
L: We've had a few support bands over the years that were very good. I liked the Electric Boys very much - they had a style of their own that was an interesting mixture of rock and funk and they looked great. We've played on the same bill as the Quireboys a few times and always had fun. We always wanted King's X to support us in the UK in the early 90s but the timing never worked out. We did however support them in the States once and they were terrific.

Q: Luke, I've looked high and low for Gibson guitar strap like the one you have but can't find anywhere local to me, or in other various UK cities, that sells them. Where did you get yours from? Will I have to order one direct from Gibson, USA? Paul, Manchester
L: I think we were given them by Gibson about 13 years ago so I'm not sure if they still make them the same. I'm sure if you do contact Gibson they'll have a few knocking around somewhere. Good luck.

Q: Have you ever seriously thought of 'Shaking the Tree and going'? Lymm might be worth considering-nice little village but near to motorways/airports/golf courses etc. Just a thought! Chris, Lymm
L: Occasionally but I fear I'm to much of an urbanite to move right out into the sticks........

Q: I was searching the net & found out that you had an extra song to "Shooting at the Sun". It was "When Tomorrow Comes". Do you guys ever perform this song ? Alas , I have the CD but do not have the song. RJ Gula, Pennsylvania
T: 'When Tomorrow Comes' does not feature on any version of the 'Shooting At The Sun' album. It is actually taken from the 'Back For The Crack' EP which was released last year. You can purchase this CD now from our on-line shop...

Q: Hi there. just thought I'd say that I'd not seen you before until the recent gig on the last night of your tour in Cambridge. FANTASTIC! I have bought your new album, and its great, but I am trying to get hold of the name of the song that you played about 4th in the set which started with just Danny singing to the piano. Can you help? James Ross, Cambridge.
T: The song is called 'Like A Satellite' and it appears on the 'Laughing On Judgement Day' album. If it's the piano version that you are particularly after then you might want to try locating a copy of the 'Like A Satellite' single from 1993...

Q: Hello Chaps. Very happy to see you all back together...Just two questions from the past…The Harry James classic New York New York (the one where he remembers the time he was out in the hills shaggin some sheep)… was this ever produced on CD? Around 1992/93 you did a radio interview on radio 1…. I once had this on tape, but my super tape machine chewed it up.  Is it possible to get a copy of this?  I realise this is a far fetched request, but there is not much I don’t own which you have published/recorded. Keep up the outstanding work… and for fcuk’s sake, don’t get any funny ideas about going your own ways again! David
T: Harry's 'New York, New York' was only ever released on the the 7" and Cassette single for 'A Better Man' - never on CD. We don't keep copies of all of the bands radio appearances so we can't help you with that. Try asking fans on the message board? However, you might want to be a bit more specific - there were several Radio 1 appearances during '92 and '93.

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Q: I'm a pretty massive admirer of Luke's guitar playing, finding it powerful and melodic (I admire Ben's playing too). I play a bit myself and wondered how he keeps his guitars in tune when playing live. I've seen Thunder a couple of dozen times and notice Luke rarely changes his guitar from the white custom. I know it probably gets retuned between songs but even then....... I collect Les Paul's and can't seem to keep them in tune when I'm pounding on them. Any tips? Finally, is there any possibility I can send a Les Paul scratchplate for Luke to sign? Love the new album by the way and will see the you as many times as poss on the next tour and also buy some singles. Paul H
L: There are four things that can all contribute to a guitar not staying in tune. 1) Don't have too much string wound around the machine head; about two and a half times is enough. 2) Keep the guitar in a constant temperature as any change will have an effect. 3) When your strings are new make sure they're properly stretched in. 4) Make sure the nut isn't dirty or uneven. If you find the nut is causing strings to stick then rub a bit of pencil lead in the cracks and that will ensure the string move freely. We don't have a postal mechanism for returning stuff but if you bring your scratchplate to the gigs and come to one of the Aftershow meet + greets I'll gladly sign it for you.

Q: Danny - a quick question for yourself . You are walking down the street and a car pulls up and stops at the lights . You hear a Thunder track blaring out for all to hear . Do you sing to yourself or what or smile contently that your music is being appreciated . Can't sing myself but always wondered how u guys would react. Mark, Burnley
D: This has happened to me over the years more than once, and each time I smile to myself and carry on my business. It can be very disconcerting. Harry and I were at the pictures once when She's So Fine was part of a Mary Quant advert. We got our  popcorn and drinks and settled down, ads came on, we joked about what it would be like if our song came on, and then it did! I was dumbstruck, shrank down into my chair absolutely convinced everyone in the room was looking at me. Total rubbish of course as they couldn't have known but it was a very strange moment indeed... Luke told me once that one of his big dreads was to one day hear a muzak version of one of his songs in a lift (that's an elevator for our US friends). Not sure if it's happened yet..

Q: Hi Guys, thanks for the brilliant new album. I hope there's lots more where that came from! My question is this. Whilst trawling through the more dubious end of my vinyl collection, I found a copy of the Ferry Aid single 'Let It Be' which I noted had Terraplane credited on the back. How did you get involved with this and what memories do you have of the session(s)? P.S. See you at the Astoria! Steve Pedrick, Isle Of Wight
D: Yes the Ferry Aid single. My memory of it is a little vague really. I do remember there were loads of bands and artists and we were all squeezed into PWL (that's Pet Waterman's place) studios in London. It was chaos! We didn't get featured in any way as we weren't a household name or anything but we did our bit and sang in the choruses, along with the rest of the congregation. I remember being very impressed with Edwin Starr's voice, he sang so loud you could hear him outside the vocal booth! Sadly he's no longer with us. Boy George was very funny, but to be honest I don't remember much else at all. It seems a long time ago, but then it was...
L: At the time we were signed to Epic Records and every artist on the label was invited to take part so we thought we'd go along and do our bit. It was recorded in PWL studios which is owned by Pete Waterman and I remember him conducting all of us in the mass chorus at the end of the song. It went on for a good while and the general vibe was very uplifting. I don't know how much money it raised in the end but it did get to number one for a few weeks. I remember being at the party afterwards and sitting at a table in the now defunct Limelight Club with various Page Three girls and the girl who played Fay Lucas in Grange Hill.....bizarre!

Q: Luke, I love all your "B-sides" as much as I love your albums! Which B-sides do you wish could have made an album? Still hoping for another B-side compilation with "I Can Still Hear The Music", "Dance, Dance, Dance", and "Dangerous Rhythm".....I only have them on vinyl and my "audio cleaning" program doesn't do them justice! Sam, Florida
L: It's very hard to look at songs that didn't make the albums without feeling slightly negative about them, probably because we had reasons for not including them in the first place. If however you read the sleeve notes on 'The Rare.......' I did pick 'The Fire Has Gone' and 'She's My Inspiration' as songs that should have made it.

Q: Luke please can you help me with a problem that has been driving me barmy for years? The intro to She's So Fine - Da diddle dee, diddle dee, diddle dee dah......did you write it deliberately so that no other budding guitarist should ever be able to get their head round the timing? If you'd like to share can you "diddle" it in reply? See you at Glasgow and good luck with the album. Andy, Glasgow
L: To be honest I just picked up the guitar and played the riff I heard in my head and that was it! I didn't realise it was that complicated..........sorry!

Q: I've just read on the Q+A's that you are playing with Paul Young; presumably in that case you know Jamie Moses (his guitarist)? As you will know Jamie plays extensively with Brian May and Queen. With this connection would you be able (or want to) audition for John Deacon's role in any future Queen tour/projects? Chris Smith, Herne Bay
C: I know Jamie well - a fine guitarist. If the opportunity arose I would be more than happy to fill Mr Deacon's shoes, as it were.

Q: Just gotta tell you guys that you will really enjoy the superbikes at Thruxton. I went and watched at Snetterton last week and had a bitchin' time !!! You said somewhere in here that a couple of you have got or have had bikes in the past. I just wondered what you rode ? Great new CD buy the way, you have managed to drag me out of the rut I was stuck in listening to Def Leppard CDs !!! Spook, Norfolk
B: I've ridden a few over the years, my brothers Honda Wetdream, a Kawasaki 125, and a Honda CBR750 which I fell off and broke my foot.
D: My bike was a Kawasaki Z250, a 4 stroke road bike, metallic green tank, I bought it new for £980. Don't laugh, it was 22 years ago...

Q: Just catching up on Q+As after a week away and managed to misread Danny's answer about promo videos. I read it as porno videos. I guess this may get Thunder played on certain channels a bit more, but it might not be the relevant ones. So saying, who would be the main star ? Izzy Jo, Bedford
B: I'm holding auditions in June.
D: Nice question. Not sure you got it wrong though. Clearly a gentleman cannot speak of such things, so it would have to Harry as the man with the moustache who comes to repair the washing machine and all his clothes fall off and.... Well I'll leave that there I think..
L: I couldn't possibly say as the answer might seriously incriminate somebody.............

Q: If you guys could have done the soundtrack to any movie, which one would it have been and why?? Kirsty, Cheshire
B: I think the score to the Magnificent Seven would be a good one. Elmer Bernstein did a great job matching the music to the feel of the film, and we all know how it goes don't we? Di dididi di di ditdidi, ner naaar, ner ner ner naaah etc
L: Definitely 'Paris:Texas'. Fantastically atmospheric music by Ry Cooder for an odd, enigmatic and beautiful film . If you haven't heard or seen it check it out.

Q: Chris, have you played bass for Paul Young? If true was the keyboard player ex It Bites? Anonymous
C: I've worked with Paul Young for a few years now, and I'm rehearsing for a UK tour at the moment (see earlier question). The keyboard player is Matt Irving - don't know if he played for It Bites. I'll ask him.

Q: Dear Chris, just compared the tour dates for both Thunder and Paul Young. My question is, are you a guest guitarist for Paul on certain nights or have you got an understudy for the dates when Thunder are on stage, as there are some dates when both Thunder and Paul are on stage at on the same nights. Ann S, Blackburn
C: I'm on the majority of the tour with Paul, and he's very kindly agreed to get someone to fill in for me while I'm doing the Thunder shows.

Q: Hi, call me stupid, but why isn't the video of 'Somebody get me a Spin Doctor' that everyone tried to download, including me (but failed) not going to be on the Loser single, wouldn't that of made sense to do it, when you knew people were interested in seeing it? Antong AKA Stupid
T: We decided to put a different video on the CD instead - so that the single is still interesting to those who have already downloaded the Spin Doctor video. The live video for River Of Pain will be on there. We couldn't put both of the videos on because of chart regulations (only one video allowed per CD) - so we thought it would be better to give everyone something new!

Q: Danny, could you tell me where the crowd photos were taken that appear on the outer cover of the SATS booklet, as I think there's a chance I may be on there! Matt, Nottingham
D: I can't honestly remember where they were taken. Sorry. If you think you were there, you probably weren't, on the other hand if you feel you were there you probably were, but to be honest I guess the best way to know is if you can see yourself in the picture...

Q: On the CD "They thinks all acoustic.." at one point Danny states that you will be back in about 45 minutes - is there a recording of the second part of the show? Will it be released? Matt, Nottingham
T: It's already been released.  Check out 'They Think It's All Over...It Is Now' for full details, and then head over to Townsend Records to buy yourself a copy!!

Q: Howdy, the new album is fab, and has made me listen to all the others again. I cannot get preaching from a chair off my stereo, I was just wondering what made you write it, it seems like the most pissed off song ever, probably why I like it so much. Kirsty, Wilmslow
L: It was probably the American media's obsession with grunge. After Nirvana arrived it was like none of the bands that came before had any relevance any more. They all seemed so miserable as well. I remember reading an interview with Soundgarden who were moaning about being successful. KNAC radio in Los Angeles proudly announced they wouldn't be playing 'corporate rock' any more. Honestly....what a load of bollocks. A lot of good stuff came out of the grunge movement but it has to be seen as just another layer of the great rock'n'roll onion!

Q: Two questions really, first - Is SATS available in Germany yet? I've looked all over without any luck and Media Markt (biiig multimedia chain store) do not have it on their computer database??? Second - Any chance of getting some Thunder guitar tabs put up on the site? It has to be tabs because my sight reading is utter bonk. Roy Boscowan, Germany
T: AARRGGHHH!! Not the dreaded tab question AGAIN!? I have nightmares about that question you know! Search the archives... Shooting At The Sun has only been released in Japan and the U.K. so far. Hopefully other countries will follow, but the quickest way to get the album is to order it from Townsend Records, who will ship anywhere in the world at a very reasonable price.

Q: Hello from Finland. Your new album is brilliant. My friend bought it for me last week from London. Your best album since Laughing On Judgement Day. By the way have you ever played Finland? Seabloom, Finland
L: We've played in Finland a few times. We've supported ZZ Top in an outdoor arena (1991), Extreme at the Ice Hockey Stadium? (1992) and we've played on our own a couple of times in a club, the name of which I can't remember. I do remember that the Fins are a great audience; completely mad! We did quite a few interviews for Radio Mafia with a really nice DJ called Harry Hakkinen
as well.

Q: Now that you have total control over Thunders destiny, do you miss having the record company around? Brooksie, Denmark
D: I miss the record companies for the boring and mundane stuff, the things you know are important but don't want to do yourself. So far the signs are good so it's worth it. We just have to keep doing what we're doing and find more and more creative ways to promote the record alongside the traditional ways. It's true we have more control now over how we go forward, but regardless of the record label situation, ultimately the fans will decide by buying or not buying the record. Spread the word baby!!

Q: Harry, your drumming on the Live version of Like a Satellite, taken from the single of the same name gives me shivers, any chance of you doing it again on this tour, perhaps at the Astoria. Who choose to arrange the song that way, acoustic start progressing to drums kicking in at the guitar solo? Brooksie, Peckham
H: Thanks mate. Glad you like it. Not sure if we'll be playing Satellite on the next tour. It's a possibility though! You never know. As for the arrangement.......Luke has to take the credit for this.

Q: Like many other people I want to say what a brilliant album, I'm sure for promotional purposes the Met Lounge in Peterboro would be very accommodating, owners name is Steve. Now, here's my question - who chooses the set list each night and who chooses what cover versions you play. Michael, Oxford
L: Putting the live set together is largely my job although everyone does stick their two-bob's worth in. Choice of covers isn't really an organised process; i.e. it just tends to happen.

Q: One of the tracks to the single Like a Satellite is called Damage is Done. What pure genius! Why not a single or an album track? The arrangement in it's self is amazing, I love the Acoustic guitar solo going into Electric, it gave me a kinda Eagles Hotel California vibe. I guess I don't have a question, just a WELL DONE!! Brooksie, Peckham
L: Thank you for your comments. A lot of people seem to like this song so maybe we should have put it on LOJD after all.

Q: Just heard Thunder live at Donnington 1990 and thought how good it would be if you could play the whole Backstreet Symphony album. How about a tour about Xmas doing this? what do you think? Mick Hodd, Luton
L: The thing is that there are people who come to see Thunder whose favourite album isn't BSS so that wouldn't be fair. Also, to be extremely honest we wouldn't enjoy playing a set list from 13 years ago. Sure, we have to acknowledge our past like everybody but we don't want to live in it!

Q: Hey guys - STILL eagerly waiting for my copy of SATS (ordered it March 11 from Townsend - does it really take 5+ weeks to get a CD across the pond?), but as a US fan who's never had the joy of seeing the band live, please register my official vote for a US tour. Here's an idea (although I'm sure it's nothing new)...with Duran Duran reforming, perhaps your old buddy Andy Taylor would be willing to bring you all along when they come stateside this summer? I'm not a DD fan, but it'd be the perfect opportunity for your US fans to come, see the opening act, then wait for the meet and greet during the headliner's set! Chris, New York
L: Thanks for the suggestion Chris but the 'Who supports Duran?' question isn't just a decision for AT. As well as the other members of DD there are promoters, agents and managers that have an input. I'm also not sure how well the two bands' musical styles would compliment each other!

Q: Hi Luke. I remember back in 1990 reading a review of that year's Donnington festival. The writer was treading down on Whitesnake, saying that Coverdale was a thing of the past, the band was on its way out of the music scene and that they should have not headlined the Donnington thing. The next thing he mentioned was this new band that deserved all the attention that Whitesnake were getting: Thunder. He ended the review by saying that hehoped this new successful band would not end up like Whitesnake. As an ardent fan of Mr. Coverdale and Whitesnake I was pissed off at such blasphemy! I resisted even the urge to listen to Thunder and find out about you. Of course I was wrong. Once I saw a few videos on MTV and then later got some tapes I fell in love with Thunder. I still am and I musically live on Thunder right now. I am turning all my band members into Thunder fans too. First question: Would you say you have achieved your rock'n'roll dream, being a brilliant songwriter and a talented guitarist and playing the music you (we) love most? Second question: Do you consider yourself lucky to have had a talent like Danny as a singer? ThirD: As the 'leader' of the best rock band of our time (my definition), where do you think rock music is heading to? Bled, Albania
L: I think to be paid to do what you love is a wonderful thing and I am grateful to everybody who buys our albums/tickets for making this possible. I don't think you ever achieve your dream totally but that's why you keep going. Whilst I'm not a religious person I do believe in fate and I do feel that Danny and myself meeting wasn't an accident. We do work very well together as our strengths as individuals complement each others. I'm delighted to work with a singer of his abilities and from a songwriter's point of view Danny's range and technique are wonderful tools to have at your disposal. I have no idea where rock is heading but I will be watching!

Q: Last night we were watching Kerrang and were amazed to see a video of a group we saw recently supporting Def Leppard. They were called The Darkness and the track was 'Get your hands off my woman'. When we saw them the audience were not impressed, neither were we - it was dire. So imagine our disbelief when we saw the vid! Why haven't Thunder got a video out? Why aren't Thunder using Kerrang and/or other music channels to promote themselves? This is the way to attract new audiences!! We know because we have discovered several new bands through this medium and not only purchased the albums but have been to gigs to see them too. We are certain that there are people out there who tune into Kerrang and other channels who would do the same with Thunder, the band is missing opportunities! Are Thunder going to produce a video for marketing purposes or not? The band have asked the fans to turn out to the gigs to show their support, shouldn't they also be looking at all the opportunities open to them to broaden their fan base too?? Linda/Ian Hay
L: We have been looking at this particular problem for several weeks now so thank you for your concern. We are more than aware of the beneficial affects of having a video shown on Kerrang TV, MTV, VH1 etc. but as Danny has explained in previous answers concerning the release of SATS, we are financing the WHOLE thing ourselves and videos are expensive to make. We are doing all we can to see that a promo video for 'Loser' does get made. Believe me when I say that we are extremely determined to make this happen. We have been doing this a good few years now so we are more than aware of the potential of video.
D: If I was a sarcastic person I would respond by saying "make a video, wow, what a great idea, thanks for the suggestion, I don't know why we didn't think of it". I'm not so I won't. I will say that it's clear you don't know the way the music business works, so here's an ultra quick lesson. In a nutshell, videos are expensive to make, and even if you make them you have to pay someone to lobby the TV stations, and even then there are no guarantees they will get played anywhere. Add to that the fact that we have no label to finance one and it's plain to see a Thunder video on TV is not an easy thing to achieve. Despite that we are investigating (and have been for a while) the feasibility of making a promo video for the Loser single with our limited resources. If we can afford to make a good one with the budget we have, we will, but we're not about to give people false hope by announcing it before we're sure we can do it. We have the utmost respect for our fans, and we've found that most of them (not all) do us the same service. I hope this helps, maybe it was just your writing style, but your question read like an accusation of neglect.

Q: As a Thunder die hard, I have to pay some compliments before I ask a question, right? I think you are the best rock singer and the most brilliant voice in rock at the moment. (Why can I not sing like you? Then I wouldn't be writing to you but vice versa. Anyway). First question(s): Since Luke writes all the songs, how do you incorporate your own emotions, ideas and feelings into them? Do you wish you could write songs? Second question(s)Does beer and smoking damage your voice? Do you get nervous before the shows and if you do, how do you cope with it? Bled, Albania
D: Thank you for your compliment. I have no idea why you can't sing like me, and at the risk of sounding conceited, I see this as no great failing on my part. I have answered the first part of your question more than once on this site so please search it out using the nice device provided by Mr T Controller. I do sometimes wish I could write songs, and have tried many times over the years, but when I see how much effort goes into it when talented people like Luke do it, I've concluded I simply don't have time to learn that particular craft whilst balancing the rest of my life. I imagine drinking and smoking must take a toll on your voice, the former mostly due to the inevitable shouting (I do this) that ensues once you've had a few drinks. The latter as it interferes with your general health and ability to breathe deeply. I've never smoked so I don't really know what I'm talking about. Having said that plenty of great singers have smoked and drunk, and I've even heard it claimed by some it's what makes them what they are, so I suppose it's down to the individual, whatever floats your boat etc. I don't get nervous before shows so don't have to cope with it.

Q: Alright geezers, just wonderin' if you ever had anyone drum for you in the past called Colin Lovat, please help me as I've got a 50 quid bet with my mate that you have not ever had this bloke drum for you at all! Also where can I get hold of any Terraplane albums as I'm curious of what they sound like. P.S. The new albums great! Rob, Kent
D: Never heard of him, looks dangerously like you're owed £50. Mine's a pint...I believe Townsend Records can sell you Terraplane CDs, check out our shop, it links to theirs.

Q: Thunder, what a fantast album Shooting At The Sun is. Truly fantastic. I remember how sad I was the day I read the Email about you splitting up, i couldn't believe that I would never get another album from the best rock band around. But your back, and your better than ever. Well done!!! My question is to each of you: What is the most fun part of when you're recording a new album? Dan Birkett, Southampton
C: I have to be honest and say that recording with Thunder is fun from start to finish, there really isn't a bit that I don't enjoy.
H: I love being in the studio and really enjoy the recording process from start to finish. The most satisfying, is listening to the end result, and seeing Danny destroy a smoke alarm!

B: I like the bit when we tot up the bill and realise we've spent more money on alcohol than we have on tape.
L: I enjoy all of it really but the first time I listen through to a full playback over a glass of wine is exremely satisfying as it represents months of work for me.
D: Thanks for the nice comments, good question by the way. For me the funniest bit was watching Harry playing the fire extinguisher so very very professionally. Ben trying to fix the fire alarm I removed (drunk), everyone claiming not to have broken the door frame, me getting hit on the head with a deflated football whilst singing (it's on film), Chris being very normal throughout, Luke trying to keep order and make a record, Rupert playing space invaders at every opportunity, Peter Shoulder drinking absolutely all the beer all the time, the mess in the morning after the worst of the parties. Nothing changes really...

Q: So Thinny you will be coming on tour with the guys then? Can I just ask the rest of you what is your favourite holiday destination? Is it a beach location or are you more action men into snowboarding etc? See you in Manchester!! Sonia
T: I looks like I will be coming out on tour this time, yes....
L: Definitely a beach as long as there's plenty of other things to see + do.
B: I went to Canada recently, I had a great time up in the Rocky mountains, glacier walking, White water rafting, helicopters, horse riding.
D: Any kind of hol is OK with me as long as it's hot. I hate being cold, snow sports consequently don't interest me in the slightest.
H: Put me on a beach, and I'm "as happy as Harry!!" Love a bit of sun on me head!!!
C: No action for me.... the Maldives is my favourite.

Q: Thinny. HHEEELLLLPPPP. I've just been reading the Q&A answers and now I am totally baffled. what is a bandwidth and how is it affected by downloads? I don't want to appear stupid, but could you please save my brain from total meltdown. Ann S, Blackburn
T: The 'bandwidth' is the amount of data that we are allowed to transfer to and from the website per month.  Anything that we use over that amount has to be paid for (by the band). In both March and April we used up all of our allowed bandwidth in just a couple of days, mainly due to thousands of people franticly downloading the Spin Doctor video. As it was costing us hundreds and hundreds of pounds a month to keep the video on-line, the decision was made to pull it from the site.

Q: Hiya all, first things first. Excellent new album! I have enjoyed your music and followed your career since I saw you support Foreigner in the days of Terraplane. Keep up the good work! Anyway...You have supported many bands in your time (as Thunder and Terraplane) and I was wandering if there had been any tips or words of wisdom (good or bad) passed on to you that have greatly influenced your career or musical direction? Steve
B: My favourite tips were from the guy who taught me how to engineer and who was also a great record producer - the first was a piano playing tip -"stick around the keyhole son, you'll never go wrong" and my all time favourite was "everything in moderation ..... and plenty of it"

Q: Hiya guys i was just wonderin if the Thunder Channel club was up and running again? Because my mum used 2 b a member. Can't wait 2 c ya at Rock City in Notts. Vicki Payne, Derby
T: No, the Thunder Channel fan club is still closed, as it has been since 1999. There are currently no plans to re-launch the club.

Q: I have just heard that Terraplane once supported the legendary Foreigner. I was just wondering if they were nice people. And what Danny thinks of  Lou Gramm as a vocalist. Jade Mall begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, Leicester
L: I don't recall meeting them although we met Rick Wills a few years later when he was with Bad Co.
D: As far as I can remember they never acknowledged we existed, save for the bass player once saying hello in the corridor. Lou Gramm sang very well every night but I thought he was a pretty average front man. I like my front man/woman to get a grip on the situation.

Q: Are your CD’s available in the US? If not now, do you expect them to be in the future? Randy
D: We are talking with various labels and distributors regarding US distribution. It may take a little while so those need it now should buy the CD from Townsend Records who I'm sure will be glad to help.

Q: You mentioned in the totalrock interview about some sound file(s) that had to be pulled from the site because of the bandwidth it ate. In that case, would you object to those who did download them posting them up elsewhere so the rest of us can still get at them? Anonymous
D: Did I say sound files or did you? I don't remember what I said but regardless it was video files. The Somebody Get Me A Spin Doctor Live video clip has caused so much frantic downloading that it simply ate all our bandwidth in no time at all in both March and April. The band would have no objection to any of you posting it up for others to download, PROVIDED you understand the resulting traffic may well kill your bandwidth like it did ours so you're on your own there and the band can take no responsibility for what may happen. In addition it would be nice if your site tipped it's hat to ours with a mention about the only official site being ours and a link. Thanks for the support, I see what you're trying to do and I think it's admirable.

Q: Hi Danny, just a quick question to ask you. I've recently visited the shop on the website and noticed only a signed picture of Luke, why haven't you got a signed picture out there? Samantha, Macclesfield
D: Luke's signed picture thing is to do with his El Gringo Retro CD. Thunder are not currently into selling photographs, signed or otherwise. That may change in the future, but at this time I can't say when. You're the first person who's mentioned it, so there doesn't appear to be a massive demand so far.

Q: I read a previous Q and A regarding favourite album covers and LOJD came top of the list.  What was the process of creating that cover? Did Storm listen to the album and then create the artwork / did you all discuss the "theme" of the album with Storm and develop the cover from there....?? Matt, Australia
D: We met Storm, had a load of discussions about our music, where it comes from etc, he asked a lot of questions, we played the music to him. He came to watch us rehearse, hung out a lot, drank beer, his approach was very detailed and very demanding for both him and us. He came back with a load of initial ideas and explained the thought process behind them all, and we chose the one that appealed the most. Off he went again and developed it further, EMI hated it, but we insisted. The process took quite a long time from start to finish, but as far as we were concerned it was well worth the wait. I still don't fully understand it all but it makes me smile when I see it, partly because of the memories but also because I like the way it makes me feel.

Q: Hey guys Love the album, and looking forward to the Wolverhampton gig. I read a question to you a while back, saying that Everybody's Laughing was a lot like "Fly on the wall" I wanted to ask you something similar. To me the melody to "If I Can't Feel Love" sounds extremely similar to Bad Company's "Shooting Star" - is this a coincidence???? Kieran Keegan
L: The intros to both songs similar but thereafter they're quite different. Any similarity was coincidental.......honest guv!

Q: Is there any possibility of Thunder playing at the Reading Festival this year? Lynne
D: We haven't been asked so far so I'd say it's not likely.

Q: Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me the play list for the MOR tour in November last year?, as i cant remember other than Welcome to the Party (i think), love the new album, its great and my friends say so too, so more albums going to be bought by them hopefully!, Antong
T: Welcome To The Party, River Of Pain, Low Life In High Places, Somebody Get Me A Spin Doctor, Higher Ground, Backstreet Symphony, Love Walked In, Good Lovin' Gone Bad (Wembley Only - with Bad Company's Dave Colwell), Dirty Love.

Q: How many times have you, the band, voted on the Totalrock request chart? Be honest! Also, do you listen at 5pm to hear the result? Margie B.,Wales
B: I've never voted as I feel it would be misrepresenting public opinion. I can't say I do tune in at five as I've usually only just got up.
D: I might have voted once or twice, but no more than twice. I have managed to listen but only once, or was it twice? or was it twice?
C: I tried it once, and ended up voting for the wrong band! I've never listened for the result.
H: Maybe once......or twice...........?

Q: Thinny, where does your nickname come from? Is it because you are super slim or is there a bit more to it? Why don't you put a little biography on the site...we all speak to you (not verbally I know) but haven't got a clue what you look like, etc.!! Margie B., Wales
T: If I remember correctly my nickname was given to me by Danny, but 'The Thin Controller' was eventually shortened down to 'Thinny' by the fans. As for his reasons behind it you'll have to ask him, but I expect that your super slim guess isn't far from the truth (although I'm not as slim as I was 4 years ago - if I keep going at this rate a name change will be in order...).  I like being a man of mystery so I don't think I'll be posting my bio on the site any time soon.  Maybe we could play a game of spot the Thinny on the forthcoming tour?!? ;)

Q: Hi guys, what are your favourite films of all time, and favourite Actor/Actress. Also, would you like to star in a film. Dave Lloyd.
L: Too many to be definitive but......Some Like It Hot, Goodfellas, King Of Comedy, American Beauty, Primal Fear, Tootsie, Trains, Planes And Automobiles, The Exorcist, Duel etc. Actors; De Niro, Jodie Foster, Ed Norton, Daniel Day Lewis, Cameron Diaz, Selma Hayek, John Candy, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Joe Pesce, Al Pacino.......................I wouldn't mind having a go at acting but I think directing would be more natural for me.
H: Well, I love all the Bond movies, Spinal Tap, Pulp Fiction, School for Scoundrels etc. There's so many! Think Sean Connery is one of my fav actors - Yes, I'd love to star in a film. Highly unlikely I know, but I'd love to be James Bond. Imagine that!!!
D: I have so many favourites, mostly from yesteryear, not many modern loves. It's A Wonderful Life, Pulp Fiction, anything with Robert Mitchum or Humphrey Bogart in it. Favourite actor would be Bogart, actress would be Ava Gardner (not because of her acting), I'd have loved to have played the Bogart role in The Maltese Falcon, but he did it so well....
C: My film choices would be: Pulp Fiction, The Matrix, Spinal Tap (obviously), Blade Runner, Fight Club and loads more. Favourite actors - most of them are in Pulp Fiction! Samuel L Jackson, Harvey Keitel, Gene Hackman, Edward Norton.
B: I've got a soft spot for "The Million Pound Note" starring Gregory Peck and Wilfred Hyde-White, it's a great idea and I'm sure it is more pertinent today than it's ever been. As for actors that's a little more tricky, someone like Alistair Simm or perhaps "Ricky" from Eastenders, now there's a rare talent

Q: Hi guys. If I went to Thruxton am I likely to see or meet the lot of you as that would be my only interest for going. Mark White
D: I have no idea how these things work, nor what you look like, so I'm afraid I can't help very much. I understand there will be a lot of people there, and I believe we'll be expected to perform fairly extensive duties as special guests, though we won't be playing or riding from what I can gather. The short answer is "dunno matey". Sorry.

Q: Not really a question a such but more of a suggestion! After reading about your attendance at the Brit superbike round I was wondering about the chances of you actually playing at the Champ Car/BTCC meeting at brands hatch in may? Basically it's going to be the second biggest motorsport event in the UK this year after the British grand prix and Virgin Radio are the joint sponsors of the event. I've seen on flyers etc that there will be live bands performing on the day, I haven't heard of any bands that will be playing as yet but surely it would be a chance to play to lots of people who may not have previously heard of Thunder! I've already emailed Virgin Radio to suggest getting you on the bill, but what do you think? Sam, Norwich 
D: This is a great idea and we'll look into it. If you're going to put Thunder forward for anything please ensure you let your victim have our website address so they can get in touch with us.

Q: Danny and Ben, you both like motorbikes so given your forthcoming day out as special guests at the British Superbike at Thruxton, are you tempted to do a spin of the track as pillion with one of the race riders [road version equivalent of the racing bike] or even to a race/track day? We've had some great bike weather recently, which often kindles fond memories of days gone by and urges to get on a bike again, so are you tempted into getting another bike, and what would interest you? Kerry
B: Not a chance, a friend of mine used to race bikes and he was completely insane, so if you think I'm going to get on the back of and madman on a bike, think again! I know Luke's very keen to try this out though, any offers? I am tempted to get another bike and was considering buying my friends Triumph, we'll see.
D: Not sure my delicate stomach could handle the speed and excitement of being on a bike going that fast controlled by someone else. As for hankering to ride a bike again, I do it every year about this time when the weather begins to cheer up a bit. I have to be realistic though, as I've grown older my desires have changed somewhat. Strange, as my kids get older I become more reflective and dare I say it contemplative about needing to see them grow up. Then again, who knows, a trip to Thruxton may change it all, I'm impulsive....

Q: What were the first songs you all learnt to play on your respective instruments?? Jonny Wilts
B: I remember trying to work out the guitar solo in Freebird (Lynyrd Skynyrd) on my Mum's dining room table using a nylon string acoustic. Come to think of it that was only a week ago!
H: I can remember two that really got my juices flowing in my formative years - That was Ballroom Blitz by The Sweet and Tiger Feet by Mud. I can honestly say, that although I liked the music, I hated their costumes  - but I suppose they got noticed! Then I discovered Zeppelin and Deep Purple - Serious drumming!!!!
L: 'House Of The Rising Sun' by The Animals.
C: The first song I learnt to play was an Elvis song - "In The Ghetto" - which my brother taught me, and was subsequently the first song I ever performed in front of an audience.

Q: Hello, Graham the cruise ship man here. Just wanted to say that I think this latest offering from Thunder is the best ever. I been a fan since 1990. And have pretty much everything thunder has recorded (even the promos from the states. The offer of the holiday on the ship is always open. I am in the Caribbean (St Maarten, today.) Sadly will miss your tour in May but will be there in spirit. The question to you all. I don't believe in regret, but would change a couple of things if I could do it again. What would you change if you could Thanks for an outstanding album and currently converting a lot of people to thunder fans here onboard. Graham, Cruise Ship / Sussex
B: My main regret is that I'm not on a cruise ship in the Carribean working as a bikini-line inspector, instead I'm stuck at home, in the rain, answering these questions - still don't feel bad I'll be fine.
H: Regrets........I've had a few.......Hic!......but then again.........but then again........too few to mention..........I did...etc. etc. No regrets Graham - What's done is done! I'll take you up on that holiday offer maybe, one day!!??
C: I would probably have kissed Diane Miller behind the bus stop that time, because in retrospect I'm sure she wanted me to. Mind you, I was only 12, and you don't always pick up on things like that.
D: Hols on a ship beckon... If only.. Glad you like the LP, good work on the conversions, hurrah etc! Like you I don't believe in regret, in my case to the extent that I never look back, only forwards. I simply have no time to wonder if and why, so I work on the premise that whatever I did was the best I could do at the time, and unless I get a time machine for my birthday I couldn't change it even if I wanted to, so it's a waste of time wondering.

Q: Luke, just interested to know whether you now feel a bit more liberated after El Gringo and MSA? I think I remember you describing yourself as a frustrated vocalist recently so was El Gringo something that has taken a bit of personal weight off your shoulders? (I hope there will be a follow up by the way). Just seems that SATS has a bit more bite, in a rock sense, than the last Thunder offering, even though I like GTGA a lot, and maybe those two albums in-between have had a lot to do with this? Tim, London
L: I did enjoy making 'El Gringo' and singing was fun although I don't think I'd want to do it very often. MSA and El Gringo were liberating to do because there were no boundaries musically. The fact that they're both eclectic definitely helped give SATS a cutting edge.

Q: I've just received my ticket to your Astoria show in the post. Must say ,that I'm really looking forward to it is an understatement and I'm not just saying that :). Luke, I've read replies you've written to people asking you about songwriting. Being a bassist I asked a few other pro-bassists first, and got a couple of good responses from Matt Bissonette (former David Lee Roth bassist) and Bob Dsisley (former Ozzy Osbourne/Gary Moore bassist), both of whom sent me personal emails explaining how they write and giving me advice on how to get started. I don't play guitar well but nevertheless would like to ask your advice on how to move in that area. I've heard that even to put ideas down on a small tape recorder is a good way to start? Chris, can I ask what basses did you use on 'Shooting at the Sun'? (Rather a typical question I know) Peter Jordan, Dublin
L: The starting point for me is either a vocal melody, a guitar riff or a chord progression. I always keep a recording device handy; this could be a cassette player, a dictaphone or a mini disc according to where I am. Occasionally I'll start with a lyrical idea so I also make sure there's a pen and paper around as well. That's it really..............simple!
C: I think I used a Squier P-Bass Special on the whole album.

Q: Are you influenced by Mr. Brian May much, there are moments on the new L.P that have got my Queen ears twitching, and I'm not talking about riff offs, just respectable influences? Regarding, the set list for the forthcoming tour. As the die hard thunder majority will be in attendance, perhaps a large selection of album/b-sides rather than the greatest hits would be rather welcomed. good luck with the single!! Brooksie, Denmark 
L: Brian May is a truly great guitar player and has a totally distinctive sound. I've always admired his playing and so I guess you may well be right!

Q: I know it was a publicity stunt ,but how do you think you would have fitted in in Whitesnake? Also apart from Thunder what group would you like to be a guitarist for? Mick Hodd, Luton
L: I love playing the guitar and the greatest thing about being a musician is playing with other people; who it is and what style it is isn't that important as long as they can play.

Q: I heard a story about Alice Cooper slipping joke 'death threats' under hotel doors of cast & crew of the Orchestra / Rock tour a couple of years ago (apparently taken v seriously, until he owned up). So, did he try anything similar on MOR ?? Best of luck with the future plans, currently waiting for my copy of SATS to arrive. Dave, Kent
L: No........he knows better!!

Q: Dear Luke & guys, Do you have any plans to release the tracks Wonderland & the acoustic version of A love worth dying for in the UK as they seem to be the only tracks you have done not issued here. I think the new CD is excellent and have now got all tracks / products apart from the above. Please tell me what your views are on burning CD's. Do you think it is good/bad/ ethical i.e. good for spreading the word or bad for sales? Tim, Worcester
L: Burning CD's is the same as home taping was years ago; there's no point in trying to stop it because people will do it regardless. Personally I think the music industry must learn to cope with CD burning and downloading as opposed to complaining about it because it's not going to go away.

Q: Hi You guys, I've been away for a while so I am catching up as quick as poss I have just come across a CD by your good selves called "Open the window close the door" live in Japan on import is this an official release and if so is available in the U.K? and when was it recorded? Thanks and see you in May. Steve
T: Steve, if you look in the discography section you will find out a little more about 'Open The Window...'.  The CD is indeed official.  It was recorded on the bands 2000 Japanese tour and was released in Japan only. The only way that you can get it in the U.K. is on import, but beware, it can be pricey.  It may be worth contacting Townsend Records - they may be able to help you locate a copy, and they won't rip you off like some places...

Q: Hi Guys,  It was great to see you all at Brighton with Alice Cooper. A fantastic night out. I was wondering, are you going to play either Brighton or Portsmouth ever again????? I was also wondering if people do not have access to the Internet how do they find out any news or tour dates, because I've not seen anything in any mags. If ever we here of bands playing we contact friends who do not have the Internet and let them know. Sorry to sound like I'm moaning, I'm not really. It just seems to me that if people don't have the Internet they're excluded, as not everyone can afford it. Anyway enough of my questions. I look forward to buying the new album this week, well that is if my local record shop stocks it!!!!!!!!! Keep on writing fantastic music. Serena, West Sussex
T: I think you are reading the wrong mags Serena. There has been lots of coverage in Classic Rock magazine as well as a full page add in the current issue. Also, word of mouth is a wonderful thing! There is only so much that we can do to get the information out to the people - promoting a band is an expensive business.  Why didn't you place an order for the CD at your local record shop instead of relying on the possibility of them stocking it? That way you would be guaranteed to get your copy on Monday! As for tour dates, who knows what the future holds!? Not us...

Q: Harry, I have always wondered about drum parts. Are they extensively thought out before recording or do you just get in a groove and record.....like a one-off? Thanks Harry! Still hoping for a Thunder Singles box set....still don't have all the tracks! Sam, United States 
H: Grrroooove and record man! They are thought out, after listening to the demo of the song. With regard to the tracks you haven't got in your collection, why not try Townsend Records??

Q: What’s happened to the video? It’s only been back up there for a couple of days and taken off again. I’m most disappointed. I was round at a friends house today “bigging up” Thunder and saying how marvellous you were in concert and looked like a right plonker when the video wasn’t on there. Prove to the world I’ve not gone mad and put it back on – please….. Gordon Hall
T: Unfortunately we had to remove the video from the site as we literally had hundreds of people downloading it every single day. It eats up all of our bandwidth and costs us a lot of money to keep it on line - so I'm afraid the video is gone and there are no plans for it to return in the near future.  We'll try to think of other ways to get the video to the fans, but for the meantime I'm afraid there's nothing we can do.

Q: Chris, do you keep in touch with Mr Shaw? He was auditioning for the lead in a rather kitsch musical a couple of years ago, is it true about how Then Jerico parted company? Fistycuffs? Brooksie, Denmark
C: Unfortunately, I haven't spoken to Mark for a couple of years. I don't know much about his association with Then Jerico before I worked with him, so I can't really comment.

Q: Harry, has your work in other areas influenced your playing on Thunders new stuff? Or are you just maturing as a tub thumping genius. I felt on SATS your playing has broadened in it's depth and range. Brooksie, Denmark
H: Thanks Brooksie - I tend not to analyse my playing as a rule, but maybe I have picked up a few influences here and there in the time that Thunder had split. It does help though, when you have great songs to play, and there are some great tunes on SATS. Thanks again!

Q: What has been your most recent 'weird' dream?? Jonny Wilts
H: Last weird dream.......It was a little while back and it involved copious amounts of hair growing out of my nose, ears, underarms, legs and another important region! But strangely, still....none grew out of my head. How strange?
B: She was naked and coming towards me and .... perhaps I'll keep it to myself.
C: Honestly, you really don't want to know that.
L: I had a most peculiar dream about going out for the night with Brian May, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor and Ben (Matthews). Don't ask me why...............
My most recent weird dream was where I could not escape from my computer and constant questions from people I didn't know. Can't think what inspired it...

Q: Hi guys, apart from 'SATS', what has been your favourite Thunder album cover? All the very best for the next few months and beyond. Adrian Smith, Cambridge
H: It has to be LOJD - Fantastic - Sheer creative madness by a madman! Who's that good looking man on the cover of BSS?
B: I have always loved the artwork for Laughing On Judgement Day. It was Storm Thorgeson at his best. Although he is barking mad and a nightmare to work with I do have a soft spot for him.
L: Not THAT Adrian Smith?????? If so you owe me a fiver !!! Not really; Adrian's a nice bloke who has never asked me for money. Anyway, what was the question? Oh yes.....now let me see.....for me it would have to be 'Backstreet' as it was my idea!!!
C: I really like The Thrill Of It All.
D: Favourite sleeve for me is Laughing On Judgement Day, purely because of the grief we went through to get it past EMI, who hated it. We were right though, as it won the designer Storm Thorgerson loads of accolades, and he even features it in his latest book which contains a collection of his favourite/definitive work over recent years.

Q: Luke - Re: your recent weird dream - what has John Deacon done to upset you then?!!!! On the subject of Queen, Danny - with Brian and Roger hunting around for a suitable vocalist, are Freddie's extraordinary vocals something you could deal with properly without key changes, and is it something you would put yourself up for if Thunder weren't busy? (think of the money!!!!) By the way, have you ever covered a Queen song? I reckon 'Save Me' (or something else similarly emotive) may suit the band, and Danny's vox in particular. Chris, Herne Bay
D: Stepping into FM's shoes would take either great bravery or sheer stupidity, tough act to follow, unique, one of a kind etc. I'm both brave and stupid so I'd love to get the opportunity to have a go, but if I was crap, I'd have to be sure no one ever found out I'd done it... Not likely to happen though so no need to worry about ordering my leotard...

Q: Hello, Luke. I'm just wondering, are you going to sing in the shows from your solo album? If so, which song? I like 'Love will find a way'. Although I was very enjoyable 'Waste of time' featuring Danny, in B&M tour. By the way, I have decided to come to your shows in London and Cambridge in May. So see you there! Sayuri, Japan
L: It's the first proper tour for nearly four years so I think we're going to have enough trouble picking a Thunder set, never mind stuff from B+M or 'El Gringo'!!

Q: Have you ever heard the music of Francis Dunnery, ex It Bites henchmen? Brooksie, Copenhagen
L: No I can't say I have although everybody says he's a great guitar player.

Q: I'm sure I'm one of many who would consider themselves keen collectors of your material in it's various formats...having just noticed a very tidy copy of your earliest work with 'Nothin Fancy' (7" vinyl for £200...list price £250)I wondered ...do you keep much of your work as a private collection? (cds vinyl dvd vids etc)....and have you got a spare copy of that 7" single you could send my way? ;-) Dave Ulke, Brize Norton
L: I try to keep a copy of everything we do but I have given loads away over the years. I have original mixes of everything though so if we've recorded it, then there's usually a version in my studio somewhere. I don't possess a copy of the Nuthin' Fancy single but I think Danny's got one or two.

Q: I saw Sam Brown down at Cafe de Paris the other week, amazing voice. Do keep in touch with Backing vocalists like Ruby Turner etc who have gone on to work with Jules Holland? I think a spot of rock on Jules Holland of the Thunder variety would go down a treat. Brooksie , Denmark
D: Haven't met up with Ruby for a few years, but she's a very nice lady. I agree a spot on Jules' show would be great, and we're working behind the scenes on every possible opportunity to promote the LP and the band...

Q: Have been asking HMV when I can pre-order single, but they only know about SATS (got it on 1 March through Townsend). Any info on when they will know what we are all going on about? Ian, Glasgow
T: We've looked into it and it appears that HMV won't have it on their system proper until 2 weeks before the release date, so the 5th of May is the earliest that you will be able to pre-order it without experiencing the "what record?" look from the staff in the shop. By that day all stores should have it on their release sheets and should know about it. More news on this soon...

Q: Just wondered if, in light of the present political situation, you are planning to include 'Welcome to the party' on the set list for the forthcoming tour? If so, have you thought about re-writing the lyrics?!!! Belinda, Herts
L: As I've said before the set list isn't decided until rehearsals the week preceding the tour. I don't think I would re-write the lyrics as 'Welcome...' was and is of it's own time. It's an up, happy song and my views on what's going on now definitely don't correspond with that sentiment.

Q: How come you don't use pyrotechnics at your shows? I recall that you did on the LOJD tour but never since. Also I've always thought that after the first set of UK shows on that tour you should have taken a step up to bigger venues, was this considered? Andy, Sheffield
L: I think we all felt after LOJD that we'd done pyros and on BCD we wanted to have a different lightshow and production overall. As to whether or not we should have played larger venues in '92 I would have to say that promoters don't often misjudge the demand for a band and I'm sure they got it right then.

Q: Hi Luke, You probably won't remember, but after MOR Brighton we were discussing The Who, and in particular the song Behind Blue Eyes.........I thought you said it had been done in rehearsals etc, but not live. Mr Anonymous on the message board has recently posted saying that you in fact *did* used to play this live, and also that there is a recording of it lurking around somewhere. So, my questions are: a) is it true you (as in Thunder) used to play it live? - and b) is it true that it's been recorded (by Thunder)? I know it's not really important in the scheme of life in general, but I'm curious. :-) Cheers! See you in May (hic!) Janette, Brighton
L: I have found out from Mr. Anonymous (our ex manager) it was recorded in a soundcheck at Rock City Notts. in '95. I do vaguely remember the occasion in question. Casting my mind back even further to 1989 (Static Discharge tour) I think we may have played it once as an encore in Workington. God knows how I remembered this but I think I'm right. Was anybody at the gig who can confirm/deny?

Q: A couple of questions for Chris - which is your favourite Thunder album that you didn't play on and whose bass playing style do you prefer - Snake or Mikael? Dward, Kent
C: I would have to say that Backstreet Symphony has got all the big songs, but Thrill Of It All has some great tracks. At the risk of upsetting my predecessors, I can't really comment on whose style I prefer, as I haven't listened that closely to their playing. From what I can gather, most of the ideas were Luke's anyway. And he plays bass far better than any guitarist has the right to.

Q: Hi Thinny, I notice that the 2003 archive index on the Q&A page says walter2003 - who is Walter, and why does he get such a prominent mention? Gareth Williams, Pedant City
T: Oh dear - thanks for pointing it out. I have no idea who Walter is or why his name ended up there, but rest assured I have removed it! Weird.....

Q: Hi guys, Firstly, though I already have the new (Brill) album, I intend to buy at least 2 more on release next week, but here is my question, are we going to see a new THUNDER Fan club opened, And if so, do you need people to run it? A job that i would be only too happy to fill, See you all in may, and as promised Danny, I will buy you a beer at the Astoria, See you there guy's. Dale, London
T: There are no plans to re-launch the fan club. Now that the majority of homes have access to the internet, there really is little need for a fan club as this website offers everything a fan club could. Also, getting information from this website is a lot quicker that getting it by snail mail. In a sense we already have a online fan club in this website - and it's free!!

Q: Two and a bit questions. Will you be releasing a radio edited version of Loser? Why River of pain as the b-side?
Is there a certain number of units on average that one has to sell to get into the top 20? Are we to see a poster campaign or are you solely relying on the fans and word of mouth? Good luck!!! Brooksie, Denmark
D: There will be an edited version of Loser, and it may be taken to radio, but the version on the single will be the LP version. The extra tracks were the first ones mixed from the Marquee live recordings and the only ones we've edited so far. The Spin Doctor video has been made available to download via the website, River Of Pain will be on the single, live audio versions of both also. This way we figured you can have audio and video versions of both. Posters may follow if funds allow but for now it's a case of advertise some to sell some then advertise some more to sell some more.

Q: Hi Y'all. I don't want to come over as a nosy bugger, but when the Thunder albums started to sell and you started to play and bigger venues, did you actually make any decent money - or was it the case that everyone around you (i.e. your record company) was raking in the cash apart from you? In addition, do you today make a decent living out of Thunder and your own music projects? David, London
D: If you don't want to come over as nosey, don't be it.

Q: Two questions: Firstly while having a quick look through the archive I noticed an answer Luke gave to a question some time ago about letting one of these awful manufactured acts record one of his songs if it was requested. He said he probably would due to the the fact that we all have to earn a crust. Bearing in mind "Pimp and the Whore", is this still the case? Secondly, not sure whether this is true for anyone else but for me the sign of a great album is the more I listen the better it gets which is definitely happening with SATS, however the one song that really jumps out for me as a single is "Out of my Head", it just seems to have a bit of everything and seems to flow so brilliantly. "Loser" is simply superb but is this the right single to gain a wider and possibly more commercial audience if that is what you are trying to do? Tim, London
L: Strangely enough one of the lads from One True Voice (Daniel) recently came up to me at a gig and told me Thunder was his favourite band of all time. Even stranger was the fact that one of the other guys in OTV was also a fan.........you never can tell eh? He also told me they were thinking of doing 'Better Man' on their tour. I sent them a copy of SATS so I'm looking forward to hearing their opinion on 'Pimp' ; I hope they've got a sense of humour. It has to be said that Daniel is a very nice chap though despite his recent occupation. He's actually a drummer and a very good one but work was scarce and the rest is history. Re. the single we chose Loser because the song affects people the first time they hear it and because we'd been away for a while we wanted to come back with a no nonsense piece of rock'n'roll that was typically Thunder. I take your point about OOMH but I feel it would have been the wrong choice for 1st single.

Q: Luke, it takes me absolutely ages to learn a guitar part. I read however that you filled in as bass player at a Power Station concert in Japan, with only 5 hours notice to learn the whole set. Is this true and did you make any mistakes? BJ
L: Yes it's true and yes I made a few mistakes but the bass player missed his flight and as they say in Showbiz circles (apparently) 'the show must go on'. Robert Palmer took over rhythm guitar (not ideal) and I became the bass player and we managed to limp through the set. 

Q: Hi Luke, just two questions : a) Have you ever played a Strato live or in the studio? and b) Which record or band would you recommend to someone who is into a depressive state (I mean, not a clinical depression, just the kind of that-girl-doesn't-like-me state)? Be sure that "Can´t Stop The Rain" is a good example to that! Dani, Barcelona
L: I do use Strats for recording but not live. An uplifting record for me would be something that makes you feel pumped up and ready for anything; Appetite For Destruction or James Brown's Greatest Hits.

Q: Is there any truth whatsoever in the astonishing rumour circulating in these parts that at one point you had considered hiring Aled Jones as the support act on your forthcoming tour in order to boost the octogenarian turn out and that you were even planning to do a duet of "Danny Boy" with him as an encore? Paul Edmondson, Fools' Paradise
This is absolutely true, but I thought we had this zipped up tighter than Harry's jockstrap after it had been washed at 90 degrees. Internal enquiry required methinks. Please don't tell anyone, Aled is hurt enough already. What's the date today? By the way there are no rumours circulating in my parts, astonishing or otherwise...

Q: As we have all been voting like mad on the Total Rock website, and have been no 1 for 2 weeks I am curious to know why SATS is unavailable and cannot be bought there? got my copy in March excellent listening and tickets to 3 of dates on the tour  great to see you all back. Ann, Swindon
T: MVC sponsors Total Rock's website and acts as their official shop. The link on the Total Rock site lists SATS as unavailable, because to MVC it IS still unavailable (Remember - only our good friends at Townsend Records had the March 3rd release date).  Once it is officially released on April 7th (this coming Monday), the link should then change and every man and his dog will be able to buy SATS from whatever website or record shop that they wish...

Q: Hello one and all, will the new single be available through those most splendid chaps at Townsend Records as a pre-order? Terry, Canada
T: For the time being, Townsend Records will not be stocking the new single. This is in order to help us make as much of an impact on the charts as possible (sales through on-line retailers do not count towards the charts). It will be available exclusively through HMV stores in the U.K. Maybe you could ask someone in the U.K. to pick up a copy for you? Try visiting our message board, there's lots of nice folks on there...

Q: OK Benny, here's one for ya, with reference to you love of "Hammer" by the end of all the Dracula films they did how many ways could you kill him, can you name them all? Sorry I'm just a bit of a Hammer/Dracula addict. Sarah, Derbyshire
B: It was a long time ago I'm afraid in my dim and distant youth. Something about garlic and stakes, or is that a Harvester menu?

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Q: Luke, I once read an interview with Paul Weller, another excellent songwriter like yourself in my opinion!! He said that one of the reasons for continuing with writing was to come up with the best song that he has ever written. Is this something that spurs you on when you write? Also, who do the boys think will win the F.A. Cup this year? Southampton is a sensible answer or I won't pester HMV for the new single!!!!!!!! Neil Parsons, Southampton
B: In that case - Southampton. As you can guess I don't really care!
L: PW has written some great tunes and I think he's saying what all writers feel; sometimes it's the most frustrating and irritating profession but there are moments during the writing process when you think 'blimey, I'm quite good at this!' We all long for those moments. In my heart the Saints will win the Cup but my brain says Arsenal.......sorry!
H: Erm.......Southampton then!...............................................Arsenal?

Q: Hello All, You're on 'Who Wants To Be a Millionaire' and you can ring one band member/Thinny as your 'phone-a-friend' - who's got the brains/best general knowledge? BTW, the album gets better and better with every play - classic Thunder! John
H: Good question....................Hmmmmmmm.........I'll have to ask the audience please.
L: I think if I was going on WWTBAM and I had to pick someone in the band then I'd invent a good excuse to draught in Bamber Gasgcoine on backing vocals and call him!
B: Depends on the subject matter as each of us has our strong points. We did a general knowledge quiz for a rock magazine once and I seem to remember that we did pretty well. I think we make a good team as between us we can cover most things.
C: I think it would have to be Benny, unless it's football in which case it would definitely be Harry.
D: Who I'd call would depend on the type of question I was struggling with. Music trivia would have to be Luke, films Chris, sport Harry, technology would be Ben. Between us I think we'd have it covered though.

Q: A colleague of mine has just likened me to David Brent (hideous manager from "the office" to the non initiated)...quite an insult I think!! What are the biggest insults that have been thrown at you? Also, any news on "breaking into Australia"? Paul Bloxsome, Sydney
H: A few mates have likened me to Donald Pleasance in the past. Not really an insult!? Well, he is a great actor isn't he?
L: A girl once said to me in Ibiza years ago 'You're the ugliest man I've ever seen'. I wouldn't have minded but all I was doing was queuing up for a drink at the bar and minding my own business.
B: At the end of a guitar take during a session, the piano player turned round and said to me "I love what you're trying to do". A quality put-down. As for breaking into Australia, we're waiting for a dark night and for someone to leave a window open.
C: I think you should feel flattered at the comparison. I wish I was him. I would love to tour Australia - it's a place I've always wanted to go.
D: Too many insults received to mention over the years. The David Brent thing is particularly unpleasant I must say, you must have been pleased... No Australian news as yet, but we're working on it. Any help would of course be much appreciated.

Q: Hi Guys, with the tour coming up (I'm doing my bit by attending three shows!), I was wondering what each of you ask for on the 'rider'? And also who pays for it, you, the promoter or the venue? Matt, Essex
B: The rider used to look like a branch of Unwins, but it's calmed down a bit now, towels with no fluff was an interesting one I seem to remember.
D: Glad to hear you're "doing your bit", are you convincing hundreds to come with you? Our dressing rider used to be legendary (huge amounts of beer and condoms) but nowadays it's a wee bit calmer, still loads of condoms but less beer (ha ha). Beer, wine, whisky, water, coke, a few sarnies etc but that's about it. Who pays is entirely dependant on the deal struck with the promoter by the band's agent.

Q: Just got the new album and I have to say that I'm rather impressed...well done to all concerned! A slightly cheeky question born out of curiosity - do you know how many copies you've sold so far ? See you at the Astoria. Dward, Kent
D: That's not easy to determine, we know how many we made and we know how many we've sent out but due to the sale or return nature of retail, some may come back. Only the passage of time will reveal the true picture. All I can say right now is it's going as well as we could have expected.

Q: Hello Chaps, as we're all going to buy two copies of the single in May, it's going to chart, right? So, is it possible that you may get asked to go on TOTP? Matt, Essex
D: If it charts the band is then in a position to be invited, but as with all things music business, there are no guarantees. Damn those infernal chickens and eggs... Don't but 2 copies, but do encourage lots of others to buy one each.

Q: Danny...do you have to start a keep fit/training regime before a tour? Or do you work out regularly anyway? Do you observe the same rule as footballers do the night before a match!? Margie B., Wales
D: I have always been fairly fit, and in my younger days I was extremely so, but the march of time is inescapable, and I have no problem with that. I keep active but I don't work out any more, sort of lost interest in the constant flexing whilst looking in the mirror routine. I'm very much against the footballer's night before the match rule. For me peak performance is very much about feeling satisfied in all departments.

Q: I'm classically trained myself (before becoming a rock chick!), and I was wondering, if you could choose your favourite instrument, or one that you would liked to play from a symphonic orchestra, which one it would be? Ingrid, Hampton
H: I did play timpani in the school orchestra-I remember having three hundred bars rest! Then I was in!! If I miscounted, that was it!!!!
C: Double bass, of course! I always like to be lurking around at the bottom..... as it were.
B: I used to play the flute in the school orchestra, I picked as it was the easiest instrument to carry.
L: Definitely the cello so I could sit next to the girl cellists. There's definitely something erotic and vaguely pervy about female cello players. Perhaps it's to do with the fact that the instruments' shape is reminiscent of a voluptuous woman..........ooer. Nurse....pass the Kleenex etc.

Q: Which single piece of music would you have played at your funeral? Depressing I know but always quite an interesting one when people have brought it up and the conversation can last quite a long time when people start thinking about it. Especially after a few beers. Jim. London
C: I think I'll leave the choice to whoever is arranging the funeral - they'll have to listen to it!
B: I quite like the idea of a New Orleans jazz band playing "Down By The Riverside".
L: Something up that sent people away smiling....maybe 'We Gotta Get Out Of This Place' by The Animals.......
H: "Dueling harmonicas" - Full unedited version - Simply fantastic harmonica playing by Luke and I, and splendid accompaniment by Ben. I'd like to go with a laugh!
D: I'd like to copy Peter Sellers and have In The Mood by Glenn Miller. Not too much misery and wailing, a damned good drink and a lot of laughing and smiling...

Q: Since the website makeover I've noticed male fans have been a lot more forthcoming with their questions so...which woman(women) has(have) had the greatest influence on your life(ves)? Angela Burrows, Switzerland
H: It's got to be mum, the missus and the girls!
C: That's easy - my girlfriend, José.
B: I suppose the obvious answer is my Mother but that's the same for most of us, so instead I'm going to say Margaret Thatcher as unfortunately she was Prime Minister for much of my working life.
D: Obviously my Mother, then my wife, then my daughters, in time order or course.
L: Undoubtedly my Mother as she brought me up virtually single handed and taught me many things by example. She also encouraged me as much as possible when it came to music.

Q: Just a weird one...! Have any of you watched Most Haunted on the Living TV channel? Do you believe in ghosts and have you had any experiences with em? §ars, Nottingham
H: No I haven't. I don't believe in them but I've looked like one on many occasions! Hangovers from hell !!!!
C: Haven't seen the programme, or a ghost for that matter - but I'm convinced there's much more to be seen if you look for it in the right way.
B: No, no and erm... no.
D: I've not watched the show but I do believe in ghosts, and have had some strange experiences, sufficient to convince me there are more than just earthly mortal forces around us.
L: I don't believe in ghosts apart from when I look in the mirror most mornings.

Q: Hey guys, was just wonderin' if you would consider comin' back to play Belfast (N. Ireland)??? My friend has seen you play here twice I think and of all the bands he's seen live Thunder has been the best both musically and for entertainment on stage that he has seen. I've only known about you guys since August of last year, but if I'm honest I have to say that you guys are brilliant and I'm glad you got back together. Oh and the new album sounds awesome. Also Ben you got any tips for me as I'm gettin' a guitar for my 18th and I've never played in my life before??? Thanx guys, hope to see you all soon. Warren, N. Ireland
B: We've have always enjoyed playing in Belfast, you are always guaranteed a great reception. It would be great to come back for another show, we'll have to wait to see what the future holds...As for guitar advice - practice, practice and more practice plus good quality hair products.

Q: Hi guys, if you could only watch one TV programme ever again what would it be any why? Stevie B.
B: The News - To find out why.
H: 24 - I think I'm addicted!
D: It would have to be the news. Reason? I'm obsessed with current affairs.

Q: Dear all, I am currently e-mailing all the radio stations that I can think of to get them to play Loser on the airwaves, I just wondered if this is ok by you guys, and have you already sent demo discs of your album to people like Bob Harris on radio 2? I am also contacting local newspapers with details of your Manchester concert for their What's On pages. Am I too late to enter for the comp to win tickets for the concert on 19th May, I would love to see you, but I've just lost my job and can't afford to buy. Ann S, Blackburn
D: Thanks for your email assault on the radio stations, don't forget we'd be happy if they played any tracks, not just the single. Our promotion team have mailed copies of SATS to everyone they think might play it, but if you hear back from a station to the effect that they would play it but don't have one, please let us know and we'll remedy the situation. Sorry to hear your bad news about the job, I hope something turns up soon. Competitions are being planned with rock radio as I type, why not keep an ear out and enter one, you never know you may win!

Q: Hiya Guys! Just wanted to let ya know that your new album is fantastic. I can't place it next to any of the others (although I must say all of you albums are superb) Got sum bad news! Won't be seeing you on your tour this May. My parent's won't let me get ticks. Wish I could be there to see you guys. Have a good one for me! Nicola, Darlington
D: This is unacceptable. Make your parents come as well, they'll enjoy it, and there will be other parents there, I guarantee it.

Q: Hi guys, do you plan anymore shows latter in the year if all goes well on the forthcoming tour. How about coming to a venue near Wrexham or even Wrexham itself? David Lloyd
D: We have to wait and see how popular this tour is before we announce anything else. If it goes well we'd like to come back for more shows in different towns and cities, as for where and when I'm afraid it's in the lap of the gods, oh and you lot. You will decide if it's possible, not us.

Q: Once the single is released and hits the charts (a dead cert!), you're bound to be asked the following question, so perhaps you could rehearse your response in the safe and comfy confines of the Q + A section firsT: Did you, even in your blackest moments, ever consider yourself to be "just a loser in a band"? Given your outward self-confidence and song writing talent, I can't possibly believe this song was in any way autobiographical. Paul Edmondson, Pompey
L: I'm glad you're so confident about the fate of the single and I hope you're right! I think everybody feels like a loser at some point in their life, me included. I'm not often prone to self-doubt but I have had my moments! As for the guy in the song, what about the possibility that he's just using this 'I'm crap and your great and I'm not worthy' thing to gain the sympathy vote in order to seduce the woman in the song? Sometimes men can be very insincere when they want something.

Q: Hi Guys, Have you seen the film "Rock Star" which was out last year? If so what did you think? If not it's worth watching as it is very funny in places and generally quite good! Good luck with the single! Kevin Wheeler, Wiltshire
L: Rock Star isn't bad at all but not the best film I've seen. Mark Wahlberg makes a very convincing metal frontman. Most music biz films are very difficult to watch but check out 'Tina', the Tina Turner biog-pic which is very good, particularly Larry Fishburne's take on Ike Turner. 'Almost Famous' is also very good and touching but 'Spinal Tap' remains the daddy!!! 
H: Kevin - No I haven't but will do......soon.
D: I have seen it, and I enjoyed it immensely. Mark Wahlberg was very good and the script was very well observed. I even thought Jennifer Anniston was good too and I don't normally rate her.
B: I have seen it and like you thought it was funny in a few places, sort of 5/10.

Q: Right then lads... you can punch anyone in the face, and get away with it scott free...who d'ya wanna punch?? Jonny Wilts
H: That bloody traffic warden who gave me a ticket the other day. Thanks for nothing!
B: You for a start.
D: This is very tempting, but I'm going to very very correct and say "no one, I love the world". Those who know me well will know who is on my "eventual pain" list. I don't want my victims to know it's coming by revealing it here...
C: You know me, I'm not a violent man. But put Gareth Gates in front of me......
L: Ha ha ha .........good question. Jamie Oliver?

Q: What's the best thing in the world? Candy, Kent
H: Health, wealth, and happiness!
B: Waking up on a fresh spring morning, the sun is shining, birds are singing in the trees, a cool refreshing breeze wafts gently through the half open window. As you leap out of bed you can hear children playing in the street below, and people laughing and joking as they go about their day. You take a loaded shotgun and shoot the all the birds, tell the people below to shut the hell up, slam the window closed and go back to bed until lunchtime. Mmmm heaven.
L: Waking up early on a sunny morning without a hangover!
C: The best thing in the world is the thing that you have yet to achieve. Did I say that?
D: For me it's very simple, it's laughter, and more specifically the laughter of small children. To hear little kids laugh always makes me feel so brilliant, and it's because they don't care about anything else except the thing that's making them laugh. No side, no ulterior motive, no plan, just unconfined innocent joy in every giggle. If grown ups took a moment to consider this (maybe play a tape at key moments), I'm certain the world would be a much nicer place.

Q: Two questions really! Firstly were any of you guy's nervous/scared/drunk at the first ever Thunder gig? Secondly how would you describe each other as band mates? Love the album, see you on tour! Andy, Sheffield
H: Just excited really-The start of something new! Pity there wasn't too many people there but the dog enjoyed it!! How would I describe the rest of the band?..............Mad..........All stark raving mad! Simple as that.
B: The only thing we were scared about was getting paid.
D: Nah! May have had a couple of lemonades but weren't drunk, we'd been doing it ages by the time we did that show so no nerves (hard to be nervous if there's no audience), I think the dog was more scared than we were...
L: I don't think we were that nervous at our first gig as there weren't that many people there; about 20 I seem to remember. Danny's got short hair and green eyes, Harry's got no hair, goatee and sunglasses, Ben looks a bit like he could be the son of Brad Whitford from Aerosmith and Chris is tall and slim.
C: My first Thunder show was a pre-tour warm up at the King's Head in Fulham, November 1996. I wasn't really nervous - I don't get stage fright - and I'm never drunk before or during a gig, but I certainly wasn't prepared for the audience. You lot are bloody mad.

Q: Danny, I have a friend 17years old girl. She became Thunder fan recently, so she has never been to Thunder's live. But she saw the your live video on the this web site, she said that she thought Danny is cute. How do you feel hear that? I think you're great cause you got such a young lady's heart like her! Chikako, Japan
D: I am touched and reassured to have appealed to someone so young in years. However I feel she must be in need of a strong pair of spectacles. Don't get me wrong, I've always felt "cute" as you put it, but nowadays it's in a growing old disgracefully kind of way.

Q: Is this mini tour really a make or break scenario, for the future of Thunder or could you go it alone, without promoters, and maybe run the shows yourselves? Shaun
D: Thunder could not do tours without promoters to guarantee the fees. Touring at this level is incredibly expensive and very risky. As it is, by removing record labels the band is effectively gambling with its livelihood so it is very much a make or break scenario. I'm not prone to exaggeration, the cost of promoting a record is terrifying. We need fans like you to help us make this tour and LP a galloping success.

Q: Hey Danny, I've started to learn singing all the songs of Thunder, but do you use any techniques to get your voice so tone accurate? if so could you tell me. Jools, Weymouth
D: I hum, I chant, I sit cross legged in a quiet room and summon the spirits of the dead...And if you believe that you'll believe anything. Seriously, I sing the way I sing, I don't do anything, I just sing it how it feels and how it looks on the page.

Q: Got the new album yesterday. A brilliant comeback. Thanks for letting all fans be a part of it. Cant wait for the London show in may. What was the biggest difference between touring with Thunder and the tour you did with Magnum? And are you an old Magnum fan yourself? Henrik Larsson, Sweden
H: Henrik - Biggest difference really, was just the style of music. Can't say I was an avid fan; I am now of course! But I was always well aware of their music, and very happy to be asked to tour with them. See you at The Astoria!

Q: Hi Ben, When we met you at the Newcastle MOR meet 'n' greet, two Japanese ladies were measuring you for a suit ... we think!! Just wondering if you ever received it? Lynne and Joanie (Thunder's oldest fan we think), Gateshead
B: Nothing as yet, still I live in hope.

Q: Hi Ben, what Was The 1st Ever Guitar & Amp You Brought And You Still Own Then? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
B: The first amp I ever bought was a VPower amp, awful thing, may a terrible noise, I blew it up at the when my band played at the school disco.

Q: Hello, Ben. This a very simple question, what kind of dish do you like? I think maybe you don't remember you promised me at the Brighton centre last year. But if you remember it, please let me know good news as soon a possible. I have a little tired of waiting... Chikako, Japan
B: I guess your fishing for the answer "sushi".

Q: Just received the new album from Townsend and think it is fantastic!! It sounds more raw than the last, was this intentional and how do you think it compares to the others? What is your fave track on it? Am still listening to find mine but so far they all sound excellent! My husband says the guitar solos are better than those on recent albums-nice one! Can't wait to see you in Manchester for the full set! Megan, Wirral
B: My favourite is Loser - seems to be everyones!
D: Glad to hear you like it, please tell everyone you know about the LP and the tour, we need all the help we can get.. The rockier approach was intentional, we decided if we were coming back, we had to go back to our roots. For me the feel is like the first LP but we've got better since we recorded it. My favourite track is Loser. Your husband may well be right about the solos, but I'm the wrong person to discuss it with...

Q: Which Thunder/B&M/El Gringo Retro/Bad Influence song do you think best showcases your ability as a musician/singer? I think Harry's drumming on Moth to the Flame is particularly excellent and I love the guitars on Higher Ground and the solo on "Sick and Tired" and "Out of My Head" The bass on "Pilot of My Dreams" is inspired and, as for vocals, "Until My Dying Day". Ben is best at the funky keyboards, "Gimme Some Lovin" etc. What are your views? Doc', Ireland
B: I've got a couple of moments when I actually liked what I played. One is the guitar solo in Low Life In High Places and the other is the piano part on "In A Broken Dream". There is a piano solo I did on "Hirsuite Boogie" which I did when I was very drunk and just can't play it now!
H: I was listening to "Shake The Tree" today. Quite pleased with the drumming on that track! So maybe I should chose that one!? Singing wise.......Every recording I've sang on, and we're talking mostly backing vocals here, is pure perfection.................It
is!................. Why are you laughing? ............................

D: Self analysis I try to avoid wherever possible. I don't think it pays to concentrate too much on myself. I prefer to leave it to others, after all their opinions matter much more. Being a terminal show off already, I really enjoy doing it so I kind of think it's all great really.
C: There are 2 Thunder songs I'm quite pleased with my playing on - Rolling The Dice from Giving The Game Away, and Lover Not A Friend from Shooting At The Sun.

Q: Right..... You can be one character in one film...whose your character?? Jonny Wilts
H: Woody......Toy Story!
B: Unquestionably Steven Seagal in that one with the boat and the girl in the cake, you know..."show me a move".
D: Anything Robert Mitchum was in. What a guy...
C: I'm going to cheat slightly, and choose one film but two characters. It would have to be either Vincent Vega or Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction, which is possibly my favourite film ever. Unless you count The Matrix in which case I would have to be Neo.
L: James Bond in any of the Bond movies.

Q: Hi Guys, First of all, like everyone else, I gotta say that  the new album is totally BRILLIANT. and also to thank you all for your hospitality at Wembley, where me and my fiancé arrived late to the meet & greet, but now to ask a question to keep things fresh, Do you guys like horror movies, and if you do have you seen "Dog Soldiers" which to my mind is one of the finest films to be released in Britain in a while? Look forward to seeing you at the Astoria in May, bringing some new Thunder fans with me, Danny, given the chance I wanna buy you a beer. Dale, London
B: When I was younger I used to be a fan of "The Hammer House of Horror" series of films although they do look a bit crap now. Also the Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee partnership was a lot of fun. How many times did he have to kill him?
H: Thanks Dale. I love Monsters Inc. Does that count? But seriously, yes I do like 'em. Bit of blood and guts! Nice. See you at The Astoria.
L: I love all kinds of movies. My favourite horror pic would probably be 'The Thing' by John Carpenter. Unfortunately I haven't seen DS but I will look out for it.
C: Haven't seen Dog Soldiers, so I can't comment on that. I'm a bit choosy when it comes to horror films - I don't like gore & splatter just for the sake of it. One of the scariest films I've seen for a while is Signs. No special effects, no over the top violence, just suspense in the best 60's tradition.Glad you like the album, I think it's brilliant too.
D: Horror films are not my cup of blood really, so I'm sure it'll come as no surprise to you that I've not seen DS. Sorry. Glad you like the new LP, glad also you're coming to the Astoria show (trust you're coming mob handed, if not you must put this right!). Finally you can buy me a beer any time...

Q: What practical jokes have you (or still do) played on each other? Kevin, Kent
B: I once got Harry to order a glass of snot in a restaraunt in Japan. The Japanese for water is "mizu" and the Japanese for nose is "hanna", so when you say "hanna mizu" you say "nose water". I convinced Harry that hanna mizu was a great kind of drink and that he should order a glass from the waitress, which he promptly did much to merriment of the rest of us. The waitress just stood there looking slightly concerned. Sorry Haz
D: There have been many incidents. One of my favourites follows:- I conspired with the Tour Manager in Hanover Germany a few tours ago on April Fools Day. We gathered discarded hotel room keys (some always get left in pockets and not returned to hotels on departure) from the bus, put them in envelopes with names on (usual routine). Then we got the band and crew up very early from their bunks on the bus. We explained that because of roadworks, we couldn't park the bus outside the hotel, and that there was a bit of walk across waste g