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Chain Reaction (Japan Only)
I Believe (Japan Only)

Released : 2008
U.K. Chart Position : 62


Track By Track - by Luke Morley

On The Radio

I’m not one to moan or complain. In fact we’re very lucky to have had the career we’ve had to date but there’s one thing that really aggravates me; we’ve never, ever had enough, if any, support from mainstream English radio. Over the last twenty years we’ve watched other rock bands have their moment in the sun as far as daytime radio play goes but we’ve never been afforded that luxury. I think it’s the main reason the band isn’t better known. Anyway, rather than get down about it, I thought I’d write a song about it and keep my sense of humour (and my sanity) intact.

Anyone who saw what Hurricane Katrina did to New Orleans couldn’t help but be moved by the plight of its residents. I was lucky enough to spend three days there in 1997 and it’s a very special city with a unique vibe due to the mixture of cultures that form its history. It’s also alive with music and it affected me greatly. This song tries to see the disaster through the eyes of one of its inhabitants.

Carol Ann
Now don’t get me wrong, I like a drink. However, the consequences of excessive drinking have to be dealt with when one is probably least prepared to do so i.e. the morning after when you have an awful hangover. I’m not proud to admit it but there have been times when I don’t remember anything that happened beyond a certain point of the previous evening. This tells the story of a guy that wakes up remembering nothing and the only clue he has is a name and a phone number scrawled on the back of his hand in lipstick! Let he who is innocent cast the first stone…………..

Have you ever had one of those days when absolutely nothing goes your way?
The odd day like that is inevitable and we all have to deal with it when it happens but the narrator of this song has had so many bad days he’s starting to lose hope which is never good for one’s state of mind. For the musos amongst you, this song oscillates between 5/4 and 6/4, two very unusual time signatures for us and torture for Harry. Maybe that’s why I like it so much! Nice!

Candy Man
In my spam folder I once found an invitation to meet Olga and Svetlana, two very beautiful Russian girls looking for English husbands. Obviously I leapt on to a plane for Moscow immediately…….. I didn’t really but the guy in the song does!

Have Mercy
An uncomfortable subject matter for any man over a certain age myself included! It’s a racing certainty that one day you will find yourself gazing at a beautiful young woman. There’s nothing wrong with that but when somebody informs you that the object of your lustful daydreaming is still of school age it’s a whole different thing. This awful moral dilemma is the inspiration behind many great blues songs and I had to get to 47 to truly understand what they were going on about!

Watching Over You
Written with Andy Taylor and Mike Keen. Not that Andy Taylor but his son Andrew junior. Strange, since I’ve known Andrew since he was no more than an ankle biter! Seriously though he is a chip off the old block and has his father’s instinct when it comes to melody and crafting a good song. This song appeals to me because the lyric can be interpreted as a mournful ballad or a something a little darker, bordering on obsession. You decide; a romantic, shy fool or a pervy stalker.

Miracle Man
I have no problem with religion. Whatever floats your boat is fine with me providing it doesn’t impact on my life. This song is about the kind of people who use religion to relieve you of your money by means of fear and/or false promises of redemption in exchange for a lump of cash. Anyone who has cable television or visited the southern USA will have seen these kinds of Evangelists whipping up a storm on the God channels. Some of them are performers of considerable talent. It’s just a shame they decide to use their skills this way.

Turn Left At California
I’ve always been a fan of the road movie genre; wide open spaces, endless highways, you know the sort of thing. I’m also particularly fond of sitting in the shade somewhere hot with an ice-cold beer. This song combines the two in a strange, hypnotic Tex-Mex flavoured, meandering epic. Unlike anything we’ve done before.

Love Sucks
You have to retain your sense of humour at all times when dealing with the opposite sex because there are no absolutes, no certainties and the thing you least expect will probably be what happens next. Why do we do it to ourselves? Human relationships defy analysis but if they didn’t exist what would I write about?

One Bullet
Over the past year or two there have been God knows how many young people murdered unnecessarily by shooting or stabbing in London. I live in London, I grew up here and it disturbs me greatly that this is happening. Being young should be a time in your life where you’re free to not worry. We all need to do something about it in whatever small way we can.

A pet hate of mine are magazines like Hello and OK. I don’t think they have positive effect on those who read them because they glorify the mundane and the vacuous. This song is about a guy that’s so fed up with his girlfriend’s material obsessions he can’t take any more. He terminates the relationship and spews out all the bile that he’s kept in check for so long. It’s a major catharsis.

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