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Hi Danny, I just wanted to first say thankyou to all of you for being the heart of my love for music, you take 1st place on my ipod having 98 thunder tracks and ive just got mo's BBQ which is a great cd, luvin it. I cant wait to see you all again at the academy in Manchester... Ive seen you about 8 times now, this time we are taking our parents who are luvin thunder dad is 69 mum 65, im hopin its not gonna get too sweaty @ the academy although i do like to see you workin up a sweat(with the not-so gay dancin) Anyway to my ? have you and the guys ever been for a for a curry after the gig seen as the academy is on the curry mile...? luv to all the band and keep up the good work, ps tell luke he writes the best ballads ever and the way you sing them oh send's shiver's all over. Jodie, Cheshire
D: Thanks for all the family luvin'. We usually eat before the show when we're on tour, and we have fab caterers who cook for the whole touring party. The idea of a curry is a good one, but the only way it would work is if we were there on a day off.

Q: Hi everybody. How are you? I'm a die hard Thunderfan. From day one, this band started! For many years you play around Christmas time, some very special semi acoustics shows with some very special songs. Now I'm wondering if it's possible you play such a special show or acoustic show here in Holland? I can't wait until that day!!! For me it's to expensive to come to the UK to these Christmas shows. I hope to you see on tour in the near future. EdwinVranken, Zaandam, The Netherlands
D: I'm not saying it will never happen because it's not completely impossible. However, the Xmas show is very different to a regular Thunder show, and the whole thing is geared towards one single event. It's expensive to stage, with additional musicians and associated costs, and with the recording, it's quite a complex thing to arrange and execute. We're always looking at things with a view to making the most of everything we do, so who knows, it may change in the future, but at this time, I'm afraid a second Xmas show is not an option.

Q: I seem to have become a 'golfing widow' as my other half has been bitten by the golfing bug and spends many a weekend away both here and in sunnier climes! For those of you that 'do' are you totally addicted and if so does this cause problems at home - especially as you spend a certain amount of time away touring etc? What's your handicap (still talking golf) and have you/would you consider playing in a pro-am comp. Leanne, Belper, Derbyshire
L: I love a game of golf but its difficult to find the time to play as much as I'd like so my current handicap (20) isn't what it should be. I played last week with a pro who plays on the European tour and he told me with a small alteration to my grip I'd get my handicap down to 10 so I'm working on that. I don't play enough for it to be a problem domestically. I'd love to play in a Pro-Am one day time permitting.

Q: Seeing as Dirty Love is your equivalent to Stairway, BoRap, Smoke et al, can you ever envisage a time that you don't close a show with it, or even play a full gig without it at all? Grant, Glasgow
L: We've done shows without playing 'Dirty Love' in the past and I'm sure we will in the future!

Q: I'm sorry if you've been asked this before, but.... Tis the season (almost) for kind acts and so forth, so I wondered if you might consider an annual charity auction, with us fans giving up some of our memorabilia or the like for you (poor old Thinny I guess) to then sell on eBay (or similar)? I for one have a pretty nice leather jacket that you have all signed that I would be delighted to see go in an auction to help someone less fortunate than myself. The key here is that the fans don't expect anything, except a warm feeling and a tick in the 'nice'
column when Santa's next checking his list (twice!). Neville Grunwald, Woodford Halse, Northants
D: I think your idea is a good one, and naturally anything that helps with the ticks in the nice column is to be welcomed, but I think it more practical and simpler all round if you the fans were to auction the stuff yourselves. Of course we would be happy to support you with publicity via the Thunder site and inclusion in our email letters.

Q: Hi guys firstly the ep is fantastic love it !! well my question as someone has lowered the tone i may as well have a go............briefs, boxes, y fronts (my god) thongs or COMMANDO XXXX Angie, Derbyshire
D: I've long since been a Calvin Klein man. I have no idea what boxes are...
L: Sometimes boxers, sometimes briefs (when a little more support is necessary) and sometimes commando (when there's no time to waste!). You'll have to consult Harry re. thongs.........
H: Thongs! I have a wide and varied selection to choose from. At the moment I'm wearing the blue sparkly studded one.........studs on the inside of course!
B: May I suggest that you buy a copy of the "Plug It Out" DVD on which this subject was fully covered.

Q: Hi Guys, I was just wondering what you thought about the success in the last couple of years or so of delta blues influenced acts like Seasick Steve, the Black Keys, and the White Stripes? Are you a fan of that form of the blues? I have only got into Seasick Steve's style of music recently, but hes been a great success at the festivals this year. Oh, and will the McDonalds be at the Xmas show again this year? Rob, Wilmslow
B: I like the White Stripes and loved the Loretta Lynn/Jack White album, I am a fan of most forms of the blues no doubt influenced by Sonet, the record Company I worked for as a youth. The McDonalds won't be at the Xmas show so you'll have to bring you're own food, there will of course be a licensed bar.
D: I can't say I've heard the music of the other two but I find the White Stripes intriguing. At first I thought I was a case of Emperor's New Clothes and dismissed them, as what I'd heard just didn't sound very good to me. However, lately, mostly due to the non stop ingress of all forms of music into my house (my kids), I've found myself hearing and liking the odd track. I like all forms of Blues music, old and new. I have a lot of blues compilations in my music collection.
L: I'm not familiar with Seasick Steve (great name) or the Black Keys but I do like some of the White Stripes stuff. Tara and Anna will be joining us again this year for the Xmas show I'm pleased to say. I really can't imagine why you're asking though!

Q: Hello the lovely Thunder! Only 44 days to go until you come back to Bristol, can't wait :o) My question is, having just moved into a new house and spent the last 3 weeks busily stripping, (ooh er!) decorating and putting up flat pack furniture I just wondered how you guys feel about diy / decorating, is it something you enjoy to do or would you rather employ a man (or woman!) who can? See you in November! Juliet, Clevedon
B: I'd much rather get a woman to do my stripping for me, it's just quicker that way as I take a long time to get started.
L: Apart from a bit of painting and decorating I'm afraid I don't do DIY. As a carpenter I make a great guitarist!
D: I love all aspects of building, plumbing, painting, electrics etc etc. I've done loads of it over the years (in fact it's how I made my living). I'm not sure but I think I have almost every tool known to mankind, and if I'm not plotting world domination, singing or playing golf, I'm usually to be found at the blunt end of a power tool. I only get someone in when I'm too busy.

Q: Lately the questions have been so very sensible so we thought we would lower the tone a little..................................................................................leather or pvc????? Ele Chupa Chup and Madame Patrice, Chesterfield
H: Definitely leather..........
D: Leather & PVC..
B: Leather, I presume you are talking "shoes"
L: I'm a leather man myself. It moves with you and allows the skin to breathe. It also looks better the older it gets...I wish I could say the same for myself!

Q: Hi guys, I have been told I have 'freaky thumbs' as I do not have a knuckle joint at the end of each of them! I wondered if any of you have any parts of your body(!) that are not considered to be 'normal'? (no exaggerations now!) Reita, Sutton Coldfield
H: Think every part of me is abnormal-especially the brian...brain I mean!
D: I have no "from birth" deformities as far as I know. I do however click all over, mostly due to various accidents and injuries over the years. One such example is having broken both my thumbs at different times in my teens, I find that if I keep either of them fixed in one position for any length of time, they both lock up, and full movement only returns after forcing both of them, resulting in a rather loud clicking noise. It's painless, but I've always found it curious that they combine to work against me when I'm not using them.
B: I've got a sticky-out rib.
L: I have a larger than average head as anyone who's ever lent me their sunglasses will testify. It causes problems when I try to buy a hat but then again I guess it means my brain is a bit larger! Oh..and big feet too, but you know what they say about men with big feet............that's right, big shoes!

Q: Hi Guys, In Sept Q&A's I asked a question about whether you were happy with your 'level of fame'. And you all commented on the 'level of success' so I thought I would ask Are you happy with the level of success you have, given the industry your in? Ade C, Chesire
H: NO!
D: NO!
L: I think we're a success at making quality rock music and putting on a good show. I'm never completely happy with what we do but that's because I always believe we can get better.

Q: Out of interest do any of you suffer from hearing problems considering you've played a few loud gigs in your time. As an attendee to any rock concert I wear wax ear plugs, if I don't I suffer from sustained tinitis. James Vincent, Reading
H: I suppose I do suffer a little on the hearing front. I am a bit of a loud drummer so I'm told. Still......that's what you get.
B: The sound level on stage is quieter than you would imagine, the main sound system is pointing away from us and we have control over our individual monitor mixes. The only real problem is the drums which do not appear to have any volume controls on them. An oversight by drum manufacturers that I'm sure will be addressed in the future - eh Harry.
D: We're not a particularly loud band, at least not on stage. What comes out of the PA is a slightly different matter and nought to do with us. I have my hearing checked every 12 months and it is fine. Onstage I wear noise reducing ear plugs in certain circumstances, and I use an in ear monitoring system in others, so most of the time I don't hear it as loud as the other guys in the band. Chris wears the same noise reducing ear plugs at every show. He loves them like children.
L: I'm tempted to reply 'Eh?' but I won't. I don't have any problems although if I were to get my ears tested I'm sure my left ear would be slightly iffy due to the fact that Harry's ride cymbal has been battering it severely for many a year.

Q: As the main songwriter Luke, this question is mainly for you. I was listening to the old Terraplane album Moving Target today, and the opening to the track Good thing going sounds remarkably like a Thunder song (for the life of me I can't place it though). So, the question. Was this rehash intentional, and are there any other Terraplane tracks that were upgraded to Thunder status in any form? Pete Machin, Shrewsbury
L: As the person responsible for writing the songs for both bands, I think it is inevitable that there will be the occasional similarity. This is never intentional but I do reserve the right to rip myself off unconsciously on the odd occasion.

Q: Evening chaps, looking forward to the wolves gig, & also just booked tickets for the xmas do at rock city. question, how long before each gig do you work out a set list, and do you ever "fly by the seat of your pants" and throw something else in at short notice ? oh, duelling harmonicas live would be quite special!! see you at Wolves & Nottingham. Steve Wright, Shrewsbury
L: We don't decide on the final set list until rehearsal. I have a pretty good idea of what we'll play a few weeks before but sometimes it can change.

Q: I saw you at Plymouth last November, this November making the trek up to Bristol for my second Thunder show. Since the latest album's been out for a while now, is the setlist gonna contain less new material since promoting it's possibly less of a target now? I'm gonna let my friend borrow my Thunder CDs and want him listening to appropriate songs to help him prepare himself mentally for the power of Thunder. Oh and on a total side note, I'm 18 years old. I was buying lunch in Somerfield the other day and the shop attendant, a woman in her late 40s, saw my Tombstone Tour t-shirt and commented on how few Thunder fans my age she's met. Now I have a new friend! Haha, thanks :). Richard, Devon
L: As stated before, the set list won't be sorted out until we get into rehearsal shortly before the tour so I'm afraid you'll have to get your friend listen to everything we've ever done!!

Q: Luke, I played your solo album again to everybody in the burning hot sunshine that is Mallorca again this year on my holiday (same hotel) It is prolly the best music to hear when you are "maxing" it out in the beautiful Spanish atmosphere. So - so many peeps asked me what I was listening to (it became a chore in the end - telling them about Thunder/You lol !!) Nobody seems to talk about what you and Andy did in El Gringo Relaxo at that time and I for one want to know more. Take care mate, we all love you. Please write me another "Sacred Cow" - I owe you one xxxxxxxx Cleggy, Chesham, Bucks
L: Mr T. and I spent a couple of months just writing and having fun in the sun really. There wasn't an agenda as such; it was just one of our periodic writing sessions.

Q: Hi guys! Listened to the snippets of the EP, sound good, really looking forward to receiving that in the post, (it's been too long since a Thunder release). My question is to the guitarists mainly, but all responses are welcome. My 13 years old son says he wants an Electric Guitar for Crimbo. Great I thought, he can become mega rich and I can semi retire and run his website! I really don't know whether to buy a 'pack' from somewhere like Argos or Toys r us,  or go to a specialist shop. I don't want the guitar to be sitting in the corner of the room if it's just a phase he's going through, but at the same time I don't want to get him a piece of kit that won't benefit him in the long run? Plus, do I buy him a full size or 3/4 size or 1/2 size? Any advice would be gratefully received, but please bear in mind that I don't have a garage that I can soundproof for him to practice in! Hope you're all well, can't wait for December 2nd+Crimbo gig! P.S. Apologies to Luke, he probably won't remember, but when he arrived at  the RJT Listening party at the wine bar, he came and stood right next to my girlfriend and myself, we said hello, then silence. My girlfriend and I had previously decided not to be quivering fans who talk complete twaddle, so we played it cool...obviously too cool because it was a very long couple of silent minutes that passed because no-one started a conversation. So sorry again to Luke, nothing personal. I bet I've just relived that situation for no reason as Luke can't remember anyway? Anyway, take care all! Steve Blyth, Hemel Hempstead
B: I missed the child psychology classes when I was at school so predicting whether your son has a passing interest in guitar playing or not is best left up to you. If you expect him to become mega rich and keep you in retirement I can't really see him doing that with a guitar from Argos, can you?
L: If you buy him something at the budget end of things and he's determined to learn, the relative cheapness of his instrument won't deter him. I started on a Woolworth's electric and it made no difference. In terms of size I would get him started on a full size neck. At 13 it shouldn't make too much difference.

Q: Today i bought the tombstone-CD. it was sealed. when i opened it i found a little sticker under the CD with "35/2" on it. is there any reason? or a message from robert johnson ;-) ? Fabian, Switzerland
D: It's not a special message I'm afraid, it's a regular factory batch production sticker. Unless the ghost of Robert Johnson works in the CD plant of course, in which case it's obviously a sign from the grave, meaning tell everyone they must buy this CD.....

Q: Back in May I posed the question about what you all thought about Lewis Hamilton's success this year. Now that it's going down to the wire in Brazil do you think he can win the driver's championship? And will you be glued to the TV watching? Look forward to seeing you live for the first time since 1995 in Glasgow. Alex Small, Edinburgh
B: I'd love to answer this question but I'm glued to the TV... blast that Uhu
H: I believe he will win on Sunday afternoon and yes.......I will be totally glued to the TV.
T: Whoops...Sorry Alex...I'm a bit late posting this one...

Q: The Devil Made Me Do It has made a re-entry in the BBC rock charts as of 30.09.07 at No.21. I'm Pleased and confused ! Peeps are still buyin' good stuff, and why didn't they buy it when it first came out....we'ed of gone higher in the charts !!!!!! FOOLS !.....Oh 'n' by the by I hope your practicein' them there SWEET tracks 4 the XMAS show
at Notts...i'll be there !!!!! Steve, Nottingham
D: Weird, but I suspect the summer's festival activity may be the stimulus for this. I won't know for sure for about 6 months when the reports come in but it's usually the case. You can't blame people for not buying something if they've never heard it. Oh and bands like us don't practice, we're professionals, so we rehearse. I didn't want to do that but it's for your own good, you'll thank me in the long run, oh and I hope your wrist feels better soon.

Q: Ben, I cannot believe you have left us teetering on the edge of ignorance. It's like going to to the top of the mountain and finding the Dalai Lama has popped out for a cup of tea. After Thunder and the Rockin' Eddies,
Zep are my favourite band of all time. What was the big noise during "In the Evening" (PLEASE)??? Eddie G, London
B: But Vic you plummeted into the abyss of ignorance years ago and you've left it a little too late to be climbing your way out now. Just to give you a leg up I'll tell you. He told me it was an old RCA compressor thrown onto the floor and recorded, if this was the RCA BA6A that was no mean feat as they weigh over 65 lbs. Consider yourself enlightened, now I'm popping out for a cup of tea......

Q: Hi again guys!!!! Just a simple question about rock/metal icons and pioneers...what do you think about black sabbath and which band would you choose if you had to do so among led zep, sabbath and deep purple...I love led zep and sabbath with ozzy but i don't like purple very much although I respect their musicianship and their huge influence over the years. Thank you!!!!! Diego, Spain
B: Black Sabbath are one of the originators of heavy metal and so their contribution to music is immeasurable, they've influenced a generation of bands and musicians. Putting them in order of personal preference it would have to be Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple then Black Sabbath but all three are remarkable bands.
L: I think Sabbath were/are a very important band in the hard rock genre and I really like some of their material. If you put a gun to my head (I don't like choosing favourites) I would say Led Zeppelin.

Q: Greetings, just wanted to thank you for your excellent (eggcellent?) new release, I’ve been enjoying it immensely. I wanted to let you know I started my own radio station on www.live365.com, and have included “Does it Feel Like Love” and “I Love You More Than Rock and Roll” on my playlist, anything to help spread the word, and I’ll be adding more songs as I get more storage. I was wondering what your thoughts were on internet radio, if you approve, etc. Thanks again, looking forward to the “6 of 1” EP, take care, all the best. Mac, Pensacola, Florida
L: I think anything that gets good music out there is a wonderful thing. Good luck with your station!

Q: Hi Luke. I am just being nosey but cant help wandering how many guitars you had and which one is your fav and have heard of Wesley guitars. Stew, Shrewsbury
L: I think I currently own around twelve guitars although I'm not 100% sure. I don't have a favourite really as they all do different jobs. I haven't heard of Wesley guitars but I'll look out for them.

Q: It's interesting to read your thoughts on the sets and the amount of song you play. Along with the Quo you are my favourite live band purely because of the entertainment factor. On the last tour i took along a friend who had never seen you before and he said that it was probably the best gig he had ever been to. Compliments indeed!!! My question is this unlike yourselves the Quo don't tend to vary their set a great deal, Rossi always states that because of the amount of floating fans at gigs they have to play a high proportion of hits and that they like the set to flow, so when they put in unknown album tracks they sense from the crowd reaction that it doesn't go down well. Obviously you tend not to suffer from floating fans so much, but do you think this is a valid reason for not changing the set list so much and have you played songs that just don't work live so you won't play them again?? Steve, Southampton
L: It's always difficult to put a set together that ticks all the right boxes i.e. the right amount of new material, the popular old stuff and a few songs you haven't done for a while. On top of that you have to get the correct balance between the songs . For instance we have a lot of popular ballads but if we put them all in the set, it would be a very one paced evening. Similarly if we played exclusively up-tempo material that would also become boring fairly quickly. Every song that gets selected affects the other songs. It's a bit like picking a football team in some ways. I  don't think our audience is made up of 'one song' punters. I think they come to see Thunder because it's a great show and they know they'll be entertained regardless of whether or not we do 'Dirty Love' or 'Love Walked In' and as I've said a zillion times before, it's impossible to play everybody's favourite songs as there are just too many.

Q: Hi Guys - can't wait till the tour starts in November!! Anyway, it was recently said on the news that Rock Stars had a shorter life expectancy (no more than 40, I think they said). So since you are all (ahem) a tad older than that, what is your secret to a long life, relatively speaking!? Reita, Sutton Coldfield
L: Ha ha ha.... that sort of statistic really isn't helping the price of my car insurance! I guess we're all relatively healthy and sensible, maybe even boring in terms of our everyday lives. I like to keep busy so I doubt I would be able to find the time to hang out with Kate Moss (even though she's always pestering me!) and do loads of drugs.
B: Not dying prematurely.
D: The secret to longevity is living a vice free existence, like I do. Of course.

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