Q & A Archive - October 2005


Q: Oh my god, loved Bolsover. not listened to thunder for years and saw it in the local paper and thought "wow". My question is how do you feel about mosh pits and people going a bit nuts in front of you? .we didn't go too mad but kept getting filthy looks from some people around us !! I thought we had come to see Thunder, but I think some Daniel O'Donnell fans had got in!!!! Elge, Derbyshire
D: Glad you enjoyed the show, and welcome back! Don't stay away, we need you and others like you to return to the fold, it's getting better all the time. We love it when the audience goes mad, as you saw I actively encourage it! You have to bear in mind that a council promoted event in Bolsover is not a traditional rock gig on the circuit like say Rock City in Nottingham, and it will inevitably attract all kinds of people for different reasons (to be honest that's a big part of the appeal for us), so don't worry about the funny looks from those who don't go mad, there's room for everyone, as long as they all make a noise and join in their own way.

Q: Just wondering, with Danny mentioning that the next live album looks like it'll be recorded in London - would you consider recording one of the Glasgow shows? You guys always seem to have a great time up here, and the crowd... well... insane is one of the nicer words to describe us! Either that, or would it be an idea in the future to maybe record every show, and maybe offer a track or two for download so the peeps that went  to the show could get a reminder of the gig? Maybe like a Six-Shooter style digital EP for every gig? Tony Cottam, Glasgow
D: We record almost every show we do, some are inevitably better than others for all kinds of reasons, and we had to take all factors into account when we decided which show to mix for the download live LP. Your suggestion is one we've already considered, but unfortunately it's not workable. To be able to record and mix every show would mean we'd have to have someone permanently mixing, there simply wouldn't be enough time, and I fear Ben would cry. Snippets of every show is not workable because it's not always practical or possible to record. Snippets of selected shows could work I suppose, but I fear it may be unpopular with the majority of fans, based on the views we receive every week, the whole show (cheering, intro, shouting, warts and all) is what most people want. We could conceivably offer front desk mixes like some other bands do, but then we're going to get into issues of quality. These kinds of mixes are recorded on minidisk or DAT and usually by the front of house sound engineer (not a recording engineer), in real time and "on the hoof", meaning it is what it is, and there's no chance to mix afterwards, (so it's possible to make it available quicker). These recordings usually sound more akin to bootlegs than the high quality live recordings we strive for, so we've avoided it in the past. We have such a recording (the Club Citta Tokyo show in July) and someone did recently ask us to make it available. So far fans don't seem to be banging on the door for it, but who knows maybe the download live LP may start something, if the demand is there, we'll always try to meet it........

Q: Can we start by saying what a great gig you did at Bolsover. Hope you map reading skills were better than ours (only got slightly lost coming from Sheffield). We saw Ben and Luke driving out of the Castle while we were waiting in the queue which prompted our first question: When you are all driving together, how do you decide who sits in the front with the driver, do you play rock, paper scissors or does someone shout shotgun (or are you more grown up than us)? Secondly, Danny appeared much more frisky than normal, and from where we were standing, it appeared as though he kept pinching Bens bottom. Ben, did you manage to resist his advances? We wouldn't have been able to with all that sexy hip wiggling!! Kim and Sasha
B: I don't think anyone is bothered where they sit to be honest; Harry will usually go at the back as he likes to have 40 winks, I always think if I sit in the front I will be asked to read the map and direct; this could lead to a major mistake and weeks of derision from the rest of the band, best avoided really (eh Chris). I do have to admit that Danny's sexy hip wriggling really does nothing for me so it was easy for me to resist his amorous advances - I was black and blue the next day despite what he admits to.
D: To be honest we hardly ever drive ourselves, but when we do I normally do the driving, and Luke usually sits upfront. It's not a conversation, it just happens according to who gets in first. I can't believe you want to know this kind of stuff...
As to my onstage friskiness, let's all understand for the record I do not pinch their bottoms, I merely creep up and dig them in the waist when they're not looking. It gives them a start and keeps them on their toes and moving about, if only to stop me doing it again... As with most of the live show "music plus" moments, it's not planned, so the level of friskiness depends on how I feel at the time.

Q: Hi guy's love you to bits and can't wait to see you all on the 21st Dec In Nott's for the Xmas Party! With regard to the meet and greet, there are three of us coming to see you so if one of us were lucky enough to get a meet and greet pass, does that mean that the others would not be able to attend? Sorry guy's us girl's come as a package! Carole, Birmingham
D: Rules is rules I'm afraid. The meet & greet passes will be randomly attached to the Xmas Show CD info sheets, so if you're lucky enough to pick one up as you enter the venue, it will entitle you plus a friend (one) to gain access to the after show. If all three of you look fab, you never know, someone may just come up to you and give you some passes anyway. It has happened before. No moaner misery outcries please, twas ever thus, and shall be so....

Q: A while back there was some talk of a live CD from the TMS tour. Just wondering if there is still plans to release a live album. P.s. Lookin forward to seeing u at Hammersmith. Stephen Lawrence, Dartford
D: We spent some if the time this summer sifting through all the shows we recorded this year. Some are better than others from a technical standpoint (the bands is always fab of course), this is always going to be the case with variations created by venues, computer glitches etc. For the next Live LP, we decided we didn't want to mix and match different shows, preferring it to be just one night only. Shepherds Bush Empire in London in March this year has emerged as the standout winner, and Ben has been busy mixing it, in between other things. Once we're ready, all will be revealed, but rest assured, it is coming, and hopefully soon.....

Q: Just read your classic rock magazine interview in January's issue. Danny says that he had nothing to do with the writing of 'The Magnificant Seventh' album. The only song that isn't credited at all Morley (except covers) on any other album is 'The Moment of Truth' on LOJD. It is a fantastic tune written by the other members, I'm only curious as its the only Thunder song like this, how did this come about (if you can remember)! Adam T
D: Harry has co-written quite a few songs with Luke over the years. Everyone else in the band has been involved in the process of writing songs at various times, but we haven't spent much time trying to write together, mainly because of the problems of time (we're all busy and it seems take an age to come up with finished tunes, however good or bad they turn out). Luke works alone in the main, and is most productive that way, though he likes to co-write sometimes if the ideas are stimulating (he and Chris have done some stuff recently for the next LP). TMOT came about when Harry, Ben and I had a serious stab during the writing time for LOJD. Everybody Wants Her came out of the same session. Luke is the musical director if you like, he takes responsibility for the overall content and direction of the music on each LP, so regardless of where it comes from, if he feels a song (or an idea for a song) works within the bigger picture, he takes it on and makes it fit in, if not it goes into the "also ran" pile, along with his "also rans". I for one have always found it very hard to create music, partly because in the past everything I came up with sounded amateurish to my ears, and nowadays because I'm way too busy running our label and managing the band's affairs. I've decided to get on with that I believe I'm good at, and leave songwriting to those who know what they're doing.

Q: Just wanted to let you all know how FANTASTIC you were at Bolsover Castle yesterday (Fri 28th October 2005)as always. I have just booked a couple of tickets for your Christmas Gig at Rock City, Nottingham in December. Just wanted to know if there was any particular dress code (e.g casual or pretty and glittery (being Christmas and all) etc)? Either way can't wait. What a Christmas treat!!! See you there. Lynsey, Bolsover
T: Glad you enjoyed the Bolsover show - so did we. As for the Christmas show dress code, dress however you feel comfortable. You don't have to make a special effort, but it will add to the fun if you do.

Q: Luke I would like to learn to play the harmonica and was wondering what you would recommend for a beginner? Is a chromatic one best? What key is best for guitar players? Ian, S Wales
L: I taught myself by trial and (lots of) error but there are no rules. I'm sure there must be some 'teach yourself' type books out there somewhere. I would recommend a Hohner Blues Harp to start on. The key depends on which key you're playing in. Good luck.

Q: Hello again, was at the DIO concert on Saturday 15th of Oct at the Academy Manchester it was a great show, waited for well over 2 and a half hours to get in and I along with my two brothers got right up the front which was great. Have you guys ever seen the guy or the band Live? he is a legend, Rainbow rising is definitive hard rock, he started the show with 'Tarot woman'. I see you guys are playing this very venue on the 3rd Feb 06 and was thinking of heading over to see you (I am from N.Ire) with my entire family and maybe a few friends as the Dio expedition went very well. Are there any further dates to come on the tour and would there be a northern Ireland date? I ask this as we had bought the tickets for Dio and just a week later he had a date for belfast on his website. I have never seen you live, got the DVDs and live CDs but have never been there to experience the show live I am determined to change that now that you guys have reformed, I thought I had lost my chance.  I saw a few people at the Dio show with THUNDER tshirts they looked really good must get one if I make the show. Colm, N. Ireland
T: There are currently no plans to add any dates to the tour. Enjoy the show.

Q: Numerous questions have been asked being asked whether you like being credited as a rhythm guitarist. Please excuse the ignorance, but what is the difference between lead and rhythm. My friend says the lead is 'wing wing wing', while the rhythm is 'wah wah wah'. But I am not convinced. So I thought I would ask an expert. Chinny, Stocksbridge
B: Rhythm - The subdivision of a span of time into perceptible sections; the grouping of musical sounds, principally by means of duration and stress. With melody and harmony, rhythm is one of the three basic elements of music. In Western music, time is usually organised to establish a regular pulse, and by the subdivision of that pulse into regular groups. Such groups are usually two or three units (or their compounds, such as four or six); the arrangement of the pulse into groups is the metre of a composition, and the rate of pulses is its tempo. Most Western music, from the late Middle Ages to the 20th century, possesses a regular rhythmic pulse and metre; these may be absent, however, from some types of earlier music, for example, ecclesiastical plainchant, which lacked a metric structure, leaving its rhythm to be realised according to conventions and as dictated by the verbal text or "lyric". Rhythm as a fundamental element - no music can exist other than in time (note this Harry) - has a part to play in many other aspects of music; it is an important element in melody; it affects the progression of harmony, and has a role in such matters as texture, timbre and ornamentation. It is fundamental to the dance; dance patterns, derived from bodily motion, have dictated many of the rhythmic patterns that pervade Western music.
Lead - Wing wing wing.

Q: How many of the Terraplane singles did you ever make promo videos for? & how can i see them? Mart, Essex
D: Good question. I think we made videos for I Can't Live Without Your Love, I Survive, and Talking To Myself, after that my mind is jelly (it was 20 years ago). You could see them by watching them on the TV of someone who has them (simple), or by appealing on the message board for someone to copy them for you.

Q: Just received Six Shooter, usual standard, splendid, but that's a given. Read the sleeve notes and saw [Harry James begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting has left the building] building or band? cheeky southern humour, or cause of genuine sadness? say its not so! Paul Mitchell
D: As you may be aware, it's often felt that Harry would sometimes rather play drums at the front of the stage and have the band play behind him. He is referred to as Elvis by the rest of the band at these times. In his heyday, Elvis (Presley, not Harry) fans would scream for him long after he came off stage, so to make them go home, show organisers would announce when he had left the building. The sleeve note serves as a playful but necessary reminder that Harry must stay at the back most of the time...

Q: Hello Chaps! You guys never fail to keep me happy and amused, so I just had to bung in a couple of quickies (augh!) regarding the 'Spaghetti Mix' - I bet you had HOOGE amounts of fun making that one! Anyway....... 1. Who's playing the trumpet? Either Ben is cheating and using a synth OR one of you has a secret talent? 2. Who's singing the "Ho Hay Hoo........Ha Ha Ha" bits - I'm guessing it's all of you and assuming the 'words' are as suggested above? Thanks for everything (but then you know that right?) and see you very soon! Pids, Norwich
L: The trumpet player is a Spanish guy called Sergio Garcia and the 'vocal emoting' was cunningly fashioned by Jose Maria Olazabal.......or was it?????

Q: Luke, 2 questions for you - your writing process, do you search for things you have never written about before, or just what is on your mind and affecting you at the time. tune/lyrics or lyrics/tune. Have you heard Nickelbacks new CD, great sound and lyrics, a lot of feeling. Thanks and see you at Christmas and in Brighton which will be my 50th  time seeing you live...would have been more if I didn't work abroad. promise. Graham, Cruise Ship
L: There's no one way I do it to be honest. I just try to do what feels right at the time. I'll look out for Nickelback's album. I quite like the single.

Q: Ey up Luke, just got back off mi hols (Tenerife, first time I've been, brilliant, and excellent golf courses), and been catching up on the Q&A's, and noticed the one about when you were in the rehearsal room of KISS and the din that they were making. Now I've always been a bit of a Kiss fan, which line up of Kiss was it? I'm thinking it might be the original line up getting ready for that reunion they did back in the 90's, as having seen them twice on that tour (once with yourselves at Finsbury Park ) when they were excellent both times, I have heard some very retched bootlegs aswell, but then again I'm very probably wrong. Cheers Luke take care. Hope the golf's going well (cos mine bloody isn't!) Ian Helliwell, Rotherham
L: Not being a fan of Kiss, the only two I recognised were Stanley and Simmons so I'm afraid I can't help you there. My golf is as inconsistent as it's ever been. My handicap currently stands at 19.9.

Q: Hi Luke, I think that you have previously said something along the lines of that when you compose, you try not to compromise your integity and write whatever you feel like, and if people like it then great. I remember reading a magazine interview with you when 'The Only One' came out as a single and you said that you quite liked the song, but that you 'wouldn't want to make a living out of writing songs like that'. It may be that you were paraphrased or misquoted, but this sounds as if you deliberately wrote a 'poppier' more 'commercial' song to purposely try to get a hit (nothing wrong with that though). However I would have thought that this is exactly how you do make a living - writing great, catchy songs that people like. Can you recall the magazine quote at all, and if so can you possibly remember exactly what you meant? Chris, Kent
L: I don't remember the interview or quote but I was probably trying to say that Thunder's breadth of style and different approaches allows me not just to write three minute pop songs but also weightier stuff as well. This could be lyrically (Low Life In High Places or Monkey See, Monkey Do) or musically (Empty City).

Q: I just got my copy of six shooter at the weekend, what can I say!!!! played it three times already this morning. The remix of fade in to the sun is totally mind blowing, needs loads of volume to get the full benefit. Its going on the first play of hospital radio's rock show on Friday night. The Big question I have for the band is; Every year we have a blues festival over fri, sat and sun in Ramsbottom, in September, some fairly big bands turn up each year, and this coming year, Victor Brox and band will be turning up again, along with another well known band, Govt Mule. What I would like to know is....what would it take for you guys to turn up and play for us, you do have a very large following in this tiny town which is just outside Manchester, dead easy to get to via motorway and many cracking pubs. If you are interested and would like to know more, get in touch with me and it will be sorted. James Booth, Lancashire
D: Glad you like the EP and thanks for the play at the weekend. As to your question, I'm afraid the answer is a "Rather Fat Pile Of Cash". When Thunder plays live it's not a case of "chuck it in the estate car and show up". Far from it, we have staff to employ, bodies and equipment to transport, beds to provide according to distance, and sadly it all costs plenty money. We consider ourselves reasonably kind hearted, and we've shown it by supporting plenty of good causes over the years, but like most we have mouths to feed also. If you're not put off having read the aforementioned, by all means email again and we can put you in touch with our agent, who will no doubt reveal the exact size of the RFPOC.

Q: Hi. I was wondering if you (Chris) ever felt a little left out having joined the band later than the rest of the guys? Being the longest serving Thunder Bass player I am sure you are well and truly friends with everyone but do you ever feel left out hearing about the early days? Also, I've just started to learn bass myself. I've got a nice Ibanez GSR-205 five string (low B yeah!). I was wondering what you thought of Ibanez (hopefully nothing too bad now I have shelled out the money) and if you could recommend a good combo practise amp. Cheers. Dave, Leeds
C: It's very simple - I loathe them all. Always have done and always will do. And they hate me too.
Ibanez basses are good - it really comes down to personal taste and the  type of music you're going to be playing. Having gone through many different basses, I'm now back at a Fender Precision, the most basic of all guitars. It just sounds great. As far as practise amps go, if it's for your bedroom, I would recommend an all-in-one preamp walkman type thing, that you use with headphones so that you don't annoy the neighbours, and you can play along to songs. I can't name one in particular, but I know they're out there.

Q: Hi guys. A few years back Skid Row released an EP, "B-side Ourselves", which was cover versions of each of the band members favourite songs. If you were to do a similar EP, what songs would you each pick, and why? Dave , Cambridge
L: Too many to mention I'm afraid. I'm not a fan of picking favourites in anything as my opinion changes according to my mood at the time.
B: Harry singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" would do it for me.
C: Ooh that's a tough one! There are so many songs that this band could cover well, I would probably have to try and think of something unlikely - perhaps 'It's Not Unusual' by Tom Jones...

Q: You may have noticed on the message board during the past few days that Mrs B has recently given birth to our daughter Connie Ollie. By the way, have I told enough people, or is there some who are not aware yet??? (Tee Hee!) My question is.... this was obviously a very proud day for me which reduced me to a blubbering mess, have you ever cried tears of absolute joy? If so, (and if not too personal to divulge) why? Question number 2 (cheeky, I know!!): I asked a long while ago through the Q&A but it never got answered... if you (or EMI) would ever consider granting permission for your songs to be converted for karaoke? The new material would go down a storm I feel!! It also helps spread the word, although hearing a drunken off-key version of ILYMTRNR may have the adverse effect....... OK, scrap that!!!!! Jamie B, Suffolk
D: Congrats on the birth of your daughter. The answer to your first question is yes I have, and like you it happened when my kids were born. It is truly the best moment without a doubt. We laugh a lot in the band, and there have been many times when I've been reduced to tears of laughter and been in physical pain. They say it's the best medicine. I don't see why our tunes shouldn't be used by karaoke companies, but no one has asked, presumably because no one believes there's a large enough market to justify doing it. If someone did ask, I see no reason why we wouldn't agree, but we're not in the karaoke business at the moment (never say never). The idea of drunken people singing our tunes in bars around the world simultaneously fills me with both dread and hilarity.
B: Harry can often send the band off into tears of joy, his laugh is so infectious.

Q: Apologies if this has been asked before but is there any date when the balcony tickets will be released for the Hammersmith gig. Or is it purely dependent on sales? I've done my back in and can't stand! Tim Johnston, London
T: The venue will only release balcony seats if the standing area sells out.  There are still standing tickets available at the moment, but you never know. It may be worth calling the venue and showing your interest in seats. If enough people call they may be convinced...Sorry not to be more helpful, but it's totally out of our control. Hope your back gets better soon.

Q: Hi I go to our local spiritualist church, I believe in life after death, spirits etc. What are your thoughts on the subject? Do you believe in life after death? Also I am so pleased you are in Nottingham this year. Do you have any idea on ticket prices? I plan to bring my sister to the gig as she is a Thunder virgin! Look forward to seeing you guys in December. Donna, Nottingham
D: I believe in the spirit being present after physical death, whether or not it's true I know not, but it suits me to believe, as I find it very comforting. Full Xmas show details are coming any moment...
B: I'm not sure that I believe in life before death.

Q: What's the furthest distance (that you know of-from meeting people at meet&greets etc etc) that someone has ever come to see you play? I am hoping to get over to London next year from Ireland but I am sure people have come from much further away. Brian, Dublin
D: Japan is the furthest I think...

Q: Hi. Just got the Flawed to Perfection DVD, which is Wonderful, and its great to see footage of the Original Line up with Snake in all its glory back in 1990 etc, no disrespect whatsoever to Chris, who is undoubtedly a superb Bassist and much needed addition to the Band, but as I got into Thunder in 1989 during my early and most difficult Teenage Years, the Original Line up has always remained kinda special to me. That said I am a Bassist myself and was a little upset when Snake originally departed, but such is life. Anyway, sorry for my babbling and I will get down to my question which is for Mr Matthews - On the DVD and throughout Thunder's history you have been continuously been credited as a "Rhythm Guitarist", which to me seems kinda surprising when you've done some share of the Lead work in "LLIHP", "Higher Ground" and others, yet the title of "Rhythm Guitarist" still seems to reside. Has it ever bothered you? Peter, Dublin
B: No.

Q: I've just returned from holiday in the lovely country of Canada, and spent some time in a cabin next to a recording studio. The place had themost tranquil and creative feel of anywhere I've been. Do you find studios havens of peace and productivity or is recording quite a stressful affair. Jenny , S. Wales
L: I enjoy recording and watching the songs come to life. I don't find it stressful although I'm sure the band do sometimes when I have a very specific way I want something to sound. Studios shouldn't be too peaceful; a little bit of tension isn't always a bad thing.

Q: Part i) I have to say a thank-you to the band for replying to questions in such a timely and honest manner - its much appreciated! Just to follow on Luke, having established you play guitar behind your head what are the chances of demonstrating on the 06 tour? I for one would cheer very loudly for even an attempt! :)
ii) Can u explain what and why:- Luke "blind lemon" Morley? What is an iron lung?! and a flaming hoover bag?! Ian, S. Wales
L: Between albums 1 + 2 I taught myself to play basic blues harmonica and LOJD has my first attempts on 'Better Man' and 'Baby I'll Be Gone'. 'Blind Lemon' therefore is a humourous reference to the blues legend Blind Lemon Jefferson who I am definitely not! 'Iron lung' might well refer to Benny's attempt at playing the diggery-do (as taught to him some months later by Rolf Harris) when he hyperventilated to almost the point of fainting. 'Flaming hoover bag' was something to do with Snake but I can't remember what exactly.

Q: What was Thunder's first ever US tour date? I have a recording from the Hollywood Palladium on 6 Oct 91 that claims to be the first. Is that true? Kurt Sorenson, Billings, MT
D: No it's not true, we did a short run of 5 shows in the US in 1991, immediately after a series of shows in Canada, The Palladium show was the last one. They were as follows:-
Sept 28 - New Campus Club, Providence, Rhode Island.
Sept 30 - Hammerjacks, Baltimore.
Oct 4 - Marquee, Orange County, California.
Oct 5 - Sound Effex, San Diego, California.
Oct 6 - Palladium, Hollywood, California (RIP Magazine party with Spinal Tap, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Screaming Jets, Soundgarden).
All the shows were brilliant, though the Palladium show was a little strange, the room was split 50/50 traditional rock fans/grunge fans, I remember there was a degree of shall we say "faction friction"...

Q: Ben I have picked up your tour diary for "The Thrill Of It All" tour backed up with various backstage passes & photos of the band inc. a few of your good self dressed a a woman! at a sale. There is a hand written entry on a few pages inc on the Bradford sat 8th Feb 1997 you was staying in a certain hotel in Bradford & written in in hand writing are the words "Bottled it!" I have a few of your autographs & it seems to be your writing...what does it mean? Mart, Essex
B: I was obviously referring to a recipe for a rather fine dandelion and burdock wine someone gave to me.

Q: I have bought tickets for your show in Newcastle in January. Have you got a new studio album for release to support the tour? Steve, Newcastle
D: The January 2006 UK tour is the second leg of the tour to promote the current LP. It's later than we wanted it to be but there was no venue availability in November 2005. It is conceivable that we may play some new material in January, though I can't say for sure at this time. Songwriting and preparations for the next LP are going on right now, with a view to recording some later this year and the rest of it early next year. If it all goes to plan the next studio LP will be out towards the end of next summer.

Q: Hello again my rock gods! Did any of you watch the 'Rock School' programme on C4 on Friday night? If so, what did you think of it? If you haven't watched iT: Gene Simmons from Kiss has become a teacher at a boarding school and his task is to turn a class of children into Rock Gods over the course of the series! The children involved hate rock music and prefer classical! It's quite funny to watch. So far Gene has taught them that some of the requirements of being a rock god are as follows:
1. You've got to have a 'rock' name e.g. The Edge or Sting
2. You don't have to be able to play your instrument properly
3. You don't have to be able to sing properly
4. You have to have attitude & think you are cool.
Do you agree with these??? By the way, I'm glad you are releasing the EP cos I'm one of the people who can't download as I am stuck in the stoneage. Oh, and Luke - the hair is ok, do not cut it... ever!!! Maria, Hertford
L: Having once stood inside a rehearsal studio in New York and listened to the unspeakable din that was emanating from the room Kiss were in, I'd tend to take everything Mr. Simmons says with a pinch of salt as I think his criteria are based on his own experiences. I don't think his observations are applicable to everyone. I think everybody has to find their own way.
B: I'm afraid I don't watch Reality TV shows as they bore me silly. Gene has obviously got it wrong as Rock music is one of the few branches of music where you do have to be able to play or sing well. Rock fans are a very discerning bunch, you can't pull the wool over their eyes - Saying that I've never been a Kiss fan perhaps they are the exception.

Q: Which were the Trace Elliots (for guitar)you use from the "Live" Album? Trident, Bonevile, Speed Twin? Sergi, Spain
B: They weren't Trace Elliot amps they were Mesa Boogie amps! Chris may have used Trace Elliot bass amps but I wouldn't know - Bonneville of course.
L: I think they were the 'Trident' model.

Q: Have you ever tried playing guitar behind your head? was it successful? Ian, S. Wales
L: In my early years I played guitar behind my head which was fairly easy compared with playing with my teeth which wasn't as much fun. I blame Jimi Hendrix...

Q: Oi oi. I've been a fan since the start and realised early on that you have an amazing ability to write songs for every kind of emotion I've ever felt some of which pulled me back from going over the edge to which I say a heartfelt thanks. Can tell me why "YOU DON`T KNOW WHAT LOVE IS" was never put on an album as this is the best track you guys have recorded. Also recently "CLOSER TO THE FIRE" is another great tune. anyway thank you for all of your excellent music and gigs and long may you reign. Jason M. Dagenham
L: Glad you've enjoyed the songs over the years. 'YDKWLI' was deemed to not be good enough for our third album for one reason or another at the time although I can't remember why exactly.

Q: Hi All. Just a quickie (so to speak) just wondered how you had managed to pull off the xmas bash at Rock City for a second year?! I have to say you have already made my Christmas! Hope to see you all at Chesterfield, if not - it's Notts!! Hope you're all good - Take care. Leanne, Derby
D: Quite simple really, Rock City are celebrating a big anniversary, and asked if we'd like to come back as part of their festivities. We had a great time last year, so it was an easy decision. We initially considered staging it somewhere different, but when RC asked, it seemed to make sense on a lot of levels.

Q: First of all the new album is stonking nice one guys right I'm currently in a band and we are doing a couple of thunder numbers but I'm having trouble getting the high notes is there anything I can do to help me? I know I will never reach the notes u do cause ur voice is amazing but any tips wud be much appreciated thanks a lot. Mark, Bedfordshire
D: It's hard to know how to advise you to sing notes you can't normally reach. Have you tried a pair of pliers around the "family jewels"? I'm not suggesting you try it of course, perish the thought, perhaps make the band play the songs in a lower key....

Q: Morning Danny... I have just read your open apology and it made me really ANGRY!!!!! (Not at you... but at those who are moaning) - I was one of those people who did not download IALM because at the time I had no access to the internet... but I really can't understand the problem... I think it's great you guys are trying new ideas out, It is important to explore your options. I must admit though that I was a little surprised when you announced you would not be releasing FITS (Not just for selfish reasons... but because FITS is one hell of a song and it would get the thumbs up from those who maybe haven't experienced the magic of Thunder (Well done to you all). So guys, do me a favour...forget about the moaners... you're doing a super job. Thanks for bringing out the Six Shooter CD... We are looking forward to it... and just remember... unfortunately you will never be able to please everyone!!!!. Danni & Paul, Leeds
D: Thanks for the words of encouragement, but don't be angry, and you're not alone. To be honest the overwhelming majority of Thunder fans are great, and even the moaners are fans, they're just passionate, and sometimes they get upset when decisions don't make sense to them. When this happens we know we have to accept the good reactions along with the bad. After all, now we're the record company as well as the band, there's no one else to blame for unpopular decisions. That said, we're never going to change our plans because a few people don't like them, and sometimes I do feel the need to vent my spleen (after all it's a two way street), but having done that very thing last week, I discovered I was in the wrong and I thought it only right and proper to admit it. It isn't going to change the EP, or the reasons behind it, but hopefully it has cleared the air. Right, that's it, I'm done, I think this should close this particular subject.

Q: Hello Thunder. Some weeks ago I was sorting through my "old" possessions and found several items relating to the "Thunder Channel!" fan club. On further investigation I found some signed pictures from a small concert at "THE STAGE DOOR" in Hanley Stoke. This was one of the many times I have seen and meet you since first seeing you perform at Donington 90. I remember at the Donington gig how you guys rocked the place, my friend and I had a small wager. He said you guys were a flash in the pan and would not last the year out, I said no way and the wager has still not been paid! Did you guys ever believe or imagine that over a decade later you would still be going strong? Gareth Kelly, Cheshire
B: Donington 90 seems like a long time ago now but I have a rather splendid framed poster from the show on my staircase wall which reminds me of it every day. It was a shame that the wager wasn't for a huge amount of money really. Of course it's very nice to be still here after all that time.
D: I can't say we're going strong, my old bones are creaking as I type this...
Seriously, it's been a long and winding road and all that, but we're still enjoying ourselves, and we're fortunate that the fans are still there for us, so until one of those things changes, I guess it will go on (and on, and on).....How ominous...
L: I don't think I ever thought about it to be honest. When you think about the changes that have taken place in the music industry since we've been going it is fairly amazing though

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