Q & A Archive - May 2002


Q: What kind of animal is your ideal pet and why . We have an 8.5 foot snake (common boa), a large German shepherd dog & a bearded dragon (lizard). Mick & Tina Parsons, Sussex
C: We've got two cats, I guess they would be my favourite animal because they're so independent.
D: How very exotic! I have 3 cats and am extremely fond of all of them.
B: I've met a few bearded dragons in my time but I wouldn't consider keeping them as pets. I do like German Shepherds though but being away a great deal of the time it is a little cruel for me to consider having one

Q: Really enjoyed the gig at London Astoria - it's great to have you guys back on stage. Wanted to ask you a question about your set lists.... your back catalogue consists of some fantastic songs but you only choose to play 16 / 17 songs (I can see why Thinny didn't post the set lists after each show), and you don't seem to incorporate songs from Giving The Game Away, the favourite being Just Another Suicide - there are so many that you can use from that album. Another point, please play Shake The Tree when you tour again because that song is amazing and probably the best on the new album. I'm sorry if you think I'm moaning, but I am a huge fan and to have you guys back and to say you will tour again in November was the best news. But please expand the set list, I just came back from seeing Bruce Springsteen play two nights at Crystal Palace and he did 25/27 songs for 3 hours each night, and he has 15 years on you guys!!!! See you in November and don't take offence! Matt Barber, Portsmouth
L: Once again can I reiterate that it's impossible to please everybody all the time. We played 5 songs from the new album as that's what we're currently trying to promote. 'Shake The Tree' wasn't one of them but maybe it will be next time. When GTGA was released, on the subsequent tour we played Suicide, GTGA, Numb, Time To Get Tough, Funky Music, Rolling The Dice and 'Til It Shines. With the greatest respect to Broooce I'd like to see him do 27 Thunder songs and still walk off the stage - if you don't think we're working hard enough all I can say is sorry. In my opinion we've always given value for money and we work as hard as we can to entertain every time we step onto a stage. You might also notice that BS has more nights off between his shows than we do, a Lear jet, the best possible facilities and he charges a lot more!

Q: Thanks for a great show at the Astoria guys.I said on the message board that you were dynamite that night and I meant it.I thought your Wembley show was great, but this far outdid it. Hopefully I'll get to see you in November. Chris, your bass sounded good & loud. Did those pickups you mentioned before arrive in time prior to the start of the tour? Peter Jordan, Dublin
C: Glad you enjoyed the show - so did I. I fitted the pickups before the tour, and was very pleased with the result.

Q: Thank you, thank you , thank you for a great show at the Astoria on the 23rd. I flew in from Madrid for the weekend just for this (and to buy a couple of copies of the single at HMV). I have a suggestion and a question: My suggestion is for Thinny to create a "gear page" where all us fans and fellow musicians could have a read as to the set-ups you use onstage. The question: If enough of a stir is created by SATS (let's hope!!!), would you be open to a recording contract, or is freedom too precious? Manuel, Madrid
D: I think the equipment page is a nice idea but to be honest it would be a bit short, we're not that techy and we don't use that much equipment! The freedom is wonderful and the work is hard but I wouldn't swap it for a record contract..

Q: Firstly - great show at The Astoria as many people have already said. "Don't wait for me.." gave me goosebumps! A grown man too.... Just a couple of questions. You may not want to answer the first! Just curious as to how many copies of the album and single you sold? Or is this commercially sensitive information?! Secondly, promotion of the band. I was interested by your comments in one of the answers about the internet being a medium useful to yourselves and other bands. I think it's brilliant that you personally answer the questions on here (honestly) and not just leave it to some PR bloke to do your work for you. You must be busy and I'm sure we all appreciate the time you take to answer these questions. The only problem I see is how to get new
people to the web pages. Now the internet is a curiosity to a lot of people. They see a web address and think 'Oh I wonder what that's all about' and will go and have a look. This may sound like a very 'tacky' idea, but what about some car stickers with some simple graphics and the web address? People may see them, be curious enough to have a look and listen to your samples. You never know...... Not sure of the costs involved though. But if you couldn't give them away, I'm sure people would pay a nominal fee, just to help you chaps out as we all did with the single. ps 3000+ votes on the extreme radio album of 2003 :-) !! Han, Huntingdon
D: Glad you enjoyed the show. You're right about the commercially sensitive information. To be honest we know how many we've manufactured but as the records are all over the place in shops and distributors' warehouses and vans etc, so we simply have no accurate information on actual total sales, and won't have any for some time to come. All I will say is we are very happy and pleased at how we're doing so far. However, the fight goes on, as does the campaign for the LP, so it's vital you continue to spread the word to everyone you can, in any way you can. I notice the rock club/DJ campaign has gone a bit quiet lately, if you're going to a rock club please don't forget to take your copy of SATS and get the DJ to play tracks. If he/she likes it they can email us for a dj copy, if they do, let us know and we'll send you a prezzie. This is working, we just need to keep it going... Car stickers is a good idea, and one we've considered before but discounted due to cost, we'll have another look at it.

Q: Your main issues at the moment seem to be gaining a wider audience and proving a point that you can do well without a record label. Is there any way that you can use the contacts you have made over the years to organise some sort of event or festival in support of unsigned bands? The latest issue of Rocksound had a free cd of 'local and unsigned talent'. It would be a great way of getting yourselves known amongst us young'uns! Myself and anyone else I have dragged along to your gigs have been hooked after seeing you live. Just a thought, good luck! Trevor
D: This is something I would definitely like to do one day, but at the moment I am absolutely flat out 14 hours a day.. Perhaps it could happen once things with Thunder calm down a bit, thanks for the suggestion.

Q: Just read Anthony's Q&A I have to say that my two girls, as the lads will know by now, are total Thunder loonies. I took me eldest to Notts for the HMV appearance (we were on the front row) and we went as a family to Cambridge. Do you, as a band appreciate how well i have brought up me girls? I'm sure that out there are many other teenage fans who have been dragged up on Backstreet symphony etc. I cant express how thankful I am for the meet and greets. Are they somewhat a bind when you've just done a ball breakin hour n half set?.........The Purple one (Mandy), Derbyshire
D: Sometimes you're simply exhausted and want to go back to the hotel bar and drink a few drinks and chill, instead of doing a meet and greet. However the very fact that you mentioned you and your girls and the whole family attendance thing is the same very fact that makes us do the meet & greet. We know how important they are to our business, and we're sure the loyalty it brings is part of the reason we've got such a strong following. We set out our stall very early on, and to be honest we're so used to doing it, nobody ever really questions it, it's just as much a part of the routine as the soundcheck or the show.

Q: I was ecstatic at catching the quite brilliant show in Cambridge the other night, WOW you guy's know how to entertain! Much debate between myself and friends followed. Two questions: The general theme's of Thunder songs are, losing a woman, finding a woman or the wrong woman - Would it be fair to say that Luke is a tortured soul? Obviously this leads to great songwriting! Danny - What do you do between albums and tours other than keeping your voice in check? and Monsters of Rock? As you seem to have no instrument to master like the other guy's...do you get bored? Richard Augustus, Colchester
L: I think a lot of songs I've written are about relationships but they tend to be applicable to both male and female points of view. I wouldn't describe myself as a tortured soul.....I think I'm fairly ordinary really.

Q: Thanks to you all for a fantastic night out @ Wolverhampton!!! Nice to hear Les Pauls (Guitars) out for the show again i love telles myself but the LP's just have the upper hand!! When you did the MOR tour i saw Ben playing a gold top LP just curious as to how many of these he has got?? Thanks for "the thrill of it all" amazing!!! Mark, Warks
B: I've got five Les Pauls but only one gold-top, the milkman won't deliver anymore.
Les Paul Reissue Flame Top
Les Paul Reissue Gold Top
Les Paul Black Custom
1969 Les Paul Cherry Sunburst
Les Paul Tobacco Standard
The thing I like about telecasters is the weight - they are so much lighter on stage!

Q: BLOODY GREAT LONDON SHOW!!! Luke, as I was leaving the Astoria I saw a bloke by the control desk, long hair, fag in gob, spitting image of you, any relation??? Mark, Swindon
L: Not as far as I know........all I can say is I feel very sorry for him whoever he is!!!

Q: Hi chaps. Thanks for the acoustic set and the meet and greet at Nottingham HMV. I don't go to full blown gigs these days due to trouble with my hearing - so it was great to see you guys playing live again! Anyway, onto the question - how about The Pimp and the Whore as a follow on single to Loser? Seeing as you're free of record company influence, you're about the only band I can think of who'd get away with it! Paul
L: At the moment we're recovering from the tour so we haven't addressed any major issues as yet. We're going to take a look at the situation and then decide our next move but thanks for the suggestion re. 'Pimp'. We'll bear it in mind.

Q: Firstly thanks for an awesome show at the Astoria... Saw you at Monsters of Rock Wembley too, GREAT TO HAVE YOU OUT & ABOUT!! now have a rest! I'm 29 and been talking to people at work about Thunder & that I was going to see you guys on tour, you would not believe how many people said who? Who? well yes these people I work with are in there teens & early twenties, but maybe I just take it for granted that I was 16 when u released Back Street Symphony, do u find it hard trying to reach the younger generation? Anthony Roome, Croydon
D: Yes, but with people like you to help the cause we may not experience too much trouble like this in the future. We have no vast marketing budget to plunder so we have to rely on you guys to sell the band for us. Go to it man, tell the world what they're missing by not having Thunder CDs in their collections, play the CDs really loud at work when you can, make a huge fuss about how good the show was last week, and use every opportunity to mention Thunder whenever anyone mentions any other band. Apart from that, relax and enjoy your life. Well, you did ask...

Q: Did the Thunder thongs sell well? Do you think you'll have a programme on the merchandise stand at the next gigs in November? Margie B., Wales
D: The Thunderwear thongs sold OK, not as well as we hoped they would, so we'll be selling them via the site and the online shop later this week (once we find a suitable model ha ha). Tour programmes are an area we stayed away from because of the cost of manufacture for only 6 shows. In November we're looking at playing more shows so we'll be looking into the financial viability. They are expensive to make unless you make enough copies and therefore not viable if your potential audience isn't likely to buy them all. Once again, it's not as simple as "that's nice, let's sell them", but if we can do it we will.

Q: Great gig at Cambridge, you seem to get better every time I see you. Can't wait until the next tour. I noticed a few people at Cambridge with "Loser" t-shirts on. Are there any plans to make these available online? Mick, Desborough
D: The Loser shirts were made on a limited edition basis and despite a reprint in the middle of the shows, they proved so popular they sold out before we got to Cambridge. Like you, a few other people have asked about them, but we need a minimum order amount to make another reprint. Over the next few days we'll be making the tour merchandise available via the site and online shop, but if we've sold out of anything we'll have to wait to make an order, so please be aware there may be inevitable delay. We'll do our best.

Q: Who is Admin 2 on the thunder message board. Jools Johnson, Weymouth
T: If I told you that I'd have to hunt you down and kill you - and I really don't want to do that. He's just there to keep an eye on you lot whenever I'm away. Someone needs to make sure you're all behaving yourselves..

Q: Hi Danny. Yesterday, I saw for the first the "Don't wait Up" video. This is my question : Was it difficult to sing with a fish? Luc, France
D: I have a great relationship with all kinds of fish on account of being born as a merboy in the Mediterranean. I explained the need for the fish to impersonate a microphone and she duly obliged, as she owed me a favour or two. The hardest part was having to break from takes to keep putting Davina (for that was her name) back in the sea water every 5 minutes. Sadly she was caught off the coast of Cornwall 3 weeks after the video was filmed and ended up in batter alongside a plate of chips. Still, her watery star burned very brightly for a short while, and her work is preserved for all time....

Q: Was sorry to hear you didn't make the Top40 as it would have pi$$ed on a lot of industry bonfires had you done so, but I have to confess that I was one that didn't buy the 'Loser' single. In the past, I've bought every Thunder single because they almost always included an unreleased studio track, but on this occasion it didn't. As I prefer to listen to studio tracks as opposed to live versions of songs I already have, I passed on it. Was it because there weren't any other songs left from the sessions, or some other reason ?? I love the new album and your live shows (don't forget Sheffield next time !!), but I felt the single on this occasion wasn't good value for money, although I think it is credible that you're embracing new technology on your releases (ie. the PC video footage). Keep up the 5 STAR work. Rich, Sheffield
D: Thanks for all your support. If we'd had unreleased studio tracks we'd have put them on the single, we know the value of using them, but as we didn't have any we used the best we had. Still, if it's not good value for money, I can see why you wouldn't want to buy it and help us get into the top 40. I'm just glad the majority of fans aren't like you, or all our efforts would have been in vain and we'd have no chart position and load of singles coming back from the shops. Still, it's your choice, as is ours to either do it or not.

Q: Hi Guys, I have been a fan since day one. And, as you can see I live in the states. Are there any plans to do some live dates here? Luke, I have played left-handed for years now and I was reading one of the questions you answered earlier about the shop in California. The shop is Route66 guitars, and there is a place in Houston called southpaw( lots of les pauls here). Finding a GOOD left handed guitar can be very difficult and I was curious if you had ever tried a Tom Anderson. They are made in California, and they are really dedicated to the left- handed scene. I promise you would not regret trying one. Thanks for keeping real rock alive, and giving all the fans another piece of rock history. Brannon
L: The question is asked fairly often about us going to the USA to play and I wish I could answer in the affirmative but as things stand there are no plans to do so unfortunately. This is not because we don't want to; we'd play anywhere given the opportunity but the reality of the situation is we can only go where there is sufficent demand to generate the neccessary funds to make it possible. We haven't given up hope though so watch this space. Can't say I've ever strapped on a Tom Anderson but I'll make sure I look out for them. Thanks for the tip.

Q: Will you now start writing another Thunder album or stuff for another Bowes and Morley album. Hope you don't mind me saying songwriting wise the Bowes and Morley album is the best you have done for along time .thanks for another great gig at the Astoria. M Hodd, Luton
L: I'll just do what I always do and write songs and we'll see where that takes us! Glad you liked the Astoria.

Q: Hi guys, saw you in London on Friday, it was an excellent gig, thats despite the fact the train took 4 hours to get back to Margate and i started my new job the next day(the things we fans do!!!!) my question for the band is: Thunder are a very good band. i believe Thunder should be ranked amoung the best of the Heavy Metal bands, like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest etc do you think maybe if Thunder had of released their first album around 1984 you would have made it bigger? Of course ultimately that question involves an understanding of the way the music industry works which leads me to my second question, do you think the British music industry can ever be made better, we are in such a state at the moment that a real working band like my own will never make it anywhere and Bob the builder can carve his way straight to number 1 in the charts! Liam, Kent
L: I do think we do what we do very well. How and where we fit into British rock history is not ours to say really. We came along at the time we were meant to. I don't think it's worth speculating on what might've been. The Music Industry is in a period of massive change and although it's not that healthy at the moment, the internet is slowly but surely changing it for the better inasmuch as it is allowing bands like ourselves to do what we do and giving new artists a way of getting their music out there. Things always turn around and order always follows chaos.

Q: Thanks very much for a cracking concert at the Astoria. Out of the 14 Thunder gigs I've been to over the years I have to say that the Astoria show rated amongst the best. I'm even tempted to say it was the best. The set list was great guys - a few changes and several off the new album. Thank you. The highlight? Too many to mention... I particularly enjoyed Like a Satellite (piano version) and Thrill of it all (can't recall hearing that one before - perhaps way back in 96/97). Danny, after hearing Like a Satellite I decided to go back and have a listen off the e.p. Has your voice mellowed with age? Listening to a few live versions from a few years ago there's often a little roughness in your voice, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I think your voice is getting better, especially live. Have you noticed a change or is same as usual? Luke, did you stay off the cigarettes on tour? If so, great news. Must of been tempting. Once again great show. Hope to see you November. James Vincent
L: Yep...still off the fags although I did have the odd cigar with a drink after the show.
D: Thanks for the nice comments, we were extremely pleased with the way the shows went. My voice is constantly changing as I get older (and more senile), and I believe it is getting more mellow. The roughness you speak of is all to do with the sound of the wear and tear that happens when we play live. As each show passes, inevitable hoarseness creeps in after I shout very loudly for 2 hours followed by talking in a noisy meet and greet for an hour. Consequently the sound of my voice varies a great deal on live recordings, depending on the show recorded and where it was in the touring schedule.

Q: I've recently acquired a cd single but it came in a paper wallet without any notes. The tracks on it are: Like a Satellite, Like a Satellite (Live), Gimme Shelter, (A track I've never heard) possibly called Torn Apart. It's just a silver colour with written greetings and signatures of all the boys on the top face. The only numbers I can see are around the centre hole and are CDEM 272 880667 2. Any information you can provide will be gratefully received. Thanks in anticipation, Paul, Manchester
T: The single that you have is the 'Like A Satellite E.P.' from 1993. Track 4 is actually called 'The Damage Is Done'. For more info on this single please visit the ' Laughing On Judgement Day' discography page and click on the single cover...

Q: Hi guys, Don't know if you remember me but I am the girl that works at the Civic Hall in Wolverhampton who goes 4x4 racing near enough every weekend. I am wondering wether any of you own any 4x4's and whether or not you have trailed or comped any of your vehicles or would like to come along to any of our meetings as guests of mine. Don't worry I am not the sort of person who would let on your fame status. If you would like to see what we do you could visit our web site on www.midlandoffroadclub.co.uk. By the way thank you for Wolverhampton gig it was Superb. Also thank you for 'Love Walked In' without that track I wouldn't have met my wonderful Husband of 9 happy Years. Sharon Riches (bashful)
L: I have owned a 4x4 but I only used 4 wheel drive a couple of times to get up a steep driveway in the snow. Off roading doesn't really appeal to me although I can see why other people would enjoy it.
D: I don't have a 4 x 4 nowadays but I had a beaten up old Nissan Patrol for ages, and I loved it. I've done an off road training day and enjoyed every second of it, the mud the noise and the driving off a sheer slope bit were all great fun.
B: I've never owned a 4x4, not really my cup of tea - I like my cars like my women - sleek, sexy and expensive to maintain. The nearest I get to off-roading is when I'm on the phone, smoking a cigarette and changing the radio station at the same time.

Q: Hi guys thanks again for some more great shows, you guys are the best high there is..Anyway, Luke have you had a chance to listen to the Chango Mutney CD the guys gave you on Tuesday at HMV and if so what do you think, I love it, and I think they should support you in November..just a thought! Sarah, Derbyshire
L: Actually I have listened to Chango Mutney's CD and it's rather good. As far as November's support slot goes, we shall have to wait and see.

Q: Can you gorgeous guys in my favourite band help me out. I need a suitable ‘Thundery’ name for my new kitten! Any suggestions? Julie, Manchester
L: Definitely Doug.....or perhaps Dave?
B: Satan
D: Thor, not to be used if you usually thpeak with a lithp.... as people may think he has a problem.

Q: Excellent gig at Manchester, good to see you back. I know it's difficult to pick everyone's favourite songs but how come Love Walked In isn't on the playlist? Russ, Blackburn
L: If we only ever did a selection of our most popular songs then the set list would always be the same. It's impossible to please everyone and we have just released a new album so we have to factor that into the equation.

Q: Firstly I wish to thank you for a most excellent gig at Rock City on 20th May! Don't think I have ever had a better night and you were all BRILLIANT! Anyway, my question is this:- every year in July there is the Rock & Blues Custom Bike Show at Pentrich in Derbyshire that plays host to a 3 day festival of bikes and music. Has attracted many famous names over the years including Saxon, Magnum, Hawkwind, The Levellers, The Stranglers amongst others. Being bike "fans" and one of the best bands ever is it something you have been approached for and would you ever consider the gig? It usually attracts in the region of 20 to 30,000 bikers out for fun and good music. Kirsty, South Wingfield
D: We have indeed been approached about this particular festival, and but for the fact that I'll be in the USA on hols, we would have considered it most seriously. Still, maybe next year...

Q: Well done on, from what I hear, was a fantastic show in Cambridge. I say from what I hear because I got in the hall, bought the t-shirt(s) and just after BBS had kicked off I got a phone call to say my Son (6 months old) was ill and so had to rush off home. My brother-in-law stayed with his girlfriend and is now a converted fan having never heard Thunder before. The bloody unfortunate thing is this would have been the first time I would have seen you live!! I don't think I am destined for one reason or another to actually catch a show! However, I did manage to shake your hand (and you grabbed a kiss off my girlfriend) as you arrived and went backstage, so that at least made up for the missing out. Anyway, two questions,.... how the hell do you keep your energy levels up during a show (my brother-in-law said that you were like a man possessed) and PLEASE say that you will be touring
again very soon as I am NOT missing you guys again! By the way, our Son is fine now, in case you were worried! Jamie, Suffolk
D: Thanks for the nice comments, sorry you missed the show but your son's welfare is clearly more important than a rock and roll show, so I'm glad to hear he's OK. I have loads of energy naturally, I am quite a dynamic person, so when you add that to the adrenalin activated by a Thunder live show, I do get rather "possessed" as you say. I can't help it, and whilst the level of possession varies from show to show, it's not usually down to me, but the way the audience reacts to the band and my ranting at them. The more they give them more we give back and so it goes... I have to say it's fantastic at the time but very tiring afterwards, when I literally fall to pieces. As age creeps on me, I'll have to investigate ways to deal with this, perhaps I could become the next 6 million dollar man and have my limbs replaced?

Q: Hi Thunder, I guess you're all satisfied being back with the tour, I'm sad that I missed it, but I'm glad you're finally back (hopefully for good) Is there any possibility that if someone promoting "Hell Blues Festival" (Dio has played there twice...) or the "Nidaros Blues Festival" came up to you and asked you to come and play at their festival. What would you answer and would you have tried your luck here? Inge Hassel, Norway
D: We would love to play as many festivals as possible to promote our new LP. We have an agent who is working on this, I will put this one before him and we'll see what happens. Thanks for the suggestion.

Q: Hi, thanks for a great night on the 23rd!!!! In the middle of my exams and by god did that help relieve a lot of stress and relax me, for this hard week of revision before the exams start again!:-( Trouble is, ever since then I cant stop playing Thunder CD's, while I'm revising and when I'm not. I've listened to SATS 3 times so far today, BSS twice and the 'LIVE' album once. Anyways, i was just wondering how many of the shows were recorded by you and what you are planning on doing with the recordings, are we to expect another 'Live' album? thanks again cya in November:-), Antong
D: We recorded 3 of the shows properly and experimented with the equipment at the other 3. Not sure what to do with the recordings yet. Until we hear them it's hard to say, but you can rest assured they'll show up sooner or later. Watch this space..

Q: Hello team, Hope the new single does well - I'll do my part (as I've done for the past twelve odd years) - and in return if you could answer the following, It'd make my day. Cheers! "What are your thoughts on the band name 'Thunder' now? You must have picked it a hell of a long time ago, and a lot of water has passed under the bridge since. It's quite a butch name, and I was wondering if you think it may have pigeon holed you a bit? If you could go back in time and change it do you think you would? Finally, if you had to hijack another name from someone else what would you pick? (I'd have The Who any day of the week!)" Anyway, cheers! Unfortunately I won't see you at the London gig as I'm on holiday, but I bought a ticket anyway :) Good luck chaps. Rich G
L: I think the name is probably responsible for putting some people off but there's nothing we can do about that. I certainly wouldn't want to go back and change it as it represents a large part of my life that I'm very proud of. You can't please everybody all the time I'm afraid.

Q: Hiya Luke...firstly, I love the new album, its fantastic!! But I was wondering...because "When tomorrow comes" didn't make it on the album, does this mean that you wont be playing it at any of the shows on the up and coming tour? Also, what is the wierdest thing a fan has ever asked you to sign at a meet & greet? Lynzi, Darwen
L: As the tour is over now I feel I can safely say we didn't play 'When Tomorrow Comes'.....sorry. The strangest thing I've ever signed would probably be a condom although it's worth pointing out that it hadn't been used.

Q: Hi guys, can't wait for Wolverhampton. it'll come after 4 three hour exams over a couple of days so its a great celebration. Anyway, I was stuck in the traffic on the M6 the other weekend (how unusual!) and happened to have a copy of El Gringo Retro on the stereo. did you realise you'd created an antidote for roadrage? do any of you suffer from the red mist? James Minchew, Gloucester
L: 'El Gringo' was written in a relaxed environment so if some of that comes across on the album then great. I do have a bit of a moan about other drivers but only really to myself. People who drive in the fast lane of the motorway at 70mph when there's no-one in front of them annoy me particularly.

Q: Love the album, can't wait till next Friday, I've taken the day off to mentally prepare! but was just wondering: so what happens if Luke writes a song that you don't like? Do you guys just go "Morley, not sure what you were thinking of here but I'm not singing/playing that..." :-) or, Luke, do you know the guys and yourself well enough to know if your songs are any good? does every one pitch in the improve and put their piece of the Thunder stamp on it? Ingrid, Hampton
L: Everybody is welcome to say what they like but we've been together so long that those kinds of problems don't occur. Everybody's role within the band is very well established as a result of doing it for years.
C: The second part of your answer pretty much hits the nail on the head - Luke is very easy to work with when he has his producer's hat on - he has a clear idea of what he wants, but is open-minded enough to listen to other ideas.
B: So far that situation has not occurred, usually Luke has the good taste not to play it to us in the first place. I think you are underestimating his abilities. However he does pay for all the postage and packaging.

Q: Would any of you guys consider getting a tattoo or two and where and what would you have done?? (I have 3 and mum has 9!!!) Sars
L: I've thought about it a few times but always decided against it. It's the permanent nature of tats that worries me....
C: Sorry, pain isn't included in my catalogue of pleasure!

B: Never been big on tattoos, they are a bit permanent for my liking, what would happen if you stopped worshiping the dark lord and you have his name blazoned across you forehead?

Q: A friend got a south American version of Metal Hammer magazine sent over from Brazil. It states you guys are playing at Monsters of Rock with Whitesnake and Gary Moore etc in Milan. Is this true and if so how come we haven't heard about this?!! Belinda, Tring
D: It's not true. If it were you would already know about it via this site, this is the only official information portal for all things Thunder.

Q: Hi, hope you can help... 4 of us went to the gig on Thursday night...and WHAT A STONKING GIG it was!!! One of the lads who came lost his sister in a dreadful motorbike accident four years ago, they used to go to all sorts of rock gigs together (GUN, LITTLE ANGELS, SKIN & THUNDER to name but a few)...Well , that's where my question originates from , I think it was track 3 which was played on Thursday night, a song which really struck a chord, my mate Simon was really touched by the lyrics, but we didn't recognise it . Could you help ?? p.s . are there any plans to gig in europe..we used to travel all over the UK and followed Gun all over europe. And would love to do a couple of gigs in Europe if poss...?? After Thursdays gig we are well and truly hooked, a truly polished performance to be proud of ..!!! Big Jim
T: The third track performed in Wolverhampton was 'The Thrill Of It All' taken from the album of the same name...

Q: After the concert on Friday at the Astoria, we saw posters advertising dates for another gig for November. Any details? Dates? Tickets? Can u help us? The gig was Excellent, Fastastic, Brilliant or in the words of Danny "****** marvellous" it rocked!!! Best concert so far!!! Lorraine
T: Thunder will be playing the Astoria again on Saturday 29th of November. There will be other dates around that time, but nothing is confirmed at the moment - as soon as the tour is set in stone it will be announced on the site...

Q: How many music videos have you done and what tracks were they for? And for everyone except Harry ('cause I'm sure I know the answer already )which was your favourite video to shoot? Finally for Luke what is it like to have thousands of people singing along to lyrics you wrote? Gray, Stockport
L: Now let's see........we've made videos for She's So Fine, Backstreet Symphony, Gimme Some Lovin', Love Walked In (US + UK versions), Dirty Love (US + UK again), Low Life In High Places, Like A Satellite, Everybody Wants Her, A Better Man, Stand Up, River Of Pain, Castles In The Sand, Don't Wait Up and Love Worth Dying For (2 versions, one of which was crap so we never used it thank God!). We've also just made a video for Loser which is being edited as we speak. My favourites are 'Backstreet Symphony' because it's a great performance by the band and 'Gimme Some Lovin' because it was shot on my birthday on Zuma beach, California and we were surrounded by beautiful girls all day. When people sing words I've written it's very moving and long may it continue!!! !
T: There were also videos for Gimme Shelter (for charity), The Only One' (put together from live footage taken from the 'Thunder Live' video/DVD) and 'In A Broken Dream' (featuring clips from previous videos, alongside new footage of Danny singing on a rooftop).
B: I remember the worst video shoot - twelve hours on Zuma beach surounded by bikini-clad females, it was absolute hell.

Q: I see that more than 350 items belonging to the late Who star John Entwistle, worth an estimated £500,000, are to go on show in London before being auctioned on 13 May. The sale later this month at Sotheby's will include the late star's collection of more than 150 guitars and bass guitars, including two Gibsons expected to fetch between £30,000 and £50,000. As Who fans, are any of you likely to be taking an interest in what's on offer ? Do any of you actually own any memorabilia belonging to any of your "heroes", including autographed vinyl etc ? Mark
L: Memorabilia doesn't particularly interest me although I do have a signed copy of Storm Thorgesen's story of Hipgnosis which is nice. I also had a picture of myself with Jimmy Page which I gave to my father................
D: I have no great interest in musical instruments (not being a player of them) so I'm not really the person to answer this question. I do find it strangely grizzly somehow to think of rooting through someone else's stuff after they've died, with a view to competing with others to buy it. John Entwistle was a great player, one member of a great band. For me his legacy is his work, what he did, and it's all out there forever. Shame he had to go so soon but if you could ask him I'm sure he wouldn't be complaining.
B: I've never really been into memorabilia and, having seen the Who live, would I really want to buy one of their guitars? - they can't be in one piece surely.

Q: Hello Boys! I heard that boys like girls playing guitars....So is this true, and who is you favourite girl guitar player? Nichola, Kent
L: Bonnie Raitt is a great slide guitarist and Gail Ann Dorsey who plays bass with David Bowie is very good. I must admit to not knowing too many women that play lead guitar in the traditional sense though. My favourite female musician is the middle aged White lady that played bass guitar on a lot of Tamla Mowtown records in the sixties called Carole ?????? Bugger, I'm always forgetting her name but she is/was amazing. Anybody that deputises for James Jameson must be good!
C: Probably Bonnie Raitt - she's a great player.
B: No you misheard, I like girls playing with guitar players.

Q: I currently have quite a number of old Kerrang! magazines in my flat including two boxfulls that a friend loaned me. They date as far back as 1984 and I've read almost everything there is about Thunder in them. I notice that Ben quite often got referred to as the 'rhythm guitarist', did that ever bother you seeing as lead guitarists would sometimes bag all the credit, as it were? Chris, do you have active pickups in your Squire Precision or just the standard? I'm thinking of getting one and fitting it with some EMG's to beef the sound up further. Very much looking forward to your Astoria gig, only a couple of weeks away now. Peter Jordan, Dublin
C: Funny you should ask that question! I'm awaiting delivery of new pickups from Fender - I've ordered the 'Original' Jazz and Precision replacement pickups from them that they fit on their American Vintage and Custom Shop basses, so hopefully they'll be here in time for me to fit them before the tour, and you'll be able to give me your verdict on how they sound at The Astoria!
B: I really not worried how they refer to me as long as they spell my name right.

Q: Hey guys I was wondering what's your fave track on the Behind Closed Doors album? Vicki, Derby
L: I don't know..........
B: It changes each time I listen too it but Moth To The Flame always sounds great.

Q: Just out of interest did any of you take the national IQ test? I scored quite highly but then took it again pissed and was surprised to see my IQ drop to 76!! (how naive of me!) Andy, Sheffield
D: I was going to do it but completely forgot it was on. I guess that means my score might not have been that hot...
B: I did it the first time round and scored really well, so this time I left it alone just in case!

Q: Hello one and all. Very much looking forward to the Astoria concert, not long now! My latest question is on your attempt to get the single to chart next week. Do you have any feel for how many singles you'd have to sell to achieve a top 40 position, or a top 10 position? I know it probably depends on week to week sales of other releases. I'm no expert on chart stuff, not really my thing. But you hear in the press that the charts are easier to crack these days as there is less emphasis on singles and more emphasis on CD albums. Do you believe this is the case? I'm assuming that everybody who bought the album will buy the single. That is the certainly the case with other Thunder fans that I know anyway. If that was the case, based on the number of albums you sold (are you willing to say how many!), do you think you could actually achieve a reasonable chart position? Let's hope, by the Astoria concert, that you have an idea how the single is selling and we can have a bigger party than usual! It will be a proud moment for us all to see you in the charts again and a deserved reward for the efforts you've put in recently. Good luck!!!!! Trevor.
D: We have no idea of how many will be required as it depends a great deal on how many everyone else sells. To be honest we have no expectations as but we believe if all the fans buy it we'll do OK. The call has gone out and from the emails we've received it would appear the faithful are going to do us proud. You're absolutely right that it would be a great moment for all of us if we got a good chart position, but we'll count anywhere in the top 75 as a victory. After all as a small label we're relying on the tour and you lot doing the job of promoting it, rather than radio play and a huge marketing campaign like say The Stereophonics (who have a single out the same week, nice tune, please don't buy it unless you buy two of ours, ha ha). Good luck team, the hour of need approaches, we'll see you all out there....

Q: Hiya chaps. You already know my views on SATS. So we wont go there, again. My question is to Luke. (nothing personal other chaps) Luke, regarding El Gringo Retro. What's the chances of us mortals getting another burst of your 'private' musical talents? I bought the album out of loyalty to the band and didn't really expect the musical content to be much cop, much like most other so-called solo projects (Richie Sambora being the exception to the rule). I was very pleasantly surprised. I still play the CD about a dozen times a week, it's THAT good. Knowing the prolific song writing talents you possess, I feel there must be another couple of Retro's lying around on your living room floor. What's our chances? 2 little questions. Am I wrong in thinking there were a couple of video's from the Retro sessions? Where'd they go? Finally, since you gave up the ciggies, do you find your singing to be getting stronger or better in any way? Nice haircut, by the way. See you at the Astoria and Cornex. Pablo the anticipator.
L: Thanks for the nice comments re. 'Gringo'. I don't have any plans to make another solo album at the moment although it's not out of the question in the future. I did make videos for 'Go With The Flow' and 'One Drop' but there's no plans to release them at the moment although once again it may happen at some point. Thunder is my priority right now so it's difficult finding the time for anything else. As for quitting the evil weed, I'm still not smoking after nearly 5 months so I guess I'll find out over the next couple of weeks if it's had any effect on my Hobson's..........................

Q: If "Loser" sells well (which I have bought 3 of...2 for the converted Thunder fans onboard. I think you should release "If I can't feel Love". You really do put great emotion into that All the best for next week.Did you like the pictures?? Graham, Cruise Ship
D: Nice idea, let's see if the opportunity arises. Pics were nice, especially the one in front of the Thunder shop...

Q: Danny. Sorry about this but I've got a question and a little winge! Firstly I loved the Penthouse interview, but, being a girlie it was a tad embarrassing buying it! So for all us girlies, would you, if asked, consider doing the next one for Playgirl? Cookie, Kent
D: I understand the need for this question to be asked and I think I can say with a degree of certainty that if they ask I'd be happy to do an interview with PG but I say it because I'm pretty sure at my age it won't happen.

Q: I am really sorry that I won't be able to make it back to the UK for any of the concerts in May. It might not be known yet for sure, but do you expect to tour again later in the year? Guy, Belgium
D: If these shows go well (and I see no reason why they won't), we would like to do some more UK shows in November.

Q: Hi Danny, can't wait to see you on the 22nd at Wolverhampton. I would just like to know how can you tell that you like a song.. when I hear a great song I get goosebumps, might be a silly question but I just wondered. I do like the slower songs you do and the stories behind them, but I do like the ones that kick arse. me and my sister first saw you guys at the NEC Birmingham when you were support band for Heart, we loved you then and still do, when Heart came on we were board to say the least... Mel, Hereford
D: My gauge for songs is the same as yours, if it gets me going straight away it's probably a cracker, if not it doesn't usually grow on me. It's all about the hairs on the back of your neck or the goosebumps down the spine...

Q: Luke, did you guys ever perform Distant Thunder live? And is the live version of Another Shot of Love the only one you ever did on that tour? Matt
L: We did play 'Distant Thunder' on the BSS tour and we played 'Another Shot....' regularly during our first couple of club tours as far as I can remember.

Q: Hello one and all. Firstly if I can say that the new album is fantastic, well worth waiting for. My second point, if I can just go back to a question that was answered regarding the number of music videos that have been produced over the years. To my surprise I read that all in all, Luke listed about 18 including the US versions, and I have only seen 4.I appreciate that you may not have direct control, but is there any possibility that one day this compilation may become available on a DVD or Video format? If not what becomes of them or are they just deleted? Simon Walker, Sheffield
L: We fully intend to get these videos released on DVD but as it stands we are not as you said, in control of the situation. All I can say at the moment is we are determined to make it happen so watch this space.................

Q: Hello from myself & all thunder fans at 42 commando royal marines out here in Iraq!! Having been away sometime now, I've missed the release of the new CD and also news of the band, especially the tour. We are in the process of packing up and returning home on 15/5/03 just in time for the Manchester gig, however with only a few days before the gig I doubt if I will be able to get a couple of tickets, is there anything you can do ?? This is the first & only chance to use the internet since early Jan !! Good luck with the tour I hope to catch up with you all for a few beers in Manchester. Steve Boland, Iraq
D: The Manchester show won't sell out I'm sure, so you should have no trouble getting tickets at the last minute. Trust your trip home will be OK, and get along to see us if you can. The vibe is building so I expect it to be a cracker.

Q: As a beginner learning the guitar, where can you get a better selection of LEFT handed axes! Paul Wright, Surrey
L: There isn't anywhere I know of in the UK that sells specifically to left-handers but there is a place in Pasadena, California although I can't remember the name! One thing you can do is contact several music shops, tell them what you're looking for and get them to alert you if the guitar you desire becomes available.

Q: Hi Guys! Just a passing thought! I think you would do a cracking version of "when the levee breaks" the old Zepp classic! What do you reckon? Love the new album, so good to have you back with us again. Matt, Warwickshire
L: There's lots of stuff from the Zeppelin catalogue we've played in rehearsal or in soundchecks and it's great fun to do. I don't think we've ever attempted 'Levee' though.

Q: Does Paul still throw his mike stand way into the air (location permitting) and have you ever done the same with your bass? Brooksie, Mors
C: You wouldn't believe the things Paul does with his mike stand.... no, I've never thrown my bass in the air. I've often been tempted, but I love my instruments too much to risk dropping them on the floor, which you can be sure I would do.

Q: Just going through the collection and was looking at Giving The Game Away and was a bit surprised not to see "The Only One" on it when it was released as a single prior to the album during the Sheppard's Bush live gig it was introduced as a new track and I thought it was on the album! What happened that it didn't make it? Cole, N. Ireland
L: We figured that people would prefer to listen to an album consisting of 100% new material rather than include a song that had already been released.

Q: At the moment me and a couple of friends are practicing your songs but when we are finished do we have to ask your permission to perform in front audiences that haven't heard your songs before? (P.s. if we were being paid, I wasn't sure). Jools Johnson, Weymouth
L: No.....you're not required to pay us. If you are performing in a public venue then that venue should by law have a PRS (Performing Rights Society) licence and in the case of small venues (pubs + clubs etc.) they pay an annual fee to the PRS. In the case of larger professional venues, they have to pay a fee based on their capacity and the artists that perform there submit a list of songs played in their set . All the relevant information is then passed on to the PRS who keep a record of all registered songs and songwriters and they make the appropriate distribution to the relevant songwriter. Sorry to go into so much detail but if you are performing music it's all useful information.

Q: Whilst I'm aware that there weren't any local elections in London today, if there had been how would you have voted this time round and why ? (I religiously cast mine for Labour for years, then protest-voted for the Limp Debs (sic) last year but couldn't bring myself to turn out for any of them slimeballs this time) Paul Edmondson, Pompey (Champions!)
B: Sorry that's between myself and the ballot box. But I do think everyone should vote, all around the world people have given their lives for the right to vote, it is not an opportunity that should never be squandered, unless, it's raining or there's something good on the tele that night.
D: Without wishing to cause offence, I prefer to keep my politics to myself so I'll refrain from giving an answer to that one if you don't mind.

Q: I am a fan from Holland and I want to buy the album "Shooting at the Sun", but all the stores in Holland tell me that the CD will be released at 7 April, but the CD isn't still out and it's 1 May???? Can you tell me why? Marco, Holland
T: The CD has not been released in Holland, only in the U.K. and Japan. The April 7th release date was for the U.K. only. We hope to release the album in Holland at some point, but there are no firm plans as yet. The quickest way to get the CD is to order it from Townsend Records who will ship internationally at very reasonable rates.

Q: Hi lads, great new album, a real return to form with some brilliant songs and performances, the vibe of the album comes across of a band really enjoying what they do and I hope it does well for you. I got the SATS and B/M albums from Townsends and would like to say what a good service they provide. I seem to recall Danny and Luke being Doobie Brothers fans and was just wondering if it was the early rocky stuff they were into or the later pop/soul stuff they did with Michael McDonald in the band, either way a class act. Also for Chris and Harry, what was it like touring with the legend that is Graham Bonnet ? What a voice...Can't wait for the tour, all the best. Andy, Cambridge
H: Yes Mr Bonnet still has a remarkable voice. A memorable tour and you never know, we may see Graham again soon???
L: I'm a massive Doobies fan and still listen to them a lot. They were a really good rock band earlier in their career and developed into a interesting hybrid of soul, r'n'b and rock. I like pretty much everything they did and both Michael McDonald and Tom Johnstone are great singers.
C: You're right - Graham Bonnet still has an amazing voice. You mustn't forget that Don Airey (who is now with Deep Purple) was on keys for that tour, and it was an absolute pleasure working with him. Can that boy play!

Q: Hi guys, seeing that you enjoy the thrills of motorcycles, and racing, I was wondering if any of you were into F1. If so, which particular drivers/teams do you follow and what do you think of the this years season so far? See you in Cambridge. Dave
H: I am a fan of F1. I have no fav driver or team but will always look out for any British driver. I watch it whenever I can and normally check the results. Last season was a bit boring, but this season, with the changes in the rules, I think it will be far more exciting and less one sided!
B: I do like F1 I have to admit. I don't follow any particular team but I always champion the British drivers. I am just getting to grips with this seasons rule changes but I think Michael Shcumacher and Ferrari should be very flattered that they had to change the rules to stop them winning so often!
L: I have to 'fess up and say that I have no interest in motorsport at all. Having said that, I am looking forward to visiting Thruxton so maybe I'll feel differently afterwards.

Q: What is your opinion of a 35 year-old father of two (my husband) who has just bought a full size drumkit and put it in our dining room along with five electric guitars and two amps? Should I be concerned? Looking forward to Manchester Academy on 19th. Chris, Lymm
H: Chris - calm your pants! Sounds like a party just waiting to happen!
L: You should only be concerned if he tries to play them all at once.

Q: The English Summer is fast approaching(!) which means "Festivals", which of the 2003 ones would you like to go to and why? Sue the Jug, Kingston
H: Sue - To be honest, I prefer to be an artist than a spectator at a festivaL: however Ben and I did go to Donnington one year as
spectators - That was OK - How's the jug?
B: The Harvest Thanksgiving Festival is always one of my favourites
L: I don't enjoy the experience of watching bands at festivals any more probably because I went to so many as a kid. I do love playing at them though!

Q: Did u enjoy yourselves at Thruxton? Cath, Somerset
H: It was a great day day-Loved the competion and cheering on the Hawk Kawasaki Team. We were well looked after. (Thanks Nik) Would love to do it again sometime. There were some very interesting sights to behold!
B: It was a great day and our hosts Hawk Kawasaki looked after us very well indeed, thanks Nick! It has rekindled my motorbiking interests I am pleased to say.
L: Yes; we were very well looked after, it was a fun day and interesting to look behind the scenes at that kind of event. The promotional girls were very nice as well !!
C: It was my first Superbike race, so I found it very interesting and exciting. We were extremely well looked after by the lovely chaps from Kawasaki, so a great day was had by all.

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