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Q: Firstly, thank you to you all for some great times and great music - we'll miss you! Danny - you have an incredible voice and singing must be such a big part of who you are. My question is this: Won't you miss it?! Ali Wooding, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs (the home of Beer!)
D: Thanks for the kind words. I guess the short answer is "I don't know".

Q: I have now bought all 3 of your new live CD's for the "Farewell tour" Do I qualify for a free alka-seltzer to help make 12th July less painful? Mark, Oxted
D: I fully expect to need all mine for my own personal pain, but I'm sure we can find something suitably numbing for you.

Q: Hey guys, I'm asking this question on behalf of my older sister> (who is 18) purely so she will stop rabbiting on about it. When she was younger, around 6ish years old i'd say, she came to one of your concerts with mum and dad and she really wanted to meet you guys so security asked you if you would mind if she came to say Hello. She has a photograph of her sat on Danny's knee and they got their tickets signed for me (which I still have!) as I was too young to go. Anyway, the big question is: Do you remember her?! Haha. We are all huge Thunder fans in this house - my mum said I used to sing Dirty Love in my pushchair when I was a little girl and now my little sister (who is 4) is following in my footsteps! Thankyou for making such great music - your an inspiration! See you in Wolverhampton! xxxx Roxie, Crewe, Cheshire
D: It must be said I have sat a lot of young girls on my knee over the years, and sadly my memory is not what it was, time was I could remember everything and everyone, everywhere, even with no clues like this, but I'm afraid those days are long gone. Thanks. Steven. Now where's my briefcase?

Q: Hi boys!!!! Very sad about you disbanding... but thank you very much indeed for years of listening pleasure and honesty. I suppose this one has been asked before but...are you keeping on answering questions here or at least having the web updated with news about you and your new projects????? Thank you guys, I will miss you so very much... Diego, Spain
T: The site will remain, at least for the foreseeable future, to keep everyone up to date with what the guys will be up to post Thunder. However, although the archives will remain, the Q&A section will probably close to new questions in July.

Q: I have been trying to get tickets for your gig at Manchester Academy on 3 July but it is sold out. Will you be doing any extra dates as my daughter and I came to see you there in November and had a blast! We are eager to come and see you on your final tour. Living in hope.....2 very optimistic fans xxxxxx Helen Singleton, Gwernymynydd, Wales
T: I'm afraid that there are no plans to add any more dates to the farewell tour.

Q: Hi Luke, Not sure if you'll have the time to respond to this but here goes.... we saw you in Manchester last year. (one of the best nights Sarah and I have had). End of the night was the pinnacle as you threw your pick into the crowd which Sarah retrieved for me and now sits pride of place next to everything Gibson in my collectors show cabinet. So, as a wannabe rock n roller (god knows I'm trying) for the love of God could you please tell me what pick ups are in your flying V? What amp and settings you use for that piercing treble sound? and ffects if any?? As I have spent a small fortune, all of Sarah's hairdressing, clothing and make-up allowance for the next 5 years and I need your help before she chews my ears off thus never hearing it even if I find it. Last but not least, I cant believe for a minute with your ability of not only playing but song writing, your going to just fade into the sun......or build castles in the sand thinking... you'll be a better man avoiding low life in high places, cos drowning in a river of pain n never knowing a love worth dying for (sorry  sarah)while searching for Robert Johnson's tomb stone, makes me think your responsibility to pass on your knowledge, profound
intuitiveness to the music industry (even though the bbc are tonally deaf) and God given gift to every one that has moved on from the air guitar studio, means you must be thinking of some form of teaching?? maybe....yes??? If so please let me know where and when but how much is irrelevant as I'm sure I could convince my beloved Sarah to sacrifice her nail laquer, nasel hair trimmer and anti-ageing facial cream allowance for the next millennia to pay for at least one half hour lesson, hopefully.... If after reading all this you have already lost the will to live then I will grow old gracefully with my yet to be purchased pipe and slippers but for the love of God....please help me out with your sound before I spend my last few pounds on hair straightening body enhancing and commercially proven anti-ageing life formula cream (in a cheap tub).
Chris n Sarah, Hull
L: The pick ups in my 'V' are the standard Gibson humbuckers that came fitted on the guitar. My amp settings are very simple; everything is set at 12 o'clock on the amp. The only variation is on the master volume according to the size of venue we are playing. I don't think I'll become a guitar teacher because I fully intend to go on making and performing music as long as I can.

Q: Just want to say thanks for the last 20 years, in which time your music has made big difference to my life, over the years it has helped and given me hope in situations where it seemed nothing else could. For that alone I am eternally grateful. Do you have a line from any of your songs that your particularly proud of writing that gives you tingle down your spine whenever Danny belts it out or do you have that lyric stashed away that your dying to use but have not found the right song for it yet. Looking forward to Cambridge, all the best for the future. Mark, Northampton
L: I don't have a favourite Thunder song but there have been many moments  during shows over the years when the band and audience seemed to connect in a special way and that always gives me a 'shiver down the spine' as you say.

Q: Hey guys ! I have one question, what's it like to be admired by huge bands like Aerosmith ? (as you did support them !) I'm only 15, but I'm still a big fan, and I will continue to be. I just hope you all have some kinda one-off reunion somewhere down the line. Enjoy yourselves ! :) See you in Newcastle! Chris Barnes, Middlesbrough
L: Praise from one's peers is always a nice thing, especially when it's from somebody as talented as Steven Tyler.
D: It's a real thrill to hear massive bands tell you they think you're great. You do wonder sometimes if they really mean it of course, and it's only good for the ego, as they don't buy the music. Fans are what count, and we have been very lucky to have so many.

Q: Luke, After meeting yourself and Danny at meet+greet astoria 08 me and my best pal are still on a HIGH, its a shame to come to an end but you given us so much to your credit. My question, being from south London myself, what was or is your favourite place to jam/gig in your early days. Good luck to all the guys in the future, see you at Hammersmith. Andy Knight, Slough
L: The first place we played regularly was The White Swan in Greenwich. It was a tiny pub but the atmosphere was always great. All the local bands played there and we learnt a lot from the experience. My other favourite was The Marquee Club when it was situated in Wardour Street. I spent a lot of the early eighties hanging out there and we played there regularly for five years.

Q: Hi guys, this is likely to be my last ever question to you, so I'll keep it short and sweet (not least of all because of the mammoth efforts in February's archive!!). I am seriously considering starting a Thunder cover band (I'll be taking Lukes position as I'm a lefty!), should I succeed in finding 4 other likeminded musician that are good enough to do your music justice, what are the legal implications of playing your songs live? Who do I contact to ensure there is no copyright breach (I'm too poor to be sued!)? Naturally I'm gutted that you are calling it a day, but I would love to be able to take the torch and keep the flame burning (even if in a local capacity instead of national). Take care all, and best of luck in all you undertake. Scott Court, Cardiff, South Wales
L: There are no legal implications if you play the songs but the venue you play in must have a PRS licence.

Q: Saw u guys in Liverpool. Phenoms all of you. You must re-consider playing n.ireland before you have another rest. Anyhow, question is what key is blues harp for better man, just cant get it. Tried it in a few different keys. Would be really grateful. Just bought bang! thank you for your music, brilliant. George Loughery, Coleraine
L: It's in the key of 'D'.

Q: Hi Luke, I can imagine that some songs will come to you a lot quicker than others. But which song did take the least time to write and how quick was it? Good luck with the farewell tour and the things you will do after Thunder. Bart, Amstelveen, Holland
L: 'I Love You More Than Rock'n'Roll' and 'A Better Man' were two of the easiest and quickest to write although I didn't time myself.

Q: Luke, I have been an obsessive fan of Thunder since Donnington 1990. I will be keen to follow any future projects you do, as I did last time with your solo and B&M albums. My question is this:- Will we see a return of the infamous sailors jacket on the final tour?! Do you still have it? Look forward to seeing you in Wolverhampton. Keep writing and please don't give up music, you inspired me to pick up the guitar and start writing myself. Ian, S Wales
L: I don't think the sailor's jacket would fit me these days! Either way, I don't have it any more so it's not an issue. I fully intend to keep making music so keep checking in here and more will be revealed as and when....

Q: Hey Luke, Just wondering if you have ever wrote a songs about one of the other guys...and if so did they sus it out straight away!!! Also how come y'all stopped doing the silly bit at the end of the album...I giggle every time I hear the Ozzy sketch. Looking forward to July(sort of). Jodie, Cheshire
L: Things that have happened to all of us have inspired ideas but I won't tell you what they were exactly because I think they should remain open to the listener's interpretation. Whatever silliness we've left on our albums has always happened spontaneously. We only ever used it if it made us laugh a lot. We never set out to be funny - just as well really or we'd soon have been out of business!

Q: I have just returned from Japan so am missing you there...but whilst in Osaka I was apprehended by three Japanese ladies and taken into a karaoke booth where I was overjoyed to discover that Thunder 'Dirty Love' was a very popular tune, they even sang it in their native tongue (very funny)!! So my question is on your final tour could you do a version for us in Japanese?! Phil Coffey, London
D: Yes of course we will. We'll be doing it in German, Dutch and Portuguese too..

Q: Pleased to see that the Donington Live tracks are on the new triple best of CD. Scouring the iPod and I don't think I have them at the moment. Of the rest I was surprised how biased the material is to your early career because I believe that 7th, RJT and Bang! stand shoulder to shoulder with Backstreet and LoJD in quality. Any insights as to the choices? Looking forward to seeing you in Wolverhampton and London and I wish you all the best with your future plans and projects. p.s. Another Shot of Love is a personal favourite so good to see that included. Richard, Sussex
T: As it states on the news page, The Very Best Of is an EMI release, not an STC release, therefore - even though the band were involved with the track selections - it goes without saying that the majority of the compilation would be from the EMI era...

Q: Hi Luke - I am just curious as to when you recorded The 'The Thrill Of It All' album, did you record the bass live with the band and overdub the guitars afterwards, or did you do it the other way round? (or alternatively another way, such as record both first, then let the other guys put their parts on afterwards etc..)? Just curious! Chris, Kent
L: I did record some of the bass parts live then fixed them up where needed afterwards. The best evidence of this is on 'Hirsute Boogie' which was a late night jam. On some of the songs the bass was the last thing to get recorded. It all depended on the evolution of each song.

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