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Hello chaps, many moons ago I had a pen pal, whom I have just re-discovered on Facebook. Did any of you have pen pals when you were younger? By the way ,it's nice to know Danny has a cool car! I have one of the earlier coopers and am not impressed at how much the road tax will go up!!!!! Denise, Wisbech
 I'm sure I had a French pen pal at one point but I really can't remember their name so no chance of rediscovering them on any kind of book.

Q: Hi Ben on Back Street Symphony what is the opening chord you play and on what fret I know I am pushing my luck what is the the strum pattern on this as well? Stewart, Shrewsbury
 It's played as an octave of B. The little finger on the 12th fret of the B string and the first finger on the 9th fret of the D string, the rhythm is created by dampening the strings by letting the fingers come off the fretboard.

Q: Hi Boys..What a night in Nottingham, you were by far the better band of the night and I am not just saying that because I am a huge Whitesnake fan too!! My sister came with me and she was until last night a Thunder virgin. She some older stuff but loved the more recent material. My question is, on this tour with Whitesnake and Def Leppard, did you stay to see the rest of the show? Hope to see you Nottingham Xmas 08?? Donna, Notthingham
 I stuck around to see a bit of both bands, I wanted to hear Doug's Goldtops as he uses the same amps as Luke and I.
D: Thanks very much. We really enjoyed the shows, and I'm glad you and your sister did too. I watched bits of both bands on different nights.
L: I watched different bits of the show on different nights. I felt a little sorry for David as he was obviously having problems with his voice but the band were very accomplished and it's always nice to see Doug Aldrich who Danny and I first met twenty years ago!! Def Leppard's show was very well presented and looked great. I thought it was a little on the loud side but their set was a good balance between old and new and Joe performed very well.
 Yes I watched bits of the show on the 3 nights but saw quite a bit of Def Leppard in Nottingham.

Hi guys looking forward to your gigs later in the year I've just update my tom tom and thought why don't thunder do a voice for Tom Tom it would be strange been told to turn left by Harry what do you think good idea? Stewart Forbes, Shrewsbury
 What language would you like it in? You have reached your destination!

Q: Whilst reading through the booklet notes on the rare, the raw and the rest CD there are several references to "blind lemon Morley".  Where did this name come from? and what is the meaning of it? Great gig at Liverpool with snake/lep see you in Manchester later in the year. Simon, Chester
 This started with my harmonica playing on 'Laughing On Judgement Day'. I'd never contemplated picking up a harmonica before then but I'd written 'A Better Man' and in my head it had to have harmonica playing the song's  refrain. The original idea was to get a session musician to come in and play on the song but I thought 'how hard can it be?' and went about learning the part myself. As you can imagine my technique was rather limited initially so 'Blind Lemon' was a reference to the great bluesman Blind Lemon Jefferson who obviously could play very well. Thankfully I've got a bit better since then!

Q: Hi guys, was wondering have you decided on single or album release first this time round & do you think it makes a lot of difference whish way you choose? Personally I think a single should come first because everyone wants it straight away whereas with albums you already have the single so sometimes people tend to hang on. I cant wait to hear the new stuff, in the words of Mr. Coverdale "you guys never cease to amaze me". Steve France, Wrexham
 The album is now finished so we now have to decide how we go about promoting it. That might mean a single or it might mean something else. Watch this space!

Q: I have just Thunder live for the first time at the Echo Areana 15/7/08. And well you were the best band by a country mile. The reason I went to the gig was my girlfreind has been a fan for a long time. (And to my eternal shame I never really listened. Yes my head is hung low) she has played your music to me for a while now abd yes you sound good on cd but live....WOW....I have now gone out and got Robert Johnson's Tomb stone. and plan to buy your entire back catalog. You have a new fan who has already spread the word to his mates. Ian Bishop, Warrington
 Good man! Well done to your girlfriend for having such great taste!

Q: Luke, I have just seen the Terraplane video for "I Cant Live Without You Love" on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeAR4WF_o1U.  That was one severe mullet you had back then. Will it ever make a come back? Loudie, Scottish Borders
 Ha ha ha ha........not while I have breath in my body!

 Thanks Stephen. I play Paiste cymbals and believe they're the best. Go to a music shop and try out a few and see/hear what sounds best. Keep it up!!

Q: Hello lads, just wondering what sort of cars you drive, and what is the worst car you have ever owned? Darren Jones, Summerset
 I currently drive a Ford Mondeo, but hoping to buy another car soon. Worst car was a green Hillman Hunter nicknamed "Norman". Bought it from a woman I fancied !! Lesson to be learnt there me thinks........It broke down so many times and I had lots of bad luck at that time. Maybe green is bad luck for me??
B: I've got a BMW but the worst car I've owned is a 1969 MGB Roadster, a mobile rust bucket that didn't handle and was incredibly unreliable.
D: I have a newish Mini Cooper and an old Mercedes 280 SL, which comes out in the summer months (so it's still in the garage at the moment). I've had loads of cars, nearly all have been great, even the old bangers. None stands out as being dreadful, though now I think of it I did have to put 3  engines into a Triumph Dolomite (they kept seizing up), so I suppose that was probably the worst. It was a long time ago..
L: I currently drive a Saab convertible. The most unreliable car I ever owned was a Jaguar XJS; great looking but was always in the garage for one reason or another.

Q: Hi boys!!! Very happy times for Spanish sport...do you like tennis??? did you ever attend the All England to watch Wimbledon live???? what do you think about the great Rafa Nadal winning both Queens and Wimbledon??? Thank you guys, and keep on doing very good songs as you use to... Diego, Spain
 I love tennis but I've never been to Wimbledon. I think Mr Nadal deserved to win! I used to play a lot. I have a cracking serve!
D: I have always loved tennis. I played a lot in my youth. Without wishing to blow my own trumpet, I did think that Mr Nadal would win Wimbledon after Roland Garros.
B: A splendid result for Spain in both the football and the tennis, I'm just glad that Spain don't have a cricket team

Q: Hi Guys. Apologise if this Q has been asked before. Have you ever been asked to play download? Would you if asked ? Those squatters at Donington could do with hearing  some decent rock music instead of some of the dross that's dished up there these days. Phil, Nottingham
 We haven't been asked yet to play at Download. If we were asked to play of course we would consider it. I think it's all about the bill being right for us. It hasn't escaped us that there are more and more 'classic' type bands on the bill every year so in the future, who knows?

Q: Hi Danny, Saw you all again in Nottingham last Thursday - a sublimely professional performance all round, as always. Thunder gigs never fail to send me home with a happy feeling. What prompted my question is Luke's answer to a previous question, where he mentions David Coverdale's annoyance with his voice problems. Must admit I had to wince a few times when he hit some bum notes (although I admire him hugely). Being a person who owns dulcet tones of a highly dubious quality at any time, perhaps you could explain his issues. Apart from the obvious things like colds and flu, from what other problems do professional singers suffer which affect their natural ability to hit the right notes at all times ? Lesley Stewart, Wiltshire
I'm not sure Luke was saying that David Coverdale was annoyed with his voice. It just sounded to me like his voice was very tired and worn out. This can be brought on by many things, but mostly it's caused by singing and screaming at too many gigs and not enough rest time in between. I've suffered with it, and it's not nice, not being able to do what you're there for. Some singers develop nodules on their vocal chords, which if unchecked can be career threatening, but that's about all I know about it (having never suffered). I'd like to state for the record that my dulcet tones are first class and not in the slightest bit dubious...

Q: Hi guys! My good lady and I were in two minds,(four minds???), as to whether to go see the Def Lep/'Snake gig at Nottingham...then you guys confirmed that you would be appearing with them both, and that just made our minds up for us! I'm so glad we went, as usual the band were mega and your voice was awesome, much more powerful than both Mr Coverdale and Mr Elliot, (no disrespect to them though). Hadn't seen Whitesnake since their Slip Of The Tongue Tour so it was good to see them again. Saw Def Lep when they toured to support the Yeah album, they are better on a bigger stage so they were good too. A couple of girls behind us saw us dancing and singing  when you guys were on and asked who you were, trust me when I say that you've got, (atleast), two more fans, they were well impressed! It was great to see the floor nearly filled whislt you were on, the peeps that stayed in the bar missed out that's for sure! Anyway, to my question...How did you manage to get Def Leppard and Whitesnake to support you??? Thanx for a fantastic night guys, see you in November! Steve B, Hertfordshire
Thanks very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it, and well done for converting the 2 girls behind you. The story of how we got to do the shows is a bit dull really. The promoter asked if we'd like to do them and we said yes. It's as simple as that. We've known both bands for ages, and their audiences are ideal targets for us, and given that we'll release a new record in October and play a UK tour in November (already on sale), we hoped the shows would help with both, and the impact has been marked. In the last couple of days all our sales have gone up quite nicely, so we definitely made some friends.. I love a happy ending don't you?

Q: Ahoj Danko, are you giver of blood? What is your favourite drink? Do you like coffee? With greeting your fan. Janka, Slovakia
I have not given blood. I like coffee, it is probably my favourite drink, along with a nice cup of tea.

Q: Not so much a question, chaps...more a statement. Quite simply, every time I see you guys get up on stage (which has been A LOT over the many years I've been coming to see you), you just get better and better. Last night at the Nottingham Arena, you just confirmed it again. Best band by far, and from those around me, it would appear that this is a common opinion. Just a shame you had a shortened set. Now for the questions:
Q1 - What do you think of the venue, and how does it compare to the other
big gig you play in the city?
Q2 - Other than the Xmas show, why has the band not played the East Mids on
a regular tour for a while, and is there an opportunity on your November
tour to slot a suitable date/venue in? Looking forwad to EP3... Nigel Page, Derby
Thanks for the nice words. We really enjoyed all 3 of the shows with Def Leppard and Whitesnake. The set had to be short, it was what we were given. I liked the venue and I really liked the large nutty crowd. The Xmas shows tend to happen in Nottingham because the venue is ideally suited to this kind of show, and the audience are always in the Xmas mood. We can't include it on the tour as well, as that would be over playing the town and ticket sales would ultimately suffer. If the time comes when we change the venue of the Xmas show, then Nottingham will definitely be a tour town.

Q: Hi Guys, Apart from MOR in 1990 first time I saw you was that autumn at Sheffield UNi in the Octagon Centre. Great venue that was. I will be up in Sheffield later on this year to see you again. Notice you nearly always play Sheffield , is this because the audience is so good? I for one always enjoy going to gigs in Sheffield ,they seem to really appreciate rock music up there. All the best for the tour. Phil Thomas, Nottingham
It would appear that there are loads and loads of nutty Thunder fans in Sheffield and the surrounding area. It's always been a great place for us. Glad to hear you'll be there in November, make sure you tell the world about the tour..

Q: Hey fella, what a great night, thanks for being so cool and luvly with us 4 slightly drunken and very excited girls, it was truly delicious to meet ya..Have posted some pics...anyways I don't really have a ?. I just wanted to thank you, oh and my niece says don't forget our promised m&g's for manchester...can't wait,. Ps don't forget the curry! and pps, Im still smiling and in shock I think..pps...did you like the new arena, liverpool is really coming up in the world, hope you will play there sometime again, did you get chance to see the city? Jodie, Chesire
It was nice to meet you, though I was slightly concerned at first, you were very excited indeed... I don't choose who gets after show passes but I'll see if I can influence the Thin One in a positive way when the time comes. I really enjoyed the show, we all did. The Echo Arena was very good to us last night, along with the nutters in it. To be honest it was the same in Cardiff, so I see no reason why Nottingham should be any different tomorrow night. Come on all you nutters, I want to hear you scream....

Q: Sorry to bother you, but how does the meet and greet system work as it says it will resume as normal? plus do you do signings at these meet and greets....and one last thing would like to say congrats on the Nottingham set, I was right at the front nr the catwalk area and you guys played a stunning set, im only 22 but love dirty blues riffs aka glam :). Hopefully seeing you in Sheffield Hall too. Once again many thanks for the 17th July and good look. Hope to hear from you soon.  Edward Bird, Holbeach, Lincolnshire
Hi Edward. Meet and greet registrations take place on this very website usually about a month before the tour starts. Winners for meet and greet places are selected at random and notified by email. After the show they will get the chance to meet the guys for a chat and yes, they will sign your stuff. Full details, rules and regulations will be posted on the Meet & Greet page once applications are open. Good luck.

Q: Luke, This isn't a question at all, I just wanted to pass on a message. Although I've loved the song for ages, today it struck me how totally amazing I'm Dreaming Again is. I guess the thing that makes Thunder stand out from so many other bands for me is how you can relate to so many songs - you really are a fantastic song writer - The best that I've ever known! I write myself, and only hope that one day I can write something half as meaningful as you. You're in a league on your own. Keep it up sir! Dan Birkett, Southampton
 Thank you for the flattery!

Q: After listening to the frankly brilliant RJT for the hundredth time it occurred to me that (to my ears anyway) that its the 'heaviest' Thunder album since Behind Closed Doors. Was this done on purpose or was it just the way the songs ended up? Steve, York
 Glad to hear you like 'RJT'. As I've explained a few times we don't pre-determine the musical direction of our albums. The songs are written, the best songs are recorded and they sound how they sound! It's a simple way of working but it keeps the focus on the songs and the performances and they are the two most important aspects of making an album.

Q: Hi Luke, I'm sure you've probably said this before on here. What amps are you using currently? If its still the Mesa Boogie, which model is it? & have you tried any of the new Orange amps? The "Thunderverb" sounds spot on for you!!! Tone, Devon
We're both currently using the new Marshall VM (Vintage Modern) amps which are fantastic. I haven't felt the need to try any other amps since we started using the VMs.

Q: Looking forward to seeing you guys next week in Nottingham, and great choice of support bands for the tour! My question is regarding your Shure Beta 58 mic - do you use it on the 0 dB or -15 dB setting? I've just got one for use in my band but not sure which to go for. The instructions say the -15 dB setting is for higher end vocal distortion. Any advice would be really appreciated! Graeme, Stourbridge, West Midlands
D: I have no idea what you're talking about. Is it Swahili?

Q: Hi guys! Just wanted to ask, with so much new material lately (the new EPs), are you gonna be taking any extended leave after the new album (which is due out when by the way?) afterwards? In my heart of hearts I'm hoping you say "3 EPs and an album in 2 years? We're bloody sick of the studio!" and tour even more than usual, but whatever :)  Richard, Devon
D: It would appear to be a hopeless situation. We release more material when asked, then we are told we should be touring more. I think we need more days in the year, and more hours in the day. That should sort it.

Q: Hi, Will Thunder be selling merchandise at the Def Leppard/Whitesnake shows and if so will there be any new T Shirts for sale? Jen, South London
There is a new tee shirt in the pipeline, exclusively for the DL/WS shows. They'll be available to buy at the shows and afterwards online via Thunder Shop. As there are only 3 nights, we're not looking to manufacture loads so it'll be another case of "once they're gone they're gone". There's a lot more merchandise planned, and it will no doubt be available nearer the time of the UK tour in November.

Q:  Great news about Toby Jepson and Gun. After checking out the links page my mind started wondering after reading about FM getting back together and what a great Chepstow gig FM, Gun and Thunder would make, Don't  suppose you can work your magic and make a dream come true, after all one will come true at Nottingham this month how about the other?  Colin Vale, Leicester
D: We make music. What's all this about magic? The promoter is the one you should be asking.

Q: Hi Chris since you are now a celebrity appearing in OK magazine (my wife buys it) will your band wages be going up will you get a better back stage rider and a limousine to take you to all the Thunder shows or are
there perks i'm not thinking of. And Danny have you noticed that a lot of great singers have got large noses
e.g David Coverdale Rod Stewart Spike as you are a person with a noble nose yourself do you think this contributes to a great voice.  Nick, Ivybridge
Absolutely. Helicopter everywhere, and I won't get out of bed for less than a grand. And don't try and kid me that it's your wife that buys OK.
D: This is silly. As far as I'm aware all singers have noses. Some are big nosed, some are small nosed, some are good singers, some are great, some are not all that. I'm not sure any of this is to do with nose size. Who nose?

Q: Evening all, Has anyone else noticed another band called thunder with an album headphones for cows. I Thought it was a wee sneaky release I didn't know about, any ideas who it is? Robert Trainer, Glasgow
Yup, this has come up a few times. The U.S. band were around in the 80's but split long before our Thunder formed. They only made 2 albums, but they've recently been reissued which caused a bit of confusion for some fans.

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