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Firstly hi to everyone, and just thanks for all being so bloody good...jolly good show. Danny, you are such an awesome crowd pleaser, really getting the crowd going, playing us like the instruments we are, so how does it work in other countries... I mean can you speak Polish, Japanese, German etc etc.....or does everyone just get really stoked by the music? And if you cant speak the language is it harder for you to get the crowd interaction that you do so fabulously? (additional question for everyone...any embarrassing moments in foreign climes due to language barriers / misunderstandings?) Cheers guys and all the best for the European tour. Alyson, Leicester
D: It would appear that a good old fashioned shout up is the universal language. Of course, the music is very powerful, and the way the band delivers it tends to knock people backwards if they've never seen us before. Then when I do my megalomaniac bit, I think they're so shocked at my cheek, they just go along with it. The shock subsides as the show goes on, but by then they've been joining in for so long, they've lost the urge to resist. It works everywhere. Plenty of embarrassing moments, but you don't honesty expect me to share them here do you?

Q: Hi Guys, What Has caused Planet Rock to pick up on "Lucky Man" which seems to be playing every time I switch on the radio right now? It's great song , but I wonder why this older track is receiving major airplay right now at the expense of RJT material. Richard Groves, Leeds
D: I heard that Rick Wakeman played it recently but I have no idea why. Why don't you ask him and or the Planet Rock DJs?

Q: Luke, after watching 'Scenes of the Behind' DVD, it made me wonder what you do with initial song ideas that maybe don't turn into the song first intended such as when you were working on 'Amy's on the Run' it actually started out as a song on how your mood changes according to the weather - 'Only When it Rains'. Do you keep these ideas or do they get disregarded? Incidentally, I think that is a great subject for a song! Ian, S. Wales
L: Sometimes if I think an idea's worth pursuing I'll keep it with my other 'work in progress' but usually what happens is the strongest ideas get used and the weaker ones don't make it. It's a bit like natural selection.

Q: Hi there great new album and single ..now my question I am a huge thunder fan since 1990 another band I loved and still do the Black crows just wondering if any of you guys are big fans and will you be buying there new album when it comes out there first in 6 years thank you and keep up the good work. John, Scotland
L: I love the Black Crowes first two albums and they're a great live band so I will be interested to see what they come up with having had a break for a while.

Q: Hey guys, this is to all but Luke is probably most likely to answer. what is the weirdest thing you have drawn inspiration from to write a song? also if you could collaborate with any other artist male or female, living or dead who would you choose & why? finally I would love to hear you guys do a rocked up version of walkin in memphis, I think youd nail it! any chance??! Steve, Wrexham
L: The most unusual subject I've written about is a pre-op transsexual in 'Amy's On The Run'. There's so many talented artists throughout the history of music that you won't get me to choose one; it's impossible!

Q: Hello Luke, Would the band consider releasing a new greatest hits album ? Although 'Their Finest Hour (And A Bit)' is good it is 12 years ago and does not really reflect the bands best material eg : Loser, Ball And Chain,  You Cant Keep A Good Man Down etc... PS : I really enjoyed the Thunder Go Mad In Japan DVD. Jamie, South Wales
L: I suppose it's a possibility although, the fact that the material is owned by other labels in some cases would make it complicated. Glad you liked the DVD.

Q: Hi there, today I got my copy from Luke's solo album "el gringo retro". Fantastic. Thanks to Townsend Records for the excellent shipping to Germany. At thunderonline I read that it was Danny's wish to split up in 2000. The musicians from "el gringo retro" were Luke, Chris, Ben, Harry, Tara and Ana,... Was the "el gringo project" the try to go on without Danny? Why didn't you go on as Thunder? Oliver. Hamburg
L: The band's decision to stop was made by all of us collectively at a time when we felt we needed to get away from being in Thunder. The music business at that time was very frustrating for us because we didn't feel like there was a way to move forward. 'El Gringo' was written over a period of five years without any real sense of purpose until Toshiba/EMI in Japan asked me if I was going to make a solo album. I had no intention of making a solo album until then and I certainly didn't see it as a full time career move.

Q: It's been niggling me now this...on the double live album what tracks were recorded where!!! I was at the first London show (15th??) n I swear that is where dance to the music was recorded!! I do believe the bit where Danny says "make up ur mind" was directed at me!! please let me rest my head on this matter n break down the tracks to where they were recorded!! Matt, Sheffield
L: I've got to be honest and say I can't remember. It was eight years ago and we've made a lot of albums since then!

Q: It's over 10 years since you released The Thrill Of It All, which contained the track Welcome To The Party. I think it's a great song that was an excellent opener for the live shows. However, the lyrical content was obviously about Tony Blair and New Labour - without being too deep and political, I wondered how you feel he's done as PM, now that his time is nearly up? To balance the heavy nature of that question, are you a breast or arse man? Graeme Johnston, Kingswinford, West Midlands
L: I don't think he lived up to his early promise but running the country is a tough job! I find that it's the sum of the parts that does it for me.

Q: Rick Wakeman played a track of yours called 'Lucky Man' on Planet Rock last Saturday. We can't find the track on any of your studio albums, where is this track from? Thanks. Vickie, Plymouth
T: 'I'm A Lucky Man' was released in 2005 as a download only single, but also appears on the 'Six Shooter' E.P.

Q: What would be the one thing you would miss most if you were lucky/unlucky enough to be locked up in the Big Brother house?!! Penney, Yorkshire
L: It wouldn't ever happen so it's not something I will ever have to worry about!
B: The makers of the show, but with a little practice and a better aim ....
Being able to walk out the front door when I felt like it.

Q: Hi, what album is the track The Damage Is Done on. I just can't find any. Stew, Shrewsbury
T: The live version of the track is available on the CD 'Live at Rock City - case #2'. If it's the studio version that you are after, then you can only find it on the CD and 12" for the 'Like A Satellite' E.P., however this release is no longer in print. You could try eBay?

Q: First of all happy new year lads, hope you had a good 'un! Right then, whilst stood in the queue at rock city, Luke walked past us, with a bag strapped over his shoulder, which upon quick discussion in the queue was then referred to as a "man bag", which have recently become popular with footballers etc...Whilst having this discussion as to what was in the bag, my 4 year old daughter rang me, to see how daddy was, then suddenly something ran over my foot! It was of course Danny negotiating his way into the venue, with what can only be described as a "man trolley"! Upon which further queue discussion commenced...so from these discussion's, my question has to be asked on behalf of us lads in the queue, What was in the bag/trolley, and do the rest of the band have one, and if so who's is the biggest!! Our bet was on Benny's, due to his overwhelming supply of hair products! Ha ha Cheers chaps top night out..."sail away" was tops! Ian Helliwell, Rotherham
B: My hair product does not arrive in a bag, I guess you didn't see the 44 feetlong articulated lorry parked in the car park.

D: The bags are what has traditionally been called luggage. Luggage is used to transport clothing and personal items like wash bag, shoes etc. Mine usually holds that kind of thing but at Rock City on December 20th it only contained 300 kazoos (I don't like to run out).

Q: Hi Harry, just bought my tickets for Magnums new tour and just wondered*fingers crossed* Will you be touring with the band this time? It's not the same without you. Angela, Scotland
H: Thanks Angela for your kind words. I'm pretty sure though, that I won't be involved in the forthcoming tour. Sorry!?

Q: Recently downloaded a show from a torrent site. (sorry about that) Thunder was on a bill with ZZ Top. The crowd seemed rude (throwing coins!) Anyway a song called When You Gonna Give Me Your Love? was played. Was this and original or a cover? Also with the U.S. dollar being what it is these days wouldn't this be a great year for that return to the states? Thanks for your time and I love the new CD and singles! Ken, Maryland, USA
L: The song in question was in fact called 'I Can't Stand It'. It was an original song written for our second album that didn't make the cut. As we have said many times before, we'd love to come back to the States again and if it becomes possible you'll find out about it here first! Glad you like the album.

Q: Hi Ben. I think you have great abilities to play guitar or organ or recording's knobs but why you don't write or share the writing for Thunder songs? Luc, France
B: I wouldn't have the time to do all the other things you mentioned.

Q: Hi, I wonder where to find Thunder lyrics on the internet, particularly "Fade into the sun" lyrics. This song is a real hit ! I hope the band will play it in early march '07 when they tour in Paris. I'll be there. See you. A french fan. Olivier, France
T: Lyrics are only available in the CD booklet I'm afraid.

Q: Hi Guys, Great Xmas show, atmosphere was fantastic. I met you at Manchester Academy gig in November which was great, extra special thanks to Ben. I did get passes for Xmas show but didn't want to be greedy so gave them to couple who hadn't met you before. Anyway question: would you you consider letting us humble fans choose tracks for Xmas show - you choose tracks you like and let fans vote on web which get played? Also do you prefer doing it sitting down or standing up (Xmas show that is!)? Anne-Marie, Huddersfield
L: Letting the fans decide which songs we play is a good idea but we have to carefully consider which songs we play at the Xmas shows because the CD included in the ticket price needs to be substantially different to the previous one and hopefully the one before that! It's quite a complicated process and I fear it would make my life even more complicated if choosing the material was in any way out of our control! If it ever gets to the point where I'm having difficulty choosing the set, maybe we'll try your suggestion then. I like it both ways!

Q: Hi Danny, Happy New year, Just wondered if you ever got my DVD and dare I ask....what you thought? Honestly. Graham
D: I did get it, but I have to be honest and say I'm afraid it's sitting in my pile of "to get to" items. I will get to it I promise, I just can't say when... Toooo busy....

Q: OK, first of all ! Thanks for the great album, the great single, and the great video for the devil made me do it. Today I'm both happy and sad. Happy I am to se that you are coming to Norway (the same day that my 4th vinyl single arrived, and sad because I'm in France at that date *#%""###*@@... how on earth can you come to Norway without discussing the date with me?
L: I can only apologise. Obviously next time we'll call you first!!!
Can you please come back later?...
L: If it goes well this time I don't see why not.
Second question.. I attended an Iron Maiden concert this year in Oslo. It was my first concert with them and they did their whole new album before finishing the concert with 5 oldies... What do you think of this way to set
up a concert??
L: I prefer to mix and match songs from the various albums as it stops things becoming too predictable. Maiden's albums are more 'conceptual' than ours so maybe it works for them.
I know that you guys has said before that not all the songs on an album "works" in a show. So why actually is this? Knowing that you are magnificent musicians both on the plugged and unplugged sessions I don't see
why some songs would not work...
L: It could be instrumentation, it could be groove, it could be all manner of things. The fact that we can re-produce what we recorded doesn't necessarily make it feel good in a live situation and Thunder is all about 'feel' as opposed to being perfect. If it doesn't feel good for us, chances are it won't feel good for you.
The final question would then be.. How many Thunder songs has never been played live? cheers and merry Christmas to you all from one of your biggest "litterally" norwegian fans. Inge / Amazing
L: No idea. I have a record of every set we've done over the past three years but before that nothing. Why not start a thread on the message board asking this question??

Q: I was thrilled to see Sweep on your drumkit, and it just got me wondering, is it due to your love of Sweep or a sly tribute to Nicko McBrain (of Iron Maiden, who always has Sooty on his kit). Or is there some other reason too depraved to air on a public website? Shaun, Leeds
H: There's no sly tribute to Nicko here. Sweep decided to travel abroad for a while and now he's back.

Q: I am a drummer and use a double pedal. However the problem I have is that the legs of my Hi-Hat stand are slightly too low, therefore they get in the way when moving from pedal to pedal. I noticed in the Gallery picture that you also have a double pedal but that the Hi-Hat legs are a lot higher. Bit of a long winded way of asking what make of stand do you use and any tips on double-pedalling? K, Somerset
H: It's just a standard Pearl hi hat stand and as you correctly noticed the legs are higher so that the bass drum pedal can slot in. Tips on double pedaling? I tend not to use the double pedal too much - mostly "rals" at the end of songs; but my advice is just practice and experiment to find what works for you.

Q: I imagine someone's asked before but please tell me why do you give a special thanks to W. Axle Rose in the Laughing on Judgement day album?!?!? ps you guys rocked more than ever in London this year! loved it! Liam Roberts, Margate
L: Axl's interest in the band was a contributory factor to us signing to Geffen Records in the USA.

Q: Luke, Having just read Q and A I was wondering if it is hard having your work picked apart by fans - wanting to know what every word you have written means, or do you enjoy the fact that people are listening that intently to what you have written? Also have you ever thought of writing a book? (obviously when you are not so busy with music anymore) you have the perfect personality combination of genius and mystery to pull it off. Mel
L: Thank you for the flattery! As long as people enjoy what we do, I don't really mind how deeply or intensely they listen to it. As long as they get off on it on some level that's good enough for me. As for writing a book, maybe one day when I have a little more time.

Q: I wanted to let you know a few things first, fantastic gig at Manchester, excellent song set, brilliant new album and a lovely meet and greet with you guys. I came to the xmas show for the first time, again a fantastic night, I spoke with you after the gig and explained that I had emailed a Q for you....you hadn't seen it and that I should re-send it, sooooooooooo...when we met at Manchester you signed my THUNDER WEAR which I passed on to a younger fan as promised, but now I find I was both proud and fond of them and would love to replace them, do you have any input into the merchandise? and if you do bring back THUNDER WEAR the girlies love it. Also you know I talk a lot but had to let the whole band know that I watched "scenes from the behind" the other night....this is well worth, watching you are all really nice genuine guys and very funny!! Anna, West Sussex
D: I have a bit to do with the merchandise range items, and your suggestion of bringing back Thunderwear is noted. Sadly you're the only person who's requested it of late, so unless and/or until there's a surge of similar requests, we'll continue to work on the assumption that the demand isn't there. In fact that's given me an idea...

Q: I absolutely love singing but unfortunatly I am no good! To what extent do you believe that singing comes naturally to a person, and how much do you think that vocal tuition can improve a voice? Anna, West Sussex
D: Some people are born with it, some have to learn it. I believe that regardless of natural ability, coaching goes a long way. You only have to look at the proliferation of talent shows on TV to see that. I know from my own experience that practice will make you better, but I wouldn't say anyone can become a good singer (if you have no sense of rhythm and you're tone deaf it's going to be tough going), but regardless of what kind of voice you start with, I think it's important to have some coaching early on, to learn how to sing and breathe properly. If you love it, do it, others will forgive the din...

Q: Hi Ben a quick question how long have you been playing the guitar and how long did it take you before could play your first song? I am a wannabe ben matthews guitarest. Stewart, Shrewsbury
B: I started when I was about eight years old so nearly 13 years now. It does take a while to learn a whole song when you first start but persevere it's worth it.

Q: Your version of Stevie Winwoods 'Gimme Some Lovin'' .. where can i get it? Clive, Hornchurch
T: It's on the album Backstreet Symphony or the compilations 'Gimme Some...' and 'Their Finest Hour (And A Bit)' - all of which are available HERE!

Q: Hi its just a general question...do you think the band will put THE TOMBSTONE ACOUSTIC SESSIONS and The Outsider out to buy on downloads, like most Thunder fans who were unlucky to miss out I'd love to get hold of these tracks. Steve, Nottingham
T: There are currently no plans to release these tracks as downloads. Sorry...

Q: Hello All. First of all, thank you for answering my question after the Llandudno show. Secondly, as requested by yourselves (every day for the last feckin' week!) I have bought the new single in every format possible. I'll be over the moon if you get a good chart position. I must say that the b-sides are very interesting indeed, it amazes me that some artists put b-sides on their singles that are better than some of the tracks on the album. Don't get me wrong, the album is excellent and very possibly your best, but the track 'I'm in heaven' is one of the best things I've ever heard from you! Anyway, enough about that subject - these little gems will have to remain little secrets between band and fans! I was wondering what your opinion was regarding live bootlegs, bands and artists seem to be divided on this but when you've got all the albums and singles, buying bootlegs is the only thing you have left to do. I personally don't think that there's any harm in it and it is something that could be used to spread the word. Sion Parry, North Wales
B: Bootlegs are great if you're wearing the right footwear, trainers get swamped I find but a fine pair of cowboy boots are just the ticket.
D: Bootlegs don't make the labels or bands any money, which is why they hate them of course. I am ambivalent on the subject. Provided we're selling plenty of records, and the bootlegs are not copies of our records, I see no reason to get all excited about bootlegs and try to stop them being made and sold. It's always happened and always will, they're offering something that we don't, and if it makes fans happy then that's a good thing. Our fans are quite subtle about the way they communicate on this subject on our board, and I think that's respectful and correct. No sense in rubbing the band's collective nose in it is there...

Q: In the past year I have just got in to your band and flipping love it. Im also in a band and would like to know who gets the most sex guitarist or singers? (Only joking hope its guitarist tho). What was your first practice like as a band and who was the quietist of the band and who took charge of the band straight away? Paul Redstone, Exeter
B: Harry was and always will be the quietest in the band; you can hardly hear the drums at all. Don't listen to Danny - always the guitar players.
D: If I remember rightly the first rehearsal I went to was my audition. I had to take it in turns with the other 2 guitarists (Luke and Tony) to plug my microphone into a WEM Dominator combo with 2 inputs. The three of us took turns to do songs together with the drummer (Paul). Even back then Luke was always in charge of the music, it was his thing. I became more and more interested in the business as time passed, so I guess it's fair to say he's always provided the main thrust of the band. I think the sex thing depends on the individuals and their outlook, if you know what I mean, it's hard to generalise..

Q: Congratulations on the chart I think it is a brilliant position for an independent band and as usual you have done the fans proud in your efforts to get the music out there to the thunder ignorant section of the community and in producing one of the finest albums I have ever heard, so to the question do you know any good jokes? Lee, Belfast
B: Yes - Loads
D: On the whole I'm 50/50 split between being happy as can be that we've achieved yet another top 40 chart position, and disappointed that it wasn't higher. Given the time of year and the general circumstances I think it's a pretty good result all round. We all know it happens, especially with rock music, but this time it's been overwhelmingly clear that a huge number of people prefer buy our LPs rather than the single formats, regardless of how special we try to make them with new songs etc. We're obviously extremely grateful to all the peeps who did buy TDMMDI, as it's going to make a big difference to our campaign for RJ'sT going forward.

Q: How long does it take to set up your equipment for the show once you reach the venue and what do you do to wind down after the show? What a great show in Portsmouth by the way, I was in team B! Kathryn Garbet, Portsmouth
B: I've no idea as when I arrive at the venue at 4PM the equipment is all set up and ready, I suspect it only takes twenty minutes or so but our crew swear blind that they get up at 8AM to load it all in and set it up - Don't believe a word personally. To wind down I usually help the crew take the equipment out to the trucks, either that or lounge around the dressing room with a large vodka.
D: On a showday the truck generally loads in around 08:30am and we aim to soundcheck at 16:00, so it's just a shade under 8 hours to prepare the lighting and sound rigs then the band's onstage equipment. Winding down isn't an option, we do an aftershow where we meet fans, do pics, sign autographs etc.

Q: Hi Guys, wow! Thanks for a fantastic Christmas party. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did on the front row. Anyway, my question is: How long did it take to learn all the covers you played and which one(s) did you enjoy the most. Reita, Sutton Coldfield
H: It was a great night and thanks to all for making it so. Two numbers that stick out for me that were enjoyable to play were Sail Away and Fly On The Wall-but had a "hoot" just playing!
B: Who said we learnt them!
D: We rehearsed the Xmas Show set for 5 days, which is a bit longer than we usually rehearse for anything. There were rather a lot of songs to learn, and it always takes longer to get it tight when you have 9 Thunder Xmas Sow band members, rather than the usual Thunder 5. Not that anyone is slow to learn, far from it, but the arrangements need to sink in, so we used the full 5 days. As to enjoyment, that's hard to say, as I was having a rather hard time singing all of them, due to the type of smoke used this year. For some reason it dried out my voice and caused me a lot of problems, especially in the second set, so that type will not be used next year, or any year... Apart from the personal vocal struggle, it was a hugely enjoyable night, and once again a great way to end the year. Thanks to all for showing up and making it such a hoot.

Q: Hiya - Now that the autumn rugby union internationals have finished wonder if you followed any of the national teams? Or had any interest in rugby union at all! Also are any of you going to follow the ashes? I seem to remember seeing a cricket related pic of you all a few years back!! How do you think England will do against the aussies? Not
doing very well so far eh.... Mitch C, Cheltenham
H: I love following the Six Nations and World Cup but that's as far as it goes where rugby is concerned. The less said about England and the Ashes the better-but I am hugely disappointed-along with the rest of the country!
B: No interest at all in the Rugby I'm afraid, but I will keep an eye on the ashes, looks like if I want to follow them I'd better get an Australian visa. Still hope springs eternal.

Q: Hey Thunder! I was fortunate enough to attend a few of the shows on the tour and was wondering how you felt the support bands went down? The ones I saw were raw, but pretty cool and showed some good potential, and I
got to meet Even Nine at the meet and greet in wolverhampton, nice guys! Michael, Nottingham
H: The feedback from the audience I've spoken to, is very positive. Hopefully it will inspire and help those bands to a successful future.
B: I didn't get to see too much of the opening acts as hair like this doesn't look so good on its own you know but I did meet the guys and they all seemed very nice. Good reports from those that did see them though.
L: I would say the support bands went down pretty well overall. It was an interesting experiment and not all the bands were to everybody's taste but I think it was a worthwhile thing to do.

Q: Firstly may i say a huge thankyou to you all for Glasgow and Inverness. Fantastic two nights. As the Ironworks is a relativly new venue what were your thoughts on it. I thought it was a great wee venue and the response from the crowd was brilliant but from an artists point of view what are your thoughts on it. Belle, Livingstone
H: I thought it was a great venue and has a lot of potential. Enjoyed playing there and hopefully the venue will be successful.
L: I thought the Ironworks was a good little venue and should go on to do well.
It's all about getting quality bands to play there often. I wish them all the best in establishing themselves.
C: Really nice venue - backstage was great, good shower, spacious clean dressing room etc. There were a few issues with the onstage sound, but I'm sure relocating the subs will sort that out. Also a great audience, as one would expect!
B: It was a very pleasant venue run by very pleasant people with a very responsive audience, so overall I give it a big "thumbs up". They need to tweak the sound of the room a little according to our sound engineer and move the subs from beneath the stage to improve the on stage monitoring, oh and the dressing room carrots were par boiled not raw, other than that brilliant, I sincerely hope it goes from strength to strength, I for one would be delighted to return.
D: As I told you in Inverness, I think the venue is very nice. The audio system needs a bit of re-jigging to eliminate some of the low end rumble on the stage, but I'm told that is in hand. I hope it becomes very successful.

Q: Do you ever get down (in the emotional sense of the word)? If so, does it take a lot to get you there, and what do you do to bring yourself out of it? Sorry it's a bit of a solemn topic, but it can't all be fun & games - can it!? Becky, Derby
H: If I get down (in the emotional sense of the word!!) I normally pick myself up with the thought that there is always someone out there worse off than me.
B: My glass is generally half full (of vodka generally but occasionally decent Claret) but everyone gets a little bit down every now and again, I find a few bottles of wine with a good friend is the best way out of this particular dilemma.
L: Everybody gets down (not in the disco sense) from time to time but life does go on. If you look hard enough there's always a positive somewhere.
D: I do get a bit p***ed off every now and again, but that's different to the everyday cut and thrust of business, which is mostly nice, but frequently peppered with shall we say "robust" conversation. I like this, it keeps me pumping. I have always been a very practical and enthusiastic person, so I generally tend to spring out of bed most mornings and as a "multi-tasker on acid" as I've been dubbed by some, I always look forward to all the things I'll achieve during the course of that day. When I go into one I tend to be rather explosive in my misery, but most will tell you it doesn't usually last long. Once it's out it heals quite quickly, and I'm not one who dwells on the bad (too much to do). If I fall into one of my very occasional "blue" periods, it's normally because I'm just worn out, and things have gotten on top of me. I know it happens and I accept it, because I know in 3 days it'll pass. It always does, but during the 3 days I'll still get on with it, but I'll tend to go a bit quiet and feel a tad sorry for myself. I can't hurry it up, even though I know what's going on, it always takes 3 days. Weird. Thankfully it happens rarely, but when it does it only takes one good thing to happen after the 3 days is up and I'm springing up and down again.. Doctor, I'm ready for my medication now... Can I have a little sleep afterwards? I've come over all tired and emotional..
C: I'm quite a positive type of person, so it takes a lot to really get me down. I have to say that I'm a much happier person generally in the summer, I don't like the cold and long nights of winter.

Hello all, When/if you played football (at any stage) i.e school, youth, even now, etc - Which position did you play? See you on the 20th. Mitch Capaldi, Cheltenham
H: Left side of midfield was my position although I'm right footed. Never quite worked that one out! Still Joe Cole does ok eh?
B: Right Wing - Now I sound like Boris Johnson
D: I played right back or right wing when I played, but I gave up when my anterior cruciate ligament went in my left knee. Even after I had the reconstruction op I was concerned it would go again so I have only played for fun since. I (probably over nostalgically) like to think I was not so fast, but fairly precise with my crunching tackles... But then it was while ago..
C: I was reserve for my school team, which meant my position was mainly on the bench...
L: I played centre half at primary school and later on became a left-sided forward although I could play left back as well.

Q: Though this question is primarily for Luke I would be interested in the bands answer. Firstly has there ever been a song you have heard that you wish you had written. Secondly has any other artist come up to you and said that wish that they had written one of yours. Dave Sweetman, Lancaster
H: Sorry for the cop out but there are too many songs I'd wished I'd written.
L: There are too many songs I wish I'd written so I'd wouldn't know where to start picking just one. I can't recall another artist ever telling me they wished they'd written one of mine. Maybe they did and I wasn't listening....

Q: Thanks for a fantastic week and a half! Absolute dream come true really. I'll certainly never forget Danny asking me for the words to Can't Keep A Good Man Down in Inverness!!!! Was there any one particular moment in the tour that stands out for you? Have fun at Christmas...Harry - Mum will set a place next to the BBQ for you! Emma, Back To Reality
H: To be honest Emma, the whole tour was just fantastic-can't think of one particular moment that stood out-apart from you whispering the words to Danny!
B: I remember someone in the audience whispering Danny the wrong words to "Can't Keep A Good Man Down" - that was quite amusing.
L: There's no particular point that stands out for me because the whole tour was so much fun. Roll on the next time!
C: I don't think Danny will, either. There were so many great moments, it's hard to single one out, but on a purely selfish note, it was a special event to play a song that I had co-written on stage for the first time.

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