Q & A Archive - September 2007


Hi Danny I've just been reading through the many question and answer pages and the thing that keeps cropping up is your "gay dancing". I don't think its gay at all or a dad dance i think its really sexy the way you dance. I cant take my eyes off you when you dance. Anyway my question is this if you could have an out of body experience and stand and watch yourself what would you say? Angie, Belper
D: Thanks for the kinds words re: dancing.  I guess if I could watch myself I'd say "he sings well but why on earth does that geezer dance in such a gay way?".

Q: Greetings, just wanted to thank you for your excellent (eggcellent?) new release, I’ve been enjoying it immensely. I wanted to let you know I started my own radio station on www.live365.com, and have included “Does it Feel Like Love” and “I Love You More Than Rock and Roll” on my playlist, anything to help spread the word, and I’ll be adding more songs as I get more storage. I was wondering what your thoughts were on internet radio, if you approve, etc. Mac, Pensacola, Florida
B: Internet radio is the saviour for rock fans here in the UK as there are so few good rock stations available though the airwaves. I was on holiday in Canada a few years back and loved listening to a particular radio station, when I got home I could tune in via the internet whenever I pleased, I love that.

Q: Over the years when you supported bands such as Aerosmith & ZZ Top etc. was there a question you wanted to really ask anyone? Steve, Wrexham
B: I asked Jimmy Page what the huge noise during "In The Evening" was but we were not supporting Led Zeppelin (more's the pity) he'd just come to watch us play.
L: Not really. Most muso types seem to be largely the same really. I suppose  I could have asked Steven Tyler about the seventies but I doubt whether he'd be able to remember due to their large intake of medicine!
D: Is that flour or genuine dust in your beard? I always meant to ask but forgot at the time. Oh well..

Q: What was your feeling the moment you walked out at Wembley stadium? & have you been back there to watch a band or footy match & thought to yourself  'I've played here' must be amazing! Steve, Wrexham
B: One of a handful of very special memories I will treasure until I'm too old to remember anything at all. I've never been to a sporting event there but I have seen other bands play there and it's a rather nice to know you've done it too.
L: I didn't go back to the old Wembley after we played there in '95 but I have been twice to the new stadium to watch England play football and it is magnificent. Hopefully we'll get to play there at some point.
D: It was one of the best moments of my life. That's why we kicked a load of footballs out to the crowd. That way we could say we kicked a ball at Wembley Stadium. I went back there a couple of times after we played there, but I've not been to the new stadium yet.

Q: I know it wont happen but...would you ever do an Osbournes type show if you were asked? or do you think a complete 6 parter show following thunder around would be good for a tv show? I think you have the right attitudes to make excellent viewing! Steve, Wrexham
B: They couldn't afford me.
L: I would find it difficult to be honest. I think some things should remain a mystery. There's no need for everybody to know everything you do and say.
D: It won't happen as you say. I loathe reality TV shows and would rather put red hot needles in my eyes than watch one, let alone take part in one. Apart from anything else, we're far too nice and normal, and get along far too well. There would be no misery, no shouting or screaming. The TV producers would hate us.

Q: Thank you for a great show in Japan, I just can't wait 'til your next Japan tour. And Danny, thank you very much for the report, I really enjoyed it! My question is...I know that Luke and Harry have tried out the "ninja look" before, but how about Japanese kimonos? Of the band members, who do you think would look the best in a kimono? Kaoru, Japan
B: I think Harry looks best in a Happi with nothing else on, but then again I am a little strange.
L: Obviously Harry. He looks best in everything!
D: Me. It's obvious that I would look the best. I'm the most handsome, the fittest, the fastest, the most disciplined, the best swordsman. I am clearly the most suited to the Ninja code, so the clothing would undoubtedly work the best on me.

Q: Thank you for amazing shows in Japan. I saw whole this tour (but I'd like to see more!!!),every show was super! Extremely good! I want to express my sincerest appreciation for giving us such wonderful time. I thought this Japan tour was tight and a little bit short, did you enjoy your stay in Japan? And could you tell me if you have some funny or nice memory in this Japan tour? I hope you'll come back to Japan real soon. Chikako, Japan
B: I agree I was a little tight throughout the Japanese tour but I put that down to the sake. I always take very pleasant memories away with me having toured Japan and this time was no exception.
L: I always enjoy our trips to Japan and the gigs are always fun. The thing that I think I'll remember most about our recent trip is that it was over so fast! It felt a bit like going to Japan for the weekend! Hopefully we'll be there a bit longer next time.
D: It was great for us, we loved being there and we really enjoyed the shows. It's always a pleasure to go to Japan, and to be paid to go is a real bonus. It was all over a bit quickly though, so to be honest I didn't really have a lot of time to sit and consider how it was going when I was there, I just know I had a good time.

Q: I was reading an interview recently & this person stated that they were happy with the level of fame they had. IE they get the odd person recognising them, but on the whole they can walk around going unnoticed, but at the same time still get plenty of work. Are you happy with the 'level' of fame you have now? Or would you prefer to be more famous? Ade C, Cheshire
B: Fame is such a fickle thing and British media cannot wait to stick the knife into anyone famous if they think their time is up. For me the level of fame is not as important as the level of success, you can deny someone's fame but you can't deny them their success.
L: Being anonymous when you're not working and very successful when you are is the way to go. I always admired Dave Gilmour for being a great musician, extremely successful but you would struggle to recognise him in Sainsbury's.  Today there seems to be lots of people that are famous without having any discernable talent (Pete Doherty) and people who just want to be famous for the sake of it (any number of vacuous idiots from Big Brother). I must therefore conclude that fame in itself is worthless so why would I want it?
It is nice when it gets you upgraded on flights though.......mmm, I'll have to think about it a bit more!!
D: I never wanted to be famous, honestly. I only ever wanted to be successful. Success is measured often in terms of fame, but I don't agree with that, and I've never been particularly comfortable with being recognised out of the work environment. It happens less nowadays than before, and when it does it's not hysterical like it used to be so it's fine. I've achieved a lot more in my life than I (and my teachers) thought I would so I'm quite happy with where I am. That said I still have things I want to do, so there's a goodly way to go yet before I'll be able to say I'm completely content.

Q: What a stunning set of shows! Thank you so much for your boundless energy-- I was awestruck. I'm in the process of calming down again now, and a couple of questions popped up. Danny, in the middle of "An Englishman on Holiday," you stopped singing for several minutes while Harry did his drum solo and you chatted with the audience. And yet, miraculously, you came back in right on pitch! I've seen you do this kind of thing many times before, but never after such a long pause, so I was truly amazed. How do you do it?? Do you get a cue in your earpiece, or is it just natural talent, or training, or mere luck? ;) And Luke, you mentioned that you couldn't do "Last Man Standing" in Japan because it was too complicated, but if you were to have more people (like, say,
at this year's Christmas show...), do you think it'd be possible? Thanks again, guys! Fumi, San Francisco
L: Glad you enjoyed the shows. 'LMS' is quite an epic and it's not the kind of song that can be thrown together quickly. We were doing a lot of  different songs in Japan so there just wouldn't have been enough time to  rehearse all of them and 'LMS'. I'm sure we will perform it live at some point.
D: Glad you enjoyed the shows, but I'm always slightly amazed that you travel from San Francisco to see them. The pressure! The EOH bit is not something I think about. If I didn't have the note in my head I'd ask Luke for it, but normally I do, I don't know how.

Q: Hi - I recently heard the Stereophonics cover "you sexy thing" by Hot Chocolate on Radio 1 as part of there 40th anniversary thing. It was ok but i cant help thinking that Thunder would do a better job (esp as it is a different style song) - any thoughts? Ps as for Chris in kents question I think Thunder give amazing value for money so there!Cheers and cant wait to hear the new E.P & also the tour in Nov! Mitch Capaldi, Cheltenham
L: It's not a song I would choose for us to cover but I'm flattered you have faith in our ability to do it justice!

Q: Er? Hello. After listening to your recent live acoustic live albums, I like how you take some of your songs and 're arrange' them to sound different to the original. Would you ever consider an album of an alternative take on your own songs and sound? Did any of that make ANY sense? Simon Walker, Sheffield
L: I think a whole album of 'alternative takes' would probably be too much. I think it works in a live situation as an occasional thing but I'd much rather spend my time writing and creating new songs than going over old stuff trying to find a new angle which may or may not work.

Q: Hey Luke, I was reading the setlist for the show at Club Citta in Japan and was amazed to see the likes of Flawed To Perfection,& Stand Up included. Is there any plans to play these songs on the UK tour? Jamie, Monmouthshire
L: I haven't put the set list together for the UK shows yet and I won't until shortly before we rehearse but what I can tell you is the set will be different to last year's UK tour. As I have said before on Q+A, after 8 studio albums it's a physical impossibility for us to play everyone's favourite tunes so please bear that in mind.

Q: Hi guys, love the latest album, good to see you embracing the mp3 revolution too, I've used it a few times on your site now to good effect, my question is for Luke and Ben, first to say, love the latest guitar sound on the new recordings, vastly suits the style of music in my humble opinion, what are you recording thru?, is it the marshall amp miced up or are you line6 or similar converts for the studio? and secondly do you decide on the tone to use in recording or is it producers? etc. Jerry, Cornwall
L: We are currently using the Marshall VM amps for recording and live shows. We've made a few records over the years so getting a good guitar sound in a studio environment isn't difficult.

Q: I have noticed from the set lists page that the amount of songs that you play tends to not be huge. I know that you go for a fair amount of audience participation on a number of songs, and this is very much part of the Thunder experience, but do you feel that sometimes (especially in this age of over inflated ticket prices) it may be worth trimming the singalongs to include an extra couple of songs in the set? You have a lot of material to choose from, and if the likes of Queen, The Who, Billy Joel etc... can still play for 2 to 2 and a half hours a night on much longer tours when they're nearly 20 years older, do you ever think you may be short changing the crowd by playing approx. 15 songs? Chris, Kent
L: One doesn't like to blow one's own trumpet but I'm extremely proud of our live show. We set out to send our audience home happy, satisfied and hopefully as drained as we are when we leave the stage and we accomplish that 99.9% of the time. If we stood still or played with less commitment and if Danny performed with less enthusiasm, didn't go for all the big notes and generally didn't give it 100% then maybe we could play for 2 hours or more every night but then it wouldn't be a Thunder show would it? Don't forget that we also have an aftershow 'meet and greet' after every show we do wherever possible. I don't see other bands doing that. Some bands that do even charge people for the privilege. Our ticket price has always been at the very least competitive and the bands you mentioned charge at least twice as much as us. I do not believe we are short changing our audience and if you do then you are welcome to your opinion but nobody is forcing you to buy a ticket.

Q: So, you're off to Japan again, lucky Japan. What do you find are the best and worst parts of long haul travel? For me it's new experiences and jetlag. Any tips and tricks for the jetlag especially on short trips to long haul locations? Have a great trip! Kate, Leeds
L: I love travelling so any hassle I may have to go through getting there is soon forgotten. Having said that, space or the lack thereof is always difficult when you're six feet and not as skinny as you used to be! If the flight is full I always try to watch as many movies as possible and sleep the rest of the time. The only tip I can give you is drink a lot of water.
B: Good chance to catch up on some reading, that and watching the smokers twitching in their seats. Jet lag can be alleviated by staying up all night and drinking Sake - well it works for me.
D: Correct on both counts, the new and the jetlag are the best and worst bits. Melatonin helps with sleeping and jetlag if you can get it, but it's not licensed in the UK, so I try to stock up when I'm in the USA. Alcohol and caffeine are big no nos for resting on planes, trust me I've tried both loads of times...

Q: I recently started getting into Thunder and have been picking up import and used cd's. Have you considered pursuing any U.S. distribution with a label over here? Why haven't you had any U.S. contract since the '90's? I'm assuming that's why no U.S. touring? These maybe questions asked before but I've only been listening to you for about a year (probably one of the best bands I've ever heard - how did I miss out on this?). All the best to you. I hope to be over to England next Summer to catch some shows. Paul, Waukesha WI USA
D: These questions have been asked and answered a few times over the years, but as you're new...We have not found a label or licensee that is committed enough to helping us get our music into the US market. We've been offered many deals but none has felt right so far. You're correct about the touring, basically no release means no tours. I can't say why you only recently found out about us but the abovementioned info may have something to do with it..

Q: The rumours are that Led Zep will reform for a one off gig. Any thoughts on this? Rob Fletcher, Hull
B: They'll never be the same without the magnificent John Bonham but nevertheless it would be exciting to see the rest of the guys perform some of the most influential rock material ever written.
L: I think they're a great band so why not?
D: I heard the same rumour. I hope it happens, it'll no doubt make a lot of people very happy.

Q: Mainly for Luke, was wondering if you have a favourite riff or solo from the tracks that you have recorded over the years? I still love the love walked in solo & opening & am surprised to have never seen it in any of  the 100 greatest solo...etc. Steve, Wrexham
L: I don't have a favourite guitar moment really. Occasionally I hear things I played that would be different were I to do them again now but when you record music it's always a snapshot of where you are at that time.

Q: Hi Guys. 2 questions 1) Are there any plans for another live DVD soon? 2) Any idea who the support band will be for the UK tour ? Thanks ! Jenny, Caerphilly
D: The Swiss show in Huttwil in July was filmed, and was really good. So much so that we're looking to produce a DVD from it, but at this time there's still a lot to do before that happens. As usual we'll announce the details as soon a we have them. Support for the UK tour is still not decided at this point but we're hoping to have some news on that before the end of the month.

Q: Morning All, Hope you're enjoying your work at the moment.  Look forward to hearing it. I hear rumours Led Zep might do a gig or two at some stage. Have you put yourselves up for the support role? John Henderson, Washington, West Sussex
D: We'd be there in a heartbeat if asked, but I suspect the chances of us being asked to open for them would be zero.

Q: Danny, yesterday (sat 8th) I was in kwik fit in Dartford with my girlfriend and when I turned round I saw someone who was the spitting image of u. To set my mind at rest was it u? As if it was then sorry for the stares as I wanted to say hi but I was thinking, it might not be him and if it was he's just going about his day and not needing some looney fan bothering him. Looking forward to seeing u at the Astoria in dec. My girlfriend bought me tickets as a surprise and a thank u for buying her take that tickets (the things u do for love?). She's a converted thunder fan as when we first started I made up a cd for her and I stuck "here in ur arms" from thunder ballads on there and she fell in love with the song and wanted to hear more from your band. This leads into my second question (I ramble I know, can't help it) was wondering if it was at all possible if "here in my arms" could be played at the gig at the Astoria whether its on at the encore or something as I want to propose to my girlfriend but I want to do it in special moment that is not the usual down on one knee. It's ok if not as I know we would both enjoy the gig regardless.  Steve, Dartford
D: Well spotted, I was indeed in Kwik Fit in Dartford on September the 8th. I was on a shopping trip with my wife and son and got a screw somehow embedded in one of my tyres (the car has a tyre pressure sensor - bloody clever). It was looking like it might go down while I was in the shops, so rather than risk it I decided to get the tyre changed on the quick. I ended up in the Dartford Kwik Fit as it was the closest to the motorway. I hope your car problem was sorted out by those nice KF people, the blokie who did my tyre was very nice. As to HIYA being played at the London show in November, I'm afraid we only just decided what we'll be playing next week in Japan, so the decision for November is a long long way off yet. Let's hope your girlfriend doesn't read the Q&As...

Q: Hey, was just wondering if you can confirm the authenticity of this item : Item number: 140153702628 : I'm thinkin of bidding. Steve, Wrexham
T: The sigs look real enough to us, though we couldn't say for sure. The guys have signed a lot of jackets over the years, they couldn't possibly remember them all...

Q: I was listening to Bruce Dickinson BBC Radio 2 show and was pleasantly surprised to hear you guys rock the airwaves, he played dirty love if my memory serves me right. It sounded brilliant on the radio, someone requested it on his 6music show but he played on radio 2 instead. Have you guys ever done a session for the BBC in the studio, and if so is there any recordings? Colm, N. Ireland
T: Bruce regularly plays Thunder on his 6music show and always has nice things to say about the band - nice to hear he's supporting Thunder on Radio 2 as well. The band has done many BBC sessions over the years going as far back as Backstreet Symphony. In fact, they did one during the TMS campaign for Bruce's show not too long ago. The recordings are probably sitting in the BBC archives gathering dust somewhere....

Q: Hi whilst I travel to work (usually in a bad mood) I always listen to one of your CDs & it cheers me up no end & sets me up for the day. i just wondered what music you listen to to cheer up or whilst you are driving? Kate, Notts
B: I tend to listen to the radio when I am driving so it's usually down to the presenter's choice, besides I never need cheering up, I'm always happy.
L: I love Led Zeppelin or The Who when driving fast. When stuck in traffic Joni Mitchell to keep me calm.
D: I listen to all kinds of music all the time, but Motown music always puts me in a good mood.

Q: Do any of you have gym memberships? If so, what equipment do you work out on (I only use the treadmill for jogging and pay when I use the facility). Have you ever bought any of these exercise or home work-out machines that are constantly advertised on TV? You, know the abdominal workout things that end up being left under the bed! What ever happened to chest expanders and Bullworkers?!! Or is all this expense a waste of time, as long as you eat healthy and keep a check on the alcohol consumption?! Axel
B: I don’t have a current gym membership but I do have a mountain bike which I use fairly often, not found many mountains in London as yet but I’m still looking. I was up in the attic a while back with the girlfriend, filthy dirty and covered in cobwebs, but she scrubs up well (yes I know, Tommy Cooper) and I found a Bullworker. I didn’t buy it but I do remember the adverts for them.
L: I am a member of a gym. I use the treadmill and do a circuit of the resistance-type machines. I did once own a Bullworker as well but I haven't a clue where it is now. I was brought up to eat healthily so for me it isn't difficult. Alcohol.......well, let's just say I should probably drink a little less than I do but it's the only real vice I have these days.

Q: Hi guys if you were stranded on a desert island what would be the food you'd miss the most (mine would be an Indian can't beat a good curry and a pint!!!! Angie, Derbyshire
H: A nice Sunday roast dinner. I'm hungry now..........
B: I think I may be with you on that one, perhaps sushi too, hang on a minute... desert island... sea... fish?
L: Italian probably or perhaps Japanese....or Indian, French.........I think I'd miss all of it really!
D: I think I'd miss bread and butter. I love it.

Q: GCSEs, ‘O’ levels, call ‘em what you want. Did you guys get the results you wanted in your exams or was “music” your career of choice and therefore your Maths result didn’t matter at the time? I’m not sure if any of you have teenagers expecting their results this year, suffice it to say I hope may lad fares better with his bass than exam passes. Axel
B: I did get some good results at school. My maths O level, Additional Maths and A level maths I took a year early (being a girly swot) but no one has ever asked me to measure the area under a curve since.
D: I was crap at school. I was perfectly capable in most lessons, but lost interest completely when I got into the band. As a result my exam passes were a tad less than my parents hoped for. I realised afterwards that I had made a mistake, and decided I needed to make up for it, so I have quite literally consumed information from a huge number of books on a great many subjects ever since.
L: I knew I was going to become a musician so I wasn't particularly concerned. My parents however................

Q: Hi there, have you ever received a gift from a fan or an interviewer that you actually have liked so much that you still have it on a shelf or something like that. At home / in studio ? If so, what was it and if not, what would you like it to be ? Phillip, Norway
H: I have kindly been given framed photos/portraits in the past which I have kept and a couple are dotted around the house. Also I have been given some very nice shirts from a very kind Japanese lady which I wear. I don't  expect a Porsche.......but that would be nice!!! Dreaming again!
B: Yes I have, quite a few actually. My favourite was from Japan and it was beautifully crafted miniature version of my main Les Paul guitar on a small stand. It sits on my window sill in my studio and I love it.
D: My small painted wooden dog is a firm favourite, and sits proudly on my office shelf. I'm still waiting on the Porsche, and it's been a long while coming, but I still live in hope..
L: I was given a ring which I still wear. Thanks Babsi.

Q: I’ve been to around 12 Thunder gigs in my time, all of which have been great. I’ve only read good reviews of your live performances too. I’m sure each of you have played a bum note in your time, but as a band, have you ever come off-stage and been unhappy with your performance? If so, where was a gig? Did the crowd sense it wasn’t a good performance, or are you “Flawed To Perfection”!?? Axel
H: There have been a few.....too few to mention! Can’t remember where exactly but I hate having a bad gig. As I said, I’m glad it doesn’t happen very often.
B: Of course, we all strive for perfection but as a band I can’t really recall any really bad gigs. I often find the audience have a completely different perspective on what we might consider a “bad performance” and tell us they thoroughly enjoyed it.
D: We all have bum shows from time to time, but over the years you get better at concealing it, or in some cases making it look like it was intentional. For my own part there have been too many examples of both to go into, I shall let the others examine their consciences...
L: Only once when Snake and I were drunk. It was in Canada and the rest of the band weren't too amused. Luckily there weren't too many people there.

Q: Hi, guys a bit of an embarrassing question - I am soon to be married and am dreading only one thing about the wedding day - my middle names are Mary James and my close friends don't know this. What are your middle names and are they embarrassing? Steve, N, Ireland
B: My middle name is John and I'll let you decide if it's embarrassing.
L: My Mother's middle name is Winifred and she decided not to foister a similar embarrassment upon me and my sister so we don't have middle names.
D: I suspect you either need to tell them in advance and get it done with, or be prepared to suffer their hilarity on the day.. My middle name is boring... Jehovah, no sorry it's John..

Q: I have two questions. First, all those years ago, before you got signed, was your family supportive of you being in a band? Second, with all the travelling you do, I was wondering if anyone is afraid to fly?? Cynthia, USA
H: My family have always been supportive. My Dad has always been a frustrated drummer. He never really had the chance to play. No I'm not afraid to fly at all.
B: They have always been very supportive and even turned up to watch a few shows. No one is really afraid of flying but last time it got a bit turbulent up there Luke and Mark (our cameraman) did have a bit of a whinge.
L: My folks were pretty good about it. We used to rehearse in my Mum's house when we were just starting out and she didn't complain despite the fact we were pretty awful at the time. I had the usual robust discussions about 'you have to do well at school so you'll always have something to fall back on' but they didn't make much of an impression on me. I was arrogant enough to believe being a rock musician was my destiny. I know now that most of being successful is down to hard work and luckily I inherited a strong work ethic from Mum thankfully.
D: My family were always supportive in the early days, in ways too varied to list here. I think it's vital if you're going to stay the course, I'm sure the others would say the same. None of us have any flying fears, at least no one has admitted it so far...

Q: Hi! guys, this is the first question for me. You've said that the point of the "Go Mad in Japan"DVD was to introduce Japanese culture to people who didn't know much about Japan. If you've gotten any interesting feedback from Japan-virgins, please share! I am looking forward to meeting soon. Kaoru, Japan
B: I love the fact that most British people still think it is very strange to eat raw fish, of course they have never tried it and they are the ones missing out.
L: Lots of feedback thanks, especially about the restaurant scene! I think lots of English people are fascinated and slightly apprehensive about Japanese food.

Q: My name's Chris, I'm 19 years old and listen to your music for years now...Currently I'm working on my skilled work for school with the topic: "Stonehenge-its history and latest developments of research". I'm interested in your opinion: Do you find anything special about that stone circle? Or are these just "insignificant stones" for you? And have you ever been there? Thanx for your answer and rock on. Chris, Germany
L: I think it had a significance to the people that placed the stones in the first place or they wouldn't have done it that way. I'm afraid it means nothing to me other than it's obvious historical importance. I've driven past it a few times.
B: Nothing special for me but then again I'm not a Druid. I saw an interesting documentary that explored mechanics of building Stonehenge. With all their modern technology and techniques they still found it very difficult to match the Boscombe Bowmen.
D: I think Stonehenge is amazing. Mostly from the transportation of materials and construction point of view. It must have been a real feat of engineering at the time given the way it must have been done (or at any time).

Q: Hi Harry, just wondering. Do you still practise a lot or is playing live enough practise. And if you do practise, do you play at home and if so, what's your neighbours' opinion about it?. Bart, Holland
H: Bart-I rarely play at home these days. I prefer to channel my enthusiasm into a live gig. Used to all the time when I was younger and living with Mum and Dad. But the neighbour had a nervous breakdown!! So I wasn't allowed to practice after 7pm.....

Q: This question is mainly for Luke but I'd be interested to what the other guys think to. Apologise if this has been asked b4 but I can't remember. There's a thread on the board about Behind Closed Doors, Luke some of  the Loonies think you didn't quite like this album. If this is right can i ask why. I personally love the album its one of my fav's. Belle, Livingston
L: I think we could have gottten more out of the material. We recorded the album in the USA in Atlanta and LA and it was a great experience but on reflection I think we work better when we're more removed from everyday life. We were there when there was racial tension, earthquakes and all the OJ Simpson stuff going on so it was hard to concentrate to say the least!

Q: Hi there ! Just wondered after listening to the new album again this latest two weeks and then browsing through your set lists... You have still not played the Andy Warhol tune! Why is this? Its such a great song ! At first I thought only the refrain was great... But in old fashioned Thunder style the bits fits back in after some listening... Inge, Norway
L: It's impossible to play all of them. We've played maybe seven songs from RJT already but I'm sure we'll change it all around in November so maybe we will play it this time.

Q: Hi Luke on Saturday I saw Harry play with Bad Company. It was brill! Do you write songs for anyone else or do guest appearances in other bands? Kate, Notts
L: I've co-written with a few people over the years but I've not made guest appearances that I can recall, probably because there's not many other bands with a left-handed guitar player whose instrument I could use.

Q: Luke, I recently got Newton Faulkner's album and I wondered if you have heard it and what you think of his style of playing, he taps the side to get his drum sound as he plays. Colin Vale, Leicester
L: I've heard a couple of tracks and I think he's very good. Nice hair too!

Q: Hi Luke! I just purchased the new Tigertailz album and was wondering if you have heard anything from it, because the opening bars of the 5th track, Natural Born Animal, sounds very similar to your very own, The Devil Made Me Do It!!! What do you think???? Rich, Newport, S Wales
L: I'm afraid I haven't heard it so I'll reserve opinion for the time being.

Q: Hi Guys! I've just celebrated my 18th birthday, apparently it's quite a big deal as everyone's been making a fuss over me! I was wondering, did you do anything special? Or was it a case of "Let's go down the pub!"? George, Tonbridge
H: I do remember having a meal with my family and girlfriend-then it got very nasty down the local-a copious amount of alcohol was consumed......which was nice! And had to be done.
L: I don't actually remember my eighteenth birthday but I'm sure it would've involved too much alcohol.
B: I can't remember much about my 18th birthday so it must have been good - I hope you have a great time, where's my invite?
D: I'm afraid I have no memory of my 18th birthday, it was a few birthdays ago, and much has happened since... Glad yours seems to be OK.

Q: For the Band and Thinny - Do any of you guys read Harry potter? If so, what would your Patronus be? Mine is a wombat...;) Tubby, Japan
B:  I'm afraid I've not yet read a Harry Potter book but I have seen some of the movies which are fabulous, I have no need for a Patronus as the only Dementor I suffer from is Harry.
L: I love Harry Potter books. I've just finished 'Deathly Hallows' and bloody good it was too! My patronus would probably have to be an Eagle; large but graceful....ha ha ha!
D: I've seen the films, but have never read the HP books. I'd already read Lord Of The Rings, and I found most of the HP concepts/villains to be a bit similar, so that put me off. I will read them one day. However, it will come as no surprise I'm sure to learn that I have no idea what a Patronus is.
T: I'm ashamed to say that I must be the only person on the planet that has neither read a Harry Potter book or seen a Harry Potter movie...
H: Thinny-you're not the only one on the planet not to read or not to see a Harry Potter film. I'm ashamed to admit that too.

Q: We got talking at work about songs you would like played at your funeral (morbid subject I know) and I said Wings Of An Angel by Skin, My Immortal by Evanescence, and I would like a Thunder song to but couldn't decide which one. Therefore, if you had to choose a Thunder song to play at your funeral which one and why? Also, which other two songs would you also choose? Nashie, Bournemouth
H: I'd like "Duelling Harmonicas" played at my funeral. Maybe followed by "Back In Black" and finishing off with a nice old party tune like........."Tiger Feet" by Mud. It was a fav of mine as a kid and should get people in the mood for a "right 'ole knees up". Happy Days!!!
B: I think I would like Until My Dying Day, being as it would be - so to speak. My other choices would be "Back In Black" by AC/DC as a warning for the mourners and, although I'm not the religious type, that Country and Western classic "Drop Kick Me Jesus Through The Goal Posts Of Life" by Paul Craft
L: Probably 'Too Scared To Live' for a Thunder tune as well as 'Highway To Hell' by AC/DC and 'In My Time Of Dying' by Led Zeppelin. Obviously a sense of humour would be required.

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