Q & A Archive - February 2006


Guys, Can't wait till Norwich next week...nice to know that after 15 years you can still rock a joint! Listening to Laughing on Judgement Day, my husband commented that it seems quite a spiritual song. Do you guys believe in God / mohommed etc? Emma, Leicester
L: I would have to describe myself as an agnostic. I'm not convinced myself but I don't mind if other people believe. If people take comfort in religion then great. If people kill in the name of religion then it's wrong. As Dave Allen used to say at the end of his show 'May your God go with you.'

Q: I have a 14 month old and he is totally obsessed with ILYMTRR it has stopped him crying from a very young age, problem is it's the only way to stop him when he starts yelling now and as much as I love it I am getting a bit bored of it now (he yells a lot). I just wanted to share that with you and say thanks for saving my ears some punishment. Anyway the question I wanted to ask is what is the first cassette you wore out because you listened to it too much? M
L: I don't think I wore out any cassettes but my first copy of 'Are You Experienced?' by Jimi Hendrix Experience on vinyl got so worn and scratched from me trying to learn the guitar solos that I could hardly play it in the end.
B: I have worn out a few Led Zeppelin lp's (vinyl) trying to work out how to play the guitar parts. I didn't buy many pre-recorded cassette tapes.

Q: If you could be any Superhero who would you be and why? Personally I would be Bananaman and Kim would be Superted!!! Kim & Sasha
L: Captain America because he had the best outfit! 
B: I would be drinkalot geezer - saviour of the brewing industry

Q: Would you ever consider giving one of the 'kamikaze' sports currently on display at the Winter Olympics a go? If so what would you chose? The bobsleigh, the luge or would you opt for the safer option of curling? Kim & Sasha
L: I think to cure my irrational fear of heights I might have to try ski jumping.......
B: Curling - my hair obviously
D: I'm afraid my days of performing death defying stunts are almost over. Having broken most bones in my body for various reasons I'm at the stage where I feel my 9 lives are just about used up, so to push on may result in me paying the ultimate price. I'm now hoping I get to reach old age, so I can play bowls on a nice bit of turf somewhere near the sea.

Q: Hi everybody. I want to know, if the two recorded shows in Japan are very good, it is possible for you to released a double DVD with each show on a disc ? You can called it "two crazy nights in Japan"? Luc, France
L: We are planning to release a DVD of the Japan trip later this year so watch this space!

Q: I have just watched your new DVD and loved it. I have to say though, Danny you are like tigger, so much energy! what a good way to be there is not enough happy people in the world. However I can't help thinking of your poor mum, what a nightmare child you must have been with all that energy, I hope you buy her lots of flowers. Anyway my question is, if you could release only one Thunder song to the world what would it be? Mel
D: My mother says I was an ideal boy, except for all the trips to the hospital.. If we only had one I'd probably have to go for Low Life In High Places, it's very typically what we're about (quiet and loud and finally quiet again). 

Q: If money was no object what would you buy each other?? Madam Patrice, Chesterfield
B: A big safe to put it in.

Q: What makes you feel humble ???? Ele, Chesterfield
B: Looking up into the night sky when there's no ambient light

Q: As we all know Thunder are also known as band with a great sense of humour. What are your favourite comedies/sitcoms - both old, classics and recent? Who are your favoutite comedians? How do you rate America's sense of humour and comdey shows / sitcoms? JJ, Sunny Swansea
L: British comedians/comic actors not in any particular order; Morecambe + Wise, Dave Allen, Tommy Cooper, Freddie Starr, Frank Carson, Les Dawson, Peter Sellers, John Cleese, Rowan Atkinson, Steven Fry, Hugh Laurie, David Jason, Ricky Gervais, Paul Whitehouse.
Americans; Larry David, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Steven Wright, Laurel + Hardy (ok - I know Stan Laurel was English!), Woody Allen, Steve Martin, John Candy, Tom Hanks, Gene Wilder, Mel Brooks.
Sitcoms + TV shows; Curb Your Enthusiasm, Extras, The Office, The Young Ones, Not The 9o'Clock News, Spitting Image, Father Ted, Monty Python's Flying Circus, The Fast Show, Mr. Ed, Only Fools + Horses.
I'm sure I've forgotten loads but that should give you an idea.
D: My funny influences go back to my childhood. Dave Allen was great if a bit rude for my Mum, but Monty Python changed my life, as it did for so many in the 70s. Tommy Cooper was and still is my favourite, I never get tired of seeing him. I love all the old British comedy films, with stars like Peter Sellers, Terry Thomas, Alistair Sim etc. As for US shows, nothing really got me until relatively recently when I got into Frasier (I hated Cheers), but now because of that I'm quite happy to give almost any of them a go. Friends is not a big hit with me though I'll watch it if it's on. Curb Your Enthusiasm makes my skin crawl but I love it. To be honest I don't get to watch a lot of TV but when I do it'll nearly always be comedy.
B: I guess you will get similar answers from all of us but here are mine anyway:
Porridge, Dad's Army, Morecombe & Wise Show, Black Adder, The Fast Show, Little Britain, Curb Your Enthusiasm - Terry Thomas, Peter Sellers, Tommy Cooper, Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge, Ricky Gervais, The Simpsons (are they allowed?) and everyone that knows me... oh sorry - American humour is a little less subtle than ours (Benny Hill is NOT typical!) but when they get it right it is fantastic.

Q: Hi guys - can't wait till the Norwich gig! Even though I'm sure it wasn't nice at the time, I'm glad Danny had to cancel as it gave us another chance to come and see you. Anyway, I'm not sure if you have seen the new BBC drama 'Life on Mars', if not, it's about a cop gone back in time to the 70's in Manchester, while he is in a coma in the present. My question is: If you could go back in time to your youth what would you change, if anything? Reita, Sutton Coldfield
D: You must not go back in time and change stuff, everyone who's ever watched a science fiction TV program of any kind knows that. It messes with the old space time continuum, and it's common knowledge that the whole planet goes to cock if you do that. I wouldn't want that on my conscience, so whilst I would go back in time to when I was 16 & 17, it would only be to have a look and confirm that my girlfriends were as lovely as I remember them.
L: Overall I'm fairly happy with my past. What's done is done and dwelling on past errors is a fairly pointless exercise.
B: I'd have snogged Alison Brett at my mates party when I was 14.

Q: Fabulous Tour guys. You just get better and better each time I see you. Looking forward to future concerts. Now onto the question parT: When touring, how do you spend your days off? Do you manage to get home, or do you make the most of the current location and do tourist-y stuff? Sasha, Sheffield
L: Chris and I shop. We are like a pair of girls and I always go home with more clothes and an extra bag.
D: I go home on days off provided I can do it without too much faffing about, but if not I tend to spend time relaxing, swimming, working in the hotel room, answering Q&As, that kind of thing. I always have lots to do, I'm never bored.
B: It depends on where I am. I quite like being a tourist as we don't get the chance that often, so if there's something nice to see I'll venture out. If not I'll be really lazy and lounge about the hotel room half naked (sorry if you're eating whilst you read this).

Q: I've seen a picture of you with Fish in the Gallery page...Did he asked you to take a photo together or was it the other way ? :-) Subsidiary question : Would it be possible to see him as a guest during a Thunder gig? Olivier, Belgium
D: Jason Joyce took the shot, he was roaming around the m&g with his camera and spotted us chatting. Fish was at the Manchester show with Heather & Brian from Mostly Autumn. Ben is good friends with them having helped them out on their last record (I think it was the last one). I've known Fish since the 80s when Marillion and Terraplane both played The Marquee in Wardour St. I hadn't seen him since Bospop in Holland the early 90s when both of us were extremely drunk and disorderly. Strangely enough he said in Manchester that he'd never seen Thunder live until that night, and he loved it. Fish Heather and Brian came back to the bus with us and we sat and talked rubbish until the early hours. Nice people.

Q: Hi guys, thanks for a truly amazing gig again at Brighton, you never disappoint. I currently work with a guy by the name of Mike Jones who is in the band Kick and who supported you on the farewell tour in 99. I remember seeing them with you at Folkestone and they were one of the best support acts I've seen with yourselves up until this tour. My question; 1: is do you have an input in who supports you on your tours or are groups put forward to you?. 2: Myself and Mike constantly drive past your old school, (Luke and dannys that is) in Deptford which is the area in which we work, do either of you still frequent the same areas you were bought up in or have you now moved away. Paul, Kent
D: We always choose the support bands, in consultation with the promoter and the agent, and there's always a degree of lobbying, but ultimately the decision is ours. I didn't go to school in Deptford, it was New Cross, not any nicer I grant you, but accurate nonetheless. I pass through the area regularly on my way to other places, and I lived in New Cross for a while years ago, but I live out of town nowadays.

Q: Hi, Quick question regarding microphones, do you have a specific make and model microphone that you use on stage and for the studio and what would that be? Chris White, Eastbourne
D: I use various microphones for different situations. I use a Sennheiser radio mic with a Neumann capsule for live shows in large venues, a Shure SM58 radio mic for smaller venues, and usually a Neumann 87 studio mic when recording. To be honest apart from the Sennheiser, which I love, I have no real preference and leave it to whoever's twiddling the knobs.

Q: Hey guys, I'd like to thank you guys for a great gig in Amsterdam, I brought a friend (a total Thunder-virgin) and you guys totally Thunderized him, he loved it!!! My question to Danny is this: has your voice changed much since you were like 20 years old? The reason I ask is because Bryan Adams sounds like one of the Smurfs on his first record and gradually you hear his voice get rougher (=better) over the years. Do you think it's a technique (do you use a certain technique) or is it just loads of whiskeys and cigars? Thanks for the great music and gigs, have fun in Japan. Menno, Rotterdam
D: I'm not sure about Bryan's voice changing, or why it has (if it has), but mine has certainly evolved as the years have gone by. I don't smoke, which is one of the main contributors to voices becoming hoarse over time. My voice has always been a bit of a mystery to me really, it behaves differently according to so many factors all the time, I've just about given up trying to fathom it. I've had no training but I do apply some basic exercise techniques from time to time. Apart from that I open my mouth and the noise comes out..

Q: Saw you mad bunch at Hammersmith on the 4th Feb great show even Dannys' mad dancing. Looking at the mobile link on the web-site and I was wondering if you will making any of the early songs into ringtone/truetones. Dave, Forest Hill
D: Now we've finished the majority of the touring commitments, we have time to look at lots of things, the mobile tones is one of the areas for review. 

Q: Thanks for a great gig in Manchester on the 3rd! Me and my mate had a great time considering that we could hardly see a thing, although we could see Luke for most of the show which we were pleased about! The place was packed out and we thought you'd probably be better off in a bigger venue next time! Anyway, two questions: 1. This may
be a daft question but what is that gadget that Danny has in his ear at every show? 2. Do you find that the same people appear at the meet and greats on every tour? We dutifully apply through the mailing list every time but never get chosen! We were starting to worry that your long standing fans are getting forgotten in favour of the newer ones! Lisa Wood, Preston
D: The "gadget" is an earpiece connected to a radio receiver pack that I wear, my own personal version of the on stage sound is sent to it by the monitor man. The technical term is IEM or In Ear Monitoring. It means I don't rely solely on the on stage monitors to hear the sound of my voice and the band, meaning I can roam about freely and still hear everything. That's the theory at least.. 
The meet and greet passes are always allocated on a random basis, and we discourage fans from applying for more than a single meet and greet on a tour. Meet and greet passes for each show are limited according to the size of the room we can use in the venue, so if you've been unsuccessful so far it doesn't mean you won't get some at some stage in the future, so keep trying...

Q: Hi Thunder, I just want to say that Thunder is my favorite band, have all of your cds, a job well done on all of them. Now for my question, am sure that the process of making a record is a hard one, but did some records come real easy, and others come real hard, if so what ones and looking back can you give us a reason why ? Keep up the great work!! Hugh Bailey, Bangor PA USA
L: I think they've all been similar really. Good records are made way before you get into the studio. I know that sounds mad but when you have a band as good as this one, it's then all about the material. If you go into a studio with great songs then your chances of making a good album increase. The opposite isn't an option for us; we wouldn't make an album if we didn't have the tunes.

Q: Thanks for a blinding gig at Bristol-it was amazing! Also it was brilliant to meet you all after at the meet and greet-I was truly starstruck! Question; Who are your favourite (if any)female vocalists? Ta again & love you all - see you all again soon. M.C., Chelt
L: Where do I start???? Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Rickie Lee Jones, Joni Mitchell, Gladys Knight, Karen Carpenter, Diana Ross to name a few.......
B: It has to be Aretha Franklin, more soul than a chain of cobblers, better timing than a Rolex and can pitch like an Aussie fast bowler
D: I like loads of female singers. Ready? Go..
Bonnie Raitt is fab, Aretha Franklin is the Queen, Gladys Knight is unique, Roberta Flack same. Whilst I'm no fan of The Sound Of Music, Julie Andrews was a truly brilliant singer (I can't imagine how she feels now she's not able to sing any more, I'm very sad for her). Barbra Streisand is clearly a nutter but a great vocal talent nonetheless, Judy Garland similarly had a really great voice though her overblown dramatic style did nought for me. Eva Cassidy was amazing (another serious tragedy), and Joan Armatrading made two of my favourite LPs of all time, Harry in his wigs comes dangerously close to becoming a female vocalist of sorts, you see the list goes on and on.

Q: Saw you in Brighton and thought you were pure magic! If anything, I would have to say that you have, as a band, got better over the years! Danny's voice was crystal clear and I was transformed back to 1995 when I first heard you (sorry - I was a late starter as a Thunder fan!). Anyway, I wanted to know, Danny, what is your all time fave meal and do you cook? Just interested to know if you guys were into equality, your feminine side etc?? Rach, Worthing
D: I cook most of the time when I'm at home, or my wife and I cook together in a team effort. The kitchen in our house (like many) is where it all happens. I like all food, I'm not fussy, except that I'm a real stickler for well cooked vegetables, and if I had to express a preference I'd say Italian food works best for me.

Q: Hi the xmas cd is bloody great so glad I sent in my sub early but very upset to see that sum people have put there copy on ebay you get a great free gift from your fav band and thats the thanks you get you will never get my copy off me thank you for my cd keep up the good work thunder. Stewart Forbes, Shrewsbury
D: It's entirely understandable that some people choose to sell their copies of the Xmas Show CDs. After all if you get 2 copies because you and your partner went to the show, and you know other people are crying out for it (because they didn't go), it could be seen as philanthropic because you help others, or economic because you recoup some of the cost of the show tickets. Either way works for me. I'd be upset to discover some were doing it purely for the money, but we have to temper that with the fact that on the whole the Xmas show and CD concept works brilliantly for most fans, and that's what it's all about. 

Q: I came to the manny gig on Friday with the missus and a couple of friends, we all came back to the bar after the show too and had some photo's and signatures with yooz all and jolly good fun it was too. (I'm the one toteing for custom artwork on guitars) The show was superb as usual, but to be honest, you guys have never done a bad one and i should know, I've been to most of em. It was fantastic to hear like a satellite again, put me in memory of don valley stadium with def lep, terrorvision and ugly kid joe, where, on that beautiful sunny day, you blew the rest of the bands off the stage. My missus boogied all night long, and you know what happens when you like the little lady out for a surprise night out and they enjoy themselves.....yep, I'm walkin like the cowboy on the
cover now. Anywayz, the question is, will you be doing any more gigs in the uk this year? I think the size of the crowd lets you know that you are missed when you are not out there gigging. And I'm already getting withdrawal symptoms. James Booth, Lancs
D: We've been asked to play the Monsters Of Rock show at Milton Keynes on June 3rd. We've a few issues to discuss before we can confirm that we're doing it, but it looks good.  Apart from that we're concentrating hard on recording the next LP, so once we're done filming the shows in Japan later this month, there won't be much live action for the foreseeable future, with the possible exception of a few festivals in Europe later in the summer (we get withdrawal too).  If all goes well we'd like to have the LP out in October and tour again beginning in November, but as there's a lot do, it will all be confirmed as each part of the jigsaw is put in place.

Q: Hi Guy's Can you tell me how you choose which venues to play on tour and if anything has an influence on your choice? Being a big Thunder fan and having seen you play twice inside a year @ Birmingham Academy, both myself and friend's were wondering why the change of venue from Wolverhampton Civic, which always sells out and has much better acoustics and stage. p.s. we all luv the last album and can't wait for the
next, please keep rocking. John, Birmingham
D: This question comes up over and over. We all have our favourite venues.
The tours are set up by the promoter in consultation with me and the band's agent. Venues are selected based on varying criteria (availability, cost, vibe in the past, where the band sells strongly etc etc). It's not an easy job, and we never fail to disappoint some, but hopefully the end result is good for the majority and that's what matters.

Q: I was wondering, now that you have just finished your latest tour, apart from the Japanese dates and the reshechuled show, how difficult is it to settle back into every day life. Do you sit looking at your watches at 9:00 pm thinking, 'We'd just be starting Loser now' or do you forget about it once the tour has finished? I know that Danny works his little singery fingers to the bone managing the band, Ben has other studio projects and Harry and Chris play in other bands as well, (I'm looking forward to the new Shadowman album), but, how does Luke fill his time, apart from writing more Thunder gems that is?  We never see any other projects involving Luke, apart from Bowes/Morley. Does Luke
do stuff behind the scenes as well that we don't know about or does he just sit on a pile of money, smoking two foot long cuban cigars whilst watching girls dance naked for his pleasure? ;o) Paul Ryan, Warrington
L: Writing the songs, engineering and recording the demos and producing the albums is what I do. That may not sound time consuming but I can assure you it takes up a good percentage of my year and that's without touring and promotional stuff. Thunder all starts with the music and that's my department. Obviously the rest of the time I'm smoking cigars, sleeping on money and watching beautiful women remove their clothing.............

Q: Thanks for a couple of excellent nights on tour, wished I could have made it to more shows. Given that every time Danny says dance - I dance, Danny says jump up and down - I jump up and down, Danny says clap - I clap etc any thoughts of ever producing an exercise video?? (Am trying to imagine you all in lycra!!!!) Sam, Sunny (!) Plymouth
D: I've been asked this many times over the years, but believe me it's never going to happen. As it is I've already been accused of "dancing like an embarrassing Dad" more than once, so if it's all the same to you I'd rather not lay myself open to even more derision.

Q: Question for Luke and Ben: I remember how heavy my '81 Les Paul used to be and I wondered if either of you have ever had back problems attributable to this. Luke, I'm flying in from Madrid to see you @ the Hammersmith Apollo, need any Marques de Riscal? Manuel, Madrid (Spain)
L: I have had back problems and as a result I tend to use my Flying V as my main guitar when we play live these days. It sounds very similar but it's a hell of a lot lighter. I never need to be asked if I need Marques de Riscal!!!!
B: Yes, my Black Les Paul Custom is very heavy but we have a secret weapon to counteract the back pain - Charlie Magic Thumbs! He's the best

Q: Last night I went to see A-Ha at the Shepherds Bush Empire. One of the quietest gigs I've ever been too - tarnished the event somewhat. With regard to Thunder (yep Manchester tonight!!!), can you give us an insight how you arrange the sound. Do you have your own soundman / mixing desk etc. for the tour or do you get what you're given at the venues. I ask because I've never had any complaints about sound at any Thunder gig I've attended - it's always been in your face stuff with Danny's vocals coming through clearly. Last comment - Morten Harket take note ... Danny Bowes doesn't fiddle with his ear-piece every 30 seconds, so please get out of that little habit of yours! Axel Thomas
D: When we tour theatres in the UK, we carry the whole production on trucks, so we load all the sound and lighting equipment into the venue every night. We have a big crew of technicians, sound and light, catering etc. It's incredibly expensive, but worth it for the consistency and quality we achieve. For club tours we take a reduced crew and use in house production, augmented with extra stuff we carry where the club's own equipment needs bringing up to our specification. In Shepherds Bush Empire the house sound and lights are very good, so much so that most bands don't bother.

Q: Hi Danny, I went to see your superb concert on Friday at the academy in Manchester. My girlfriend was supposed to go with me but she was ill. You and your band are so underrated. you have the greatest rock voice , the closest to Freddie Mercury that the UK will ever get. while you were singing I rang her up and asked her to listen to love walked in and like a satellite she was blown away, she really was gutted she couldn't get there. My question is how many live shows have you done as Thunder in your career. And also, which venue and city do u enjoy playing at? Geoff Meddick, Blackpool
D: Thanks for the email. We enjoyed the Manchester show enormously, and for me it was especially good to do it properly, unlike last year when I had the flu. I hate not being able to give my best. I've got a list somewhere of the shows we've done since the beginning, but I can never find it. I think the list must number around 500 by now, which in a 14 year career (discounts 2 inactive years) isn't that many really. As to city, I have no favourite, Thunder fans are fabulous everywhere, for different reasons, but fabulous nonetheless.

Q: I know you say that you don't play wedding's bar mitzvas or birthdays. However if by chance the tickets I bought for the Euro millions in France the other week was actually the winning tickets. And I could offer you a million pound each and an Aston Martin each would you reconsider and come play at my 30th birthday in August? Depending on the answer I will keep you posted when I find that ticket. Sheffield City Hall was a fantastic gig, the best I have been to in a long long while. 4hrs 45 mins till Hammersmith which I am sure will be even better! Kim, Wirral
D: You're absolutely right in that we don't do weddings etc, but for a cool million and a nice motor each we'd make an exception. Let me know when you have said funds and I'll ask the band to pick out some car colours...

Q: I saw you at Manchester Academy on Fri. 3rd Feb., it was the first time since  92's monsters of rock I have seen you live, and it was awesome, do you do the Christmas show at Nottingham every year? and will there be one this year? Tony Cooper
D: There will be a Christmas show in 2006, but as of this moment we have no details as to where it will take place. Watch this space, and when it's announced, come along if you can, it's a very different Thunder experience.

Q: Great night at Hammersmith, I'm still deaf and hoarse which is surely a good sign. Just a quickie - what was with the monitors being so far back? Germ prevention? Or did we smell? Mr. Grumpy, Grumpy Towers
D: Nothing to do with germs, unless we were protecting you from ours...The PA has to sit on the stage to get the people in. The stage has an arc on the front (non removable), so it makes the stage very deep in the centre and shallow at the sides. Given these factors, if we put the monitors at the front of the stage the band would have been placed ahead of the PA, and this must not happen or the whole show feeds back all night. I found it a bit irritating, as did Luke, especially as the barrier makes it worse. When they have the seats in the barrier is unnecessary, which helps, but it's a better show without seats, so it appears we can't win... We'll address this next time, if we can solve it we will. Great show nonetheless.

Q: Saw you for the first time at Hammersmith, FANTASTIC gig. Don't know if this question has been asked before but I'm in a band and wondered how you manage to have the amount of energy that you do and maintain your voice for close to two hours without looking and sounding like you're totally knackered? Chris White, Eastbourne
D: It's all an illusion. It may look like it doesn't hurt, but I can assure you it does. I have to be at the top of my game to be able to maintain my voice night after night, so I don't drink on tour, I sleep and eat well etc. I follow a pretty strict vocal exercise regime, I take steam to ease my tired chords, and provided I don't get sick I can usually do it, but mentally it's quite challenging. There's a lot of sheer will power involved.
The energy thing is not within my power to control. I don't ever think about the physical side when I'm performing, I concentrate purely on singing the songs and ensuring the show ends up the way we want it. The jumping about is simply the physical manifestation of how I feel.

Q: Hi, I am am a taxi driver in Shrewsbury when I pick up a bloke he said that they went to school with you he says that you use to have ginger hair and that u use to die it to the color u have now he did tell me more stuff about u how he helped out with sum gigs, you went to aspen school (if I have spelt it right haha) just want to know if this info is right or is he dreaming? Stewart Forbes, Shrewsbury
L: I have never died my hair and I didn't go to Aspen school so I guess he must be dreaming.....

Q: Evening guys (or morning as it is here at the current time...) First point I would like to say (after declaring the current local time...but I digress) is how much of an influence your music has had to me during my adolescence. I found almost every track matched a part of my life, and those few that didn't have done in my later life (god, I'm making myself sound old, and I'm only 26!) I use abetterman01 as my nickname for e-mails, online RPG's, and have a similar backup (dirtylover01)! Anyhoo, the question I was going to ask is: When doing a show involving a cover song, what makes you pick one song over another? For example, doing "I Wish" during "Just Another Suicide" was obvious when listening to the words, but why things like "Pinball Wizard", or "Stuck In The Middle"? Chris, Darlington
L: There is no Grand plan.........if the right song presents itself we'll have a go at it

Q: which attributes do you admire in each other, mental and physical? Ele, Chesterfield
L: Everybody brings something to the party as far as the band is concerned and it works. I don't want to analyse it because it is very complex and I wouldn't do the others justice.

Q: Which actors would play you in "thunder -the movie"? Ele, Chesterfield
L: If it was a comedy, then Sid James. If on the other hand it was a deep and meaningful exploration of the deepest, darkest chasms of my psyche......Sid James.

Q: I do have a question but first I want to say thanks to you all for signing my tenner at the aftershow in Glasgow. It was much appreciated. Anyway, what is the most unusual request you've had from a fan and were you able to do it? Debbie, West Lothian
L: I can't tell you and yes I was!

Q: Currently Thunder fans are helping me on the message board, I've asked them to list their 5 favorite Bands/Artists. 1 being the highest & 5 the lowest for a project I'm doing. Could The Lads from the band & Thinny give me theirs? Mart, Essex
L: I'd really like to help you but it's impossible to pick my favourites as there are too many people I admire. Sorry.
T: Same for me I'm afraid - my list of favourites would change from day to day! The Thinny recommends section of the links page will give you some idea, but the list is endless....

Q: Hi guys still buzzin from the fantastic gig and meet & greet last night at Bristol, you are truly AMAZING!! We also saw you play in Cardiff on Wednesday - again an amazing performance by the Mighty Thunder but the venue not so good as it was all seated and although we could stand were not allowed to leave our seats and go to the front. So was just wonderin how you choose venues to play at and also do any of you have any particular favourites? One more quick question for Luke - will you marry me???!!!! Juliet, Clevedon
L: Venues are chosen for their capacity and location but availability is also an issue sometimes. Our agent and promoter will propose a tour schedule to us and we take it from there. As a rule I think we would prefer to play standing venues or at least a venue that allows some of the audience to stand. It's better from our point of view when an audience is jumping up and down in front of us. I don't really believe in marriage but if you'd care to send in a completed application then we'll see...........

Q: Before I ask my question, I'd like to offer a big thank you for an absolutely fantastic tour. This has been the best yet, great set list, amazing performances and with Roadstar and Toby Jepson supporting, it's been really special. Now my question for Luke is this - do you intentionally change the set list during the tour depending on location? We all have our favourites (although there are so many of them!) but it was interesting how Glasgow differed to the Brighton and Cambridge shows. Kaf, London
L: As a tour goes on we do tend to tweek and tamper a little bit but we're usually fairly consistent.

Q: Can each band member please consider commenting on these questions: The band meet and greet sessions - do you genuinely enjoy these or are you just working hard to give the fans what they want? Has anyone ever made such an arse of themselves they've had to be asked to leave (no, not band members, a fan!!). Are you all amicable about getting asked for a chat / photo in your local supermarket or do you politely refuse the adulation? Any cases where you've been pestered to death enjoying an e.g. an intimate meal by some Thunder nutter?!! Axel
L: Yes we do enjoy the M+G sessions. We're very keen to be seen as normal guys and I think it builds a special bond between band and audience. I think we have had the odd person removed but very, very rarely. I don't mind if people come up and say hello in the street. Most of the time I think people are sensitive enough to know when it's not a good time.

Q: Saw you at Cambridge then Bristol last weekend, going to see you tomorrow at Hammersmith - awesome as usual great shows. Just wanted to know why Ben & Luke have gone back to Marshall amps after using Hughes And Kettner for the last few years. Iain McIntosh, Dunstable
L: We've always used a mixture of amps over the years and I guess we'll continue to chop and change. Marshall's definitely look the best so maybe that's it!

Q: Hammersmith was awesome, thanks very much to all of you guys...what can I say? It bought back my knee pains with all the jumping but I can't say I actually care when the whole experience was so amazing! Roadstar and Toby Jepson = excellent support bands! Ultimate night out indeed. Great to see the Les Pauls back, Luke... which brings me down to my question! If you had the choice of a white or black Les Paul, which'd it be? Luke M
L: White has always been my guitar colour of choice.

Q: Hi guys, Thanks for a stonkin show at Hammersmith. We saw Cheap Trick a few years ago do a 3 night stint at the Highbury Garage, each night performing a different one of their first three albums in it's entirety and also throwing in some random songs to pad the set out. What are your views on Thunder doing a similar concept and if you did which album would you pick as your favourites to perform. Pete & Jackie, Essex
L: I'm not sure we would want to perform in such a rigid way to be honest. I like the fact that we can chop and change things as we go.

Q: I know we have asked this before, and it is not that we didn't believe your answers, but we noticed quite a bit of bottom pinching going on from a certain Mr. Bowes towards Ben and Chris at Hammersmith. Since it was denied last time we thought we would try a different approach. Luke and Harry, did you feel left out not getting this kind of attention from Danny? (We promise that on the next tour we will try to focus more on the music rather than the bottom pinching and hip wiggling.)  Kim and Sasha
L: I guess my bottom isn't as attractive as Chris' and Benny's and obviously I'm heartbroken........

Q: Hi Guys, Saw you at Cambridge on Saturday night, brilliant night with excellent
choice of support from Toby Jepson and Roadstar. So you can imagine how gutted we were when last nights show got cancelled. Sorry to hear about your voice Danny, and really hope you will be well enough to finish the tour. So pleased you have re-scheduled the Norwich gig, and was wondering if Toby and Roadstar will still be supporting???? Keep taking the Honey....see you guys soon. Di White, Norwich
D: We were upset to have to cancel the show. It gives me no pleasure believe me. We'll seek to get both Toby and Roadstar back for the re-scheduled show, as the bill seems to be going down extremely well with everyone. As soon as we know what's happening we'll post the information on the site. In the meantime, you can rest assured, the re-scheduled show will be a cracker, I promise.

Q: hi Danny just wanted to know as I am going in for back surgery in March, was there any thing you personally found useful in preparation for aiding your post-op recovery any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, hope your back is all right now and keep up the good work, looking forward to the new album and hopefully many more to come. Lee, Belfast
D: I know nothing of your particular problem so I'm loathe to pass on any specific tips, for fear of doing you harm. However, provided you're able to do it, swimming is the best form of exercise I've found for recovering from back trouble. I do it all the time (now).

Q: Hey guys! Did you make a music video for I love you more than rock n roll? I haven't seen any of your videos from after Gimme Shelter (the Flawed To Perfection DVD) keep rockin! Steve France, Wrexham
T: They most certainly did. In fact you can see it on the band's brand new DVD 'Scenes Of The Behind' along with the videos for 'Loser' and 'Fade Into The Sun' (featuring the fans performing for the cameras), as well as a couple of hidden vids, interviews and backstage footage...to buy now click HERE!

Q: Thinny, hey up bud! Just tried finding the answer in the archive, as I would imagine it's been the question has been asked many times. Will the 1990 Donington performance ever be available on DVD? Shaun, Barnsley
T: It already is out on DVD...we'll some of it is anyway. 4 tracks from the 1990 appearance feature on the 'Flawed To Perfection' DVD which was released by EMI last year. Buy it HERE! I expect the remaining tracks were lost in the EMI vaults somewhere, otherwise I'm sure that they would have included them. As a result, there are no plans to release the whole show on DVD.

Q: Went to see you on Sunday at the refurbished Sheffield City Hall...thought you brought the house down (especially with the help of Toby Jepson - great choice). Me and the missus have seen you on every tour, and both felt you were better at the City Hall than at the lousy Foundry early last year. To me you looked like you were all enjoying it more.. is that true? Dave Howarth, Sheffield
D: We always enjoy the show regardless of the circumstances, but sometimes it may come across differently, and there are many factors that influence that (sound lights, stage size, heat etc etc). The venue last year was quite simply too small, too small for the band, and the audience. It was also the first show on the tour, with all the attendant first night gremlins, so maybe that was a factor, but we enjoyed it nonetheless, we always do.

Q: Hi guys, just wanted to say THANKS for 2 fantastic shows, Bournemouth & Brighton. What made the show even more special, you played 'Like a Satellite'...we have been waiting 8 years to hear it live again...the reason it's so special is we had this song played at our wedding. Thanks. The very first time I saw you live was at the Shepherd's Bush Empire way back in November 1997, the first night...we have many discussions trying to decide what song you opened with, please can you help. I recall it was a slower one, I think, it was just Danny & Luke that came on stage. I know this is going back a few years, I have been a huge fan ever since. Caz Mills, Southampton
T: Luke and Danny opened that show with an acoustic version of 'You Can't Live Your Life In A Day' from 'The Thrill Of It All' album. 

Q: I am writing to say what a cruel man Danny Bowes is. I am the poor young boy from Cambridge (you probably wont remember me) who Danny picked out from the corn exchange audience. I'm a young lad, such bullying can be distressing you know. I'm only playin, twas an awesome gig every member was fantastic. will remember that one for years. Anyway my question was to the band and I was wondering if you do anything before you go onto stage, like a superstition or warm up. Must do something because the performances are amazing. Also I was very impressed with Roadstar, heard sum of their stuff before but performance was great, what do you think? Seth Coombes, Cambridge
D: I am cruel, I admit it, but only to those who say they can sing better than me. I tried to make peace with you towards the end of the show, give you an apologetic look, but after the singing incident, you wouldn't make eye contact with me again. I don't blame you, but you know I was only having fun. We all have our pre-show routines, but none are very interesting really. Roadstar have gone down very well every night on this tour. They work hard and hopefully they'll do well.

Q: I just saw your show at the Corn Exchange (Cambridge) on 28 January and I can't begin to express how awesome it was. I'm a native New Yorker and have been an avid Thunder fan since I first purchased Backstreet Symphony (I've worn out more than one copy) back in 1990. I was also fortunate enough to see your live performance that year also. In my opinion Thunder is the most underrated and amazing band I have ever had the privelege of hearing. How you guys haven't gotten more recognition and air play in the U.S. baffles and disgusts me at the same time. I know this isn't the forum to ask about tours etc. but do you foresee an eventual return to the United States or not? I'll end this by saying a huge "Thank You"! Thanx for keeping my spirits in check and showing me there are still bands out there that truly care about the music. I don't know what I would've done without you. Dale Lawrence, Newmarket
D: We're discussing the possibility of coming back to the US this year, maybe if it all works out well we'll get to tour there properly soon.

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