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Wat about a lyrics section? Steve, Nottingham
Q: Sorry Kind Man...but....what about a CD covers and art work page as well ! you could just copy the CDs 'n' stick 'em on the site. Thank You Very Kind Thin Man. Steve, Nottingham
T: Sure. And if you can think of any other ways to encourage people to illegally copy Thunder CDs rather than buy them, please let us know....

Q: What do you think of all the shows currently on tv such as the xfactor and pop idol etc and if you were to enter the xfactor do you think you would win? Andrew, Wrexham
D: I have nothing against those shows, but I never watch them. I guess they represent a particularly modern route to fame for those who wish it, but it's not for me. I'm sure I could win if I had a few months to work myself a six pack, grow 6 inches, dye my hair brown and get my teeth done, but I'm pretty happy as I am, so once again I say it's not for me..

Q: Hello Chaps, I was just thinking about the good ol'days back in the 90's & with the World Cup on the way was wondering if there were any regrets about not releasing Englishman as the 'A' side instead of BBS, By jumping on the Italia 90 bandwagon & with a bit of tweaking on the lyrics (i.e. Italian bar instead of Spanish Bar & so on) that song would have been a football song to remember & the people of England would have been singing it to this day, forget 3 Lions! Juiceman,  NW London
D: Nice idea, shame you didn't suggest it back then. We might have done it, and you'd have been a hero. The facts are these:- You didn't suggest it, so we didn't release it, so it wasn't a massive hit, and it's all your fault. I bet you're glad you sent this message aren't you? Ha ha.

Q: Hey guys, a lot of acts are now doing different dance covers of classic songs (mostly brutally murdering them!) I was wondering, if you were asked to let one of your songs be covered would you allow it, and if so which do you think would be the best to cover. cheers guys. Steve France, Wrexham
L: I think songs are meant to be heard so I wouldn't have a problem with somebody covering one of ours, regardless of musical style. I've always thought DJ Sammy could do a good dance version of 'Love Walked In'.

Q: Do you get together regularly to practice or just before tours, recording etc Where do go for this? Have you got your own studio somewhere or do you hire a place as and when required? John Henderson, West Sussex
L: We have a studio we rehearse in regularly in South London which is also where we store some of our equipment. We have our own portable recording studio which enables us to record anywhere theoretically but sometimes we still hire studios to record in for various reasons. This might be down to the acoustics of a particular room that we think is great for recording drums or guitars or whatever. Basically we keep an open mind.

Q: Hi Luke I understand you like to play the odd round of golf when you get the chance. I have wandered around a few golf courses in my time ( not playing though! )and know there are some stunning ones around. So my question is do you have a particular favourite course? Oh and if you need a caddy anytime I would be more than happy to oblige!! Juliet, Clevedon
L: Oddly enough one of my favourite British courses is Clevedon. I've played there a few times over the years as I have friends that live very close. My favourite courses are probably in Spain though, probably due to the weather! I'd probably be very demanding of my caddie........

Q: Just received the xmas show cd from 2004 & the 2nd B&M album, splendid stuff & I've just ordered the latest xmas show 2005. Having listened to Crazy Little Thing which I was very interested in hearing as Freddie for me was the best frontman/vocalist I ever saw, did you find it tricky Danny getting the "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" at the end of the verse right i.e the feel etc, the rock'n'roll style. (many pub/club bands murder that line & ruin the song). I don't know if you've ever heard the full electric live version by Queen
- as I think Thunder could do a excellent version as it was much more rocked up than the studio version. Ben, Middlesbrough
D: I never saw Freddie live, not being a Queen fan, I never really appreciated how good he really was until after he went. Singing the song is fun, and no I didn't find the line tricky to sing. I'm a quality item you know.. Standing up, now that was tricky (Xmas red wine excess)....

Q: Chris, I had a rather bizarre dream last night. I was at a work training seminar where the topic being discussed was the engineering of the eye. I became instantly distracted when I spotted all of THUNDER and THINNY spread out and listening rather intently in the gallery. So, Mr. Conspiracy Theory...WOT could my dream possibly mean? Am I merely mixing work with pleasure during my REM time? Or will a visit to the U.S. for you lot be sudden and surprising? Enquiring minds.... Dana, Utah
C: Well, strange that you should mention this, but I had a dream last night that the whole audience from the gig at Hammersmith were in my bedroom, patiently waiting for me to start my discussion on the engineering of the earlobe. And I couldn't even find my pajamas...

Q: Hi Guys. Saw you recently at Cambridge, and was lucky enough to see you last night> at the Hard Rock Cafe bash, just wanted to tell you that last nights experience rates as the best gig of my life, did you all enjoy it as much as you appeared to? Also for an acoustic performance are there any songs you prefer not to play and how do you select the ones you do play? I was a bit disappointed that you didn't play 'Love Walked in' but guess you can't please all the people all the time. Roni, Romford
L: Yes, we always enjoy playing and gigs as intimate as the HRC don't happen very often so it was fun. Playing acoustically means that we have to arrange the songs in a different way; some songs work this way and some don't. If a song has a large dynamic range it can be difficult to create the same dramatic effect armed only with a couple of acoustic guitars so you have to think laterally about how you're going to do it. The best example I can think of is 'Gods Of Love' which is probably the heaviest track on TM7 but we did it as a sort of swing jazz thing at the last Xmas show and it worked well. 

Q: Looking forward to the second CD - the order is in, just awaiting the postman. The question... on the night you played 28 songs and it's great that we have had 19 of those put out on either CD one or two. Are there any plans to release any of the others? Stay with me baby was released later on the six shooter, after it was cleaned up. Will the others remain in the Thunder vault? Out of interest were the others up to your expectations? James Vincent, Reading
D: The songs played on the night are chosen because they contribute in their different ways towards making it a great show. The songs that make it on to the CD are chosen for the same reason. Some don't make it because they've been on previous releases, or in some cases because the overall performance is a bit ragged (not mine of course, usually everyone else ha ha). We like to keep the standard of every release as high as possible, so just because we could release it all, it doesn't mean we will. The ones that don't make it on to live CDs usually retire gracefully to the little green field around the back of Thunder Towers..

Q: Do you know a guy called Blane Robertson Turner, he has claimed he was in the Band at one time or other. Adi, Wolverhampton
D: No I don't know him, and he most definitely wasn't. This band has only had the 5 of us in it, plus Mikael and Snake who occupied Chris' place before he came along.

Q: Luke, I was listening to She's So Fine, and I was wondering just how much truth there is in the story of the song? Matt, Newcastle
L: I did see a very cute girl on a train but I'm afraid the rest of the song is pure fantasy!

Q: Ben! It was great seeing you in Japan last month! I'm writing to ask how your trip to Mexico with Mostly Autumn went. Hope you ate a lot of great Mexican food, drank a good amount of tequila, and came back with a nice suntan :) How did the show go? Dawn, Japan 
B: The trip to Mexico was a lot of fun and I did eat a lot of good Mexican food. The tequila was particularly fine but not much of a tan I'm afraid. Mexicali gets three days of rain a year and we had one of them!

Q: I remember a while ago something being mooted about the March 10th 2005 Shepherds Bush show being released as an Internet download. This was a great show and was wondering if there is still a plan to release it somehow? Looking forward to Milton Keynes. Bezo, Frome
D: This will happen, but we've been trying to overcome some technical problems and lots of other things have happened so it got pushed to the back of the pile. Now it's calmed down a bit we can attend to it again. Watch this space..

Q: Regarding the xmas cds, I understand why you made two different versions to please the fans that went to the gig but not everyone could have gone no matter how much they wanted to. Therefore seeing how cd 1 has different tracks to cd 2, are there any plans to release the tracks on download. That way, people who have got cd 1 can still be happy as they still would have a personal memento from the gig. Stephen Lawrence, Dartford
D: There are no plans to make the CD1 tracks available via download.

Q: Who do you think (realistically) will win the world cup and which England player will score first? loved Norwich gig BTW. Ele Unwin, Chesterfield
L: England to win. Joe Cole to score first!
H: My head says it will be Brazil....but obviously my heart says England! And I think Beckham will be the first player to score for England. Don't ask me why....just got a feeling. I loved the Norwich show too!
D: It's a lottery really. Injuries play a big part in how a squad performs over the course of the competition, and anything can (and does) happen, but regardless I feel I have to go for England to win, and Rooney to score first. Come on the lads! 
B: The team that scores the most goals, Frank Lampard?

Q: Guys, I'd like to say thank you all for the two amazing gigs in Japan,and nice bus tour,M&G,very pleasant after show party. We (Japanese fans) could spend great time with you! What is your the most impressive moment in this tour? I really enjoyed every time, but it was too much fun for me. Now I miss you so much, and I can't hardly wait to seeing you until next time... Chikako, Japan
C: The most memorable part of the Japanese tour was definitely the second show - in my humble opinion it ranks amongst the best that we've played. The sightseeing and the boat trip was also enjoyable, especially seeing the lights of Tokyo from the harbour.
L:  I enjoyed walking around amongst the little shops near Thunder Gate. It was interesting to walk around with the fans and chat in an informal way.
B: The best time for me was the show on Sunday night; the band played so well it felt fantastic. You will of course see it on the DVD when it is released.

Q: It's been two weeks since the "Thunder Goes Mad In Japan" event and I'm finally calming down. I'm here to say arigato-gozaimashita, for everything you did was just magical! I brought four Thunder virgins and two beginners to the live, we even had pre-gig orientations since they had no clue how to "behave" during shows. (I instructed them to follow Danny's direction carefully!) :) For all of them, Thunder was their very first ever rock concert in their lives. And of course they loved it and are waiting for the next one! Eh, one minor apology...we raised the average age of the audience! ;) I have one silly question for you (this includes you, Thinny!) You spent four nights in Japan-- a day-long bus tour, an acoustic live and interview at a radio station in the middle of the night, an in-store acoustic live at Tower Records, plus two regular gigs. If you normally sleep six hours, that should make twenty-four hours of sleep, right? But seriously, how many hours did you really sleep? I'm a little concerned...;) Fumi, San Francisco
C: Surprisingly, I slept quite well, and didn't suffer too badly from the dreaded jet lag. Or maybe I just felt so vile from alcohol abuse that I didn't notice anything else..
H: Fumi......Don't be concerned. We knew it was going to be a bit hectic when we were there. I slept on both outward and return trips. Having said that I did have pretty bad jet lag and didn't sleep as much as I normally would. It's ok........don't worry......be happy ;)
L: The first night maybe two/three hours but I made up for it the second night when I managed ten hours. Danny and I didn't have much time for sleep after the first show due to not going on the air at Bay FM until 2am the next morning and the last night......well, I never get much sleep on the last night in Japan! All in all I'd say around twenty one hours total.
D: For some unknown reason I suffered the worst jet lag ever on the last trip to Japan. Consequently I spent most of my time at night staring at the ceiling in my hotel room rather than sleeping, and feeling rather strange during every day. I slept for 9 of the 12 hours on the plane coming home, then went back to bed 5 hours after arriving home, and slept for another 7 hours. I added it up afterwards and I actually received 30 minutes more sleep in the 24 hours of the travelling home than I got during the entire time I was in Japan. Weird thing was I have slept perfectly every night since then. Ho hum..
B: It can't have been much more than 10-12 hours over the course of the trip. Now on the plane...... 
T: For me, it varied between 2-4 hours a night - never any more than that. Slept for 10 hours on the flight back though! And for most of the next day as well...

Q: Hi guys...I'm going to be 40 on the 8th March, do you have any advice for me, should I celebrate or hibernate?! Nicky Pollard, Gloucester
C: I'll let you know when I get there... or should it be... it's so long ago I can't remember? Delete as appropriate.
H: Happy Birthday.....Just drink heavily and celebrate! Enjoy yourself! Let your hair down!!
L: Every year you live is a result so I think celebration is definitely the way to go!
D: Celebrate, definitely. 40 is no age to be worrying about getting old. 40 is the new 25...
B: Just do what I do - lie about your age then celebrate.

Q: Hello again - Another singing related question! Dan-Are there any heavy metal singers that you rate? or is it not your cup of tea. Also I recently saw Stevie Wonder on Parky and last year at live 8. How the hell does he out sing all these up & coming singers! He really is amazing-especially at the grand age of.... oh I dont know! -but he must be getting on.Anyway does the voice get better with age? Some people say that Brian Johnson has not got a voice anymore! What do you think? Cheers once again & roll on MOR! Mitch C, Cheltenham
D: I don't like any metal singers. There has to be some bluesy emotional content in a voice for me to like it. I agree Mr. Wonder is and always has been amazing, a one off, so I've always believed his gift came straight from the Gods. I feel my voice is getting better as I grow older, as I'm sure is the case with many singers, but I'm sure the reverse is also true for many.

Q: Danny, I was wondering, do you keep getting asked to get up and sing at home if you have people round, let's say at Christmas for example? Andrew, Wrexham
D: I don't get it in my own home but it has happened over the years. Usually when I'm somewhere people don't know me well enough not to ask. I normally reply that I only ever sing when I'm being paid...

Q: Hi Luke just wanted to say how much I love your rendition of Lola from the Christmas show, so much so that it inspired me to get my guitar out and TRY to play it! Was pleased I can play all the chords apart from the F"m - those bar chords are mighty tricky! So my question is do you have any advice or tips you can give a very basic guitar player on mastering them ? I guess private tuition from you would be out of the question ??!! Juliet, Celvedon
L: I'm afraid there's no secret to playing any instrument; it's all about practice and perseverance. I don't think I'd have the patience to teach really although that would depend on the pupil I guess!!

Q: Hi- Brilliant news about MOR. Seen the line up - Alice who? Deep Pupil! Ted Nuggett! Looking forward to seeing Thunder blow everyone off that stage! Rant over. Q- What is your fave AC/DC era (Bon or Brian) - If any! Thanks & keep up the brilliant work. Mitch C, Cheltenham
H: I think they're a great band and have made great music with both singers. I remember being very shocked and stunned when Bon Scott died. But then there was Back In Black......brilliant!
L: They're a great band and I don't really have a preference. Both line ups have made great albums.
D: Bon every day of the week, though Back In Black is pretty good. Oh no, the agony of choice, you decide for me.....
B: I can't really decide between them, the classic Bon Scott era was superb and his death was a very sad loss. Just as you thought it would never be as good they brought out Back In Black and blew my socks off! Testament to a magnificent band, not many could recover in such splendid style.

Q: Wow what a tour! Danny's bad throat was my gain as I managed to get tickets for the rescheduled Norwich gig - a treat indeed. Now for my question - How difficult was it for you Luke to learn to play the guitar left handed? Did you beg, borrow or steal a left handed guitar as soon as you knew you wanted to play? or were you encouraged to play right handed, but couldn't get used to it? With less lefty guitars available and hardly any teachers, it must have been a challenge. You cant play a right handed guitar upside down very easily - do tell? Kay, London
L: I started to learn right-handed but as soon as I realised Jimi Hendrix was left-handed, the decision to was easy. I just turned the strings around on my cheap acoustic and in my head I was JH. I am self taught but I don't think being left-handed made it any harder to learn; it's just like looking at a mirror image. The most difficult thing was finding guitars. Just last week I went to look at Gibson guitars' showroom where they have every guitar you can think of but they only had two lefties!

Q: Just in addition to Mitch C's question regarding AC/DC.....Bon Scott died 19th Feb 1980! I think they supported The Who at Wembley in '79. Your 'ish' was pre 1980!! Anyway, my question is who came up with the idea of the fly buzzing through Harry's head on your new DVD? It's a real 'blink and you miss it' jobbie but5 typical of the band's humour. Great night in Norwich by the way! Jamie Branagan
D: Thanks for pointing out the correct year, just another reminder that I'm getting old (must join a bowls club soon). The Harry & the fly incident was the work of Tom and Mark (the Mediachill men who edited the DVD). Like you say, it's a fleeting moment, but good value when you notice it, I like that. I think they did a good job of capturing a lot of what we're about.

Q: Hi Luke, long time no see! (think last time was in Birmingham with my best mate at the skin & blow gig many years ago!) Was thinking the other day about how many of your songs contain references to travel and flying and as I am affectionately known by my friends as a "trolly dolly!" it is something close to my heart, so was wondering if you've ever considered facing your fear of heights by learning to fly? (off to Norwich tonight.. Can't wait!x) Fay, Leeds
L: I have been given a flying lesson as a present on two seperate occasions over the years but both times I didn't get around to doing anything about it. Despite having a fear of heights I wouldn't mind learning to fly a plane. That doesn't make any sense does it??

Q: Hi again - Dan, you said you saw AC/DC with bon. Can you tell me where and when please? Also I wondered what the bands thoughts were on the arctic monkeys. Cheers again,Mitch. Ps I cant believe how much airplay the darkness get - when its clear that Thunder are a much better band, Life eh! Mitch C, Cheltenham
L: I saw AC/DC in 1979 (at least I think it '79) at Wembley Stadium on a bill with The Who, Nils Lofgren and The Stranglers. I've not heard a great deal by TAM but what I have heard wasn't bad.
D: I saw AC/DC at a Wembley stadium show, I can't remember when it was but I think it was 1980 (ish). The headliner was The Who, but to be honest I can't remember anything about any other band that day. AC/DC were the best band on the day, no question.

Q: Any updates on negotiations with U.S. labels/promoters? That update last month, as vague as it may have been, floored me more than you can imagine, and for the first time gave me some hope that I may one day witness Thunder live. Any progress? Steve, Chicago
D: Nothing to report at the moment, rest assured when there's some news it'll go up.

Q: Do any of you know where I can purchase a poster of the band. New or old ,doesn't matter really. How about adding one to the store I'm sure there would be a huge demand. My daughter and I really enjoyed the Bristol show you guys rock!! Karen, S. Wales
T: Posters are quite expensive to produce so we need to know that we'd sell loads of them if we were to produce them. It's all about supply and demand and so far there hasn't really been much demand for this. If you're out there and think that Thunder posters would be a good idea then let us know....you never know what might happen....?

Q: I read in a recent article that when u were younger, there was alot of competition between your good selves, as to how many lady companion's you could associate with[very polite eh!] but nowadays the rivalry is golf. who won with the ladies and who wins at golf? Shaun, Barnsley
L: No, that's not true; there was no competition at all! 
B: I'm afraid I'll have to let the others answer the first part of that question as I was always a one woman man and I always win at the golf and I never tell lies

Q: I've been enjoying watching the scenes of your behind (so to speak!) and in the video to 'Loser' I've noticed that it doesn't show the full version of the song as it is on the album. Just out of interest, is this to cut down the playing time of the DVD or was the video released in this 'shortened' version and can you tell me why? By the way, very amusing notice about the Norwich show being cancelled! Can't wait to see you there on Sunday. Rachel, Norwich
L: We shortened the song because radio and TV stations don't generally like to play songs that are over four minutes long.

Q: The Band and Thinny : What is the oddest thing you saw on a menu in Japan??? Eleanor, Derbyshire
T: I have no idea - It was in Japanese...
L: Cow's diaphragm.......mmmm, tasty! 
B: The prices mainly, that and the chicken's womb in garlic.

Q: Thank you for the two amazing gigs I saw recently (Cambridge  & London). As many of us who have been fans since the beginning are saying, you all sound better than ever. We had such a great time and with all that jumping, I nearly bounced out of my bra, much to the amusement the guy next to me! Also we took some friends along who were 'Thunder virgins', who are truly converted now! Two of them even arrived as friends and left as a couple (they didn't get out of bed for three days after the gig, I am told) - what an amazing effect you have. So, my question is what are the funniest things you have ever seen in the crowd at gigs? I have seem the laugh on stage so many times, I'm sure there must be some classics. Sandy Archer, Hertfordshire
L: Everything from couples snogging, people crying, women exposing their breasts (always a favourite with the band although Harry never gets to see it from the back of the stage; that'll teach him to be a drummer!) to people singing along at the top of their lungs when they don't know the words. A lot of the time we're laughing at ourselves to be honest.
B: There was a show in Newcastle City Hall a while ago where I saw a rather lovely looking girl watching the band. Unfortunately she spent most of the night yawning - a bit tired I guess.

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