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Q: Hi Guys. A couple of weeks back my boyfriend and me were lazy on the couch and decided to put the dvd "SCENES OF THE BEHIND" on. We sat right up when the clip for ILYMTRNR came. We were in the clip jumping right in the center of our television!! Ok ok only for a couple of seconds, but it was a very nice surprise. Do you often shoot images from the public of the gigs you play? To be honest I can only remember the camera from Bospop, but these images were from Hardenberg.... Bianca & Hans (the two jumping on ILYMTRNR in the Thunder shirts), The Netherlands
D: We shoot lots of crowd footage all the time. Perhaps you were too busy jumping up and down to notice the camera...

Q: Hi - Just thought I'd say that your a much better singer than P.Rodgers - so there! Q: Have you seen the film "Ray"? If so wondered what your thoughts were of him. Thanks for the entertainment & Cheers. Mitch C, Cheltenham
D: Thanks very much though I'm sure you're wrong. I have seen Ray and I think it's a great film as well as an amazing performance. It's hard to overstate how much of an influence Ray Charles had on the music world, black white or stripey, he's right up there for a whole host of reasons.

Q: Any news of the legendary 1990 Town & Country gig DVD? Arnar, Iceland
T: The DVD has been out for some time now. It called 'Flawed To Perfection : The videos 1990-1995'. It features all of the bands videos from the EMI years and the Donington 90 set, as well as the Town & Country club performance in question.

Q: When you go shopping, especially for clothes, do buy on impulse or do you only shop for what you need? I was wondering about this because it's well known that women are particularly good at shopping but I think quite a lot of men are as well. Personally, I hate
 shopping for anything and if I'm buying clothes I buy loads at once so I don't need to go again for a couple of months. I'd be interested on your thoughts. Debbie, Bathgate
D: I have a "see it buy it" philosophy, as I don't tend to have the time to shop regularly, so when I'm anywhere and I see something I like, I buy it then and there. I also always buy clothes in the run up to new events or projects.

Q: Hey guys hope you are all okay, my question is about the song Here In Your Arms, the bonus track on your ballads compilation, firstly when did you write the song as I really love it, was it something you wrote for the compilation or did EMI dig it up from their vaults. Secondly if they did dig it up how many more gems have you guys got hidden out there? Simon, Burham
L: I wrote the song with Andy Taylor in Spain in 1996. The song was originally going to be on 'El Gringo Retro' but for some reason I didn't put it on. When I was compiling 'Ballads' I found the original demo and though it would be great for Danny to sing so he did and that's how it ended up as a Thunder song.

Q: This came up in the conversation at work last night and we got some pretty good answers... If you were an animal what would you be? Dee, Denmark
L: Definitely an Aardvark.....because I'd always be first on every list!
B: If I were an animal I'd be a drummer.

Q: If you were asked to play one song at the opening of the world cup and one to close it what would you choose? Steve France, Wrexham
B: I think it would have to be "Welcome TO The Party" to open and "We Are The Champions" to close - Cliché I know but one likes to be a little optimistic.

Q: Hi guys! It's been more than a month since your Go Mad In Japan tour. Time flies, doesn't it? I really enjoyed every moment of the tour. Thank you for such wonderful days. I'm looking forward to the DVD. I can still remember how excited I was at the gigs. "Like A Satellite" was so beautiful! I tried to express my thoughts at the Meet&Greet and the after show party, but I couldn't do it. I felt extremely nervous about meeting all of you, because I really admire your music. I couldn't believe that I was standing right in front of you! I must have looked a little strange. It was just nerves, which brings me to my questions.
1.In your lives, is there anyone who you have met who has made you really nervous?
2.How did you behave?
3.Could you tell me how to overcome my nerves in situations like this? Yasuyo, Japan
L: I've met nearly all my heroes that are still alive apart from Pete Townsend but I don't think I'd be nervous if I did meet him. We are fortunate in that we've met many influential and popular musicians over the years. When you meet someone you like just be yourself and be genuine and you'll be fine.
D: You did look strange...
Not really, just kidding!
1. Not since I was a kid.
2. It was too long ago.
3. Drink heavily..
B: Glad you enjoyed the tour, it was a lot of fun for us too. 
1 I met a policeman one night, which made me very nervous. 
2 I behaved impeccably and he let me off.
3 Slap yourself across the face several times and say "let me handle this" eight times.

Q: We find when slogging away in gym listening to Thunder often, not always, but often helps motivate us to work that bit harder or run that bit faster or that bit further, Fantastic beat, perfect for Rhythm. What type of music motivates you? PS Danny with reference to the Bowls club you keep saying you want to join, TT week in the Isle of Man is followed by a the Islands Bowls Festival, lots of greens next to the sea. Maybe next year you could
combine playing the TT's with your new found hobby? Kim & Sasha
L: I tend to watch all the videos they play at my gym. Most are dance orientated but occasionally I see something I like. As i don't usually listen to dance/pop it' a good way of keeping tabs on what some people listen to.
D: Now I'm a bowls player (it was a joke), I find slow steady music is perfect for gauging the weight and length of the bowl... Honestly I've never cared what it was or where it came from, it just needs to move me, to jump up and down (exciting) or cry (sad) or whatever. I react very strongly to things that do this, and sadly most stuff I hear doesn't. I guess it could be to with growing older and hearing more and more music, but in a way it's better, because it rarely happens, when it does it's all the more exciting.
B: When the band used to work out together we employed a personal fitness trainer. She used to make us do circuit training to a Madonna track, it was eight minutes long and very tiring - This motivated me to never listen to Madonna again!

Q: I'm rather fond of hoops (basketball) and can dripple, shoot and basically hold my own in a game of pig or horse. If it weren't for the ten inches of snow that fell overnight, I would have been out on my drive earlier today doing a bit of that. My question: Do you have a sport that you regularly participate in and enjoy playing or are you a voyeur only? Or are you even a voyeur? (Well, we know Harry is....) Miss you all! It's been far too long and I am feeling it. Dana, Utah
L: I'm afraid these days Golf is the only sport I get to play and that doesn't happen very often at the moment because we're so busy (and it's too cold; I'm definitely a fair weather golfer!). I miss playing football but I think I'd probably do myself harm if I attempted to play now. Having said that, a few guys I know play in a veteran's team and they've asked me so you never know, I may come out of retirement yet!
D: Over the years it's been very hard keeping to a regular training regime, or participating in team sports, basically because we're always going out on tour. I play tennis in the warm weather, swim regularly all year round (it helps my back), and I run with my kids & the dog (one or other of my offspring is always doing cross country or some kind of sport, and I like running so it's always a good excuse). I used to really enjoy playing football (soccer) but my last big knee injury put paid to that. I hate the gym, and I loathe working out. Yuk.
B: I used to really enjoy playing cricket in the summer (check out the Access All Areas page) - I played as a wicket keeper, pretty hopeless in bat but I could run fairly fast between the stumps. Pig or horse? So it's true what they say about Utah then.

Q: The Band and Thinny, I am a big big fan of Bill Bailey. Just wondering if any of you like his weird ways of comedy as it were. Margrat, Wolverhampton
D: I like Bill Bailey, he's talented and funny.
T: I think Bill Bailey is great. His show came local to me a while ago, but I didn't go - needless to say I've regretted it ever since! Next time...
B: He is my favourite comedian, I love the way he works music into his act and the "session xylophone player" routine is fabulous. I was fortunate enough to see him at the Comedy Store in Leicester Square many years ago, with Phil Jupitus and Sean Lock - It was a side splitting event believe me.

Q: If you were going to a fancy dress party what would you dress as? Luke have you got a long vicars coat ?? Ele and Patti, Chesterfield
L: What? A long Vicar's coat? Me....with my reputation? I have been known to attend fancy dress parties as a woman or a doctor (gynecologist actually!).
B: I'd like to go as Harry.

Q: If you could acquire one feature of another musician/singer/songwriter, what would it be and why? Luke M
L: Pete Townsend's grace and demeanor on a stage. 
D: I couldn't have one feature, that's not enough, I need Stevie Wonder's voice and his harmonica playing ability, I need Jeff Beck's guitar skills, and Jimi Hendrix's hair. I could go on all day....
C: I would love to have Paul Rodgers' voice, play guitar like Ritchie Blackmore, and write songs like Tom Petty. Am I being greedy?
B: Paul McCartney's bank balance would be nice.

Q: Hi guys...... thought it was about time I thanked you all for an absolutely fantastic tour!!! I had the good fortune of catching the show 7 times in all - with the added bonus of it being my birthday at the Norwich gig, making my day extra special!! Even more so because it was the second year in a row I've spent my birthday at one of your gigs :-) So my question, how do you all like to celebrate your birthday?? (or do you prefer to pretend like it hasn't happened?!!?!?) McAnnie the Northern Monkey,  The Frozen North
L: I like to go somewhere I can get slowly drunk with close friends and then stagger home without too much trouble; simple really.
B: Yes I agree it is about time you thanked us for a fantastic tour! A very happy belated birthday by the way. Personally I like a good restaurant with good company on my birthday, a decent bottle of red and a hangover in the morning.

Q: Hi chaps - Luke & Ben - I know that you use Gibson-what do you think of the sg? Have you ever tried one? A lot of guitarists don't rate them. It only seems to be associated with one guitarist eh...... Cheers and thanks again for making the excellent TMS. Roll on the next one! Mitch C,  Cheltenham
L: I used to own a twin-neck SG which was very nice but as I only played it once in 15 years I decided to sell it. For me it's an aesthetic thing; I just prefer the look of a Les Paul or Flying V.
B: I've had limited experience with them, mainly a double neck on the 1992 tour. It was very unbalanced and used to take some effort to keep upright (a little like myself in actual fact). I have tried a 1960's SG but the neck was thin it went out of tune as you fretted a chord! I'll stick to Les Pauls.

Q: Hey guys! I have a real 'thing' about guys smelling nice (it's a girl thing) - do any of you wear aftershave/cologne and if so what type. Also, if not - WHY NOT? Stinky boys!! Scumbelina, Worthing
L: You have a most inappropriate name for someone that cares so much about personal hygiene! My cologne of preference is 'Lui' by Armani if you must know although I also like 'Envy' by Gucci. I can't believe I'm admitting this............
D: I am very allergic to a lot of smells so I have to be careful. A faint whiff of the wrong one and I'm instantly sick. I am therefore most careful about the after shave I wear. I am currently using Soul by Boss. It seems to work.
B: Issey Miyake is my smell - I have a thing about girls smelling nice too but with a name like Scumbelina I presume you don't.

Q: Hi Guys, First of all I just want to say a big thank you for a fantastic evening at the Hard Rock Cafe a couple of weeks ago. I got extremely nervous and excited when I found myself right in front of you all (What was Benny's boots all about? lol!) I must admit that Danny's voice gives me butterflies and always puts a smile on my face whatever mood i'm in. Anyways to my questions:- 1)Are there any famous people that you've found out were fans and been quite surprised/excited to hear that they were? 2)I've been trying to learn the bass (so I guess this is mainly aimed at Chris) I've had some problems getting the timing right, so was wondering if you had any hints/tips? for playing in general too? Looking forward to hearing the new stuff, keep up the good work. love you all. Dani, Kent
C: I also enjoyed the HRC acoustic session - those shows are always very relaxed, and you never know quite what's going to happen next! In reply to your question about timing, you just need to listen to the drums and lock in with the kick. It really is as much a physical thing as something that happens through your ears - you'll notice that when I'm playing, I can never be still, something on my body has to be moving.. we'll leave that particular conversation foe another thread...
B: We did have a bit of a celebrity fan club at one point; it was when we were signing to Geffen Records. David Coverdale, Aerosmith and Guns 'N' Roses all told Geffen how good we were. Problem is that they don't pay for CD's. PS. My boots were about two hundred quid.
D: Glad you enjoyed it at the HRC. It was very intimate wasn't it. Our celebrity fanclub has always been quite extensive, going back to when we first got going. Joe Perry and Steven Tyler were fans, they invited us to play shows in 1989, and helped us get our deal with Geffen in the US. Axl Rose tried to sign us to his label, and Luke and I had dinner with him once in LA, he was very nice. David Coverdale has always been very complimentary, and jammed on stage with us once at Hammersmith Odeon (as it was then). Jimmy Page has been to a few shows over the years, and he's always very enthusiastic afterwards. Van Halen told us we'd kicked their butt every night on the Bon Jovi tour in 1995, they didn't need to say that so that was nice. Oh yes, they all love us. Mad fools...

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