Q & A Archive - September 2006


Q: Hey! So now the new stuff is all complete and obviously sounding great, is there any one track in particular you're looking forward to playing live? Fay, Leicester
L: I think there'll be a fair amount of the new album in the set as there was when TM7 was released. I'm looking forward to playing all of them!

Q: Hi Luke m8. Long time no meet'n'greet ! :( 2 weeks ago, I came back from spending 2 weeks burning myself silly, relaxing and generally having a jolly nice time in the boiling hot sunshine in Alcudia, Majorca. I took my awesome 60Gb Archos AV500 with my Shure E2MC pro headphones, loaded with prolly 400 albums (including my Thunder collection) and do you know what the *ONLY* album I listened to for 14 days was, continually ?? El Gringo Retro all the way. I s'pose I was soaking up the Spanish vibe that you must have had when you were there and wrote and recorded it. It just seemed *SO* perfect, what with all the heat, beautiful people and the booze etc. I converted anybody that would risk putting my foamy earplugs in their ears, to tell me what they thought. Even younger peeps said to me " that's really really nice" the word "casual" and "airy" were used often. Loving You (is all I can do) was a particular favorite for everyone (and one of my faves!) Muchos Gracias to you and Thunder. Luke, please keep writing the music, you make the world a very special place to live in. (One day you will write me another Sacred Cow! :) I am not worthy. Anon, UK
L: Thank you for the nice comments. I'm glad you enjoy listening to EGR in the surroundings it suits best!

Q: Hey, I just thought I should say that I think Together or Apart is prob one of (if not thee) best ballad you have written! Was there a particular situation in your life that inspired you to write the song? Steven Alexander, N. Ireland
L: Let's just say there's an element of personal experience in it!

My husband and I have just finished a major diy project - a log cabin in the garden. What if anything is your biggest diy project - or do you get someone in to do it for you?!?
Reita, Sutton Coldfield
D: I've always been pretty handy, having done most building jobs over the years. I ripped out and replaced my bathroom earlier this year, but the last major thing I did was extend my house, not on my own of course, with no small amount of help from a mate of mine (who still is a builder). Three months of pure heaven...
L: Wiring a plug is about as complicated as it gets for me! When it comes to DIY I'm a firm believer in GSETDI (get someone else to do it).
B: I built a new kitchen and bathroom and renewed all the plumbing in my house but my shelves are still not straight.

Q: Hi there, I just wanted to say that I think it is a really nice thing you are doing by having a competition for fans to win a support slot on the tour. There must be so many young bands who would love the chance to support you. They must be very excited. I can't wait to see who you choose. I'm sure they'll be great, and hopefully they'll become really famous and be able to say that they got their first break by winning a competition to support Thunder!! My question is, when you were first starting out, were there any bands in particular that you would have liked to support on tour? Maria, Hertford
L: To be honest we've been lucky enough to support most of them. If we could go back in time however, then there'd be Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, The Beatles, etc..................
B: We have already supported many of the bands on my wish list - I would have loved to have done an American Tour with the original line-up of Led Zeppelin.

Q: Hello my number one bestest band ever! just wondering I play the drums I get the feeling sometimes that I'm not that good, do you guys ever have a bad day when u just want to give up with your instrument (or vocals) also other days do you feel like you have suddenly improved? Ryan, Hereford
L: I think we all have days where we feel we play or sing better than others and yes, there are still moments when I think I've played something well even after all these years!
B: I have had the privilege of working with some great musicians over the years and sometimes they make me feel like giving up, Jeff Beck in particular was unbelievable good. It's when I walk out on stage with the boys in front of you lot reminds me why I haven't.
H: No Ryan. Never felt like giving up even on a bad day. Everyone has their ups and downs-perseverance is the way forward. Bashing the hell out of your kit as hard as you can, also works. Don't try this at home!
D: I think everyone has those days early on, but if you work hard to improve, the "I was crap today" days become fewer as the years go by. 

Q: Over the past few years I have been trying to research my family tree...Have any of you been interested in your tree, if so have you found anything interesting ???? Looking forward to Manchester and bringing newbies....hoorah!! Helen, Derbyshire
L: I haven't researched it although one day I will get around to it I'm sure. I do know that my roots are Irish on my Dad's side and somewhere in the distant past, French on my Mum's side.
B: It's something I have always meant to do but never got round to. I'm sure with the Internet it is a little easier than before, negating the need to poke around musty old libraries being told to ssshhhh! all the time. I believe my roots are in Wales somewhere which would explain my affinity with the good people of Wales.
H: I have been interested in putting my family tree together, but it's my sister who has put a lot of research, time and effort into discovering ours. She has gone back to the early 1800's and found a long line of butchers coming from Scotland. And my Granddad was a drummer in a band!!!!
D: I was talking to someone about this the other day. The problem with my family tree is that my great grandfather basically assumed a new identity and we don't have any reliable information as to who he was before that. Sounds like something out of a novel doesn't it? The story goes thus:- He was thrown out of the army because they discovered he was too young, so with no money and no options, he went to another town and joined up again, this time taking part of the Queen Mother's surname (Bowes-Lyon), which is how my family got to be called Bowes. Like I said we have no real idea who he was before that, so it's a bit of a short family tree on that side...

Q: Hello lads, can't wait to hear the new album, know it will brilliant as always. My question is, when you were all starting out in bands, what is the worst band name you were ever in? Mine was "Dayatara", which sounded like "Day of Terror", which was an apt description of how we sounded! Mac, Pensacola FL
H: I was in a band many many moons ago called "Fojomocog". It was made up of the first letters of the band's Christian names with an "o" in between. Look.........there's me on the end!? (before Harry came along of course?) Wonderful stuff......................
L: My very first band was called (I think) Cosmic Fire! After that it was Kamikaze...... Next was Nuthin' Fancy then came Terraplane. The rest you know.
D: I've somehow managed to blot out all the really terrible band names that were rejected. However, and this is probably worse because it got through, the first band name we chose (way back when we were 15) was Nuthin' Fancy. Having said that it was apt, as we were exactly that in every respect (but we thought we were great). 
B: I first formed a band at school; it was called 'Freebird' closely followed by a name change to 'White Noise'. Then somebody pointed out that Bill Nelson had a band called White Noise so we changed the spelling a little to 'White Noize' only to find out later Bill Nelson's band was called Red Noise. Next came 'Fortune' and then the crowning glory which was 'Sing Sing'. After that I joined a band with a proper name - something to do with the weather...

Q: Did the band have any moral issues with regards to charging people to enter Thunder related competitions such as the recent Classic Rock and Album Preview Party ones? £1.50 per text is a lot of money just to enter. I understand that this will bring increased interest in the band, that many parties will probably benefit from the revenue generated and we all have a choice about entering or not. However, I feel as though you maybe compromising the excellent relationships and feel good factor you have built up with your fans since reforming. Be interested in your thoughts on this more corporate approach. Thank you. Bezo, Frome
D: I have no moral issues with charging for competitions. You simply pay your money and you take your choice. I think this is a valid point though so at the risk of going on, I'd like to explore it with you, or at least give you an insight into our reasoning....
I do recognise that there's a danger the relationship between a band and fans can possibly be damaged by charging for stuff, and I consider these things very carefully before I recommend them. Text to win competitions are everywhere in society now, so it's not a new concept, it's just new to us, and all new things take a bit of time to establish themselves. Thunder fans on the whole have shown themselves to be pretty prepared to keep up with the cutting edge, and that's great for us, as we need them to be there if we're to compete in the modern music business.
For those "old school" types, the problem may arise as a prize value versus cost of entry issue, or even whether or not they think it's something we should be doing in the first place. I understand that not everything will work for everyone, but fans need to understand it too. Like you say people always have a choice as to whether or not they enter, and to date we've received no flood of complaining emails. We usually do when something isn't popular, so that tells me this concept has either gone down well, or it's a non contentious issue. The third option of course is that fans hate it but don't want to tell us (past experience tells me this is highly unlikely..). 
The net income derived by us from these kinds of promotions is tiny, so we're definitely not doing it for the money. We'll gain exposure in new quarters and gather valuable data which will help us better promote the band and our activities. We're not blessed with mountains of cash to spend on marketing and TV ads, so we have to make up for it with all the tools at our disposal, and this is but one of those.
If we announced that we were going to charge fans for our autographs (some do) there would be an outcry, and I'd understand why, but the prize for the Classic Rock Competition is worth in excess of £3000, and if I was a guitar player, I'd definitely pay the £1.50 to enter, and loads of people I've spoken to have said the same. Plenty of people do the lottery every week with a miniscule chance of winning anything. The odds of winning our prize is much shorter, and we've made sure the prize is great value, so I don’t see why there should be an issue simply because the competition has been arranged by a band who run their own label.
We've always listened to our fans and like to think we're tuned in. If fans told us it was a bad idea, we'd listen. If we didn't care, I wouldn't be spending 20 minutes of my day typing this reply. I hope this goes some way towards explaining the thinking behind what we're doing, but the mobile age is here, and as a band we have a simple choice: embrace it all and compete, or resist and get left behind.
I thank you..

Q: Hi Danny. I've been trying all day to register my band for the tour support competition, with no luck. Our myspace page is www.myspace.com/subduedmusic - It would be great to hear what you, and the fans think of our music. The recordings on there are either quick ideas on an 8-track in the bedroom, or live through-the-desk recordings. We would  love to be in the running for the competition, but can't get an account made with Moyst for the text voting! Dimema! Hope you can take a listen, and hear potential! Dan, Southampton
D: Sorry to hear about your troubles, and I've sent your email on to Moyst who will no doubt be in touch to assist you. I can't get into listening to any bands until the most popular are presented when the competition ends (I'm also flat out with stuff for the new record at the moment), but if you get enough votes I will. Good luck.

Q: Hi Guys, Having been to the Xmas Gig last year and loved it, I was wondering if you'd ever been tempted to do an acoustic album at all? And will the lovely McDonald sisters be back again this year? Rob, Wilmslow
L: Although we do have our gentler moments Thunder is a rock band first and foremost so I don't think we'd ever do an album of new material that was totally acoustic. Hopefully the McD's will be back this year. 

Q: There was a Thunder gig end of last year in Pratteln. Very much enjoyed that, thanks for the great music.....I always asked myself about the background for the lyrics of "it happened in this town" Was there a special reason for writing this one? Nikolai Lamberts, Switzerland
L: The song was written because I read a terrible story about a little girl who was abducted and murdered very near to where I lived at the time.

Q: As a massive fan of Thunder and the drummer of an unsigned derby based rock band (www.pressuremusic.co.uk) I thinks it's top smart that you have decided to open up your support slots on the forthcoming tour to unsigned bands. There is so much positive energy and music in the unsigned scene that never gets showcased because of A&R souls who are just in the music industry to cash n dash in on the x factor as quick as possible. However, I think it is unfair of competitions to judge a band's musicianship, energy, songwriting and stage presence by how many fans they have voting for them. Surely independent judges are the way to go and results be based upon the music and not the number of fans a band has. The band that I play in struggles to get the break because our fan base is very small. However, we make a massive impact wherever we play and more often than not musically outscore other bands in competitions but lose out because we don't have the numbers voting for us. Surely it's about the music and not the number of fans a band has. Take yourselves for example, Thunder doesn't have any where near as many fans as that tee-wat Robbie Williams but your music is so far superior to his. If you were trying to break through today as you did years ago do you think you would manage it? How can smaller bands get a break if nobody gives them a chance simply because of the size of their fan base? On a lighter note, I can't wait for the new album - the downloads sound the dee's bee's. Jonathan, Derby
D: I have enormous sympathy with the plight of new bands struggling to gain attention, and I remember only too well what it's like, I was in a band for 9 long years before I got a record deal. I understand your points, and they are well made, but I'm afraid given what goes on behind the scenes, I'm always going to find it hard not to take this kind of comment personally. So at the risk of sounding harsh, I feel I should point out that my primary job concern is to enhance the career of Thunder, not to further the careers of other bands. 
The competition winners will get to play in front of a much bigger audience than they would normally play to. They'll gain experience if nothing else, and we'll have helped them achieve that. The competition will also bring Thunder and our music to a lot of people who may not know us. We're all just trying our best to get the job done, and regardless of who it suits or who it doesn't, I see this as a fair exchange. Robbie is great by the way, he may be a nutter, but at least he's a bit of a character...

Q: When RJT arrives which is the most profitable method of purchase for the band, after all we want you touring / making records for as long as possible. Shaun, S Yorks
D: Thanks for the question. It's very nice that you ask, but there's really no need to be concerned about which way is the most profitable for the band. The most valuable thing you fans can do for us (both now and for the foreseeable future) is to spread the word in any way you can. Please tell everyone that may be interested (or maybe just everyone) that the new record is released on October 30th, and that we'll be playing tunes from it during the UK tour in November. Thanks in advance, I've got a very good feeling about how this record is going to go down....

Q: Hi Guys, so far I have collected all of your albums so far but here in Germany I unfortunately don't get your singles and Bonus-CD's. According to your Discography I'm still missing approx. 90-95 Songs, that were either Bonus Tracks on the Japanese Editions, demo tracks or live/acoustic Versions of your regular songs. There might even be more. I already have the CD "The Rare, The Raw And The Rest" and now I was wondering how I could get a hold of all the other songs? How about you post those rare gems on your website, just like the song "I'm A Lucky Man" and everyone interested can download these tracks for some 0,99 ct. I'm talking about songs like "Too Bad", "Sex Groove", "Sweet Pain" or even "Broken in two". I would like to have all of your released songs complete, if possible. So, how about it? Oh, and by the way, the snippets of your new album sound fantastic. Can't wait to get a hold of that in October. Keep on makin' the music you do...! Alex, Germany
T: All those old B-sides are actually owned by the various record labels that the band have been signed to over the years. It would be completely illegal for us to offer them for download via the site, and would get us into a lot of trouble. It's possible that one day those labels might make them available again, but I wouldn't hold your breath. You best bet, for the time being, is eBay...

Q: Hi Thunder! Will there be an international release date for RJT (so that the album
is also available on 31th of October in Germany)? Chris, Germany
D: Robert Johnston's Tombstone will be released in Europe and Japan, as well as the UK. The UK release date is 30/10/06. The European release will be some time in November, and Japan will probably be shortly after that. Confirmation of the release dates will be posted here as soon as we have definitive dates.

Q: Hi - Just noticed a post on the Q&A about younger fans. Just thought I'd let you know that at one of your gigs in the last couple of years (I can't remember if it was Folkestone or London) and I was stood next to a bunch of younger fans (probably about 18) who knew all the words to the SATS material, but seemed never to have heard Love Walked In or Backstreet Symphony before!! Is this quite pleasing, and annoying for you in equal measure? I find it amazing (although very good) to find that a band such as yourselves that doesn't have much media coverage seems to pick up new fans - I would have thought that the only way to know about you is to have been 'into' you early doors, as I am a dedicated fan who looks out for any press/TV coverage and never sees any, other than the expected Classic Rock articles, the readers of which should no doubt be fully versed on your material anyway. p.s. to the person who commented on being glad that Steve Augeri is great with Journey - get with the programme, he's been caught miming at recent shows and has subsequently been replaced by Jeff Scott Soto!! Chris, Kent
L: I don't mind how and when people find out about Thunder or what age they are; everybody's welcome and the more, the merrier!

Q: Hi Guys! Kiltie and I were reminiscing about the fun we had doing the FITS project and got to thinking that Amy's on the Run would also have made an interesting choice of video! My question is, if you were to make a music video of Amy, which member of the band would be most suited to play Amy and would the lyrics have to be changed to "Rock Gods" at the bar, all chiseled and flexing?!!!! See you soon in Glasgow where I hope to catch another plectrum between my thighs!!! (BTW good aim, Ben!) Buffy, Scotland
L: Harry would be the only choice if I was in charge of casting. He is very in touch with his feminine side after all!

Q: With songs such as monkey see, monkey do and pimp and a whore, your views on the music industry have quite rightly been voiced. It must be hard these days for aspiring musicians to actually believe they will ever be able to 'make it' and pay the bills from their music especially when they see so much talent going un-noticed or maybe ignored. What are your views on this? Ian, S. Wales
L: I think you've sort of answered your own question there! Talent isn't the only thing you need to be successful unfortunately; you also need to be obsessively determined and lucky at the right time! I always figured that if I didn't try I'd never know and you have to take risks at some point if you want to work for yourself, no matter what business you're in. It is very competitive out there but somebody's got to do it!

Q: Are any of you guys fans of Y&T? I saw them at the monsters of rock gig a few years back and loved them (not as much as you of course) and noticed they are touring at the moment. Can't wait to see both Y&T and Thunder later in the year. Stephen Woloszyn, London
L: I saw Y&T the first time they came to England in the 80's. I think it was at the old Marquee Club and they were great especially 'Rescue Me'. 

Q: Having read about Luke's technical problems with his acoustic guitar in Switzerland, I have a related question: Have you ever suffered technical problems so major that you thought you would have to cancel, postpone or end a gig drastically early? Scott, Newport
L: No. We've always managed to get through whatever adversity confronted us. Equipment-wise the worst occurrences have all been with Benny's organ (oo-er). The band's physical frailties have sometimes made things very uncomfortable particularly Danny's exploding knee in Japan and Harry's diarrhoea in Germany!

Q: Hi Luke, Was Last Man Standing written as a reply to how bad the government is in  not listening to its country? Something which you earlier song Welcome to the Party was praising in 1997. Do you find that sometimes ideas written in songs that are political need to be address with another song when later on things go wrong in real life? Thank and looking forward to the new release. Lee Friend
L: LMS is about the way the American and British governments justify their actions with half truths, media manipulation and bad intelligence (these are only my humble opinions I must add). WTTP wasn't praising the Labour Party as such; it was more an expression of hope after nineteen years of watching the Tory government dismantle everything good that had happened in this country since the war (once again only my opinion). Songwriting is about how you feel at any particular time and I believe you have to be honest with yourself when doing it or what's the point? I think people can tell when someone is being insincere.

Q: Hi Luke, just wanted to thank you for doing the track by track analysis - I mentioned the idea a little while ago since you did it for the solo album. It looks like it's gona be a cracker and I particularly look forward to hearing my hour of darkness and the subject matter of the songs are fresh, topical and diverse. What do you enjoy most - the writing and creation of a song or sitting back and listening to the finished recording? I have to say I enjoy writing but am very lazy when it comes to making any sort of recording - probably because its not professional! Ian, S. Wales
L: Luckily I enjoy all aspects of what I do. Seeing an idea take shape is great and listening to it finished is very satisfying but if I had to pick the thing I like best about writing it would be seeing other people react to what I've done. Watching an audience sing along to words you've written is very moving.

Q: Hi Luke - I've just brought a electric guitar just wondering how or what is the best way to learn to play and read music. Anonymous, Shrewsbury
L: If you want to learn to read music as you learn to play I would recommend you find a teacher locally. If you want to develop your own style I would advise you to watch and listen carefully to all the guitarists you admire and try to work out how they do it. Eventually you'll find the right path for you. Good luck.

Q: Hi Chaps,I have listened to your music since the beginning and I always find your music has something for every emotion. Onto my question, in the early days I got all my info on your tours and albums from kerrang. It now seems to focus on "thrash" stuff, so I buy classic rock mag. Do any of you boys buy music mags and what are they? Taffyboy, Huddersfield
L: Not really anymore although if I'm getting on a plane or a train I might pick up a copy of Mojo, Q or Rolling Stone.
D: I get Classic Rock. I read Q and Mojo occasionally but that's it.
B: I very rarely buy magazines but I do read them in the dentist's waiting room- I see Hendrix is booked to play the Isle Of White Festival

Q: Right hello chaps, I'm sure you're being bombarded with questions about tombstones and people called Johnson and the like so I thought I'd ask you something completely different (as John Cleese once so Famously Said) Right Here Goes... Marmite Do you Either Love it or Hate It? Me personally I love it... mind you I think you could probably compare manufactured pop music to marmite... both leave a bitter taste... however I love the marmite one... what d'you guys think! Rock On! Simon, Burham
L: I love it especially on a piece of toast and dipped in a boiled egg!
H: Hate it with a vengeance I'm afraid.
D: There seems to have been plenty of conjecture on the new LP title on the message board, and it's mostly good healthy debate. Whilst most of the comments are common sense and practical, some appear to have taken the issue a tad too seriously. I thought we were quite comprehensive on the reasons behind the title in our news item, but I guess without hearing the tunes it's easy to latch on to the wrong end of the stick. Not long 'til the release now, all will hopefully become clear (for most I'm sure, but I fear sadly not for some). I'm afraid I don't subscribe to the love or hate Marmite stereotype. Ambivalent is the word, I'll eat it if it's there, but if it's not I'll use the jam, honey or whatever. One thing I cannot stomach however is marmalade. Yuk.
B: Love it.

Q: Hi Folks, thank you for the fantastic gig at the tufertschwil open air in Swiss. But why you didn't play an encore one or two songs more. Sorry the disappoints me. I'm driving from Stuttgart to see you!!! Thomas Noel, Stuttgart
D: We too were disappointed that we didn't get to do an encore, the show was really great. Outdoor shows have to run to strict timings or chaos reigns, and we were given a firm 90 minute set time. The set was timed to include an encore, but unfortunately we had some technical troubles with Luke's acoustic guitar before we went on, and it delayed our start time by 9 minutes. This meant we had to lose the encore or risk having the power cut in mid song (it has happened before). You may have driven from Stuttgart, but I flew from London, so I win I think... Ha ha. Seriously, thanks for going to the show, it was fab!

Q: Help - I know it is a little early to ask about Xmas, but is there any chance Thunder might be doing this year's Xmas gig on Dec 27th? I have just seem that The Almighty are doing a gig on the 27th and I dare not by tickets to see them if it would mean missing the Thunder Xmas gig!!! Sandy, Hertfordshire
D: Fear not, the Xmas show will not be on December 27th. The details will be announced shortly.

Q: Hi Danny, thank you for the Switzerland gig (the trip was hopefully as sweet as chocolate and not "cheesy" for you). Thunder blinding more than the sun plus Magnificent Danny on drums - awesome! But first of all I have to thank you for your kindness. You don't remember I guess. I'm the shy girl with my lion-hearted hubby who did my job well (got your autographs and even talked a little to you). How I wish I could! You didn't really notice me being around, right? It was a special, big joy to be closer as usual to the band. How lucky I was to get so much more than I hoped! Marvellous, unpayable moments! You're charming, warm-hearted, lovely person with your stainless platinum voice and brilliant music that both still touch me to the deepest since 13 years.  The thrill's still not gone. I hope you get right this misbehavin' girl who preferred to take a back seat and suffer rather than to bother and to bore! It's no disregard but highest grade of admiration and respect. I know I can't stand a ghost of a chance to get so close to you again. But may be sometime. Although I'm not a really native speaker and must  apologise for my English I treasure Thunder super lyrics - a rarity by today's songs! As a huge Thunder-Lover I'll keep my love young so please remember: Your "city" will never be "empty". Now my first question: Do you like jazz and hear it sometimes? If yes, what jazz musical instruments sound most pleasant for your ears and soul? Second question: What is the most endearing word do you think of? I wish you all a great success with your new album! You do deserve it! There will never be another you! Olga, Stuttgart
D: Your words are most kind and much appreciated. It's always very nice to read some heartfelt comments. I'm glad you enjoyed the show at Tufertschwil, we were very impressed with both the place, the crowd, and the whole vibe of the weekend, we really had a great time on all levels. Even the hotel bar was rocking after the show... On to your question. I'm no expert, but I do like a bit of jazz trumpet and jazz guitar when I hear it. As to an endearing word, you are a funny girl aren't you? In fact I like the word funny, it can mean silly, comical, odd etc. I find all of these traits endearing.

Q: Rainbow which singer do you prefer a. Ronnie James Dio b. Graham Bonnet c. Joe Lynn Turner. Mart, Essex
B: But you've missed off Roddy and Jane (Zippy could never be seriously classed as a singer)

Q: I have been a huge fan since Backstreet Symphony came out and now have all the records. My question is I have seen the dvd's listed on the web site and was wondering if they would play over here on dvd players for the U.S. I thought I heard at one point that there were certain dvd's for Europe and North America. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Mark, Missouri
D: Our DVDs are encoded for the PAL TV system, so they work best on TVs made for UK and Europe. They are however region free so they will work on a NTSC TV if the equipment can accommodate them. For example my new(ish) DVD player is multiregion and I regularly buy NTSC DVDs from the US and they play perfectly on my PAL TV. I hope this helps.

Q: I was wondering if you have heard of Joe Bonamassa?. It seems to me that the type of blues/rock he plays would be something you guys would enjoy. Paul Masters, Somerset
H: No I haven't but I'll look out for him.
L: I haven't but I will keep my eyes (and ears) open.
B: Thanks for the recommendation, I'll check him out. With a name like that he's winning already.

Q: Hi Luke, earlier this year on the news page there was a rumour that this album could have been a double album. Was this purely rumour? What was the likelyhood of it happening? And if there was a possibility of it happening - what changed you and/or the bands minds? Ade Crump, Cheshire
L: I think it was down to the early material for the album all being written very quickly and the sentiment was one of 'if it continues like this it might be a double album' sort of thing. We were never definitely going to make a double album. We make single albums that last upwards of fifty minutes anyway and that would have been a double album in the days of vinyl. Somebody told me that Razorlight's new album is only 36 minutes long and The Darkness' debut album is also about that length. I think quality is the issue here as opposed to length (steady!).

Q: Gentlemen, nice to see details of the new long player on its way and as with all previous offering, you can count me as a definate sale!! My question, just want to know your thoughts on your various live intro's over the years. I know you guys like to come out to a song. My favourite, and I have no idea which year this was, was when you used Thunderstruck and started off with "She's So Fine". So whats been your fave???> And another question, do you have to pay broadcast rights to AC/DC for Thunderstruck of is there a gentlemens agreement in place!!! Mike Jackson, Southport
B: Every time I hear Thunderstruck in a club I do think it's time to go on stage. It is a particularly good intro for Thunder and I thank ACDC for writing it for us. I heard a rumour that they said it would be nice if Thunder wrote them an intro song.

Q: I Just wanted to let you know that I'm 17 years old and wondered if there are some young fans as well as me, or is it all old fogies. Kieran, Hull
D: I think you're possibly the youngest fan who's emailed me, but I'm told there are loads of fans of all ages, even toddlers brain washed by their parents (good job people). We met loads of very young teenagers at Monsters Of Rock in June, lots of them said they were new fans who'd recently discovered us, so it appears the fact that we're old gits isn't a barrier to kids who want to hear good solid rock music. Spread the word of Thunder baby, it's all good for the cause...

Q: Are Any of You Journey fans, if You are, do you think they were better off with Steve Perry or that The new singer Steve Augeri is better for them cause I personally think that Perry is fantastic. Kieran, Hull
D: Never been a Journey fan as such but I liked some of the early songs they made with SP. Not heard any recent offerings so I can't really comment on whether or not it's better now or then. It's good they're doing it again though.
B: I do like a bit of Journey and naturally it would be the Steve Perry line up

Q: Did any of you guys ever consider using false names or nicknames like Snake did in the band? I know Steven Tyler only uses Steven Tyler for Aerosmith. If not what would you choose now. Also what other names apart from Thunder were first thought up? Steve France, Wrexham
L: Harry is the only member of the band with a 'stage' name. Thunder was the first and only idea for a band name as far as I can recall.
D: Snake didn't use a nickname, I gave it to him the first day we met him. I've never considered the idea for myself, not for a second, no, not my thing, no no, never...
B: I had a false name for the Danny and the Doo Wops tours - "The Reverend Fingers Bonehead" - I used to wear the full reverends kit for the show which was fine until I bumped into a lift full of real vicars, I think I got away with it.

Q: Hey guys - was just wondering what you thought of bands such as Skin, Steelheart and Crimson Glory? Steven Alexander, N. Ireland
L: Skin supported us on a few occasions and they were a good rock band. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with either Steelheart or Crimson Glory.
B: Skin were a lot of fun when they played with us but the others I have not come across as yet.

Q: Hi Luke. Just reading all about the new album on the news page- sounds very interesting so far... I can't wait to hear it!! I'm sure it will be fantastic. I was just wondering, when you first started work on the new album did you feel any pressure to write something as good as TMS?? Because that got really good reviews (probably the best Thunder reviews since LOJD or BSS) It must have seemed like a hard task to follow up such a mega album? Or are you just at a stage in your musical career where you are confident about your writing ability and so don't really worry about things like that? Maria, Hertford
Every time we make an album we want it to be better than the last one and we always strive to make the best album we can. I am confident in my ability but that doesn't guarantee anything so I do work hard on every song I write. I'm not too concerned with reviews although it is good when they're favourable. We've always approached everything we do from a point of view pleasing ourselves first and then hoping other people like it. You have to obey your instincts in any creative art and live or die by the results.

Q: Hi Again! I was Just wondering about the new DVD that's been released and why its
18. Is is because the band swear a lot or is it rude stuff? Kieran, Hull
D: There is some swearing, but it's not too bad, and the really blue bits have been tweaked out in the edit process. It's also to do with the adult nature of some of the comments, innuendo etc. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Q: So you now have Harry dressed up as the devil, sounds promising! I read that Time Magazine has listed You Tube and Myspace amongst their top 50 websites, mostly because of their music and video sharing abilities. A long trawl through the You Tube listings shows many Thunder videos there already. Ok Go has been brought to my attention and is now a firm favourite on the stereo, purely as a result from having their video sent to me in an email. So I was wondering, how easy would it be for you guys to rustle up a video, to coincide with the new album, and get it out there using these sites? Or am I jumping the gun and it's already part of the secret masterplan? Nicola. Kent
D: We're working on all kinds of things for the new LP, and a video and a single is one, but we have to be clever about how we go about it. Time is always a major issue with videos (they seem to take such a long time to make, no matter how ahead of the game we get, the time seems to slip away). There are so many ways to promote nowadays, some are more expensive/time consuming/difficult etc than others. We have to concentrate on the things that can deliver/afford. The short answer is maybe.

Q: How do you go about choosing the amount of singles you press for a release? With ILYMTRNR doing well, do you think you can go one better this time? I would love to see you riding high in the charts! Steve France, Wrexham
D: This is an easy question to ask and very hard to answer. I would like to see a Thunder single high in the charts too, but you'd be surprised how complicated it is, and we have to make sure we get it completely right in terms of numbers, formats, additional tracks. There is likely to be a single but in all honesty it will probably be released after the LP this time. I'm afraid the reason for this is too complicated for me to go into, both you and I will lose the will to live...

Q: What do you think of todays soul singers like James Morrison or Lamahl or Craig David? Andrew, Wrexham
D: I like James Morrison's voice, not heard the LP yet. Lamahl sounds a bit like he's trying a bit too hard to me, but I'm ambivalent about the tunes. I'm not a fan of Craig David's voice at all, I get it, and why it works for many, but it does nought for me. I met him at the Mobo awards a few years ago and that did nought for me also...

Q: Danny you have mentioned recently about Paul Young from Mike & Mechanics, but what about 80's hitmeister Paul Young what do you think of his work/voice?? My wife was a fan in the eighties and I thought he was ok until he released his "Paul Young" album in the late nineties and saw him live at the Brook in Southampton and he blew me away. The Paul Young album is now one of my all time faves. I know some of the band have played for him, but what does he think of Thunder?? Steve Button, Southampton
D: I saw Paul "Wherever I Lay My Hat" Young in the late 70's when he was in a band called The Q Tips (my girlfriend at the time who was mad about them), and he was really good. He sang very well and danced like a b*****d. I didn't recognise him as the same singer when he came back later as a solo artist with WILMH. He sounded like he was doing a John Major impersonation, pushing his voice box forward to create that effect. I'm pretty sure singing like that could have contributed towards his vocal troubles later on. I'm not sure if he's even heard Thunder's music, to be honest Chris is yer man on this subject really, as he's played in his band.

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