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Q: Hi Guys, I saw you playing in Belgium last week. You were great (as ever), and stayed enthusiastic, even though a large part of the audience seemed to consist of People-Who-Could-Use-a-Good-Kick-in-the-Arse-and-don't-Know-How-to-Have-a-Good-Time. When I saw you jumping up and down on stage, joking, and appearing to be in such a positive mood, I couldn't help but wondering whether you were really having a good time (regardless of the stiffs in the audience), or whether it was just a bunch of tricks to get the crowd going. I guess I'm just wondering whether you're always having as much fun as it seems when you're playing on stage together, or whether it is just an act (albeit a really good one!). Anyhow, you won them over in the end! And We-Who-did-Not-Need-to-get-Kicked-in-the-Arse will certainly be at your next performance. in the Netherlands! Astrid the really tall one Bakker, Amsterd am
D: The show is always a lot of fun for us. Sometimes it's fun for different reasons than it may appear in the audience. We enjoy playing, and the winning over of an audience is absolutely vital to us. As singer and the one with the microphone, the responsibility for doing that rests largely with me, so I'll do pretty much whatever I can think of to achieve that, and keeping it fun for us while we do it is a big part of what makes it happen.

Q: Thinny, looking at your Suggested Websites I see you have the same tastes as myself. The question is Are Enuff Z Nuff to Your Liking? P.s Check out http://www.queenonline.com  for some ace downloads of Queen+Paul Rodgers Live in Europe! Mart, Essex
T: What incredibly good taste you must have then Mart. I have to confess I haven't really heard anything by Enuff Z Nuff, though I have a friend that assures me they are great. I'll have to borrow a few CDs from him and have a listen. I'll check out the Queen site, cheers!

Q: Hi, Two questions:
1.) Is the Luke Morley Solo-Album "El Gringo" still available? Is there any chance not to order it from your website since I don't know if it can be delivered to Germany at all?
2.) What kind of music is on the new album as I haven't listened to any sound-files yet? Oh,
3.) Will there be any remastered Thunder-Albums available in Europe in the near future) Thank you Thinny. Simon, Duesseldorf
T: 1,) Yes - it's still available from the link to Townsend Records on the BUY page. Unfortunately 'El Gringo Retro' is not available in the shops, but don't worry - Townsend ship internationally at a very reasonable rate.
2.) It's rock music. 2 guitars, drums, bass, vocals and some keyboards. You know, the kind of music that Thunder make. Oh, and it is indeed very magnificent. Check out the sound samples and you'll be able to hear it for yourself. If it isn't in your collection yet then shame on you! Some say it's actually Thunder's best work to date....
3.) There are currently no plans for a release of the remasters outside of Japan. The decision is not ours to make - why not contact EMI and let them know you'd like to see them released in Europe. Failing that our good friends at Townsend are working on getting a hold of some copies to sell via their site...

Q: Hi guys, absolutely fantastic gig at Norwich uea...all over too quickly tho...put it on the list to return to please.. dunno if you could help me, I've been after some written music of yours for ages, and I found some on ebay, bidded, lost it cos of computer problems at the  time... could you tell me who the music publisher/printer was of 'a better man', it was produced in a leaflet format. Would it be possible for you send me a copy/photocopy, obviously after any costs have been paid... Steve Kettle, Great Yarmouth
T: Sorry Steve, we don't have any copies of the 'A Better Man' sheet music, so we can't help you there. All I can tell you is that the publishers are Rondor Music UK.

Q: The Norwich UEA Gig was excellent last week, and we really enjoyed our first 'Meet and Greet' afterwards. Having been fans for years it was great to finally meet you guys. Thanks for signing things for our kids, the minibus gang and the 'gyrating woman', and for putting up with all the photos we were trying to take! Have been on a 'Thunder high' all week, dug out all the old CDs and the live video filmed in late 1997. We were at Shepherd's Bush and up until last week, considered that the best Thunder gig ever. Our question is, and it's probably one you get asked loads, what about doing another set of shows to be recorded live? You are playing loads of new stuff written since the 97 vid, and we think it would be great to have an updated 'live' recording. Is it something you would consider repeating? Julie & Maureen, North Norfolk
D: The question of filming is a complex (and expensive) one. We're always filming all kinds of things, including some shows, but the resulting footage would never be suitable for a proper long form DVD (not enough cameras and the production values would not be high enough). It would be more suitable for use as part of something else (say a documentary). Rest assured nothing will be wasted and it will all appear at some stage.
We have been looking into the possibility of producing another live DVD, featuring the more recent songs, and I'm sure we will do it at some stage in the future. In the meantime there is a new (slightly bizarre) video of I Love You More Than Rock'n'Roll in the pipeline. It's part of our ongoing relationship with a couple of guys called The Illusionators. They're making an alternative version for us, purely for fun, and it is weird to say the least. It's almost finished, and when it is we'll find a way to get it out there for people to see.

Q: Congratulations another fabulous album! Luke, a lot of your songs on the new album are 'women are the devil type songs' a far cry from until my dying day and love walked in. What the hell has she (or they) done to you since back street symphony? or have you just become cynical about the old romance stuff? HarpyHellHag
L: I don't necessarily agree with you there. 'ILYMTR+R' is about seduction, 'Dreaming Again' is a very romantic song and it doesn't specify who did what to whom, 'Gods Of Love' is supposed to be humourous about the unpredictable nature of relationships, and 'Together Or Apart' is all about hitting that point in a relationship where you either take it further or pack it in. Of all the relationship type lyrics on the album, only 'Fade Into The Sun' and 'One Fatal Kiss' are about regretting ever meeting the other person, whoever they might be. I don't think it's possible to write songs without being at least a little romantic.

Q: Do any of you use holistic therapy to unwind? I am a reflexologist and counsellor and wondered if you'd tried aromatherapy massage, reiki etc? (I'd happily volunteer...)its a wonderful way to relax though and I just wondered. What do you do to relax? By the way, thought you might like to know some of the student type haunts around my town are regularly playing 'Stand Up' and ' i luv you more than rock 'n roll' - hope for these youngsters yet! Joanne, Hampshire
L: When I was in Thailand last year I did try aromatherapy massage which made me fall asleep! I felt pretty good afterwards though. Usually I prefer golf.
B: My sister is in the same line of business as your good self so I have full access to all kinds of relaxation techniques. I must say, however, I find a decent bottle of wine or a game of golf pretty successful.

Q: I know you're all clever and creative because you make great music but is there anything you wish you could do but are absolute rubbish at. I always wished I could draw but can't even do matchstick men. Debbie, Bathgate
L: If I'm interested in something I usually find I can do it. DIY is the only thing that I don't think I'll ever be any good at because I don't care enough about it.
B: I am the same as you, I wish I could draw. My father is an architect and can draw and paint absolutely beautifully; still, he's a terrible guitarist and can't even play chopsticks on the piano.

Q: I've very recently split with my partner, the way he done it was horrid. My question to you is....What's the best song for a very broken heart? Shampoo, Southampton
B: I would try the big country Western hit "My Wife Ran Off With My Best Friend And I Sure Do Miss Him"
D: Sorry to hear of your troubles. I don't think I'm really equipped to advise on this kind of thing being a useless man type, and I'm not sure which specific song would do the job, but my suggestion would be to dig out all your records, go through them and play all the ones that remind you of good times (preferably pre your last relationship). It will work, trust me...
L: I would definitely recommend 'Used To Love Her' by Guns'n'Roses obviously substituting the 'her' with 'him'. Hope you feel better soon.

Q: Hi everybody! In March, I was on holidays in the Alpes for skiing (while listening to Thunder's music). Do you are able to skiing ? and if yes what is your skill level ? Bye and see us in Munich in May. Luc, France
B: I would love to be able to ski however my skill level is that of Harry playing the harmonica.
D: Given my accident prone nature as a kid I never got to go ski-ing. As I've grown older I've tended towards spending my holidays in warm places...
L: I've never attempted to ski therefore I must assume my skill level is zero. We all attempted to water ski a few years ago and I ended up drinking half a muddy lake in Bedfordshire. It was also a freezing cold February day which didn't help. To add insult to injury, our bass player at the time (Micke) was absolutely brilliant. He was skiing backwards, on one leg and everything....flash git!

Q: Hello all, great album / gig in Manchester. I travelled to see my younger brother at uni, one of his mates to came along too; they loved the show! my question is of Glasto... are you going or have you ever been? Bern, UK
B: The last festival I went to where I didn't have a hotel and dressing room was Led Zeppelin at Knebworth Park. It's not that I am elitist but mud is hell to shift without a decent pre-soak and I just don't have the time or a wife.
D: I nearly went to Glastonbury a few years ago as Jimmy Cliff's Tour Manager, but some reason that currently escapes me, it didn't happen. As for attending otherwise, I did my fair share of mud and camping etc a while back in my yoof, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it, but when you reach a certain age, you begin to appreciate other things in life, priorities change, comfy bed, pipe and slippers, trusty hound curled up at your feet, waffle, rhubarb, gibber, dribble, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz etc.
L: I haven't been to Glastonbury and I don't intend to unless we were invited to play. I went to loads of festivals when I was younger but now I'm afraid I like my comforts too much to deal with the endless queues for the toilet and dodgy food. Perhaps if Michael Eavis were to build a five star hotel on the site........

Q: Hello Darlings, I received a big surprise parcel this morning from a Loonie well loved by us all. Inside were all manner of funny; silly; uplifting and touching pressies. The best one at the moment has turned out to be a tub of noise putty. You plunge your fingers in and it makes rude noises... Goes to show that laughter can be the best medicine after all! So my question, what has been the silliest thing to make you laugh and turn a situation around? Nicola
L: That's normally Harry's job. Most of them involve breaking wind, whether it be very loudly on a live French TV show or setting fire to it whilst laying in the middle of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
D: I remember many years ago when we were in Terraplane, we played at Brunel University and it was terrible. We'd been mistakenly booked on a Punk night, and they hated us, until I inadvertently slipped off the stage and into the crowd. They thought I was crowd surfing and held me up, stole my microphone and took turns shouting into it. Luke got a bit close to the front to see what was happening, and they duly dragged him off and into the sea of bodies. We spent some seconds immersed there in "The Sea Of Punks", only to emerge some 2 minutes later, slightly disturbed by the experience, somewhat dishevelled, and minus most of our clothing. The band continued to play throughout, everyone in the room laughed their collective titties off, and the show instantly went from disaster to triumph.

Q: Dear Danny and the rest of the band, thanks for a great show at Weert Holland, we were standing in the front row and me and my girl had a great time, she even cried during "Better man" (not because of Harry's guitar playing, but because she loves the song). Anyway, I was surprised to see you (Danny) drinking Coca cola during the performance, if I do that (I sing in a coverband) I burp myself silly? Are you using some kind of secret burping/singing-technique that causes you to sing so well?? Hope to see you guys soon!!! Menno, Vlaardingen
D: I like to drink cola on stage because the sugar gives me energy. The bubbles don't bother me at all. As for the burping singing thing, I'll try to work on it, maybe it'll make me sing better..

Q: I enjoyed very much your show at Hardenberg last Friday. I recognized a lot of faces of my previous visits. Do you recognize your Dutch audience as well or are there too many faces for you? And why do you pick the small places not near the big cities? Hope to see you soon again! Bianca, Netherlands
D: We do sometimes see faces we recognise, but we see so many, sometimes they're not the ones we think they are... We play where the promoters offer us the shows, it's as simple as that..

Q: Have read the news section and there is a plan for a Vol 2 CD of Rock City - Xmas 2004 - is there any plans (please say there are) for a DVD of Rock City 2004 to come out? Please say there is - I will be eternally grateful! Matt, Birmingham
T: The Xmas show at Rock City was not professionally filmed, so there are no plans for a DVD of this show. There was some handycam footage shot, but that is all...

Q: To Start.......saw you guys at UEA on Monday FANTASTIC BEST GIG YET! Now the question. Have you made a video for ilymtrar ? If you have would you consider putting it on this site as a streaming vid or download? Spook, Norfolk
T: Yes, there is a video for ILYMTRNR, but I'm afraid there are currently no plans to make it available to download from the site. There are many reasons why - including that fact that whenever we have put video files up in the past, the hundreds of downloads ate up all of the site's bandwidth. Don't worry - the video will be made available to the fans at some point. Stay tuned...

Q: Hello chaps! Sorry there are a few elements to this question, but as a gigging musician I sometimes find myself obliged to play certain songs to please people when there are more obscure songs I would rather play. Do you ever feel this way? If so what songs are there from your history you rarely/never play live that you would like to throw in? Also having bought the Terraplane anthology recently (and enjoyed hearing that stuff again),
do Luke, Danny or Harry ever have the urge to want to play any of those songs live again? Personally I think the likes of I Survive and Don't Walk Away would sit very well in a Thunder set! Ian, Bristol
L: As I've said on many occasions Terraplane was then and Thunder is now. As far as the songs we include in the live set goes, we try and achieve a balance between our most popular songs, material from our most recent album and a few others which we try to change on a tour to tour basis. Luckily I think we enjoy playing nearly all of them so it's not a problem.

Q: Hey Guys, Saw you recently in Folkestone and Shepherd's Bush... both amazing shows, my question though is about support bands. At Folkestone you had the absolutely brilliant Planet of Women, and the Duet of Stay With me Baby was brilliant - would you ever think of doing something with the girls again? - maybe even do a recording of stay with me baby? Simon, Burham
L: It was enjoyable having POW on some of the shows on the tour and they're great fun to work with so I wouldn't dismiss the possibility of doing something with them in the future.

Q: Luke was the bands attempts at waterskiing recorded for Ray Coke's on M.T.V. I seem to remember you had 2 competition winners with you for the day ??? Just as you have mentioned Mikael I wondered if you kept in touch with him and if you knew what he is upto these days... Belle, Livingston
L: What a good memory you have. It was indeed an MTV show in early '93 I think. We do keep in touch with Micke via email and the odd phone call. He's working in Stockholm and still plays bass where he can.

Q: I am 15 years old, I saw you guys at Wembley supporting Deep Purple- liked what I heard and bought your 'Finest Hour', booked tickets for myself and a friend to go and see you at Birmingham, bought the mag 7th, went to the show and LOVED it! I have 2 questions really (if that's allowed?):- 1. What is your favourite song at the moment - the one you love playing live? 2. (for Luke primarily) I'm making my own guitar at the moment (i'm currently varnishing it) - have you ever considered making your own guitar? + you should let me make a Luke Morley signature guitar for you! I'd do it for free! Tom Kruczynski, Cambridge
L: From the new album I very much enjoyed playing 'Fade Into The Sun' on our recent tour. I've never tried to make a guitar because I'm rubbish at any kind of woodwork or DIY or most things really. Thank you for your kind offer but I'm very happy with my Gibsons and Fenders. I hope your self-made guitar turns out well. Good luck with it.

Q: I've just been on The Screaming Jets webpage and it says on there that their management have been in touch with you about coming over here and touring with you. I was lucky enough to catch you guys play Hammersmith in '92 and think it would be great if you would gig together again. Was what I read true? Dave Barnes, Cambridge
D: The Screaming Jets peeps have been in touch with us and we've had some preliminary talks about possible back scratching opportunities, but it's no more than that at the moment. If it happens, it'll be posted here first.. Hopefully..

Q: Danny, hope your feeling better, Great to see you guys live again, impressed that you and Ben remembered me.......Or am I that Ugly?  Graham, Cruise Ship (again)
D: Yes I'm finally feeling better. Having spent 2 weeks feeling like something from a mummy's tomb, I recently went away for a long planned holiday, and despite having a bit of a relapse the first couple of days, the sun and sea seem to have sorted me out. That was not the kind of flu I can recommend.

Q: Is there any possible chance you could be supporting Paul Rodgers & Queen at Hyde Park this summer???? Tony Bye, Plymouth
D: I would say it's extremely unlikely. We have not been asked, and we're not really high enough profile for that kind of event. We'd do it in a heartbeat, but then so would 100 or so others...

Q: Hello again lads, here goes with my question. Having dipped you toe's in the water with the BFTC ep in 2002, and then gone fully into it with SATS, MO'S BBQ, and now I think your finally seeing all your hard work pay off with the new album. If one of the major record companies came knocking at the door, do you think you might consider being part of a big machine again, or would you prefer to still be your own bosses as it were. With it probably being an expensive business (think I've spelt it right! ), would being with a major take some of the pressure off, or would it bring other problems, ie artistic freedom. Just wondered as EMI seem to keep liking to release compilations, and now with the dvd coming soon, they don't release these out of the goodness of their hearts do they? They do so to make money, so they must still see you as a going concern as it were. Ian Helliwell, Rotherham
D: Record labels as you rightly say exist to release records and DVDs etc to make money. The fact that they're releasing compilations now is directly linked to our enhanced profile building activities since reforming in 2002. We're active and they want to cash in on that. Hey ho, 'tis the way of the world. As for major deals etc, I'm not sure we'd ever go back to a "traditional" record deal again, though it would certainly make my life a hell of a lot easier if we did. We've been offered these kinds of deals and refused them, mainly because we like being in charge of our destiny and not having to satisfy anyone but ourselves. The downside is that you have to work twice as hard in some areas and you're risking your own money, so as they say, there's a price to pay for everything.

Q: Hi Luke, I've noticed that you appear to be on q&a duty these days at Thunder Towers so I thought I'd ask a question just for you...As I am also a writer I'd be interested to know if you ever do any other writing as well as songs (of which you are The Master!!) I remember reading a few years ago that you were thinking of ideas for film scripts; did anything ever come of that? My next project is probably going to be a film script so how about a collaboration??!! Also, do you ever enter writing competitions and if so have you won any?? I tend to enter quite a lot of writing comps as a way of keeping the imagination going and thinking up ideas. (haven't won any yet though) I've just finished my script for the latest BBC's sitcom writing competition so that's what makes me ask the question... Maria
L: Funnily enough I have recently finished writing a treatment (which is more of an outline than a script) for an idea for a film and I'm going to start talking to people about it in the near future. I've never entered a competition as such, although if you write or create and hope to make a living at it then you're already in competition I guess. Good luck with your sitcom idea.

Q: If you've got Marshall stacks on stage and you've got Mesa/Boogie amps behind them, why have the Marshalls there in the first place? Is it just 'cos they look cool or to stop some moron poking their nose into your amp settings? Also, how comes you and Ben only tend to use like 1 or 2 guitars live! I'm sure you must have more than just 1 or 2, don't you? Luke Megginson
L: We do actually use some of the Marshall speakers so they're not all stage dressing and we like the stage to have a balanced look. I couldn't care less who knows my amp settings; I certainly don't! We don't use all our guitars because we don't have to; we always carry the guitars we need to do the job in hand and a couple of spares. There's no point in touring with guitars you don't use.

Q: Being an old fan of Queen, and them now touring with Paul Rodgers of Free, could you ever see yourself touring without Danny under the Thunder banner? Also do you think its right that Queen are touring again without their main inspiration. Lee, London
L: Ah...the hypothetical world. Danny is an integral part of Thunder and Thunder without Danny wouldn't be the same; it wouldn't be the same without me or Harry or any of us. If any one of us felt they had to leave the band or couldn't continue for whatever reason, I'd like to think that the remaining members wouldn't continue unless they were all in agreement that it was the right thing to do. That counts for all of us. As far as Queen are concerned, I don't think anybody has the right to tell Brian and Roger that they can't go out and play those songs if they choose to. We shouldn't expect them to stop because Freddie died; it's not their fault he's gone and musicians being musicians, they want and need to play. Look at AC/DC; after Bon Scott died they made Back In Black which is arguably their best album. It's certainly their most successful. If your back catalogue consists of some of the most important songs in British pop history, who's to say you shouldn't be able to get up on stage and play them? Not me for one. I say good luck to them.

Q: I have recently discovered your band by watching the 'Bedford Arms' DVD at my daughter and son in law at one of our family parties. Paul and Laura Morgan must be two of your biggest fans around and they finally convinced me to watch and listen to your music. I am now converted at the age of 43, I think the band is brilliant, Danny has an amazing voice and my daughter would instantly leave her husband for him! I watched in amazement how you turned the Swiss audience around from a bunch of boring individuals waiting for Deep Purple into a crowd absolutely loving your music, great stuff! (Needless to say I have bought the DVD from your thundershop, rather than copy it) I have just one question, how the hell is it possible that you guys are not world famous? You could easily wipe the floor with the likes of Deep Purple, Guns & Roses, Pink Floyd and all these other so called 'super bands'. I absolutely love your ballads (bought the ballads CD) and I hope I will be able to make it to one of your 'London pub' venues soon. Thanks for the music!!  Peter Castelyn, Bedfordshire
L: Thank you for your nice comments. I have often pondered the question 'why aren't we the biggest band in the world?' but I haven't come up with an answer yet. I can only deduce from this that maybe we will be one day. All we need is a few million people like you and your daughter and the rest will be easy so please spread the word.

Q: Am I right in thinking that Monkey see, Monkey do, is about your dislike of 'Pop Idol' type TV? If so, here's a question, if one of the participants won by singing one of your songs, would you be pleased? Jan K
L: 'Monkey..' is actually about the lack of imagination shown by many influential people within the music industry; they could work in a record company, a PR firm, they might be a journalist or whatever. Most of them are following when they should be leading. As a songwriter who earns a living from royalties I would be pleased if a song of mine was getting that much exposure. However, as someone who loathes that kind of TV I would definitely have mixed feelings.

Q: Luke, was that you I saw at Fulham Vs Portsmouth in the Riverside stand? What did you think of the game? Radzinski and McBride made the difference for me. Andy, Rayleigh
L: Yes, I was at Fulham on Sunday. It was quite an interesting match and definitely a game of two halves as they say. The best two players on the pitch were Boa Morte and Lua Lua IMHO.

Q: I've started doing a bit of home recording, and was wondering when you were recording the new album did you mic the speakers, or use the line out from the amp? Also, in another question it was said you were using Boogie amps live - have you stopped using the Hughes and Kettner gear? By the way, the tone on Together Or Apart is awesome. Andrew Nunn, Stevenage
L: We always put a mic in front of the speaker; there's no substitute for moving air! We're not currently using the H+K amps.

Q: Hi Luke. I really would like to be able to play A Better Man on harmonica. What key is the harmonica you use? any tips on how to play it? Dan Birkett, Southampton
L: The key is 'D'. As a harmonica player I make a pretty good guitarist!  I just suck and blow until I hear the notes I want really. Best thing to do is to pick up some kind of tutor book and listen to Stevie Wonder as he's the best harp player by a long way.

Q: Err, I've also just found out (Luke) had a solo album! I really want it (maybe I should have a Luke Morley collection, I mean you're like a hero to me). Anyway, I can't seem to find your solo album 'El Gringo Retro' anywhere! Where can I find it? Luke Megginson
T: You won't find Luke's solo album in any record shops I'm afraid. It's available online exclusively from Townsend Records. Buy it HERE!!

Q: Chris - Caught Thunder @ City Hall Newcastle - great ! Bought the 7th album after gig - terrific ! Last year I saw ILLEGAL EAGLES (?) @ Tyne Theatre - really good. Chris - were you the bass player? If so, the Illegal Eagles return to N'cle later this year - do you change horses ??? Bernie
C: Glad you enjoyed the show and album. It was me with the Illegal Eagles, and we're back in Newcastle City Hall on 14th November.

Q: Hi Danny - I noticed you are looking very bronzed on the back of the cover for your new album. Can I ask whether this is a natural glow, from a bottle or due to the wizardry of modern technology? Also I was very sorry to hear you have been ill, I know you have rescheduled one of the gigs in the UK but I was wondering if you have any plans to do Manchester or Rock City again in 2005 as both nights were fantastic? Looking forward to hearing your reply. Debbie, London
D: The photos for the LP were shot last summer. I spent a lot of time renovating the outside of my house at various times last summer, hence my tan. Dates for later on are being discussed as I type, but I have no details confirmed as yet. We'll announce all and any shows on this very site as soon as we have them confirmed.

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