Q & A Archive - August 2005


Q: It took time but finally It was done. Ben: Remember in the Q&A of August, 2003, you did answer my question about the future dates of Thunder in Argentina telling me "... when Maradona confirming that he used his hand in the 1986 World Cup". Yesterday at night, he finally did a confession he did it, in his T.V. Show, and with millions of witness!! You can check it out easily. And he explained how exactly it was done. May I assume you would be planning a tour around this place? Walter Valdez, Argentina
B: Hey Walter thanks for the news. It's nice to see he admitted it at last although it doesn't really change much now. Now as for those shows ....

Q: Seeing as how I've been denied a summer holiday yet again the Army has spent so long fannying around with our imminent move that we have no leave left!!), I wondered whether you lot had been anywhere nice for your summer hols?! Maybe you can cheer me up with tales of your escapades!! Great to see that you're coming back to Germany again-as soon as I've worked out exactly which part of germany I'll be living in, I can  work out which show I'm coming to!! Oh, by the way, with reference to an earlier question; hubby bought me a Mazda MX5 as an early birthday present!!! All the best guys! Jaynie, Germany
B: I actually haven't had a holiday this summer, but of course being in Thunder - life is one big holiday. Drive carefully - especially if you in one of those tanks.

Q: Hi Harry. I have been drumming for four years now I am fourteen. I was wondering what size and make your hi-hat cymbal is? I think your amazing and I hope to meet you in Jan/Feb. Ryan
H: The hi-hats are Paiste Signature 14" Heavy. Thanks for your kind words Ryan and keep up the drumming. See you early next year.

Q: I was wondering how often u get to see palace nowadays? Are you a season ticket holder? What do u think are their chances are of a swift return to the premiership? Rich, S. Wales
H: Not as often as I'd like to Rich. No I'm not a season ticket holder because I can't get there week in and week out. But I will be making every effort to get to as many games as possible this season. I'm very hopeful that we'll make a swift return to the Premiership but the key for me is holding onto AJ. My fingers, toes and eyes are crossed!

Q: Hey guys, just a few things.. I am soooooooo glad to hear you are doing another Christmas gig this year. I bought my partner Paul tickets to see you last year at Rock City as part of his Christmas prezzie and I must say that the night was truly fab and got us right into the festivity... We can't wait to celebrate with you again!!! Secondly (For Harry) I now have managed to complete my thunder DVD collection and couldn't help noticing the variety of wigs you seem to have acquired (The short, the frizzy and even the red one I think) Do you have a favourite?? They seem to follow you on stage quite often... I am sure I even caught site of one on a ball with a face at the Christmas gig 2004?? And last but not least, I was a little disheartened to hear that you have decided not to release Fade into the Sun. I was wondering though if you meant you wouldn't be releasing it as a download or not at all?? Fade into the sun is a phenomenal song and it would be such a shame if you don't release at all!!! Have fun, see you for definite in Glasgow 2006. Danielle Louise, Leeds
H: At the moment, my fav is the red one and they do tend to follow me on stage! They kind of lurk in the hope they'll make some kind of appearance (or they're after a drop of milk?!) Yes you did see one at the last Christmas show. It is a shame that FITS will not be released as a single or a download-many many reasons why, and it wasn't an easy decision to make. Sorry to disappoint Danielle.

Q: Luke, I have to say that your lyrics are superb & that your songwriting ability is vastly underrated. When you are writing there are obviously personal feelings etc that go into the song, BUT, do you write them knowing how Danny is going to sing them after having been together so long or, Danny, do you know how to interpret the feelings that Luke wants to put across?? And, (goosing aside) have you ever surprised each other at the slant that one or the other has put into a song? Lemming, Manchester
D: We've been together a long time. Our respective talents have evolved as we've gone along, his writing has shaped my voice and my voice has determined a lot of what he writes. We don't analyse it too much, never have, but there is a deep understanding between us. He knows how I'll approach something, and I know what he wants to convey in the song. There have been some surprising moments here and there over the years, but most of the time we've simply got on with it.

Q: After just finishing uni, I'm getting pressure from all angles to settle down and get a proper job. did u ever suffer the same kind of pressure from parents when you were in a band in the early days? How did you deal with it? Ian, S. Wales
D: My parents never tried to force me to do anything (I am my Father's son after all and they knew this all too well by the time I was 16). They were always supportive, my Dad had a few nags here and there in the early days about having a fallback plan if it didn't work out etc, but they never really gave the impression of being worried about me, though I'm sure they must have been. My Dad was especially chuffed when we played later on and the after show was full of glamour models, he was in his element chatting them all up, he even threatened to have some "I'm Danny's Dad" tee shirts printed...
H: All I got was get a job/trade behind you in case the music biz didn't work out. Didn't feel pressure as such, but remember thinking at the time that it was the right advice. Mum and Dad were always right behind me (still are!) with my musical ambitions and they knew that playing drums meant everything to me. My Dad always wanted to be a drummer in a band. Still does!!!!!
B: I was so lucky, I finished my A levels and actually had a place at University. I told my parents that I wanted to take a year off then go to Uni but I was in a band at that point and soon got a job in the music industry. They didn't complain at all but I think secretly they would have liked me to have gone.
C: My parents were incredibly supportive when I was young - my dad would take days off work so that he could take my equipment to gigs in his van. They realised very early on that I was serious about being a musician, and were fine with it. The fact that my older brother was a singer in a band helped.
L: My folks were quite keen I should work hard at school and pass my A levels so that I would have the choice of going to university. I think they always knew I was going to be a musician though so once I'd left school they stopped nagging me and let me get on with it. They were very good really so I have no complaints.

Q: You've obviously travelled to lots of different countries but is there anywhere in the world you would like to visit but haven't got round to yet? Debbie, Bathgate
H: Always had a hankering (is that a word?-it is now!) to visit Australia and New Zealand.
B: I'd like to see all of it really, even some of the bad bits (as long as there is a nice hotel and bar) but if I had to make a choice it would be the Antipodes.
C: I've yet to visit Australia - I'd love to tour there. Another place on my list of 'must visits' is Egypt. Gotta see the pyramids!
L: Australia, New Zealand, Africa and India.

Q: We are a couple of single girls within the magnificent age group of 28-35 who are considering going speed dating. This is something that we have never done before and are asking everyone we meet their opinion and advice. So to all of you: Would you ever go speed dating? and what could a woman say or do in 2 minutes completely knock you socks off? Claire & Louise, Manchester
H: I'd give it a go. Sounds like a bit of fun. Do you have to talk and move really quickly too? A warm personality, an ability to make me laugh and no plastic surgery are the requirements to knock my socks off!
B: You've already said it "we're a couple of single girls" why waste time with any more, we've still got one minute and fifty seconds left...
L: I think to go and check it out would be interesting. I think I'd be looking to meet a woman who said "My six foot blonde girlfriend and I are a little drunk so would you mind driving us home in our Bentley turbo and putting us to bed together?"

Q: I was watching the Donnington performance on Flawed to Perfection and it brought back so many memories, as it was the first time I saw you, although I was already a big fan of the album. My most enduring memory of the day however wasn't on the DVD, and that was Harry running around the stage in a bright green curly wig, a strange thing to
remember I know! I was wondering what your most enduring memory of that day was (other than obviously playing it), assuming it's not too rude to post on the site. Jenny, S.Wales
H: My memory of the day is obviously a bit hazy now. But I can remember the adrenalin rush on stage, Danny's voice coming back to life (what a relief!), the Thunderbirds of course, and the enormity, support and roar of the audience. And the satisfaction that "we did good". And the wig............................................
L: I actually don't remember a great deal of the gig itself as the 45 minutes we were on stage flew by. I do remember feeling that we'd had a very good gig afterwards.
D: For me it was the sheer relief at the moment I knew my voice was going to be OK (first chorus of She's So Fine). It had been on the blink for 3 days prior to the show and we were all very worried I would have no voice and the show was going to be a disaster. The adrenalin unleashed at that precise moment played a big part in the way the show went. And the wig..
B: My favourite memory was hearing Danny reach a particularly high note in She's So Fine - This was of great significance as he had lost his voice before the show and this confirmed that he had it back and was in full control - Phew!

Q: Hi Guys, I was wondering have any of you ever had a "Spooky" Encounter with a ghost over the years? As I'm a huge Most Haunted Fan and anything paranormal really, (Apart from u Guys xxxxx). I was just thinking that last night after watching the show, so I decided to get on my pc and straight on to ur website to ask you.. Anyways u guys rock and see u in Glasgow in Jan 06. Kat, Glasgow
H: Can't say I've had any "spooky" encounters over the years. What's that noise?.................................................................Hello?
L: Every morning when I look in the mirror I see a ghost...... I must admit to not being a believer in ghosts, spooks or whatever but I do enjoy a good horror movie.
B: Never had an encounter with a ghost as yet, but had a few with various spirits over the years.

Q: What do you think of System Of A Down? Loonie, Southampton
B: I quite like their folk meets metal approach, problem being if you've got one finger in your ear and another doing the bunnies sign how do you play an instrument?
H: Not my cup of tea but each to their own!
L: Not really my cup of tea although they do what they do very well.
D: SOAD is not my cup of tea I'm afraid.

Q: I put my new D.V.D in the player & there was a massive clap of a certain weather condition-Paul Rodgers launches into Burnin'Sky & my Mrs walks into the room & says did you hear that Thunder? with that I reply no it's Bad Company! (true story). Have you ever met Paul Rodgers? Mart, Essex
B: No, only his brother Ted.
H: No......................but I know someone who has.
D: Seems a complicated way to ask a simple question, and I will resist using the same approach to give the answer, which is no.

Q: May I ask which songs are the ones you're not crazy about,then? I'm just curious...
Fumi, San Francisco
L: Yes Fumi, you may ask............. ha ha ha......

Q: Hi, Can Luke shed some light on how he gets the guitar sound, (guitar, amp, effects/settings etc) reminiscent of the Isley Bros "Summer Breeze" on "Can't stop the Rain" from El Gringo Retro. Steve Horsewell
L: Andy Taylor actually plays that guitar part. It was a Les Paul Custom switched to the neck pick up with all the treble rolled off and played through a Korg A1 guitar processor straight into the desk. I can't believe I remembered that!

Q: Hello, I've been listening to Back Street Symphony quite a lot recently and my wife brought this question up. Is An Englishman On Holiday an autobiographical account of a typical holiday for you lot, or is it a bit tongue in cheek? I've agreed to clean the toilet for the foreseeable future if it isn't tongue in cheek. Please help me out, cos I hate cleaning the toilet! Cheers. Dan Lorenzo, Liverpool
L: It is extremely tongue in cheek although it is based on a couple of holidays a few of us had in Ibiza during the 80's. Hope that gets you out of toilet duty!.

Q: Guten Tag Thunder! *g* Here are my questions: 1) I saw that Andy Taylor did a record called "Thunder" in 1987...was this somewhat inspiration to call the new band then "Thunder"? 2) Recently, I unearthed a video tape showing Def Leppard at Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield on June 6th, 1993 i guess. I read that you opened the show for them and I was wondering if your set was filmed and recorded too...it would be great then...shot in 16:9, great crowd, great weather... 3) As for the German tour leg, do you guys know how to order a a good beer in German? Oliver. Germany
L: The band's name came from the song title 'Distant Thunder'. The Don Valley show wasn't recorded or filmed unfortunately as it was a good day. "Ein Bier bitte!"

Q: Hello, my sister is going to be turning 30 in 6 weeks time (and counting) and she wondered if you could recommend any thing that an over worked and under paid piano teacher can do to mark the occasion, that doesn't include going to the cinema or a meal out with the parents!! aaaahhhhh She said I can't mention baby oil but I don't listen to her that much! he he. Ellie, Fareham
L: I think she's got the right idea to me! I would encourage your sister to pursue her current line of thinking..........

Q: While listening to James Blunt's You're Beautiful (which I think is very good), the lyric "I saw your face in a crowded place" couldn't help but remind of Dreaming written by your good self! Will we see a "Morley v Blunt 2005" lawsuit emerging!!! Ian, S. Wales
L: As that song has been inescapable all summer I couldn't help notice that line as well but I think it'd have to be a lot more similar for me to pursue JB through the courts!

Q: My girlfriend loves the song, All I Ever Wanted, and loves it when I sing it to her. What was the inspiration? And which of your songs means the most to you? The Lone Gunman, Leeds
L: There wasn't any particular inspiration for this song as far as I can remember. It just evolved from a chord sequence that I couldn't get out of my head. We've all been asked a million times what our favourite Thunder song is and I don't have one. I know the ones I'm not crazy about but that's a different matter!

Q: Can I start by saying that your set at last months Rock and Blues was worth all the mud and rain, which incidentally almost knackered my new pair of boots. On this point, my question is to Luke; I was at the front of the stage at Rock and Blues, and noticed you had Pink shoes on before it was pointed out by Danny. Did you manage to keep them clean in the mud after the show, and if so, how? Sasha, Sheffield
L: I also had a pair of boots with me which I was wearing all the time we were not actually on stage.

Q: 1.Having been to a couple of festivals over the summer and got very wet at both, I was wondering given that water and electricity don't mix how is it safe to stand on a stage in the rain holding electric guitars/microphones?
2.Who came up with the very funny, if not slightly harsh, copyright warning on the CD for The Magnificent Seventh? Kim, Wirral
D: Two pronged questions.. I like it.
1. It is perfectly safe to be on a stage if it is covered and waterproof, provided you don't get yourself too wet at the front. We mostly use radio transmitters to send sounds from our guitars and microphones to the audio system so there's no real danger, at least that's what they tell me...
2. I am he who writes the credits and all the label copy. My brief to myself is always to try to be both informative and comical. On the whole minimalist and serious are not words I tend to embrace.

Q: Hey chaps, just bought the special 2 disc version of 'The thrill of it all' album and was just wondering what was the story behind 'Hirsute boogie'? Also, a lot of the songs on disk 2 seem to be quite bassy, which I find ironic as I always thought you were without a bassist during that period. Oh...and I've always been curious about where you answer these questions from, could you tell me? Keep it up! Adam, Lancaster
D: Hirsute Boogie is the product of a very late night studio jam during the TTOIA recording sessions. There may have been some alcohol involved, but I can't remember (I was drunk). It has no meaning, no message, it's purely a "band plays tune, singer rants about first thing in head" type moment. We had no idea it was recorded until afterwards (naughty engineer), but it made us laugh very hard when we heard it. You're right in that Luke played bass on all the TTOIA sessions, but that wouldn't affect the bottom end in the mix or the overall sound. I'm ashamed to report that I can't remember at this moment what songs are on disc 2, but it could be that they were either recorded or mastered after the main LP sessions, and the bottom end changed somewhere along the way. Sorry not to be more knowledgeable, but it took place 9 years ago, and to quote Rowley Birkin, I'm afraid I may have been very.. very.. drunk...
B: It all started after Danny arrived with a crate of red wine during the recording of "You Can't Live Your Life in a Day" which was proving a little tricky to get right. Luke was playing bass as we were without a bass player at the time, I was on piano and Harry was hitting things at the back. As we supped a little of the aforementioned red wine (when I say a little of course....) and waited for inspiration to strike I started messing about with a little boogie-woogie on the piano as I am particularly fond of this style of piano playing. Next thing you know Luke and Harry join in and Danny starts crooning along, inspired lyrically by a Tommy Cooper joke (I don't think he'll mind me sourcing his inspiration). Unbeknownst to us, our engineer was recording the whole thing and so history was made! All thanks to several bottles of Montepulciano. As to why the 2nd CD is bassier (is that a word?) perhaps Chris sneaked in during the night and tampered with the master tapes...who knows? I answer all Q&A's from an Ivory tower on my private island, commonly known as home.

Q: If, as you say, Chris's so-called Knight Rider car light or tuner will light up because there's a UFO, and it's always alight, shouldn't he technically be inside his ufo protection unit throughout each and every gig? I mean, it's always lit! AND! If the light in the middle is lit, the green one, is that a 'no risk' signal? Really I just don't get it... it's funny though... 'Feel the paranoia all around...!' Luke M, UK
B: Are you, by any chance, a Trekkie at the weekend?

Q: Hi lads, it's only me again; I just wondered whether you were aware that Top of the Pops has changed recently and that they now show two archive performances each week, both of which are chosen by a guest presenter? It would be great if one of the presenters chose one of your old appearances to be played. Here's an idea - either you can find out in advance who the guest presenter is gonna be and then bribe them to
play one of your songs, or maybe one of you can apply to be a guest presenter? Anyway, my question is: if one of your TOTP performances was to be screened again which one would you want /not want it to be, and why? Also, are there any Xmas shows planned in the UK this year? Maria, Hertford
B: Ahh my little bookend, I'd like the Better Man performance because Rolf Harris was on the same show and taught me how to play the didgeridoo that day. Also he called Luke's harmonica playing "magical", worth reliving just for that. Xmas show? Again? Can't we ever have a holiday?
D: Good idea, though I fear it may be impractical from a number of standpoints. Thanks for the effort though. An Xmas show is very likely this year, and all being well, we're hoping to announce it some time in September.

Q: My darling,you got married????!!!! Anonymous
L: Not as far as I'm aware.................

Q: Hi guys, I've just been sat here listening to Lazy by Deep Purple off the Machine Head album & I have to say I'd forgotten just how great a jam it was, it all seems really improvised & just "go with the flow", some noodling on the guitar, a bit of harmonica, jazzy keyboards etc, & my question is, do you ever do anything like this, have you ever thought of Thunderising something like this & releasing it, I know the vocals wouldn't exactly be a stretch for Danny but you all play the same instruments as in Lazy, do you ever just get together & have fun like that to see what comes out of it or do you just go into the studio with a purpose & not let anything get in the way, also what songs do you normally play at soundchecks, do you have any faves ???? Thanks & see you in Manchester in Feb. Lemming, Manchester
L: We often jam songs during soundcheck. Over the years we've ruined everything from Steely Dan to Madonna!

Q: Trivial one this, sorry! Many moons ago I worked for a guy who lived in Buxton, Derbys who swears he went to school with you. His only way of telling me it was defiantly you was by telling me you had changed your hair colour (not exactly a revelation!) He is called Andrew Barnes did you really know him? Just need to put my mind at rest 'cause I've followed you all through thick and thin and it's been nagging me for years! Gavin Johnson, Stockport
L: I did indeed go to primary school with Andrew and we were very good friends for a number of years. I surprised him recently when I walked into his shop in Buxton to say hello and it was good to see him again.

Q: Last year we took our holiday in Turkey. While taking in the local beverages we stumbled across a rather good group. The guitarist went by the name of Chris Morley. He struck a rather good resemblance to yourself in looks and style of instrument wielding abilities. We were wondering if the person was in some way related to your good self. Or should we not visit the bar so much when we are on holiday (or any other time). Les & Lynne Briscoe, Shrewsbury
L: No relation I'm afraid.

Q: You started recording Back Street Symphony exactly one day before I was born (8th April 1989), And I regard this to be one of your greatest albums, If not THE greatest. I am an aspiring songwriter and I often write songs to your style of play, but Have your ever found it difficult to write new material? And for which album was this on? The Lone Gunman, Leeds
L:  The only time I ever have any difficulties is when I haven't written for a while. It always takes me a week or two to get back into the 'zone' as it were.

Q: Do you have a brother? Gillian, Scotland
L: Yes thanks.......his name is Ben, he's twenty six years old and currently residing in Sydney, Australia.

Q: Hello from Germany to all of you but especially to Danny, but firstly: Nice to see that you'll come back to old Germany on December. I would like come to Berlin at the Columbia, I like this place and played it too with my band, but it's Saturday (damn) and we have a gig too. So I'll come to Nuremberg on Tuesday. First Question: Do you will have a meet & greet too like in England (there's a funny foto of you and my girlfriend at the meet & greet in Brighton last November (it was Tuesday!) and Mister Ben Matthews was "very impressed", that we flew especially for this gig from Germany to London and I was later shocked, as I stood at the bar near a man called Jimmy Page, at first I thought it was too much whiskey...enough told) Last Question: I'm a singer too and I was in Hamburg on May the 25th at the "Fabrik" (very lovely location) and I saw, that you didn't wear InEar-monitoring. How do manage this? How do you protect your ears, with
earplugs to hear it all around you very quiet or do you need the rock'n'roll loud and pure out of your monitors? Hope, there was not to much talking from me, I know, you are very busy. I'm glad to see you again in Germany this year and I was very happy, that you played "You Fool No One" in a very short version at the encore in Hamburg. I like all this stuff around David Coverdale. Greetings from a sunny Germany today to you all, wherever you may roam at this moment. Thomas, Leipzig
D: It's true Jimmy was at the Brighton show last year, he's a mate of ours, and a very nice man he is too. I use in-ear monitoring when the conditions are good, but in some venues there can be radio channel interference, so in these situations I use a specially designed acoustic ear plug, which reduces the sound going into my ear by 15db. Lots of musicians use them nowadays. I prefer to use one rather than 2 as it's better for vibe as well as a lot easier to gauge my voice strength in the quieter songs.

Q: Hi everyone, today I heard a version of "In A Broken Dream" on Radio 2, not sure who it was by but thought it did not do the song justice. It is such a lovely song and in my opinion it seemed rather slow and did not have as much passion in it as it does in your version. I know everyone has their own opinions but wonder how you all feel about other bands/singers duplicating versions of Thunder songs or your personal favourite tunes and not doing them the justice that they deserve? Jo (Mrs Thug), Corby
D: It's the same for me as it is for you, if I hear someone murdering a great song, I somehow feel a bit cheated. Having said that I dare say there a few people out there who think Thunder have done it to their favourite song. It's all subjective baby, that's why it's an interesting world..

Q: I am a female vocalist, lately I have had problems with my vocals due to various throat infection's. What's the best thing you guy's can come up with to help me with my voice to get it back to it's normal state? Anything will be greatly accepted! Cheers!! Anemal, Soton
D: The best way to keep your voice in good shape is to not get sick. Sounds simple but it's true. Eat healthy, sleep enough and you'll be as resistant as possible to infections. Illness sometimes cannot be avoided, and when it happens take plenty of fluids and vitamin c, and give yourself time to recover fully. Steam works wonders when your voice is tired or you're bunged up and stuffy, so stay in the shower for a minimum of 20 mins twice a day and hum gently. You'll come out looking like dried fruit but you'll feel much better. See the nurse for your prescription on the way out. If it doesn't clear up in a week come back and we'll try something else. You'll have to go now as I have lots of other patients to see today.

Q: In some of the interviews I have seen of the band, the other members say you have quite a temper on you. As the interviews were some time ago I just wondered if you had mellowed with age or if the temper is still bad at times. Being quite a feisty person myself can I look forward to mellowment with age? M
D: I've had my angry moments over the years, but I'm not short tempered, so it usually happens for good reason (others may disagree of course). Thankfully it happens less and less as I get older. I guess mellowing is another way to describe learning. Nowadays I try to manage my life in such a way as to minimise potentially fiery situations, so most of the time I am a pussy cat...

Q: Hey guys, just got a feeling of joy while recognizing the new tour dates through Germany in December. Great to see you twice a year. As I saw there are still some days off between the confirmed gigs so I wonder if those days in between will be filled with additional gigs? I live near Frankfurt, so it is a bit easier this time to get to a gig. Lots of bands that have audiences in your size come to Rock Clubs like "Colos-Saal" in Aschaffenburg (30 miles from Frankfurt) or the "Batschkapp" in Frankfurt. So my question is: How do you plan a tour and how do you find out the locations where it happens? Would you appreciate an advice in which location you would nicely fit in? Joe, Germany
T:  Hi Joe. It's highly unlikely that there will be any dates added to the German leg of the tour. The "days off" between shows are precisely that!

Q: Until a few years ago my main interest in life was dancing and over the years I've done a lot of competitive dancing. I found that after lots of practice the routines became second nature and I didn't really have to think about them but occasionally I'd come unstuck and start doing the wrong dance. So I was wondering if when you've done a show have you ever started to play a different song to the one you were meant to and just carried on hoping no-one would notice. Debbie, Bathgate
L:  We all make mistakes during gigs but I can't remember anyone ever playing the wrong song!
B: I do find that if I allow my hands to do all the work things are usually OK; the problems arise if I let my brain get in the way and start thinking about what I am playing. Luke and I were given different set lists at one show, I started playing Until My Dying Day as he was playing Low Life In High Places; it was quite interesting but I think people may have noticed!

Q: Hey guys I've missed you all soooo much I'm glad to see the ringing tones up and running for mobys, and i cant wait to see you in Jan in Glasgow I'm always at Luke's side as I love his style in clothes, My question is who gave you the you all the fashion tips when starting out and why? And do u still have any clothing that u started out with on ur first ever tour? and do u ever look back and say did i really wear that!!!! Kat, Glasgow
L:  Over the years we have employed stylists here and there but when we tour it's all our own work and clothes! Myself and Chris are always wandering around the shops whenever we tour. I think we're the most into clothes in the band. I tend to throw most of my stuff out when I stop wearing it although I do keep all my leather jackets for some reason. There are plenty of things I've worn that I wouldn't wear now but that's how it should be!

Q: Luke, I don't know if you have been asked this question before, but, have you experienced any jealousy from girlfriends over songs written for or about ex-girlfiends? Paul Osborn, Charlton
L: Yes but I wouldn't like to elaborate on it...............

Q: Hi Guys, firstly just want to say thanks for a great show in the Rock n' Blues Derby, regardless of the mud you guys kicked ass yet again. My question is about a limited edition CD I have of yours (Like a  Satellite EP) the edition number being "00001". Is this worth much?! I never noticed the number till the other day and I got a bit excited so just thought I would ask. Your help is much appreciated. Jude, Wirral
D: Glad you enjoyed the show, we did too. Shame about the rain but it didn't affect the crowd's spirits, I was very impressed. As to your CD, I have no idea as to how much it may be worth, but as number 00001 I imagine it must be worth a lot more than number 10001. Stick it on EBay and see if anyone offers you loads for it. You can always take it down again if you'd rather hang on to it...

Q: Hi all, Even though rock is my favourite of all music genre, I listen to everything from blues to electronic; keeping an open mind on what is out there today. I know Danny likes soul, but what other genre of music apart from rock do you all like? Lee Friend, London
B: Anything good with a melody, which rules out 80% of the music current music scene.
C: I try very hard to be open-minded, but currently there isn't too much that excites me. Having said that, every now and again I'll hear something that makes my ears prick up - the recent song from Ben Folds being one of them, a couple of the Green Day tunes etc. My son very kindly tries to keep me appraised of what's going on in 'new' rock.

Q: You guys must have toured with hundreds of other bands over the years. Who (with names please!) gave you the best advice on: 1. How to deal with groupies. 2. Rock and Roll excess. 3. Life on the road. 4. Survival! S miffy1975
B: The best advice came from a very good friend of mine, Kenny Denton who taught me to engineer. Although he isn't in a band now, he did a brief stint in a band with Cliff Williams from ACDC. He summed it all up for me; "everything in moderation and plenty of it"

L: Because we've grown up together as a band and as people we've always tended to make our own mistakes and learn from each other. I think we still are.
D: In my experience musicians are not particularly forthcoming with free advice, especially not to the competition. Perhaps they're really helpful with others, just not with me. I wonder....The only meaningful bit of advice I ever got from a musician was from Robert Palmer, way back when at a very drunken point during an EMI Records conference. He complimented me on my voice (having just watched us play) then told me the key to the music business is staying around long enough to have a hit. Seems silly, but it seems to have more and more meaning as you get older...

Q: Hi Luke - you've mentioned before that you tend to prepare demo versions of songs for the rest of the guys to check out. Is there any chance in the future of any your original demos being released, similar to the Pete Townsend 'Scoop' albums of his 'The Who' demos, with your original vocals on? I think this would be a great way to see how the songs that we know and love developed from their original form? C. Smith, Kent
L: There are some of the demos I've done over the years that are OK but I'm not sure I'd want them released! I'm too much of a perfectionist for that to happen.

Q: Before I get to the question, may I say I've just been to the Chepstow show and I d like to say that it was yet again a superb performance. Cheers lads. Anyway the question, mainly for Luke but any other help would be appreciated. My Good Lady wife started a singing and dancing school in January (shes opera trained) for youngsters aged between 8-17 and she wants to write songs with them and come up with the backing music themselves also. Just done the first one and sent it to Granada TV for the junior eurovision song contest. Had to do it on Sibelius. When you guys come to write songs and backing music do you have any magic tricks or ideas that might help. The next song is going to be rock orientated. I've got to now learn the bass guitar, always wanted to, but was always too drunk. Mark King always hero of mine in eighties. Anyway any advice will help, I'll stop there. See you at St.Davids Hall, Cardiff. Noel Darlington, South Wales
L: I'm afraid there aren't any magic tricks or short cuts. It's a cliché I know but the best advice I can give you is practice, practice and then practice some more if you want to be a good writer.

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