Q & A Archive - March 2004


Q: Hi guys, we are both avid Thunder Fans who love the music & live shows. We was wondering if in some way both the band & B&M were missing out a little?. We have been looking at the tour dates for B&M & the last Thunder Tour & notice once again all the shows seem to be down the west side of the country IE, Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow & Bristol. Is there no chance you can ever bring your live shows over to Yorkshire like Sheffield, Doncaster (The Dome), Leeds, etc. We already have tickets for the show at Sheffield Arena in November, but you will only be on stage for a short time & we will not get the full Thunder....So what do you think? any chance? John & Dawn, Doncaster
D: You're right in as much as we haven't played too much over on the eastern side of the country. Having said that we played Newcastle in May last year, and Norwich in November, but not the Leeds/Sheffield area. Shows are offered by promoters based on various factors, but the main considerations are venues they favour and markets they feel are strong for the band. Having said that Sheffield and Leeds were always good for us in the past, as was York, so we have already decided to look at this when it comes to booking the next Thunder tour. As the band's popularity is steadily rising again, we will hopefully increase the number of shows we play, so we will "widen the net" so to speak. Watch this space... 

Q: Greetings from a splendid fan. I notice that my Japanese copy of Mo's Barbeque is of the controversial Copy Control variety, while the pucka UK version is not. Is this something you have control over, or is it down to Toshiba-EMI? I'm hoping it's the latter, and, if so, do you have any feelings either way about this sort of behaviour? Bazza ;o)
D: The Copy Protection CD is policy for all Toshiba EMI releases. I am ambivalent about copy protection, believing that if someone wants to copy something badly enough, they will find a way. Indeed, I understand with the right equipment the copy protection is ineffective anyway. Record labels are simply doing what they believe is going to protect their copyright, but it won't work in the long run. Technology is moving so fast, soon no one will be able to preserve anything as original. That's a scary thought actually...

Q: Luke why is it on "El Gringo Retro" you have two songs, "Can't Stop the Rain" and "Road to Paradise", which say parts 1 and 2? Michael, Wales
L: This alludes to the fact that both songs have very long play outs i.e. first you have the main body of the song then a long and indulgent guitar solo! It's also a tip of the hat to The Isley Brothers who used to do this on their seventies albums.

Q: Dear Luke and Danny, firstly thanks for the second great album from Bowes & Morley. I thought "Come Together In The Morning" was great. I didn't realise it was a cover at first - I've now got "The Free Story" too! My question is...do you need to get permission to do covers and do the original artists get any royalties from it? Bernard
L: Yes the original writer/s of the song/s would get a royalty. As for obtaining permission it's a bit of a grey area; most writers are glad if their song gets covered as it earns them money. I suppose if someone were to use a song to promote something controversial that the writer or publisher didn't agree with then there could be a problem.

Q: Having played guitar for the best part of 25 years I found myself getting bored with my technique. I bought myself a Takamine Classical guitar and found inability to bend strings made me refine my technique a great deal and I ended up falling in love with it all over again. Have you ever felt bored with your playing style and sought new sounds and styles? Also I have noticed a distinct lack of swearing on Thunder records, has this been a conscious thing? Keep up the good work. Elliot Lilley, London
L: As I've said before on these pages I see myself more as a writer than a guitarist. I don't practice my technique and I find it dull. I'm much happier using the guitar as a tool to help me write songs. As for the swearing, f**k me, I hadn't noticed.

Q: Hi, Luke-san! There are millions of songs about love on earth, but I think - like many other people - that you've written some of the very best ones. I've just wondered what you could have had on your mind as you wrote the song "Change" - what is the guy in this song promising his woman? Is he saying that he won't cheat on her any more, or that he would try to stop drinking too much...?? (Just how many more CDs shall we buy so that you can come to Japan? WE ALL ARE WAITING FOR YOU!!!) Eriko, Japan
L: Thank you for your flattering comments. I think the guy's saying he wants to be less selfish and pay more attention to his girlfriend's needs. Sometimes the listener's interpretation of a song lyric is completely different to the writer's intention and that's what makes it a fun thing to do. We are trying very hard to make Japan happen in the summer but it's not looking good at the moment. Believe me, it's not because we don't want to come. We will let you know here on the site when it happens.

Q: With regards to a previous answer on not releasing an album of covers, I can totally see why you may not want to do this. However, I think most of your fans enjoy the odd one thrown into the set and you seem to enjoy playing them also. Is there a possibility of some of these live gems which wouldn't otherwise find an official release being made available for download via the website, in the same manner that Pete Townshend does with Who live material via his site? I for one, would love to here the marvelous "Bell Boy" from the Dingwalls / Japan shows and "Addicted To Love" from the last tour for example. I'm sure there are plenty of others too. Matthew, Cheam
D: Music for download via the site is something we're looking into, and we eventually hope to offer this kind of service. Live material (covers and original songs) may well be ideal for this form of distribution. If it works out the way we hope, I'd like to be able to offer shows on a song by song (or whole show if desired) basis, so that you could pick and choose which songs you wanted from different shows. This is not even close to becoming a reality, purely my idea of how it would go in an ideal world, so please don't get too excited. Mixing has begun on the recordings of some shows. What we make available (if it proves to be possible) will be determined as we progress through the shows, but please bear in mind that some shows were not recorded, and some recordings may not be technically up to scratch. All will be revealed when we've mixed what we have, and our research has progressed.

Q: As you have stated the Bedford Arms CD was signed by the band specially for the people who made the gig, I just wondered what would happen if I managed to get to a meet and greet and brought along my copy of Live at the Bedford Arms to be signed.  Would I be able to get it signed? Second question, who did the original version of When I'm dead and gone. This is awesome on the CD but I am only a young pup so have no idea who wrote it.  Keep up the good work lads, can't wait for the new album! Jon, Cheshire
D: We have always signed everything and anything anyone has thrust at us, reasoning that if you buy it we're more than happy to sign it. That will continue in the future. The Bedford CDs sent to the people who were at the shows were signed by the band. Those purchased by non show-goers were not signed, as you stated quite correctly. This CD is clearly a sensitive issue for many, the fact that it was a limited edition (and sold out) means that some copies are inevitably finding their way on to the open market. This is between the owners and their consciences, and not an issue I want to comment on, after all everyone has their reasons for doing what they do, and who are we to judge, etc. However, for us to sign any more at this moment would only contribute further to the current problem, so in fairness to all, we will not be signing Bedford CDs. Hence Harry's recent refusal at a Bad Influence show. When we tour later in the year, hopefully the current furore will have died down, and those who would seek to sell this CD for profit will have moved on to pastures new. At that stage, we'll be reasonably sure the CDs are the property of the individuals asking us to sign them, and normal service will resume. I hope that makes sense to everyone. WIDAG was originally recorded by McGuinness Flint. Do yourself a favour and do some research on them, they have an interesting history.

Q: I am a big fan of Thunder and have all the albums and some of the singles. I would love to get my hands on all of the singles that you have released and was thinking that it would be a bloody great idea to release a singles box set on CD. I know that Marillion have done this with all their singles and the Rolling Stones are about to release all of their singles in box set form. I was just wondering if you think this could come reality for all the Thunder singles.I for one would be camping outside the record store.What are your thoughts on this idea. Keep up with the great music. Stephen Woloszyn, London
D: This is a nice idea, but sadly not practical. The singles (with the exception of Loser) are all owned and controlled by our 3 previous record labels (EMI, Castle and Eagle). This means we would have to buy the rights for each single from the labels in
question, and as there were almost 20 singles over the years, this would be just a tad expensive, and that's before we manufactured the copies!! I trust you see where this is leading.. We could probably manufacture and sell you a nice Thunder box in which to house your collection, but at this time that's about all.. We'll bear it in mind for Thunder Global Domination Day though... You never know...

Q: Hi Guys, in the usual format i'd firstly like to say the Bedford arms CD is brill...I'll be honest and say I'm surprised some of the songs worked as well as they did acoustically (like River of Pain) so my hat off to you guys..!! Danny, I've been singing for a couple of years now doing the lesson thing and all, and have always noticed you have a great range with no noticeable breaks etc, is this something that has come naturally to you or did it come with time and practice? And I'm impressed you sing so well sitting down too...(see what exciting questions you get sometimes!! :-) ) Anyway, look forward to the next album and seeing you
again on the road soon... Nick, Essex
D: I'm glad you like the Bedford CD. We're extremely pleased with some of the re-worked versions and the footage looks as good as it sounds. The DVD is going to be great. My range has improved over the many years I've been singing (high and low), as has almost every aspect of my voice. It must be a combination of what's there already and practice, as I only had one voice lesson (the full tale can be found elsewhere in these Q&As) and that was a long long time ago. The sitting down thing isn't something that occurs to me but I do find it hard to be still when I'm doing my thing. I constantly feel the need to get up and wave myself
about while I'm singing. An ex BBC weatherman called Ian McCaskill (depending on your age, you may or may not remember him, but he was obviously very eccentric, to me at least) was famous for doing the weather in his socks for the same reason. It seems he couldn't stand still whilst presenting the weather, and his shoes squeaked on the BBC floors. I was told that by a BBC make up lady once when we did one of the Saturday Morning Kids' shows. See you learn something new every day!

Q: Guys are there any plans to to tour as Thunder this year? Nigel, Maidstone
T: Nigel, if you check out the 'Gigs' page you will see all the shows that Thunder have lined up for the rest of the year. Hopefully there will be more dates to come...

Q: A friend of mine was in a band that supported you at Rock City a few years ago,they where called BURN from Loughborough. Unfortunately my friend Karl the drummer was killed on his bike a couple of years ago.It is coming up to the 3rd anniversary of his death and I was just thinking of him and wondered if you can remember them? Donna, Nottingham
D: I'm really sorry to hear about the death of your friend. It's especially sad when young people die before they have a chance to live a full life. I have only a very vague memory of Burn opening for us, and I apologise for that, but we've played so many shows, and loads at Rock City over the years, it's impossible to keep everything in the old memory bank. Nice that you were thinking of him, I'm sure he would have appreciated it.

Q: Hi Guys, I was just checking through some old Raw magazines and saw a picture of the band playing at the Don Valley Stadium supporting Def Leppard back in 1993. I noticed, in the picture, a TV or film camera filming your set, did any of this footage ever surface? And do you still have access to it for possible future release? I know Leppard were definitely filmed and have released some of their footage on video and DVD. Martin
D: We were on the screens during the show, but as far as I know we weren't given the option for it to go to tape, so it never happened.

Q: Guys, I'm getting more and more pissed that TTOIA isn't in print anymore. I think it's insane. Do you think some sort of petition/campaign sent to the record company could get it released again? I mean, there's tons of budget CDs out there that aren't worth the plastic they're stamped in. Record company cash-ins and the like. Surely they can be convinced a full length album of original material is worthwhile?! Whadaya think? Andy Rayleigh, Essex
D: We've been down this road before, so you know the inside track on why it's not available. If you feel you want to contact the label and register your feelings, I see no reason why you shouldn't do it, but my honest feeling is that it would have little or no effect.  OK here's the deal, if you want to start a campaign on behalf of TTOIA, get organised and make a plan, use the website and the message board to enlist the help of others, and let's get an email database together of all those who would buy it should it become available. Email Thinny at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll keep the list and if/when it gets up to a decent size, we'll lobby Castle and see what comes.

Q: Picking up on several other questions, and knowing how the great 'cottage industry' via the web can work for bands, have you considered releasing every gig (or a selection) via the website on an 'on demand' basis. I know Pearl Jam did something similar to defeat the bootleggers and released many shows in this manner. I also note that peopl have asked about cover versions - an album of your faves could be produced and released in the same manner, and would hopefully help fund future Thunder releases of original material. Discuss..... Carl Bayliss 
D: On demand releases are very interesting, and we're currently investigating the process, to establish if it's a practical thing for us. Having said that there is an important quality control issue here. We feel strongly that there's a need for everything we do to be of a high standard, to stand up in its own right, and therefore justify itself. In a nutshell, we don't think it's right to release everything we record, just because we can. We feel this very strongly. An LP of covers is not likely, as Luke is writing the new Thunder LP as I type, and whilst we love playing them, we do it mostly for fun. To make an entire LP of covers is a different kettle of fish entirely, and the idea of it makes me feel slightly uncomfortable, for a number of reasons I won't go into here. Thanks for the suggestions, nice to know you're out there with your thinking cap on..

Q: I just checked out the latest Song Vote results and saw a song called You Know What Love Is is featuring highly. Excuse my ignorance, but what the hell is this? I own every Thunder album and CD single bar Love Walked In and I've never heard of this. I also checked out all of the discography and could not see it. What is going on? Have I stumbled into an alternative Thunder universe where this song was created or was there a plan to rid me of all of my senses trying to work out what the hell this song is!!! Confused, Soton
T: The track is actually called 'You Don't Know What Love Is' and it was released, in demo form, on CD 1 of the River Of Pain single. The details are there in the discography section...

Q: Hi, I was wondering if there any plans to release some of the recordings you've made from last years tours and even the MOR tour too. Maybe a THUNDER : Best Of The SATS Tour 2003 or something like that???? It was just an idea, as I just remember that every gig I've been too you've said its being recorded, just thought something like that might of been in the pipe line. Anyways, love the new B&M album, all the best. Eccles
D: It's true that both the May and November tours last year were recorded, along with the Marquee show after the Monsters tour in Nov 2002. Our initial feeling was that there may not be much demand for them, as whilst they're great shows, there is already a lot of Thunder live music out there. After the success of the recent Bedford Arms Live CD (we've had so many emails asking us to make more copies, so far we've resisted), we're now considering whether or not to make the best shows available on CD. If loads of you want it to happen let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Q: Guys what back line amps are you using these days....superb Live Guitar tones! Also what did you use on shooting at the sun again great tones....something for us lesser mortals who play guitar to aim at. Dave
B: My preferred backline is Banksy in goal obviously then flat back four of Pearcey, Charltony, Mooresy, Millsy.
L: Hughes and Kettner, Mesa Boogie and Fender or a mixture of all three.

Q: Hi Danny and Luke, maybe it's weird, but there's one question that's keeping me busy: What makes the day so special that you think about 'her' (who is she?) in the song 'On a day like today'? Is it the situation that you are in at that moment (heat rising and children play in the park)? Anneke, Netherlands
L: The guy singing the song or narrating the story is basically saying he can't believe that on such a beautiful day the memory of an ex-girlfriend he thought he'd got over a while ago has come back to haunt him. 'She' maybe the face I can't forget, a trace of pleasure or regret, maybe my treasure or the price I have to pay..........(apologies to Charles Aznavour) 

Q: Hello again chaps, just a quick question for Luke. I've recently begun to learn playing guitar (at 32 years old),and having just read your comments on Tanglewood guitars I'm beginning to wonder if I've dropped a clanger in the choice of my guitar, being left handed like yourself I was limited in choice and got it narrowed down to 2 a nice Tanglewood Les Paul and an Epiphone Les Paul (the Tanglewood was about half price of the Epiphone) but chose the Epiphone because of the Gibson connection and the fact it was in a lovely cherry sunburst finish, and the sales man advised me to buy the Epiphone because he said the build quality was better, just wondered what your opinion of my choice was. Thanks see you next tour. Ian Helliwell, Rotherham Hello again chaps, just a quick question for Luke. I've recently begun to learn playing guitar (at 32 years old),and having just read your comments on Tanglewood guitars I'm beginning to wonder if I've dropped a clanger in the choice of my guitar, being left handed like yourself I was limited in choice and got it narrowed down to 2 a nice Tanglewood Les Paul and an Epiphone Les Paul (the Tanglewood was about half price of the Epiphone) but chose the Epiphone because of the Gibson connection and the fact it was in a lovely cherry sunburst finish, and the sales man advised me to buy the Epiphone because he said the build quality was better, just wondered what your opinion of my choice was. Thanks see you next tour. Ian Helliwell, Rotherham
L: I don't know anything about Tanglewood Les Pauls. When I said in a previous answer that their guitars were good electrically I was referring to the tone produced electrically via the pick-up on their acoustic guitars. I am familiar with Epiphone guitars and as you say, the fact that they're built by Gibson helps to make them very nice instruments at a very reasonable price so I'm sure you've acquired a very nice instrument!

Q: Danny and Luke - very cool new CD, currently residing comfortably in my car CD player. My question is thus: what are the chances of seeing a single (for example "Since I Left Her") released? I'm sure it would eat 'adult' radio alive... and since you have a new distribution deal with Universal, you might get some airplay to spread the word...? Chris Perkins, Colchester
D: Thanks for the nice words. We currently have a radio plugger working on getting some radio play for us on the LP. Rather than commit ourselves to the expense of a single straight away, we're going to see how the plugger gets on with his end of it. If someone somewhere gets excited and starts playing a song (we don't mind which one), we're flexible and lean enough to be able to go into overdrive and rush release a single. To be honest this is what a lot of record labels (large and small) do these days.

Q: Getting married 1st May and we're having "A Better Man" as our song. Hopefully this will make the experience slightly less painful! Can you all remember what songs your 'first dances' were to? P.S. Have now converted the father-in-law to Thunder. Kieron, Surrey
D: I am far too old and crusty to remember the song I first danced to, but I do remember it was in a school disco, and the girl in question was lovely. It was a mess of fumbling hands all over the place (mine) combined with maximum defence strategy (hers). She broke my heart, and almost broke my neck I seem to remember, but hey, it was a long time ago and I may be seeing it through rose tinted specs....

Q: Hi guys. It seems to me that you have no bio thing on your site, and the fan sites I’ve visited seemed to be lacking much information on you. Not meaning to be too personal but is there any chance on having one? Just in case it is that I’m too stupid to find it on the site please direct me :D I’m only a kid. It’s a little bit of a disappointment for me as, for GCSE French, we have to do a piece of coursework on a famous person. I was planning on doing Harry but apart from finding his date of birth and his ol’ bands, there wasn’t much there. Now I’ll have to find some manky celeb :( Also, do any of you guys play alternative instruments? I seem to get told a lot to “stick to one instrument and get really good at it”. I currently play Bass guitar, Double bass, guitar and drum kit (the instrument I play in my band). Have any of you been told to leave particular instruments alone? My usual response is that I play for fun, not for skill. That does me fine :D Thanks, from a young fan. And Watford Collosium November last year was great, probably the best night of my life. Got the t-shirt ;) Phillip Davis, Croxley Green, 15 
C: I play a bit of everything - I started on guitar and chose bass as my main instrument when I was about 16. I also play drums to a certain extent - as a bass player you need to know what a drummer is doing and how he does it. I play keyboards enough to get me by in my home studio. I think that basic knowledge of other instruments widens your overall musical outlook - it's not a bad thing to dabble, but you still need to work hard at your main instrument, and playing should always be fun, regardless of your ability - it's why we do it! Glad you enjoyed the show at Watford, and next time you need to convince some of your friends to come along - it's always good to know we have younger fans.

Q: It was lovely to receive the Bedford CD on a Monday. Remembered to bring it to play in the car. Just as well gridlocked traffic for an hour at Chessington, River of Pain never sounded so sweet!! Anyway did your hands ache after all that signing? Thanks again. Angela, Surbiton
B: Ahh you see we are old hands at this kind of thing.  All you need is a trusty N50 pen, a little grit and plenty of beer.
C: Glad you liked the cd, and no, my hands didn't ache after all the signing as I've trained my pet tarantula to forge my signature - he can write real fast!
D: We're professionals with a felt pen. You forget we've been doing signings at every after show since we started the band in 1582. Apart from that we used to sign all the Thunder Channel Fanclub photos, so we're very used to the assembly line signing technique. Thanks for the thanks by the way, it's nice to know that someone noticed we'd signed them.

Q: Just received the new B&M and I must say that I bloody love it from the first moment it spinned on my CD drive. Thumbs up for Danny and Luke! But now some questions: Is there a possibility to see it performed live in Germany? Chris Childs is a very nice guy! He is a bit shy on the Q/A-Section, how can we get him answering some more questions? He's a bloody awesome bass player - where are his inspirations from and is he free to perform anything he likes when he gets to know Luke's compositions? Does Luke write all the bass lines? 'nother question regarding Danny's performance: He seems to really get into a song or a lyric line through waving his body forth and back - a typical behavior for him I think. That is what differentiates him from many front men like Coverdale or Gillan. A real "typical-Danny-Thunder" kind of thing. Is this just a accidental thing or a method to be different? I think it is just Danny's interpretation of being into the mood of the song live. But I could be wrong so please tell me what is the real reason to move back and forth before start singing? Joe, Germany
C: I am a nice guy, I keep trying to tell them...Thanks for your kind comments, sorry I've been a bit quiet on the Q&As but lately I've been very busy. I was inspired by many artists along the line - here's a few. Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore, Mick Ralphs, Boz Burrell, Jaco Pastorius, Larry Graham, Louis Johnson, Marcus Miller, Pino Palladino... the list goes on. Luke is very easy to work with in the studio - generally when he writes a song the bass line is an integral part, but he's always open to other ideas.
D: It would please us greatly to play B&M shows in Germany, if a promoter wanted to book us. So far no such offer has been forthcoming, so I guess we have to sell more CDs first...You are right, Chris is a very nice guy and a gifted bass player too, but please don't tell him, it'll go to his head. I'm not ever conscious that I rock back and forth whilst singing live. It's only when I see it on film that I see what I do. I have tried to stop it over the years but I've been doing it so long I'm afraid I can't, so we're all stuck with it. It's just me being me and doing what comes naturally I suppose.

Q: Have you considered covering anything by The Isley Brothers. I know from past questions that Luke is a fan. Based on the general feel of Mo's BBQ I thought it would've been brilliant to hear you cover something like Summer Breeze...Not to say I'm disappointed with the album otherwise coz its absolutely brilliant and I'm not complaining, just wondering... Craig Macdonald, Gibraltar
L: We did actually cover 'Who's That Lady' once on the B&M tour of Japan. We were also going to cover 'Fight The Power' on Mo's BBQ but didn't finish it. Maybe next time....

Q: Luke and Danny, I saw Terraplane for the last time either on the night of or the night after the Wimbledon Liverpool FA Cup final(1988) at the Marquee and was wondering if 'That's Not Love' could've been one of the songs. I remember you played 3 that night that me and my sparring partner (Alex) didn't know. We seem to think one of them was called 'I Got Your Number' and another was called 'Love For Sale'. David Boyd, Kilmarnock
L: I have to be honest and say I have no idea! There is a possibility that 'Love For Sale' was in fact an early version of 'Fired Up'. This was a strange period as I was starting to write what would become the first Thunder album although I didn't know it at the time.

Q: Do you write songs specially for Thunder & Bowes & Morley or do you write them & think that's a thunder song I'll put it aside for that & this who would is more like a Bowes & Morley song I'll use that there? Mart, Essex
L: I tend to just write whatever I feel like and according to what the next project is, I'll put it on the suitable or not suitable pile.

Q: Luke, what do you think of Tanglewood Guitars? Danny what is your favourite mike when you are singing? Jan Starchild
L: Tanglewood guitars are very good. I've used one on the last two Thunder tours and they sound good acoustically or electrically. They're also priced very reasonably.
D: I use a Sennheiser Silvery radio type thingy with a Neumann head in it. I know not what it's called but it's lovely. By all accounts they're very expensive, but as the nice people at Sennheiser loan me one when I need it, I don't know how much it costs either. This, as you may gather, is not an area I am particularly familiar with... Sorry not to be more helpful...
This Just in... It's an SKM 5000-N with a KK 105 capsule (as used by Kylie, Celine Dion, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Dido).

Q: I've just discovered you are headlining at this years Rock & Blues festival in Pentrich which is fantastic news! I live about 1 mile away from the "show ground" and was wondering if you would like one of your dedicated fans to show you the beautiful Derbyshire countryside and pubs! My 7 year old son is also a massive fan and it would be so exciting to meet you all after so many years of adoration! This is a genuine offer and at the very least I'll see you in July!!!! Can't wait! Kirsty Harden, Derbyshire
D: At this time we have no idea of how the day will go on July 30th, where we'll be travelling from, and what time we'll arrive at the site, so it's impossible to say if we'll have the time to meet with you. Thanks very much for the offer though, and thank your son for, well, err, being 7...

Q: Does anyone know if there's gonna be a Monsters of Rock tour any time this year?????? Becky, Stoke-on-Trent
D: It looks doubtful at the moment. The problem is finding a suitable bill who want to be a part of the Monsters package. We live in hope...

Q: Hi guys, will you be selling the new CD at the gigs planned for this summer? Its a good place to pick up a disc when you live in the back of beyond like me and cuts out the middle-man. Ta very much. Di, Scotland
D: Yes we (that's an all encompassing we) will be selling CDs as well as merchandise at every show we can.

Q: I am currently living in Detroit (USA). I moved here in 1998 and was upset when I heard the boys had split in 2000. But was I happy when I heard that they had a new CD in 2003. I was wondering will you ever play in the US. Also I am coming back to England in June 2004. Are you playing anywhere then so I can catch you live..... Kevin Tully
T: Unfortunately there are still no plans for the guys to head over to the US at the moment, but who knows what the future may hold?  Although Thunder are not playing any dates in June, Bowes & Morley will be touring from the 15th to the 20th. Check out the Bowes & Morley mini site for full details...

Q: Did you recieve the artwork in the post? Mart, Essex
D: Yes thank you, and very nice it is too. Would you mind if we put it up somewhere on the site? You might get some work out of it...

Q: It was stated on this site that a Thunder gig with Deep Purple will be shown on German channel "3 SAT" sometime. I asked 3 SAT via mail but they did not answer. Can anyone tell me when they will show that thing? Another question for Thinny and the photo contesT: I hope the deadline of that contest is not too soon. I will go on holiday in May so I will try to send in pictures afterwards. Do you think the contest will be still alive then? Joe, Germany
D: I have a feeling someone posted the answer to this question on the message board. I am clueless myself, so if anyone knows can they let me know too?
T: We're not sure when the closing date for the competition will be yet. We need a few more half decent entries in first...come on folks, what are you waiting for?!

Q: Danny, having been a fan since 1990 I was wondering if you have ever been tempted in bringing back the absolutely stonking intro to Dirty Love from the Backstreet tour. Angie, Oxfordshire
D: The stonking Dirty Love intro you mention became a bit of a millstone after a while. Some things do. I don't think it'll be coming back, but you never know, it's all about the mood I'm in at any given moment..

Q: Hi guys, great job on the Bedford CD! Is there any news on when the DVD will be available? Will it be a combination of both nights, or will you pick the best one of the two? (I was at the second night, which I'm sure was better then the first!) It would be nice if it was unedited too, so that we can see every song and hear your answers to every question...and to see the look on Dannys face as 'Super Sweep' approached the stage... Smiffy
D: The DVD will be the best bits from both nights. It has to be edited, for some pretty boring technical reasons (lighting, cameras getting knocked or going off at just the wrong time etc, etc), so it will not run in real time as per the shows. However we are doing our best to make it as comprehensive as possible in terms of content. We hope to have it finished and ready and on sale in May. 

Q: For all you Thrill seekers, I got my limited edition copy last month off ebay for £5.95 - I can see the price rising already! Also re the distribution of Mo's BBQ, I picked up both the B&M albums from Music Zone in Northwich at the week-end - fantastic fellas, absolutely fantastic!! Hope you guys can make it up to the north west sometime. My only question is, how the hell can I choose just one fave Thunder track for your vote?!! Cheers. Duncan Mackerness, Cheshire
T: Glad you managed to get Mo's BBQ without any hassle.  As for how to choose just one Thunder track....beats the hell out of me...

Q: Hey Thinny, This is for all the folks looking for the "Thrill of it All". Half.com has a few hits: http://half.ebay.com/cat/buy/prod.cgi?cpid=1910283&domain_id=1876&meta_id=2 Enjoy. Sam, Florida
T: Thanks Sam. Hmm...at this rate, maybe we should start a "Spot The Thrill" section on the site!!? 

Q: Hi guys keep up the good work I just got : MO'S BBQ from tower records and we wait with great anticipation for LIVE AT THE BEDFORD which we ordered through the Thunder shop. Anyway guys this is not a question more an answer to the person who wanted to know about 3 doors down while :here without you : is good the rest of their stuff does not reach the standard so we suggest forget 'em keep listening to THUNDER : instead living in Canada at present we get subjected to band after, band like 3 doors down all of whom are the same or similar to Thunder and Bowes & Morely unfortunately I won't be home till November and will miss the Glasgow gigs, hopefully I might get the chance to see you somewhere in UK this year take care guys ,keep rocking and more Thunder for a long, long, time to come. Russell & Moira, Canada
T: So there you go....forget 3 Doors Down and keep listening to Thunder, so says Russell & Moira!

Q: Dear B & M, will you be doing any meet and greets at the new B & M gigs and if so will they be long after the gig?
D: I'm sure we will do m&g's after each show, and the schedule will be as normal. However, the arrangements for the shows are still being made at the moment, so watch this space for the definitive info. 
I am glad that you are now doing gigs in Birmingham as it is very accessible and the parking is much easier than Wolverhampton.
D: I'm glad it suits you better. That was why we arranged this show, for you. 
Also do you both do the music full time or have other "irons in the fire". 
D: We're both professional musicians. We both do other things besides Thunder & B&M.
Do your respective families happy with your work / life balance as with a young one in tow myself this is harder than it seems.
D: It is hard to juggle work and home, regardless of the job you do, and it seems to be getting harder for many people as far as I can make out. When you have small kids it puts a huge strain on relationships, but they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and I guess they're right.
Looking forward to receiving the new live CD and seeing you in June. Tim, Worcester
D: Glad you bought a copy, and I hope you like it . See you in June.

Q: To Harry & Chris, thanks for great night at the Oakley in Harold I see you guys are working with Don Airy in June are you going to do the Gransden r&b show? Thanks again guys. Steve Crooks
H: Unfortunately, I don't think we will be there this year Steve. Chris and I hope to be working with Don later in the year. He's on Deep Purple duty around that time, so our plans have changed. Chris will be doing some gigs with Danny and Luke anyway. Glad you enjoyed the Oakley gig! I certainly did! Bit of a giggle! Much alcohol consumed I can tell you!!.............Hic!

Q: Do you think anyone will be interested in this information? There was a new copy of TTOIA (limited edition with postcards too) in Hedgehog Records in Ely two weeks ago. Off you all go! Paul, Loughborough
T: There you go TTOIA hunters...

Q: Have any of you been to see We Will Rock You in London? If so what did you think? Also please can you come back to the Westcountry on your next tour. You were awesome in both gigs I went to in Plymouth all those years ago! Adam Clark, Plymouth
H: No I haven't but I've heard it's pretty damn good. Got dragged along to see Mama Mia a few years back....Interesting! Thank you for the music....the songs I'm ruining!!
B: No, but I did record the girl that played the lead role in the studio a while back, I can't remember her name but she was rather nice!
D: I have not seen WWRY. I hate musicals, all that spontaneous bursting into song for no reason. It's not right. Apart from that, for me Queen's music simply doesn't work without Fred doing his thing at the front. Having said that I know people who've been who say it's great. I clearly know nothing.

Q: I would like to make a career of the caricatures that I do. Is there any chance of doing you a freebie just to get my name on the circuit? (lifting up to 20 ton of steel a day & having to listen to dance music radio M.M.P.S at the mo!) Mart, Essex
H: Go for it Mart........Look forward to seeing it one day. Make sure my ear lobes are not too big and hairy though!
B: Oh go on then! Just this once, don't forget to put down the 20 tons of steel first though.
D: I'm sure the band would have no objection you doing caricatures of us, I certainly do not. How this could be achieved from a practical standpoint I know not, so if you have a suggestion we'd be happy to consider it. If you believe our ugly mugs will help you in your caricature career, then more power to your elbow matey!!

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