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Q: Very interested to read the New Album Update on the site. Glad to hear that there is a new single planned too - any chance of having Addicted To Love (live) or Love Walked In (live from the Bedford) as b-sides please ? I noticed in the past that for both the B&M albums and also SATS there were promo acoustic CDs of various tracks - which we couldn't purchase. For the new Thunder album, would you consider doing a limited edition 2CD version with a bonus CD of, say, acoustic versions/Luke's demos/ a couple of new covers etc ? You know we would buy it....Cheers. Mark Burton, London
D: We've considered loads of formatting possibilities. All will be revealed in the fullness of time. As to the tracks and B-sides, I'm afraid it all comes down to how things turn out when it's all mixed. Watch this space..

Q: Hi guys, 2 questions to anyone who can answer.....
1) When creating an album, how do you determine the length or quantity of songs on an album? Luke made a comment about L.O.J.D, in that it was too long. Is it a case of "less is more"? Or should you get as many tracks out to the fans as possible? 
2) Various artists (Magnum currently being one) have a new album out and set a date, and have all the recording done, even the artwork etc and yet the album can still be several months away. Why such a delay - it is just to cause a build up of anticipation and to get the word out or are you just guessing at a release date before everything is complete. Just interested in the workings of studio work - keep up the good work and get some sample tracks up on the Net as soon as possible. Gordon Hall
D: The delay between completion and release is seldom to create anticipation. It can be for a number of reasons, but the most common one is the need to set up marketing and promotion. Some magazines have 2 and 3 month lead times, so you have to work well upfront of the actual release date to get the best chances of all your reviews and ads and write ups being there at the optimum time. This doesn't always work out as well as one would like but you have to try. The other common reason is simply to do with picking a good time of the year to release. There are times of the year when it's bad to release records (e.g. during the
summer when everyone is away on their hols, or December when all the shops are full of Greatest Hits compilations for Xmas), and conversely good times (Spring, when people have money again after Xmas and the Jan sales), and if you work upfront you can schedule tours around the release. There are loads of potential reasons, these are just a couple for you to chew over.

Q: What is Rudi (from Terraplane) up to these days? Are any of you still in touch with him? Dez
D: I haven't heard from Rudi for a while. Last I heard he was designing clothes. When we do speak it's as if time has stood still, nothing really changes...

Q: Hi, 1st of all I'd just like to say that I finally got to meet you last year (Carling Academy Aftershow in Glasgow) and now have a picture of us on my wall (I'm not weird or owt! but I did drive 250 miles to see you!) - Having been a guitar player for about the same time as Thunder has been on the go I've always been waiting for 2 announcements in the guitar community 1, "Gibson announce Luke Morley & Ben Matthews Signature Models" (start saving now) and 2, Guitarist Magazine to do a full interview and style file with you (and Ben!) on your technique (both playing and song writing) and the fact that you're a fellow south paw etc. - so my question is 2 part- 1. have you been approached by any parties re the above? and 2. would you endorse either Gibson, Boogie or the matching Tele's you and Ben Have ? Keep up the amazing work fellas, I'm gonna be a dad so getting SATS ready for the delivery room!!! (the kids gotta come out to great music!) Mike Wallace, Scottish Highlands (brrrr it's cold)
L: We did endorse Gibson guitars for a while and we know the people at Fender who have been helpful over the years and they both make great products. I think we probably have too many guitars already!!

Q: Hi y'all, Saw you guys playing at Bospop in Holland and just wanna let ya know you guys rock!!! Did you guys liked it at Bospop? Oh and as a musician, how about trying out a Hamer USA guitar??? rock on!! Jeroen, Holland
L: We had a great time thanks! Guitar-wise I've tried nearly everything but I always come back to Gibson and Fender as they suit me perfectly.

Q: Hi. Saw the gig in Scarborough last night. First time I have ever seen you live and I have to say, you are probably one of the best live bands I have ever seen! I'm now looking forward to the gig in Newcastle in November...Question: How do you select a set list for a gig? Do you tend to make very spontaneous changes? And how do you select the covers you are playing live? P.S. The new song was absolutely brilliant. I hope it'll make it on the forthcoming album! Matthias, Darlington
L: Glad you enjoyed the gig. The songs we play are chosen around the time we rehearse. A certain amount of spontaneity may occur with encores but by anad large the set will be what it says on the set list. Our crew need to know what order the songs are coming in so they can do their job as well. 

Q: This is for Danny and Luke, saw you at the Malibu Stacey album launch gig, not putting you on the spot (well actually I am), what did you think? Michael, Oxford
L: I thought they were very good, had lots of energy and will probably do well.
D: I liked it and I like the LP. I thought the sound was a bit pony but the band was as tight as two coats of paint and their energy was splendid. I hope they do well, and kick the music industry right up the arse.

Q: Hi guys. Sometimes you made some special shows like the Bedford ones. It is possible that one day you play (for the fun, of course) a show with only your B-side songs ? If this idea seems to be interesting to you, what would be your favorite "forgotten" song? Luc, France
D: Whilst I can see the appeal to you for this idea, a show entirely comprised of B-Sides would almost certainly be a rather disjointed fractured affair. Let's do it, ha ha!

Q: Hi Guys, Hope your back is on the mend Danny, really looking forward to Scarborough, and just had a thought.
Being you are a good old friend of TOBY!!!! How about getting him on stage with you Saturday night for a duet????????? My two favorite people together!!!!!!! Good luck with the gig, shame about the meet and greet. Diane White
D: As he's the promoter and pretty much main man, I get the feeling Toby is going to be quite busy most of the time the festival is on.

Q: Just to let you know I saw one of your albums for sale/download on the Apple iTunes Music Store! It looks like you guys will be getting a lot of exposure (and royalties) from all the legal music downloads!! What i would like to know is - do any of you guys have any opinion as to whether CDs will eventually be totally replaced by legal music downloads? - especially as it's been announced that there will be an 'official' music download chart for albums and singles. Also - how about having Shooting At The Sun on the iTunes Music Store too!! cheers guys! p.s. - how's the new thunder album going?? Pete Burrows, Hertfordshire
C: Great news! I'm not entirely sure that CDs will be replaced completely - people still like to have something in their hands after they've parted with their hard-earned. But who knows....The new album is coming along nicely, it's always something to look forward to - being in the studio with these chaps.

Q: Hello, I was just looking at one of my other fave band's websites, Anthrax, and I saw that they will be at the Bosspop festival on the same day as you!!! That is my dream line-up, Anthrax and Thunder on the same bill!! But alas I won't be there... (no one to go with; yes, I am a sad, lonely loser). I would recommend that you stay around and watch them though, I saw them at the Astoria a few weeks back and they are amazing. Perhaps you could even hang around and convince them to play a one-off show in London with you, just for me!!! But seriously folks... my question is: are any of you thrash metal fans? and if so, who are your favourite bands? bye for now. Maria Savva, Hertford
C: I would hesitate to say 'I don't like thrash metal' because there will be something in most songs that I find interesting. Having said that, there are no thrash metal bands in my record collection.
B: What an unusually wonderful mix of tastes, I congratulate you. I am afraid that I am not a great fan of thrash metal in general but as with all types of music I'll always find a song that is the exception. I'll ask Anthrax about the one off show for you - any particular date good for you?
L: I'm afraid the closest I get to thrash metal would be Metallica. I have to hear some kind of discernable melody in whatever I listen to and although it's a sweeping generalisation thrash doesn't seem to have a great deal in the way of interesting melodies. Also I don't think music should be limited by it's tempo; different rhythms whether fast or slow shouldn't be discarded in the name of style or genre.
D: I loathe thrash metal with all my being.

Q: We've all had em....Those little life occurrences where, given a scenario upon which we are obligated to make some sort of response, we don't quite have it all together or we don't take the time to think things through, and we end up saying something totally unrelated, more than off the wall, or doing something that, to this day, makes us cringe with absolute and utter embarrassment at remembrance of the strange looks and laughter that echoed around us, which caused our body heat to quickly rise to a red flush of further incoherent, uncontrolled stumbling mumbling that turned into an even more pitiful attempt to defend the indefensible occurrence that just occurred, ultimately bringing us to head hanging, speechless, sheepishness. Luckily, for most of us, these fashion, or otherwise, faux pas' are not witnessed by thousands of adoring fans, because, well, I dunno - I may be the odd one out, but it seems to me that most of us (except KB, of course, who will surely pay me later for this shameless
plug) don't have thousands of adoring fans. But....you lot do! In the span of your careers, is there a moment, such as that which I am trying so un-eloquently to describe, that you haven't totally blocked from memory, and which you are willing to share? Dana, Utah
C: My most cringeworthy moment when mouth took over from brain was a good few years ago, when I was in a band about to do a summer season. We had already decided to sack the keyboard player, but had yet to tell him. After a gig, we were all sat round a table (including the shortly-to-be-ex-pianist) and during a lull in conversation I said, having completely forgotten he was
there, "So who's playing keyboards this summer, then?" Deathly silence followed by hysterical laughter from the girl singer. Sorry Mike and Vanessa.

B: Avoid the urge to use a comma any time a conjunction like ‘and’ or ‘but’ appears unless it links two clauses that each have a subject and verb (or form two complete sentences).
faux pas  - The plural of which is faux pas.

absolute and utter - tautologous
strange looks and laughter that echoed around us - looks cannot echo "strange looks and the laughter that echoed around us"
which caused our body heat to quickly rise to a red flush - heat has no colour may I suggest "that led our body heat to rise quickly and cause a red flush"
occurrence that just occurred - tautologous
I think you mean ineloquently as in "Nor are thy lips ungraceful, sire of men, nor tongue ineloquent." --Milton.
Not a bad effort - see me later.
In answer to your question - I once knew a girl from Utah who used to write these long drawn out questions that were full of grammatical errors and incorrect use of English. Naturally I pointed this out to her - can you imagine my embarrassment when she turned up at one of our shows!

D: I see my monopoly on longwinded messages is over...
During our shows with Bon Jovi in 1995, I was asked during a fairly major radio interview what Mr. BJ was like. Without thinking nearly long enough, I blurted the (far too candid) truth rather than the standard showbiz reply. There followed a deathly silence in the studio and the interview took a rather muted tone from then on. The next day, the rumour backstage was that the content had reached the parts it shouldn't have, and I spent the rest of the dates waiting to be thrown off the tour. We weren't, but at the risk of being called paranoid, I can report that there were some unexplained occurrences.....
L: If you're asking whether there's ever been an embarrassing moment then...no, not really. Sorry Dana; I'm not helping much am I?

Q: A friend without internet access has asked me to try to find out if you have a postal mailing list she can add her details to. She's particularly looking for a gigs list. Julie Holloway
T: Unfortunately we no longer have a postal mailing list. Maybe you could keep your friend informed of any future Thunder events that you think she might be interested in?

Q: Have you always been irritated by "grammatical errors and [the] incorrect use of English?" Have you read "Eats, shoots and leaves? Tracey, Staffordshire
B: They don't really irritate me but I can't help but correct them! I think it stems from my parents; my mother was an English teacher. I've yet to read Eat Shoots and Leaves but it's amazing to think that a book on grammar has reached the best sellers list.

Q: Danny, last time I saw Thunder in Nottingham, for the encore you brought out Don Aiery (sp?) to play piano. I've always wondered, how soon in advance do you plan those types of things? Matt Steven, Leeds
D: The answer to this is "about 15 seconds before". Don was at the gig, and we saw him at the side of the stage as we came off at the end of the set. We said hello and asked if he was up for a jam in the encore, and he said yes. We went back on, Don came on, we did it. Simple as that.. 

Q: I moved over to Tenerife January this year but a constant check on the web site. I see there's a new Best of Live album on the discography. I've checked Townsend Records, HMV and Virgin on the net but they don't seem to have it stock. Can you tell me where I can get a copy so I can keep my collection up to date. By the way, the weather's great out here, you'd all love it. When I play El Gringo Retro it sounds better than when I played in the UK, just like Luke must have felt in Spain when he wrote the tracks. All your cd's are brilliant but now I'm out here on my own the songs on Gringo have a more special meaning for me. Keep up the good work and with a bit of luck I'll get over for one of the November gigs!!!!!! Paul Oldbury, Tenerife
T: You really want to buy it? Really?!? You know that it only includes tracks from the already released "Live" album don't you!? Well, alright then - you can get it from here.

Q: I saw you the 2nd time together with my favourite Band STATUS QUO and I was really impressed about your performances once again! My question: any plans for a THUNDER tour in Germany and more dates together with QUO next year (QUO's 40th Anniversary!) Also, QUO will be recording a 40th Anniversary "duets" album featuring some special guests like Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, etc. Did Rick or Francis ask Danny to sing on one of their new songs in the near future...? Thanks, all the best for the future, keep on rockin'. Toby, Freiburg
D: I'm glad you enjoyed it, we certainly did. There are no plans to tour again with SQ right now, but it's not impossible. They haven't asked me to sing on their next LP, and I'm not expecting the call. Keep rocking yourself mate!

Q: So then, what's the story behind the latest release 'The Best of Live THUNDER', as now shown in the Discography section. Were you consulted on this or is it someone unrelated trying to make a quick buck? Mark Cole, Basingstoke
T: It's another record company cash in - no surprises there. The band were not consulted and no one at Thunder towers even knew about this release until a few days ago. Buyers beware - there is nothing unreleased on this disc...all the recordings are taken from the 1998 'Live' album. Eagle Records have licensed the tracks out to Armoury.

Q: I am about to have to return to work after two peaceful weeks off on holiday. I listen to your music to make the return more bearable...especially, 'Low Life In High Places'. What do you guys listen to to get you through any dark hours, when you have to do something you don't cherish! ie. Pre op Danny?!! Is there any particular musical track to uplift your spirits?? Ice Maiden, Scotland
B: Try a song song called "I'd rather go blind" and in particular the version by Koko Taylor. Pre-Op Danny eh? I feel a new TV show coming on - "There's Something About Danny" coming to Sky One soon...
D: I have 2 old albums that I like to play at times of maximum blueness. One is "American Pie" by Don McLean, the other is "There Goes Rhymin' Simon" by Paul Simon. Both are full of very good uplifting songs, combined with dark ones. I always find I need a good wallow in the misery before the happy feelgood stuff kicks in. The happy stuff alone just doesn't do it for me...
L: We listen to James Brown to get us in the mood before we go on stage. I personally like 'Appetite For Destruction' to get me motivated or anything by The Who.

Q: Just wondering if in the near future will this website have a video section. Other bands have them and seeing how I haven't one thunder video (I know its sad) just thought it would be nice to look back at them. Also, just wondering that if there is a new album in the pipeline (please god that there will be one) will u be using the McDonald sisters as backing singers. Reason being on the Plug It Out DVD they worked well with Danny's voice and on the B&M they really added that extra quality to it. Steve Lawrence
L: There are no current plans to include videos on the website as it would take up too much of our bandwidth as things stand. As far as the new album goes we have recorded probably 65% of it so far. The McDonalds are not featuring at the moment but it isn't out of the question.

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