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Q: A thought crossed my my mind concerning the release of your new single in November. Why doesn't someone at Thunderonline design a advertisement poster for the single that can be downloaded and printed by the fans to display at their places of work, or local gig venues, or homes? I realise that you'll have real advertisements also, but this way the word can be spread further, and in areas it might not normally reach. What do you all think? Steve B, Berkhamsted
T: Funny you should say that...check out the news page...

Q: Guy's Have just sent an email to Thinny with some USA radio stations I contacted regarding Thunder. Have a bit of time off, so have slowly got to California, however in the house of blues in Vegas, for a beverage. and it was beach night.....and on the video screen, Gimme Some Lovin...by you running around the beach with some very sexy ladies...well done you. Question : Was that shot here when you visited Capitol Records? Would gladly send out some stuff to stations while I worked over here if you wanted me to. good luck with the tour, hopefully may get to see you if schedule permits All the best Graham. PS I think you guys should sit down and pick your favourite songs and do a covers CD. Wouldn't have to be all rock, and could open another listening market. and then you might get the success you derserve. Graham Seymour
D: Hello Graham, my what a life you lead...The GSL video was shot on Zuma Beach in sunny California. We went there specifically to shoot it. The sun was hot and the girls were lovely, as you can imagine we hated every second of it...

Q: Hi Danny, you wanted me to recommend a Muse Album. Well, it is quite hard, its like trying to recommend a Thunder Album really, it is ever hard to choose. I would have to go with their second album from 2001 called 'Origin of Symmetry' hope it doesn't sound like I am pluggin Muse on your website, but you asked (I have converted many in the wonderful music of Thunder). They have a quite unique sound in that they blend classical music (Bach) and rock. The three piece sound like a modern day progrock band (if Bach had electricity). Other albums are 'Showbiz' 1999 and there latest 'Absolution' 2003 and an excellent live album called 'Hullabaloo'2002 they are a breath of fresh air, in that there are far too many so called rock bands out there (nu metal and the like) hope you enjoy. I read on this board that someone has compared you to David Coverdale, what's that all about, you are ten times the singer (sorry Mr. Coverdale). I would say you are more like Paul Rodgers of FREE (1968-72). Coverdale tried to mimic Rodgers when he sang with Purple possibly at Richie Blackmores request. Can't wait to hear the new album. Is there any chance of your new Live DVDs been sold in the high street in the future? Colm, N. Ireland
D: Thanks for the recommendations, and your kind words about my voice, you may say these things but I cannot possibly comment.. At the risk of being thought of as blowing our own collective trumpet, I must say the new LP sounds fab, and I'm sure you'll all like it. I doubt if we'll sell our own label DVDs anywhere other than online. We like the exclusivity, and I especially like the fact that www.thunderonline.com is the only place you can get them. 

Q: I remember reading that you guys attended and performed at some British Superbike shows. As I am well into Thunder and Motorbikes I wondered if any of you liked or even own one. Look forward to seeing you in November. Mitch Robson, Orkney Islands
D: This question has been asked and answered before. Please use the Q&A search facility. Thanks.
B: I've owned a few bikes in my time, but I fell off the last one and broke my foot!

Q: Guys, I was digging through my cupboard, looking for a clean shirt and I found my Thunder Channel stuff! Lovely! I also found my programme from the tour you guys did with Skin, signed by all of Thunder and all of Skin - That was my favourite tour as I loved Skin almost as much as Thunder. I was just wondering which tour that the band loved most? As a side note, does anyone know what happened to Neville McDonald? Inno, Glasgow
B: Touring with Thunder is always enjoyable and I have fond memories of most of them, one that does stick in my mind is the Tour we did with Heart. They were a lot of fun and we spent many an evening in the bar exchanging recipes and knitting patterns.

Q: Hello guys can't wait for the new album to come out. Just a few quick questions. 1.Was any of your Music videos for Back Street symphony ever shown on the 'Chart Show' as I have think I may have seen 'Dirty love' or something on it, I was only about 6 at the time. 2.Do you guys play Empty City live much? this is a great track, would really like to see it on a dvd in the future. 3.What is it like to tour with DEEP PURPLE I know Harry is a big fan of Ian Paice. Harry could you tell me which deep purple track displays Ian Paice's drumming talents the most not including the 'Mule'(drum solo)?? which dp track would you guys most like to play live. Any plans in coming to Northern Ireland in the near future??? would love to see you guys live. last but not least 4.have you guys ever heard of the Band MUSE? if so what do you think?? keep up the great work. Colm, N. Ireland
B:  I am almost sure that Backstreet symphony was played on the Chart Show but I was only six too. We have played Empty City on many occasions and I believe there may even be a copy in the recording archives. Deep Purple are great to tour with because we get to see them for free and they are very good. I'd love to come back to Northern Ireland soon as I left my keys there.
D: Blimey you have a good memory, remembering a video you saw when you were 6. Assuming you're not 7 now of course! DL may have been played but I don't know for sure. Check the message board, someone has compiled a rather comprehensive list of TV appearances, it may be there. Empty City does make the occasional appearance in the live set, so it's possible. Touring with DP has been nice. They were gentlemen, but they were in our dressing room all the time asking for picks etc. Seriously though, the shows in the summer were great, and we're really looking forward to November. We'd love to come back to Northern Ireland, but as with most things it comes down to money. It's expensive to get there and back with all the equipment, so we need a decent offer from a promoter for it to make financial sense. Not to make a fortune (though that would be a nice bonus), simply to cover the costs and not lose money. I don't know that much about Muse, but I've liked everything I've ever
heard. Must nip out and get a CD, which one would you recommend?

Q: Hi guys, hope you are all well and having a great time in the studio. Can't wait to hear the results. It occurred to me that it has been ages since I pestered you with one of my questions so here is two to make up for it. 1. Have any of you been to the cinema recently? If so what films did you enjoy? 2. Have you had a chance to check out Velvet Revolver yet? If you have what did you think and have any of you ever met Slash? Rat
B: I haven't been to the cinema for simply ages, mainly due to the invention of the DVD! I've not seen Velvet Revolver yet but my spies say positive things. I've came across Slash in a toilet so I had to wash my hands.
D: Last film I saw at the pics was Spiderman 2. Missed loads I really wanted to see (Bourne Supremacy most recent), but I've been incredibly busy through the summer. Ho hum, DVDs here I come... 
Not seen VR yet, but I hear they're great. Think I met Slash many moons ago in Los Angeles, but both he and were somewhat the worse for lemonade, so I don't really remember what went on.. Rock'n'Roll eh?
L: The last film I went to see at the cinema was a disaster movie starring Dennis Quaid all about global warming resulting in another ice age. In my usual fashion I can't remember the title! It was ok but very predictable. The best film I've seen recently was a slightly obscure film called 'Flawless' starring Robert De Niro and Philip Seymour Hoffman which I got on DVD. Very funny indeed. I met Slash many years ago in a bar in LA and he was very nice if a little drunk at the time.

Q: My hubby has just bought himself a White Gibson Les Paul guitar (looks vaguely familiar!) and he spends ages just playing bits of riffs that he has picked up (including the odd Thunder ones), to be honest it sometimes gets on my nerves. My first question is how the hell did your folks put up with all your practicing in the begining? Angie, Oxfordshire
B: I had to put up with their bagpipe practice so it was only fair.
L: No idea!!

Q: Danny, I've read that you are contributing some vocals to 'The Dean Howard Project'. Can you tell us a little more about this? Also, will you be making a guest appearance with them when they open up for the November Tour? Mark 'Bezo' Besley, Frome
D: It's not complicated really. Dean and I are old friends. He asked if I'd sing one song on his album and I was happy to do it. As for the November dates, there's been no discussion about me guesting with his band, but who knows...

Q: On America On Line we have the option to put up a personal profile in which I not so subtly express my love for your music. New on-line acquaintances click on my profile then get more curious, so's they go to my web pages. From there they end up on this site from the link provided. Somewhere along the line they have a listen and the next thing I know they are IMing me indicating that they are going a bit mad on E-bay attempting to round up what Thunder they can. I, dutifully, point them to Townsend records as well as the online shop on this site. Then, there is always the very next question posed, which is: "Do Thunder ever come to the states to play?" Being home this past week doing the recuperation bit from my shoulder surgery (and being on line quite a bit out of stark raving boredom) has netted several more Thunder fishies in the city by the inland sea known as the Great Salt Lake. With the current exchange rate, new music purchases, even from the provided reasonably priced sources, still often end up being a bit spendy for new U.S. fan. So everyone goes to E-bay first to see if they can round up a used copy that is less of a hit to the trouser pocket. I am greatful that E-bay exists as I would not have a lot of my deleted Thunder collection without it, but I still have always wished for a manner of converting all the used sales that occur there into new purchases which would inur more to your benefit. Yes, you are getting heard, but it would be rather nice if you profited in some fashion from each and every sale rather than your efforts being recirculated and some fan pocketing the spare change. And, how I WISH there was a feasible and logical manner for Thunder to bust in over here. Ok - so my questions: How do you feel about the "legal" activities on E-bay as they relate to your musical efforts? Is there anything U.S. fans can do to assist in some sort of movement to get Thunder readily available in the record shops over here? Do you have your eye on the States in any sort of fashion, or have you been sufficiently discouraged and subsequently given up any focus in that direction? Dana, Utah
D: Music fans have bought and sold music in all its forms forever, EBay is a modern way of doing it. I don't see why anyone (us included) could expect to receive money for every second hand sale of the same CD (though it's a great idea, must think about that), after all money is earned from the first sale and that's fine.
Our lack of presence in the USA must be a source of much frustration to Thunder fans over there, and it must be said it's not much fun for us, but the sheer scale of the job required is daunting enough for major labels with huge resources, so for the likes of us it's practically impossible. Many Brit bands have made the journey to the US with major label backing and eventually returned, tail firmly between legs. We've had offers from a few labels over the past year or so, but so far we've not felt confident enough in their abilities to take any of them up. Until something great happens (and you never know), the best way fans can assist the cause is simply to spread the word (sounds like you're doing a fine job in that department already, thanks) and mobilise yourselves to request our songs on your local radio station. If they say they don't have a copy, get us a name and address and we'll be happy to send them some.
As for touring, we'd be there in a heartbeat if someone made us a half decent offer, but it usually comes down to radio action, and here we are back at the beginning...
Keep up the splendid work! We need a few more million like you and all will be rosey in the garden.
L: E-bay is definitely here to stay so I think we have to accept it. I have to assume that when our albums/singles appear on there, somebody must have bought them in the first place and the fraction of the original purchase price due to us will have already been paid. At this moment in time the best way U.S. fans can help is spread the word any way you can. We've never given up on the States and anything is possible so keep your fingers crossed.

Q: I was listening to a couple of your albums last night and it got me thinking. You have written some great songs between you over the years, but which song (either past or present) by any other artist do you wish you had written. John Watson, St. Helens
L: Too many to mention. If I told you what my favourite song was you can guarantee it would be different tomorrow. Glad you like our writing!

Q: Luke, was that your good self I saw pulling out in your car near Brighton on my way home today (Bank Holiday Monday)? I was the bloke with the shocked expression who's stopped briefly before collecting myself. Sorry about that. It was just a bit bizarre as the B&M album was playing in the car at the time... Dave F, Saltdean
L: Yes it was me and yes, you did look shocked.

Q: Hi guys, having recently read Danny's Tour Diaries entry in the Wit, Wisdom + Whiskey section I was most impressed and just wondered if you had ever written or published any books about tour experiences or anything else come to that, or do you have any plans to in the future?. I have trawled the net looking on various sites but don't seem to have much luck, any ideas??? Paul, Kent 
D: I've thought many times about writing a book, factual or otherwise. To write a true and accurate account of what has gone on over the years is not possible, for too many people would be hurt and/or sued. To water it down would be boring and  unsatisfactory to many. To write a fictional music business piece would simply be seen by many as a thinly veiled attempt to cover the truth, so I feel like it's not feasible at this time. I'd like to do something one day, but I'm far too busy at the moment.

Q: Hi...I have only been a Thunder fan for a couple of months and I already own 5 of your albums including your latest one (which in my opinion is right up there with backstreet symphony and LOJD, which are my fav's)..My question is, Danny, how are u able to sing the way u do? How do u produce that kind of voice? And do u believe that there are any similarities between ur voice and David Coverdale's (as u are frequently described as the latter day David Coverdale)? Oh, one more quess, I have just bought my tickets for your Wembley show (my first concert ever) and is there any info on what the song line up will be? Paul Hope, London
D: Welcome to the gang matey..Glad to hear you're building the collection, keep up the good work. I've been singing for a very long time, and my vocal abilities have developed as I've gone along, aided greatly of course by the practice provided by Mr Morley's songs. My style is both emotional and full on, and it is just that in every sense when I sing, both in the studio and in concert. There is an added physical performance element at the live show, which hopefully enhances the overall effect (if not I've been killing myself for no reason). I suspect Mr Coverdale and I were probably influenced by the same singers, but we've never had that conversation when we've met. We never choose a set list until the last minute so at this time I have no idea what we'll play in November, but I hope you enjoy your first show. I know I will.

Q: Certainly looking forward to the new album. Are there plans for a single release as well? I understand that some of you have sons and daughters - any of them budding rockers, rappers, or pop idols? James Vincent
D: So are we, it's turning out very nicely indeed. Full info is on the News Page. Two of my three children show a deal of promise in the vocal department. One plays the piano, one the flute and the other wants to play the drums, but having spent my entire adult life standing in front of the loudest drummer in the world, I've thus far resisted the pleasure of having a drum kit in my home...

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