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Q: Harry & Chris do you have any future plans for the "lend us a quid project"? Steve C
H: Not at this moment in time, but maybe this summer we may all find ourselves at a lose end! It’s a great excuse to get together with some good old pals and have a drink or two……...or three…….or quite a few!!

Q: Hi Danny! Since I know you're a huge Stevie Wonder fan, and he's one of my very favourite singers and artists ever, too, I'd like to ask you which is the album by him that you love the most. Mine has to be "Innervisions", though "Talking Book" is actually just as good. Pure emotion in those songs man...P.S. "Mo's Barbeque" is awesome! Soundtrack to my summer, and hands down my fave record of 2004. Kudos to you and Luke, keep up the good work! Fabio, Italy
D: Songs In The Key Of Life is my favourite LP by SW. Mostly due to the fact that there are a such a high number of cracking tunes.

Q : Hi guys! Although me and my girlfriend are already planning to come see the band in Munich on March 24th, I'd like to ask you if you have in mind to play some further shows after that one, maybe somewhere closer to Italy like, say, Switzerland or Austria. Thanks for the answer, and keep rockin'!! Fabio, Italy
D: Our agent is looking into more shows, but at this time there are none confirmed.

Q: Hi Danny, recently I became the singer in a band (I won't give up my daytime job yet ;-)). I find that one of hardest things as a singer is to remember all the lyrics. Do you ever have problems remembering the lyrics? Did it ever happen to you that you forgot the lyrics on stage? And if so, how did you solve the problem? See you in Hardenberg in March! Great you are coming to Holland again. Bart, Holland
D: Ha ha, do I ever forget the lyrics? The question should be do I ever remember them... It's a mystery to me, sometimes I can remember them all, other times I forget them all. I usually find it's harder when they're either really new, or we haven't done them for ages and ages. Anything in the middle and I'm fine. Of course it gets harder with every album.. I do it on stage all the time, but when it happens I just sing something else. After all they're our songs so I can do what I want.. Good luck.

Q: Hello...can you please tell me if you have a date for the re-release of the '' live at the Bedford arms '' CD? Keith Edge
T: Hi Keith. Unfortunately there are no current plans to re-release the 'Live At The Bedford Arms' CD.

Q: Hi Guys, Don't know if you saw the recent UK Music Hall of Fame thing where Paul Rodgers sang with Queen? Just heard that they are going out on a whole UK and European tour next March/April, doing Queen and Paul Rodgers material. Don't know what you think of this, and if you would pay to see it? What about trying to get a support slot - perfect for you I would have thought. Chris, Kent
H: I will be following this with great interest. I am a fan of both Paul Rodgers and Queen, but as for paying to see it...............? I'm not so sure!
D: I saw it and thought PR did a fine job of a difficult almost "no win" situation. Not sure if it would work as a whole show, those Freddie shoes are mighty hard to fill, but I guess PR has his own pretty hard shoes, so it might be OK. I haven't paid to see a band play for 20 years, so it's not likely I'd do it for them, though I'd probably go.

Q: Having now recovered from the gig at Brighton on Tuesday, I'd like to say thanks to the band for signing the birthday card for my brother Niall, extra thanks go to harry for speaking to him on the phone, thanks guys and ill see you in Brighton again next year (hopefully). Preston Kersey, Brighton
H: You're welcome! Hope he can get to a gig on the next tour!!

Q: Not so much a question as a wow and thanks for last night!! (now steady on there) was at Sheffield and met you all after, just want to say what a lovely lot you are (girly moment) and still smiling at your friendliness Harry "while youve got it out" hope to see you in Notts in December. Nadine, Nothingham
H: Nadine - can't remember why or what I had out that night! But as long as it made you smile!!! See you at Rock City! May even get it out again........whatever it was?

Q: Loved the Cardiff gig & was great to meet you again, especially as you remembered us from Magnum at the Bierkeller! I just wanted to say how cool your shirt you were wearing at the M&G session was, with the mini Harry on the back! Was that made specially for you or was it a pressie from a fan? Emma Swales, Wiltshire
H: Glad you enjoyed the gig. Cardiff was indeed fabulous, and the shirt was kindly made and given to me by a beautiful Japanese fan

Q: Is the mustang still sitting on your drive? Nirmski, Wolves
L: I don't have a drive?????!!!!!!

Q: Do you think you will be GIVING a T-shirt to your driver at the Christmas bash? P.S. I'm an XL. Lips Nipplefinger,  Ilfracombe
D: Lips. An XL tee shirt is a fair exchange for a smooth drive. When we get one you'll get your shirt.. Ha ha.

Q: OMG where did this song come from, its bloody fantastic guys, I got it yesterday afternoon and had it on repeat right up until about ten last nite, its amazing, u have really outdone yourselves this time. well done:-) just got my tickets for shepherds bush, and oh how I can not wait to see you lot live, I'm going skiing now in January, and just wanted to ask u boys have u ever been skiing, and if not, what was your best holiday ever? take care and congrats on the single;-) Sarah, Dublin
H: Never been skiing but I'd love to! Really must try one year soon. I'd love to go this year but can't risk breaking an arm or leg before the Thunder tour in March! I've had a bit of bad luck recently so I'd better not take the risk. As for my best holiday..........Barbados was pretty good, and a few of the "lads" trips out to Spain were extra special!! Although I often felt I needed a holiday when I arrived home!!!!
L: I've never been skiing but if I did I'm sure I'd enjoy it. I tend to prefer escaping the English winter and going somewhere warm. I've just got back from Thailand which was very nice.
D: I've had loads of great hols, but one of my best was last year when I went to a fantastic place called Bradenton, near Sarasota, on the Gulf Coast of Florida. It was very quiet, deserted beaches, fab weather, great food, a very relaxing time was had. I feel all nostalgic just thinking about it... Skiing has never appealed to me, my bones ache in the cold, mostly because of my accident prone childhood and youth. My many times in hospital taught me that potential danger and me get along far too well for my own good. I am alive, but only just, and I really shouldn't be, so I've hung up my dangerous boots for the meantime..
B: I had a brief go at skiing in Sweden many years ago but didn't really get the hang of it. My best holiday ever was a trip to the Rocky Mountains in Canada in a big RV; bears, elk, mountain goats, you name it. There was plenty of room though as it slept six.

Q: What are your views on the news that some kind people are downloading the new Band Aid single for free? PS Got the singles today, bloody fantastic. Rob Fletcher, Hull
H: Well I have to say that these people are mad and completely missing the point!
D: People who download this record for free are at best seriously missing the point, or at worst, just plain mean. Thanks for buying our record.
B: The only possible reason to buy it is to give money to charity as the song and lyrics are so dreadful - do people really want to play it for pleasure? I can't believe that for one minute.

Q: Hi, I have passed my driving test today(first attempt may I add!) and I was wondering, can you remember your driving test? Any disasters and did you pass first time? Great news about the single, keep up the good work. Donna, Nottingham.
H: I passed my test first time but I don’t know how! I was totally convinced I was going to fail!! The examiner must have been in a very good mood that day. Congratulations Donna!
L: I didn't learn to drive 'til quite late (when I was thirty) but I did pass first time via the means of a 'crash' course! Basically you drive for four hours every day over a week then take your test the following day. I found it quite easy really which was a suprise as I expected to be useless.
B: I am glad to say that both my car and motorbike tests went absolutely perfectly and I passed both first time. I can remember them both like they were yesterday, strangely enough it rained both days which made the ‘emergency stop’ a little tricky. Danny and I both took our motorbike tests on the same day… well sort of on the same day, I’ll let Danny tell that particular story (if he chooses to). I do, of course, pride myself on my safe driving and I am currently writing this as I drive up the motorway with my laptop balanced on my steering wheel; tricky I know but it doesn’t seem to be a problem. Seems to be a lot of trouble in my rear view mirror though but I can’t think why….
C: Congratulations on passing your test! I'm pleased to report that I passed first time, though I can't remember it very clearly. I seem to remember there were lots of horses and carts and penny farthings on the road at the time... not that I'm old, of course.
D: Your question has inspired me to document my learning to drive experience, which was terrible! It's too long and sordid a tale for these pages, so if you're interested, nip over to the Wit, Wisdom + Whiskey page for the full story. Get a box of tissues before you do, it may make you weep...

Q: Bit of weird one for you... do you remember a while back, when ThunderChannel had the badges with the hammer and lightning logo with the "Horizontal Vertical Digital Mental" slogan on them? I was wondering what inspired the design, as I recall I used to get free travel on my local buses when certain drivers were working... I later found out it was because they thought my badge was a masonic logo! Also, is there any chance of them returning, or any badges being produced in time for the March tour? Thanks guys, and Merry Xmas and New Year festivities to you and yours! Tony, Glasgow
D: The design was all part of the Thunder Channel image. The Thunder hammer and lightning bolt were decided as part of that overall image. They served us well. I'm pleased to hear they served you well also. Thunder Channel has gone, and won't be returning I'm afraid. It became too difficult (& costly) to manage in the end. On a brighter note, there is talk of badges being manufactured for the UK/European tour in March, along with a lot of other fab stuff. Keep it here baby, and spread the work about the new LP and the tour.

Q: Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the new tunes, they are superb (as usual) and are constantly being played in the car and at home. I have to say that although I am loving ILYMTRNR it is Love's an Easy Word to Say that really yanked my crank. I suppose while I am here I better ask a question...errmm...has Peter Shoulder, the MacDonald sisters or anyone else made a contribution to the new album? Rat, Peterbrorugh
L: Not this time around but that doesn't mean it won't happen again in the future.

Q: What tuning were you using on "River of pain" the album version and does this differ to playing it live? JP, North Wales
L: It was a standard tuning on the album and it is when we play it live.

Q: Hi Luke. Having nothing better to do whilst sat in a traffic jam this morning listening to The Thrill Of It All, I read the sleeve notes of the aforementioned long playing tape. This has thrown up 2 questions : Firstly, why is You Can't Live Your Life In A Day subject to a different publishing deal to the rest of the songs ? Secondly, and far more importantly, who got the £120 fine and 6 points courtesy of Bristol magistrates and what kind of supersonic automobile were they piloting? Mike, Cambridge
L: YCLYLIAD was written earlier than the rest of the material and we signed a new publishing deal after recording the album. The driving offence was Benny!

Q: Hi I've been having a bit of a Thunder afternoon down here in sunny Plymouth playing all the CDs back to back and reading the inserts and looking at them it got me thinking on certain inserts like the "Live" CD and "The Rare the Raw and the Rest" there are are lots of pics of ticket stubs, pics of passes, promo stuff, behind the scene pics, lots about how the songs were written and you lot generally arseing about, How about a book about the band history with all this stuff included, is it feasible? and if I don't get the opportunity to say again Merry Xmas to you all Thanks for a great 2004 and all the best for you lot next year. Tony Bye, Plymouth
D: We've been approached recently about the possibility of publishing a book featuring the very same stuff you've listed. However it's a bit of a long term project, so if it happens, it won't be for a while, so don't hold your breath while you wait. Rest assured if and when it happens, it'll be announced here first.

Q: Danny, knowing that Stevie Wonder inspires you as a singer, what is you favourite song sung by the great man? Also have you heard the 80's song 'The Crown' where Stevie Wonder as a bit-part singing? It's such a highlight of Stevies singing. BTW, congratulation on the chart position of the new single. Lee Friend, East London
D: I love so much of SW's work, I find it impossible to choose one single song as the favourite. His contribution to The Crown is enormous, for my money he makes the record, and without him it would not be half as good.

Q: I s there any chance of a singles discography and chart positions, also where can I get a copy of thunder live 2004 on armoury records as shown on your discography section. Graham Briley
T: There is already a full singles discography available on the site. If you check out the discography section and click on one of the albums, then scroll down to the bottom and click on the various single covers for the full details. You can get the Armoury Records release here , but you should be warned that this album only feature s previously released material from 1998's 'Live' album.

Q: Hi guys! Just a short brief question .What music are all you guys listening to at the minute (apart from I Love you more than rock and roll) Good luck with the single and praying for one of the meet and greet passes at Xmas . Donal Smyth, Southport
L: Currently I'm listening to 'Everything Must Go', the latest Steely Dan album, 'Get Born' by Jet and I'm re-discovering 'The Free Story' for the umpteenth time.
B: I love the Loretta Lynn "Van Lear Rose" album. That and Radio 4.
D: I'm currently listening to the new Dean Howard CD, a load of old blues compilations I picked up recently, Moby's 18, Joan Armatrading's first LP, Simon & Garfunkel, Burn by Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin 3, and a new band called Fevertree (who I am going to manage). A mixed bag indeed...

Q: My question is for Luke and or Ben. I am hoping to buy a Electro-Acoustic for my son this Christmas. He has a Fender Tele. which Electro-acoustic should I consider buying. Enjoyed the NEC and looking forward to March. Hayley
L: I'm currently playing a Tanglewood electro - acoustic which is very good and wasn't too expensive.
B: This is a tricky question to answer as guitars are a very personal thing, particularly acoustic guitars. A good general bet is would be one of the major manufacturers such as Fender, Gibson, Yamaha and Tanglewood. If your budget can take it there are some very nice ones made by Takamine and Martin. Your best bet of course is for the player to try it our first but then that would ruin the Christmas surprise - Tough call... over to you Luke.

Q: Hey Danny, just read your previous Q&A and the WW+W entry concerning your driving tests... I just wanna say I know exactly what you are on about. I've got my third test on Thursday next week and just wanna get it over and done with. However my question is this, if you won the lottery and could purchase any car you wanted what would you get? (I am not sure myself) Simon, Kent
D: I feel your pain my friend, I really do. I hope all will be well on the day. Strange thing, as the years have gone by, my obsession with cars has diminished somewhat. I've had loads, but over the years, as they improved in terms of quality/performance/price, so my desire to own them waned. It peaked a few years ago when I bought a fantastic BMW. It was truly fab, and I loved it, for about 2 weeks. Then I slowly began to fret about someone scratching it, or hitting it, or stealing it or something, anything. I got so fed up with the feeling, I sold it after 6 months, and bought a beat up Nissan Patrol 4x4. Of course it's entirely possible that this may just have had something to do with becoming a father... If I had unlimited funds to devote to the purchase of a car, I'd probably go for a very fast shiny one like the new Porsche Carrera, and another old 4x4 (at the moment I quite fancy getting an old Toyota HiLux), so I get my jollies in all departments...

Q: Hi guys! Thoroughly enjoyed gig at Glasgow having travelled from Germany to see you! Met you guys after the show with a friend (the two shy blonde ones hiding right next to the tree), looking forward to your Hamburg show. My boy-friend is travelling from Scotland to meet me there. I'm wondering when the tickets for the show go on sale and will there be a "meet & greet"? Kati, East Kilbride
D: Don't know as yet, the shows have only just been confirmed, but I will enquire.. All news to be posted on the NEWS page.. Glad you enjoyed the Glasgow show, please tell the world about the German shows, they will be fab.

Q: Why have you given up playing South Wales. I have been going to watch Thunder since the first tour back in 1990 and have seen you every time since: 1st December 1990 in the Newport Centre (with the Electric Boys) 18th October 1992 in the Newport Centre (with the screaming Jets) 11th May 1995 in the Newport Centre (with Skin & Blow) 21st June 1995 in Cardiff Arms Park (supporting Bon Jovi) 24th June 1995 in Wembley Stadium (supporting Bon Jovi) 19th February 1997 in the Newport Centre (with Deadline) 16th April 1998 in St. Davids Hall (with Redwood & The Dawn) 2nd June 1999 in the Newport Centre (with Lukan)
And from then on you have given up on the South Wales Fans. I have had too the length of the country to catch a show i.e. 5th December 1999 in Wolverhampton Civic Hall (with Kick), while there I bumped into loads of Thunder fans from South Wales all grumbling about having to travel to Birmingham. 26th November 2003 in Bristol Carling Academy (with schism), again I was talking to loads of fans from S Wales remembering the good old days of the concersts in Newport. I already have tickets for Bristol in March, but would love to see Thunder in Wales again. I did a little dance when I heard that Thunder would be in support of Deep Purple November 14th in the CIA CArdiff. I bought tickets and loved the show (much better than Mr. Frampton I might add). You even comented during the show 'Looks like the family are in tonight'. I spread the word at the concert for us Taffys to invade Bristoil in the new year to see you at the Carling Academy but would prefer to see you in the Newport Centre again. Whitesnake plated Newport this October and sold out when the Bristol Colston hall were still selling tickets, I had friends that had to see Whitesnake in Bristol as they were not quick enought to but Newport tickets. So what do you say, to a trip to Newport?  Steve (Thunderstruck Thunderhead) Davies
D: We have not given up on South Wales. The reverse is true, we love it, however we cannot find a suitable venue of a size that a promoter will offer us, that is available at the time we need it. We are still trying, but so far it doesn't look good. The Cardiff CIA show was possibly the best show for us on the Deep Purple tour, we want some more of that..

Q: I've seen on the news page that the video of ILYMTRNR will be showed next week-end on UK TV channels ... Would it be possible to make the video available to download? Olivier Monnard, Belgium
T: Unfortunately there are no plans to have the video available to download from the site - it would eat away at our bandwidth and our ISP would be sending big guys with sticks to beat us up! But don't worry, we are thinking of ways to get the video out to you all. Stay tuned...

Q: Last weekend I was getting Christmas decorations out of the loft and came across an old Terraplane track called "I want your body" on the Reading Rock '82 double vinyl album. I cannot see this on the upcoming Terraplane reissue, and the album was on Neat Records. Is there any chance of this track seeing the light of day on CD? Also has anyone else mentioned that the new B side "Love's an easy word to say" sounds rather like "Hypnotised" on the first Bowes & Morley CD? I hope all goes well with the continuing sales of the new single and also with the upcoming new CD. See you in Brum next March. Tim, Worcester
D: The new Terraplane anthology has been licensed from Sony by Sanctuary, and as such only covers the songs recorded by them under the Epic record deal (Epic and CBS as they were then are now owned by Sony Music). As to older stuff, that's covered by other deals not included in this one, and not in our control. To be honest I have no idea if these recordings are ever likely to surface. Having said that, given the recent upsurge of interest in Terraplane, and knowing the way record companies work, I would say it's a galloping certainty that they'll find their way on to a CD, sooner or later. If they do it won't be down to us though.

Q : Hi, Congratulations on the chart position!!! Now its in the charts my friends are buying it this week:-) (its been a long hard struggle getting them to listen to you guys!!!) Anyway, I know it was a while ago, but I was just wondering what the setlist(s) were for the shows with Deep Purple? Completely missed your set due to being sat on the M25 for hours and just got there in time to see the end of Peter Frampton and Deep Purple. I have just ordered my tickets for March and now can't wait. Eccles
T: The setlist for the first night in Manchester was:-
River Of Pain
Low Life In High Places
Gimme Some Lovin'
I Love You More Than Rock'n' Roll
Love Walked In
Dirty Love
The band went 8 minutes over their allotted set time that night, and had their collective bottom well and truly spanked for it next show. In order to avoid more soreness in the bottom department, they played the following set for the rest of the tour:-
River Of Pain
Low Life In High Places
Gimme Some Lovin'
Love Walked In
I Love You More Than Rock'n' Roll

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