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Q: I had a minor embarrassment with my three year old son the other day. We were at playschool and on being asked what he wants to be when he grows up (in front of other parents etc) stated he wants to be a loser with the blues like Luke. Although that was only a minor embarrassment I would like to know what your most embarrassing experiences are. Loser
C: I'm afraid that my most embarrassing experiences were painful enough at the time - I don't intend to share my misery with the rest of the world! Good on your son, though, he'll go far.
D: I have to say this one made me laugh out loud. I wish I'd have seen it. I can remember my daughter remarking a bit too loudly on a very large man's bald head once. We were walking down the road towards a car park, and he was in front of us. She commented, I shushed her and asked her to keep her voice down, but she was having none of it. Kept going on and on about how shiny it was and how much like a bowling ball it looked. I had the cold sweats, I wanted to die, I honestly thought he was going to
turn around and thump me. If he had I'm certain my wish would have come true, he was very large indeed.

Q: I have read that TOTP are hoping to get all acts to play live now...did you have to mime when you played on the show? Margie B., Wales
D: Huurah! On all occasions when we played TOTP, the band had to mime and I sang live to what they call a TV mix (no vocals). That was the way it was then, much to our frustration. We argued long and hard but they would not be persuaded. I'm glad they say that's what they're going to do, I won't believe it though until I see or more importantly hear it.

Q: Is there a Thunder lyrics page or site you know of? BTW, I've imported all the CD's I've purchased.... can't get them any other way! Love the tunes! Monique Areano, Utah
T: Um...no. But what do you need a lyrics site for? All the lyrics are printed in the booklets of those lovely CDs that you've imported...

Q: First of all I would like to say Danny you have the voice of a god, capable of making any females knickers fall off.i am sorry to have to ask this it is going to make me sound like a dumbass, but what is meet and greet? Have been a fan of the band since I was 15 am now 27 have been to see you seven times and I still don't get it. M, Sunny Cornwall
T: The meet and greet is when the band, err...meet and greet the fans after the show.  If you have reserved passes you will be able to meet the band, have a short chat with them and maybe they'll even sign your Thunder CDs. See the news page for more details - however, all meet and greets are now full. Don't worry though - they do this on every tour, so if you have missed out on getting a pass this time around there's always next time...

Q: I have all of Thunder's studio albums apart from The Thrill Of It All, and I'm having trouble finding it. I've heard some songs from it and it sounds excellent so I'm getting rather frustrated!!! Could you please recommend anywhere that I might find the album and why is it so hard to get? Paul, Kent
T: The Thrill Of It All is so hard to find as it is no longer in production. To be honest, your best bet is to try searching on eBay - there always seems to be a few copies floating around on there.

Q: Hi, Just been reading some stuff on David Coverdale's site, and I read that he jammed with you. Wondered what your thoughts were and if you would do it again? Ta! Janet, Manchester
T: If you do a search of the Q + A section (see above) you will find that the bands relationship with David Coverdale has been already been discussed several times. Thanks!

Q: You mentioned recently the "On with the show" shout at the end  of the B&M CD, and said it was due to re-using tape. Is that the same reason for the stuff at the end of The Thrill Of It All ("Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, my name's Ozzy Osbourne...") or was just for the hell of it? Also, about 90 seconds into Cosmetic Punk it goes quiet and there's various unintelligible voices over the top - more of the same,  or have I got a dodgy ripoff CD? Andy, Essex
D: The Ozzy skit at the end of TTOIA was a jam, the band were taking the mickey out of our old bass player Mikael Hoglund. He loved Black Sabbath, and got upset if we derided them in any way, so us being us, we used to occasionally play "lounge versions" of BS songs, just to incense him. During the TTOIA sessions, there was much late night jamming, and so it happened one night. Rupert (engineer) recorded it all (without us knowing), and we decided to pop it on the end of the record. It was a bit of mischief, nothing more. The Cosmetic Punk story is largely the same. Not being a guitar player, I made them let me do the long feedback guitar intro to the song, the vague rambling voice is actually me, in mid guitar howl shouting "I love it!" Turn it up loud and you'll hear it, but turn it down again quickly before the song begins or you'll blow up your hifi! Rest assured it was just impish mischief again, and you don't have a dodgy copy (assuming this is what you're referring to of course).

Q: Is it true that you were Support of Status Quo during 1998?? I think it was THUNDER I've heard there in Munich...cool Band then...  Christian, Austria
T: Yes, Thunder did indeed support Status Quo in Germany back in 1998.

Q: Morning all, Regarding Mr. Shoulder, it's a shame that he isn't at all the venues on the tour. Is this due to the venues not allowing it? I was eager to hear what he sounds like and what "The Others" songs are like but he's not going to Bristol. Will there be a CD of some description for sale at the merchandise stall? Keep up the good work. James Minchew, Gloucester
D: Peter's band will only be at 6 of the 11 shows because his drummer is not available for all. I agree it's a shame, but as it's none of my business I can't really comment further. I think they are recording at the moment, but I don't know if they'll have any music for sale at the shows.

Q: Luke; you've 'self-produced' Thunder's (and B&M etc.) music for a number of years now. What are the advantages and what do you see as the Producer's role? I remember a quote from you along the lines of 'if someone is having an off-day in the studio nobody will know that better than me' so, if a 'big-name' Producer (e.g. Mutt Lange) offered to take over the production duties on the next album (for free of course!) would you prefer to decline? Which Thunder album are you most pleased with in terms of the overall mastering/sound? Looking forward immensely to seeing you in November. All the best. John
L: The way the songs are written and arranged means that anybody else coming in at the recording stage to produce wouldn't have a great deal left to do so it might as well be me. It would be very interesting to work with a producer but in the past when we've done it the results have been varied so I would be a little nervous. I'm not sure Mutt Lange would be right for us but if
Ted Templeman volunteered his services I would definitely say yes!

Q: If you heard SATS in 1989, and had been told this was Thunder in 2003, what do you think your reaction would have been? Matt, Leeds
L: I would've asked where the Time Machine was parked and who wins the three o'clock at Kempton tomorrow.......
D: Blimey, what a good album!! No, seriously I hear you baby. If I had the time, I'd assume the band must have been cryogenically suspended somehow. I must say if I'd been able to hear 2003's record way back in 1989, I'd probably have been too busy using this gift to invest in the stock market to worry about Rock'n'Roll records of the future.

Q: If we had a match, which Beyblade would you use to defeat my Master Dragoon? Harry Griggs-Walker, age 6, Kent
D: I'm reliably informed that I'd need to use my Mega Dranzer to destroy your Master Dragoon, that along with my superior technique of course... As you may have gathered, I know nothing of these things, but my son does and he's pretty convincing.

Q: Hi, Can you let us know when we will be able to buy the forthcoming Marquee + 'In Out Put The Kettle On' DVD? My birthday is next week and you have said before that it would be October - any chance of my wife being able to order this for me by Thursday?????? p.s. Not complaining, but more commenting on the release: - the whole gig being there is fantastic (not least cos I was at the front!!), but most true fans will already have the 2nd disc stuff from the original video release. Could this not have been used for the Shooting At The Sun 'making of the album' footage that you have previosuly stated was extensively filmed, as this may have prompted some slackers who buy the DVD for the gig, to buy the CD if they haven't yet??? Chris, Herne Bay
D: We've been working on the DVD for some months, and it has not been without its technical problems, but we're getting there. Final touches are being made to the masters, then it will go off to the factory for manufacturing. It's all down to manufacturing times, but I'm pretty confident we'll have the definitive item to sell within the next couple of weeks, at the very latest by the time the shows begin in November. Our new online shop is also nearing completion, which will enable DVD credit card orders to be placed via www.thunderonline.com. It will also be on sale at the shows. Your point about the SATS studio footage helping LP sales is well made, and that footage will surface hopefully next year on our second DVD release. Your other point about most true fans already having the second disc is wrong I'm afraid. We only made 1000 copies of the In Out Put The Kettle On VHS, and we had orders for many more. We've been asked for it constantly ever since the original release, I must assume these are people who couldn't get it the first time. This is why it's on the DVD.

Q: Hi guys, good luck on the upcoming tour! I'm looking forward to seeing you all down here in pompey and at the meet and great (and thank you for the privilege of it as well) and myself being a guitar player and just starting on the bass as well I'll be looking to see how certain riffs are played ha! anyway...don't know if you been asked this before, but here goes, I know you do various types of competitions etc but have you ever thought of doing a competition where the prize could be being a roadie on a complete UK tour? unpaid of course! or is this something that would be a logistical nightmare??? Sean, Portsmouth
D: Whilst the idea is novel, I fear it's not altogether practical. The job of backline technician is highly specialised, the shows depend on all crew members being good team players, knowing their onions, and doing a first class job at all times. Unless all the competition entrants were qualified, the show could be at risk. Take it from me, our crew would make (and have made) pet food of anyone who didn't know his/her job. I fear in most cases, it may end up as more of a punishment than a prize...

Q: Are there any plans to video or record any of the gigs in Novemeber? Antong
D: We may record some of the November shows, and a cameraman friend will shoot documentary style footage throughout. We won't be doing any grand multi-camera shoots though.

Q: what's your opinion on Enuff Znuff and also have you heard the solo album by Donnie Vie . If you haven't I strongly recommend it, brilliant songwriting like yourself. Graham Briley, Kent
L: No I haven't heard it but I'll watch out for it. Ta for the tip.

Q: Hi guys, I was looking through your discography trying to find whether you've done a cover of Rod Stewart's song 'First cut is the deepest', and was shocked to find that you hadn't. Are you ever going to consider doing this song as a cover, or not, because I think it would be amazing to hear played by you guys? See you at the Astoria in November. Laura, Beds
L: Yes it is a great song and I may have covered it in my shower many times!!!

Q: Regarding the meet and greets at gigs would not a fairer way be using ticket numbers i.e the first people to buy tickets for each gig get the after show passes. Terry, London
T: No. Just because you have ticket number 1 it does not mean that you were the first person to buy a ticket. What about fans that buy tickets from their local record shop, or from an online ticket seller, rather than direct from the venue? You could still end up being the first person to buy a ticket, yet you could have ticket number 1000, which won't help you much. Also, collecting all the information from the ticket sellers would be a complete nightmare, as well as getting in touch with those people and letting them know. Nice idea, but practically impossible...

Q: Did you lot, in another incarnation ever do a version of Tom Jones's Delilah, as done by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band or have I had too many late nights/whisky sours/fleeting glimpses of Luke's red PVC trousers? Jane Stevenson, Hawley
L: Wow...I haven't worn red PVC trousers since the early Terraplane days twenty years ago! I think we did cover 'Delilah' even before Terraplane when the band Danny and I were in was called 'Nuthin' Fancy'. Hope this helps..........

Q: Luke - I know Danny loved Free but how do you rate Paul Kossoff? Kenny
L: I'm a huge fan. We've actually covered 'Come Together In The Morning' on the new B&M album.

Q: Hi Guys, I'm really looking forward to the Northumbria Uni gig but I wondered if you could confirm whether or not Peter Shoulder is going to be supporting you there? I asked a question about him once before you may recall (thanks for the response!) and I'm a bit of a fan of his as well as your own good selves. Lynne, North East
T: As stated on the news page, Peter and his band will NOT be playing at the Northumbria show.

Q: Have the band ever been approached to play any concerts for UK servicemen and women serving abroad. I know a lot of bands that have done this and they always go down a storm. I think Thunders particular brand of music would go down great with the boys and girls wherever they are in the world and it would definitely bring the band to a wider audience who may not have heard of them in the past. Not sure what the financial deal is with these events but I'm sure there could be some record sales to come out of it? What say you guys? Phil Stark
D: We've never been approached to play for servicemen and women serving abroad, but if we were, we would have no problem with the concept.

Q: I was listening to Planet Rock last night (6/10) and Colin Slade said that he was going to be interviewing Thunder. Is this true? If it is when? Elliot, London
D: I did an interview with Colin Slade yesterday. Not sure when it'll be up, so I guess it's a case of checking in regularly...

Q: I've got a 7" picture disc of 'A Better Man' and a 12" picture disc of 'Everybody Wants Her. Anyone know how much they're worth?? Thanks. Sarah, Wales
T: Well, if you've got a 7" picture disc of 'A Better Man' it would be worth a mint as there wasn't a picture disc for this single. I expect you mean the 3D circular sleeve. Eil.com have this for £6.99, so that should give you a fair idea. I would expect the Everybody Want Her 12" picture disc to fetch a similar price...

Q: Are you going to release another single apart from Loser off the Shooting At The Sun album? Matthew Giles, Somerset
T: There are currently no plans for another single from SATS.

Q: Dear All, I have listened to the Ballads compilation for a while now and think it is good value for money and also a triumph of organization to have a compilation over several labels. I do like the new track and hope there is more like it coming either from the past or from the future. This has been done before though by Doro Pesch. Have you heard of her and / or seen her? What do you think of her singing and / or music? I have several albums by her and saw her last year and she seems to have an impressive range. 
D: What has been done before by Doro? The song or the ballads concept? I like her trousers best of all. 
L: She came to see us in Bochum, Germany a few years ago and seemed like a nice girl. I haven't heard much of her stuff so it wouldn't be fair to comment.
As some of it is from EMI is there any chance you will ever reissue on CD in this country the track Until the night is through (Dance Dance Dance) as I think it is only available on the B side of the red 10 inch Gimme Some Lovin' single and my copy is getting rather worn. 
D: That's an EMI question, though I think a B-Sides compilation is probably inevitable, it's probably only a matter of time, they've done just about everything else. 
L: I'm sure EMI will release it in some shape or form at some point.
Is it the first time you have played Liverpool with the new lot of dates? I intend to see you there if I can but it is a matter of getting babysitters for a 4 month old which is not easy. If not when is the last time you played there?
D: We've played Liverpool a few times before, at the Royal Court the last couple of times, but the dates elude me at this hour of the morning I'm afraid. 
L: We've played there a few times over the years. Ithink the last time was around '97 although I wouldn't swear to it.
Why is there the shout "On with the show" at the end of the first Bowes & Morley CD? Several people have asked me this when we thought it was finished and there it is, most odd really. I am rather disappointed that the new Bowes & Morley CD will not be all original (bar one) again as the last one seemed to be the best thing Danny had ever done, well since Danny & the Doo Wops and my wife thinks it is her favourite CD ever and she has played it to all staff at North Bromsgrove High School.
D: For the record the new B&M record will feature at least 6 original songs and maybe 7, the rest will be covers, personal favourites of Luke and I. I thank your wife for playing the MSA cd to the staff at school, but I need to know, did they like it enough to buy it? With the shout at the end of MSA, usual studio practice is to use what they call "virgin" tape, that's tape fresh out of the box, never been used etc. However 2" studio tape is expensive, the budget was tight, and we needed to save money, so Rupert (engineer) brought along some tape he'd used on a previous session, and despite erasing it (or so he thought), some previously recorded stuff remained, and I think you can guess which bit it was. When we discovered it we laughed very hard (like you do) and after pondering if we'd ever heard it anywhere else, thought it would be fun to have it on the end of the record. Silly really but you have to have some fun don't you? 
What is your reaction to the death of Robert Palmer? I was very surprised as I did not think he was that old or in that bad shape. It just shows you that you never know what state you are in and that you really must do whatever you are planning to do now or as soon as you can. He always gave me the impression of being in control, smooth, neat and talented and will be missed by more that can be said.
D: I was very shocked to hear the news. Robert was one of my idols growing up, he was a massive talent and left a very distinct mark on all areas of British music. He was also a very nice man, he liked a drink, and I suspect that contributed in no small part to his demise, but 54 is no age to die. Luke knew him better than me so I daresay he'll go into more detail. It's very sad.
L: I was very saddened to hear about Robert. He was a unique and extremely talented guy. I was lucky enough to play with and and hang out with him and the saddest thing for me personally is that I'll never be able to enjoy his company again. We last spoke at the start of the year and he was in great spirits and looking forward to his new album. His death is a terrible loss to his family and music. Wherever he is now, I hope there's a good house band.
I hope all goes well with the album & tour and look to seeing you in November. Tim, Worcester
D: Thanks, please spread the word... 

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