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Q: Hi, today I read at RockHard Magazine that you'd play a show at Nürberg (Nuremberg), Germany on 29th January 2004. My p roblem is, that I couldn't get tickets for that show anywhere and didn't find the date on any other pages. Is the date right, and if yes (I hope so!!!!), where can I get tickets? I first heard of you about three years ago, when I met my boyfriend and for this time I've been a great fan of your music. Would be so glad to see you on a live show at Nürnberg or Munich! Hope you're alright, see you. Vera Kaufmann, Nürnberg
D: There was talk of some Thunder shows in Germany at the end of January, dates were arranged but agreement couldn't be reached with the promoter, so they were cancelled. This explains why the date was out there but you couldn't buy tickets. We are continually seeking a way to get to play in Germany, so far there is no news. Watch this space, this is the only 100% official place for Thunder news.

Q: Just discussing with Jules, how many Thunder shows she has attended, and I started wondering how many performances, as Thunder, that the band has actually done? Does anyone have an accurate figure? Wubba ALL of you! Thanks for being so generous this year! Happy Ho Ho! XOXOXO. Dana, Utah
D: There was a list once, however it has long since disappeared, and more shows have been added since. I'm going to do my best to track it down though.

Q: Just wanted to say thank you for the great time that was had at your Christmas Party on the 16th Dec. My friend and i thoroughly enjoyed the show, it was his first one and he was suitably impressed...I think you just gained another fan but then i am not surprised as your shows are always amazing. We were both very impressed with Peter Shoulders guitar solos (and one fingered salute) on Man Inside and wondered where we could hear more. Has Mr. Shoulder done any other work other than with Thunder or Bowes and Morley? We were also impressed with the two ladys providing backing vocals. I have to say Harry's plan to wear shades that night so he could stare at them all evening without getting caught was an act of genius...you lucky swine!!! 
Cant wait till next time! Roland Amft, Peterborough
T: You can hear more of the very talented Mr. Shoulder in his band 'The Others'. 

Q: Would have given my eye teeth to have attended the party on 17th...if my dentist hadn't got there first and charged me £418 for the privilege (I jest not!) Had a great time at the gig in Pompey, though, for which many thanks. I've just heard that The Who, David Bowie and The Stereophonics have committed to headlining the Isle of Wight Festival in June next year and wondered whether you might consider putting yourselves forward for inclusion on the bill? Have a cracking Christmas in the meantime (and give Thinny a festive peck from "uncle" Paul) *Pompey* Paul, Portsmouth
D: Our agent is under firm instruction to put us forward for everything that's going, including the IOW festival. We wait to see what happens. Merry Xmas.

Q: A great show on the 17th Dec...the only thing slightly disappointing was the lack of support by the audience in respect of the "black tie" theme. are there any plans to repeat this type of show in the future and if so wouldn't it be fantastic if the dress code was a condition of entry!!!! PS Danny, I waited a whole 10 minutes after the show for my CD but you never showed up???!!! Justine C Wallace
D: Yes, clearly the black tie theme wasn't popular, but it goes to prove you can't make people do things just because you like it, I know this from experience. Having said that, I thought those who did dress up looked splendid. I see no reason why the "Thunder Quietly Seated" show can't co-exist quite happily with the usual "Noisy Unseated" one, so we'll probably do it again at some stage in the future. Not sure about the entry being conditional on dress though, I'm no fashion policeman, and I'm happy to stay that way. Sorry about not showing up with the CDs as you left the venue, in the rush I got my tongue stuck between a CD and a label and had to go casualty......In all seriousness, we're all going to take some time out now to do the Xmas thing, before selecting the best bits to mix in Jan. After that it's off to the factory, so I anticipate that your CD will land gently on the doormat in late Jan or early Feb. We know you'll all be waiting so rest assured we'll get them done as soon as poss. Merry Xmas to one and all, be good, stuff that bird etc.

Q: First of all, Balham gig was superb, those who missed it will be killing themselves, my question is the lovely Anna single and can I have her phone number?!! Michael
T: Oi - No queue jumping, pal. Get in line behind the rest of us...

Q: Fantastic night on the 16th who was the support guy and will his slot be on the DVD and who were the girls ? now the main question Have the band ever thought about doing a book with the bands history inc pre Thunder and a good selection from Q&A? it has to be a best seller.. well I'd buy it. Steve C
D: Thank you, we hoped you would enjoy the format. The "support guy" as you call him is called Earl Okin. He has recently signed a recording contract with Sony's Jazz label, so his set won't be featured on anything we release in the future. Watch out for him in the future, his set was filmed on the first night, and Sony may decide to use the footage in some way in the future. We thought he was fantastic, we hope he did it for you too. The girls were Tara & Ana McDonald, the boy was Peter Shoulder, the man was Fearless Steve Smith. The book idea is a good one, though I fear the truth may be too shocking for most... Who knows? Maybe one day....

Q: Great night in Balham on Tuesday, it has set me wondering, who decides on which covers you record or play live? Baldy, Watford
L: It's normally me who picks covers but there have been occasions (as in the case of 'Play That Funky Music') when a jam in soundcheck or rehearsal will result in us covering a certain song. Glad you enjoyed the show.

Q: Luke, I know you must be proud of every song you write (it would be stupid not to) but you mentioned a while back you were especially proud of the songs "numb" "just another suicide" and "low life in high places". My question is what about these songs makes you more pleased about them. Is it lyrics, music, solos etc, or just a fond memory of writing them. Paul, Kent
L: It's kind of hard to explain....... it's to do with when the different elements of a song (tempo, melody, lyric, arrangement etc.) all come together to create the exact atmosphere I imagined when the basic idea flew into my head; it feels like I've done my job properly if you know what I mean!

Q: I've read that you have a "scotch" before you go on stage. What do you prefer a single malt or a blend? I was at both the Glasgow Gigs "BRILLIANT" Look forward to next one. Mitch Robson, Orkney
D: A nice single malt is my preference, though in times of need I have been known to drink battery acid. Thanks for coming back...

Q: Guys, my question is two fold, re. promotion! Does it seem harder this time around. In the early 90's the rock media couldn't get enough of ya....That was the popular music scene back then. How much trouble are you having getting yourself heard by a younger 'rock lovers' generation? Also have you considered the New Zealand market? Here is a small country that is passionate about live music. (just to demonstrate the kiwi's passion for all that is live n' loud) Metallica are head lining, their concert of year, 'The big day out' in Jan (a concert that is reminiscent of Donnington MOR. I immigrated here in March last year, bringing my music collection with me.....I must say those whom I have introduced to BSS and such like have been impressed. An offensive here could only be productive. Katheryn Quinn 
D: Yes it's harder as you go on, mainly because the popular press always bite you after they've been nice to you. This is normal and the way it is for all. People power is our preferred method of communication, word of mouth is best, always. So tell everyone, continuously... New Zealand is a part of the world we'd all love to go to, but we have no track record there, as far as I'm aware we've never had a record released there. This means getting offers to go play there is nigh on impossible. Once again, as with most things, it comes down to money... Ho hum

Q: There is a message on the quo board that you are playing a festival in Holland with Quo, Deep Purple and Cheap Trick. Is it true? Loved seeing you again aftershow in Glasgow. Marion 
D: This has been discussed and there is a strong likelihood that we will be on the bill.

Q: Is the Myke Gray who played with Must the same Myke Gray who used to play with Skin and if so is there any info. on what the rest of the former members of Skin are doing. Lyle, Glenrothes
T: Yes, it is the very same Myke Gray. We don't know what the other members of Skin are doing nowadays, you'd probably be better off asking Myke. I did hear that Nev is now a teacher, Andy is an accountant and Dicki is still playing drums for someone or other, though I don't know how true those rumours are...

Q: Is there any chance that you know what time the show will end on Wednesday 17th, as we need to sort out how to get home. John Bush
T: If you head over to the News page you will see that the show will be over by 11pm. 

Q: Are you still touring in December? If so, what dates and where please. Saw you in Norwich in November and it was amazing! Sharon, Norfolk
T: "Still" touring in December? Thunder never were touring in December. However, they are playing 2 acoustic dates in London on the 16th and 17th (which you can read all about on the news page). The 16th is long sold out. There may still be a very small amount of tickets left for the show on the 17th...

Q: Any news on when the new B&M album will be released? Dave, Kent
D: We're working towards a 27th of February 2004 release date. If all goes well the LP will come out on the same day across Europe, the UK and Japan, but there's still much to do so it's all hands to the pumps at this end (well both of mine at least). We're looking to make some sound clips available on the site in early January 2004, just to give a sneak preview of what's to come.

Q: I didn't realise until I read the Q and As today that Tony Thompson had died as well as Robert Palmer - he was one hell of a drummer. When did you play with the Power Station, did you contribute to any tracks, and how about getting Andy Taylor to guest at the odd gig? I saw Morley/Taylor at the Charlotte in Leicester , and I know he's a good player, but I'd really like to see him playing some of the hard rock Thunder songs! Nick 
L: I did one Japanese tour in 1996, some European shows the same year and a US tour in '97. My only contribution to albums was a co-write on the second album called 'Love Conquers All'. AT is currently very busy with the re-formed Duran Duran although I wouldn't write off the pair of us working together in some shape or form again as something good always comes out of it.

Q: Do you not get feed up with people who are stuck on the first album and moan when you don't play the whole B.S.S album back to back live (p.s i am)? Martin Porter, Essex
L: As I've said many times in Q+A it's impossible to please everybody 100% so now I tend to not let other people's myopia bother me.....life's too short!

Q: Are cameras permitted at the Christmas shows? Mick, Desborough
D: Good question. We have no problem with cameras normally as you know, but on this occasion, unless you can take it without using a flash, we would prefer you don't do it. The flashes will affect the filming.

Q: Hi guys great show at the Astoria had a lot of fun there just a point to Danny I am the big guy you pointed out during Dirty Love I myself enjoyed the pun my wife on the balcony was very embarrassed as a few people knew me and said so to her. Still I can jump well for a fat guy. Now my question. have you all gone a bit Cliff Richard and stopped drinking or do you not like Becks any more or is Evian just better on stage thanks for a great night. The sweet singing fat bloke (Stuart)
D: I sweat like a very sweaty thing with a good reason to sweat when I'm performing, and have found that if I drink beer or water I get dehydrated and then excruciating cramp in my legs towards the end of the set, rendering me nigh on crippled. I drink coke on stage as it helps me avoid the cramp. I don't like the taste of it particularly but it does work. That and the bottle of scotch immediately before we go on... I drink after the show, though in moderation (until the end of the tour).

Q: After reading some of the comments about the support-act that stepped in when Must dropped out, I would like to say that I think choosing Schism was an excellent, although very daring choice. Although we had to listen to quite some bad language, Schism did get the audience go quite mad before you guys even showed up on stage! Dropping in halfway a tour is always hard, but I think the boys did an excellent job, and there are more people who will agree with me! Do you all have a say in who gets to be support act during a Tour? Thanks again for 6 excellent shows, and we will see you in January in Holland and Belgium!  Di, Holand
D: I thought Schism did a fantastic job stepping when they did. This is all down to the efforts of Myke Gray. He played bass with Must and was unhappy about them pulling out of the tour, and put his band forward. The timing was such that there was no time to check who was available, but as we've known Myke a long time, we took his word that they would do a good job with the audience, despite not knowing their music. Whilst some may not have liked their approach, many did, so I feel under the
circumstances, it turned out pretty well, and we're grateful to him and them for stepping in and doing the business.

Q: Re: Hiya, we saw you all at Portsmouth guildhall, amazing gig, you guys just get better. Question I would like to ask, and am sure many others will, are who are the special guests at your Christmas Party gig on December 17th? We have tickets, and was just wondering if one of your guests would be Steve Overland? Would be nice to know, otherwise we will just have to wait and see. Kissy, Portsmouth
D: Steve Overland will not be one of our guests. You'll have to wait and see. So there.

Q: I know some of your answers to Q&A's are somewhat tongue in cheek. However, for reference, some of your fans are gay - including me. So, for me at least - and I would guess a few others - attending GAY after your London Astoria concert would not seem such a strange act. I did exactly that after Queensryche's concert earlier in the year! I consider myself to be as much of a fan as anyone else who turns up at your shows and m&g's, and buys your product. I have now seen Thunder about 8 times,
and will be at the December 16th event. I just happen to be gay, and I happen to love Thunder (and, no, not like that!!) The two are not incompatible. What do you think? BTW it is so good to have you back, and I can't wait for the December gig and for Thunder stuff in 2004. Thanks for a great 2003 it's been - as I think you'd say - "absolutely bloody marvellous!" Mark, Sheffield
D: Oh dear, I've done it again. I see no reason why our gay fans shouldn't go to the GAY club night after our show if it makes them happy, as you rightly say, the two are not incompatible. I had no idea you were gay, but it would have made no difference if I had, to me all fans are fans, regardless of sexual preference. Sorry for any offence, this was not intentional, but I'm not gay and nor are the rest of the band, which is why the answer was funny to me. As you say, tongue in cheek..

Q: It's not a question, i just want to thank you so much for an excellent gig on at London, it was the best i have ever seen you guys. I think everyone (well nearly) will agree that the tour was great! How anyone can moan about the setlists and so on i can't understand, it was all great! I loved Empty City! Thank you so much you guys for getting back together and going on that MOR tour 2002, otherwise i probally would have never of heard of you! Can't wait for next year to see you again if you tour and for the new album if its out next year? (damn thats a question!!!). Hope you have a good Christmas. Eccles
D: Thanks for your support, and don't worry yourself about the negative few, for they really are only a few and we have masses of great emails from people like you. There will be a new LP next year, but as it's not written yet, let alone recorded, I can't say when it'll see the light of day. There will be news on live stuff sooner than that. Please use the time between now and then to spread the word to others who may not have heard of us. Word of mouth is the best promotion I know, and we need you to educate for us. Thanks a million.

Q: Re: Miserable Moaners. My wife and I went to the gig in the Astoria and it was bloody superb! You can't please everyone but you certainly pleased my wife and I. We have seen you three times in 12 months and each time I go totally nuts and have a blast much to my wife's embarrassment. Oh yes question! We are going to be parents in June, so who should we name the child after?...assuming we have a boy! Matt and Nicky, Uxbridge
D: Thanks for your kind words, but really, the moaners are very much in the minority so... As to boy names, I met a boy called Merlin the other day, he seemed quite magical, not sure if it was him or his name, but I thought it was well funky.. Sorry not to be more helpful..
C: I think you should name your baby after me, as my birthday is also in June. And it doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl!

Q: Hi Chris, thanks for a great show in Watford this week! I'm also a bass player and I've also been a huge fan of Thunder for a long time. I learned bassically (pardon the pun) all I know from Thunders previous bassist Mikael Hoglund (such a great melodic player who really complimented the tunes and Harry's grooves but I have to say after I saw you play I have really become a big fan of your playing! I really learned a lot from watching you - it seems (all) Thunders bassists seem to love Musicman's! Go well and many thanks again for rocking our (my) world! Scott
C: Thanks for your comments, and I have to say, Musicman basses are the proverbial dogs'. Credit where credit is due, I think you'll find that all the bass lines on previous albums (and most of the bass lines on the current albums) were constructed by Luke, as integral parts of the songs. Take a listen to his bass playing on The Thrill Of It All and you'll see what I mean.

Q: Ok guys, this all seems a little surreal right now, but my curiosity has been aroused amidst other rather more naughty thoughts ;o)  Picking up on a conversation in the loonie room a few nights back, and a brief reference in Nigels question to the 'frock' aspect of the X-mas party, if you did have to wear a 'frock' what would be your preference is style/colour be (oh and don't forget the accessories) ? Maybe you've always wanted a little strappy black dress or off the shoulder number, or is it a full length, deep blue low backed dress with a thigh high split, or are you into a silver sequinned number? Go on, indulge yourselves with a little x-mas fun and fantasy ;o) curiously awaiting your replies, and intrigued to know if any of us came close to your own choices! Kerry
C: I'm more interested in what I'll be wearing underneath.....
L: Definitely tight and black with a plunging neckline and split to the thigh. I'm obviously a bit of a tart...... 

Q: Hi guy's I was at your gig at wolves civic on Sunday night and one of my friends is engaged to spike of "QUIREBOYS" so she managed to get me into your aftershow meet & greet AWESOME. In the process of meeting you I appeared to have lost my vocal ability and became a bag of nerves. Harry will remember me I asked him to sign his name twice on my ticket and called him "THE MAN" anyway I just wondered if you had any plans of releasing the cover you did of Robert Palmers - Addicted To Love as it was absolutely brilliant and me being a DJ at JB's Dudley would love to have a copy of that song by yourselves. Plus have you ever considered doing an album of cover versions as you always do them such justice and thunderize them ;) Have a gr8 X-Mas. Mark Evans
L: I think we'd rather just do the odd cover here and there than undertake a whole album's worth. No plans to record 'Addicted' either....sorry.

Q: Took the train to see the gig at London Astoria, looking forward to the second leg of the SATS tour... only to find that Busted were the support act... sorry I mean Schism. They are by far the worst support act I have ever seen.... who screened this act, I can't put into words how she-ite they were. However, their only saving grace was their lead guitarist, my advice to him is get out while you still can and join a band with some talent. Lyrics boys, lyrics, this is what sells songs! Perhaps they should go back to the drawing board and pen a new song "Schism do suck and no doubt swallow". When Thunder came out everyone drew a sigh of relief. I have to admit that watching Schism pack up their own kit did make me laugh... very rock and roll!! No big changes to the set list, although bravo for Moth To The Flame, Ben Matthews, you are the dude he really looked as though he was enjoying it and Danny, well what can I say, self indulgence personified, enjoy it while it lasts!!! I have to admit, I didn't make the 8 mile journey to see them at Portsmouth, somehow when I saw on the website that the set lists were not going to be published until after the tour I had serious doubts. I gambled seeing one show, and it paid off. I should have hedged my bets and not bothered. Obviously they did not heed the advice of their fans and try and give them a reason to buy another ticket. A tired format, and I'm tired of parting with my money. I wonder how much life is left in the old dog? Matt Barber
L: Thank you for the frankness of your views. I think you'll find that when it comes to listening and considering the fan's perspective, we do it more often and more seriously than you think. You are perfectly entitled to attend future shows or not as you desire. Oh, and don't worry, there's plenty of life left in the old dog yet....let's face it we have to give people like you something to moan about don't we?

Q: After hearing you guys at the Astoria i have become seriously interested in buying a Hughs and Kettner amp (if I had the money!) My question is to Luke, what type of head and cab did you use on the recent tour and what did you pay for it? Also would you recommend it? Paul, Kent
L: The head is an H&K Tri-amp and the cab is their standard 4x12. Fortunately we don't have to pay for them. Go to the links section on this website to find out more.

Q: Cracking tour guys, didn't think you would be able to top May but you certainly did. Luke, when you're on stage are you actually aware of the people who are stood at the front? Do you focus on anyone? Do you come away with anyone who has stood out in your mind for any reason? Jo, Yorkshire
L: I'm always aware of people standing at the front but not in a particularly focused way as I'm concentrating on other things.

Q: Before my question I have to say the show in Wolverhampton was great! One tiny moan though Danny, you must stop getting us to jump up and down, I am ample breasted and black eyes are a mandatory part of jumping. obviously it's my choice whether I jump up and down or not but you get lost in the moment and feel you must comply (the bloke next to me was none too chuffed either). Anyway onto my question, is the internet the only place to get meet and greet passes, for future shows etc.?? Mel
D: So sorry to hear of your black eye predicament. The very idea that I harmed you by making you and your breasts jump up and down leaves me feeling both sad and ashamed. How could I have been so thoughtless, so inconsiderate, so blind? I send my most profound apologies to you, your eyes and of course your breasts...In response to your question, I know the recent meet and greet pass system is not perfect for everyone, but you have to understand we changed the system as a reaction to what happened in May, when The Thin One was subjected to a great deal of verbal abuse from far too many people who missed out on passes. We also noticed in May, that a lot of the same people were in the aftershow night after night. Neither is very fair, which is why we felt we had to change the system. We simply don't have the admin staff nowadays to deal with the rigours of the fan club mail order type situation, so the internet is really the only effective method we have of ensuring two way communication. We know full well that it's not ideal, and we will work to improve it, but unless something drastic happens, we're not exactly flushed with options.

Q: 'Oh Danny Bowes, The voice, the voice is calling, from gig to gig....' The Astoria gig was Fab you're all Fab. Gushing I know. I don't understand how one of the punters below left 'Bitterly disappointed' We all left hot and sweaty. To top it all you played my dream team of songs, 'Empty City' and 'Low Life In High Places'. The gig finished at 10pm (yeah 10pm, the earliest finishing time for years - not a criticism) which meant there was an hours drinking time to come down, calm down after the Screaming, Shouting, Singing. Now the question, what did you do after the gig...was it Ovaltine and Horlicks or PAAAAAAAARTYYYYYYY? Angela, Surbiton
D: Glad you enjoyed it. Re: Bitterly disappointed individual, we fully accept that we can't possibly please every single person at every show. We work very hard every night to make it a great night, and from where I was standing, it looked like most of you were loving it, so as far as I'm concerned it's all worth it. Since the show on Saturday, we've had hundreds of great emails and just two moaners, so whilst it's always a concern when some people complain, we accept it happens, and it's not exactly keeping me awake at night. After the show, we did the meet and greet for a while, then some went drinking, some went home, and some stayed for the GAY club night (not! ha ha). For my own part, I went out to eat (nothing flash), then went home, slept for 4 hours, then drove to Wolverhampton for the final show. After that one, we all hurt ourselves really rather badly in our hotel bar...... As for details, I'm afraid that would be revealing just a little too much.. Suffice to say, pain and misery was all around on Monday.

Q: Will there be any tour t-shirts for sale from the November tour? By the time I got to the merchandise stand in Wolverhampton all the XL had gone! Margie B., Wales
D: Yes, we'll be making the tour merchandise available for purchase via the website as soon as we can get the images and prices uploaded. There's lots going on right now so be warned it may be a week or so...

Q: Luke, I was watching you on a Thunder DVD the other day, you look so delighted when you hear the crowd sing. how does it feel to have hundreds of people sing words back to you that you wrote? It must feel amazing, but weird at the same time. M
L: It's a great feeling when other people relate to something I've written and there's nothing weird about it at all!!

Q: Luke, in Between the Covers, 'the mum' tells 'you' that three's more fun between the covers right? But in your story there was you , Nick Linden, and the ladies, making 4. So did Nick go home early? Matt, Leeds
L: You have to grant me some artistic licence occasionally......

Q: Luke Morley, you are God. Well, I think so anyway. But I was just wondering: if you really were, and you could change anything you wanted, what would you change about a. your looks b. your personality c. your talents (or lack thereof) and d. each of the other band members? 'Nothing' is not an option, I'm afraid... Gillian, Hull
L: Funnily enough I've just watched 'Bruce Almighty' so ......I wouldn't mind looking like Johnny Depp for a day but seriously I would have to say that I try to hone in on the positive aspect of everything.Nature is by + large a good designer and I wouldn't presume to be better qualified!

Q: hi, I was at this gig last night, and was wondering why 'Love Walked In' did not get played? I've liked yourselves for a very long time, and I have never known a gig where so many people left bitterly disappointed. Although I know your never going to please everybody with your song selection why did you leave the one song out that everybody knows and loves and replace it with a song that is not yours, as well as a few others which don't compare? please answer back. Gary
L: We played 'Love Walked In' every show for 13 years and we've given it a rest this year. I met a good few people in the aftershow and not one of them told me they were 'bitterly disappointed' as you say. 'LWI' may well make an appearance next time we tour and I'm sure it will benefit from the break. Whilst I respect your opinions, our reasons for playing 'Addicted To Love' were born out of my wanting to pay tribute to two friends of mine that died recently (Robert Palmer and Tony Thompson). This did not as you say 'replace' Love Walked In. If you think our other material doesn't compare to LWI then I can see why you were disappointed but can't help asking myself why you would go to a gig by a band that only have one song you like.........

Q: Hi Luke Saw you at Watford last night and didn't get the chance to ask you after the show. On a few songs last night you were giving the old Les Paul a good hammering! and on a few solos you kept switching the pickup toggle switch rather vigorously??? What's this all about? Like most of us fans is your Les Paul wired differently? or is this just a Morley technique I haven't noticed before? hmmmmm? Tony B, Devon
L: When you turn one of the pick-ups off and then switch between them quickly it can create some interesting effects...

Q: Thanks for the gig in Bristol! Ive been going to your gigs since Terraplane & wondered when you are producing your more 'rocky' tracks, are you conscious of not over-producing & keeping the sound basic? (perfect is a better description) Matt P, Bristol
L: It's more a question of getting the arrangement of the song right first. If that happens then everything will record as it should.

Q: Cheers lads for a great show at Bristol, and cheers to the guy who gave me and my better half 2 aftershow tickets....I tried saying thank you but my voice was gone! Cheers for the signatures (i regret not getting my ticket signed though, but Emma's happy with the bag).........so Luke was the shirt you wore at Bristol made or bought??? Tomo and the Booby Bagged Girl
L: I bought it on the tour in a shop in Norwich but I can't remember the name....sorry! 

Q: I came to the gig you played on the 29th November, in London and you were brilliant. It was my first ever gig! Is there going to be a CD released with you live on the 29th on it? Thanks so much! Charlotte Anderson, Norfolk
D: Thanks for your kind words, I'm very glad you enjoyed the show. The whole tour was amazing and we thank all of you for coming and being so brilliant. We recorded some of the shows, but not all of them. This was down to technical reasons too dull to go into. We're going to have a couple of days off, before getting into arrangements for the Christmas parties. Once they're done and out of the way we'll no doubt listen to the November recordings and make a decision as to what to do with them. Watch this space..

Q: Will there be meet & greet passes for the European shows as well? And if so: how do we get them? Thanks so much! Caroline, Holland
D: I see no reason why we won't do a meet and greet for the Euro shows, but as to procedure, nothing is finalised as yet. More news on this when we have some.

Q: Firstly thanks to the guys, I saw three of the shows (Liverpool, Nottingham and Wolverhampton) and was chuffed to get my stuff signed at Liverpool. My question for Danny is to do with... TEA! I'd like to know your preferred brand of tea, cos after those shows, whatever you are drinking, I'm switching to! Also, do you agree with me that it is vitally important that you must have boiling, not merely hot water to make a decent cuppa! (One thing I hate is seeing pots of hot water and no kettle!) Cheers and see you on the 17th! Ronster, Liverpool
D: I agree entirely with you on the boiling versus merely hot water front. Brand wise I'm not fussed but it must be strong and it absolutely must be leaves rather than bags. Glad you enjoyed the shows, thanks for coming.

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