Q & A Archive - August 2002


Q: How do you feel about bootlegs? Not just ones of Thunder but other bands to. I've got about thirty from many bands (no Thunder) Do you think live albums eliminate the need for collectors? Matt, Wetherby
L: I think that bootlegs by a large are for hardcore fans only. Some fans want to own everything with their favourite band's name on it but with live stuff, a great performance properly recorded will always be much better quality sound-wise. I've heard a couple of Thunder bootlegs and the quality is generally poor so I wouldn't buy them!

Q: Hi, guys! I'm coming to see your shows next month... I can hardly wait :)! I was looking at the setlists of your Japan tour the other day. Playing 11 songs from MSA is just wonderful, but can I ask one little thing of you? Please play more songs from El Gringo Retro (another superb album!) instead of those covers (that I don't know! )Well, just a thought... Fumi, San Francisco
L: Hi Fumi. We haven't finalised the set yet but I'm sure there will be some stuff that's different from Japan. Have a safe flight.

Q: Luke, I know this has been asked hundreds if not thousands of times about Thunder guitar Tab music sheets, but would it be possible to get some printed up for sale at the MOR concerts? Kevin, Shropshire
L: As I've said before Kevin, you'd have to get in touch with the relevant publishers.

Q: Luke and Danny, carrying on from Sarah from Derbyshire's question is there any piece of Thunder or Luke's solo tour memorabilia that you wouldn't part with? Even for 400K? I have a T-shirt from your gig at the Ulster Hall on the Laughing on Judgement Day tour which they will have to claw from my dead hands. Doc', Ireland
L: I'm not really into Thunder memorabilia although I've always kept tourbooks as the photos are always nice to have.

Q: Luke, Ever thought of writing any more heavy blues stuff? I can listen to "Baby I'll be Gone" time and time again, it's great. And also that hidden gem on "The Rare..." titled "Move On". Why was that track hidden from me for so long! Brilliant stuff! Oh and who did the "Scooby Doo" impression at the start of that track. See you at ULU and Wembley. Simon, Essex
L: I don't ever try to write a particular kind of song....they just tend to come out the way they do. I'm sure I'll write in a bluesy mode again at some point in the future. The noise at the start is Danny I think.

Q: Question # 1: I've been ordering Thunder CD's and the newly released Thunder DVD, thru a buddy of mine who orders them from Townsend for me. He just gave me my copy of "Symphony & Stage" that I ordered. Why is a record that is produced in 2002 with all the digital technology available, sound so, so bad on the "live" side of the collection. I realize that you don't maybe want to change the ambience of the original's, but the high-end of the sound and bottom line is often muddy and dirty sounding. When I ordered "Open the Window", it was virtually the same way production ways. Question # 2: I was notified of a Thunder CD called "Moonlight Club" that is available, it's a 2 CD Live set - yet I can't find any trace of this release at any site including Townsend and B&M - is this an illegal bootleg or what. Jim McCormick, Canada
T: Question # 1 - 'Symphony & Stage' was released by the record label without any involvement at all from the band - so the whole thing was out of their control.  However, the originals still sounds pretty damn good to us...
Question # 2 -  'Moonlight Club' is indeed an illegal bootleg. It was recorded during the Japanese leg of the Thrill Of It All tour

Q: I have been listening to Moth To The Flame and trying to play along with the riffs, however I just can't seem to get the right sound. could you please let me know what setup you are using on that particular song. And what brand of effects do you use. Great to hear about the monsters of rock concert that you are playing. See you there. And finally are you planning a meet and greet? Dan, Shropshire
L: We used an octave doubler for the main riff. I think we used it on 'Stand Up' as well. We haven't addressed the issue of a 'meet + greet' yet but we will get around to it.

Q: Hey guys important question for me - do u wait for something amazing or take something soon that might not be as good??? Tomo
L: Never be in a rush to accept something which you might regret should somebody offer you something better later. Go with your gut feeling.

Q: Luke, please, please, please put "loving you" in the set for the B&M tour. After listening to MSA for so long I slung El Gringo in and that gets better every time as well. I feel this song shows what a talent you've got Mr. Morley (Enough creeping I do feel! please play it!) Matt, Warks
L: We may do it, we may not. You'll have to wait + see!!

Q: Danny or Luke, do you regret to not have played live some Thunder songs ? Which ones ? And why ? Luc, France 
L: With every new album we rehearsed all the material and then decided which songs felt good to play and which ones didn't so there aren't really any songs we regret not playing live. If we didn't play a certain song we always had a reason.

Q: Hi guys. Firstly let me just say that I really enjoyed the B & M album and I am looking forward to seeing you at Rock City and the NEC (with MOR). Anyway...enough of the worshiping! We all know that during your time with Thunder (and probably your whole musical careers), you have suffered (through one way or another), at the hands of RECORD LABELS!!!! Record labels,,,,,the companies we love to hate!! But...how do you beat them? I ask as a fellow musician who was in an AOR band (who shall remain anonymous) and signed to a label (who shall also remain anonymous...but lets just saw you know them!), who dealt a bad hand. I am at present recording demos with a 'new' band but don't want to make the same mistake twice. Our sound in very Thunder so that's why I would like to ask:
1. If you had the chance to re-write history with Thunder...how would you change it?
2. What would you say is the main thing you have learnt since you started in the music business?
3. Who in the music business has helped you the most?
Thank you for your time and may I wish you the very best continued success, in your careers. Al, Cannock
L: 1. It would have been nice to have broken in America in a big way.
2. Always trust your instincts and disregard hype.
3. We have come across some great people over the years but it's difficult to single out anyone really. There are several people whose opinions we value and we still talk to them on a regular basis

Q: I'm another who would desperately want to hear Peaching from a chair live but I leave it to you. Just wondering, I know you are keen on your fender and Les Paul but have you a guitar with a whammy bar? I'm a fan of KISS and therefore Bruce Kulick and I know in the 80s he used a load of ESPs with whammys. That is not to say that I think a guitarist shouldn't just play a classic! By the way are those two songs, which you say are high on Danny's register, not workable live? James, Croydon  
L: Using a whammy bar is a skill that I never really developed so I don't bother trying. I'm not a fan of the sound of ESP's (I did have an ESP Explorer) and Charvels so I'll leave it to the Steve Vai's of this world. 

Q: Most grateful for the 2.4 good reasons for choosing BM over BC - who could possibly resist the tantalising prospect of "better looking girls"!?(don't tell the missus, though -I'll have to bring my baby brother instead!)
On a more serious and somber note: I think it would be a fitting tribute to the tragic deaths of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman if you were to release/include on your forthcoming EP an unplugged version of "In This Town" (putting "angel" in the plural form) and to donate the proceeds to an appropriate charity. I was moved to listen to the track again a couple of days ago, and although it was a painful, tear-jerking experience, the poignancy was immense. Have you given it any consideration yourselves ? If not, I would urge you to do so! Paul Edmondson, Portsmouth
L: To be honest Paul, as much as I see where you're coming from re. Holly + Jessica I think the best thing right now for their families, friends and the Soham community is to get on with grieving and trying to restore some kind of normality in their lives, impossible task that it is. Children being abducted and/or murdered is also not a pleasant place to go as a writer or performer. We've done it once spontaneously and the song is best left where it is in time as far as we're concerned. It's too painful to contemplate.

Q: We were listening to Behind Closed Doors earlier this week, when It Happened in This Town came on. We were struck by the poignancy of the lyrics, given the current situation with Holly & Jessica. Was there a specific event that inspired Luke and Harry to write this song or if not, what was their inspiration?
But on a lighter note, glad to say we have our tickets for both London and Brighton on the MOR tour and are going to see B&M in Nottingham - can't wait - Live Thunder in our lives again!!!!! Paul & Tina, Gravesend
L: Harry came to me with a very melancholic piece of music which was pretty much the whole thing that went on to become 'It Happened'. He had the words 'So long little angel' and it reminded me of an article I'd read in the local paper about a 15 year old girl who lived about a mile from me who'd been sexually assaulted and strangled and the lyrics just poured out of me very quickly.

Q: Luke, just wondering why you're embarrassed by "Everybody Wants Her"? I always loved it as a balls-to-the-wall rock number. I've read before that you didn't like the line "There's a ladder in her stocking that I'd Like to climb" from "Flawed to Perfection" but Coverdale and Leppard have lines like that in a fair chunk of their material. Look at "Pour Some Sugar On Me", "Slow Poke Music", "Slide It In" or "Lie Down". Are the serious songs better to write? Would there be no more room in a Thunder set for "Hotter than the Sun" or even "Numb" which has a comical side to it? Doc', Ireland
L: 'Everybody' was a bit of a pot boiler as we like to call it. It was basically cobbled together from several ideas and it sounds like that to me. 'Flawed' was just me being young and amazed at the California female which was a new concept to me at the time. I don't think it's necessarily a bad tune but the lyric is a little cringe worthy. It's not that the serious songs are better to write, it's just that the humourous ones are harder to write well. I'm very proud of 'Englishman On Holiday' because it makes a serious point by being humourous. 'Numb' and 'Hotter' are both songs I like and we have played both of them live but 'Hotter' never felt that comfortable to play whereas 'Numb' did so I wouldn't rule that one out.

Q: CD is good - looking forward to gig at London Uni and the MOR in Nov - now I wonder, any chance of a "Doo Wop" gig along the line somewhere to complete a good reunion? Chris Taylor
D: Danny & The Doo Wops is a once in a while legendary occurrence, an experience of epic proportions, and as such not one that can be planned. I have heard that several of the original members are in prison, some are working the clubs in Cuba, and one's now a bishop. Never say never, but don't hold your breath.... you may go quite red waiting.

Q: Hi Danny! You're a singer. Are you a smoker, and what do you think about legalizing weed? Simon, Germany
D: I'm not a smoker of anything, so I find it hard to understand the needs of those who do. However I see medical evidence suggests weed as you call it has a positive effect on some conditions, so if it helps relieve suffering I'm all for it.

Q: Dear all, just want to say thank god for bank holidays. I pre-ordered my DVD from Townsend records and because they are closed on Monday for the bank hols, I've got my copy two days early. Fantastic service or what? Anyway, to my question. How many times do you all check and write to the web site in one week and also how many questions do you get sent each week. Can't wait for MOR at MEN. Need to desperately save up to get me some goodies now. Hope you will have a good selection. Ann S, Blackburn
T: We don't keep a track of how many questions are submitted each week, but I would guess it would be around the 100 mark (not all of them can be answered, unfortunately). Myself, Danny and Luke check for questions daily, time permitting (we are all busy with other things as well as the B&M website, but we try to answer the questions as quickly as possible).

Q: A few questions: Great news you're back together as Thunder for the monster shows. Also got the new B&M CD - very Thunder like in my opinion especially the last Thunder album "Giving The Game Away" - was that the plan? I mean release an album you feel very comfortable without having the usual tags "Not as good as Back Street Symphony etc" that would have been thrown towards you (unfairly) if it was released under the Thunder name?
Not really a question more of a grovel really - any chance of playing Ball & Chain in the set-list - A MIGHTY DAMN FINE ROCK SONG gives me loadza inspiration - which I know was played live during 95-98 - cos I heard it many times. Also continuing the third album theme - why didn't you play Preaching From A Chair live? - if you did (sorry) - as far as I recall you didn't - the only reason I can think it was omitted for lives shows, was it perhaps too hurty on the throaty Danny? PS - I think Thunders 2nd album was the best - partly because it was when I got into the band - I remember Don Valley 93 with the Leps & it has Moment Of Truth on it - massively underrated song & Mr Morely how do you rate the song? - interested 'cos you didnt write it. Oh by the way - I hope you've all bought the new RHCP album & if not why not? Ben
L: B&M was always going to sound a bit like Thunder as Danny sings and I wrote the songs and played guitar. It was never going to be a Thunder album without B + H on it so we had to call it something different out of respect to the guys. As to what material we play in November as I've said before, I'll decide when we've rehearsed a bit. 'Preaching' is keyed extremely high and that isn't a problem for Danny normally but in the case of this song and 'It Happened In This Town' from the 3rd album they are both relentlessly high and although he could sing both of them fine, he wouldn't be able to sing too much after that. 'Moment' is an OK song; I don't think it's spectacularly great or terrible. There are definitely worse Thunder songs written by me i.e. 'Everybody Wants Her' which I detest or 'Flawed To Perfection' which I find embarrassing. I haven't got the new Chillies album but I love the single and they're a great band.

Q: Hi guys, I have noticed that in a reply to one of the questions Luke says that he is busy writing new Thunder songs – are they for the MOR tour or is there something we should know!!!!!!!!  Brian Love
L: I am writing new Thunder songs and there will be an EP to coincide with the MOR tour. More details to follow.........

Q: Have you ever had any really funny situations when ideas for songs came into your mind (e.g. while playing monopoly, being on the toilet, having sexual in...)? Are there any of these songs or ideas on albums? Simon, Germany
L: Many of the songs I've written have arisen out of bizarre circumstances. 'Girl's Going Out Of Her Head' for example. The lyrics say it all really...........

Q: New Thunder songs, is there anything you can tell us? P.S. El Gringo Retro is still the best album in my collection. Neil, Southampton
L: Thank you for your kind comments re. 'El Gringo'. All I can tell you about the new Thunder songs is that they will be new and they will be by Thunder. For more info. keep watching!!

Q: Of course you do realise that you could support Thunder as B&M? Or even do a triple bill and Luke could play the  El Gringo Retro set (or El Gringo Loco as the fools at Classic Rock called it)? Talk about the ultimate dream! Any thoughts? Doc', Ireland
L: Playing one show a night is quite enough for gentlemen of our age thank you very much!!

Q: Mr Morley, after having just been made redundant from my IT job after 20 years, would you like another roadie ?? (Cheap lol!!) I can use a chromatic tuner and can even set up a full floating Jackson whammy bar jobbie (believe me, that is a nightmare!) Cleggy
L: Thank you for your kind offer of your services. However we already crewed up as they say.

Q: This has bothered me for ages. Who is the kid sitting in the middle of the band at the back of the Greatest hits album? Matt, Wetherby
D: His name is Oliver Halfin, he is the son of Ross Halfin the very famous rock photographer. That particular photo session was needed in a hurry so Ross very kindly invited us over to his house. His son was there, as was his wife and Au Pair, but only Oliver wanted to be in the photograph, some people are funny aren't they? Riddle solved.

Q: Hi Guys, Just read some of the Q&A's on the web site. Never really occurred to me that the new Thunder shows could have a negative effect on the B&M album. Have you thought about harnessing the publicity to work for you? Here's some suggestions;
1. Give out a freebie tape at the gigs with 3 B&M songs on it.
2. Announce some more tour dates.
3. Play a B&M song - 'Drifting Away' would fit in nicely.
4. Flyers with this web site address on, tour dates, biography etc.
Are there any other ideas in the pipeline? PS For a small fee I could share some other ideas with you!!!!!!!!!! LOL James, Warwickshire
L: Thank you for your helpful suggestions James. You sound like you might have a future in the marketing dept. of a record label!!

Q: Just mailing you quickly to find out why the guys have not bee talking on the "Wit, Wisdom and Whiskey" section?  It is my favourite part of the site. Particularly liked the bit about Danny's mishap life!  (Very Funny). Well I am sitting in work at the moment and we are not exactly busy.  There is only so much I seem to be able to read, without reading the same thing over again.  (What can I say the office ain't exactly a sweat shop). Please could you ask the guys for something new to stop me having to do some real work. Owen
L: At the moment we're both extremely busy (Danny in an organisational sense and me in a writing new Thunder songs sense) so we've been less than rapid at writing a new WWW piece. However we will try to change that over the next couple of weeks. Thanks for your patience.

Q: Hi guys, We have both been Thunder fans for many years and we were very sad when you called it a day. We have been waiting for news of solo projects and were ecstatic to find an article in Classic rock about Thunder and your new album as Bowes and Morley. We picked it up today and we are very impressed, you certainly haven't lost your touch. Its like listening to a favourite album that you haven't listened to for a while, every track makes you want to sing along even though you've only just heard it. Its so nice to hear quality songs with well written lyrics again, especially when you are singing and playing them. We booked tickets for Nottingham after listening to the sound clips on the site - (we didn't need much convincing). We are also going to the Monsters gig at the MEN, we couldn't miss an occasion like that.  We have 2 questions, Firstly is the Nottingham gig going to be exclusively Bowes and Morley material or will you be slipping the odd "softer" Thunder track in, such as Better Man. And secondly, would you consider playing "like a satellite" at the MEN gig? It was our song when we lived 300 miles apart and only saw each other at the weekend (and it still is). Great to see you back. See you at Nottingham. Ian Jones and Angie Howitt
L: Thanks for your nice comments on the new album. The B&M gig won't feature any Thunder songs. As for the Thunder shows I haven't decided what we'll be playing yet and I probably won't until we rehearse so you'll have to wait and see!!

Q: Do you know who the support is for the Bowes and Morley gigs? Do you have much say in who it is? Mick Hodd, Luton
L: As far as I know the decision about a support act hasn't been made yet. We always get involved in the decision inasmuch as we want the show to be as good as possible. This means sometimes we choose the support act and sometimes we will have an act recommended to us or our agent/promoter.

Q: Hi, I was just wondering if any of you two gave a listen to the new Def Leppard CD. I think it's crap and lyrically the worst thing I've listened for ages, makes Britney sounds like Nick cave in that department. I'd really like to have your opinion about it. Can't wait for the gigs in September. Vincent, France
L: I haven't heard the new DL CD but the single sounds fine on the radio. I shall investigate further.

Q: Hi!!! Just got your new album. Amazing!!! I've got a few questions: Are there any tour-dates for Germany? Do you still have contact to David Coverdale? Are you planning to come to Frankfurt next March to the professional music fair? Thank you very much for answering! Simon P.s.: You're one of my favourite bands because you have the seldom combination of musical talent and not taking yourself too seriously! That makes your music so exciting!!! Simon, Germany
L: There are no plans beyond the MOR gigs in November but any future developments will be announced here first. I haven't spoken to David for a while but the odd message passes between us here + there. I can safely say that we won't be at the Frankfurt Music fair next year.

Q: Hi guys...just a quick note to say that some mates of mine last week tried to get tickets for the Glasgow gig at SECC..but were told..COMPLETELY SOLD OUT!!!...(Doesn't bother me cos me and the missus had already bought ours when the original gig at the Clyde had been announced!)....Anyways what a GREAT night we're going to have! (No disrespect to Mr Cooper but the only reason that the tickets have gone a storm is due to you guys!) Anyway us Jocks have decided we're going to tie you to the stage so you're forced to play a 5 hour set...Sorry but that's just the way it is!!!! ps:.....Harry may require 'Special' shackles!!!!!!!!!!!! Paul Bluesman
D: Ignore the misinformation about the SECC being sold out. It is not. If the venue are not going to sell tickets (why I know not) I suggest your friends try alternative sellers (Way Ahead or Ticketmaster).

Q: What is man to do ? Unfortunately, the B&M gig on 20 September  goes head to head with the only Bad Company outing in the South (Hammersmith  Odeon). Give me three good reasons why I should come and see you guys instead of Paul Rodgers & Co. and I'm there. (If you can only come up with two, could I suggest you forget ULU and go for a support slot instead! -only joking) Paul Edmondson, Portsmouth
D: Yes the Bad Company date is unfortunate, another brilliant bit of booking. As to why you should go to the B&M show and not Bad Company, how about this:-
1. The girls in the B&M audience will be better looking.
2. If the B&M shows don't sell well, we'll have real trouble convincing a promoter to book us again. Meaning: No more B&M shows - fact. Do you really want to be responsible for killing a new band's live career? I am joking, but only half joking.
3. Our show will be be smaller and more intimate, an occasion that will live in minds of those who attended for a good while to come. Bad Company are an established entity and as such will be back around (I know this), B&M may not
(see 2.).
4.  The girls in the B&M audience will be much better looking.
I know that's 4 but no harm in reinforcing the important points... The choice is yours (cue game show music).

Q: Will you have any input as to who the other two bands are on the MOR tour?  RE an earlier Question. Gary Hughes is the songwriter and singer with Ten, check out "Babylon". He also wrote and produced Bob Catley's (Magnum) solo albums. Pete, Preston
D: The promoter will ask "how many tickets will he sell me?" Do you know? If so let me know and I'll pass it on.

Q: Is Thunder supporting Alice in Stockholm and Copenhagen? Please, please let it be so. Henrik, Sweden
T: Sorry, Henrik.  The shows outside of the U.K. are not part of the Monsters Of Rock tour (they are Alice's own shows), therefore Thunder will not be performing.

Q: Hi, I have just finished listening to a wonderful version of the Bands 'The Weight' by Aretha Franklin and thought how cool it would be to hear you guys do a cover of the song. What do you think? Do you like the band? Elliot, London
L: I like the Band very much and 'The Weight' is a great song. Yes, we would cover it well. Maybe we will one day.

Q: Why do you think you have so few questions from females?........and my second question is....do you ever listen to your own music purely for pleasure ,in the car or at home, or are you too critical to simply enjoy it? Margie B., Wales
L: As to the female question, I haven't got a clue! When you write and record an album, you live with and breathe the same bunch of songs for months so when it's finished you tend not to want to hear it for a while. The best place to hear your own stuff is on the radio!!

Q: A question for Luke in a similar vein to Alex Towers' questions to Danny. I've been playing the guitar self taught for years but I've hit a brick wall and can't seem to get much better. Did you ever take lessons and if so would you recommend them? Basically, how did you get so good? Doc', Ireland
L: I had one guitar lesson. The guitar teacher said 'If you want to play like Jimi Hendrix I can't help you'. He advised me to go away, listen to the records and work it out for myself. So that's basically what I did. I watched a lot of guitar players very closely as well and learnt a lot that way. As Danny said in his answer it's all about practicing and practicing and then practicing some more.

Q: Hi! How much rehearsing do you plan to do before the Monsters Of Rock-shows? Johan, Borlange
L: We'll probably rehearse for 2/3 days.

Q: First of all congrats all round on a very good new album, but are you finding it a little bit frustrating that just as you are trying to get Bowes & Morley a bit of momentum going all this monsters of rock thing comes along (Just got tickets can't wait) and everybody seems to have forgotten your new venture a bit and seem to be going bloody crackers for THUNDER again. I can understand people missing thunder because you were (are) one of the greatest live bands I've ever seen (that includes KISS (WITH AND WITHOUT MAKE - UP, AC/DC, QUEEN, ETC ), but do you wish people could move on just as yourselves have tried to do (I personally wish thunder would start up again there's just not any decent British rock bands anymore ) Just wondering on your thoughts, good luck and look after yourselves lads. Ian Helliwell, Rotherham
L: I think the Thunder shows have a lot of meaning for people because they came to see us fairly regularly over a ten year period. It's the same for us in a way because it was a large and very special part of our lives. I'm not frustrated that lots of people still want to see Thunder play, I'm flattered. The fact that the timing worked out the way it did has unfortunately diverted a certain amount of attention away from B&M but we're in both bands so it's hard to be anything other than philosophical about it.
D: You have said it all. We came from a band that was very good, and collectively we are only 20% of that band, and we play different music. It's common knowledge in the music industry that the majority of fans of bands don't necessarily embrace the work of offshoots or solo projects. We accept that, after all it's not Thunder. And yes, the recent Monsters Of Rock announcement does make it harder for us to promote B&M, but we have committed to promote the B&M LP, so we will, despite the overwhelming competition from our other band. It's not frustrating, it's a David & Goliath thing, and you know how that turned out....
Thanks for noticing, so tell your friends about the B&M shows. They will be splendid, different from Thunder, but splendid nevertheless...

Q: Hi Danny, Thanks for your response, so I have a challenge for you. I assure you (and my friends will testify this) that as much as I would love to be able to sing I am the most untalented whaler this side of the ant artic. So my challenge is this - can you make the truly untalented talented? I would be happy to record a demo for you to "listen" to if you like and I would be forever indebted to you if you could make me sing! This mission impossible e-mail will explode in 5 seconds! Do you except your challenge Mr Bowes? Alex Towers, Reading
D: Yes...Whilst I do hold the belief that anyone can do it, I make no claim to be able to make it happen. Get yourself a singing teacher... Thanks for the exploding email by the way, made a mess on my desk. Cleaning bill on the way.

Q: Hey guys, do u know of anywhere I might be able to get some cool Thunder merchandise! i.e. T-Shirts and maybe other stuff!??? Tomo
D: Sadly, as the band split up two years ago, there is no Thunder merchandise available anywhere at the moment. There will however be Bowes & Morley merchandise on sale at the shows in September, and Thunder stuff on sale at the Monsters Of Rock.

Q: Danny, You probably get asked this a lot but how can I learn to sing in tune? Alex Towers, Reading
D: This is not as silly as it sounds. Singing in tune is not the be all and end all though. Some of the best singers in the world sing out of tune but they make a good noise. I know nothing about your abilities but if you're a novice some lessons would help get you on the right track. If you're not a novice some lessons would help you lose some of the bad habits you've probably picked up. I got better by practice and more practice and then even more bloody practice. I truly believe anyone can do it, so get out there and drive everyone mad....

Q: Hi Guys, me again. I need some advice - I'm hoping to become a "mature" student soon and want to become a music journalist. I am in the process of setting up my own website but my writing is very negative. At the risk of sounding like a complete arsehole how can I write more positively! Also, you seem (Danny in particular) to be very bitter about some of your experiences of the music business - would you recommend not getting involved in it? Alex Towers, Reading
D: I'm not bitter about my time in the music business, just realistic and experienced.... I love the music business, but I've been in it long enough to have lost my rose coloured spectacles. Music journalism is an area I know very little about, so I have a lot in common with a lot of so called music journalists (ha ha, joke not bitterness). Seriously journalism in any form is a noble art, but my advice would be to ensure you care passionately about your subject, read as many styles as you can, then decide how you can do it either differently or better.

Q: Hi Guys, Congrats on fine record and I look forward to hearing the new Thunder material in November. I have just come back from this years Bulldog Bash and noticed how many people were wearing Thunder t-shirts. I now you have played there before so what would the chances be of either B&M or Thunder playing there next year - your presence is needed. Also, I saw Thunder live god knows how may times but why did Castles In The Sand rarely get played? Alex Towers, Reading
L: We did have a good time when we played the Bulldog Bash but we have no plans beyond the MOR tour in November. We did play 'Castles' a good few times on the 'Behind Closed Doors' tour and it's impossible to please everybody with the choice of songs we play. We'd be there all bloody night if we played everything!!! 

Q: Have you guys heard of the independent label 'Now and then'? If so did you feel pleased that the planned 'Thunderstruck' festival was to have a billing from Ten? Do you enjoy Gary Hughes' writing? Also, if Luke's Subconscious is listening: how about Preaching from a chair at the Manchester date! :) See you @ Rock City next. Womble, Edinborough
L: Please excuse my ignorance but I don't know who Gary Hughes is. As for which songs we'll play when on the MOR tour, you'll just have to wait and see!
D: Sorry I have no idea what you're talking about..

Q: Hi Guys, congratulations on a fantastic album! I know Nick and Fiona at Spudnik very well and was wondering whether or not you are planning to film a video for any of the tracks? Was there much added pressure on the band whilst filming the live video? I have been in a covers band for years, have you ever heard another band playing any Thunder songs? And Finally!!!! - Could I have your blessing to cover Sick and Tired? Brian Love
D: Thanks for the kind words. There are no plans to shoot videos for the B&M LP, as to reasons, ask our record labels in UK and Japan. We have a home video of the Japanese shows in July which looks pretty good but probably not good enough to sell. I assume you mean the Thunder Live video, and no not really too much pressure, we did what we did, it seemed to work for most, the video was meant to capture that. I know of two cover bands in Japan playing only Thunder songs, I have videos of them, and very fine they look too.. Feel free to cover Sick & Tired, a cheque for £30 should be sent after each and every performance to Luke Morley, 1 Rock Star St, Leatherpants, L69 6969.
L: At this stage there are no plans to make a video unfortunately. Making the live video was just like any other gig really. The only pressure was trying to remember all the songs as we went right through the catalogue pretty much. We know of two Japanese Thunder tribute bands that exist and we do occasionally hear of bands covering our songs. I was visiting family in Dorset once and walked into a pub in Swanage where there was a band playing and apparently they had done 'Love Walked In' earlier in the evening although I wasn't there to see it. Say Hi to N + F for us.

Q: Luke, what do you think of Brian May's guitar playing and would you ever like to jam with him? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
L: Brian is one of the most influential guitar players ever and playing with him would be a pleasure. I've met him a few times and he is a nice chap; very quiet and considered....very unlike Freddie!!!

Q: One particular favourite song of mine by yourself is 'Today the World Stopped Turning'. This song seems quite underrated, as it was not only never released as a single (to my knowledge) but also  rarely or never even  featured in your set lists when I looked through the archives on thunderchannel some while ago. How do you rate it among all the songs you've written? One other question, I believe you worked with Jools Holland during Terraplane, what was it like and how did it come about? (is he a personal friend?) Tim, Suffolk
L: I always liked this song. We did rehearse it but for some reason it didn't feel right. Sometimes that happens. Also 'Judgement Day' had 'Low Life', 'A Better Man' and 'Satellite' on it so there wasn't a shortage of good ballads when we came to tour the album so I guess 'World' got sent to the back of the queue. Jools Holland played Hammond Organ on a song called 'I'm The One' on the first Terraplane album. This was down to the producer of that record who had been at a filming of 'The Tube' a week before. I think he'd had a few drinks with Jools and the following week we were in the studio so he popped down. I particularly remember a trick he showed us called 'the eleven finger crescendo'. This involved utilising all of his fingers and one other part of his anatomy at the same time! Jools isn't a personal friend but whenever paths have crossed since there's always been a nod and a smile.

Q: Aside from the music, Harry always made it quite clear he supported Palace. I was wondering who you support. And on an entirely different note are you married as my personal playing in a band is often frowned upon for taking up time I could be spending with her. Steve
L: I have a soft spot for Man. City as they were the first team I supported but I would describe myself as a confirmed neutral when it comes to club football; as long as it's an entertaining game I don't mind who wins. England matches are another matter though .......I do get very excited and I hate it when they lose.  I'm not married....probably because I've spent so much time playing in a band!

Q: Where is "Freakshow" about? Or is it a secret? Doc', Ireland
L: 'Freakshow' was written after a conversation I had with a female friend who surprised me by telling all about her interest in fetish clubs. She wanted me to go with her one night but we never got around to it so I thought I'd try and imagine how it would be.

Q: Hi Danny, Just wanted to congratulate Luke and yourself on a wicked album, your voice is amazing and looking forward to seeing you in September and November.  My question is who do you consider to have the best of voice in rock today? And any chance of The Black Crowes being added to the amazing MOR bill... Darren, Cambridge
D: Thanks for your kind words. I think Chris Robinson has a fine set of pipes, but as for others there's no one up and coming I think is amazing. Most people I hear right now sound a bit like they're trying hard not to sound like singers and more like they're throwing up in a bucket... I agree The Black Crowes would be marvelous, I'll pass it on and see what happens....

Q: Hi Guys, love the new album, v. cool. I was a big Thunder fan and also Europe (and subsequently Joey Tempest). I could never understand why Joey's two solo albums didn't sell better. However - my question is - How did you come to write with him? Did you write more than one song with him and if so, what happened to the others? James Daykin, Warwickshire
L: The situation came about by me attending a sort of 'songwriters forum' in 1998 organised by Chris Difford, the writer/guitarist from Squeeze. The forum takes place in a hotel in Devon which is miles from anywhere. 21 songwriters from all genres of music are invited by Chris and every day each writer is put into a group with 2 other writers. The groupings are selected by Chris and each groups' task is to write and finish a song by 6pm. After dinner everyone gathers in the lounge area and each grouping of the day performs the song they've written that day. It is a brilliant thing to do because everyday the groupings change and you find yourself writing with people you wouldn't normally work with. On day one I found myself working with Rick Astley (great bloke and a fantastic singer, I kid you not !) and a female jazz singer from Manchester who was covered in tattoos !!  Joey and I were put in a group with another guy called Chris Braidie who's a very talented writer, piano player and singer and we wrote 'Change' in about 4 hours I think.

Q: Hi there Danny, love the CD and it's nice to be able to listen to a real singer again after such a drought in the music world.  I was wondering as you mentioned you like opera recently in an earlier email, have you noticed you bear a striking resemblance to Alessandro Safina on the inner sleeve pictures of MSA? Karen, Essex
D: Can't say I have no, and as I don't know who this person is it's hardly surprising! I have no doubt he's incredibly gifted and not to mention handsome... (ha ha).

Q: Danny do you like computers? Just asking as Luke appears to answer most of the questions. Or are you just busy with other things? Dave, Chesterfield
D: Correct on all counts, I'm extremely busy and have to be extremely selective with my time. It should also be said that Luke and I have been together for many years so we nearly always give the same answers to most questions. I see no point in doubling up.

Q: Hi guys, I hope you've been thinking about your foreign-fans that live too far-away, and will be released some material from "Monsters of Rock", video, DVD, albums, whatever you want to let us know how fantastic was that show!  I want to ask Luke and Danny if you hear other music styles, I'm talking about classics, opera, and if so, what classic musicians do you like? Walter Jorge Valdez, Argentina
D: I have a particular love for opera, especially Puccini and Donizetti, but I'm not knowledgeable at all about musicians or singers. I'm strictly a hear it like it and buy it kind of opera lover. Apart from that I love Frank Sinatra's voice and torture my family almost every Sunday morning with a "Frank" wake up call. (as my father did to me).

Q: Yo, bloody fantastic news, I've only just heard! I never even new you had a bleeding album out! But I'll soon chase up that rascal, and give it a good thrashing. I can't thank you guys enough for your music over the years, it's helped me through some pretty bad moments, on the roller coaster of life. I think Lukes writing touches the parts, other writers can not reach!
And as for Mr Bowes vocal chords.................
When the good woman and I got hitched, a few years back we had "Love Worth Dying For" playing in the background, swiftly followed by Mama We're All Crazee Now! Which on the Slade theme, brings me to my obscure question. I remember you playing "Move Over" the Janis Joplin number on a tour some years back, a number Noddy and the boys used to cover. ('kin outstanding live) As a massive Slade fan from donkeys years ago, I think it's a tragic waste to music, that the main musical influence of the band, Jimmy Lea, seems to be a.w.o.l. from the music biz, why not give him a call. (That would be utopia) Did you ever get to see Slade play live, as they used to have the same "mates of the band" kind of relationship with their crowd as Thunder did, and were electrifying live? Adidas, Tanner (Bristol)
L: We both grew up listening to Slade records and they definitely had an influence on us. I've never seen them play live but everybody tells me that they were terrific.
D: Now you know you have to buy the record and tell the world about the shows...
This is your punishment for not having your ear to the ground in the first place.. In fact you should buy 2 copies for that...
I had the pleasure of seeing Slade twice over the years and I agree they had a very similar approach to live shows and the relationship with the crowd. I've always had them on my best live bands list, but I respect their decision to call it a day. Doesn't spoil the memory for me, in fact it makes it better.

Q: I'll be coming along to Nottingham Rock City to see you play, but I'm gutted I can't get to M.O.R, as every gig is while myself and 'er indoors are in Thailand (bad timing), but anyway, what I really want to know will there be any video/DVD footage to follow these concerts, as missing the you lot back in action, be it for only one more time, should never be missed!!!!.(by anybody)!!!!!!!!!!. Will there be any meet and greets at the Moving Swiftly Along gigs. Noel, Luton
L: Sorry to be vague yet again but there are several possibilities re. MOR and right now it's impossible to say what will and what won't be happening in any detail. All I can tell you is you'll read about it here first.
D: Good to hear you're coming to the B&M show, tickets are selling slowly so please tell all your friends (and urge them to tell their friends). Could it be that Danny & Luke are nowhere near as desirable as Thunder? surely not...
Talks continue regarding the filming of the MOR shows, so the answer is maybe. We plan to record one or more Thunder sets during same for possible release later. Thunder will also be selling a CD of new songs at the M.O.R venues (it may be 4 songs or it may be 11, depending on if we can record them in time) so give yer money to a friend who's going if you want a copy.
While we're at it please tell your friend with your money that there may be meet and greets but this is another one to be confirmed I'm afraid.

Q: Hi guys. I'm a big fan of Thunder and know most of the songs off by heart. My boyfriend got me into you when I met him and I listen to you in the car all the time. Me and Peter are getting married in September and we have chosen an Thunder song for the ceremony (like a satellite hope your new album is as good as all the past Thunder songs. So what I would like to know is are you going to keep up your music as a duo? And are you going to form another band in the future? So keep up the good work guys your great!!! Tara, Somerset
L: I'm very flattered that you're using 'Satellite' at your wedding. As far as the future is concerned I think it's safe to say that Danny and myself will work together in some capacity although there aren't any immediate plans.

Q: Luke, I heard you brought a bike what style have you gone for racer or mountain bike, will you be lending it to Harry to ride across the stage on the monsters of rock tour like he did at the Milton Keynes bowl some years ago? I am also a bike machinc don't feel bad about asking me any technical Q's about your bike! Matthew Hyde
L: It's a mountain bike and if Harry does get on it then anything is possible!

Q: Hoping to see you at NEC, so long as I'm able to keep my legs crossed long enough (2nd baby due 5 days later). Any chance of any warm up gigs-say at Rock City Notts? Julie, Nottingham
L: We haven't considered doing any warm up shows as yet but you never know.

Q: Just been on the Toby Jepson Website, he'd love to play Monsters of Rock, anything you can do to help? To see you both on one day would be out of this world! Julie, Nottingham
L: There are a few bands/artists that have been suggested for M.O.R. and they're all being considered so watch this space.

Q: Hi guys, do you enjoy making videos? and which Thunder vid is your favourite? Sarah, Derbyshire
L: Videos can be fun or a colossal pain in the arse. It depends on the concept. My two favourites are 'Low Life' because it still looks very dramatic and 'Backstreet Symphony' because it's a great performance by the band.

Q: Its taken me a while to tell you both, but well done for producing a superb album. It was everything that I imagined it to be which is quite rare because you tend to be let down these days. Not sure which is my fave track as they are all great, probably one of the ballads. As for some questions ... on DRIFTING it sounds a bit like Love is all around....On HESITATE did you hear 'Hold on I'm Coming' when the horns come in....Bad Co should have asked you to support them but I suppose you would have been to much to follow. I will be trying to make the Nottingham gig but I don't think I could stomach the rest of the bill to see Thunder sorry, now if it had been Don Valley aaaah...see ya.  John Ruggiero
L: I take your point about 'Drifting' although the horns on 'Hesitate' weren't directly due to 'Hold On'. My favourite brass arrangements are probably on Earth, Wind And Fire records.

Q: Hi, this is Jim from Greece, a Thunder fan since 'Backstreet Symphony'. I am thinking of coming to see you at Wembley and I wonder what the set list will be. Also, if you don't mind I would like to ask have you ever played the song 'Fire To Ice' from 'Laughing On Judgement Day' live? This is my favourite from this album. Thank you and take care. Jim Gallikas, Greece
L: The set list isn't decided yet but you can probably guess most of it! I believe we did play 'Fire To Ice' at some point on the 'Laughing All Over The World' tour. I certainly remember rehearsing it.

Q: Couple of questions guys! Are any of the Terraplane albums still commercially available. I never got to hear any of the pre Thunder stuff but would be keen to do so. Secondly did you get offered the chance to do the Freddie Mercury tribute gig. As a lot of rock bands played that day i.e. Guns and Roses, Metallica, Extreme and Def Leppard -  I was just wondering. Finally got the new album, very impressed indeed. Hope to get to one of the concerts this year. Keep on rocking guys - radio may not need you but true rock fans do. Andy, Oldham
L: I know that both Terraplane albums were released on CD in Japan. Try going to Townsends Records (our featured record retailer) as they'll be able to locate the albums for you if anyone can. We were actually in the studio recording 'Judgement Day' when the Freddie gig took place. Lars Ulrich invited us to go and hang out at the show but unfortunately we were too busy.

Q: This ones for you both, been a Thunder fan for ages but still cant work out the meaning to A BETTER MAN (if there is one) or have I just been doing me nut in. Glad you are back. Andy, Oldham
L: I thought it was fairly obvious Andy. The lyric is all about a guy saying to a woman 'Your love has made me a better person'.

Q: Hi guys......Okay...you're going to be stranded on a desert island for 10 years and can each take 3 items...What do you take? Paul K
L: Penelope Cruz, Charlize Theron and a bottle of Baby Oil................. 

Q: Hi Guys, Love the latest album, but my question is a totally different one. What is (are) your favorite AC/DC track(s)? Rob, Netherlands
L: Back In Black, Shot Down In Flames, You Shook Me All Night Long, Girl's Got Rhythm, Whole Lotta Rosie.

Q: Luke: What's the most challenging Thunder song you have had to play live? Danny: What's the trickiest Thunder vocal you have had to sing live?  Also Danny, what do you consider to be your top (but nicest) note? James, Croydon
L: There isn't a particular Thunder song that stands out as being more difficult to play than the rest. Danny's top note would be F#.

Q: Hi guys, What hobbies do you have. Anything interesting? See you in September and November. Dave
L: We both like to play golf when the opportunity presents itself. Other than that reading, watching films and I've recently bought a bike so I've been cycling a bit.

Q: Great news that THUNDER will be performing again, cannot wait!!!. Congratulations on the Bowes and Morley CD another masterpiece !!!. My question is...Over the years I have seen Thunder on many occasions, I have noticed that Luke, Danny and Ben have always worn some fantastic trousers...where do you guys get these from ?? Derek, Yorkshire
L: There isn't a particular place that we bought our clothes although the usual places in London like King's Road and Kensington Market were always favourite shopping locations.

Q: Luke, you played bass on "Don't wait up" right? I'm a bassist but like yourself, I play left-handed. I'd like to ask you what bass you used for the album? Peter Jordan, Dublin
L: I used a Fender American Standard Jazz Bass (right-handed model strung upside down) which the nice people at Fender lent me and my own bass which is a left-handed Musicman Stingray.

Q: Are you planning to do a meet and greet after the show in Manchester and if so how do we get to meet you? Do we stand in line at the stage door or will you be planning some kind of competition to win backstage passes? Ann S, Blackburn
T: It's really too early to say.  If meet and greets are going to happen of the tour, then information will be released on this web site nearer the time.

Q: Hi Guys, fantastic news about the Thunder reforming, (PLEASE MAKE IT PERMANENT!!!) I have just got my misses into the band to the point that the only tapes allowed in the car are Thunder ones, and as she is not keen to see all of the MOR bill would love a chance to see the band live. My question though is a Bowes and Morley one so here goes.... Will there be a single release from Moving, and when will it be released? Also why don't you do a Quo, and come down to sunny Somerset and play that great Rock arena that is Butlins Minehead. What a weekend that would be! Peter Machin, Somerset
T: Unfortunately there are no plans to release a single from 'Moving Swiftly Along' at the moment.

Q: Nice to see you guys will be playing in Cardiff on the final Monsters of Rock gig...can't wait. Any chance of getting back stage? Where will you be going after the gig for a refreshment or two?!  Haven't seen you live regrettably...my brother has twice (git!) when Thunder played at Newport Centre.  He'd love to hear 'She's So Fine' and I don't care what you play as long as Mr. Morley has written it! See you in November.  Are The Wildhearts still supporting?  Who are special guests? Martin, Glasgow
T: The Wildhearts are no longer on the Monsters Of Rock tour. No other special guests are confirmed at this time!  And no, you can't have a backstage pass...sorry....

Q: What Thunder line up will feature on the Monsters Of Rock Tour?  Will there/could there be a reunion tour/album? Martin, Glasgow
T: The Thunder line up at the Monsters Of Rock gigs will be Danny Bowes (Lead vocals), Luke Morley (Guitars), Harry James (Drums), Ben Matthews (Guitars/Keyboards) and Chris Childs (Bass).  

Q: Just saw the news about the THUNDER DVD....Please tell me its going to be region 1 (USA) compatible! THUNDER is my favourite rock band and I have never seen them live! its a crime!  Marty Wares
T: The DVD will be non-region specific (region 0).

Q: Guys, first let me say what a fan I am of your work, then & now.  I only wish there were some way I could attend one of the Monsters Of Rock shows in Nov.; guess I'll have to settle for the DVD.   I have longed to see Thunder live for years!  My question is are there any plans to compile a CD of rare or unreleased Thunder tracks such as "Dangerous Rhythm", "In A Broken Dream", "No Way Out Of The Wilderness", etc.?  Perhaps a "Rare, Raw, & The Rest II"?  I've tried hard to collect every possible studio track by you guys & am coming up a bit short.  Please don't give up on making it in America!  We could use you guys over here; the musical climate sucks!  Steve, High Point, NC
T: There are no plans for another collection of rare tracks to be released!  Even if the guys wanted to, it's not up to them - it's all down to the label that owns the rights to all of that material (EMI). However, 'In A Broken Dream' is available on the compilation album 'Their Finest Hour (and a bit)' and 'Dangerous Rhythm' is available on the Japanese edition of 'The Rare, The Raw And The Rest'.

Q: Do u know who the other 2 bands that will be playing monsters of rock will be? I have heard one is Rob Halford? Marty Wares
T: No further acts have been confirmed yet - once they are they will be posted on the site.  Rob Halford will more than likely not be appearing...

Q: How big a set are you guys going to play? (only coming to see you guys, not a fan of Alice Cooper) Angela Levell, Scotland
T: The finer points of the Monsters Of Rock tour have not yet been worked out (it's still a long way off), but Thunder will probably be playing for 45-50 mins.

Q: I have been a massive fan of you both for nearly 13 years - will you be introducing a fan club? All the best lads! Craig Isherwood
T: With the accessibility of the internet these days, very few acts actually see the need for Fan clubs.  There are no plans for one at the moment, as you will find all the information you need right here!!!!

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