Q & A Archive - November / December 2002


Q: Danny, having read a lot of the q's here specifically for you, and then you talking about sometimes having to bite your tongue, do you think such huge touring with Thunder and making the band so accessible to the great unwashed has often led to you being asked pointless, personal, rambling and stupid questions? Also, what is your favourite cough sweet? Matt, Leeds
D: Yes it's true that accessibility is a double edged sword. It can sometimes bring over-familiarity which is a pain, but on the plus side it brings enormous loyalty. I have always believed that most people are good and will be fine, and whilst there will always be the odd one or two strange ones who don't know how to behave, provided they're in the minority it's a fair exchange. As to your last question, I consider it far too trivial and pointless, so I shan't dignify it with an answer, so there...

Q: Luke, Just received my copy of your solo album, and I think it's brilliant. I've now listened to it about 4 times back to back, and it just gets better! It seems to me to be a very reflective album, like you're kind of figuring what to do next? Was this the case, and do you feel like you have turned a corner musically after so long playing with Thunder? Bring on the next solo project! Dom, Southend On Sea
L: When I was making 'Gringo' it was immediately after Thunder disbanded so there was a certain amount of reflection. You can hear this in the lyrics on 'One Drop'. When you write music + words you always strive to improve and sometimes this means you will head off in different directions, some of which will be more successful than others. I suppose that whether or not I 'turned a corner' as you say remains to be seen. I feel like I'm a better writer now than I was but only you, the listener, can make that judgement.

Q: Luke: When you are writing a new song, do you ever get a real buzz when you think you have come up with something special, like Welcome To The Party, one of mine and my 5 year-old son, named Luke Daniel, fave tracks. Or does the writing just happen and things really take off when practice and recording starts??? Neil Parsons, Southampton.
L: Sometimes songs do pop into your head miraculously from nowhere but writing is hard work most of the time. I always get a small frisson of excitement, a tingle up the spine, whatever when an idea I have is special and hearing the band play it is like the icing on the cake.

Q: Hi guys, really enjoy the M.O.R. but the Marquee gig surpassed anything I've seen you lads do before. Fantastic is the word I think. But now the question, have you ever listened to a Dutch singer called Anouk? If you haven't then give her a go, in fact 'H' has a couple of CDs of mine. Ask him what he thinks, oh and merry Xmas to you all. Gareth Jones, Hampshire
L: I'm not familiar with Anouk's stuff but I will have a word with Harry. Glad you enjoyed the Marquee show.

Q: Hi Guys, I was interested to read that Danny said Living For Today is one of his favourite Thunder tracks, I think it's great and taken from arguably Thunders best record - the lyric "your vanity told you your more than a dot, your arrogance keeps you from thinking that your not" is among Luke's finest me thinks. Anyhow on something of no particular relevance to anything - I have what some (make that all) will virtually consider to be a stupid idea but wanted to run it past you to see what you think. I think a good way to modernize or be more different and gigs nowadays is to try and introduce something called Rock Karaoke between support acts and headliners - this would stop the crowd getting bored between sets and most of all it would give us mere mortals the chance to wiggle our ass and get the crowd to clap along to songs just like Danny does on such a elequent and professional level - what do you guys think? Alex, Southampton
L: Rock karaoke eh? Not a bad idea....the only thing is that the crew have a load of work to do on stage between bands so they need a gap of around 20 minutes to move stuff around and check equipment etc. The practicalities might be difficult to overcome when you consider this

Q: Hi Chaps, Firstly, I know its been a few weeks since MOR at Wembley but I've gotta say it was a Class gig!! Who were the sound engineers cause I thought the levels were perfect when you guys were on but When Alice Cooper appeared it was ear splitting?? (poor ol Boy at 28!) Are you guys thinking of doing any gigs abroad? The reason I ask, theres a big hoo haa about Whitesnake touring USA and Europe etc. And I know places like Germany etc are well up for the Rock thing. Oh and for what its worth, we covered a couple of your songs at a gig not so long ago and they went down a storm!! Nick, Leigh-on-Sea
L: The guy responsible for our front of house sound on the Monsters tour was a very nice German chap called Gerd so we'll pass on your nice comments. We're looking at the possibility of playing shows abroad but currently there are no plans to do so.

Q: Merry Christmas Guys. What a great feeling to have you chaps back!! Went to the MOR in Cardiff and once again Thunder stood out head and shoulders from the others bands. Question what and how do you chill out when our tour. Thanks for your inspiration. Chris, Devon
L: Obviously we spend a lot of time in buses so we watch a few movies. The other thing we do if there's time or a convenient day off is play golf.........well, Danny and I play golf as the others very rarely make it out of bed!!!

Q: Hi Guys, just a quick note to thank you for the fantastic MOR at the NEC yes we did get the tickets! here is the question: have you read any of the write ups about thunder & B+M albums on Amazon.co.uk if you have what do you think? you'd be surprised at how much info and referrals you guys get. Oh and by the way re: Have a fantastic Christmas and may all your dreams come true. pity I can't have the new album in my stocking! ah well, the love of my life will just have to keep me happy till Feb. Kevin, Shropshire
L: I went and had a look at Amazon and yes, it's very nice when people say nice things about the albums. Thanks for pointing it out.

Q: Hi Danny, in response to your answer to Shaun Wilding, I have recently spoken to someone at work who went to MOR. On the strength of your performance they have sine purchased the Live DVD and quite a few cds, when prior to MOR they only had one. Also on my recommendation they may check out the B&M album as well. Dave H, Chesterfield
D: I rest my case me lad....

Q: What are the changes of the lads, doing a Camden lock type of (mini gig). Just for Thunder fans, and not the muppets who where at Alice Cooper? Shaun Wilding
D: The changes are non existent if you don't spell your requests properly. Lots of the 'muppets' at Alice Cooper were very glad to have gone there, and some may now be Thunder fans like you (they may even be able to spell)..... As to future shows, watch this space (that's spelt s p a c e).

Q: Hi Guys, and Merry Christmas to you both, 1 quick question, i need to get hold of another copy of the album "The Thrill Of It All" but I am having difficulty finding it in the shops, and on the internet, could you help me locate a copy, as I really need it to complete my (excellent) Thunder collection? Dale, London
T: 'The Thrill Of It All' is the only Thunder album that has been deleted and is currently unavailable. Your best bet it to try second hand CD shops or record fairs. Alternatively, Esprit have the Japanese copy (with bonus track) in stock now - however, it is rather pricey! Of course, there is always a chance that someone out there could have a spare copy that they are willing to part with!? Try posting on our message board and asking!

Q: Dear Danny, have you got any exciting plans for you all this Christmas, or do you prefer a more sedate crimbo with carols and mistletoe? Have you all got your energy back from touring, which was fantastic by the way. Have a really merry Christmas, and a happy new year. Good luck for the new album and PLEASE come back up north on tour SOON. Ann S, Blackburn
D: Christmas for me this year will be at spent at home with my loved ones. Nothing more than that... perfect...

Q: What are your views on downloading music off the net from sites like Napster and has it affected your music sales? Mick Hodd, Luton
D: This is a tricky one. I believe it's only right and proper that people who create music should be paid for it from sales. I also believe very much in the old fashioned "swapping" with others concept. The internet has brought a global swapping mechanism to life, but how it can be made to satisfy both arguments is currently perplexing the great and good of the music industry. I daresay this will continue for some time to come. As to whether the likes of Napster etc have affected our sales I cannot say, but one must assume it is the case. As I don't know how by much I take the philosophical view that all
swapping is effectively great advertising for the real CDs, and if people want them, in the main they'll seek them out and buy them.

Q: Hi guys. The last time I posted some questions here was in July, I think. Sorry for the long delay. Anyway,I went to the Wembley show, my first time seeing you live, and I thoroughly enjoyed your set. Great to see Dave Colwell jam with you and I thought Danny's request to get the houselights on for a singalong section was a really neat trick, I haven't seen another band do that. I was on the left hand side balcony and was quite happy to see quite a number of people there younger than me singing along with you the whole time(and I'm only 27 mind). Anyhow,I shall quit babbling. That was the first of the MOR shows, so I'd guess there were a few butterflies in the stomach prior to going on? Will you be doing any more B&M shows at all? I'd love to see it. One more thing, another show I got to see while there was the "We Will Rock You" musical by Queen & Ben Elton,( you are Queen fans right?) I'd like  to ask if any of you have seen it and if so, what do you think of it? Peter Jordan, Dublin
D: Glad you enjoyed the show. As for nerves I am blessed with a non butterfly stomach, that is to say I am not nervous before shows. Regarding future B&M shows, we're busy working towards the release of the new Thunder LP next Feb/March so B&M touring is on the back burner for now. It doesn't mean it won't happen though, so watch this space... I have not seen the Queen musical (not a musical fan, always had a bit of a problem with people spontaneously bursting into song).
L: Actually everyone was remarkably calm before the 1st gig. I didn't feel any nerves at all; I was just looking forward to it. There are currently no plans to do more B+M gigs but we certainly haven't binned the project so watch this space. I haven't seen the Queen musical but I intend to soon.
T: I'm not a fan of musicals either, but I went to see 'We Will Rock You' because I love Queen. Personally, I thought it was excellent. A great night out and fantastic music from start to finish...

Q: Hello! I'd like to ask about the photo on the last page of the 'El Gringo Retro' booklet. If you wouldn't mind,
could you tell me where you and the lovely object were taken, or is it a composite picture? I've been attracted by the object since I saw it. If it's in a public place, I'd love to visit there when I get a chance. Have a lovely peaceful Christmas and New Year!! Yukie, Japan
L: The picture was taken in Clevedon Castle near Bristol in the west of England. The statue is based on a very old African sculpture. Unfortunately people do actually live there so it's not in a public place I'm afraid.

Q: Bonjour Luke, this is Vincent from Paris, one of the blokes that came from France at The B&M gig in Nottingham. I know you're a massive Isley Brothers fan and I wanted to know if you ever laid an hear on Ernie Isley's solo album High Wire which went totally unnoticed when it went out 12 years ago. Just for info the whole Isley Brothers catalog was re released on cd by Sony, totally remastered. Amazing. And yes, the Thunder EP is fantastic. I want the album right now. Have a joyeux Noel.  Vincent, Paris
L: Thanks for the Isleys info; I'll keep my eyes out for Ernie's CD which I haven't heard. Glad you like the EP.

Q: Luke, just been going through my stack of Thunder Singles and came across a corker called "Too Bad". How come this never made it on to an Album and was left as a 'B' Side, and was it recorded as during the  "Thrill of it all" sessions? Simon D. Cherry
L: It was recorded during the 'Thrill' sessions but I can't remember why it didn't make the album. It was probably because we didn't think it was right at the time.

Q: More a bit of info than a question really, but having looked at Virgin radio's website, all their DJ's have listed their top 3 British bands of all time for their poll.  Russ Williams gives The Beatles and Queen at 1 and 2, and a lesser known combo called Thunder at 3.  Armed with this info,  I expect a marketing frenzy aimed at Mr Williams from you leading up to, and following, the release of the new album in Feb.  Good idea?? Chris, Kent
D: Russ Williams is a good man, he likes his rock music and is not afraid to say so. However the reality of the situation is that Virgin Radio does not consider Thunder "suitable" for daytime play, he has told me this himself, and as he rather likes his job I suspect there's little or nothing he could do to change that situation. So whilst I admire your enthusiasm, I am realistic enough to know that lobbying him won't do any good. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the facts are the facts....

Q: Hi guys, I was just reminiscing about your 95 gig at Wembley with Bon Jovi. Do you have any standout memories of those dates? What are the chances of you joining Jovi on their stadium tour next year? What is the usual process of getting a support slot, do the headliners approach you or do you approach them? Kenny, Milton Keynes
L: I remember the gig with BJ on Saturday at Wembley was one of our finest and we kicked footballs off the stage so we can all say we've kicked a ball at Wembley! There are no plans for us to tour with Bon Jovi next summer. Support gigs come together many different ways; usually it's agents and promoters that propose bills when there is more than one artist featured.

Q: Dear Luke, my ten year-old daughter, Laura, reckons it would be great if (a) Thunder did a cover version of Free's 'Alright Now' (have you ever played this song live?); and (b) if the Eastenders theme tune could be livened up and replaced by YOU playing a classic rock version of it!  What are your thoughts, please? Lynne
L: We've never done 'Alright Now' as I've seen it murdered so many times by different bands and I don't want us to be one of them. Eastenders theme? Your daughter is definitely having a laugh

Q: Hi chaps, took a chance having not heard any of the material from the new album and bought it. I enjoyed every track particularly Change and I'd Take The Stars Out Of The Sky are you doing any more gigs featuring this album as I would like to see it played live. Once again good album. Gary Edmead
L: There are no plans to do any more B+M shows at the moment but next year who knows?

Q: Danny, when Luke first introduces a new song he has written, do you often wonder where he gets the ideas from? Do you ever get surprised by the titles of some songs (Pimp and the whore for instance). Do you have much input to the song creation process? (apart from  singing it)  Oh, and what's the best Christmas present you've ever been given? Kevin, Kent
D: I am constantly amazed and in awe of Luke's songwriting abilities. Not so much from an inspirational standpoint because we've been together a long time so I have a firm grasp of the reasons behind some of his lyrics, indeed some of the time we've shared the experience the song is based on. The craft of songwriting is the bit that I find incredible, the process of knowing what will go with what, and then doing it. My direct contribution to his songs is zero, he conceives and writes them, they are his work entirely. Indirectly I provide the voice, the style of which is a known quantity to him when he's bringing out the tunes from inside his head, so I guess in a small way I do have an indirect influence on the songs.  Christmas present-wise it's hard to say what has been the best, there are so many good ones. My pink leather g-string (with the studs on the inside) has to be right up there though...

Q: BEST OF BRITISH to you guys - superb band! My question: Do you think that the way to go for bands, such as THUNDER and KICK, is for them to record albums off their own backs and then sell them independently of some of those money-grabbing record companies which seem to do more harm than good? Thomas, Kent
L: I think British major labels have lost the plot slightly due to their obsession with pop and dance music. They've forgotten how to sell and market rock which is tantamount to ignoring the large rock audience that still exists in Britain. MOR proved that there are still many rock fans out there and their tastes are not being catered for. This means that bands like Thunder have to find alternative ways of selling albums and that means either signing to an independent label which probably won't have the funds to market the record properly, or releasing the record themselves. The down-side of a self-released album is that bands don't have the distribution network of an established label. What this all means is that in the future bands will have to deal directly with distributors and retailers in order to get their albums in the shops. This has already started happening and in my opinion, this will become the way to go.

Q: Recently I went to see Jools Holland and I was thinking have you ever thought about writing a song with a big band feel like Mr Holland has? And if you could write a very different album beyond your style what style would you choose? Matt, Rugby
L: I thought that 'El Gringo' was very different to a Thunder album in terms of style and content. The big band sound is not so much about how the songs are written but more about how they're arranged. For example you could take a Thunder song like 'Stand Up' (acoustic version) and add a large brass section, piano and backing vocalists and it would work perfectly well in that kind of genre. Different musical styles can be applied to all sorts of songs by a wide range of artists.

Q: What CDs do you want for Xmas? Mick Hodd, Luton
L: There's still a couple of Beatles CD's I need to complete my collection and there's still a few albums that I only have on vinyl which I need on CD. I shall be leaving little hints for Santa everywhere.

Q: Danny & Luke. Was there a particular song or an artists' performance that inspired you to become musicians? Paul O, Charlton
L: I can't pinpoint any one thing in particular because there's so much great music but if you read my entry 'Desert Island Discs' in W.W.W. on this site you'll see which pieces of music moved me when I was growing up.

Q: Hiya guys, this site is awesome and I was wondering is all Thunder related stuff gonna be on here now, or is the glorious THUNDERCHANNEL going to be up and running again too? Helen, Stoke On Trent
T: There are no current plans to re-launch Thunderchannel. Bowesandmorley.com is still the place to come for the latest info on all of Luke & Danny's projects, including Thunder.

Q: Hey guys, I thought I would ask a couple of slightly different questions, cos most of the ones so far have been quite predictable!! My first question is this...if you were appearing on blind date, what would your three questions be? My second is, if I were to ask you what you thought the answer to life, the universe, and everything is, would you sit there smugly and reply 42? Hope to see you on tour soon. Lee, Leicestershire
L: Blind date eh?......now let me see......
1) What kind of music do you listen to?
2) What are your favourite things to eat and drink?
3) How bigger part does Baby Oil play in your sex life?
And by the way, the answer to life, the universe and everything is Baby Oil!

Q: Hi guys, Firstly congratulations or a superb gig at the Marquee the other week; You we're all truly amazing ! My question is, now that a new studio album is out in Spring 2003, would you consider more Television appearances on music shows like the excellent Jools Holland show that - unlike some crappy music show I could mention - allows you to play live music? Lee Friend, London
L: We'd love to do any TV show where we can play live; it's a question of whether or not we're deemed to be the 'right' kind of band by the producers or whoever makes the decision at whichever show it is. I think some of the people in question think we're too 'heavy metal'.

Q: Hi guys, do any of you use ebay as I've recently bid for something and the last bidder was listed as "luke elgringoretro"! Is this you Luke or an avid fan? By the way, thanks for the Marquee show it was terrific. I was totally fooled and thought it would be Danny and the Doo Wops so imagine my delight at seeing you, especially having missed the MOR tour! Matt, Walton
L: No Matt, it wasn't me. Glad you enjoyed the Marquee show.

Q: I spose this is really a question for Ben but I'm sure Luke can answer it. I just listened to the entire Radio 6 production of Thunder live at Hammersmith in 1990. Danny introduces a "new" song - Low Life In High Places, but the beginning guitar part (played by Ben whilst Luke is on the acoustic) is quite different to that which actually made the final track release. Was this added afterwards or did Ben just forget to play it ? lol ! Cleggy
L: As I recall 'Low Life' was written shortly before the1990 winter tour and I don't think we'd attempted to record it at that time which would explain it differing from the LOJD version. I think we decided to play it because we all felt it was going to be an important Thunder song.

Q: Hi guys, Thanks for an absolutely great show at Wembley MOR, still got the style! Just a quick question, have you ever played Preaching From A Chair at any live shows? I can' t ever remember hearing it and what was the inspiration behind this song? Keep on rocking. Dom, Southend On Sea
L: We've never played 'Preaching' live although we did rehearse it before the BCD tour. It didn't seem to work as well live which happens sometimes. The song sums up my views on a lot of the grunge bands at that time who seemed to be very miserable and pissed off with their own success. I hate people moaning when they've got nothing to moan about.

Q: OK guys, what's the story behind the cameras at the Marquee? Is there going to be a video or DVD in the future? Great show, look forward to seeing you again soon. Mick, Desborough
T:  The band have had a cameraman follow them around since the LP recording began, so they have "in the studio" footage, candid MOR touring stuff (soundchecks, odd snippets from shows), as well as a full blown video and audio recording of the Marquee show. There was no official MOR filming, as Alice Cooper's label wouldn't allow it, so there will definitely not be a commemorative Monsters DVD release, as previously suggested. The plan is for the guys to look at what they have in rough cut form in the new year, then decide how best to put it together in DVD format. There is also a strong possibility that the 'In, Out, Put the Kettle On' video will be issued on DVD next year with new footage, etc. More news soon...

Q: Hi Danny, It was lovely to see you live again and glad to see you've still got the wiggle (I just love that wiggle). I would just like to know which is your favourite Thunder song, and which do you enjoy doing live. p.s. I loved all the stories of when you were an accident prone little boy. Look after yourself, and keep wiggling. Angela, Lancaster
D: Thanks for your kindness. It's nice to know one's talents and efforts are appreciated. My favourite Thunder song changes all the time, but at the moment it's Living For Today from The Thrill Of It All. As for the live performance the song is irrelevant, the potential for wiggling is clearly the only true way to gauge a song's worth... ha ha...

Q: Apologies if this has already been asked...only just discovered your website and not had time to go through archive...but can you both remember what was the first record you ever bought? Lyn, S. Wales
D: I'm rather ashamed to report that my first record purchase was Beg Steal Or Borrow by The New Seekers. I'm not proud of it but in my defence I must say I was a tender 12 years old and cannot therefore be blamed...

Q: Hello All - Seasons Greetings! I like the hats - very fetching!! I've got a question about your recording techniques - do you record 'live' as a band or does each band member put down his part on his own? Does the finished version differ from Luke's demo - I'm thinking of how Thin Lizzy's 'Don't Believe A Word' was originally a slow blues and got changed during rehearsal, as an example? Finally, why do demo's sound much more 'flat' than the finished product i.e. what happens during mastering to make the sound more rich? Thanks for a great year. John
L: Different bands have different approaches to writing, demoing and recording. When I write for Thunder I have the advantage of knowing the other guys' very well as musicians so when I make a demo of a new song I always try to anticipate how they would approach playing/singing it. Most of the time the demo will be a pretty good approximation of the finished article as far as the shape and tempo of the song is concerned. The reason most demos sound less finished is because that's exactly what they are; the final mastered product has better individual sounds, more instrumentation and more detail. The actual process of mastering happens when you take your final mixes and run them through a machine which can boost certain frequencies and change compression levels. Sometimes mixes require a lot of tweaking, sometimes they don't.

Q: Hi Luke, just wanted to let you know, i recently bought the "Symphony and Stage" collection, in the write up by Dave Ling, he mentions your solo album but call's it "El Gringo Loco", Is this a typo by the printers or did Mr. Ling get it wrong? Dale, London
L: I'm not actually sure but I will find out.

Q: Well I feel like I owe you guys an apology. I remember the name Thunder way back then, but never listened, preferring Purple, Whitesnake, etc. Imagine my surprise at Wembley. You just blew us away. I now have The thrill of it all, Symphony & Stage, and Laughing on Judgement Day. The Mother-in-Law is getting me Backstreet Symphony for Crimbo. After MoR I surfed for a Thunder web-site but they all seemed to end a few years back, so word up for Classic Rock magazine for including your web-site. I do actually have a question - are the tracks on the new EP going to be on the new album. Finally when you do tour again, consider Croydon's Fairfield Halls. We just saw Quo there and it was sold out. Ian Anderson just played there, and Yes did a couple of years ago. Phil
T: Hi Phil, glad to have you on board. All tracks from the EP will feature on the forthcoming album except 'When Tomorrow Comes', which is exclusive to this release.

Q: Dear Danny/Luke/Thinny, maybe a bit unrelated but just wanted to pass on my admiration for a one Mr. Harry James. I was at a Magnum gig in Oxford this week and he was drumming for them. All credit to him, he was brilliant, never missed a hit and you would think he had played with them for years. He just got on with the job, hid behind his drum kit (well the bold head occasionally popped up - was that a tuft of hair I saw??) and did what he does best - played them. Maybe I'm a bit biased here but I happen to think he is one of the best drummers in the country. To go from playing with Thunder in front of thousands of people to playing for Magnum in front of a few hundred shows his quality. If anybody reading this can catch any remaining Magnum gigs, go see them. If B&M or Thunder ever want an intimate venue to play, you wouldn't do any worse than The Zodiac in Oxford. Looking forward to the new album and seeing you in Oxford! It would be nice to see you locally rather than trekking half way around the country!!!!  Trevor Bradley
T: All hail King Harry!!! If anyone's going to see Magnum at Rock City this weekend, I will see you there....

Q: The most important question is; Did you enjoying doing the shows? Kevin, Kent 
L: Yes, we enjoyed the shows very much. It was great to play big venues again and the audiences were great.....well done everybody who turned up!!!!

Q: Played "Something About My Baby" to my girlfriend from Cyprus last week, she said it was perfect! (and she does speak good English!) Does it worry you when people judge you maybe because of your job or even hair? How do you deal with that? Also, would you describe yourself as working or middle class? Ian, South Wales 
L: I can't change how people judge me so I don't really think about it. As far as I'm concerned everybody has the right to wear their hair the way they want to and judging somebody because of the job they do is always a dangerous thing to do. I'd describe my upbringing as impoverished middle class albeit in a very working class area.

Q: Hi Luke,  I was looking back in the through the October q&a and saw that you do a bit of cycling, are we talking long distances, I ask because its something Alison (the wife) and I took up a couple of years ago to support various charities, it all started with the London-Brighton and we have completed several 50 odd milers and one 1 hundred miler in the last year, so if you wanna join us on one (loads of beers at the end of course) or fancy donating sumatt to a good cause, great. Tell Harry and Chris I say hello,  they know where to find me.  see you at the gigs. Gareth, Reading 
L: I haven't had much time for cycling recently but I will get back into it next year. I usually only do short distances (5 miles or so); any further than that and I tend to drive!

Q: Luke, during the Marquee gig (which was fantastic) your top E broke and you replaced it for one song with a stunning Cherry sunburst. It went much better with your shirt and I think you should use it more. My question though is this. Is the Hughes and Kettner here for good now. I personally don't think you can beat the Mesa Boogie. The H&K is a much more crunchie sound. (no, I don't mean it's covered in smooth milk chocolate). What's your preference at the moment and why please? BJ
L: The sunburst Les Paul is a lovely guitar but I prefer using the White one on stage as it has more natural sustain. As for the H+K amps they are very nice and I will use them again although I'll probably still use the Boogies as well. They're slightly different but both good in their own way.

Q: You've probably been asked this loads of times, but after being blown away last night at the Marquee by your good selves and the Quireboys I wondered do you prefer the smaller more intimate venues over venues for the MOR tour. Rew, Kent
L: We enjoy both types of venue because we love playing. Both have their pros and cons so it's hard to say one is better than the other.

Q: I have to say that I have never seen you guys as good as you were in Glasgow. I'm not sure if it was rose tinted glasses, as you haven't been about for a while but I would like to put this to you (oo-er!) The new material is excellent and "Somebody Get Me A Spin Doctor" not only went down well live but it is a stonking song with a really relevant theme just think John Leslie, Angus Deyton, Bill Clinton. How about you release it again as a single, maybe with a few live tracks from MOR or D&TDW or even B&m or EGR? We'll all buy it again for the extras and we'll petitition all our local radio stations to play it. We'll even pester Radio 1 for you. Let's get Danny's old "Team" working for you! As the marketing guys would have it " an aggressive marketing strategy". I think the song is more than worth it. No 38 in the website awards must show you the power of the website fanbase you have built up through your own efforts. Just a thought. Doc', Ireland
L: Thanks for coming to Glasgow and glad you enjoyed the show. As far as releasing singles go we'll have to wait and see how, where and when the album is released. Unfortunately releasing singles is a very expensive business so a lot will depend on who releases the album. Thanks for the ideas though.

Q: Hi, just got back from monsters of rock in Sheffield and have to say you were superb, it was a dream come true for me to see thunder live, and I hope you do a tour next year. Anyway the question, I got into thunder about 5 years ago but I always thought I had heard your music on a movie/TV tune or something? so have any of your songs been used in films etc? Mark, Nottingham
L: As far as I know none of our songs have been used on TV shows or in movies but 'The Pimp And The Whore' is currently being used on an MTV ad for ringtones!!

Q: Great show at Wembley, I just hope we get to see you again soon. I was just wondering whatever happened to the B Lucky music label you set up a few years ago as it wasn't credited on the EP or MSA. Alex, Southampton
L: 'B Lucky' wasn't a working label as such but more of our own brand name at that time. 

Q: Saw you at Birmingham and you were absolutely brilliant. Did you enjoy the tour and did you meet Alice? Angela, Lancaster
L: Yes, we enjoyed the tour and we spent an hour or so in Alice's dressing room in Bournemouth talking to the great man about golf! Rock'n'roll eh?

Q: Hi Danny and Luke. I was at the Sheffield arena showing of monster of rock and u guys quite literally rocked!!! I thought that u guys were better than Mr. Cooper himself. I'm guessing that u guys are back together now with the new album and all, which I'm yet to buy as I cannot find it anywhere!!! Sorry for not sending this email to your thunder email address as I cannot find that either. Are u guys planning to go on tour next year? If u r make sure u stop of at Sheffield City Hall for a gig. U wont remember me but I once met u back stage at the City Hall about 4 yrs ago. That show was amazing. I thought the crowd at monsters of rock did not recognize wot a gr8 performance u guys made. Oh yeh by the way, I was with my m8 that nite and Luke chucked his Pick into the crowd and he grabbed it b4 I cud. (White Fender, Medium). Thanx for taking some time out for reading my message and i await your reply. Steven Bullock, Doncaster
L: Thanks for your nice comments about the show. The new album will be released next year but there's no release date set at the moment. Keep watching this site and you'll find out as soon as we've got it sorted. We will be playing some shows next year but once again, nothing has been finalised yet.

Q: Question: Hi Luke! Last time I saw you was back in 1992. Met you first when I was secretary at the Mayfair in Newcastle upon Tyne.  God! SO long ago. How have you been, what gave you the inspiration for your solo album and why don't you play more smaller venues, it would be more personal. Linzi Brennan, South Shields
L: I'm sure we will play in smaller venues at some point in the future although it was nice being back on large stages for the MOR tour. My album was largely inspired by hanging out in Spain and looking at the sea whilst sipping a nice cold beer.

Q: It was brilliant to see you all back on stage together. We didn't come to the meet and greet and I missed meeting you all again. Please can you list the set lists from each night on the website. How do you think the Glasgow gig went? Would you consider dropping Welcome to the Party as it was relevant in May 1997 but Spin Doctor is more the political view now? Can't wait to see you in the New Year. Don't forget a Scottish date on the next Thunder tour. Marion
L: The set list was the same every night on MOR except Wembley where we played one song with our old mate Dave Colwell from Bad Company. Funnily enough it was a Bad Co. song called 'Good Lovin' Gone Bad'. The Glasgow gig was great for us apart from me falling over!! 'Welcome' I agree isn't lyrically relevant today but it's still a great opener for the set as it gets the band nicely in the mood.

Q: Hi Guys, just seen you perform at the M.O.R in Brighton - just wanted to say that the band sounded fantastic, great selection of songs, the new one was superb. Get that album finished and in the shops and then get yourselves down to the Portsmouth Guildhall, we need to be rocked!!!! Anyway, the question I want to ask is how are all the bands getting on - what can I say about Alice Cooper (first time seeing him) somewhat of an eye opener!!!! Any wild stories that you can share - which won't cause a law suit!!!!?? Matt Barber, Portsmouth
L: All the bands got along very well on MOR so there's no wild stories of primadonna like behaviour to report I'm afraid.

Q: Glasgow gig was Brilliant! Thunder were the best band of the night and yes you can still rock.  Should have gone back to see you instead of staying to see Alice Cooper, maybe next time!!  Luke, Where did you get that shirt?!! Mags & Fiona
L: Glad you both enjoyed the show. I bought my shirt in a designery sort of shop in Covent Garden. Sorry but I can't remember the name!

Q: Hi Danny. My favourite vocalists (apart from your good self) are Paul Rodgers and Ronnie Van Zant. I was wondering if you could tell me which vocalists inspired you to embark on your chosen career? Have a great Christmas too, Danny and Luke!!!!!! Kieran Keegan
D: At the beginning it was Paul Rodgers, he was the first singer who sounded like I felt inside. I became obsessed with all songs Free and Bad Co. I was also into John Lennon (sheer guts) and Paul McCartney (technique) throughout this time. Eventually I got into Robin Trower and his singer was James Dewar, who impressed me greatly, until I saw him live (he was very dull indeed). Then Stevie Wonder arrived in my life with Songs In The Key Of Life and I lost all reason, he remains my all time favourite singer and musician, I hold him in the very highest regard, to me he is a true genius. There are others I admire (Marvin Gaye, Roberta Flack, Aretha, Gladys Knight) but Mr Wonder is my all time all round hero.

Q: Danny - some one has just told me that you are an Alex Harvey fan. Is this true and did you ever get to see him live? It is a great source of regret to me that I never did. Bazza
D: I discovered Alex Harvey just after he released the Next LP. I was blown away (I bought it for the cover) and bought everything I could. I was there at Hammersmith Odeon (as it was) when they recorded the Live LP. I lost interest a bit as the records became more and more camp, but AH was always a great showman and the band kicked bottom. I worked with the band's producer years later when he did our front of house sound. I was very proud of the fact that I was the first one in my circle of friends to discover AH.

Q: Hi Dan,  I don't know if you remember me. I used to work for Ritchie Blackmore and put you on the guestlist for Deep Purple when they were in Japan back in '91.  I'm also the guy who said hello to you as you boarded your flight to Zurich yesterday. Anyway, make a note of my e-mail address and next time you (Luke or any of  the gang) fly out of Heathrow with BA, give me a shout and I'll try to get you upgraded. Great gig at the Marquee by the way. Rob Fodder, Harmondsworth
D: Thanks matey, you're very kind. You gave me a shock shouting my name as I was walking up the steps to board the plane. See you soon.

Q: So great to see you guys all together again. Q - In the 20 or so shows I've been to the sound has always been great so- who did the sound desk for the NEC gig? It was so bottom heavy couldn't hear Luke properly and it distorted the usual perfect sound?  PS - Say Hi to your Mum!-you might like to know  she had such a ball at the 'last' Thunder gig. I was stood behind her and we even had a little 'hand'-dance when she got reelin & a rockin'! (Not Dingwall's - didn't see her there, maybe she couldn't get a ticket!) Martin, Bristol
D: Sound is a very subjective thing, and so it should be. It also varies according to where you are in the room. Sorry you didin't like it, but the feedback I had across the whole tour was that the sound was great. Another factor to take into account is that fact that the show was run by Alice Cooper's people, and not by Thunder. When you've seen us in the past it would have been mostly at our own shows, this make a difference to both sound and lighting.

Q: Where can I buy a M.O.R t-shirt online...the gig last night was great...just never had enough money on me at the time to buy a T-shirt? Luke Willoughby, Loughborough
D: I daresay there will be some shirts available for purchase after the tour ends on Wednesday. Watch this space for the news..

Q: Hi guys, Firstly thanks for a fantastic show the weekend before last. I've been away since and not had the chance to congratulate you all yet on a superb performance. Watching you guys on stage at Wembley it felt like you'd never been away. My main question is had you guys seen what's on the other end of thunderchannel.com these days? I know its not there anymore, but UBL.com still has it up on their site, so i clicked the link, went to thunderchannel and instantly got redirected to the lovely Anna. She a fan of yours? If anyone over the age of 18 wants a look, I'm sure you'll be impressed........ Simon, Kent
T: We had noticed.  I have no idea if she is a Thunder fan, but we certainly Anna fans....

Q: Hi guys, Got the EP and the "T" shirt both excellent on all counts!!! Great to hear new material is still up to scratch. I'm really looking forward to Nov 23rd, but wait for it..... I am still waiting for the bloody tickets to arrive after the previous recall. The question is this: Danny, I did take your advice and put my feet up with a cup of tea, but still no show, although, I have got a letter confirming the bookings. Anyway, If they don't arrive in time (I do have my faith in you) Would you kill the promoter for me? Kevin, Shropshire
D: This is a major pain in the bum. I'm sorry for your troubles, but if your tickets haven't arrived it's down to the ticket seller, not the promoter. I can only suggest if you have confirmation of your booking, that you get on the phone and hassle them. I'd hate for you to miss the show...

Q: Danny, what size are your feet? They look huge on the front of MSA (only just bought the album so I can't give you my full opinion, but seems good so far). Gordon Hall
D: You know what they say about men with big feet.... Mine are size 8, photos lie, especially if you have the big foot lens on the camera.

Q: Hi Guys,  Just got Back For The Crack and it's great. It's kind of a mix of everything you've done before. Spin doctor could easily be on Back Street Symphony while When Tomorrow Comes would of made a nice track 12 on Giving The Game Away. I particularly like Blown Away, even if it does a little too much like Until My Dying Day - not that that is a bad thing. 2 questions if I may. 1) On The Pimp and The Whore are your talking about your relationship with each other and if so who's the Pimp and who's the Whore! I guess Mr. Bowes would be the pimp because as far as my knowledge stretches he's married and Mr Morley is not. 2) Going back through your old sleeve notes I notice that it generally takes well over a year to do one album start to finish - do you / have you got worried that you might be rushing this new one?  Alex Towers, Southampton
L: Actually 'Pimp' isn't about me and Danny at all! It's about a Simon Cowell/Pete Waterman type of character telling his latest 'pop star' protégé what a wonderful team they're going to make. The time it takes to make a new record is governed by how long it takes to write the songs. The actual recording always takes us around 3 to 4 weeks.

Q: When you're writing new songs, is there some tunes you decide to leave definitely ? In this case, at which stage of development does this happen and why? Olivier, Belgium
L: If a song isn't coming together I've usually spotted it and stopped working on it before I've written any lyrics although occasionally an inferior song does reach the end of the demo process.

Q: Hey, any of you guys heard of Chris Morris?? Say yes, he's a genius. Brass eye, Day today, blu jam, heard, seen any of these?? What would you say your sense of humour is like??  Jonny Wilts
L: I'm afraid I don't know who Chris Morris is. I think we share a similar sense of humour which is very British; Python, Blackadder, Fast Show, Fawlty Towers, The Office etc.

Q: Hey, how's it going? Give me 3 Thunder reasons why I should come and watch you at Cardiff later this month!! I need to convince my parents to give me the cash!! Can you believe it?? When are one of you two gonna update us with a new 'wit. wisdom and whiskey'?? I enjoyed reading the others. Anyway, hope to see in Cardiff later this month, keep going. Jonny Wilts
L: 1) It'll be a great show
2) If you miss it there's a very good chance you won't ever see these bands appearing on the same bill together again.
3) Tell your parents that if they don't cough up for your ticket that you'll torture them with the new album when it comes out!!!
We've both been in the studio for the past few weeks working on the new album so we've been too busy to write a new WWW but there will be more so please bare with us for the time being.

Q: Hey guys I was listening to "When Tomorrow Comes" and I think it has a very Hootie And The Blowfish/Ryan Adams sound to it? Do u agree or have I just offended you and deserve a back slap? Tomo
L: I think 'Tomorrow' definitely has a slight country feel to it which would account for the Hootie/Ryan association. I like Ryan Adams 'Gold' album a lot although I'm not too familiar with Hootie's stuff.

Q: I have just been presented with a surprise pair of tickets for the Manchester show by my most excellent husband!! I was wondering how long the set will be? Meg, Liverpool
T: Thunder's set will last approximately 50 Minutes.

Q: Got the EP this weekend and haven't stopped listening to it yet, BUT who needs to be shot for the (possible) mistake on the sleeve?!? The website says (and still does I just checked) that track 4 (When Tomorrow Comes) is EP exclusive and wont be on the LP, yet the EP sleeve says Track 3 (The Pimp and the Whore) is exclusive. Which is and which isn't and do I get bonus brownie points for bringing this up? See you at Wembley!! Simon, Kent
D: We have a winner! Yes you're right there is a mistake on the sleeve but not one that warrants a shooting. It was caused by a last minute order change, and the designer was away, so the choice came down to either a delay or a typo. I knew you'd all be up in arms if we delayed so I opted for the latter, also knowing some eagle eyed type would spot it. No prize I'm afraid as you waited until Monday to alert HQ. Still, keep it up, nice to know someone's paying attention.

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