Q & A Archive - May 2009


Q: Why oh why is Peter Shoulder not a bigger star (sorry about split but hey it happens see you in London). Andy, Tornford, Dorset
L: Well, if I have anything to do with it then he will be soon! Peter and I have started work on a joint project which we intend to turn into an album and some gigs later in the year. I can't say any more than that at this stage but all developments will be announced here first as and when they happen!!

Q: Luke: The song “On The Radio” contains a “F**K YOU!” expletive directed at the media i.e. TV and Radio. Was this a friendly “Up Yours” kind of message or are you quite bitter about Thunder not having enough exposure over the years? Looking back, I don’t think you’ve done that badly at all. Or am I wrong? Perhaps the message was just about the state of play now and “On The Radio” not likely to be aired on mainstream stations? Axel
L: I am not, nor are the rest of the guys, bitter about how life has treated us. I do think the quality of our work merited a bit more mainstream exposure but that's my opinion. I think I'd describe the 'F**K YOU' as playful goading.

Q: Hi Danny, Following your birthday in April, do you know the songs which were at number one in the charts when you were born, and on your 18th? As you might suspect I've done my research on this and they're both unusual songs, with connections to the north of England (one having been recorded at the Gaumont Cinema in Doncaster). My relevant songs were 'See My Baby Jive' by Wizzard and 'The Shoop Shoop Song' by Cher (of course the Bachelors did a version of this - 'The Soup Soup Song'!). But it seems destined I'd be a fan of your band as I share my birthday with Leo Sayer who sang 'Thunder In My Heart'. Finally, I have to mention your great live tracks on 'A Christmas Cracker!', especially the link to Sheffield with 'You Can Leave Your Hat On' (a song featured on the soundtrack of the film 'The Full Monty', sung by Tom Jones). Your vocals are more than a match for Tom and our city's own Joe Cocker, who has also recorded it. As you happen to share your birthday with 'The Full Monty' actor Robert Carlyle, it really is "hats off" to you! Angela, Sheffield.
D: I'm afraid I have no idea which songs were in the charts on the dates you mentioned. I'd be interested to know though..Glad your dates have significance to you, and thanks for the nice words about our version of YCLYHO.
Strangely enough it came up on my iPod (in shuffle mode) the other day and I really enjoyed listening to it...

Q: Hi, I noticed the meet and greets will be available in late May. Can you tell me if I have missed it. Paul Osborne, Rainham, Kent
T: Nope, applications are open right now!

Q: Hey Luke ! I have a guitar question : what warm-ups do you like to do to practice, any in particular ? and do you ever try tremolo or legato techniques ? I'll see you shredding it up in Newcastle ;) Chris, M'bro
L: I'm not really the sort of guitar player who practices technique as I find it a little dull. The only practice I do is when I'm playing with other musicians. I'm not saying practice is a bad thing but for me, as long as I can play what I hear in my head I'm satisfied. Legato isn't really what I do although if it felt like the right complement to a song I was working on then maybe. If by tremolo you mean whammy-bar or tremolo arm then yes, I do use it from time to time. If you listen to the solo on 'Miracle Man' on our last album you'll hear it.

Q: Hey Luke. Just wondering if you have ever seen Live from Daryl's House on the Net. Daryl Hall and his band + Guests sitting around chatting, playing old, new, and guest's songs. Is this something you would, could, possibly interested in, as i think it could be a perfect vehicle for you as a host. "Live at Lukes" etc!! I'd fund it myself if i had the dosh!! Any thoughts? See you and the guys at Manchester. Danny Bennett, Chorley, Lancs
L: I haven't seen the show but I will endeavour to check it out.

Q: Hi Luke. It was good to see you at the Heavens Basement gig at the 100 Club last week showing support for your support (as it were). My friend and I are going to Colchester to see them and Black Stone Cherry on the 9th June and my question is .... I'm driving - do you want a lift there and back?? Beth, Enfield
L: Hahahaha!! Sure....if you have a helicopter and can pick me up on the way!

Q: I cant think of a better way to spend a wet sunday afternoon than trawling through my Thunder dvd collection which has only made the waiting till July even worse. Anyway in the interviews on the "Flawed to perfection" dvd I think it was Danny that said Snake was into sky diving and was wondering if he was the nutter jumping out of the plane in the "Like a
Satalite" video. Colin Vale, Leicester
D: I can't honestly remember, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't him. It was a few videos ago..

Q: Marmite. Love it or hate it? Beth, Enfield
H: Hate it with a vengeance!
Love it.
: Definitely love it especially with cheese or peanut butter!
D: I appear to be the one person in the world who can take it or leave it.

Q: I've just bought "Back Street Symphony" on cd (I know, shame on me but I do have the LP and a turntable) anyway, I was wondering why "Distant Thunder" isn't on my vinyl version? Anne, Leeds
L: It isn't? I didn't know that! It's so long since I've seen the vinyl version. I can only assume that all the songs wouldn't fit on the vinyl. You only get about 45 minutes before you start losing quality with vinyl so we probably elected to leave DT off in preference for one of the other songs.

Q: Straight to the point on this one guys. Many of us will not be able to make the final tour. Have you thought of the possibility of web-casting one of the final shows? Seriously, one camera and sound would do! Peter Machin, Shrewsbury
D: Web casting costs money, and whilst we did consider it, research shows that paying to watch webcast has not really caught on sufficiently to cover the cost of doing it. The final show will be filmed for a DVD release, so that's probably going to be the best option for those who can't attend the final tour.

Q: Have to say im shocked that 'the joy of six' has been deleted so quickly! My birthday is in may, enabling me to buy the 3 eps this month, and now i am in a frantic rush to buy the other two as fast as possible! Possibly a silly question but worth a shot as the only one i can find anywhere else is on eBay for £200 from usa! Does there happen to be any
copies of 'the joy of six' lying around anywhere?? Martin, Cheltenham
D: I'm afraid we've sold all the copies. Now the band is coming to an end, we're hoping to avoid a situation where we end up with a lot of stock that doesn't sell (sales are always driven by band activity), so we've taken the decision to let the stocks on all our CDs and DVDs run down naturally, and go to digital releases for the CDs as each title sells out. We can't help you with TJOS, but would suggest if there are other titles you'd like and don't have yet, that you buy them soon while stocks are available, as other people already seem to be doing. I'm not sure if this is the reason, but our sales of all things have gone mad since we announced the split. Weird..

Q: I have written this email 100 times in my head and then thought better of it for fear of sounding like a sad case! I suppose I wanted to let you know about my 'journey' and how Thunder have had such an impact on my life over the past two decades. (so apologies now if this bores you!) When I was growing up, I never really took any notice of rock music, that is until I met the man who became my husband - Paul. Paul was a massive rock fan and it wasn't long before it rubbed off on me. Thunder became a regular sound on the stereo and we saw you live whenever funds & babysitters allowed. In May 1998, Paul was killed in a motorcycle accident - I was a widowed mother of 2 daughters at the age of 26 - in my eyes, the world had ended! Then in November of the same year, my friend agreed to come to Rock City with me to see you - the first gig of ajy kind I'd been to without Paul, so it was quite significant to me. After the show, my friend
spoke to Matron (without my knowledge) and explained about what I'd been through and how much it would mean to me to meet you all 'in the flesh'. My wish was granted and it was the happiest I had been for a long time. After that, me & my friend came to see you whenever we could. Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Scarborough, Rock n Blues to name but a few. We have had some of the most amazing nights out and have been fortunate enough to meet you all on many occasions. I even spent one night talking to Toby Jepson for hours after a gig in Manchester which was surreal to say the
least. I came to look upon you all as friends even though I'm sure you wouldn't know me if you walked past me in the street. It was my time to be away from real life, somewhere to escape and be me for a few hours. I wanted to thank each and every one of you and your crew (in particular Mark Harris who was harassed by me on many occasions as I so desperately wanted to see you after every gig - sorry Mark!). I had a really nice chat with Danny once after a Christmas gig at Rock City. I came away from that gig walking on air just for the fact that I had had a normal conversation with
someone that to me was an icon of the music world. It was so nice to talk about normal things like kids and family. Your music has and always will play a major part in my life. It has helped me through some very difficult times, certainly over the past 11 years since I lost Paul and has been a great source of comfort on many occasions, along with being an immense
source of pleasure! Anyway, I wanted to wish you all the very best for whatever path you choose to take in the future. Be happy and live each day as if it were your last!
D: Thanks very much for your message. I do remember you, and your friend. It means a lot to us to receive heartfelt messages like these, and we count ourselves very lucky to have received loads over the years, and not just since we announced the split. I'm glad our music and live shows have been a source of joy to you. Thanks for your support and encouragement for the future, and I send the same best wishes to you.

Q: Harry? Chris? Ben? Where are you? Haven't heard anything much from you three since the news of the split was announced and just wondered on your thoughts, hopes, fears, futures? Beth, Enfield
B: See below.

Q: Hi Ben, not heard anything from you since the announcement was made, was just wondering what you're going to be doing & what your plans are? Music or sound engineering or both? Or neither !?!?! Don't know if anyone else is the same with band members but you're the one I've always identified with & thought it would be nice to be able to keep in touch with you if at all possible? Hope it's all gonna be good for you anyway........ John Matthews, Manchester
B: I'm undecided at the moment, as previously stated I have had various mixing and production offers and I'll see where they lead.

Q: Hi Ben, thank you for the nice conversation after the gig in the Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg. The concert was great!!! Do you remember our discussion about the sports car , I was the guy from Porsche. I saw now that the date at Rock of ages is confirmed, if you want I do what I promised, I bring one car there !!! You have my number call me! Thomas Noel, Stuttgart Germany
B: I do remember and I have your number, will you take me round the Nuremberg Ring?

Q: I know this has been asked before, but I also know that these things can change over time. I'd like to know what guitars you now own and what amps, pedals, effects you use both at home and in the studio? I bought a Hughes and  Kettner amp on your recommendation a few years ago and I love it. Otis Fett, Dublin
B: I have several Gibson Les Pauls, two customs, a 59 reissue and a Gold Top, a Fender Telecaster and a few acoustics, I have a few older guitars *Charvel, Ibanez. I don't really use pedals as Danny will only stamp on them, the amps
we use now are the Marshall Vintage Moderns built by the wonderful Steve Dawson at Marshall.

Q: A triple question from me this time: Who in the band is best (lowest hcp) in Golf? How fast have you run 100 meters? What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator? Inge Hassel, Heimdal, Norway
B: Given up golf, 13.6 secs, get out.

Q: Hi Ben , Have you ever played any of the custon shop strats? My ex had a eric clapton custon shop strat made , the luther made 2 out of the same woods but eric got to choose which one he prefered and my ex got the other one. beautiful guitar , the noiseless pickups make it sound so precise. i love gibsons my self i've got a 1978 gold custom called rufus . hes a legend had his headstock singed when my ex's house went on fire but hes fine him and and a mesa boogie mark 4 amp where the sole survivors! Do you guys have a favorite guitar maybe a 'blackie' in your collection? Gill McGough, Cheshire
B: I have never tried them, I'm a confirmed Gibson man. My favourite is my Sunburst 59 reissue.

Q: First and foremost thank you for 20 years of music. I'm sure that the grief you are receiving is well meant. I have seen you perform 18 times and am gutted but glad I got the opportunity to meet you all in Newcastle and have tickets for 2 of your farewell shows. 4 questions guys, will understand if you don't want to answer them all! How many instruments can each band member play? I believe you've just bought a new stage rig, what are you going to do with it? Do you intend to continue signing and promoting bands through STC? Finally as you have provided the soundtrack to our lives (I got married to the tune of 'A better man'! cheques in the post Luke) is it possible for you to open a page on this site for us to tell you what you've meant to us and sign off?, kind of a high school graduation book, something for you to take with you in the future. Thanks again for the tunes, 'What am I going to do now that the damage is done?' Andy, Sheffield
B: It depends on what you mean by 'play', guitar and keys, I can bash a drum beat out, I used to play the flute and can get a tune out of most woodwind instruments, I won't included percussion as it's a bit like drums, not a real instrument.

Q: As with all other posts, many thanks for 20 great years and for giving me a quality CD collection!! My question is.. over all the years, which has been each of your personal favourite tours? Personally, Monsters of Rock in 2002 was great to see you back, but after that it was RJT for me. All the best in the future... Steve I, North Yorks
B: If only I could remember most of them, the most recent is always my favourite for the above reason, 1992 seems like a good year thinking about it.

Q: Hi Guys, Sorry to hear about the imminent split, I did actually think after last November's tour that we were on borrowed time as fans - you seem to have grown in popularity quite dramatically since first calling it a day after G.T.G.A , and you did state then that things would be different from then on. Oh well, I think it's safe to say that you leave us with a legacy that even the likes of Led Zep would be proud of - every album and subsequent tour has been first class! As a foliow up to a previous question, I have to say that R.J.T is by a mile my favourite album of yours, with B.S.S and T.M.S close after. Anyway, best of luck to the five of you, a follow up to El Gringo would be very interesting now - lyrically especially! And my question is? ... How does Harry, Ben and Illegal Eagle Chris feel about all this? Sion Parry, North Wales
B: I think all good things must come to an end, I would far rather go out on a high note leaving a great legacy than overstaying our welcome. Always leave people wanting more.

Q: With all this frustration being vented by everyone about the whole situation, everyone needs to take a step back, take stock for just a moment and remember how much each and every one of you have given to us all. What other band with your following has done so much to please its fans ...eh ! God bless you all !  Anyway, moving (slowly) on towards my question...We travelled to see you all over and in Europe a few times in recent years, the last being in Barca poss 3 years ago , when we bumped into you in Placa Real off the Ramblas, the same night we threw Harry a Barca shirt which he wore for the encore... this was our finest memory of following you guys around. So (eventually) my question to you is what is your favourite/proudest moment of your time spent together ?  Sincere thanks, I'd just like to wish you good health and good luck to you all in your future ventures whatever they may be! Big Jim, Rugby
B: To be honest there are too many to mention but here's a few of mine to be getting on with: Donington 1990, Wembley Stadium with Bon Jovi, Brit Awards 1991, the first show at Hammersmith Odeon.

Q: Hi Guys. Sorry to hear about the pending spilt, but I know you have your reasons. Just wanted to say a big Thank You for your music's and some of my best memories - you are, by far, the best band I have ever seen live. Anyway, I do have a question: which track/album is your least favourite and why? Was there one, in particular, which brings back painful
memories or was difficult to write/record? No reason for asking other than I'm nosy and I'm sure every band has at least one song they're less fond of. Well, I wish you all the very best in the future and I'll see you in Manchester in July.  Andrea, Bolton
B: There was a song, which I won't mention, that was proving to be a little painful to record so we ordered in a crate of red wine, drank it all and ended up recording Hirsute Boogie.

Q: Firstly can I just say respect to Danny, Luke and The Thin One for answering all the questions being bombarded at you since the announcement!! It's credit to you! YOu guys have been my favourite band without doubt for the last 20 years, my one regret when you split up the 1st time was I never got to see you! When you got back together I never missed a UK tour, generally Manchester or Wolverhampton were my haunts. So Thank you for some great nights out. So my question is (and you pleased to know it has nothing to do with the split Ha!) What is a great night out for you? Ade C, Cheshire
B: Dinner in a splendid restaurant with my girlfriend, second to that, a night out with the boys in Thunder, always eventful.
L: If the company, the food and the wine are all good then it's a good night out!
D: You're very kind. I don't really care where or what it is, provided the vibe is good and I'm in the company of friends.

Q: Just wanted to say good luck with everything you do in the future, gutted but I respect you want to move on to other things. Just wanted to ask what is the most bizarre things that you have been asked to sign by fans over the past 20 years - it is ok I'm over 18 so you can tell the rude ones! My fave Thunder memory - 1995 Bulldog Bash - we were the only 'Thunder' fans there and I was too scared to ask the Hells Angel security if there was a meet and greet so my ex did and you guys kindly let us back stage to chat with you, we then sat out in the empty field and you soundchecked Broken Dream only Ben's knobbly knees in some dodgy shorts ruined it!! and Harry promised me a drumstick which he kindly put right in my hand at the end of the show. Thanks again see you in July. Iain McIntosh, United Kingdom
B: All the usual places so I won't go into detail. The most bizarre thing was a cheque but I didn't notice until it was too late - curses!
L: It's a toss up between various body parts (some intimate, some not) and currency; £5 notes, dollar bills and a good few Yen!

Q: Firstly thanks for the great music over the years. Secondly thanks for introducing me to some great cover songs from other artists. Particularly the likes of Lazy Sunday Afternoon, All the Way from Memphis, Meet me on the Corner and many more. My Question is this. If you could pick one cover song that you have not played to a live audience before, what would it be and why? PS - Good luck in your future adventures and see you in Wolverhampton PPS - Taking my dad for his 60th birthday. He has never seen Thunder but he thinks your voice is fantastic Danny! Darren Hall, Tamworth
B: I'd like to play the Deep Purple classic - 'Burn', we often jam it at sound checks but never get right the way through it.
L: Side Two of 'Abbey Rd', by The Beatles (or for those of you that don't remember vinyl, from 'Here Comes The Sun' onwards). Why? Because they never performed it and it would be interesting attempting to play such an unusual bunch of songs in one continuous piece as they do on the album.

Q: Sad news indeed but life goes on looking forward to giving you all a good send off in July we are booked for Manchester, Sheffield, London & possibly Newcastle until then a question. Tact was never my strong point (Amongst many) what faults or bad habits have you picked up whilst being in a band. PS All the very best for all of your future projects. Clare, Middlesbrough
B: Absolutely none, perhaps a little arrogance?
L: I'm not sure I've picked up any bad habits but I did manage to give one up....smoking.
D: I've no idea, I've been in a band for two thirds of my life. I try very hard to listen more than I speak, but often fail. I also feel I am right most of the time, which is of course wrong. I'm sure I'm right about that though.

Q: I have discovered that there is some serious disagreements over which is the 'best' Thunder album - mainly following a drink fuelled row with friends the other night. (You can tell I don't get out much!) Anyway, I voted for BCD - as it has some great songs and I got the sense you all really enjoyed making it (which is an important ingredient, don't you think?). To settle this quandary, we would really like to gain your opinions on this one - bet you don't all agree either? Andrew, Cornwall
B: My advice is stop arguing, there is no 'best' Thunder album they are all different, all representing different times in the band's career.
D: Sorry to do this but I enjoyed making BCD the least of all our albums. We did it in the USA, and whilst the experience of living and recording there was great, the process was strange, as we had to contend with a lot of political drama with the labels we were signed to. My second child was due any moment too, and I was very twitchy about not missing it, so much so that I went home before I'd finished singing the record (I made it in time). Then when she was born I didn't want to leave and return to the US, so it was a bit of a torrid time all round. In the end the rest of the band came back to the UK and we finished it here. Nice guys. It could be because the memories are fresh, but I think I probably enjoyed making Bang! the most as it was a really easy process, and we had such a nice time at Marge's Castle (she's a very nice generous lady).
L: Of all the albums BCD was the strangest to make, probably because we were in LA while lots of unpleasant things were going on - aftershocks, Rodney King, OJ Simpson, racial tension etc. I also think it's our darkest album song-wise; there's drug addiction (Moth To The Flame), domestic violence ("Til The River Runs Dry), infanticide (It Happened In This Town) and paranoia (Too Scared To Live). I'm not sure we have a best album; any opinion is always subjective and based on other criteria like what going on in your life at the time you're listening to it.

Q: Hi guys. Most of the questions regarding the split have been centred on what Danny/Luke are going to do next. My question is for Ben, Chris and Harry. What are you guys going to do in the future? Steve Fisher, Northampton
B: I am undecided at this time, I have had some mixing/production offers in the short term that I'll look at but as to the long term...
C: I will be continuing to tour with The Illegal Eagles (www.illegaleagles.com) and there is a rumour of a tour with Russ Ballard (www.russ-ballard.com) in June, yet TBC. I also have a few projects at my home studio which are ongoing (www.myspace.com/bigredrec). Apart from that I will be available for weddings, bar mitzvahs etc...

Q: Firstly I would just like to express my gratitude for the past few years of music. I became a fan of Thunder through my Dad at the age of about 12, and since then I have never looked back! Your music has kept me sane throughout my evenings of private study at boarding school, and so for that I am indebted to you! As I am now approaching my GCSE's I am relieved that I have music such as yours to get me through the tedious hours of revision! After my GCSE's I am coming to your Cambridge gig, I cannot wait; and at least I have an incentive to get through all my exams! Anyway, back to the question, at the moment, my Dad has become somewhat of an eBay addict and is purchasing some of your classic EP's and CD's, it has been absolutely amazing for the both of us to hear so many different versions and songs we haven't heard in while! So anyway, have any of you ever used eBay and if so, what is the strangest purchase you have made? Thanks again for everything, See you in July! Natasha Hardy, Norwich
B: I have used eBay many times but I haven't bought anything unusual, apart from that Lion cub last Thursday
I have used eBay to buy a replacement car ariel. Is that strange? I'm not sure........

Q: There are three Thunder songs that I've always had a sneaky feeling could have been huge. They are 'Pilot of My Dreams', 'Out of My Head' and 'Somebody Get Me a Spin Doctor'. I have to say 'Carol Ann' features in the same vein. Is there any track which you have recorded and thought, "That could do it!" I mean anyone that you're particularly proud of and thought should have been released as a single or got more live or radio exposure. P.S. I've bought a ticket and I'm going to see you in Glasgow. It'll be my twenty third and last time. I'll be the grown man in the front row crying. The one on the left. Your right ... my left. Otis Fett, Dublin
B: Lots of them over the years but without any radio support it was always going to be difficult. The irony of On The Radio being played on Radio 2 was not lost on the band.
L: Picking 'hit' songs is such a subjective thing. Everybody thinks they can do it but people's reactions to music will always surprise you and the results are never predictable. I think that's part of the fun. I didn't think Love Walked In was particularly 'commercial'; shows how much I know! !

Q: Hi guys, its taken me a while to work out what I would like to say since your announcement. I'm totally gutted, you have become the soundtrack to my life ever since I first saw you at JB's Junction 10 in Walsall at the age of 17, I'm 37 now and I've followed you all the way, you have been just brilliant! So here's my question, the thought of never hearing and seeing you live again fills with me with dread so there's only one thing for it, its not ideal but it's the next best thing I can come up with, someone will have to form a thunder tribute band? I would do it myself if I could. What are your thoughts and would you ever turn up to a show? Graham Fereday, West Midlands
B: Probably not - would you?
D: I heard of one a long time ago in Japan, and was intrigued. I've been told that some bands play some of our tunes in their set, but I've not heard of an actual bona fide Thunder tribute band. I'd have no objection, and I would go if they played close enough.

Q: So the farewell tour has finished you have finished singing the last note, banging the last drum, played the last chord,  your lying there just thinking having a 'coffee' ,what will be the 1st thing you will do the morning after the night before?Ade C, Cheshire (kindof)
B: Take an ibuprofen I guess.
D: I imagine I will be reaching for the headache tablets and water to try to soothe my raging hangover. Assuming I have not lost my sight and all feeling in my hands.
L: I would imagine I'll be reaching for the Anadin Extra......

Q: As this is your very last tour are you going out with a bang? Seriously, thank you for being such a fantastic band and you will be really missed. Your music however will live on and what a musical legacy you have left. My question is: How emotional do you think you will be on this tour knowing it will be your very last one together? Mike, Neston
B: I think it will be an emotional time for all involved, including the audience.
D: I suspect we will all be feeling it in our own way as the tour goes on, but we're not an overly emotional bunch, so I suspect there will be little talk of it until after the last show, when it will no doubt come out over a few medicinal lemonades...

Q: Just wondering whether you get to see each others answers before Thinny post them up on the Q and A? Some questions for you to think about, and hopefully answer without seeing the other responses...
1. Who drinks the most in the band whilst on tour?
2. Who is the most talented (in terms of live performance) in the band?
3. What venue in the UK is your favourite (based on all factors...audience, sound system, backstage etc.)?
4. What is the hardest song you play/ or have played live? James Vincent, Caterham
B: We don't get to see them before Thinny posts them but occasionally I'll look once they are up there to see if the question has been answered, there's no point in just repeating the same answer.
1 Luke 2 That's your choice not ours 3 Hammersmith Odeon 4 Baby I'll Be Gone
D: I answer the questions as soon as I can, and I don't really get the time to see other member's replies on the site. I don't know who drinks the most but I'd hazard a guess at Luke. I am clearly the most talented and gifted member of this band, it's all about me, I am great etc (ha ha). I have no venue preference, for me it's about the audience. All of them are hard for me to sing, but they would be even harder for me to play as I am useless at all instruments, except the kazoo. I am in the UK Olympic Kazoo squad for 2012.

Q: I would like to say thank you guys for a fantastic 20 years. So many great moments. I'm a big movie fan and I often buy many a soundtrack CD. I'd like to ask each band member what their favourite song from a movie was and what film they would have liked to have done the theme tune to or written a song for the soundtrack? Steve Hamblett, Maidstone
B: Some of the early Disney movies have the most incredible soundtracks featuring massive orchestras and choirs, I'd like to have written "When I See An Elephant Fly" - great lyrics.
L: There's too many great musical moments in film history to pick one but some of my favourites are 'Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head' from 'Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid', 'Always Look On the Bright Side Of Life' from 'Life Of Brian', 'Teenage Wedding' from 'Pulp Fiction', all of 'Saturday Night Fever', 'West Side Story', 'Guys & Dolls'......I'd better stop now. I'd be proud to have written any part of these films.

Q: Hi guys, just wanted to say that the Hammersmith show this year will be my 25th, and my fiancé's 11th show by Thunder, and I was wondering, do you guys still feel that "buzz" of excitement before stepping on stage? Dale, London
B: Every single time, if it goes I'll give up.
D: Absolutely. The adrenalin rush is what gets you in the mood..
L: Definitely. When we're waiting in the wings and the house lights go down, the audience reacts and that's always a special moment for me.

Q: Hi everybody ! You have released 9 studio albums and several live albums. Did you listen to them sometimes ? or not because you played a lot of the songs during 20 years ? I listen them regularly. If you travel in Alsace, you're welcome to have a drink !! Luc, Neuve Eglise, France
B: Anywhere in particular for a drink or just generally? I don't tend to listen to our albums unless I'm learning parts for the songs, reason being that when you mix them you get a lifetimes worth of listening in a couple of months and more would be just greedy.
L: Hardly ever, although it's nice when I hear them somewhere I'm not expecting to....like on the radio!

Q: Whilst listening to Thunder last night at 2:45 A.M'ish I had a strange thought..."I bet threes not a minute of a day goes by without at least someone listening to a Thunder song!" Do you ever sit there anytime & think I wonder how many people are listening to us & what are they listening too? Mart, Saffron Walden
B: No, you are a bit strange and possibly need professional help.
L: To be honest I've never even considered it!
D: I can honestly say I don't think I've ever sat and wondered that.

Q: Hi guys! I'm asking this question for my son!! Firstly, Many, many thanks for a fantastic 20 years of wonderful music, we are a family of fans, me, my husband (who does a cracking impression of Luke on guitar!), and even my 7 year old son Ben is gutted that he won't get to see you live, but he wanted me to ask you guys which song you all most enjoy playing live? and as he is a practising rock star himself, what is Luke's favourite guitar riff?!! Thanks guys! Claire, Nottingham
B: I like Until My Dying Day and Stormwater.
L: I enjoy all of them really so picking one is impossible. Favourite guitar riff? Too many to say really although I like the simple ones best; Satisfaction. Smoke On The Water, Tush, Alright Now etc.....

Q: Hi Guys! So sorry to hear this bad news. We just wanted to express our sincere best wishes to you all in your future endeavours, whatever they may be. The wife and I finally made the trip to see you this past November and it was worth every penny. We only now wish we'd done it sooner, being that that was probably our last/only time seeing you. We really want to make it back for your farewell shows but are unsure if it's feasible at this short of notice, but are going to make
our best effort. It was truly an honor meeting all of you, it's something we will never forget. You are, have always been, and always will be our favorite band. Question: Anyone taking a vacation afterward to decompress? Greg & Cindy Greene, Petaluma, CA
B: Absolutely, I'm off to Disneyland
D: I currently have no plans for hols, though I usually do try to get at least one bit of down time per year. Thanks for the tee shirt, spookily enough I am wearing it as I type, and very fine it is too...
L: It would be nice to jet off somewhere hot after the last shows but it's impossible to say what else will be going on around that time. The T shirt fits great by the way so thank you!

Q: Hello - As we (in the UK) have experienced some 'adverse' weather this week, I was wondering if any of you have been inconvenienced this week by it? I know, this is actually a question that doesn't mention the break up - darn it I went and said it......and now I have can I just say one word to all of you....Thank you! Dave Lindill - aka MagicDave, Bedfordshire
B: How typically British, avoid the issue by discussing the weather.
D: Thank you. I think the only folk not inconvenienced by the weather would have been in another country.. I was snowed in for the first 2 days of the week, then have fallen on my apex a few times since then whilst walking. Quite funny, but I like the snow though, it makes everything so bright.
L: I had to tread a little more carefully on my way to the pub but other than that, no.

Q: Hi guys. I've been into the band for as long as I can remember and have seen you live countless times and truly love your music. I've always thought about asking this question; what has been your proudest moment as a member of Thunder? Raising money for charity via skydiving etc or maybe seeing the smiling face of a fan at a live gig? Will really miss your music, so keep all us fans informed about what you're all up to. Ross, Solihull
B: Lots of proud moments - People telling us they have walked down the Aisle to a Thunder song is one that springs to mind.
L: I think making good music and playing good shows consistently for twenty years is the thing I'm proudest of.

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