Q & A Archive - July 2009


Q: Hi Luke, when your good self and Mr Shoulder go out on the road to promote your album/new material is there any possibility of catching more of the ELGRINO songs as it is a great album and I can only remember ever hearing one track at a Christmas gig. Colin, Leicester
L: I am looking forward to going out on the road with Peter but it's a way off yet and therefore too early to say what we'll play. We haven't even written an album's worth of material yet!

Q: I just wanted to say a HUGE Thank You for making life just that little bit easier over the last twenty years. You have been inspirational and a rock for many, many people. With me and my friends you have been round the world (my best mate is listening to you in Afghanistan!) Do you get told this a lot? P.S I wondered if you fancied playing a final small gig as its my 30th this year!?!? ;) All the best! Andy Wilson, Sheffield
L: It's always nice to hear people are listening to Thunder all over the world!

Q: Fab show at Cambridge - but I have to confess at being tired and emotional to think it was the last one I would ever see! The next day (being a Monday) it was back to reality for me. So standing waiting for the train and the commute into London I wondered what your "back to reality" normal day is when not touring? Rebecca, Huntingdon
L: I do all the normal stuff like shopping, the washing etc. I go to the gym when I can and play the odd round of golf but I spend most of my time writing or working on music in some way.

Q: Hey guys. I'm trying to peruse my dream of becoming a singer in a rock band, I've been writing a few songs lately and finding it difficult to get my head round my friends liking them. Anyway, I'm only 13 and I used to have a band, but I left it because they kept arguing and not putting in effort and leaving me to pick up the pieces. A close family friend who is also the bassist of Mac Floyd might be able to help me out but its not definite. But seen as I'm trying to peruse a dream that Danny and Luke are the Main inspirations for, but Ben, Chris and Harry inspire me to, And I don't have a band to help me, Any tips?? and strong words of wisdom?? Thanks x Hayley, Scotland
L: The only advice I can give you is try and find people you get on with when forming a band. If someone has the right the attitude then they don't always have to be the best musician in the world. The most important thing is that you're all pulling in the same direction.

Q: I can't believe you have never been told you were dishy before, maybe its just a Cannock thing. Anyway dishy is another way of saying; sexy, gorgeous, handsome etc......with a fantastic voice to boot, if you ever fancy running away with a younger woman you know where I am lol xxxxxxxx Tina, Cannock
D: Thanks for the info. Your offer is noted, and you are most kind, but I'm quite happy where I am at the moment.

Q: Whilst I am asking silly questions I wanted to say I loved the show at Hammy (even if we could barely get in), and will miss you all. I was a mere 18 when I first saw you and now I am closing in on 40, so as a band you all have a big place in my life. I saw Bowes and Morley the night before my wedding and came out to cancelled tube services making me get home VERY late (early on my wedding day). I forced my wife to wear a Thunder t-shirt DURING labour so I could take a photo to try and win a competition, 5 years back, and I nearly crashed my car when I saw Luke pulling out of my parents road in Saltdean near Brighton once. PS, Thinny, you don't wear a cowboy hat do you? Just wondering..... Dave F, Brighton
T: Yup...I never leave home without my official Thunder Magnificent Seventh plastic cowboy hat. The ladies love it...apparently...

Q: Hey Thinny. I'm slightly hyper right now, but I thought id ask you this question. See if me and my band ever become famous, are you available to be our web designer and web manager? Hehe. I haven't a scooby about creating websites and stuff. I'm only 13 at the moment though. :) You done a great job of THUNDERS website and GUNs. x Hayley, Scotland
T: Hi Hayley. Thanks for the compliments! :) I'm always happy to discuss other website work, so once you're famous get in touch and we'll see what's what! It all depends how much I have on at the time, really. Good luck!!!

Q: Hi Danny, I just wondered, after Thunder are over, will you miss singing? You are rightly regarded as one of the best singers the UK has ever produced and as it has been such a big part of your life for the past 30 odd years, will you miss it when it's gone? Will you also miss the interaction with the audience with them doing anything you request all with a huge smile on their faces? Good luck for the future anyway and thanks for the memories of great gigs from the Backstreet Symphony tour in Liverpool to the final date in Manchester. Paul Ryan, Warrington
D: I hope I won't miss it, but as you say it's been such a big part of my life for 30 years plus, I'm kind of used to it. I guess I need to start getting used to it not being there. I'm contented/conceited enough to be pretty much happy where I am at any given point, so I'm hoping I'll be busy and always in the moment so as not to notice that I'm not singing, but I can't sing Thunder songs and not jump about, and consequently my bones creaked more and more throughout the tour. I believe you should listen to your body, and mine was shouting obscenities at me. As to me being regarded as one of the best singers etc, I don't believe that's true, but thanks anyway. I will definitely miss the interaction with the audiences at each show, but I'm sure I'll find other things to make me happy.

Q: Great show at Newcastle as all the shows I've seen you perform have been. Danny the walkabout ever done it before? what prompted it? or was it just for the girlies to hoy the lips on you? crafty!! Pete Crozier, Gateshead
D: I did it years ago, in 1991 (I think), strangely enough it was in the same venue. Not sure why then or now, just felt good at the time, as is my way, I make it up as I go along, always have. No deliberate attempt to get the girlies at it, though the indirect benefits are always nice... Who doesn't like a cuddle and a kiss? I defy anyone to say they don't...

Q: Hi again, Here Angel from Madrid! Just wondering if although the band will no longer exist after this tour, will ever be more CD releases like obscure songs or versions? I never have enough music from you guys! Angel, Spain
T: I wouldn't have thought so, there really isn't much left in the archives to be honest, it's pretty much all out there now as far as studio stuff goes. There may be the odd live show released as a download only, but there won't be any more CD releases from STC. I'm sure EMI will continue to release the occasional remaster, best of, b-sides CD etc, like they tend to do but that will be it...

Q: Thinny, Do you have any details about the Bohemia Stage at Sonisphere ? Is it a tent or outdoors and what sort of size? Hopefully something bigger than Donington as it will be packed. Do you know what time the band are due on stage ?Thanks Thinny and good luck with whatever you do in the future. Richard, York
T: Thanks Richard. The Bohemia Stage is a tent that apparently holds 3000. The band will be on stage at 11pm. A word of warning...it will be heaving....I suggest that you get there early....

Q: Sonisphere have just announced a signing stage thing going on, ie a meet and greet. Some of my favourite bands are there but Thunder seem to be missing! I was desperate to meet you all again and so thought id use this space to ask if this was being considered at all? id love to get Bang signed personally! just one though, wouldn't want to ruin your day! :)Martin, Cheltenham
D: We've not been approached about doing it. To be honest, having done a meet & greet at almost every show we've done for the past 20 years, I'd like us to be excused from doing one at our final show. It would be quite nice to be able to come off stage and sit and have a nice quiet beer...

Q: First of all, thanks to you and the guys for the music, gigs, vids, meet and greets, in-stores, etc over the last 20 years - you'll be a massive loss to so many of us and always regarded as the best band ever! Just a few wee final questions for you - Do any of the band keep in touch with Snake or Mikael and if so, what are they up to these days? Do you have
any idea why the initial run of BDC CDs came in yellow cases with blue inserts? Is it fair to say that you and Luke have the best drinking capacity and that Ben and Harry are southern shandy-drinking poofs (or is that pooves?) - based on the Japan DVD? Is there any chance of The Devil Made Me Do It video being added as an extra to the Hammersmith DVD, seeing as it it hasn't had a commercial release yet? What was going through your head at the start of Loser at Hammersmith, when you seemed to be singing the Dirty Love intro? All the best to you guys for the future!! Graeme, Kingswinford, West Midlands
D: We see Snake every now and again. In fact he played with Luke Ben Harry and I at a mutual friend's wedding a few months ago. It was the first time since 1992, and it was a bit like riding a bike. I have regular emails from Mikael at Birthday and Xmas times, and the occasional nutty one. I do miss him.
I assume you mean Behind Closed Doors, and if so it was a record company marketing exercise (limited edition thing). Luke was always the best drinker, though he drinks less nowadays as the hangovers are catching up with him. Harry shouldn't drink as he suffers badly afterwards. TDMMDI won't be going on the Hammersmith DVD as it will almost certainly upset some of the more family oriented fans. I did indeed sing the beginning of the Dirty Love intro. It was a plain and simple cock up, and caused by either a lack of concentration, or simply being distracted by the sight of the crowd, or both. I have done it before, much to the amusement of the rest of the band.
Gits. They have even tried to make me do it in the past, by repeating the words before we went on. Like I said. Gits.

Q: Ok, I'm back from London, did make it to the final gig after all and am now back after a week of roadtrip in the northern part of Norway (which is beautiful btw...). I'm happy I made it to Hammersmith even though my bank is more happy for me spending my credits hehe. A bit gutted I did not get the chance to meet you at the M&G, but happy for those who did. The thing I am wondering about is... just after the gig, there was a girl and a guy walking around with a camera and a microphone asking questions and they also asked me a few of them. I just wonder, will you see through this stuff? Will it be featured on the DVD? And... my final message of the band was ment to be me singing "I'll be waiting" (but did not think about it before after the last question was said). I wish you all luck on the future and I'm sure I'll be following whatever you all might do seperatly. Cheers and thx for giving me all you have got musically and emotionally. You still are the best ! Inge Hassel, Heimdal, Trondheim, Norway
D: I have no idea who these people were I'm afraid. I guess they could have been from the video crew but I wasn't told it would be happening..

Q: Just been watching 'Plug it Out' DVD the AVO Sessions, Basel. I love watching these three tracks and was wondering if the whole set is available anywhere? The crowd makes me chuckle the way they finally give in and enjoy themselves! You must have found the whole thing amusing? Did they react any different to Deep purple? Missing you already.... Janice, Norfolk
D: If memory serves, I think the entire AVO sessions show is one of the extras on the "The Devil Went Down To Huttwil" DVD. It certainly was a strange show, and I believe it is the only time I've made an audience stand up and join in during a ballad..

Q: Hi Luke, I just wanted to say that having travelled up from Wales to see you at Wolverhampton and Hammersmith, these were probably 2 of the best gigs I've been to EVER! (especially Hammersmith!) I've seen some allegedly "huge" bands during my 20 years of gigging - Guns N Roses, Poison, Def Leppard, Aerosmith etc etc but I have to say Hammersmith was the best gig I have ever been to! The fact you played She's so Fine (my fav Thunder track - subjective I know) just  topped the night off for me - Thanks! My question is how late did you stay up drinking after the gig? (which hotel did you stay in?) and how bad was your hangover the next day???? lol Rich, South Wales
L: It was nearly dawn and yes I was hungover. The hotel was thankfully close to the gig and we had an excellent party thanks.

Q: Okay, after all the thousands of questions that you've answered in the Q and A section and all the times you've met fans at the Meet and Greet and answered questions in person, I just want to know, is there anything you want to ask us? Otis Fett, Dublin
L: Were your Mum & Dad Otis Redding fans by any chance?

Q: Hi, as you wont be around next year can I be the first to wish you a 'Happy 50th Birthday' for next April! Sorry I no you probably don't want to be reminded about it but I just turned 40 an everyone keeps telling me 50 nxt. Really enjoyed the gig at Wolverhampton thanks for 20 years, your still as dishy as you was back then!!!! good luck for all you do in the future x Tina, Cannock
D: Thanks for the nice words and Birthday wishes, but I've not long turned 49, so I'd rather not wish my life away... I don't honestly think I can ever remember being told I was dishy before.

Q: Happy Kampai to you!! Hope you're having a cracking day with the loved ones. Sorry to bother you on such a special day, but if you have a moment, will you please take a look at the Q&A page and read the 3rd one from the bottom? My question, or rather my request, is: If the recorded tracks turned out OK, will you please consider mixing and releasing them? And oh, you said you were off to Disney World after the tour(or the X day?) a while ago, so have fun there! (and after that, turn right at Cali...) :) Fumi, San Francisco
B: I will certainly consider mixing the recorded tracks but not until I get back from Disney World. If I am coming from Washington to California and I turn right don't I get wet?

Q: Hi fella's, time is running out, and so to my final question.....ever.... which one song that you have done/covered would be your choice for a james bond movie..?? I think the way you do "In a Broken Dream" makes that sound very Bond...also who's your favorite Bond..Well Have a blast on the tour, It's gonna be great and sad at the same time...see ya friday.. Jodie, Cheshire
B: I think Last Man Standing could make a good Bond theme, and a pretty good Bond film title too.

: Musically all the Bond themes are very stylised and I don't think any of our songs really fit as they are. Having said that, the guy who arranges all the Bond themes is called John Barry and I'm sure if he browsed through our material he might find something he could re-arrange for that purpose. I like all the Bonds for different reasons and I think Daniel Craig has does it very well.

Q: We came to see you all at Sheffield and Hammersmith. Absolutely excellent. Sad, but brilliant. At the Apollo we were in the middle of the balcony second row, and got talking to the guy in the seat behind us. We chatted a bit, told him we had seen you in Sheffield, couldn't believe you never got bigger than you were, as you were the best live band I had ever seen, and I have seen loads. I asked who in the band he was connected with (special tag round his neck) and he said he was a long time friend of Luke, and he was doing some stuff with him. I said are you Pete Shoulder? It was. I told him I really liked the demo, shook his hand, and wished you both all the success you deserve. I have got to have someone to come and see now Thunder are finished. Will you have your own website, and will we get to hear through the Thunder website about it? Keep producing great music Luke, you are one class act. John, Filey, North Yorkshire
L: We will have our own website and of course we will let everybody know via www.thunderonline.com.

Q: Just wanted to say thanks for some great music and lyrics. I couldn't get to see you on your farewell tour. I took my wife to see in Brighton 2006, we both loved your music. She unfortunately took her own life last year, and I would have found it to upsetting to have seen one of your last shows. Do you find your music brings back memories of events? She left me with our two year old son who is starting to know your songs, ready when you reform in 20 years time!!!! Graham, Sussex
L: Sorry to hear about your loss. To be honest I don't listen to Thunder very much! As I write the songs and produce the albums, I don't feel the need to listen to them after they're done. Occasionally I hear them when I'm not expecting to and usually they sound alright. It's very difficult to look at your own work objectively I guess.

Q: We just want to say thank you very much for a great week, every show we went to was fantastic, and you were all so nice to us even when we were a bit drunk (sorry Harry). You will be missed but we wish you all the best in your future projects. Thanks again, not just for last week, but for 20 years of musical enjoyment. Anyway, a question, do you have rough idea how long it will be for the Hammersmith DVD? We can't wait to relive it all. Catherine and Anne, Leeds
D: It's being edited as I type, but I have no idea how long it will be before it's finished. Having said that the production company have promised to do their best to get it done asap. Keep an eye on the site, we'll announce the release as soon as we know what's what.

Q: Danny, thanks for a great tour I saw you at Wolverhampton...it was a sad realisation that it was the last time we would see you. I didn't get a meet n greet pass but it was great to see Chris, Ben and Harry briefly by the stage door early on. My question is this. A while back I remember you saying that when you hang your microphone up you may be tempted to retire to sunnier climes (maybe France I think you said). Since you will be a booking agent, I guess you will be based in the UK but is a retirement to sunny climes still a preference someday? All that's left to say is "Thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing Thanks for all the joy they're bringing. Who can live without it, I ask in all honesty, What would life be? Without a song or a dance what are we? So I say thank you for the music...For giving it to me!" :) In all seriousness thanks for being part of my life for 20 years...we will still be listening in 20 more years time I'm sure and of course there is more to come from Luke and Pete. P.S. Did you know some merchandise was being sold outside the civic hall straight after the gig? Almost surely fakes...shame. Ian, S. Wales
D: I'm not ready to pack up and head for the sun just yet. I will one day, and hopefully I'll still be fit enough to move about when the time comes. Thanks for the kind words, but I'm sure I heard a song that had them in it.. As for the shirts, they are definitely fakes, and it happened on almost every tour. They are known as bootleggers, and they do it all the time, to all kinds of bands. Nothing to do with us, the designs, shirts and print are all a bit dodgy, and anyone who buys one usually regrets it.. Not much to be done about them, though many (including us) have tried over the years.

Q: Thinny, Any idea how long the set will be at Sonisphere? Sam, Plymouth
T: The band will be on stage for 60 minutes.

Q: Hi, Will ever the Xmas CD shows (attendees only), Live at Bedford Arms and Live at Rock City 2004 CDs be re-released? There are many fans wanting them so bad!! Thanks! Angel, Spain
T: No more CDs runs are being done. Once we've sold out of what we have left, that's it, they're gone. Therefore, we will not be re-issuing any out of print items. Sorry.

Q: Thinny, Who are you? are you going to reveal yourself? Chris, Dorset
T: No. I did that once and got arrested. Never again...

Q: I have just been reading Danny's reply to a question about the chance of the band doing a Christmas show or a special gig every now and again. Can I just say that the true fans who have taken this amazing band to their hearts would never accuse Thunder of trying to cash in. I've come to the conclusion that miserable gits are on the increase and are not happy unless they have something to complain about. Simple as this guys, if one day you fancy having a bit of a bash for old times sake, you can guarantee that the ones that matter will be there, the others will probably still be preaching from their chairs. Lifes too short, I'm sure that most of your true fans will echoe my feelings. Right I'm off to design some fire proof monitors, could be a market for them!!!!!. Thanks for everything guys and the very best of luck for the future. Johnny B, Barnsley
D: We know the vast majority of our fans are nice. We've met most of them after our shows over the past 20 years. I didn't mean to imply that the questioner was one of the moaners, I just wanted to make it clear that the decision was a seriously considered one and not made lightly.

Q: Ah wasn't Hammersmith good?! Anyway during show I noticed a pair of very clearly ladies undies make their way onto the stage! They were thrown from my right (no not me!) so probably landed nearest Danny, Ben or Chris. I was wondering if any of you noticed?! Louise, Bedford
D: Nope. I saw what looked like a porn magazine on the stage on Ben's side, but no knickers. Looks like you may have lost them...

Q: Hi Thinny, Just wanted to take the time out to say a big "Thank You" for all your Thunder coverage and info over the years. You will be missed almost as much as the band lol!!!! Are you involved in the websites for any other bands? Also when will the online shop close? I'm hoping to buy a few DVDs and 2 of the Xmas shows to complete my Thunder collection before it shuts, but I was hoping to wait until the end of the month as Wolverhampton and Hammersmith has made me skint until pay day! All the best for the future mate and I can't wait to see you again when you start work on Luke and Pete's new band! Rich, Wales
T: One could get used to this current outpouring of Thinny love! haha. Seriously, thank you. It's been my pleasure. Well, most of that time! ;) We have no idea when the shop will close at this stage, it won't be too soon, we still have stuff to sell...however, stock is running low on some items and once they are gone they will not be re-printed. So if there's anything that you really want I wouldn't hang about too long...just in case...but you should be fine until pay day! Yes, I'm involved in lots of other band websites....I don't normally use the Thunder site to promote my other ventures, but just this once..GUN, Bad Influence, Tygers Of Pan Tang (new site coming soon) and Toby Jepson (new site also coming soon) to name but a few...

Q: If you're stuck for something to do now Thunder are no more, have you considered asking Brian if you can be his bass tech? Beth, Enfield
B: Apparently I'm not qualified.

Q: Are you aware of the difficulties people had getting in to the Hammy Odeon the other night? We couldn't get into the auditorium at all. Either there was plenty of room at the front or it was over-subscribed. We decided to have a pint and within minutes people were coming out in various states of distress. We decided we'd seen enough and left about 3 songs in. I hope no one was badly hurt. We'd seen you in Sheffield not long back so wasn't too bothered about missing the gig but the Hammy Odeon staff were appalling (not Showsec who were professional throughout) as they didn't care that people couldn't get in. I don't think 2 teenage girls are the best people to deal with a  potentially serious over-crowding problem but obviously Hammy Odeon do! I'll have to wait for the CD to hear the gig. Anyway Good Luck with whatever you guys decide to do! Andy Booth, Halifax
D: Obviously we are a band, and we don't make venue policy, but I'm very sorry to hear you had a bad experience. With a sold out show, it's going to present challenges to all concerned.

Q: I saw three fantastic shows on the farewell tour, so thanks for those. My question is how much rehearsal do you get with the pyro effects? Even when I knew they were coming I jumped out of my skin, but you guys just carried on with the show. I really liked the effects, those flames seemed a bit on the warm side tho... Suzie, Derby
D: It's all very technical and months of preparation go into the show... he he. They are mostly very hot, but we are made of flame retardant skin.

Q: Hi! I am not sure if this is my final question, so I hope you don't mind. I want to thank you for the great memories over the past years. The Hammersmith gig will always have a special place in my heart. Never before I have had tears in my eyes at the beginning of a show. The only sad thing for me was that I did not get access to the Meet&Greet this time around because I really would have liked to celebrate the end with you and thank you from face to face. Nevertheless my trip to London was worth it. Now my question: I know that you said before that Knebworth will be the final Thunder gig ever. I also know that all your different jobs do not allow to continue the usual full time band activities, but isn't there a chance to have an annual x-mas show? I mean, no regular releases or touring, just a Christmas show every year. I am sure this would work. People do not forget you, the travelled all over the world to see you at Hammersmith Odeon last Saturday, don't you think that this would happen again? The love for the band is so immense. And besides this I am sure  that you would enjoy this kind of annual class reunion as well. What do you think of the idea? Joe, Germany
D: Thanks for the nice words. As to your question, I'm pretty certain I must have I've answered this one several thousand times since we made the announcement about the split. However, in an attempt to close the issue, I will do so one last time.
The crowds were so big at the shows purely because the majority of fans knew it was the last time they would see us. We are extremely grateful that they did, as the atmosphere at all the shows was simply phenomenal. To get together for an annual Xmas show would make some of them very unhappy. They would understandably feel like we had cheated them into coming to see us, only to pop up again a few months later. Some already believe we have been cynical in the way we went about announcing the split and doing the final tour, and that we will be back soon enough. I can assure you they are wrong, and we wouldn't ever exploit our fans. Some bands do, but we have always tried to be honest and straight in all matters. None of us got into a band to be part timers. It has to be all or nothing, that's the way we are as people (do it properly or don't do it), and our decision was to split up. I'm sorry you're upset, but we're not about to change our minds.

Q: Thinny, thanks for all your work so far. You are a passionate man when it comes to Thunder and when I was reading your tour blog I really could feel that all your thoughts come from the heart. Thanks so much for that. You said that the website will be deleted some day. We all have learned in the past weeks that nothing lasts forever. So here's my question: Is there a chance to store the website on CD/DVD the day before it will be offline? I would even buy it. I frequently visit Thunderonline.com and I would really miss it when it is gone. So if there is a possibility to let it spin in my computer drive once in a while - like a journey back through time - it would be fabulous. Even if it is not updated anymore it will be still a source of joy for me. For example browsing through the Q&A section here and there will be entertaining even in 20 years. Thanks for your answer. Joe, Germany
T: Thank you, and thanks to all the people that have mailed in and posted on the board to say that they have enjoyed my blogs. I have loved doing them and I'm glad that the sentiments in them have translated well. The site closure will happen one day I'm sure, but at this stage we don't know when. When the time comes we will give everyone plenty of warning and it's possible that we will look in to archiving the site is some shape or form...but that's a question for another time...

Q: Hi! I was very sad that I did not get a skull shirt at Hammersmith because I did not order it before the gig only to give Thunder shop a bit of time to relax. Living in Germany I thought it would not be possible to receive the item before the gig anyway. So as it was said the shirts will be on sale after the tour I thought it would be a good idea to buy one at the merch stand or later. When I got into the Apollo this item was already gone, so I bought the biker shirt and a skinny for my wife. When I went outside the venue I had a talk with some loonies and I found out that many of them also wanted that shirt and it was sold out. I really like the design. Isn't there any possibility to print another few? Maybe just ask for a demand on the website and then reprint some? It would be wonderful. Maybe I would also take two. One to wear and another for my secret and sacred Thunder vault. Joe, Germany
T: I'm afraid not. The band are splitting up in 2 weeks, we are literally winding everything down now. There will be no more T-shirts printed. Sorry....

Q: After bringing us many years of great music I was upset to learn of the band's plans to go their separate ways, however I am very much looking to the farewell tour and seeing the band live a few more times. My question is one which I've been wondering for a while, I have always been a huge fan of the song Just Another Suicide and wondered why it wasn't a massive hit and why the band don't really tend to play it live anymore. Chris Matts, Glasgow
L: I think we did it three times on the tour. As I've said so many times before, it's not possible to play everybody's favourites all the time. I do keep a note of every show/tour we do and I do try to rotate the material as much as possible. Hopefully you caught us playing it on the tour.

Q: Hey Luke. I was actually Just wondering if you would have any objections for me to sing "watch the river flow" at my school talent show in December this year?? I've never done the talent show before and would like to do a song I enjoy
singing. so it would either be that or dirty dream or on the radio by thunder. :) I must know soon though. Thanx xxxxxx
Hayley Mckenzie, Cumbernauld, Scotland
L: I have no problem at all with you performing the song. Good luck!

Q: Just been to the Manchester Academy gig for the farewell tour and it was a great night thanks! CD now in my Thunder collection for posterity. Thanks for all the music and memories! I listened to BSS on the way and the concert on the way home in the car which was weird! And that forms my question for all the guys - if you're driving along in the car and a
Thunder song comes on what do you do? Turn it up and sing along (as I do...) or do you change radio stations?? Moffo, Liverpool
L: I don't think I've ever heard one of our records whilst driving but if I had I probably would have crashed with the shock!

Q: This might have been answered before, but what influenced the songs A Better Man and It Happened In This Town? They are wonderful songs which hold a place in my heart. I am a new fan of of just a few months, but rest assured I will always be one. Thanks guys for the great music! Lillian, Canada
L: 'A Better Man' was written in a hotel room in LA during 1991. It's about somebody I was involved with at that time. 'IHITT' was about infanticide in general but inspired by the murder of a teenage girl that happened very close to my home in 1993.

Q: As the singer in my favourite band since I was 13 (I'm 33 now) I want to ask you for any tips as I am planning on getting up on stage at The Marrs Bar, a local club that has a jam night, and singing a Thunder song as a tribute to you guys. Something I have wanted to do for years and never had the guts to. How do you not be scared to death when everyone is looking at you? ha ha. Seriously how do you do it? Kathy, London
D: Practice...

Q: For all the years of fun and magic - thanks sooo much. What a brilliant tour too, thanks for changing the set around, it made the gigs we were able to get to really special. The sound and the set has been great, you all seemed to have so much energy - and where did Danny get that voice from on Saturday - wow! I think there were a few wet eyes in the crowd that night, were there any band tears? if so, was it a particular song that did it, or the sound of the crowd? Take care and good luck x Kathy, London
L: Thank you for your observations. I think Chris had a minor blub during 'Don't Wait For Me' in Wolverhampton but apart from that I think we were Kleenex free! The audience reaction was very moving throughout and I think the whole band thoroughly enjoyed this tour from start to finish. I did have the old goose bumps one a few occasions. Once
again, thank you very much to everyone who attended especially the ever so slightly mad ones amongst you who came to a few (or in some cases ALL) shows; we salute you al!!!!
D: Speaking personally I have to say I didn't get emotional, but I'm not really that way inclined. I did however find it hugely satisfying to stand and watch so many people show their appreciation so warmly. It was a tremendous feeling, and confirmation of what we've always known. Namely that we have the best fans in the world. We gave our all at every show, and so did you lot. I wonder if you are as drained as I am... I honestly don't feel the tour could have gone any better from any standpoint. It was a fabulous way to say our farewells to so many, and we are quite literally chuffed to pieces.

Q: Guys like so many thousands of people around the world, my heart is saddened by the loss of, in my opinion one of the greatest bands I have had the pleasure of listening to and seeing. I have 2 questions which follow on. the day after watching you at the Manchester gig (which was Fantastic and hope for the same in London) my 7 year old son placed flawed to perfection in the dvd player, he has his guitar hero guitar on and pretends to be Luke while watching the DVD. 1st question is which was your favourite video to make? 2nd question is there likely to be another DVD containing
your whole catalogue of videos as you have made more since the Flawed to perfection DVD? Neil Hitchen, Altrincham
L: 'Everybody Wants Her' was the most fun to make as it's a record of our few days in Rio, Brazil in 1992. However, my favourite would have to be 'Low Life In High Places' just because I love the way it looks and it captures the sentiment of the song. Unfortunately EMI owns the rights to all the videos on the "Flawed...." DVD and the ones made subsequently are owned by other labels so the prospect of them all being released as one collection is slim.
D: I enjoyed making most of the videos, though the US version of Dirty Love was probably the funniest, for various reasons. I think it's highly unlikely that there will be a comprehensive promo video compilation.

Q: Hey Thunder, amazing performance in Newcastle on Tuesday, and thank you very much for talking to me before the gig, I kept asking for picks - that was me, and I saw Danny's demented face and when my father asked if Danny was ok, you replied 'Deviant thought', that was a priceless moment. Anyways on to my question, Do you plan on recording some of your Sonisphere performance and adding it as Bonus Material to your London DVD ? Or releasing it a bit later with your Rock Of Ages performance as a whole new DVD ? Thank you so much, and I WILL SEE YOU AT SONISPHERE ! Chris Barnes, Middlesbrough, North East, UK
D: We won't be commissioning any special filming, apart from our own man shooting snippets for our use. However, I believe Sonisphere will be filmed by the organisers (though I don't have confirmation that we will be filmed yet). If and when we receive the edited footage we will decide what we will do with it.

Q: Hi Danny, came to the Cambridge gig on Sunday, you guys were on top form as always. Non music question though, where did you get your Firetrap shirt from? I want one!! Chopper, Bedford
D: It's not new, I've had it a couple of years. If you get stuck and you really want one you can buy mine for £500. One careful (if slightly sweaty) owner etc.. That's a joke by the way...

Q: Since you're about to start your final tour together, I thought I'd ask a question based on the good/mischievous times you've had together over the years! I've got a mate's stag do coming up soon and for inspiration purposes I wondered what has been the best joke/prank you've each played while on tour with Thunder. Or if you're not a prankster, what is the funniest prank you've seen on tour? Good luck to you all in the future and see you in Newcastle. Paul, Newcastle
L: I could tell you but I don't think this is the place. This is after all a board for all the family..........
D: Errm the tour is over. I'm guessing you sent this during the recent period when the Thin One was self medicating... I know of many and various pranks, but I'm not about to go into them here. There is a well known tour saying that goes "what happens on the road, stays on the road". I plead the fifth amendment etc M'Lud.

Q: Why was a single never released off Bang? i thought they were already radio ready they were so good! Martin, Glos
D: It's sad but true that releasing singles is an expensive business, and they don't really sell beyond the fan base unless you get some serious mainstream radio rotation. This means you go in the chart one week and straight back out the next, and you lose a lot of money. We took "On The Radio" to the Radio 2 playlist meeting, after we had all the coverage with Chris Evans, the week Bang! was released. We figured we wouldn't get a better chance to get it playlisted. If they had added it we would have released it as a single, but they didn't, so we didn't.

Q: Well guys just seen you in Glasgow for the last time and may i say WHAT A PERFORMANCE!! i didn't think you lot could get much better until last night truly magnificent better than AC/DC by a mile IMO Question have you ever had or seen a crowd reaction like that? simples. Mike Coleman, Glasgow
L: It was an exceptional crowd in Glasgow, no doubt about it!  There have been a few moments over the years when the audience has made so much noise for a sustained period (as happened in Glasgow after the opening song) that all we could do was stand there in awe and open-mouthed at the sheer passion of it all and the opening night of this tour in Glasgow was one I will always remember. Thank you all so much.
D: The reaction in Glasgow was incredible, as it was every night on the tour. The love in the room was overwhelming.

Q: Hi Luke, not a question but I have just realised something really uncanny - my son is due to start primary school in september at St Lukes Primary School and it happens to be on a Morley Street. No word of a lie here, honestly. How amazing, don't you think and such a coincidence? You have fame in more ways than one!!! Rowena, Lancashire
L: Indeed, a strange coincidence! I still think people who know me well might have a problem seeing my name next to the word 'Saint' though........

Q: Hi Danny. Just read your response to a question regarding the song 'Bad Company'. Just curious as to whether you have heard the live version Paul Rodgers did with Queen (it's on a couple of their live DVDs) and if so what you opinion is? (They also play others like Fire & Water, Shooting Star etc..which are both songs I'd love to have heard Thunder play) Chris, Kent
D: I've heard it. No further comment. Luke and I used to do all the Free catalogue and most of the Bad Co stuff way back when we were in our first band. We thought we did them well... Not sure others would have agreed...

Q: Hi Danny, I suppose you're quite relieved now that you've finished the last ever Thunder tour so successfully! You might have guessed that a request like mine would be coming, but in case you haven't, here goes: there are seven tracks which unfortunately didn't make it onto the CDs. Some had brand new arrangements, and some you played for the first time in a long time. We can watch some of them on YouTube, but I thought it would be nicer if they were done officially. The Japanese live downloads that were recorded from the sound desk sounded amazing (thanks for granting our wishes!), so I'm hoping that you consider releasing these seven songs as at least download versions. And If they were recorded on video and could make it to the DVD as an extra bonus, that would make a lot of us so happy! The said songs are:
Robert Johnson's Tombstone <Glasgow>
I'm Dreaming Again <Sheffield>
Laughing On Judgment Day <Sheffield / Nottingham>
Welcome To The Party <Cambridge / Nottingham>
Moth To The Flame <Cambridge>
Amy's on the Run <Newcastle>
I'll Be Waiting <Newcastle>
Thank you so much for all the years of happiness!! Fumi Matsui, San Francisco
D: I'm not sure how our recordings turned out, but we did actually record all 5 of the nights not covered by the Concert Live people. We'll review the recordings and consider the viability of mixing the songs in question in the coming weeks. If they're OK and Ben fancies mixing them, I see no reason why they shouldn't be released digitally, but it will be his call. However, if it happens, it won't happen until mid September, as our Concert Live deal prohibits any new live material release until then.

Q:  Hammersmith will be the third time my friend "Beth" and myself will see the guys on this final tour all gigs so far have been fantastic but we want to know will there be a phone line set up or other means for counselling to help the many distraught Thunder fans. Failing that any chance of free beer? Oliver Bernard, Enfield
T: Yes, we were going to offer free beer to all distraught Thunder fans after the tour. Unfortunately I drank it all at Hammersmith. Sorry about that...

Q: To the Thintastic One, thank you for the greatest Thunder website that there ever was on the World Wide Web. I think it's fair to say that you will sorely missed by all Thunder fans who logged on every day to find out what was happening in the world of Thunder. My Favourites box will never be the same again once the final curtain call is made :-( I'm sure that us fans as well as the band wish you the very best for the future. Thank you, Thunderrated One! Jenny, Liverpool
T: Aww, thanks Jenny. Don't worry though, I ain't going anywhere, Even though I'm sure there will come a time when Thunder Online is no more, I will also be involved with Luke & Peter's new project, all being well. So you're Favourites box will be ok for a while yet...

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