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Q: Hi Guys. I've just been looking through the Gigography section at the setlists for the various shows of yours I've attended. I may be starting to get a bit long in the tooth but I seem to remember that on the 'Live' tour when you appeared at Brixton (May 17 1998) you had a guest singer, I think it was Lutricia McNeil and she sang Low Life In High Places (which she said was one of her favourite songs)as a duet with Danny. Am I imagining this as LLIHP is not listed for that show even though I would swear blind you played it? Does anyone else remember this and (assuming I'm not totally barking) how did this unlikely duet come about? Have you had any other guests over the years you think are more unlikely? P.S. I shall take my anorak off now. Pedrick, Isle Of Wight
D: I remember the gig, and I know she joined us at one show, and I think it was Brixton Academy, but I can't honestly remember. I know when we recorded the "Thunder Live" LP, the shows were at Shepherd's Bush Empire and Wolves Civic. I think you're right about the song, but my little grey cells are not what they were. I'm not actually helping here am I......

Q: Not sure if you can answer this but do you know how many child line vip tickets are available as I was wondering how exclusive it will actually be. Colin Vale, Leicester
D: I heard they were selling approximately 200 or so VIP tickets, with the seats being in what is known as "Kings Row" (at the front of the circle - I've seen it and the view of the stage is quite awesome), but I also think I may have heard somewhere that they're all but sold.

Q: Hello there fellas, I was watching the TV channel DAVE on Saturday and they showed a program called CLARKSONS CAR YEARS it showed Clarkson racing round in 80's and 90's sports cars and 4x4 trucks on sand dunes and all over the program your songs were being played. I distinctly heard Englishman on holiday and Gimme some lovin. Just wondered as Clarkson must like your rock anthemesk styles if you would one day show up on top gear. I would love to see harry race the stig round the track on a go cart with a drum kit on it COOOOOL. see u on tour this nov if ur coming to wolvo again ;) Mark, Dudley
D: I'm not entirely sure it's Mr C who likes our music, but someone who works on his shows definitely does. I don't mind, I quite like his shows. I'm sure most of us Thunder types would really like to have a go in their reasonably priced car, but I'm not convinced you've properly thought the drum kit idea through...

Q: hi Danny do you enjoy all the attention you get from the ladies? I've been reading some of the posts on here and it's enough to turn the air blue. I know my missus adores you as I'm sure many others do, just wondered how you feel about it. Daft question really!!!! Janice, Norfolk
D: To be honest I don't get that much attention from the ladies, certainly not enough to make me feel uncomfortable (ha ha).

Q: What do you think about the threatened closure of Planet Rock? You played their Xmas bash and they play plenty of Thunder tunes. There are a lot of rock fans who'll be very miffed if the go... Suzie, Derbyshire
D: This is of course a big deal for all of us. PR have done a fine job, and the bizarre thing is that their listeners have been growing, unlike some of their parent company's other supposedly trendier stations. We've had a great time working with the PR guys, and we'll miss them if they do shut up shop. I hear through the grapevine that there are moves afoot to find a buyer, so let's not give up hope just yet, as they say, it's not over until it's over.

Q: What make and model of harmonica is used on "A Better Man" - after listening to this song I've been inspired to learn it. Thanks inspired!!! Andy Johnson, Morpeth
L: It's a Hohner Blues Harp in the key of 'D'.

Q: Hi Luke, quick question - one of the things on your message boards at the moment is about your spell with Robert Palmer et al in The Power Station... just wondering if there was any particular reason you were using a Telecaster at the time, as opposed to your usual Gibsons (although I see still sporting a Gibson strap!)  Chris, Darlington
L: I was very much the rhythm guitarist in Power Station and I needed a range of guitar tones from very clean to distorted. Also Andy Taylor was playing a Les Paul and we decided that the blend between Fender and Gibson would work well.

Q: I have recently started a new job which requires a lot of driving! So I loaded up my CD changer with Thunder albums for one particular journey and just had to write to say, I'd forgotten how good the, Giving the Game Away CD was! Very under rated in my humble opinion and I think some of Luke's best "ballads" were on this album. It is an excellently written album and was just wondering what Luke's frame of mind was like during the writing as some of the lyrics do seem quite "sad". Excellent all the same! Rich, South Wales
L: I can't remember to be honest! My state of mind is always pretty upbeat so I don't think I was in the troughs of depression or anything like that. Maybe it was raining a lot when I wrote the songs....who knows?

Q: Hi hope u are all well and enjoying a rest after another great tour! we saw you again in Glasgow and you never disappoint ! I did notice though Luke seemed to get something in his eye while playing and that got me to thinking; how as very professional musicians do you deal with unexpected distractions whilst on stage?? and what has been the funniest you can recall? Lea Ann, Glasgow
L: Over the years there have been many shall we say, off-putting moments. They vary from the pleasant (women in the audience flashing their breasts at us) to the highly unpleasant (Snake throwing up into a bucket during a quiet bit in 'Don't Wait For Me' or Harry's tummy bug getting the better of him on stage - no more than that can I say as this is a family board) but whatever comes our way we try and react like the professionals we are and not fall apart completely!!! Sometimes when we have fallen apart completely the audience has thankfully laughed with us and enjoyed the moment.

Q: Hi Danny. Just been watching 'Mad In Japan' the Bay FM acoustic set which you & Luke did. Couldn't help noticing you had grown (not had time for a shave maybe?) a slight beard and I thought I should be the one to tell you how attractive it looks. Would you be inclined to grow one again just for us lovesick female fans? It was a great set by the way! Janice, Norfolk
D: Thanks for your nice comments about my fuzzy face. It must be said I hate doing it, so I tend to shave only when absolutely necessary, which means most of the time when I'm not working I'm quite fuzzy in the chops area. Indeed I am reasonably hirsute as I type this message. Conversely, when I'm touring I prefer to shave every day as part of my daily routine. It helps to keep me feeling fresh and fully prepared for the shows. Weird I know but hey ho, what can I say?

Q: Hi Danny, well valentines day is almost upon us, and I'm just wondering,..are you a romantic rock dude?...if so what's the most romantic thing you have ever done? And on a different subject will you be playing at the rock and blues this year...(didn't bother going last year cos you weren't on!). Jodie, Cheshire
D: I have always tried to be quite romantic with flowers and cards, chocs etc, but modesty doesn't permit me to go into detail of other examples. I fear I may be embarrassed.. We were asked if we could do the R&B show this year, but the date clashes with my hols and I can't change them. I'm choked as it would have been great, but hopefully we could look at doing it next year.

Q: I've read some of the lyrics to yours and Thunders tracks (ballads) and wondered.. when you write them, are some about people who have been in your life? if so have you ever told them that the track was about  them?...in most cases that would be a really lovely compliment to them. Andrea, Derbyshire
L: Songwriting is all a mixture of fact and fiction so the answer to the first part of your question is yes and no! As to whether I've told anyone they're in a song, yes I have. I always say I wrote 'Love Walked In' about them, whoever they are....ha ha ha ha......not really.

Q: To Danny and Luke (a.k.a. "Roland brothers"):- Did you know 2008 IS your year? It may seem a little belated to be wishing you a happy new year, but I'd like to refer to the Chinese one (the Year of the Rat). Having glanced at a tour guide recently I noticed your mutual birth year, which falls into the "Rat" category (nooffence!).  Of course I won't reveal your age's here, but if you didn't already know, the Rat is considered a courageous creature and the year is believed to be a time of hard work, activity and renewal. People born in the Year of the Rat are noted for their charm (which is obviously true!). I therefore hope 2008 proves to be an especially happy year for
you both, and any fellow Rats who may be reading.  Thanks for another brilliant night in Sheffield (3rd December). It's great to see Thunder receiving the support and success they deserve. Looking forward to your new material (WOK in progress?). Angela, Sheffield (an Ox!)
D: Thanks for the kind wishes, I had no idea we were born in the year of the Rat so thanks for the information. I will end by saying that I loathe that idiotic rat character with a passion that knows no bounds.

Q: Hi guys! First can I say a belated thanks for tour and Xmas show - we had a fantastic time as usual! Anyway - seeing all those people at your shows filming you on their mobiles has got me wondering - maybe I'm being a bit thick here but what happens with regards to copyright etc when people post the results on sites such as Youtube? Isn't it annoying when you've done a great version of a song and someone posts a crackly, blurry video of you which really doesn't do you justice? And not that I can imagine any of you having a diva-style tantrum but as artists/writers do you have the right to ask for it to be removed? Thanks.....and can't wait for the new album! Claire, Norfolk
D: It can be a bit irritating sometimes, but we live in fast moving times, and asking people to remove stuff could be a bit like asking the sea to stop washing on to the shore Canute stylee. At the end of the day only people who are interested will look at that kind of stuff, and quality is always what it is. We try to offer high quality audio/video alternatives, for sale via our online shop.

Q: Hi Thinny - are there any music videos from Robert Johnson's Tombstone that are not live versions? I know about The Devil Made Me Do It video. Just want to know if you guys done any for the any other tracks and were can I get them. Stew, Shrewsbury
T: Nope - the animated clip for The Devil Made Me Do It was the only video made for the Robert Johnson's Tombstone album.

Q: Did you sing "take me down to the river of sin" if so on which album? P. Graham, England
T: Erm...no...if you meant "drowning in a river of pain" then yes, the track 'River Of Pain' is on the Behind Closed Doors CD...though a river of sin does sound like more fun....

Q: I've played acoustic guitars finger style for many years now, and have reached a point where it is necessary for me to venture into the realm of the electric guitar. mainly, I'm looking to be able to play those solos, but I don't seem to be able to find any useful tabs or resource (song books?) relating to your music. there is always the possibility of going through your songs one by one and working them out, but technique and accuracy would be a problem. have you any advice or is there a resource that I have not yet found that could help me? Many thanks. Christopher, Cheltenham
T: There are no official tabs currently available.  There were tab books produced for Laughing On Judgement Day and The Thrill Of It All, but these are long out of print and are very hard to find!  Your best alternative is to try the Tabs Section of our Forum.  There may be some fans there that can help you out.

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