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Hi Danny. Do you have some pets? I am listening Thunder every day. I still love you. Thank you for answer. Janka, Slovakia
D: I have 2 black and white fluffy cats (mother and daughter) and a gold and white Shih Tzu dog. I had 3 cats until recently, but the oldest one died a few weeks ago at the grand old age of 19. He was very old and frail in the months before he popped off, so whilst it was very sad to lose him, it was also a relief. I still expect to see him in his favourite places in the house, but I like to think he's having fun in cat heaven. Thanks for still loving me by the way.

Q: I see that the Reading festival is taking on somewhat of a ROCK theme this year. Would you be interested in playing this type of festival or had the opportunity to do so? Would be great to see you at such an event. Steve Cornwell, Stevenage
D: Thunder have no problem playing any festival situation provided there are people there. All the festivals have rock bands on the bill sooner or later.

Q: If NASA asked you to give them one of your songs to go on board a spaceship to blast into space to be discovered by Aliens, which one would it be? Looking forward to Exeter in November! Cheers chaps :o) Dom, Devon
D: Last Man Standing would be my choice. Your question makes me think it could be a Hollywood script, and I've always thought LMS would fit brilliantly into a big Hollywood action type movie.

Q: Hi All, Planet Rock has been playing a fantastic version of Gimme Shelter. It is one of two songs by the Stones that I consider to be pure genius along with Sympathy for the Devil. Your live version is quite brilliant!! Is it available anywhere to buy or download, and where was it recorded. I've seen you lots live and can't recall you doing it before. Looking forward to seeing you all live throughout the year. Riggers, Hampshire
T: If it's the live version that you heard then that will be from the 'They Think It's All Over...' live album (recorded at Dingwalls, London in 2000). The studio version is available on 'Their Finest Hour (And A Bit)' best of CD. Both are available here on CD or as downloads form here.

Q: Hi Danny, thanks for your descriptive answer to my earlier question ;) I thoroughly enjoyed your story... but ouch! Seriously though, I'm so glad you escaped all your early adventurous incidents pretty much unscathed, and thank god you are all well and continue to sing for us!!  Okay, I have a random question here. I'm not sure if you do this in the UK, but every time I go to the doctor for a check-up, they use a spirometer to test lung capacity (exhaling as hard as you can into a tube attached to a gauge). Every time I blow into the machine and look at my own pathetic numbers, I think to myself "Danny must be really good at this!" So, do you have any idea how big your lung capacity is? Fumi, San Francisco
D: I had it done once, a long time ago, and I didn't get any figures as such, but the doctor asked what I did for a living afterwards. When I told him, he said if I wanted a change of career, I could be a deep sea pearl diver.

Q: We’ve probably had this question before over the years, but now that Spring has finally sprung, how green are your fingers? Or do you live in a flat with plastic plants? What’s your lawnmower of choice? Are you keen to “Cuprinol” your fence or do you get someone to do this donkey work for you? Anyone in Thunder own a shed – and more interestingly, what’s in it! I hope you’ve all been getting some nice rays of sunshine. Axel, Marple (near Stockport)
B: I have a shed in which I keep an interesting collection of frogs, snails, spiders and old paint tins, I’m working on a still for moonshine. I did have a lawnmower but I sacked him.
D: Being allergic to almost everything, I don't do much gardening as such, but I do most of the digging, tree pruning, heavy labour and donkey work. I have been known to paint a fence or two, and I a newish motorised Honda petrol mower which is fab, along with a 15 year old, very basic Flymo hover (no bells and whistles, just a blade that hovers). I have a rather large shed/workshop combo (it's one quarter shed and three quarters workshop, with a partition wall in between), which is filled with tools and all the old bits and pieces I can't bear to throw away. You may have gleaned that I like being in the garden very much, to be honest I couldn't live somewhere that didn't have one.
L: I tend to get out in the garden about this time of year and have a tidy up. I'm fairly rubbish until it gets warm but I do like to sit outside on a summer evening with a glass of wine and watch the sun disappear.

Q: Hi Danny, I know you have said before on the site that Planet Rock has proved a valuable source to Thunder for 'spreading the word', and getting your music heard. I've just read on Brian May's website that he is ploughing in his money and industry know-how along with some friends in order to save the station, and a positive announcement is expected within a few days How good is this?!!?? Chris, Kent
D: I wish Brian and co well in their endeavours. It would be great if PR gets to continue broadcasting, both for us and loads of other people.

Q: I went to see Matchbox 20 at the NIA on Friday night, their performance was excellent; Rob Thomas has an amazing voice. My only disappointment was that there wasn't really any crowd participation, something that features in every Thunder gig I've been to. How important do you think it is to involve the fans and get them singing/chanting with you? I have to say, I was rather miffed as I think it helps the crowd warm to the artist and vice versa. Leanne, Belper
D: We've always felt that a live show should be more than just a band playing their songs, and if the audience participate, it makes it a much more enjoyable (and hopefully more memorable) experience for everyone.

Q: Hello Danny, I was re-reading your 'Into Every Life Some Pain Must Fall...' WW&W, and in your Compendium of Pain, you mention this lovely incident: "Screwdriver Through Face: 1 (ignored father's warning not to touch, got trapped behind chair)." Okay, no matter how many times I read this, I just can't quite work out what happened here! Care to fill in the blanks? And I was also wondering (sorry to be nosy), have any of your kids inherited your, ahem, "adventurous" nature? And oh, I wanted tolet you know that Masa Itoh played "Bette Davis Meltdown" and "I  Believe" on his show. Yay! Fumi, San Francisco
D: You want the gory detail? OK, here it is, but the scene must be set, so settle down, this may a bit of a tome...
I have always been fascinated by tools, and it began when I was a small boy. My father was pretty handy with all things wood, so it's easy to see where I got it from. The incident I referred to happened one day when I was maybe 4 or 5. My father was repairing something in our lounge (or front room as it was then called), and had a wondrous assortment of tools laid out for the task at hand. He'd also pulled one of the armchairs away from the wall (I have no memory of why this would have happened, but I can only assume it was relevant to the said repair). Picture the scene, with him doing his thing, and me happily watching him, asking endless silly questions, and looking longingly at the tools on the floor. He needed to leave the room for something, so he left me there with a distinct "don't touch, they're dangerous" warning. This was instantly ignored as soon as he was gone, and a small screwdriver found its way into my hand. Two minutes later I heard him coming back, and, not wanting to be caught playing with it, hid behind the chair with the screwdriver in my hand. I've often pondered since then, why I didn't just put it down, but I'm afraid the answer to that one is lost, along with all the other stupid "whys" of my life. He came back and got on with the task at hand, assuming I'd lost interest and moved on to more exciting things. Once he'd finished the job, he began the business of tidying up, and shoved the armchair back towards the wall, and in doing  so, shoved the armchair into me, and the screwdriver into my face. It went in above my chin and under my lower lip, straight through and into my mouth, luckily only scraping my gum and teeth. I let out the customary wail, and you can guess the rest. Yet another visit to the hospital followed. I've had a small scar there, and slight numbness ever since. You did ask....

Q: In the 'News' section on the website, it says you had a few weird experiences while recording the new EP. Do you guys believe in ghosts and the supernatural? And are we likely to see 'Ghost Hunting with Thunder' on Living TV any time soon..? Good old Yvette... ;) Hazel, Newcastle upon Tyne
L: I must admit to not believing in any of it!
B: I really don't believe in anything like that and I think that the people who appear on TV ghost hunting are ridiculous and the charlatans who masquerade as mediums and psychics should be locked up. If they really were in touch with "spirits" why not ask something a little more profound rather than about Auntie Elsie and her replacement hip.

Q: Hi, there.. My question is for Luke. I wonder what setup you used on "behind closed doors"?, especially on "i'll be waiting",  "castles in the sand". Thanks, and I wish you came to Turkey with DL and WS, cos they're coming.. Daq, Turkey
L: The amp I used on BCD was an old Marshall JCM 100w that I bought in Atlanta while we were recording there. The guitars where my usual selection; Telecaster, Les Paul and I used my Stratocaster on 'I'll Be Waiting'.

Q: Hi guys! Hope all is well. Thanks for another fantastic EP. I listen to it all the time and I genuinely love it all! The three new songs are amazing, as were the ones on 'Six of One.' I think you are the most generous band, giving us so many brand new songs in between the studio albums. I don't know any other artists who do this for their fans. I feel so privileged. I also wanted to say thank you for the live version of 'Last Man Standing.' It sounds brilliant and I've been waiting for this to happen ever since I heard it for the first time on the album. This is by far my favorite piece on RJT-- I'm so delighted, thanks for making my day! Well, since this is a Q&A, here's my question: who is your Democratic pick, Hillary or Obama? The race is getting close over here... Fumi, San Francisco
D: If I had a vote, it would be Obama for me. I don't know what kind of job he'd do, but he wouldn't have to be that great to follow GWB, and Hillary gives me shivers, I just think she'll say anything to get her hands on power..
L: Very difficult question.... I think having a female president would be a good thing and so would having a black president. Whoever wins the Democratic ticket must be a better bet than another Republican though!
B: I only wish it would make a difference, whichever is chosen I can't see them getting elected as President - so it looks like another Republican President

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