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I'm so excited! All the songs from "Bang!" and "The Joy of Six" that I've already heard in their entirety (seven so far) sound absolutely fantastic. A couple of days ago when I heard Retribution (my good friend sent me a recording of it being aired on Japanese radio), I was instantly intrigued by the unusual time signature. I had to listen to it another ten times to figure out what was going on (you did a little bit of this in "Living For Today" too, didn't you?) Well, thanks to your synopsis, my suspicion is now clear! I can't wait to hear this live. I always liked music with southern tastes but when Thunder does it, I just LOVE it. The harmonica and keyboard sound brilliant, and I hear a banjo playing here and there, is that you? I hope I'll make it to your shows. And if I do, I'll sing and swear along with you on "On the Radio." ;) By the way, what Japanese food you were eating on the 23rd (the day of the Planet Rock interview)? Fumi, San Francisco
L: Thanks for all the positive comments about the new material. The banjo was played very nicely by Peter Shoulder. I'm hoping a lot of people will swear along with us during 'On The Radio' but obviously only if they're over eighteen (ha ha)! The reason we were late for our interview with Planet Rock was, as you say due to a surfeit of beautiful Japanese food. We ate two kinds of soup (miso and the chef's special salmon soup), mixed tempura and sashimi and it was just too lovely to leave!

Q: I recently realized we can download "Love You Too Much," and Danny, I'm awestruck! Your voice has such a purifying effect-- it is truly awe-inspiring. The song itself is beautiful, of course, but it's your voice that makes it a million times better and I'm loving every bit of it. Especially when you use falsetto and belt near the end. You are really amazing! Did you enjoy working with Mr. Airey? And do you enjoy singing  a totally different genre of music? I very much would like to hear you singing arias . ;) Anyway, thanks for the song and yes, I'm ready for "Bang!" and "The Joy Of Six" now -- I'm excited just thinking about it! Fumi, San Francisco
D: I'm really glad you like it. It was nice to work with Don, he's a nice man. There is no falsetto in my performance, it's all full on DB voice. I did a charity show with him and his great band in the summer, and I really enjoyed it. I'm sure you'll like the new records, they are fab!

Q: Hi Guys, I just want to thank you for a fantastic night out at the Hard Rock on Monday. It has really made my year after having such a bad time of things lately! It was a good job you chose the Monday night as we would have thought twice about venturing out in the snow on Tuesday. Did you arrange this with the 'Big Man Upstairs'? If so, are there any other things you can ask him to do?? Reita, Sutton Coldfield
D: I can say thanks for coming and helping to make the night a real success. The recording sounds great. As to the snow, I can only say I have always been lucky with the weather (the snow followed us down the M6 yesterday).

Q: Great interview with Nicky Horne on Planet Rock last week. New tracks are fab, especially loved Radio - future single maybe? You guys are on a roll with RJT and now BANG! I loved your comments about the internet being so vital to your success, and it's great to be able to talk directly to you. My question...another album cut, more songs to choose from to play live - on stage do you ever have trouble remembering the words to your vast catalogue of songs?  See you at the Astoria in Nov! Di Gaedtke, Ashford, Middx
D: Glad you enjoyed it. We did too. NH is a great man, very interesting and interested too. The new record has gone down really well all over. Mr Morley has done us all proud with the tunes. I usually do OK with the lyrics on most, but there are some songs that occasionally defy me. Strangely enough I'm actually getting better as I get older, and most times I remember all the words, I just sing them in the wrong order.. At those time I simply keep going and hope no one notices (fat chance as the band always laugh at me  and give it away - Gits!).

Q: Having heard the sound clips,Candy Man & plenty tracks played on Planet Rock & I feel a distinct American vibe is this true? Is it a Crack at that market? Just they way it turned out? or my imagination? P.s it's a very strong album from what I've heard so far I'm impressed....again! can't wait for the next 8 odd days. Mart "Metalfartz", Saffron Walden
L: Interesting to hear your view. I suppose there are elements in a couple of the tunes that could be construed as having an American influence but I didn't set out to write a more American sounding album. As usual with us  it just comes out how it comes out! We don't get too cerebral about the kind of albums we make. It tends to come from the guts, not the brain!

Q: Hi Guys great to see a new album on its way mines been pre ordered for ages as well as my tickets for the Exeter gig, I saw earlier this year at Nottingham alongside def leppard and whitesnake what a night that was, I was wondering what is the song playlist for the Exeter gig on the 21/11/08? Is  it just new album or will you be adding in some of your classics like love walked in, my fav ever track of yours? I know I cant make request but just wondered what to expect. Helena, Kent
L: If you look elsewhere on the Q&A page you'll see my answers to questions about the set list. I'm not going to tell you what we're playing as that would spoil the surprise but it will be new and old material side by side.

Q: Hi ya chaps, we are getting closer to your tour of which were going to of course (Astoria 30 Nov)!! do you ever get nervous before you go on stage and how do you deal with that? I must also say Thunder do have the most considerate and kindest fans ever and its always a pleasure to go to your gigs, your new album sounds fantastic my 3 year old keeps asking when her new Thunder album is coming!! good luck and see you on your tour. Emma B, Honiton Devon
D: We've been doing this a long time now, so we get excited but we don't get nervous. I don't think we can take credit for having nice fans, but I agree with you. The new album is fab, and I'm sure you'll love it, but speaking as a father, I urge you to cough pretty loudly in the middle of On The Radio if your 3 year old is listening, or train her to shout "Oh Poo" at the appropriate moment. All will become clear on or after Nov 3rd...
L: Good to see your three year old has great taste also! The most nervous I've ever been was before we walked on stage in front of 80,000 people at Donington in 1990. Having got through that I've never been nervous since.  However, I do get a surge of adrenalin that kicks in once the house lights go down and the crowd reacts and that's a great feeling.

Q: Luke, I must say I am impressed with the samples from the new album and the Joy of Six. It seems to have quite an american feel to it from some of the titles and song content, was this deliberate? I expect you'll say it wasn't planned! The subjects are dynamic and original especially Candy Man and Have Mercy. Two songs stand out for me though and they are Retribution - very different to anything you've done before and in parts it reminds me of "Sealed with a Kiss" and it tips its hat to the Beatles too. I also love So Sad Today on 'TJOS' My question is  since I enjoy listening to your Balads and beautifully mournful songs -  do you enjoy writing them?! It's great to have a mix of songs which are catchy and emotive - Cant wait to get the album! P.S. Thanks once again for the track by track. Ian, S Wales
L: I do enjoy the writing process apart from when I haven't done it for a while because then it's always hard to get back in the groove if you've been away from it. It usually takes me a week or so before I find that place in my head again and once I'm there everything starts to flow. Glad you like the new tunes.

Q: I seem to remember "Hold On I'm Coming" with Spike at a Christmas Gig in London. It was the year that the Christmas T-Shirt looked like a Beer Branded T-shirt and I seem to remember that Spike's mike didn't work for the first verse and kinda spoiled the effect. Anyway, a question! When you sit down to write a guitar solo, do you plan it out in your head before hand or do you just 'go with the flow'?  Also when you were learning the guitar did you practise loads of scales and modes?. I'm learning at the moment and the scales are driving me crazy. Best of luck with the new album. Otis Fett, Dublin
L: The solos are 99% improvised but occasionally if the piece of music I'm soloing over has complex key and tempo changes I might work out a part that feels suitable. I'm self-taught so there was no rhyme or reason to how I learnt to play. It was mainly watching people who were much better than me and nicking the bits of their style that I liked. I practiced a lot as a teenager but I haven't spent much time on technique since then. I think the best way to improve is play along with other musicians.

Q: Not really a question, but perhaps an answer? In regards to Jamie's question about Spike supporting Thunder at a Christmas time gig, I found a Classic Rock review of the Thunder 1998 Xmas show where Spike was the special guest. Perhaps this was the gig that Jamie is thinking off? Gary Smith, Cupar
T: Yes, I think that's the one. In fact looking at the gigography section of this very website, it seems that Hold On (I'm Coming) was performed at all 3 Xmas shows in London, Wolves and Nottingham back in December 1998 (was it really 10 years ago...scary...)

Q: Hi Guys, have you heard the Cosmos Rocks, the new album by Queen and Paul Rodgers yet? It has the distinct sound of a Rodgers release with snatches of the classic Queen sound. Wondered what your opinions are. Rob Fletcher, Hull
B: Truthfully I haven't heard it yet but there is a copy in the house somewhere that I've seen and I do vaguely remember the other half trying to talk to me about it, perhaps I should give it a listen.
L: I haven't heard the album yet although I have heard the single which was a little disappointing IMHO. I will listen to the album because when you put that much talent together something good has to happen!
D: I've only heard a few tracks so far, and at the risk of inciting riots across the land, based on what I've heard I'm not desperate to hear the rest. I'm not against them making records together, I'm certainly not one of the purists, and I can see why they would want to do it, but it's just not my cup of tea.

Q: hey boys great somples o the new album exxxxxxxxciting scotland luv thunder question... i luv the singer pink do u gyes and if u do or dont what 1 of her songs wouled u cover if you were asked too i think who knew wouled be a great choice KEEP ON ROCKING. John, Edinburgh
B: Thanks for the great feedback about the new album, I like it. As for Pink there's no doubt she's a talented lady I think we'd struggle to do a  serious cover though as so many of her lyrics are specific to her as a person and last time I checked neither Danny, Luke, Chris, Harry or I had a husband we could lose and Danny never could carry off the gold diamond rings
D: Eye luv er 2, an eyed do get this partay staaatid. Gud spelin bi the wa.

Q: Over the past year or two I have read a couple of Rock band/solo artist biographies and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Firstly, would you as a band consider doing something similar (if not why???!!!) and what biographies have personally enjoyed and why? (looking forward to seeing you at Wolvo in November) Jase, Walsall
B: I'm not big on reading biographies, as for the band writing one I think it's more of a personal venture and I'd love to tell you more about mine but my publisher would kill me and we're currently only at the second draft  stage.
L: I've always thought there's no point in writing an autobiography if you can't tell the truth and I fear that if I/we were to adhere to that principal and write down everything that has happened to us, then a large number of lawsuits would shortly be forthcoming. In other words I don't want to be sued. Maybe if I live to be 100 years old! My favourite music biography is 'The Love You Make' by Peter Brown which was written about the Beatles.

Q: Gents - Any thoughts or plans afoot to conquer/tour the USA? Ian, Atlanta
D: Not at the moment. We can't find a label we trust to do it properly, do you have one?

Q: First of all just want to say how much I love 'Candy Man' which I'm playing over and over like a teenager (which I'm definitely not) - though I did worry the first time I heard it that Luke wouldn't get all the way through the solo in one piece. (Strangely the more I listen to it the better he seems to get at it - is that just me?) Anyway on a completely unrelated point I wondered if you've ever thought of starting a section on the web-site for DIY tips and hints, as I know you've said before that you've worked in all trades and are a handy fella. I'm completely useless at anything like and that would be handy to have someone to ask. Just a thought. Steven W, Aberdeen (ex-Pat Geordie)
D: Glad you're loving the track. Tell the world please, you know it makes sense, after all, it is free..
There are loads of places to get DIY info, I'm not sure it's appropriate on the Thunder site, and to be honest I'm way too busy to get into that.. Maybe one day if and when things calm down a bit...

Q: Luke, it could have been a dream but didn't you perform 'Hold on I'm coming' at a Thunder gig when Spike (as Spike rather than the Quireboys) supported? He had a small brass section and you did about three songs  together. About 1997 is my guess. Around Christmas because there were Christmas trees on the amps and Spike wore a white suit! James Vincent, Reading
L: That does ring a bell although I'm less than sure! Spike definitely opened for us on a solo tour. It's all a little vague I'm afraid.

Q: Dear All, I've enjoyed listening to all the sound samples on the forthcoming album. My question is: Do you ever think of giving up or will you keep making music until your bus pass arrives? G. Squee, Portsmouth
L: Music isn't something you ever give up. There will come a time when we're not physically capable anymore but I don't think about that at the moment. As long as it's fun and it doesn't hurt I'll do it!

Q: Hi, have you guys ever thought of covering 'Hold On I'm Coming' by Isaac Hayes and David Porter? Whenever I hear it on 'Riding with the King', the Eric Clapton and BB King album, I always think you would do a cracking version of it. Can't wait for the new album. Eccles, Kent
L: I'm sure we've done it before but not as Thunder and it is a great song so you never know!

Q: Hi Luke, Cant wait for the new album and to see you live again. We are travelling down to Exeter to see you! Can you settle an argument for me please? My brother tells me you once dated Kathy Lloyd??? Is this true? If it is I owe my brother a pint - and fair play to you!!! What was she like? Rich, South Wales
L: Oh dear! That's a pint you owe your brother. Kathy is very nice. It was a very long time ago though.

Q: hi Danny, this may be to early but will you be doing a tour next year as my mum says I will be able to go next year. She has a ticket for Manchester and says I cant go because its all standing and I wont be able to see much. Thankyou from jessica aged 12. I really love your music!!! Jessica, Derbyshire
D: We may tour again in the latter part of next year. Please grow as tall as you can between now and then.

Q: High guys not long now!...Can't wait for the L.P, E.P, tour & crimbo do. One quicky Bang! the Japanese version being a completist I need it, I want it is there a link or preferred import site so I can grab me a copy please? Mart "Metalfartz", Saffron Walden
T: You can pre-order it from CDJapan. Ignore the title, the album hasn't been renamed "Ban!" in Japan...it's a typo....

Q: Hey come on guys, I know we only get a sample of the new stuff but i can only download 3 seconds of the final track from "joy of six", sounded great the bit I heard, is the problem my end or yours or is 3 seconds all we get? Colin Vale, Leicester
T: Works fine from here, I'd try again if I were you Colin...the sample is definitely longer that 3 seconds...

Q: Hi Guys, Just to say I'm looking forward to the Xmas gig again- my4th! Do you plan to film another one at any point- and will the McDonalds be back again this year? Rob, Wilmslow
D: It's possible, but it won't happen this year. I'm hoping the McD sisters will be there to bring a slice of glamour to the proceedings.

Q: Hey all...great Bang! sound clips! going to see you in Wolverhampton and cant wait to get the album! I found in this weeks Kerrang! magazine, a fan has posted a comment about Thunder in the 'feedback' section. My question is, why haven't Thunder been featured in there? Bang should be advertised widely and from clips, it should get great reviews! Why don't you make a campaign to get Thunder's name in the magazine? see you in November :) Martin, Cheltenham
D: Glad you like them, and I hope you like the album when you get it. I heard about someone writing to Kerrang, and it's great they did, that's what we need. As to why they don't write about us, I'm afraid I don't know, they don't tell me, but I heard recently that their typical reader is a 14 year old girl, that may have something to do with it. Thanks for the tip about the advertising, it really is very simple now you've explained it. Ah, if only it was.. Now where are my rose tinted spectacles?

Q: Hey Guys, do you have any plans for an European tour? Would be nice to see you in Germany... ;-) Oliver, Hamburg
D: It's under discussion. Expect an announcement soon...

Q: Hi!!! This one is mostly for Harry and Luke...did you ever think about using a double bass drum for Thunder's music???? It would be interesting...2 bass drums would help to get a powerful sound...if that is possible when it comes to talk about a band called THUNDER...(laughs) Thank you very much. Diego. Spain
L: It's not the size of your drum kit that counts; it's how you play it! John Bonham only needed one bass drum and that for me is the end of the discussion.

Q: Hi guys! I've been to the last three shows you have done at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall, (and I have ordered my tickets for this year too). Vie seen a lot of bands play there, including many artists who have been around for quite awhile. The thing is.... your sound is by far the best of all the acts I've seen. I can actually hear every word
Danny sings rather than just listening to the white noise that I'm used to hearing at that venue. So what's your secret? Do you still turn it up to 11, or do you resist the temptation and play a little quieter? Or is your equipment and set up just better than everyone else's? Keep rockin', and see you the 27th November!!!! Craig King, Probably the pub
L: We have a very good front of house engineer and we're not too loud on stage.

Q: Hi, I've just found out that Extreme have re formed As they were one of my favourite bands in my teenage years I have booked to see them in Leeds. Just wondered what your thoughts were on the band? Looking forward to seeing you in Sheffield. David, Leeds
L: We did a four week tour of mainland Europe in 1992 with Extreme. Their crowd was large due to 'More Than Words' being a big crossover hit but a bit too young for the 15 minute jazz explorations they would do every night. As a consequence a lot of the audience left after 'MTW'. Nuno is a very good guitar player but I think they were maybe trying too hard to be musically interesting instead of doing what they were best at which was/is four minute rock songs.

Q: Thinny why is there no 'track by track' for Candy Man?? We have the whole track but no commentary...I'd love to read it! Ian, S. Wales
T: Whoops, with all the exciting announcements last week I must have forgot to upload it! Fixed it now...enjoy!

Q: Many thanks for replying to previous question. I would love to get the chance to converse with you all in your native drunken Norwegian!!! Do you have any plans for meet & greet this year at Rock City?? Look forward to seeing you all there... Donna, Nottingham
T: Yes, there will be a meet and greet at the Xmas show, but they work a little differently to the usual ones. Full details will be released nearer the time. Those that have been before should know what to expect...

Q: Hi guys!!!! This is very important...as it seems impossible to me to attend any of your Spanish dates when you come here, I notice with great joy that you will be playing Cambridge by the end of November...after 17 months of hard work my intention is being on vacation by those days...I have a Spanish mate living in Bishops Stortford and I had planned visiting him, so if I go to Cambridge on the 29th of November, will I have the chance to buy a ticket at the Corn Exchange itself or your british shows are a "sold out thing" many days before????...what do you think???
I'm really looking forward to see you on stage for the first time since I've been following you almost all the time since 1992...Thank you very much!!!! Diego, Spain
D: It is entirely possible that the show will sell out ahead of the show date. If you want to come, I suggest you ask your mate to buy you the tickets and you pay him back when you get to the UK.

Q: Is there a tablature book available with the best songs of  Thunder? Bram Vanhoutte, Belgium
T: I'm afraid that there are no Thunder tab books currently available.

Q: A couple of questions, firstly are you planning on doing any gigs in the new year to promote the new album and ep? and how long do you guys have to practice on the new material before you play it on a live set? Colin Vale, Leicester
L: If you look at the 'gigs' page on the website it will tell you all you need to know about upcoming shows. The length of time we spend in rehearsal depends on how much new material we include in the set. For our UK tour in November we'll spend four days rehearsing although most of that time will be spent drinking tea!

Q: Hi guys, I think I saw you at the Nickelback O2 gig last Friday. Was it you and if so did you enjoy the show? Also Id just like to say thanks for always having a show in the South West, Cheers! Adam, Exeter
L: Yes it was us and the show was very entertaining visually if a little on the loud side.......I must be getting old!
D: Correct, well spotted, my false beard and moustache must have fallen off on the way in..
I thought the band played well and the show looked great, but the sound where we were had so much bottom end going on it caved our ribs in...

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