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Will there be special Chepstow Castle T shirts for sale at the gig or just normal tour T Shirts? Luke, Chepstow
D: It's not totally decided as yet, but I think there is likely to be a summer tee this year.

Q: Hello, as you are the techi one I wondered if you could shed some light for me. Do you know if there are any women sound engineers in the biz? I tried to learn as much as I could at college but the boys got in the way
and I was pushed more towards stage management (which I'm great at if I do say so myself!! ;-)  Also, if I made the tea, would you show me how to engineer? Or is it just not possible for the girls to get into this side of things? I've been trying for ages. Love you lots like jellytots. Ellie, Hants
B: There are indeed female audio engineers in the business and some are doing very well but I agree it is a very male dominated area. I cannot see any reason for this as gender is not an issue. There are many people trying to get into audio engineering and I was very lucky to be able to find a job when I was younger, my only advice is perseverance, as for your offer it would wholly depend on what your tea was like.

Q: I guess this is for Ben, but I might be wrong... I love the Xmas CDs, but why is Danny's intro to each song always at the end of the previous track, rather than the start of the song it's about? It's playing havoc with my attempt to mix the two into a playlist of the whole show :-) Suzie, Derby
B: Because of the nature of these evenings and the amounts of wine consumed the intros can be a little lengthy. I decided that the best course of action was to have the title start at the musical beginning of the song wherever
possible enabling people to select the track and play it immediately without the intro. I did have a discussion with the rest of the band who agreed that this was the best course of action.

Q: Just wanted to ask if any of you ever read your horoscope? and what are your star signs? I think I have a good idea what some of your star signs are, I would be interested to see if I got any right. Andrea, Manchester
B: I don't read horoscopes as most are so generalised that anyone could write them. I don't believe in horoscopes or astrology but that's just typical of us Cancerians.
L: Gemini, both of me!
D: I'm an Aries, and I'm told I'm a typical one. I don't read my horoscope.

Q: Hello, firstly may i say i have been a fan of yours since the beginning please keep up the excellent work. The question i would like to ask is as follows- my 15 year old son plays guitar in a rock band he plays cover versions of rock songs such as walk this way, the trooper , run to the hills and smells like teen spirit, he is going to college when he leaves school to study music have any of you got any advice for him, also can all of you read music , me and my son are coming to see you in November so you can show him how its done. Darren Jones, Somerset
B: I'm not even sure if all of us can read. The main advice I can offer is practice, practice, practice and use a good quality hair conditioner.
L: I don't read music because I've never had to learn. Having said that, you can't do this job professionally without having an understanding of rhythm, harmony and intervals. It also helps if you have a musical ear which fortunately I do. The only advice I can offer is listen to everything with an open mind, take the bits you like and from them your own style will come in time.

Q: Hello,  I am looking forward to the Chepstow Castle gig in June and wondered how the band feel about the Forthcoming  Castle gig. Also I think this would make a great live DVD, any chance of
this perhaps ? Daryl, Newport
B: I'm really looking forward to playing; I'm shining my amour and berating my Squire as we speak.
D: We're looking forward to returning to Chepstow. The vibe was fab last time and we're hoping this time will be the same. We're not looking to film any new DVDs for a while. Having spent rather a lot of time effort and not to mention money producing 4 DVDs in the past 3 years, we're now looking to get a return.

Q: Why were stand up and she's so fine, not included in either of the live crimbo CDs? Sam, Manchester
L: Every year we try to make sure the CDs contain as many songs as possible that haven't been released as live versions in the past and both 'Stand Up' and 'She's So Fine' are available as live tracks elsewhere.

Q: How did you team up with Alistair McCrae? I would never have imagined that your paths and his would ever cross!! Marg, Wales
D: It was through our new mobile man. Moyst are involved with lots of people and suggested we may have some common ground (cars and rock music seem to go well together). The association is great for both, as by linking up, we indirectly get exposed to lots of new people. It can only be a good thing.

Q: Hi - I think I once read that you didn't like the original version of "everybody wants her" or you wished it was produced differently???? As the previously mentioned "Dangerous rhythm" is hard to get hold of - Would you ever re-record any of the old songs )making them available for us to get hold of)& revamping them, putting the Thunder 2007 stamp on them? (thus  fixing any of the bits you didn't like). I also remember you saying you preferred the second version of "future train" also - Any thoughts? Mitch Capaldi, Cheltenham
L: Once a song has been recorded it's very difficult to re-record it successfully unless you change it radically. We re-recorded Higher Ground for 'Their Finest Hour' and I don't think we bettered the original to be honest. I'd rather concentrate on writing and recording new material.

Q: Just a hypothetical question to you all, if for some reason any of you got ill and could no longer do your job ( god forbid it should happen) who would you recommend to do your job for you. I know you are a pretty tight band and it would be impossible to replace anybody as you all bring something to the table, but just curious who you would rate highly enough to fill your boots. Lee, Belfast
L: No idea!
B: I think it would have to be someone like Jessica Alba - crap guitar player but would keep the rest of the boys happy.
D: This is a good question, but for the life of me I can't think of anyone who does what I do. There are singers, but it's not just about singing, to be honest I'm stumped. All suggestions are welcome, but I'm not planning on not being able to do it, so this is purely hypothetical.

Q: What a fantastic selection of live albums you have to choose from and some dam fine memories too no doubt, so which track stands out the most from this fine collection? Also I went with my loved one (dragged) to see Colin fry last week and I cant make up my mind because he selected some one I know from the audience and the stuff he was coming out with was quite accurate about a late brother who was murdered, what do you think of this whole medium this because their was quite a debate going on in the pub afterwards? Colin Vale, Leicester
B: I loved moments from all the albums, there is no particular highlight for me. As for the people that pose as mediums I'm afraid are charlatans and should be exposed as such, I've no time for them at all.
D: I find it impossible to pick one particular moment that stands out from the rest. The beauty of live recordings is that they're snapshots of the time they were captured, so they're all special, and for different reasons.  As to the medium thing, I used to be a medium, but now I'm a large. Seriously, I'm a pretty practical person, so I'm not usually given to instant belief in things I can't see or touch. Having said that I did go to see a spiritualist some time ago (to appease my wife), and I have to say it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. The man was very accurate in the things he said about my life, asked me no questions, merely made statements, and almost all of them were correct. He also accurately predicted events that later came to pass etc, so whilst I'm not naturally drawn to it, I'm prepared to believe there could something in it.

Q: Hey guys, just wondering when on tour or in general do u guys play practical jokes on each other? as i am in a band we like the odd mess about do u? Ryan, Hereford
B: No real practical jokes anymore but we do argue about whose turn it is to make the tea on the tour bus.... Harry
D: We were all at it in days gone by, but to be honest the fun of practical jokes wears off a bit after the first 250 times, so we don't do much of that kind of thing nowadays..

Q: I noticed an earlier question asking what ring tones you all had on your phones, but I don't know if anyone has asked you what (if any) desk top theme do you have on your computer/laptop? Mine is of me and Danny at the meet and greet in Llandudno 2006(sad, I know). No doubt I will change it after another gig, but it cheers me up when I turn on my pc to remember a fantastic night out! Reita, Sutton Coldfield
L: My desktop is standard Windows I'm afraid although I do have a Simpsons screensaver!
B: Mine's really dull as it's the standard Windows theme on the PC and the standard theme on the Mac - Then again I don't spend any time looking at the desktop.
D: Strangely mine is of me and you as well.... Seriously, I never go for themes, I'm not that into customising my computer, I just stick with what it came with, use it to do what I need and turn it off...

Q: Hello, firstly, congratulations on the gigs in Spain, you're simply impressive! Thank you very much for all! Did you see the moon's eclipse on Saturday 3rd March?...and where? I hope to see you soon again. Sonia, Spain
L: No, I didn't see it. I think I was in a bar somewhere in France.....
B: I was in Paris having dinner at the time I believe - I looked up at the moon but unfortunately the earth's shadow passed over it at the critical moment and it disappeared so I missed it - Better luck next time I guess (February
21 2008)
D: Thanks for the nice comments, we really enjoyed the Spanish shows, we thought the crowd on both nights were very good, really noisy and enthusiastic. As to the eclipse, I did see it, but not at the time, on the news...

Q: Hi guys, I remember Luke saying that the set list for a tour isn't settled until a week or so before the start of the tour and was wondering how the lights and lighting designs are worked out in such a short amount of time. Do the band watch a display prior to the tour or do you have a tried and trusted lighting engineer? Thought the lights on the RJT tour really complimented the music. Jim, Enfield
D: We make a rough selection a while before the tour begins. This gives our LD a chance to design the light show. The final selection is made nearer the tour. Our LD has been the same for a few years now, so he knows the system.

Q: Since you guys are friends with David Coverdale, what are the chances of supporting Whitesnake when they tour the U.S. again? Greg, California
D: I'd say the chances are probably none...

Q: Hi to you all. Great news about the Nov tour thanks so much for doing it canny wait. I noticed that Inverness isn't on the cards this time. Can I ask why. Many thanks see you all in Glasgow and hopefully Newcastle... Belle, Livingstone
D: We usually do less shows the second time around on each LP. It's nothing to do with specific venues or towns, it's more to do with limiting the second round of shows to places where we've got good solid history. This is reflected in the tour at the end of this year.

Q: Are there any plans to tour the USA or New Zealand ? friends in both. Or is it not viable. I was in Oregon last year and tried to buy the Rob J album for friends,  spread the word you know, and couldn't find it anywhere. Damien Clarke, Grimsby
T: There are no plans at the moment for tours in either. With the band not having a label or distributor in those countries (hence the reason you couldn't find the record), it makes playing shows there very difficult. Maybe one day....?

Q: Hi guys! I'm from Belgium, but this year I'm studying in Japan. So I also had to wait for the Japanese release... a Japanese release with bonus tracks...Now, normally I'd buy the European release, I'd never hear those bonus tracks, and I wouldn't really bother to go and write a question about it. But now I've heard those simple, very straightforward rocksongs, and I must say that The Girl Is Alright has become one of my favorite tracks from the album. Now if I was still in Europe, I'd never have heard those songs, which would be a pity of course. Why do you (or a band in general) include bonus tracks? I suppose it has something to do with contracts, but I'm not sure... and what do you guys actually think of the concept of bonus tracks? In any case, I think this is but natural, but keep on rocking, and see you hopefully soon in Japan (I heard you once came to Matsumoto...hint, hint)! Joris Vermeulen, Matsumoto
D: The reason for including extra tracks for the Japanese is simply because CDs are that much more expensive in Japan, the labels there lose out to cheap imports from the west, so they insist on extra tracks to make their releases more attractive and better value for money for Japanese buyers.

Q: Hello again Danny, You don't have to reply to this one if you don't want to . I just wanted to say a Big Thank You to you for your long and very detailed answer. It was very good of you to get back to me. I will certainly try out some if not all of your tips. Though I went to see a specialist yesterday and had a camera down my throat (very unpleasant experience I can tell you!) They told me a had a something on my vocal cords, so may have to have it removed if I doesn't go by its self *sigh*. Thanks again for your answer, and it wont stop me joining in with the crowd at Chepstow :) I love you guys. Take care, and see you in June. Louise, Ripon, North Yorks
D: Sorry to hear about your something. I hope it gets sorted asap.

Q: Hi Guys! Very sorry for not attending your Madrid show last night after having asked you a million times when were you going to come back to Spain again...poor me...I guess ill have to attend my first thunder show after 15 years of being your fan when you tour the uk again...it will be more expensive of course, but I t will be more charming too, as you play at home!!! Well, I don't know whether my question is for Luke or the whole band but...many years ago, in Spain, I attended a music fair and I bought a couple of vinyl singles of yours (those little ones at 45 rph...) from lojd...they were everybody wants her and low life in high places...and the first one contained as a b-side one of your most amazing hard-rocking anthems, in my opinion, which was "dangerous rhythm"....I still have it but the question is...how can I get the song on another format? I know it  is on the Japanese edition of the rare, the raw, and the rest...but that is out of my reach...could i find it at the i-tunes store??? since I can buy songs only on the Spanish site I cannot find it either...what can I do??? by the way, I bought the song "the girl is alright" among others, and is fantastic!!! congratulations for your music and for being yourselves!!!! Diego, Spain
T: Dangerous Rhythm is currently only available on the Japanese version of 'The Rare, The Raw And The Rest', as you correctly pointed out. The song is owned by EMI, so if the track was to be released in any other form it would be down to them - the band have no say in the matter, I'm afraid.

Q: Hello, really pleased to hear about the up-in-coming UK tour - can you confirm if you will be promoting a new album on this tour?  Steven Alexander, N. Ireland
T: The Nov/Dec dates will be the 2nd Leg of the U.K. tour supporting Robert Johnson's Tombstone. There will be no new album released this year.

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