CD 1:
Just Another Suicide
All I Ever Wanted
Giving The Game Away
You'll Still Need A Friend
Rolling The Dice
Play That Funky Music
'Til It Shines
Time To Get Tough
It's Another Day
It Could Be Tonight

CD 2:
Welcome To The Party (Live)
Don't Wait Up (Live)
Higher Ground (Live)
Low Life In High Places (Live)
Backstreet Symphony (Live)
I'll Be Waiting (Live)
An Englishman On Holiday (Live)
Dirty Love (Live)
A Better Man (Live)
Until My Dying Day (Live)
She's So Fine (Live)
Love Walked In (Live)
River Of Pain (Live)

Note: CD 1 includes the 'Giving The Game Away' album in it's entirety, while CD 2 consists of selected tracks from the 1998 'Live' double CD Set.

Released : 2002