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Thunder Channel
Why Now?

You may or may not have heard of our old Fan Club, Thunder Channel. It started when we did, back in 1989, and it became massive very quickly. It was hugely successful, and a great many fans over the years have told us how much they loved being a member. Sadly, we had to close it down in 2000, when we took our first hiatus.

We'd been thinking for ages about launching a new version of Thunder Channel "for the modern age", but we knew from before that it takes a lot of thought, commitment and money to do it well. We simply hadn't had the time to get into it until the first lockdown in 2020. We beavered away for ages, and came up with what we believe is a tasty new version that you'll like. One we can deliver for you on all levels, not just when it's quiet, but well into the future.
If you haven't lost the will to live already, please read on..

What Is Thunder Channel?

We've chosen Patreon as our membership platform, and set up a new modern version of Thunder Channel for Thunder fans to become members (Patreon calls them "Patrons"). Thunder Patrons are Thunder Channel Members by another name, and just like it used to be, membership comes with benefits.

We've created the club to bring you stuff we think you'll like, mixing the technology of today with elements of the traditional old school stuff.
The idea is that you pay for membership to it via a monthly fee. Unlike the old days, where it was a single "one size fits all" affair, membership benefits for the new Thunder Channel are split across different levels. You get your own membership login, so you're in complete control of your membership benefits, based on how much you want to pay (you can opt to pay the equivalent of 1 cup of coffee per month for Entry Level membership, up to 3 cups per month for Level Two). So joining up will mean you'll get loads of Thunder joy, and take in less caffeine too. Win win.

OK I Like The Idea, But What Do I Get?

There are member benefits galore, and they’re all listed on the main Thunder Channel page on Patreon (click the link to see them).

There's also a Thunder Channel "Members Only" area on both the band owned stores where there are exclusive items both for sale and for free, and only for TC members.

We hope you’ll want to sign up, and we’ll be encouraging you to tell us what you want from Thunder Channel via polls, live chats and Q&As (there will be loads of these).
We want it to be a community rather than just a club, so by telling us what you think, you'll be helping us to shape it going forwards.

If and when you sign up, please remember to enter your postal address (and don't "opt out" of receiving mail from us) so we can send you the physical items that come with your membership.

We're very excited about Thunder Channel, and it's going to be a major part of what we do in the future. Join Thunder Channel, and get some more Thunder in your life.

You know it makes sense!


Ben, Chris, Danny, Harry & Luke

Find out more about the membership levels, what's included, what it costs, how it all works and how to sign up at the link below!

Please see the Thunder Channel FAQs below for even more information!



Q: If I sign up and get a photo, then get a badge 3 months later, then cancel, then decide to rejoin, will I get the same photo and badge the second time?
A. No. All members get the same badge in year 1, and you must be a member for a continuous 12 months in order to get a year 2 badge. If you cancel at any stage throughout the year, then subsequently rejoin, you will be starting your membership again, but we see no point in re-sending you the things you’ve already had.

Q: Is the level 2 badge different from the level 1 badge?
A. No. All members get the same badge in year one, regardless of the level you join at.

Q: Is it possible to buy a year 2 badge?
A. No, badges can only be earned through 12 months of continuous membership.

Q: I’ve signed up as a TC1 member, but some of the video posts still have padlocks and I can’t see them, why is this?
A: What you can watch is determined by your membership level. TC2 members get full access to our post archive, TC1 members will get to see a lot of posts, but not all.

Q: When will I get my digital music?
A. Thunder Channel audio will be sent to all members every 2 months. We’re sending it in MP3 format, as they’re easier to deliver, and we’re not a digital retailer. If there is enough demand for other formats, we’ll look at delivering that.

Q: The membership price is shown as £5, but in the details it states that the price is plus tax. Why is that, and how much is the tax?
A. If it were up to us, the price shown would include tax, but it’s not.Patreon is our platform provider for Thunder Channel. It’s a US company, and US law dictates that prices are shown net of tax. This is because in the US the amount of tax you pay is determined by where you live. For example, in the UK, VAT is 20%, so if you live there and join at Level One, you'll be charged £6.00 (£5.00 + £1.00 VAT). Level Two members will pay £12.00 (£10.00 + £2.00 VAT). The tax is charged by Patreon, and then paid to the government where you live.

Q: Can I sign up on behalf of someone else as a birthday/Xmas present?
A: Sadly no, the Patreon system isn’t set up to do this.

Q: If I sign up, why do I have to enter a mailing address?

A: It’s so we can send your signed band photo and badges, mystery gift (TC2 only) and any other physical benefits that come with your membership.
If there’s no address we can’t send you anything, which is less work for us of course, but no good for you.
We can see your membership account in Patreon but we can't edit it, so it’s very much down to you to make sure it’s there and correct at all times.
If you need to amend your membership details and preferences after sign up, there's a handy link to your account settings at the bottom of all emails you receive from Thunder Channel via Patreon.

Q: How will I receive the advance Thunder news?
A: All members will receive Thunder Channel notifications via email.

Q: What is Lens and how do I get it, what if I have no phone?
A: Lens is one of the features built into the Patreon mobile app, you can get it from your phone’s App Store (iOS & Android). If you don’t have a smartphone, then you can’t get the Patreon app or our Lens updates, so why not embrace the modern age and get one, or you’ll be missing out on all our fabulous updates.

Q: Where is the band’s video room and how do I watch your live streams?
A: We use a platform called Crowdcast for live streams. All TC members will receive instructions on how to join our live video streams via email when we schedule them, but please note only TC2 membership includes live stream access.

Q: If I’m a TC1 member, why can’t I watch the live streams?
A: That’s because it’s not a TC1 membership benefit. You can upgrade in order to see our live streams, or you can pay a one off fee to view.

Q: Can I watch the live streams if I’m not a TC member?
A: Yes, if you’d rather not become a member, you can pay a one off fee. In some cases places may be limited, in which case TC2 members will receive priority.

Q: Why do you charge a fee to view live streams?
A: It’s simply because we are charged to do live streams, and the more viewers we have, the more we have to pay. TC2 members pay more than TC1 members, so it’s included in their membership.

Q: Which will have the better seat, a VIP Ticket or a Killer Ticket?
A: VIP tickets are not available as a TC benefit & have to be bought separately. VIP Ticket seats & Killer Ticket seats will usually be located in the same area of the venue (where the best seats are). VIP tickets are more expensive of course because they include a lot of VIP extras (like sound check access, VIP laminate, early re-entry, guaranteed meet & greet and team photo). Killer Tickets are simply that - the best seats in the house!

Q: If I take advantage of my TC2 membership to buy killer tickets, do I automatically get meet & greets too?
A: No, you get the best seats in the house, but not meet & greets. Only VIP ticket buyers get guaranteed meet & greet access.
If you want meet & greet access too, you’ll need to enter the ballot.

Q: If I’ve already bought a VIP ticket, and then win Meet & Greet passes using my Thunder Channel membership can I give one of them to someone else?
A: No, because if you’ve already bought VIP tickets, you don’t need to apply for meet & greets (they’re already included in the VIP ticket price). TC’s meet & greet allocation is for TC members only.

Q: It looks like meet & greet places are only going to be available to people who pay for them. In the past you gave them away for free. Why the change?
A: VIP ticket buyers get guaranteed meet & greet access as one part of their VIP package. This is outside of Thunder Channel. We've always offered free meet & greet places to non VIP ticket buyers, and we always will.

Q: I was a member of the old Thunder Channel years ago. I got automatic meet & greet access in those days, why don’t you offer it now?
A: Spaces at venues are limited. The band is very popular, so whilst we have no way to know for sure, we think we may get more members than we can fit into the meet & greet rooms. We don’t think it’s right to create membership benefits that we might not be able to deliver, so we’ll continue to offer a free ballot for meet & greets that all ticket buyers can apply for (except VIPs who don’t need to).

Q: If I want to change my membership and go down a level, can I do it at any time?

Yes you can. If you go down a level at any time during the month, you'll continue to have access to the content you've already paid for, then you’ll be charged the new lower amount on the 1st of the following month.

Q: If I want to go up a level, how does it work, and can I do it any time?

Yes. If go go up to the next level, you'll be charged immediately for the difference, then you’ll be charged the new amount in full on the 1st of the following month.

Q: If I sign up for TC2 then cancel or downgrade my membership do I have to start again with 12 months TC1 subscription before achieving my year 2 badge?

A: No. You can change levels (up or down) at any stage throughout the year (though it will change your benefits) and it won’t affect your membership status. You can still qualify for the following year’s badge, but only if your membership remains continuous throughout the whole 12 months. If there’s a break in your membership at any stage in the year, you’ll start again if you rejoin.

Q: I signed up as half way through the month and was charged immediately for a month’s membership. Then 2 weeks later I was charged again. Why?

A: Patreon charges on sign up, and subsequently on the first day of each month. The initial charge is made so we can send you your signed band photo, and you can access your Thunder Channel posts immediately. Otherwise you’d be a member, but would have to wait until the first of the following month to get your membership benefits, which we think is dull.

Q: If I cancel my membership, can I get a refund for the unused part of the month?

A: No, sorry Patreon do not make part refunds. If you wish to cancel, we advise you to wait until close to the end of the month. That way you’ll get full value right up to the moment you cancel. Then we will cry, but that’s not your problem of course. Same applies to signing up (to get a full month’s value, sign up at the beginning of the month).

Q: What is Discord, and how do I get it?

A: Discord is chat software, enabling our TC members to chat with us during scheduled events. It’s free, and you can get the app and link it to your patron account via your membership page. It will be us you chat with, not someone pretending to be us.

Q: Where do I go to let you know about an issue with my membership?

A: You can send messages any time via your Patreon membership page. Please restrict it to membership issues, or we’ll never get anything done.

Q: You call me a TC member, and Patreon calls me a Patron. Are they the same thing?

A: Correct. You’ve nailed it in one. We prefer to call you a Thunder Channel (TC) member, but it’s their platform we’re using.

Q: Is this it, or will Thunder Channel develop as time goes by?

A: This is the way we’ve conceived it, based on a lot of head scratching over many weeks. We’ve looked at it from all angles, and believe this is a good club that we can deliver well.
As time goes by we’ll be asking for input from TC members, and will use the feedback you give us to add new benefits (or amend or remove some if they’re unpopular).
It’s a big deal for us, and we have loads of ideas, but we need yours too. The idea is to build a fantastic community for Thunder fans. Sounds a bit cheesy, but we’re deadly serious.


Find out more about the membership levels, what's included, what it costs, how it all works and how to sign up at the link below!