02.01.89 - TERRAPLANE split up. Luke and Danny plan to form a new band - name : THUNDER

12.01.89 - Demos at Great Linford Manor Studios, Milton Keynes. Session drummer fails to show - Harry is called in to play drums. Luke plays bass, Andy Taylor produces and Ben engineers. Harry back in after a 10 day absence.

21.02.89 - Record companies attend rehearsals in London. Steve Price, (with Bad Company at the time), stands in on bass. The negotiations begin.

10.04.89 - More demos at Great Linford. Same team as above.

27.04.89 - Snake is seen playing bass in a blues band at The Royal Standard, London. Harry plays drums in this band too!

28.04.89 - THUNDER sign to EMI. Much drinking and falling down.

02.05.89 - Snake joins - the last man in a long list of auditioners that day.

02.06.89 - Ben joins band and cements a ten year friendship.

THUNDER 1989 : Ben Matthews, Harry James, Danny Bowes, Luke Morley and Mark 'Snake' Luckhurst

03.06.89 - Crystal Palace promoted to Division 1 - Harry is pleased.

13.06.89 - First rehearsals for completed line-up.

13.07.89 - First THUNDER gig at Reids's, Southend. 35 in the place. 7 more shows on this jaunt, known as The Toilet Tour. Band supports Romeo's Daughter, The Groundhogs, a 13-piece soul band, (no one remembers the name!), and Horse (London).

03.08.89 - Photo shoot for 'Backstreet Symphony' LP cover: Artillery Passage, London.

07.08.89 - Recording begins for 'Backstreet Symphony'. Andy Taylor produces, Mike Fraser (Bryan Adams,
Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Dan Reed, Poison) engineers, assisted by Ben. Much playing of cricket, football and drinking etc, etc.

18.10.89 - Video shoot for 'She's So Fine', Pasadena City Hall, California. Filming takes place at night and finishes at 7am.

30.10.89 - 'She's So Fine' released - reaches 98 in the chart.

08.11.89 - Static Discharge Tour begins in Dublin, (Baggot Inn). 27 shows follow in U.K. and Ireland. Includes 2 nights at NEC in Birmingham with Aerosmith, (18th & 19th November).

'Dirty Love' video shoot, 1989

- Video shoot for 'Dirty Love', Twickenham Studios.

05.02.90 - 'Dirty Love' released. Enters chart at 40! Celebrations continue for several days. Single peaks at 32, video on Top of the Pops, Band ecstatic.

14.02.90 - Radio promotion trip for Danny and Harry. Interviews galore over 4 days.

22.02.90 - 'Backstreet Symphony' Tour begins in Dublin, (again!). Support in U.K. is Jagged Edge. During the tour the LP is released and all subsequent shows are sell outs.
The THUNDER CHANNEL! fan club is set up as a result of demand for information about the band.

05.03.90 - 'Backstreet Symphony' LP released. Chart entry at 21.

07.03.90 - Surprise show at Town and Country Club, London is filmed for TV.

23.03.90 - Video shoot for 'Backstreet Symphony' (the single), Elstree Studios. Harry has a body double!

26.03.90 - 'She's So Fine' released in the U.S.A. Flopped.

04.04.90 - Cat Club, New York. First of 2 shows for U.S. media.

10.04.90 - Roxy, Los Angeles. As a result of lukewarm reaction by Capitol on this trip, band decides to find another record company for the States.

13.04.90 - Mayfair, Newcastle. One-off live radio broadcast for Friday Rock Show, Radio 1. Romeo's Daughter support.

25.04.90 - First European shows supporting U.S. legends Heart. Tour Germany & Holland, as well as the U.K., Scotland & Ireland.

30.04.90 - 'Backstreet Symphony' single released. Straight in at 25! THUNDER confirmed as openers at Donington. Much celebrating and sore heads next day.

Kerrang, 1990

19.06.90 - Video shoot for 'Gimme Some Lovin', Zuma Beach, California.

02.07.90 - 'Gimme Some Lovin', released. Enters chart at 38, eventually peaking at 36.

12.07.90 - Debut appearance on Top of the Pops. Band overcome the odds and, despite the BBC, put in a fine performance.

18.07.90 - European shows with U.S. rockers Love/Hate. Germany & Holland. 8 shows.

Luke at Donington, 1990

09.08.90 - Donington warm ups, 5 low key shows in the U.K. Supporting No Sweat & Poison. Severe throat scare for Danny forced cancellation of Marquee show. The night before the big day - much tension in the camp.

18.08.90 - Donington. A brilliant day. Band great, crowd great. First THUNDER CHANNEL! meet and greet. Press reviews fantastic!

03.09.90 - EMI Conference. Band play short set for drunken record company party. Pandemonium.

17.09.90 - 'She's So Fine' re-released with new cover and B-sides. Enters chart at 38, peaks at 34.

12.09.90 - Danny and Luke fly to L.A. for talks with Geffen Records. Geffen subsequently sign the Band for the U.S.A.

17.10.90 - 'Backstreet Symphony' Tour Part 2 kicks off in Milan, Italy. Tour also includes Holland, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium. 14 shows.

09.11.90 - Tour reaches U.K. Virtually all shows sold out, including 3 nights at Hammersmith Odeon. Support bands are The Electric Boys (who dress up as women and invade the stage on their last night of the Tour) and No Sweat. 26 shows.

Hammersmith Odeon, 1990

29.11.90 - ITV screen "The Concert", recorded earlier in the year. Band throws big party in London after first Hammersmith show. Once again, much drinking followed by much pain.

12.12.90 - Leicester De Montfort Hall. The last night of the Tour, prankster road crew disrupt set, with showers of Rice Crispies from the lighting rig, a cocktail bar wheeled on the stage and other jolly japes. Harmless fun but very messy.

31.12.90 - Band's annual New Year cocktail party. Theme is Tramps & Tarts - Danny & Luke go as women. Harry felt he was beautiful enough already.

Jan '91 - THUNDER voted best new band in Kerrang! RAW & Metal Hammer Reader's Polls.

11.01.91 - Luke passes his driving test first time, much to the amusement of the rest of the band.

20.01.91 - Wembley Arena. Band plays 4 songs for The Great British Music Weekend. Other names include: Ozzy Osbourne, Quireboys, Magnum, Little Angels and Wolfsbane. Press reviews are unanimous - "Band of the night without a doubt".

Snake on Stage, Backstreet Symphony Tour

29.01.91 - Video shoot for 'Love Walked In', Old Kent Road, London.

11.02.91 - 'Love Walked In' released. Reaches No. 21.

04.03.91 - Video shoot for 'Dirty Love' (U.S. Version). Downtown Los Angeles, California. The first U.S. single on Geffen Records. An unknown actress by the name of Pamela Anderson stars in the video - taking a shower with Harry.

26.03.91 - 'Dirty Love' released in U.S. The video goes on MTV immediately!

12.04.91 - Danny gets married...

15.04.91 - 'Backstreet Symphony' re-released in U.S. This time with a new cover. Not available on vinyl.

- Scandinavia. Band play 4 shows in Helsinki, Stockholm, (2 nights), and Copenhagen, as guests of ZZ Top.

16.06.91 - Iceland. One-off festival show. With Quireboys, Slaughter, Bulletboys & Artch (local). Poison were supposed to headline, but cancelled at the last minute.

21.06.91 - Danny & The Doo Wops play one-off secret show at Tramshed Theatre in London. Hilarious.

Danny & The Doo Wops

21.06.91 - 'Backstreet Symphony' re-released as a special double CD in Japan:- with new U.S. cover, and live tracks previously released in the U.K.

25.06.91 - Danny & Luke fly to Tokyo for LP promotion, TV shows, interviews, etc.

06.07.91 - Milton Keynes Bowl. Big Day Out with ZZ Top, Bryan Adams, The Law & Little Angels. Brilliant.

12.08.91 - 'Until My Dying Day' released in the U.S. Moderate radio success.

15.09.91 - Los Angeles, California. Video shoot for 'Love Walked In' (U.S. version).

17.09.91 - Drink Canada Dry Tour begins in Vancouver. 7 exploratory shows, plus 5 low key club shows in U.S., just to feel the water!

28.10.91 - 'Love Walked In' released in the U.S. 3rd U.S. single.

26.12.91 - Rock City, Nottingham. Christmas show, featuring THUNDER'S rendition of Queen's 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' & excerpts from 'Bohemian Rhapsody', as a tribute to Freddy Mercury.

31.12.91 - Tokyo, Japan. 'The Final Countdown' - big New Year bash with Metallica, Europe & Tesla. A great way to finish a year!

03.02.92 - Recording begins for 'Laughing On Judgement Day', the 2nd THUNDER album. Work takes place at Outside Studios, near Reading & Ridge Farm, Surrey, U.K.

THUNDER 1992: Luke Morley, Harry James, Ben Matthews, Danny Bowes and Mark 'Snake' Luckhurst

14.02.92 - THUNDER play a handful of songs at the opening night of The Institute Rock Club in Birmingham, owner : Andy Taylor.

06.05.92 - Paris, France. band fly out for dinner with Johnny Halliday (the Elvis Presley of France). Halliday covered 'Dirty Love' on an LP, and invited the band over. Vive la Vin!

04.06.92 - Air Studios, London. Mixing of 'Laughing On Judgement Day'. begins.

24-25.06.92 - Video shoot for 'Low Life In High Places', on the roof of a disused factory in London.

'Low Life In High Places' video shoot, 1992

27.06.92 - Harry & Luke zap over to Tokyo to publicise 'Laughing On Judgement Day'. The first of many promotional trips...

22.07.92 - To South America for a handful of shows with Iron Maiden. Video crew go along to shoot footage for later video ('Everybody Wants Her').

03.08.92 - 'Low Life In High Places' released in the U.K. Peaks at 22.

Rock Power, 1992

17.08.92 - Newcastle Mayfair, warm up show for Donington. Amazing crowd reaction heralds triumphant first U.K. show since Christmas.

22.08.92 - 'Monsters Of Rock' 92, Donington. Other bands were Iron Maiden, Skid Row, Slayer, WASP, The Almighty. Weather nasty, wet & typical for Donington. Spirits, however, were not dampened.

Danny at Donington, 1992

24.08.92 - 'Laughing On Judgement Day' released in the U.K. Straight in at No.2, beaten off the No. 1 spot by Kylie Minogue's Greatest Hits!

24.08.92 - Band goes drive-about in a week of "In-stores", playing short acoustic sets in London, Leicester & Manchester. Thinny buys his first ever Thunder record. Little did he know...

Laughing On Judgement Day Magazine Advert, 1992

Sept ' 92 - Promotion trips-a-kimbo! Luke & Snake go to America, Ben subsequently meets with them in Canada, Danny goes to Europe, Harry holds the fort in the U.K. Rehearsals for World Tour begin at the end of this month.

01.10.92 - Laughing All Over The World Tour begins in the U.K. 19 shows, all sold out! Support was The Screaming Jets from Australia.

Laughing All Over The World Tour, U.K. Flyer, 1992

10.10.92 - 'Everybody Wants Her' released - charts at 36.

- Quest for international joy continues in Lisbon, Portugal, when THUNDER are special guests of U.S. band Extreme. Tour goes to almost every European country. 20 shows.

- Band travel to Japan for a short, but extremely successful tour. Danny injures his leg during the last show but soldiers on, despite being in considerable pain. This is Snake's final tour with the Band.

Harry and his wig, Laughing All Over The World Tour, 1992

31.12.92 - Snake leaves THUNDER.

- Band record version of Rolling Stones hit 'Gimme Shelter' for 'Putting Our House In Order', a charity for the homeless. Record is due for release in April.

- 'A Better Man' is released and reaches No. 18 in the U.K. chart.

- The band perform 'A Better Man' live on Top of the Pops (minus a bass player).

27.02.93 - Mikael Höglund from Stockholm is officially confirmed as new Bass Player. His previous band was Sweden's Great King Rat.

11.03.93 - Band leaves U.K. to "Drink Canada Dry (Again)" 4 shows, the first in Thorold, Ontario.

24.03.93 - After short break, band leaves for another European tour, this time headlining. The tour continues until May and includes 35 shows. Support act is My Little Funhouse.

06.06.93 - Band appear as special guests of Def Leppard at the Don Valley Stadium. Ugly Kid Joe also on the bill.

Mikael Höglund at Don Valley Stadium, 1993

07.06.93 - 'Like A Satellite' released and charts at No.25.

26-27.06.93 - 'The Festival Season'. The Band put in fine performances at the St. Gallen Open Air Festival in Switzerland and Parkpop in Holland.

Aug/Sept '93 - 'Rock Over Germany' (last weekend of August/first weekend of September). The Band share the bill with, amongst others, Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Joe Cocker and Gary Moore.

17.09.93 - Harry's wedding...

15.10.93 - The Legendary Danny & The Doo Wops kick off their comeback tour with a gig in Sheffield, followed by Bradford, Bristol, London, Wolverhampton, Buckley, Nottingham and finally llford.

10.11.93 - Danny has talks with the Director of the homeless charity CRISIS at their headquarters in Whitechapel.

10.12.93 - Band appear on live TV ~ Dial Midnight (London Region only) and their set features world premier of the song 'Stand Up, destined for the Band's 3rd LP.

14.12.93 - The Band organise a special benefit concert at The Brixton Academy with all proceeds going to CRISIS. Fans asked to bring along sweatshirts - the response was mind blowing!! The band were joined on stage by Spike (Quireboys), Sass Jordan and Stevie Salas and members of Bad Company.

06.05.94 - Routining for the Band's 3rd album, 'Behind Closed Doors', begins at Stanbridge Studios, Sussex.

23.05.94 - Band fly to Atlanta, Georgia (U.S.A.) to start recording. Mike Fraser is brought in once again, this time as Producer. Recording continues at Rumbo Recorders in Los Angeles, California throughout June and July.

17.06.94 - THUNDER support U.S. rockers Kings X at the Palace in Hollywood.

26.06.94 - Band make flying visit home to join in the 'Night of 100 Guitars' at Wembley Arena to celebrate Gibson Guitars' anniversary.

18.07.94 - Mixing at Hollywood's Record Plant follows and then on to Sterling Sound, New York for mastering.

23.11.94 - Luke interviewed live on GLR and talks principally about the Band's forthcoming tour and their continued support for CRISIS. This year's appeal - (clean) jeans and toiletries!

03.12.94 - 'Stand Up & Be Counted Tour' kicks off at Norwich UEA and continues until 15th December. THUNDER'S bid to play clubs specifically for their fans' benefit pays off and the new songs go down a storm. One disappointment.... due to heavy cold, Danny's voice packed up by last gig, (Newcastle Riverside), and he couldn't perform. An unfortunate end to what had been one of their most successful U.K. tours. Much sadness, etc.

08.12.94 - Video shoot for 'Stand Up', the band's first single off the new album, takes place during gig at London's Shepherds Bush Empire. Show also recorded live for Radio 1's Rock Show.

28.12.94 - 'Stand Up' is released and peaks at No.23.

05.01.95 - THUNDER appear on Top of the Pops to perform 'Stand Up'.

Jan/Feb '95 - Album launch parties, instores and acoustic sessions throughout the U.K. Various band members visit France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Japan and Spain to promote the new album.

In Store Flyer for Ainleys, Leicester, 1995

18.01.95 - The video for 'River of Pain' is shot in a leisure centre in White City. Shooting lasts approximately 18 hours.

22.01.95 - Luke & Danny live on Radio 1's Rock Show.

23.01.95 - 'Behind Closed Doors' is released across Europe and enters the U.K. chart at No.5.

28.01.95 - Band live on 'Johnny Walker Session', Radio 1.

12.02.95 - Radio 1 broadcast London show from last tour (08.12.94) on Rock Show.

13.02.95 - 'River Of Pain', the second single off the album, is released and peaks at No. 31.

River Of Pain Flyer, 1995

14.02.95 - The O-Zone film during one of the Band's photo sessions (broadcast 26.02.95).

25.02.95 - Band perform 'River Of Pain' live on What's Up Doc? (Saturday morning children's TV show).

16.03.95 - THUNDER host 'Noisy Mothers' (late night TV rock show).

17-23.03.95 - Video shoot for THUNDER'S third single 'Castles In The Sand' at Southend-On-Sea.

23.03.95 - Band live on MTV's Most Wanted. Songs performed are 'River Of Pain' and 'Castles In The Sand'.

28.03.95 - Danny, Luke and Mikael attend Spike's (Quireboys) 'All Star Jam' benefit gig at Newcastle Mayfair, jamming a selection of Golden Oldies.

05.04.95 - 'Behind Closed Doors' tour starts in Germany. Tour also includes Holland and Austria. Support acts are China and Lee Aaron.

24.04.95 - 'Castles In The Sand', the 3rd single off the album is released.

Castles In The Sand Promotional Postcard, 1995

25.04.95 - Band perform three acoustic songs on Kevin Greening session, Radio 1.

27.04.95 - The U.K. leg of the 'Behind Closed Doors' tour kicks off in Portsmouth, Guildhall. Skin and b.l.o.w. support.

- EMI Factory acoustic and signing session, Leamington Spa.

10.06.95 - THUNDER begin series of support slots for Bon Jovi, also featuring Van Halen, Ugly Kid Joe and Crown Of Thorns; first show Basle, Switzerland.

19.06.95 - Live acoustic session on Bob Harris show, GLR.

20.06.95 - Kerrang! Awards in London. THUNDER pick up award for Best British Live Act.

Thunder Channel! Fan Club Print, 1995

21.06.95 - The UK leg of the Bon Jovi shows begin at Cardiff Arms Park, followed by two days at Wembley Stadium and Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield, then over to Holland for the final show in Rotterdam.

- Virgin Radio live in London - Harry plays bass!!07.07.95 - Festival season begins; Midtfyns festival in Denmark.

08.07.95 - Super Bock, Super Rock festival in Portugal.

27.07.95 - THUNDER change management.

01.08.95 - Matron takes over as Thunder Channel! Controller. Much hectic chaos as the fan club moves offices; lock, stock and barrel.

Thunder Channel Membership Card

11.08.95 - THUNDER headline The Bulldog Bash.

22.08.95 - The Band head to Japan for promos and shows in Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo.

11.09.95 - 'In A Broken Dream' single released.

In A Broken Dream / Their Finest Hour (And A Bit) Promotional Postcard, 1995

25.09.95 - 'The Best Of Thunder, Their Finest Hour (and a bit)' released.

27.09.95 - UK tour promoting 'Their Finest Hour...' begins in Southampton.

07.10.95 - VISP festival, Switzerland with Status Quo, The Connells and China.

01.12.95 - 3 one-off 'Bit early for Christmas shows' at Nottingham Rock City, Shepherds Bush Empire, London and Norwich UEA; fans are once again asked to contribute to CRISIS, bringing clean sweatshirts and toiletries. The Thunder Channel! stand disappears under mountains of bin liners and bags.

Jan/Feb ' 96 - Luke, Ben and Harry in Spain writing with Andy Taylor for album No. 5.

29.02.96 - THUNDER sign new deal with Castle Communications under their own B Lucky label.

01.03.96 - Thunder Channel! moves once again, smoothly - they were getting used to it!!

14.04.96 - The boys begin recording 5th album at Rockfield Studios, Morimouth. Luke handles bass duties as Mikael has other commitments.

25.05.96 - Mixing begins on 'The Thrill Of It All' at Trident 2 in Victoria.

Summer '96 - Sad news as Mikael finally confirms the doubts that he is leaving the Band. Reason: family commitments. Much sadness and SIPS.

THUNDER '96 : Ben Matthews, Harry James Danny Bowes and Luke Morley, 1996

Sept '96 - The scheduled Euro release of 'The Thrill Of It All' and consequent November tour dates have to be postponed as Ben discovers he has acute tendonitis and is forbidden to play guitar for a few months. Horror of horrors!

Autumn 96 - The band audition bass players. Ex-Then Jericho chap Chris Childs joins the team.

01.09.96 - 'The Thrill Of It All' released in Japan through JVC, their new label.

16.09.96 - 'Don't Wait Up', the first single, released in Japan.

Nov/Dec '96 - Luke spotted 'moonlighting' for The Power Station, with Andy Taylor and Robert Palmer, touring and making appearances on such hallowed programmes as Top Of The' Pops.

12.01.96 - The 1st single from the 'The Thrill Of It All', 'Don't Wait Up', is released along with funky 50's style video, including Danny singing into a lobster and Harry, along with full drumkit, surfing!! Well, it sounded like a good idea at the time....

12.01.97 - Thunder begin a week of record store signings and acoustic sessions.

21.01.97 - 'Love Worth Dying For' single released in Japan.

23.01.97 - Thunder begin tour of Japan. Danny catches something nasty!

02.02.97 - The 'The Thrill Of It All' finally released. Hits the top twenty!!

05.02.97 - 'The Thrill Of It All' UK tour kicks off at Norwich UEA. Unfortunately due to Danny's pneumonia and laryngitis, Sheffield and the following five shows are postponed. Danny doesn't speak for a week - the rest of the band can't believe it!

14/02/97 - The tour continues in Preston. Much relief as Danny's voice goes from strength to strength.

07.03.97 - Thunder continue the tour with dates in Europe; Germany, Holland and Spain.

24.03.97 - 'Love Worth Dying For' single is released in the UK.

20.04.97 - Much relief as THUNDER take up where they left off (and a bit more). The rescheduled UK dates start with Newcastle and end with a storming new date at London's Astoria. Usual tour tales are bandied about after each show!!

08.05.97 - THUNDER return to the Emerald Isle after four years absence for two one-off acoustic shows at the Mean Fiddler in Dublin and the Empire in Belfast. Two very loud acoustic shows!!

Summer '97 - The festival season begins; Thunder play shows in Spain, Germany and Holland and Kaos in the Park in Finsbury Park with KISS.

23.07.97 - Danny's knee operation. Much hobbling and cursing arises.

06-23.08.97 - Harry and Chris make their West End debut in the rock musical 'Carnaby Street'.

04.09.97 - Luke to the USA to 'moonlight' with The Power Station again.

Nov '97 - THUNDER sign with Eagle Records, still under the production label B Lucky.

Ben on stage at the Shepherd's Bush Empire, 1997

12-13/15-16.11.97 - 4 live shows in Wolverhampton and Shepherd's Bush to record a live album and video.

- 'The Only One' single released, charting at 31 in the UK Top 40. The band appear at various acoustic/signing session up and down the country.

Jan '98 - UK tour dates announced for April/May. Much panic in the office as they are later postponed to May/June.

16.02.98 - 'Live' released in the U.K. Straight in the Top 40 Album chart at number 35!

21.02.98 - 'Live' released in Japan ~ including 3 bonus tracks on Victor (JVC).

18.03.98 - 'Burrn! Presents : The Best of Thunder' released in Japan on Toshiba EMI.

28/30.3.98 - 'Live' video released in Japan and UK respectively.

Live Video Flyer, 1998

April '98 - The boys begin recording new tracks. The session develops into a full album's worth of material. The album is titled 'Giving the Game Away'. However, we still had almost a year to wait before it finally hit the streets...

Mar/Apr 98 - THUNDER play various show across Europe, culminating in a series of support shows for Status Quo.

Thunder Channel! Fan Club Signed Print, 1998

11.05.98 - UK tour begins at Nottingham Rock City.

07.06.98 - During the UK tour, THUNDER abseil down the Tyne Bridge to raise money for the British Lung Foundation.

15.06.98 - 'Play That Funky Music' single released and gives the band their 16th top 40 single.

30.06.98 - THUNDER begin a whistle stop tour of Japan.

Summer '98 - The festival season once again. THUNDER are confirmed to play the Bospop festival in Holland as guests of Van Halen, and the Harley Davidson festival in Austria as guests of Bon Jovi.

Aug ' 98 - Danny and Ben participate in a tandem free-fall for the British Lung Foundation.

Nov '98 - More support dates with Status Quo.

5-7.12.98 - 3 Christmas shows at London, Wolverhampton and Nottingham.

Feb '99 - Thinny joins the THUNDER team. Hurrah!!

08.03.99 - 'Just Another Suicide' single is released in the U.K. and Japan. The single is renamed 'You Wanna Know' for the U.K. market as Eagle records think that the radio won't play a song with 'suicide' in the title. Ironically, the track picks up more airplay in Japan than it does in the U.K...

13.03.99 - 'Giving The Game Away' album preview night at the Wulfrun Hall in Wolverhapton. The band show up, as does Thinny (who is there to celebrate finally completing the new official THUNDER website). Much drinking follows...

15.03.99 - 'Giving The Game Away' is finally released. Thunderchannel.com is also launched this day.

Thunder Channel! Fan Club Signed Print, 1999

May/June '99 - The 'Giving The Game Away' U.K. tour begins in Leicester and ends in Cambridge.

Giving The Game Away 1999 UK Tour Flyer, 1999

17.06.99 - Matron leaves Thunder Channel!

21.06.99 - EMI release 'The Rare, The Raw And The Rest' (a collection of B-sides and unreleased material from the early years, compiled by Luke).

Sept '99 - Luke plays 5 U.K. dates with Andy Taylor. 'The Spanish Sessions' 4 track CD is available exclusively at the shows.

04.11.99 - THUNDER announce that they are to split due to 'outside business forces'. The Thunder Channel! fan club is closed down shortly afterwards.

Dec '99 - THUNDER play their farewell U.K. tour, ending at The Forum in London on the 11th.

Mar '00 - THUNDER play their Japanese farewell shows...

10.04.00 - 'Gimme Some...' is released in the U.K. (yet another THUNDER compilation from the EMI years).

11.04.00 - THUNDER announce that they are to play one final show in the U.K. at Dingwalls in Camden, London on May 4th. Tickets sell out in 3 hours!!

04.05.00 - The 'final' show at Dingwalls. The band play a one hour acoustic set followed by a full on electric set. We won't mention the video cock up...

May '00 - 'In Out Put The Kettle On' video released through the thunderchannel.com website and sells out in 3 days.

Aug/Sep '00 - Luke records and mixes his debut solo album at KD's studio in London and Jacobs studio in Surrey.

Nov '00 - Luke films a video in Las Vegas for 'Go With The Flow' from his forthcoming solo album, 'El Gringo Retro'. A video for 'One Drop' is also filmed a few months later...

10.07.00 - 'They Think It's All Over...It Is Now' limited edition double CD released (recorded at the Dingwalls show).

Luke 'Gringo' Morley, 2001

06.01.01 - Luke Morley Online (the official Luke Morley website) is launched today at www.luke-morley.com. Thinny continues to navigate the 'information super-highway'...

01.03.01 - Luke releases the 'El Gringo Retro' album through his own Left Hook Records label in the U.K. and through EMI in Japan.

May '01 - Bad Influence (Harry and Chris' other band) release their 'One Way Love' CD.

14.05.01 - THUNDER release the limited edition 'They Think It's All Acoustic...It Is Now' (Acoustic set from the Dingwalls show).

16.05.01 - EMI releases THUNDER'S legendary performance at Donington '90 on CD in Japan.

23-25.05.01 - Luke plays 3 solo shows in Japan.

9-10.06.01 - Luke plays 2 solo shows at The Borderline in London.

Sep '01 - Thunderchannel.com closes down. Much to our amusement, the web address is purchased by a porn company...

Sep '01 - 'Rock Champions' compilation is released in Germany by EMI.

02.10.01 - Luke Morley Online is voted the 103rd best music website on the net in the annual On-Line Music Awards.

Dec '01 - Luke and Danny announce that they will be releasing a new record together under the name 'Bowes & Morley'. The record has already been recorded and exclusive sound samples are made available via Luke Morley Online.

Feb '02 - Harry joins Magnum.

Mar/Apr '02 - Harry does his first tour with Magnum, playing all over the U.K. and Europe. His first gig with the band is at TJ's in Newport on March 2nd.

- Luke Morley Online closes down. The official Bowes & Morley website is launched at www.bowesandmorley.com.

- THUNDER'S 'Symphony And Stage' 2 CD set is released in the U.K. The set includes the 'Giving The Game Away' album in full along with the best bits from the 'Live' album.

Bowes & Morley, 2002

27.05.02 - 'Moving Swiftly Along', the debut Bowes & Morley album, is released.

07-08.06.02 - Harry plays the Sweden Rock Festival with Magnum.

05.07.02 - Bowes & Morley play the first of 2 shows in Japan.

10.07.02 - THUNDER announce that they are to reform for the Monsters Of Rock U.K. tour in November.

26.07.02 - THUNDER 'Live' is released on DVD due to demand from the fans.

20-21.09.02 - Bowes & Morley play 2 shows in the U.K. (London and Nottingham).

Oct '02 - THUNDER head into the studio to begin recording a new album.

THUNDER 2002: Ben Matthews, Danny Bowes, Chris Childs, Harry James and Luke Morley

16-26.11.02 - Monsters Of Rock tour starts at Wembley Arena and ends at Sheffield Arena. Alice Cooper, The Quireboys and Dogs D'amour also feature on the bill. Shows are a huge success and the fans welcome THUNDER back with open arms. 'Back For The Crack' (an EP of new tracks) is available from the shows.

Monsters Of Rock Tour Poster, 2002

- THUNDER play a secret show at The Marquee in London. Gig is filmed for a future DVD release.

- The Official Bowes & Morley website is voted the 38th best music site on the net at the annual Interactive Music Awards.

Dec '02
- Harry tours with Magnum again. The band play 8 shows in the U.K. starting in Cardiff on the 3rd and ending in Wolverhampton on the 15th.

Dec '02
- Recording of the new album continues. After various problems with record companies in the past the Band decide to release the new record on their own label - STC recordings.

- 'Shooting At The Sun', the brand new THUNDER record, is released via the Internet. The Official Bowes & Morley website closes down and Thunder Online is launched at www.thunderonline.com.

- 'Shooting At The Sun' hits the shops...

April '03
- 'Loser' begins to pick up airplay on rock stations up and down the U.K.

THUNDER 2003: Chris Childs, Danny Bowes, Harry James, Ben Matthews and Luke Morley

May '03 - THUNDER film a video for 'Loser' starring U.K. model Kate Groombridge.

- THUNDER play the first of 6 U.K. shows, including a sold out show in London on the 23rd. Thinny hits the road with the guys for the first time, keeping an online diary of events on the Thunder Online website. The Band also perform acoustically at HMV in Nottingham.

- 'Loser' single is released. Just misses out on the top 40, peaking at No. 48. Pretty good for a band without a record label...

June '03 - THUNDER raise almost £4000 for the children's charity CLIC by auctioning off lots of goodies via the Thunder Online website.

- EMI release 'Ballads', a collection of Thunder's mellower moments. Includes the brand new track 'Here In Your Arms'.

Summer '03
- THUNDER make several appearances at British Superbike shows around the country as guests of Hawk Kawasaki. Free sampler CDs for the 'Shooting At The Sun' album are given out by gorgeous girls in silver THUNDER catsuits. Nice...

- THUNDER perform acoustically at the final British Superbike show of the season at Donington.

- 'Live & Uncut' DVD is released via the Thunder Online website. The 2 disc set includes the full show from the secret Marquee show in November 2002, plus a remastered version of the classic video release 'In Out Put The Kettle On'.

- THUNDER play in Basle, Switzerland with Deep Purple for AVO Sessions. The show is broadcast live on the internet and is recorded for TV.

- THUNDER play 11 more U.K. shows to support the 'Shooting At The Sun' album, starting at Portsmouth and ending in Wolverhampton. Once again the London show is a sell out!

Shooting At The Sun Part 2 UK Tour, Newspaper Advert, 2003

- Thunder Online is voted the 16th best music site on the net in the annual Interactive Music Awards. Fantastic!

- THUNDER perform 2 very special Christmas concerts at The Bedford Arms in Balham, London. The shows are semi-acoustic and are recorded and filmed. All fans in attendance receive a CD featuring the highlights of the 2 gigs and DVD is also set for release at a later date.

- THUNDER play 2 shows in Europe (Holland and Belgium).

- Shadowman's 'Land Of The Living' CD is released. Features Harry and Chris alongside FM's Steve Overland and Heartland's Steve Morris.

24.02.04 - Bowes & Morley's second album 'Mo's Barbeque' is released! Out sells 'Moving Swiftly Along' almost instantly!

Bowes & Morley, 2004

- The Stand's 'Moon And The Sun' CD is released. Chris produced and co-wrote all the material, also playing bass, guitar and keyboards on the album.

- THUNDER play an acoustic set at the London Guitar Show. Chris can't make it, so Harry handles Bass duties...

- THUNDER headline the Borstrock 2004 festival in Holland.

June - Aug '04 - THUNDER record their seventh studio record, 'The Magnificent Seventh'.

July '04
- THUNDER take a break from the studio by playing festivals in Europe with Deep Purple, Status Quo and Cheap Trick. They also head back to the U.K. to headline Scarborough's Beached and Derby's Rock & Blues festivals. Thunder preview a brand new track, 'I Love You More Than Rock 'N' Roll', at all shows.

- THUNDER'S 'The Thrill Of It All' album is remastered and re-released in the U.K with a bonus disc of B-sides and rarities.

- THUNDER sponsor an Anti-Watershed Wrestling event in Birmingham to help promote the forthcoming single 'I Love You More Than Rock 'N' Roll'.

Nov '04
- THUNDER hit the road in the U.K. playing arenas with Deep Purple and Peter Frampton.

Chris Childs on stage at Wembley Arena, November 2004

- THUNDER's 'I Love You More Than Rock 'N' Roll' single is released in the U.K. and enters the U.K. charts at a fantastic no. 27!!

- THUNDER play a semi-acoustic Christmas show at Nottingham's Rock City. The show is recorded and CDs are sent to all ticket holders early in 2005.

- THUNDER play a short and sweet acoustic set at Strumpfest at The Borderline in London to help raise money for Multiple Sclerosis.

- THUNDER's seventh studio album, aptly titled 'The Magnificent Seventh' is released in the U.K. though STC Recordings. A European release follows on the 22nd through Frontiers.

- THUNDER's 'The Magnificent Seventh' CD is released in Japan through JVC and features a bonus CD-ROM video message from the band to the Japanese fans. Toshiba-EMI Japan also release 5 Thunder remasters (Backstreet Symphony, Laughing On Judgement Day, Behind Closed Doors, Ballads and Their Finest Hour), all of which feature exclusive unreleased demo tracks from the early days.

- THUNDER's 'The Magnificent Seventh' album is released internationally for download through iTunes.

THUNDER 2005 : Ben Matthews, Chris Childs, Danny Bowes, Luke Morley and Harry James

- THUNDER ONLINE launches the Mobile Phone section of the site, with help from Third Space Media. Ringtones, Wallpapers and VIPics are now available to one and all...

17.05.05 - BEN joins Mostly Autumn on stage at their London Astoria show, having just been in the studio with them engineering their 'Storms Over Still Water' album.

30.05.05 - 'Flawed To Perfection : The videos 1990 - 1995' DVD released in the U.K. and Europe. Features all the THUNDER's promo videos from the EMI year as well as live footage and interviews a plenty! The Japanese release following on 15.06.05

Summer '05 - THUNDER once again hit the road playing shows in Japan and also hitting the U.K. and European festival circuit, ending with a headlining slot at the Rock & Blues Custom Show in Derbyshire, England. Luke also begins writing for what will become the bands eighth studio album.

05.06.05 - 'I'm A Lucky Man' is released as THUNDER's first download single. Time are a changin'....

- BAD INFLUENCE (featuring Harry and Chris) released their new album 'Closer' through STC Recordings. The album features 'Standing On My Own' a duet between BAD INFLUENCE'S Val and Danny from THUNDER.

JULY '05
- Several songs from THUNDER's The Magnificent Seventh were included in the soundtrack for the Hawk Speed TV show, aired on the Men & Motors channel.

AUG 05
- Chris and Harry play a couple of shows with the Don Airey band.

- Six Shooter EP was released, featuring 4 live tracks and 2 studio tracks. Available via the web only!

- THUNDER live albums 'They Think It's All Over' and 'They Think It's All Acoustic' are re-issued on STC Recordings.

- Thunder play acoustic set at the end of season Hawk Kawasaki party at Brands Hatch.

- Thunder play a show at Bolsover Castle, Derbyshire supported by Dr. Feelgood.

- Thunder start first stage of recording 8th studio album.

- European tour including Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Amsterdam show had to be cancelled due to illness and rescheduled for February 2006.

21.12.05 - Another great Christmas show at Nottingham Rock City - Massive hangovers followed!

- UK tour ending with a stunning show and triumphant return to Hammersmith Apollo.

The Magnificent Seventh UK Tour Flyer, 2006

- "THUNDER Go Mad In Japan". Play shows at Club Citta and film DVD for release this summer.

Thunder Go Mad In Japan Itinerary, 2006

- Japanese version of Six Shooter was released.

- Rescheduled Norwich show at the UEA.

- BEN heads to Mexico to play keyboards for Mostly Autumn.

- THUNDER play an acoustic show at the Hard Rock Café as part of Mad March Music.

- HARRY plays with Ian Gillan and friends at the Royal Albert Hall in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust.

- THUNDER play at the Schwung Festival in Belgium with Status Quo, Dio, Ted Nugent and Alice Cooper.

- THUNDER play at the return of the Monsters Of Rock Festival at Milton Keynes Bowl with Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Journey, Ted Nugent, Queensryche and Roadstar.

- CHRIS and HARRY play at Gransden Blues and Soul Festival with Don Airey Band. Guest musicians were Graham Bonnet, Bernie Marsden, Rob Harris (Jamiroqui), and Keith Airey.

- THUNDER play at Open Air festival in Tufertschwil, Lutisberg, Switzerland with Status Quo, Bap and Dr Feelgood.

30.10.06 - THUNDER’s 8th studio album 'Robert Johnson’s Tombstone' is released in the UK. European release follows a few weeks later.

THUNDER 2006 : Ben Matthews, Chris Childs, Danny Bowes, Luke Morley and Harry James

06.11.06 - Luke and Danny attend the 'Classic Rock' awards ceremony, where the award for 'event of the year' ('Monsters Of Rock') is presented to them.

Nov 06 - Another successful UK tour!

Robert Johnson's Tombstone UK Tour Flyer, 2006

4.12.06 - The single 'The Devil Made Me Do It' is released and makes it into the Top 40!

19.12.06 - 'Planet Rock' Christmas Party at the Islington Academy.

20.12.06 - The annual THUNDER Christmas Party at Nottingham Rock City……..hic!

Feb 07 - THUNDER’s album 'Robert Johnson’s Tombstone' and the DVD 'THUNDER Go Made In Japan' are both finally released in Japan.

01.03.07 - THUNDER embark on a European tour playing Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.
07.6.07 Sweden Rock, Solvesberg
22.6.07 Bang Your Head Festival, Balingen, Germany
23.6.07 Huttwill Rock Sound Festival, Switzerland
30.6.07 Chepstow Castle, Wales - it rained heavily but it didn't dampen spirits!
08.7.07 Bospop, Weert, Holland
14.7.07 Masters of Rock, Vizovic, Czech Republic
19.8.07 Cambridge Rock Festival, Huntingdon

Luke & Ben on Stage

15.09.07- 17.09.07 - THUNDER play 3 fabulous shows in Japan.

22.09.07 - THUNDER play at the Harelbeke Rock and Blues Festival in Belgium

08.10.07 - Six Of One... (EP 1 of 3) is released. Features 3 brand new studio tracks and 3 live tracks.

- The Devil Went Down To Huttwil DVD released exclusively via Thunder Online. Filmed at the Rock Sound festival in Huttwil Switzerland on June 23rd 2007. Also includes the full show from The Avo Sessions in Basel, Switzerland, in 2003.

Nov/Dec 07
- Yet another successful UK Tour. Lauren Harris (daughter of Iron Maiden's Steve Harris) supports.

18.12.07 - The annual Christmas party at Nottingham Rock City. It just gets better! But the hangovers get bigger!!

10.01.08 - Rock Radio Charity event in Glasgow at The Garage, also featuring Toby Jepson, The Almighty, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Logan and the return of Gun! THUNDER play an acoustic set.

Feb 2008 - THUNDER begin recording their 9th studio album in a big beautiful castle in the South West of England.

THUNDER 2008: Harry James, Luke Morley, Ben Matthews, Chris Childs and Danny Bowes

26.02.08 - The 2007 Xmas Show Live CDs are sent out to ticket holders. Rock City 8 - The Turkey Strikes Back also goes on sale via Thunder Online.

- THUNDER perform at the Indigo2 in aid of Childline. The show is coordinated by Luke and Danny. Special guests include Roger Daltrey, Lulu, Ian Paice, Fish, Marillion, The Zombies, Russ Ballard, and Glenn Hughes. The event is MC'd by the legendary Bob Harris.

07.04.08 - ...Half A Dozen Of The Other (EP 2 of 3) is released. Once again it features 3 brand new studio tracks and 3 live tracks.

- THUNDER move further into the digital age by offering the complete STC Recordings catalogue available for download.

- Chris plays with Lulu, Steve Harley (Cockney Rebel), Russ Ballard (Argent), Simon Townshend (The Who), Peter Andre, Robert Hart (Bad Company) and more at London's ExCel in aid of The Teenage Cancer Trust.

July 2008
- THUNDER play 3 amazing UK arena shows in Cardiff, Liverpool and Nottingham with Def Leppard and Whitesnake

27.10.08 - Bang Launch Party @ Hard Rock Café, Manchester. Thunder play acoustic which is broadcast on 106.1 Rock Radio

3.11.08 - Thunder release their 9th studio album........."Bang" as well as a brand new EP 'The Joy Of Six'. The following week saw the band become a huge topic of debate on Chris Evan's show on BBC Radio 2 which resulted in 'On The Radio' being voted a huge HIT by listeners!

November 2008 UK Tour Flyer

Nov 08 - An incredible and successful UK tour. Support came from Heavens Basement and Get Vegas. Harry misses one show due to illness. John Tonks is there to save the day!

Bang! UK Tour Itinerary, 2006

17.12.08 - The annual Christmas knees up at Nottingham Rock City. Another night of drunken debauchery!

28.01.09 - The announcement - Thunder have decided to call it a day!

Feb 09 - Thunder play shows in Belgium, Holland, Germany and Switzerland.

April 2009 - Thunder play farewell shows in Japan. Very sad....so many tears!

01.06.09 - Thunder appear at the Indig02 in support of Childline Rocks. They are joined onstage by Glen Hughes, John Lord and Steve Harley

Childline Rocks 2009 Finale: Thunder & Friends (Uriah Heep, Glenn Hughes & Justin Hawkins)

June 2009 - Thunder appear on the bill at Download. Memories of 1990 where the band got their first big break.

July 2009 - The band play a farewell tour of the U.K. finishing with a sold out show at the Hammersmith Apollo.

Farewell Tour Itinerary, 2009

31.07.09 - Thunder play Rock of Ages in Germany

01.08.09 - The band sign off with a short and sharp set at Sonisphere.

And the boys head off into the sunset....................................................or do they??

THUNDER 2011: Luke Morley, Danny Bowes, Harry James, Ben Matthews & Chris Childs

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