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1st July 2010

It turns out that both the Friday show and the Saturday show will be identical.

Danny tells us that the recording went very well and that they asked him to come back again next week. Fools....

The Thin One and Only

30th June 2010

David "Kid" Jensen is having a week away from the Rick Wakeman show on Planet Rock and his replacement will be none other than our very own Danny Bowes.

The show is being recording this afternoon and the "adult version" will be broadcast on Friday night at 10pm.

Saturday morning’s version will be toned down for a family audience and aired at 10am

Tune in at 

The Thin Uncensored One


14th June 2010

Thunder Towers needs to make space, so we’ve had a bit of a slash up.

Six merch items have been reduced in price.

If you’re interested in a Thunder bargain, click here for info.

Management is in the mood, so there may be more announcements in the coming weeks.

The Thin Razor Sharp One (touch me and you will bleed)


28th May 2010

We are almost completely out of stock of the physical CD for 'The Magnificent Seventh'. Once they are gone, no more will be made...(it will however remain available as a download only).

We also less than half a dozen of the presentation disc for 'The Magnificent Seventh' left.

If you were considering buying either of these items, we suggest that you head over to now to avoid disappointment!

The Thin Magnificent One


20th May 2010

Danny and Luke will be making several appearances on the radio over the coming days and weeks to talk about the new EMI Box Set, 'Thunder Live At The BBC (1990-1995)', which is released in the UK on May 24th (more info and pre-order details in the below 17th March news article).

The following appearances are confirmed for next Tuesday (25th May):
11.40am Live interview with Bernie Keith at BBC Northampton
3.00pm Live interview with Pat Marsh at BBC Kent
3.30pm Live interview with Phil White at BBC Humberside
6.50pm Live interview with Nicky Horne on Planet Rock (Danny only)

They will also be recording interviews for the following DJs/stations...
John Clayton at BBC Lancs
Stuart Cable at BBC Wales
Neil Jones Rock Show at Star FM
Mike Sweeney at Rock Radio Manchester
Stephen Foster at BBC Suffolk
Total Rock

In addition to all that, the guys will also be recording a Takeover Special for the Rock Radio Network (Glasgow, Manchester, Edinburgh and Newcastle) which will involve them presenting a show and playing 20 of their favourite songs, including a few career highlight Thunder songs.

Not bad for a band that doesn't exist anymore!

The Thin Live At Thunder Towers One


17th March 2010

EMI Records UK are set to release 'THUNDER Live At The BBC (1990 - 1995)' 6 CD Box set on May 24, 2010!!

The release features 61 previously unreleased tracks all lovingly remastered from the original tapes, with liner notes from Classic Rock and Metal Hammer’s Dave Ling packaged in a deluxe clamshell box.

**Each CD set purchased from Townsend Records will include an exclusive Thunder artwork print signed by Danny Bowes & Luke Morley.**

Pre-Order your copy now!!

The full track listings for each CD are as follows:

Hammersmith Odeon, London (9th December 1990) Part 1
1. Backstreet Symphony
2. Higher Ground
3. Low Life In High Places
4. An Englishman On Holiday
5. Distant Thunder
6. Love Walked In
7. Flawed To Perfection
8. Don’t Wait For Me
9. Fired Up
10. She’s So Fine

Hammersmith Odeon, London (9th December 1990) Part 2
1. Until My Dying Day
2. Dirty Love
Wembley Arena, London (20th January 1991)
3. Backstreet Symphon
4. She’s So Fine
5. Love Walked In
6. Dirty Love

Monsters Of Rock Festival 1992, Castle Donington (22nd August 1992)
1. Backstreet Symphony
2. Everybody Wants Her
3. Higher Ground
4. Low Life In High Places
5. Does It Feel Like Love?
6. Flawed To Perfection
7. Love Walked In
8. She’s So Fine
9. Dirty Love

Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield (6th June 1993)
1. She’s So Fine
2. Everybody Wants Her
3. Low Life In High Places
4. Laughing On Judgement Day
5. Empty City
6. Flawed To Perfection
7. Like A Satellite
8. Does It Feel Like Love?
9. Backstreet Symphony
10. Love Walked In
11. Dirty Love
12. A Better Man

Shepherds Bush Empire, London (8th December 1994)
1. Backstreet Symphony
2. River Of Pain
3. Moth To The Flame
4. Until My Dying Day
5. Stand Up
6. Higher Ground
7. An Englishman On Holiday
8. Don’t Wait For Me
9. Everybody Wants Her
10. Ball And Chain
11. Low Life In High Places
12. She’s So Fine

BBC Sessions (1992 – 1995)
Tommy Vance Friday Rock Show session (18th August 1992)
1. Backstreet Symphony (live acoustic)
2. Low Life In High Places (live acoustic)
Nicky Campbell session (28th October 1992)
3. Low Life In High Places (live acoustic)
4. A Better Man (live acoustic)
5. Backstreet Symphony (live acoustic)
6. All Shook Up (live acoustic)
Johnny Walker Show session (6th February 1993)
7. Backstreet Symphony (live acoustic)
8. Low Life In High Places (live acoustic)
9. A Better Man (live acoustic)
Kevin Greening session (25th April 1995)
10. A Better Man (live acoustic)
11. Castles In The Sand (live acoustic)
12. I Hear You Knocking (live acoustic)

30th January 2010

Luke has posted a blog documenting his Nike Bike ride on the official MySpace page for The Union.

Read the blog here:
The Nile Bike Ride post mortem - THE UNION's MySpace Blog

And even though the bike ride has now happened, it's still not too late to sponsor Luke at the link below:

Find out more about the great work these Charities do at and (note please that Nordoff Robbins will pay half of the profits to Childline from their collections here and elsewhere).

The Thin Has Trouble Riding Around The Block One


5th January 2010

The band have asked me to pass on their thanks for everyone that voted for the band in the Planet Rock end of year Polls. Thunder got in the top 5 in 2 categories. For the full list of results click the link below:

Whilst the band didn’t win of course, they are nevertheless very chuffed to be up there among some pretty prestigious acts (and above some too).

Happy New Year to all...

The Thin Mince Pied One


13th October 2009

Dear All,

You may already know about Thunder’s commitment to the wonderful Charity that is Childline through our involvement in the annual Childline Rocks gig. In the ongoing campaign to raise awareness and much-needed cash, Childline have teamed up with the distinguished music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins to organize a sponsored bike ride along the banks of the Nile next January.

I was delighted to be asked to participate in this event and (after being plied with alcohol) didn’t hesitate to say yes.

On sober reflection it occurred to me that although I can ride a bicycle, I haven’t ridden one more than twenty yards in many a year. However, with no concern for my bottom and, despite the possibility that I may be arrested by the fashion police I have decided to be true to my word and take part in this great adventure.

We set off on Jan 21 2010 for Aswan, Egypt, arriving quite late, then up early the next day to spend the morning choosing and checking our bikes, which are supplied. Over the following 48 hours we will cycle over 100 miles more or less along the Nile ending up in Luxor, where survivors will take a deep bath, apply various muscle creams and perhaps a few celebratory beers.

My training program has already begun and the more sharp-eyed amongst you may spot me hurtling through the badlands of South East London over the next few months.

Now here’s where all you wonderful people come in;

I would be extremely grateful if you would support me in this event so please, please, please make a donation by clicking on the link below.

You know it makes sense!

Thanks in advance.

Find out more about the great work these Charities do at (note please that Nordoff Robbins will pay half of the profits to Childline from their collections here and elsewhere).

6th July 2009

Thunder will now make a very special appearance at the Sonisphere Festival at Knebworth on Saturday 1st of August 2009. The band will be headlining the Bohemia tent stage and they will start their show 10 minutes after Linkin Park finish their headlining set on the main stage. This really will be the very last hurrah!

"Our final 6 months have been incredible, with sell out shows and brilliant festival appearances all over. Its somehow quite fitting that well play our last show in the UK, and having gone there as kids to see the Stones and Led Zeppelin, to do it at Knebworth will be a real thrill. Bring it on." Danny

The Thin Sonispherical One

18th June 2009

Thunder have released 2 shows from the 20 Years & Out Farewell Tour of Japan, exclusively via Download Only through Townsend Records. These titles have been made available in response to overwhelming demand from the Japanese fans, after hearing tracks played on Masa Itoh's radio shows.

Both recordings were made direct from the sound desk, on the last 2 Thunder Japanese shows in April 2009, so when you listen, what you'll hear is the mix that came out of the P.A. Thunder have tended not to release these kind of recordings, usually preferring to mix the multitracks properly after the show. These shows were not recorded multitrack so there was no opportunity to do that, meaning they are what they are, moments in time, captured forever.

Some songs are missing on both recordings due to the real time change over from 1 CD to another during the show. Sound levels go up and down a bit, a bit like a bootleg, but the performances from the band are superb.

"A Bit Of Rough - Live In Japan Vol. 1" was recorded at Club Citta Kawasaki Japan 18/04/09
Click here for more info and to buy now!

"A Bit Of Rough - Live In Japan Vol. 2" was recorded at Club Citta Kawasaki Japan 19/04/09
Click here for more info and to buy now!

The Thin Overwhelmingly Demanding One

18th June 2009

There are only a few London tickets left, just a few more than that left for Newcastle, and a few more than that for Glasgow. That said, Glasgow sales have now officially broken the all time Thunder sales record for that city. Yes, it seems the band has never sold as many Glasgow tickets in 20 years of playing there.

It’s clear this is going to be an incredible tour, and Glasgow will be the perfect start.

I hear the band may be fixing to put in a mini acoustic performance somewhere in Glasgow some time during the day on the 1st of July.. A little birdie also tells me there may be some free places to be had. Maybe Rock Radio will have the info soon? It’s a load of may & maybe really, but maybe not...

What is certain, is that all the other shows on the tour are sold out, not just sold out, but completely sold out.

A word from the Thin Wise One.. Please wear little or no clothing, or you will sweat, and maybe need to buy a new tee shirt to wear home. What am I saying? Wear as many clothes as possible, you won’t sweat at all etc….

The Thin (maybe) Knowledgeable One

15th April 2009

After much discussion, I am happy to to announce that Thunder have agreed a deal with the nice people at Concert Live, for them to record and release 3 shows from the band's farewell UK tour in July. The shows to be recorded are Manchester Academy, Wolverhampton Civic Hall, and London Hammersmith Apollo.


Entitled "20 Years & Out - The Farewell Tour Live", it will be packaged in a nice 3 CD digipack (cardboard fold out case) spread across 2 audio CDs, with a third photo CD containing lovely shotstaken at the shows.



As you may already know, Concert Live specialise in "instant" live releases, so show goers will be able to buy a live CD of the show they have just attended on the way out. If that isn't an incentive to shout louder than usual I don't know what is...

Those who prefer not to queue up will be able to pre-order their copy, and collect it on the night (after the show obviously).

Those who can't attend will still be able to buy it and have it sent to them.

To pre-order any of the above recordings, please click here

Please note these titles will only be available via Concert Live.'s it, more on more when I have some...

The Thin Serial Email Address Creating One..


10th March 2009

The Farewell tour is continuing to sell like mad, Manchester Academy has now sold out, and Sheffield is very close to doing the same, so like I said before, if you're still thinking about going, you may wish to stop thinking and act, or you risk missing out.

Rather than take out a single band for the final fling and thus limit the joy, Thunder have invited 4 bands to be their very special guests on their last UK tour. All 4 are either friends of Thunder or have worked with them over the past 20 years. They are:-

Logan (Glasgow & Manchester)
Airrace (Sheffield & Cambridge) - recently reformed
The Quireboys (Newcastle & Nottingham)
The Electric Boys (Wolverhampton & London) - recently reformed

The band are very chuffed to be working with all these guys again. We hope you're pleased too.
We'll be posting links to their various sites as soon as the buggers send them to me.

That's it, more exciting tour announcements soon..

The Thin & Rather Informative One


11th February 2009

Dear All

When the band announced their final UK tour at the end of January, the result was a near instant sell out of the London show at Shepherds Bush Empire, an enormous number of emails (some moaning, some requesting) and a near riot in Glasgow.

Since then knobs have been twiddled, strings pulled and feet stamped on in an attempt to achieve happiness for all (or at least most). Here's what we've come up with, with the fantastic assistance of the fans and Rock Radio in Glasgow and their petition:-


An extra show has been added at Glasgow 02 Academy on Wednesday July 1st. This will now be the first show of the tour. Tickets will be available on Thursday 12th February. Based on the petition results and emails, they won't last long so please be quick if you want to go to the final Thunder show in Scotland.
Get tickets from 08444 999 990 or


The venue has been switched from the 02 Shepherds Bush Empire to Hammersmith Apollo.
The date stays the same (11th July) so it is still the last night of the tour, and the last UK show by the band.
As it's a bigger venue there are going to be some more tickets available.
Anyone with tickets for Shepherds Bush should contact your point of purchase (i.e. where you originally bought them) for information on how to change them for Hammersmith. Please don't hang about. It will sell out...
Tickets will be available as of Thursday 12th February from 08448 444 748 or


The tour is selling very quickly indeed. I won't repeat myself on the need to be quick...

Very Finally..

We have done our very best, and we hope this news makes everyone happy.
Anyone wishing to complain about any of the above should feel free not to.

The Thin Happy But Quite Exasperated One


2nd February 2009

Yes, it's true - Thunder's show at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire SOLD OUT yesterday, just 4 days after tickets went on sale. Tickets for all of the other shows on the farewell tour are also flying out the doors, so if you don't want to miss one of your last chances to see the band get booking your tickets ASAP. We are not kidding - this tour is going to be a SELL OUT!!!

The Thin Thunder Fan Counselling One


28th January 2009

Dear All

As we enter Thunder's 20th anniversary year, we've found ourselves becoming increasingly busy with our various activities outside of the band, and we've come to the conclusion that there are simply not enough hours in the day to fit it all in. Having discussed it at length, we've decided that this is a fitting time for us to hitch up our wagons and ride into the sunset. We've therefore decided to give you advance notice that we intend to cease all recording and touring activity, as of the summer of 2009.

In practical terms, this means that we will cease to be a band as of the summer, but until then it will be more or less business as usual. The 2008 Xmas Show CDs will be released as promised, and the previously announced shows in Europe (February) and Japan (April) will go ahead as planned. We will use these shows, as well as any festival slots we can secure, to make the most of the time left, and say our goodbyes to you.

With that in mind, despite only touring a couple of months ago, we couldn't make our exit without saying goodbye to UK fans, so we've arranged a final UK tour, which will take place in early July. The dates are as follows:-

03/07 - Manchester Academy
04/07 - Sheffield City Hall
05/07 - Cambridge Corn Exchange
07/07 - Newcastle City Hall
08/07 - Nottingham Rock City
10/07 - Wolverhampton Civic Hall
11/07 - London Shepherds Bush Empire

Tickets will be on sale as of Friday 30th January.

We've played loads of fantastic shows over the last 20 years, but we want all the shows between now and when we go to be the best we've ever done. We really hope you'll want to be there to help us to do that.



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