Q: I'm a pretty massive admirer of Luke's guitar playing, finding it powerful and melodic (I admire Ben's playing too). I play a bit myself and wondered how he keeps his guitars in tune when playing live. I've seen Thunder a couple of dozen times and notice Luke rarely changes his guitar from the white custom. I know it probably gets retuned between songs but even then....... I collect Les Paul's and can't seem to keep them in tune when I'm pounding on them. Any tips? Finally, is there any possibility I can send a Les Paul scratchplate for Luke to sign? Love the new album by the way and will see the you as many times as poss on the next tour and also buy some singles. Paul H
L: There are four things that can all contribute to a guitar not staying in tune. 1) Don't have too much string wound around the machine head; about two and a half times is enough. 2) Keep the guitar in a constant temperature as any change will have an effect. 3) When your strings are new make sure they're properly stretched in. 4) Make sure the nut isn't dirty or uneven. If you find the nut is causing strings to stick then rub a bit of pencil lead in the cracks and that will ensure the string move freely. We don't have a postal mechanism for returning stuff but if you bring your scratchplate to the gigs and come to one of the Aftershow meet + greets I'll gladly sign it for you.

Q: Danny - a quick question for yourself . You are walking down the street and a car pulls up and stops at the lights . You hear a Thunder track blaring out for all to hear . Do you sing to yourself or what or smile contently that your music is being appreciated . Can't sing myself but always wondered how u guys would react. Mark, Burnley
D: This has happened to me over the years more than once, and each time I smile to myself and carry on my business. It can be very disconcerting. Harry and I were at the pictures once when She's So Fine was part of a Mary Quant advert. We got our  popcorn and drinks and settled down, ads came on, we joked about what it would be like if our song came on, and then it did! I was dumbstruck, shrank down into my chair absolutely convinced everyone in the room was looking at me. Total rubbish of course as they couldn't have known but it was a very strange moment indeed... Luke told me once that one of his big dreads was to one day hear a muzak version of one of his songs in a lift (that's an elevator for our US friends). Not sure if it's happened yet..

Q: Hi Guys, thanks for the brilliant new album. I hope there's lots more where that came from! My question is this. Whilst trawling through the more dubious end of my vinyl collection, I found a copy of the Ferry Aid single 'Let It Be' which I noted had Terraplane credited on the back. How did you get involved with this and what memories do you have of the session(s)? P.S. See you at the Astoria! Steve Pedrick, Isle Of Wight
D: Yes the Ferry Aid single. My memory of it is a little vague really. I do remember there were loads of bands and artists and we were all squeezed into PWL (that's Pet Waterman's place) studios in London. It was chaos! We didn't get featured in any way as we weren't a household name or anything but we did our bit and sang in the choruses, along with the rest of the congregation. I remember being very impressed with Edwin Starr's voice, he sang so loud you could hear him outside the vocal booth! Sadly he's no longer with us. Boy George was very funny, but to be honest I don't remember much else at all. It seems a long time ago, but then it was...
L: At the time we were signed to Epic Records and every artist on the label was invited to take part so we thought we'd go along and do our bit. It was recorded in PWL studios which is owned by Pete Waterman and I remember him conducting all of us in the mass chorus at the end of the song. It went on for a good while and the general vibe was very uplifting. I don't know how much money it raised in the end but it did get to number one for a few weeks. I remember being at the party afterwards and sitting at a table in the now defunct Limelight Club with various Page Three girls and the girl who played Fay Lucas in Grange Hill.....bizarre!

Q: Luke, I love all your "B-sides" as much as I love your albums! Which B-sides do you wish could have made an album? Still hoping for another B-side compilation with "I Can Still Hear The Music", "Dance, Dance, Dance", and "Dangerous Rhythm".....I only have them on vinyl and my "audio cleaning" program doesn't do them justice! Sam, Florida
L: It's very hard to look at songs that didn't make the albums without feeling slightly negative about them, probably because we had reasons for not including them in the first place. If however you read the sleeve notes on 'The Rare.......' I did pick 'The Fire Has Gone' and 'She's My Inspiration' as songs that should have made it.

Q: Luke please can you help me with a problem that has been driving me barmy for years? The intro to She's So Fine - Da diddle dee, diddle dee, diddle dee dah......did you write it deliberately so that no other budding guitarist should ever be able to get their head round the timing? If you'd like to share can you "diddle" it in reply? See you at Glasgow and good luck with the album. Andy, Glasgow
L: To be honest I just picked up the guitar and played the riff I heard in my head and that was it! I didn't realise it was that complicated..........sorry!

Q: I've just read on the Q+A's that you are playing with Paul Young; presumably in that case you know Jamie Moses (his guitarist)? As you will know Jamie plays extensively with Brian May and Queen. With this connection would you be able (or want to) audition for John Deacon's role in any future Queen tour/projects? Chris Smith, Herne Bay
C: I know Jamie well - a fine guitarist. If the opportunity arose I would be more than happy to fill Mr Deacon's shoes, as it were.

Q: Just gotta tell you guys that you will really enjoy the superbikes at Thruxton. I went and watched at Snetterton last week and had a bitchin' time !!! You said somewhere in here that a couple of you have got or have had bikes in the past. I just wondered what you rode ? Great new CD buy the way, you have managed to drag me out of the rut I was stuck in listening to Def Leppard CDs !!! Spook, Norfolk
B: I've ridden a few over the years, my brothers Honda Wetdream, a Kawasaki 125, and a Honda CBR750 which I fell off and broke my foot.
D: My bike was a Kawasaki Z250, a 4 stroke road bike, metallic green tank, I bought it new for £980. Don't laugh, it was 22 years ago...

Q: Just catching up on Q+As after a week away and managed to misread Danny's answer about promo videos. I read it as porno videos. I guess this may get Thunder played on certain channels a bit more, but it might not be the relevant ones. So saying, who would be the main star ? Izzy Jo, Bedford
B: I'm holding auditions in June.
D: Nice question. Not sure you got it wrong though. Clearly a gentleman cannot speak of such things, so it would have to Harry as the man with the moustache who comes to repair the washing machine and all his clothes fall off and.... Well I'll leave that there I think..
L: I couldn't possibly say as the answer might seriously incriminate somebody.............

Q: If you guys could have done the soundtrack to any movie, which one would it have been and why?? Kirsty, Cheshire
B: I think the score to the Magnificent Seven would be a good one. Elmer Bernstein did a great job matching the music to the feel of the film, and we all know how it goes don't we? Di dididi di di ditdidi, ner naaar, ner ner ner naaah etc
L: Definitely 'Paris:Texas'. Fantastically atmospheric music by Ry Cooder for an odd, enigmatic and beautiful film . If you haven't heard or seen it check it out.

Q: Chris, have you played bass for Paul Young? If true was the keyboard player ex It Bites? Anonymous
C: I've worked with Paul Young for a few years now, and I'm rehearsing for a UK tour at the moment (see earlier question). The keyboard player is Matt Irving - don't know if he played for It Bites. I'll ask him.

Q: Dear Chris, just compared the tour dates for both Thunder and Paul Young. My question is, are you a guest guitarist for Paul on certain nights or have you got an understudy for the dates when Thunder are on stage, as there are some dates when both Thunder and Paul are on stage at on the same nights. Ann S, Blackburn
C: I'm on the majority of the tour with Paul, and he's very kindly agreed to get someone to fill in for me while I'm doing the Thunder shows.

Q: Hi, call me stupid, but why isn't the video of 'Somebody get me a Spin Doctor' that everyone tried to download, including me (but failed) not going to be on the Loser single, wouldn't that of made sense to do it, when you knew people were interested in seeing it? Antong AKA Stupid
T: We decided to put a different video on the CD instead - so that the single is still interesting to those who have already downloaded the Spin Doctor video. The live video for River Of Pain will be on there. We couldn't put both of the videos on because of chart regulations (only one video allowed per CD) - so we thought it would be better to give everyone something new!

Q: Danny, could you tell me where the crowd photos were taken that appear on the outer cover of the SATS booklet, as I think there's a chance I may be on there! Matt, Nottingham
D: I can't honestly remember where they were taken. Sorry. If you think you were there, you probably weren't, on the other hand if you feel you were there you probably were, but to be honest I guess the best way to know is if you can see yourself in the picture...

Q: On the CD "They thinks all acoustic.." at one point Danny states that you will be back in about 45 minutes - is there a recording of the second part of the show? Will it be released? Matt, Nottingham
T: It's already been released.  Check out 'They Think It's All Over...It Is Now' for full details, and then head over to Townsend Records to buy yourself a copy!!

Q: Howdy, the new album is fab, and has made me listen to all the others again. I cannot get preaching from a chair off my stereo, I was just wondering what made you write it, it seems like the most pissed off song ever, probably why I like it so much. Kirsty, Wilmslow
L: It was probably the American media's obsession with grunge. After Nirvana arrived it was like none of the bands that came before had any relevance any more. They all seemed so miserable as well. I remember reading an interview with Soundgarden who were moaning about being successful. KNAC radio in Los Angeles proudly announced they wouldn't be playing 'corporate rock' any more. Honestly....what a load of bollocks. A lot of good stuff came out of the grunge movement but it has to be seen as just another layer of the great rock'n'roll onion!

Q: Two questions really, first - Is SATS available in Germany yet? I've looked all over without any luck and Media Markt (biiig multimedia chain store) do not have it on their computer database??? Second - Any chance of getting some Thunder guitar tabs put up on the site? It has to be tabs because my sight reading is utter bonk. Roy Boscowan, Germany
T: AARRGGHHH!! Not the dreaded tab question AGAIN!? I have nightmares about that question you know! Search the archives... Shooting At The Sun has only been released in Japan and the U.K. so far. Hopefully other countries will follow, but the quickest way to get the album is to order it from Townsend Records, who will ship anywhere in the world at a very reasonable price.

Q: Hello from Finland. Your new album is brilliant. My friend bought it for me last week from London. Your best album since Laughing On Judgement Day. By the way have you ever played Finland? Seabloom, Finland
L: We've played in Finland a few times. We've supported ZZ Top in an outdoor arena (1991), Extreme at the Ice Hockey Stadium? (1992) and we've played on our own a couple of times in a club, the name of which I can't remember. I do remember that the Fins are a great audience; completely mad! We did quite a few interviews for Radio Mafia with a really nice DJ called Harry Hakkinen
as well.

Q: Now that you have total control over Thunders destiny, do you miss having the record company around? Brooksie, Denmark
D: I miss the record companies for the boring and mundane stuff, the things you know are important but don't want to do yourself. So far the signs are good so it's worth it. We just have to keep doing what we're doing and find more and more creative ways to promote the record alongside the traditional ways. It's true we have more control now over how we go forward, but regardless of the record label situation, ultimately the fans will decide by buying or not buying the record. Spread the word baby!!

Q: Harry, your drumming on the Live version of Like a Satellite, taken from the single of the same name gives me shivers, any chance of you doing it again on this tour, perhaps at the Astoria. Who choose to arrange the song that way, acoustic start progressing to drums kicking in at the guitar solo? Brooksie, Peckham
H: Thanks mate. Glad you like it. Not sure if we'll be playing Satellite on the next tour. It's a possibility though! You never know. As for the arrangement.......Luke has to take the credit for this.

Q: Like many other people I want to say what a brilliant album, I'm sure for promotional purposes the Met Lounge in Peterboro would be very accommodating, owners name is Steve. Now, here's my question - who chooses the set list each night and who chooses what cover versions you play. Michael, Oxford
L: Putting the live set together is largely my job although everyone does stick their two-bob's worth in. Choice of covers isn't really an organised process; i.e. it just tends to happen.

Q: One of the tracks to the single Like a Satellite is called Damage is Done. What pure genius! Why not a single or an album track? The arrangement in it's self is amazing, I love the Acoustic guitar solo going into Electric, it gave me a kinda Eagles Hotel California vibe. I guess I don't have a question, just a WELL DONE!! Brooksie, Peckham
L: Thank you for your comments. A lot of people seem to like this song so maybe we should have put it on LOJD after all.

Q: Just heard Thunder live at Donnington 1990 and thought how good it would be if you could play the whole Backstreet Symphony album. How about a tour about Xmas doing this? what do you think? Mick Hodd, Luton
L: The thing is that there are people who come to see Thunder whose favourite album isn't BSS so that wouldn't be fair. Also, to be extremely honest we wouldn't enjoy playing a set list from 13 years ago. Sure, we have to acknowledge our past like everybody but we don't want to live in it!

Q: Hey guys - STILL eagerly waiting for my copy of SATS (ordered it March 11 from Townsend - does it really take 5+ weeks to get a CD across the pond?), but as a US fan who's never had the joy of seeing the band live, please register my official vote for a US tour. Here's an idea (although I'm sure it's nothing new)...with Duran Duran reforming, perhaps your old buddy Andy Taylor would be willing to bring you all along when they come stateside this summer? I'm not a DD fan, but it'd be the perfect opportunity for your US fans to come, see the opening act, then wait for the meet and greet during the headliner's set! Chris, New York
L: Thanks for the suggestion Chris but the 'Who supports Duran?' question isn't just a decision for AT. As well as the other members of DD there are promoters, agents and managers that have an input. I'm also not sure how well the two bands' musical styles would compliment each other!

Q: Hi Luke. I remember back in 1990 reading a review of that year's Donnington festival. The writer was treading down on Whitesnake, saying that Coverdale was a thing of the past, the band was on its way out of the music scene and that they should have not headlined the Donnington thing. The next thing he mentioned was this new band that deserved all the attention that Whitesnake were getting: Thunder. He ended the review by saying that hehoped this new successful band would not end up like Whitesnake. As an ardent fan of Mr. Coverdale and Whitesnake I was pissed off at such blasphemy! I resisted even the urge to listen to Thunder and find out about you. Of course I was wrong. Once I saw a few videos on MTV and then later got some tapes I fell in love with Thunder. I still am and I musically live on Thunder right now. I am turning all my band members into Thunder fans too. First question: Would you say you have achieved your rock'n'roll dream, being a brilliant songwriter and a talented guitarist and playing the music you (we) love most? Second question: Do you consider yourself lucky to have had a talent like Danny as a singer? ThirD: As the 'leader' of the best rock band of our time (my definition), where do you think rock music is heading to? Bled, Albania
L: I think to be paid to do what you love is a wonderful thing and I am grateful to everybody who buys our albums/tickets for making this possible. I don't think you ever achieve your dream totally but that's why you keep going. Whilst I'm not a religious person I do believe in fate and I do feel that Danny and myself meeting wasn't an accident. We do work very well together as our strengths as individuals complement each others. I'm delighted to work with a singer of his abilities and from a songwriter's point of view Danny's range and technique are wonderful tools to have at your disposal. I have no idea where rock is heading but I will be watching!

Q: Last night we were watching Kerrang and were amazed to see a video of a group we saw recently supporting Def Leppard. They were called The Darkness and the track was 'Get your hands off my woman'. When we saw them the audience were not impressed, neither were we - it was dire. So imagine our disbelief when we saw the vid! Why haven't Thunder got a video out? Why aren't Thunder using Kerrang and/or other music channels to promote themselves? This is the way to attract new audiences!! We know because we have discovered several new bands through this medium and not only purchased the albums but have been to gigs to see them too. We are certain that there are people out there who tune into Kerrang and other channels who would do the same with Thunder, the band is missing opportunities! Are Thunder going to produce a video for marketing purposes or not? The band have asked the fans to turn out to the gigs to show their support, shouldn't they also be looking at all the opportunities open to them to broaden their fan base too?? Linda/Ian Hay
L: We have been looking at this particular problem for several weeks now so thank you for your concern. We are more than aware of the beneficial affects of having a video shown on Kerrang TV, MTV, VH1 etc. but as Danny has explained in previous answers concerning the release of SATS, we are financing the WHOLE thing ourselves and videos are expensive to make. We are doing all we can to see that a promo video for 'Loser' does get made. Believe me when I say that we are extremely determined to make this happen. We have been doing this a good few years now so we are more than aware of the potential of video.
D: If I was a sarcastic person I would respond by saying "make a video, wow, what a great idea, thanks for the suggestion, I don't know why we didn't think of it". I'm not so I won't. I will say that it's clear you don't know the way the music business works, so here's an ultra quick lesson. In a nutshell, videos are expensive to make, and even if you make them you have to pay someone to lobby the TV stations, and even then there are no guarantees they will get played anywhere. Add to that the fact that we have no label to finance one and it's plain to see a Thunder video on TV is not an easy thing to achieve. Despite that we are investigating (and have been for a while) the feasibility of making a promo video for the Loser single with our limited resources. If we can afford to make a good one with the budget we have, we will, but we're not about to give people false hope by announcing it before we're sure we can do it. We have the utmost respect for our fans, and we've found that most of them (not all) do us the same service. I hope this helps, maybe it was just your writing style, but your question read like an accusation of neglect.

Q: As a Thunder die hard, I have to pay some compliments before I ask a question, right? I think you are the best rock singer and the most brilliant voice in rock at the moment. (Why can I not sing like you? Then I wouldn't be writing to you but vice versa. Anyway). First question(s): Since Luke writes all the songs, how do you incorporate your own emotions, ideas and feelings into them? Do you wish you could write songs? Second question(s)Does beer and smoking damage your voice? Do you get nervous before the shows and if you do, how do you cope with it? Bled, Albania
D: Thank you for your compliment. I have no idea why you can't sing like me, and at the risk of sounding conceited, I see this as no great failing on my part. I have answered the first part of your question more than once on this site so please search it out using the nice device provided by Mr T Controller. I do sometimes wish I could write songs, and have tried many times over the years, but when I see how much effort goes into it when talented people like Luke do it, I've concluded I simply don't have time to learn that particular craft whilst balancing the rest of my life. I imagine drinking and smoking must take a toll on your voice, the former mostly due to the inevitable shouting (I do this) that ensues once you've had a few drinks. The latter as it interferes with your general health and ability to breathe deeply. I've never smoked so I don't really know what I'm talking about. Having said that plenty of great singers have smoked and drunk, and I've even heard it claimed by some it's what makes them what they are, so I suppose it's down to the individual, whatever floats your boat etc. I don't get nervous before shows so don't have to cope with it.

Q: Alright geezers, just wonderin' if you ever had anyone drum for you in the past called Colin Lovat, please help me as I've got a 50 quid bet with my mate that you have not ever had this bloke drum for you at all! Also where can I get hold of any Terraplane albums as I'm curious of what they sound like. P.S. The new albums great! Rob, Kent
D: Never heard of him, looks dangerously like you're owed £50. Mine's a pint...I believe Townsend Records can sell you Terraplane CDs, check out our shop, it links to theirs.

Q: Thunder, what a fantast album Shooting At The Sun is. Truly fantastic. I remember how sad I was the day I read the Email about you splitting up, i couldn't believe that I would never get another album from the best rock band around. But your back, and your better than ever. Well done!!! My question is to each of you: What is the most fun part of when you're recording a new album? Dan Birkett, Southampton
C: I have to be honest and say that recording with Thunder is fun from start to finish, there really isn't a bit that I don't enjoy.
H: I love being in the studio and really enjoy the recording process from start to finish. The most satisfying, is listening to the end result, and seeing Danny destroy a smoke alarm!

B: I like the bit when we tot up the bill and realise we've spent more money on alcohol than we have on tape.
L: I enjoy all of it really but the first time I listen through to a full playback over a glass of wine is exremely satisfying as it represents months of work for me.
D: Thanks for the nice comments, good question by the way. For me the funniest bit was watching Harry playing the fire extinguisher so very very professionally. Ben trying to fix the fire alarm I removed (drunk), everyone claiming not to have broken the door frame, me getting hit on the head with a deflated football whilst singing (it's on film), Chris being very normal throughout, Luke trying to keep order and make a record, Rupert playing space invaders at every opportunity, Peter Shoulder drinking absolutely all the beer all the time, the mess in the morning after the worst of the parties. Nothing changes really...

Q: So Thinny you will be coming on tour with the guys then? Can I just ask the rest of you what is your favourite holiday destination? Is it a beach location or are you more action men into snowboarding etc? See you in Manchester!! Sonia
T: I looks like I will be coming out on tour this time, yes....
L: Definitely a beach as long as there's plenty of other things to see + do.
B: I went to Canada recently, I had a great time up in the Rocky mountains, glacier walking, White water rafting, helicopters, horse riding.
D: Any kind of hol is OK with me as long as it's hot. I hate being cold, snow sports consequently don't interest me in the slightest.
H: Put me on a beach, and I'm "as happy as Harry!!" Love a bit of sun on me head!!!
C: No action for me.... the Maldives is my favourite.

Q: Thinny. HHEEELLLLPPPP. I've just been reading the Q&A answers and now I am totally baffled. what is a bandwidth and how is it affected by downloads? I don't want to appear stupid, but could you please save my brain from total meltdown. Ann S, Blackburn
T: The 'bandwidth' is the amount of data that we are allowed to transfer to and from the website per month.  Anything that we use over that amount has to be paid for (by the band). In both March and April we used up all of our allowed bandwidth in just a couple of days, mainly due to thousands of people franticly downloading the Spin Doctor video. As it was costing us hundreds and hundreds of pounds a month to keep the video on-line, the decision was made to pull it from the site.

Q: Hiya all, first things first. Excellent new album! I have enjoyed your music and followed your career since I saw you support Foreigner in the days of Terraplane. Keep up the good work! Anyway...You have supported many bands in your time (as Thunder and Terraplane) and I was wandering if there had been any tips or words of wisdom (good or bad) passed on to you that have greatly influenced your career or musical direction? Steve
B: My favourite tips were from the guy who taught me how to engineer and who was also a great record producer - the first was a piano playing tip -"stick around the keyhole son, you'll never go wrong" and my all time favourite was "everything in moderation ..... and plenty of it"

Q: Hiya guys i was just wonderin if the Thunder Channel club was up and running again? Because my mum used 2 b a member. Can't wait 2 c ya at Rock City in Notts. Vicki Payne, Derby
T: No, the Thunder Channel fan club is still closed, as it has been since 1999. There are currently no plans to re-launch the club.

Q: I have just heard that Terraplane once supported the legendary Foreigner. I was just wondering if they were nice people. And what Danny thinks of  Lou Gramm as a vocalist. Jade Mall begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, Leicester
L: I don't recall meeting them although we met Rick Wills a few years later when he was with Bad Co.
D: As far as I can remember they never acknowledged we existed, save for the bass player once saying hello in the corridor. Lou Gramm sang very well every night but I thought he was a pretty average front man. I like my front man/woman to get a grip on the situation.

Q: Are your CD’s available in the US? If not now, do you expect them to be in the future? Randy
D: We are talking with various labels and distributors regarding US distribution. It may take a little while so those need it now should buy the CD from Townsend Records who I'm sure will be glad to help.

Q: You mentioned in the totalrock interview about some sound file(s) that had to be pulled from the site because of the bandwidth it ate. In that case, would you object to those who did download them posting them up elsewhere so the rest of us can still get at them? Anonymous
D: Did I say sound files or did you? I don't remember what I said but regardless it was video files. The Somebody Get Me A Spin Doctor Live video clip has caused so much frantic downloading that it simply ate all our bandwidth in no time at all in both March and April. The band would have no objection to any of you posting it up for others to download, PROVIDED you understand the resulting traffic may well kill your bandwidth like it did ours so you're on your own there and the band can take no responsibility for what may happen. In addition it would be nice if your site tipped it's hat to ours with a mention about the only official site being ours and a link. Thanks for the support, I see what you're trying to do and I think it's admirable.

Q: Hi Danny, just a quick question to ask you. I've recently visited the shop on the website and noticed only a signed picture of Luke, why haven't you got a signed picture out there? Samantha, Macclesfield
D: Luke's signed picture thing is to do with his El Gringo Retro CD. Thunder are not currently into selling photographs, signed or otherwise. That may change in the future, but at this time I can't say when. You're the first person who's mentioned it, so there doesn't appear to be a massive demand so far.

Q: I read a previous Q and A regarding favourite album covers and LOJD came top of the list.  What was the process of creating that cover? Did Storm listen to the album and then create the artwork / did you all discuss the "theme" of the album with Storm and develop the cover from there....?? Matt, Australia
D: We met Storm, had a load of discussions about our music, where it comes from etc, he asked a lot of questions, we played the music to him. He came to watch us rehearse, hung out a lot, drank beer, his approach was very detailed and very demanding for both him and us. He came back with a load of initial ideas and explained the thought process behind them all, and we chose the one that appealed the most. Off he went again and developed it further, EMI hated it, but we insisted. The process took quite a long time from start to finish, but as far as we were concerned it was well worth the wait. I still don't fully understand it all but it makes me smile when I see it, partly because of the memories but also because I like the way it makes me feel.

Q: Hey guys Love the album, and looking forward to the Wolverhampton gig. I read a question to you a while back, saying that Everybody's Laughing was a lot like "Fly on the wall" I wanted to ask you something similar. To me the melody to "If I Can't Feel Love" sounds extremely similar to Bad Company's "Shooting Star" - is this a coincidence???? Kieran Keegan
L: The intros to both songs similar but thereafter they're quite different. Any similarity was coincidental.......honest guv!

Q: Is there any possibility of Thunder playing at the Reading Festival this year? Lynne
D: We haven't been asked so far so I'd say it's not likely.

Q: Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me the play list for the MOR tour in November last year?, as i cant remember other than Welcome to the Party (i think), love the new album, its great and my friends say so too, so more albums going to be bought by them hopefully!, Antong
T: Welcome To The Party, River Of Pain, Low Life In High Places, Somebody Get Me A Spin Doctor, Higher Ground, Backstreet Symphony, Love Walked In, Good Lovin' Gone Bad (Wembley Only - with Bad Company's Dave Colwell), Dirty Love.

Q: How many times have you, the band, voted on the Totalrock request chart? Be honest! Also, do you listen at 5pm to hear the result? Margie B.,Wales
B: I've never voted as I feel it would be misrepresenting public opinion. I can't say I do tune in at five as I've usually only just got up.
D: I might have voted once or twice, but no more than twice. I have managed to listen but only once, or was it twice? or was it twice?
C: I tried it once, and ended up voting for the wrong band! I've never listened for the result.
H: Maybe once......or twice...........?

Q: Thinny, where does your nickname come from? Is it because you are super slim or is there a bit more to it? Why don't you put a little biography on the site...we all speak to you (not verbally I know) but haven't got a clue what you look like, etc.!! Margie B., Wales
T: If I remember correctly my nickname was given to me by Danny, but 'The Thin Controller' was eventually shortened down to 'Thinny' by the fans. As for his reasons behind it you'll have to ask him, but I expect that your super slim guess isn't far from the truth (although I'm not as slim as I was 4 years ago - if I keep going at this rate a name change will be in order...).  I like being a man of mystery so I don't think I'll be posting my bio on the site any time soon.  Maybe we could play a game of spot the Thinny on the forthcoming tour?!? ;)

Q: Hi guys, what are your favourite films of all time, and favourite Actor/Actress. Also, would you like to star in a film. Dave Lloyd.
L: Too many to be definitive but......Some Like It Hot, Goodfellas, King Of Comedy, American Beauty, Primal Fear, Tootsie, Trains, Planes And Automobiles, The Exorcist, Duel etc. Actors; De Niro, Jodie Foster, Ed Norton, Daniel Day Lewis, Cameron Diaz, Selma Hayek, John Candy, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Joe Pesce, Al Pacino.......................I wouldn't mind having a go at acting but I think directing would be more natural for me.
H: Well, I love all the Bond movies, Spinal Tap, Pulp Fiction, School for Scoundrels etc. There's so many! Think Sean Connery is one of my fav actors - Yes, I'd love to star in a film. Highly unlikely I know, but I'd love to be James Bond. Imagine that!!!
D: I have so many favourites, mostly from yesteryear, not many modern loves. It's A Wonderful Life, Pulp Fiction, anything with Robert Mitchum or Humphrey Bogart in it. Favourite actor would be Bogart, actress would be Ava Gardner (not because of her acting), I'd have loved to have played the Bogart role in The Maltese Falcon, but he did it so well....
C: My film choices would be: Pulp Fiction, The Matrix, Spinal Tap (obviously), Blade Runner, Fight Club and loads more. Favourite actors - most of them are in Pulp Fiction! Samuel L Jackson, Harvey Keitel, Gene Hackman, Edward Norton.
B: I've got a soft spot for "The Million Pound Note" starring Gregory Peck and Wilfred Hyde-White, it's a great idea and I'm sure it is more pertinent today than it's ever been. As for actors that's a little more tricky, someone like Alistair Simm or perhaps "Ricky" from Eastenders, now there's a rare talent

Q: Hi guys. If I went to Thruxton am I likely to see or meet the lot of you as that would be my only interest for going. Mark White
D: I have no idea how these things work, nor what you look like, so I'm afraid I can't help very much. I understand there will be a lot of people there, and I believe we'll be expected to perform fairly extensive duties as special guests, though we won't be playing or riding from what I can gather. The short answer is "dunno matey". Sorry.

Q: Not really a question a such but more of a suggestion! After reading about your attendance at the Brit superbike round I was wondering about the chances of you actually playing at the Champ Car/BTCC meeting at brands hatch in may? Basically it's going to be the second biggest motorsport event in the UK this year after the British grand prix and Virgin Radio are the joint sponsors of the event. I've seen on flyers etc that there will be live bands performing on the day, I haven't heard of any bands that will be playing as yet but surely it would be a chance to play to lots of people who may not have previously heard of Thunder! I've already emailed Virgin Radio to suggest getting you on the bill, but what do you think? Sam, Norwich 
D: This is a great idea and we'll look into it. If you're going to put Thunder forward for anything please ensure you let your victim have our website address so they can get in touch with us.

Q: Danny and Ben, you both like motorbikes so given your forthcoming day out as special guests at the British Superbike at Thruxton, are you tempted to do a spin of the track as pillion with one of the race riders [road version equivalent of the racing bike] or even to a race/track day? We've had some great bike weather recently, which often kindles fond memories of days gone by and urges to get on a bike again, so are you tempted into getting another bike, and what would interest you? Kerry
B: Not a chance, a friend of mine used to race bikes and he was completely insane, so if you think I'm going to get on the back of and madman on a bike, think again! I know Luke's very keen to try this out though, any offers? I am tempted to get another bike and was considering buying my friends Triumph, we'll see.
D: Not sure my delicate stomach could handle the speed and excitement of being on a bike going that fast controlled by someone else. As for hankering to ride a bike again, I do it every year about this time when the weather begins to cheer up a bit. I have to be realistic though, as I've grown older my desires have changed somewhat. Strange, as my kids get older I become more reflective and dare I say it contemplative about needing to see them grow up. Then again, who knows, a trip to Thruxton may change it all, I'm impulsive....

Q: What were the first songs you all learnt to play on your respective instruments?? Jonny Wilts
B: I remember trying to work out the guitar solo in Freebird (Lynyrd Skynyrd) on my Mum's dining room table using a nylon string acoustic. Come to think of it that was only a week ago!
H: I can remember two that really got my juices flowing in my formative years - That was Ballroom Blitz by The Sweet and Tiger Feet by Mud. I can honestly say, that although I liked the music, I hated their costumes  - but I suppose they got noticed! Then I discovered Zeppelin and Deep Purple - Serious drumming!!!!
L: 'House Of The Rising Sun' by The Animals.
C: The first song I learnt to play was an Elvis song - "In The Ghetto" - which my brother taught me, and was subsequently the first song I ever performed in front of an audience.

Q: Hello, Graham the cruise ship man here. Just wanted to say that I think this latest offering from Thunder is the best ever. I been a fan since 1990. And have pretty much everything thunder has recorded (even the promos from the states. The offer of the holiday on the ship is always open. I am in the Caribbean (St Maarten, today.) Sadly will miss your tour in May but will be there in spirit. The question to you all. I don't believe in regret, but would change a couple of things if I could do it again. What would you change if you could Thanks for an outstanding album and currently converting a lot of people to thunder fans here onboard. Graham, Cruise Ship / Sussex
B: My main regret is that I'm not on a cruise ship in the Carribean working as a bikini-line inspector, instead I'm stuck at home, in the rain, answering these questions - still don't feel bad I'll be fine.
H: Regrets........I've had a few.......Hic!......but then again.........but then again........too few to mention..........I did...etc. etc. No regrets Graham - What's done is done! I'll take you up on that holiday offer maybe, one day!!??
C: I would probably have kissed Diane Miller behind the bus stop that time, because in retrospect I'm sure she wanted me to. Mind you, I was only 12, and you don't always pick up on things like that.
D: Hols on a ship beckon... If only.. Glad you like the LP, good work on the conversions, hurrah etc! Like you I don't believe in regret, in my case to the extent that I never look back, only forwards. I simply have no time to wonder if and why, so I work on the premise that whatever I did was the best I could do at the time, and unless I get a time machine for my birthday I couldn't change it even if I wanted to, so it's a waste of time wondering.

Q: Luke, just interested to know whether you now feel a bit more liberated after El Gringo and MSA? I think I remember you describing yourself as a frustrated vocalist recently so was El Gringo something that has taken a bit of personal weight off your shoulders? (I hope there will be a follow up by the way). Just seems that SATS has a bit more bite, in a rock sense, than the last Thunder offering, even though I like GTGA a lot, and maybe those two albums in-between have had a lot to do with this? Tim, London
L: I did enjoy making 'El Gringo' and singing was fun although I don't think I'd want to do it very often. MSA and El Gringo were liberating to do because there were no boundaries musically. The fact that they're both eclectic definitely helped give SATS a cutting edge.

Q: I've just received my ticket to your Astoria show in the post. Must say ,that I'm really looking forward to it is an understatement and I'm not just saying that :). Luke, I've read replies you've written to people asking you about songwriting. Being a bassist I asked a few other pro-bassists first, and got a couple of good responses from Matt Bissonette (former David Lee Roth bassist) and Bob Dsisley (former Ozzy Osbourne/Gary Moore bassist), both of whom sent me personal emails explaining how they write and giving me advice on how to get started. I don't play guitar well but nevertheless would like to ask your advice on how to move in that area. I've heard that even to put ideas down on a small tape recorder is a good way to start? Chris, can I ask what basses did you use on 'Shooting at the Sun'? (Rather a typical question I know) Peter Jordan, Dublin
L: The starting point for me is either a vocal melody, a guitar riff or a chord progression. I always keep a recording device handy; this could be a cassette player, a dictaphone or a mini disc according to where I am. Occasionally I'll start with a lyrical idea so I also make sure there's a pen and paper around as well. That's it really..............simple!
C: I think I used a Squier P-Bass Special on the whole album.

Q: Are you influenced by Mr. Brian May much, there are moments on the new L.P that have got my Queen ears twitching, and I'm not talking about riff offs, just respectable influences? Regarding, the set list for the forthcoming tour. As the die hard thunder majority will be in attendance, perhaps a large selection of album/b-sides rather than the greatest hits would be rather welcomed. good luck with the single!! Brooksie, Denmark 
L: Brian May is a truly great guitar player and has a totally distinctive sound. I've always admired his playing and so I guess you may well be right!

Q: I know it was a publicity stunt ,but how do you think you would have fitted in in Whitesnake? Also apart from Thunder what group would you like to be a guitarist for? Mick Hodd, Luton
L: I love playing the guitar and the greatest thing about being a musician is playing with other people; who it is and what style it is isn't that important as long as they can play.

Q: I heard a story about Alice Cooper slipping joke 'death threats' under hotel doors of cast & crew of the Orchestra / Rock tour a couple of years ago (apparently taken v seriously, until he owned up). So, did he try anything similar on MOR ?? Best of luck with the future plans, currently waiting for my copy of SATS to arrive. Dave, Kent
L: No........he knows better!!

Q: Dear Luke & guys, Do you have any plans to release the tracks Wonderland & the acoustic version of A love worth dying for in the UK as they seem to be the only tracks you have done not issued here. I think the new CD is excellent and have now got all tracks / products apart from the above. Please tell me what your views are on burning CD's. Do you think it is good/bad/ ethical i.e. good for spreading the word or bad for sales? Tim, Worcester
L: Burning CD's is the same as home taping was years ago; there's no point in trying to stop it because people will do it regardless. Personally I think the music industry must learn to cope with CD burning and downloading as opposed to complaining about it because it's not going to go away.

Q: Hi You guys, I've been away for a while so I am catching up as quick as poss I have just come across a CD by your good selves called "Open the window close the door" live in Japan on import is this an official release and if so is available in the U.K? and when was it recorded? Thanks and see you in May. Steve
T: Steve, if you look in the discography section you will find out a little more about 'Open The Window...'.  The CD is indeed official.  It was recorded on the bands 2000 Japanese tour and was released in Japan only. The only way that you can get it in the U.K. is on import, but beware, it can be pricey.  It may be worth contacting Townsend Records - they may be able to help you locate a copy, and they won't rip you off like some places...

Q: Hi Guys,  It was great to see you all at Brighton with Alice Cooper. A fantastic night out. I was wondering, are you going to play either Brighton or Portsmouth ever again????? I was also wondering if people do not have access to the Internet how do they find out any news or tour dates, because I've not seen anything in any mags. If ever we here of bands playing we contact friends who do not have the Internet and let them know. Sorry to sound like I'm moaning, I'm not really. It just seems to me that if people don't have the Internet they're excluded, as not everyone can afford it. Anyway enough of my questions. I look forward to buying the new album this week, well that is if my local record shop stocks it!!!!!!!!! Keep on writing fantastic music. Serena, West Sussex
T: I think you are reading the wrong mags Serena. There has been lots of coverage in Classic Rock magazine as well as a full page add in the current issue. Also, word of mouth is a wonderful thing! There is only so much that we can do to get the information out to the people - promoting a band is an expensive business.  Why didn't you place an order for the CD at your local record shop instead of relying on the possibility of them stocking it? That way you would be guaranteed to get your copy on Monday! As for tour dates, who knows what the future holds!? Not us...

Q: Harry, I have always wondered about drum parts. Are they extensively thought out before recording or do you just get in a groove and a one-off? Thanks Harry! Still hoping for a Thunder Singles box set....still don't have all the tracks! Sam, United States 
H: Grrroooove and record man! They are thought out, after listening to the demo of the song. With regard to the tracks you haven't got in your collection, why not try Townsend Records??

Q: What’s happened to the video? It’s only been back up there for a couple of days and taken off again. I’m most disappointed. I was round at a friends house today “bigging up” Thunder and saying how marvellous you were in concert and looked like a right plonker when the video wasn’t on there. Prove to the world I’ve not gone mad and put it back on – please….. Gordon Hall
T: Unfortunately we had to remove the video from the site as we literally had hundreds of people downloading it every single day. It eats up all of our bandwidth and costs us a lot of money to keep it on line - so I'm afraid the video is gone and there are no plans for it to return in the near future.  We'll try to think of other ways to get the video to the fans, but for the meantime I'm afraid there's nothing we can do.

Q: Chris, do you keep in touch with Mr Shaw? He was auditioning for the lead in a rather kitsch musical a couple of years ago, is it true about how Then Jerico parted company? Fistycuffs? Brooksie, Denmark
C: Unfortunately, I haven't spoken to Mark for a couple of years. I don't know much about his association with Then Jerico before I worked with him, so I can't really comment.

Q: Harry, has your work in other areas influenced your playing on Thunders new stuff? Or are you just maturing as a tub thumping genius. I felt on SATS your playing has broadened in it's depth and range. Brooksie, Denmark
H: Thanks Brooksie - I tend not to analyse my playing as a rule, but maybe I have picked up a few influences here and there in the time that Thunder had split. It does help though, when you have great songs to play, and there are some great tunes on SATS. Thanks again!

Q: What has been your most recent 'weird' dream?? Jonny Wilts
H: Last weird dream.......It was a little while back and it involved copious amounts of hair growing out of my nose, ears, underarms, legs and another important region! But strangely, still....none grew out of my head. How strange?
B: She was naked and coming towards me and .... perhaps I'll keep it to myself.
C: Honestly, you really don't want to know that.
L: I had a most peculiar dream about going out for the night with Brian May, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor and Ben (Matthews). Don't ask me why...............
My most recent weird dream was where I could not escape from my computer and constant questions from people I didn't know. Can't think what inspired it...

Q: Hi guys, apart from 'SATS', what has been your favourite Thunder album cover? All the very best for the next few months and beyond. Adrian Smith, Cambridge
H: It has to be LOJD - Fantastic - Sheer creative madness by a madman! Who's that good looking man on the cover of BSS?
B: I have always loved the artwork for Laughing On Judgement Day. It was Storm Thorgeson at his best. Although he is barking mad and a nightmare to work with I do have a soft spot for him.
L: Not THAT Adrian Smith?????? If so you owe me a fiver !!! Not really; Adrian's a nice bloke who has never asked me for money. Anyway, what was the question? Oh let me see.....for me it would have to be 'Backstreet' as it was my idea!!!
C: I really like The Thrill Of It All.
D: Favourite sleeve for me is Laughing On Judgement Day, purely because of the grief we went through to get it past EMI, who hated it. We were right though, as it won the designer Storm Thorgerson loads of accolades, and he even features it in his latest book which contains a collection of his favourite/definitive work over recent years.

Q: Luke - Re: your recent weird dream - what has John Deacon done to upset you then?!!!! On the subject of Queen, Danny - with Brian and Roger hunting around for a suitable vocalist, are Freddie's extraordinary vocals something you could deal with properly without key changes, and is it something you would put yourself up for if Thunder weren't busy? (think of the money!!!!) By the way, have you ever covered a Queen song? I reckon 'Save Me' (or something else similarly emotive) may suit the band, and Danny's vox in particular. Chris, Herne Bay
D: Stepping into FM's shoes would take either great bravery or sheer stupidity, tough act to follow, unique, one of a kind etc. I'm both brave and stupid so I'd love to get the opportunity to have a go, but if I was crap, I'd have to be sure no one ever found out I'd done it... Not likely to happen though so no need to worry about ordering my leotard...

Q: Hello, Luke. I'm just wondering, are you going to sing in the shows from your solo album? If so, which song? I like 'Love will find a way'. Although I was very enjoyable 'Waste of time' featuring Danny, in B&M tour. By the way, I have decided to come to your shows in London and Cambridge in May. So see you there! Sayuri, Japan
L: It's the first proper tour for nearly four years so I think we're going to have enough trouble picking a Thunder set, never mind stuff from B+M or 'El Gringo'!!

Q: Have you ever heard the music of Francis Dunnery, ex It Bites henchmen? Brooksie, Copenhagen
L: No I can't say I have although everybody says he's a great guitar player.

Q: I'm sure I'm one of many who would consider themselves keen collectors of your material in it's various formats...having just noticed a very tidy copy of your earliest work with 'Nothin Fancy' (7" vinyl for £200...list price £250)I wondered you keep much of your work as a private collection? (cds vinyl dvd vids etc)....and have you got a spare copy of that 7" single you could send my way? ;-) Dave Ulke, Brize Norton
L: I try to keep a copy of everything we do but I have given loads away over the years. I have original mixes of everything though so if we've recorded it, then there's usually a version in my studio somewhere. I don't possess a copy of the Nuthin' Fancy single but I think Danny's got one or two.

Q: I saw Sam Brown down at Cafe de Paris the other week, amazing voice. Do keep in touch with Backing vocalists like Ruby Turner etc who have gone on to work with Jules Holland? I think a spot of rock on Jules Holland of the Thunder variety would go down a treat. Brooksie , Denmark
D: Haven't met up with Ruby for a few years, but she's a very nice lady. I agree a spot on Jules' show would be great, and we're working behind the scenes on every possible opportunity to promote the LP and the band...

Q: Have been asking HMV when I can pre-order single, but they only know about SATS (got it on 1 March through Townsend). Any info on when they will know what we are all going on about? Ian, Glasgow
T: We've looked into it and it appears that HMV won't have it on their system proper until 2 weeks before the release date, so the 5th of May is the earliest that you will be able to pre-order it without experiencing the "what record?" look from the staff in the shop. By that day all stores should have it on their release sheets and should know about it. More news on this soon...

Q: Just wondered if, in light of the present political situation, you are planning to include 'Welcome to the party' on the set list for the forthcoming tour? If so, have you thought about re-writing the lyrics?!!! Belinda, Herts
L: As I've said before the set list isn't decided until rehearsals the week preceding the tour. I don't think I would re-write the lyrics as 'Welcome...' was and is of it's own time. It's an up, happy song and my views on what's going on now definitely don't correspond with that sentiment.

Q: How come you don't use pyrotechnics at your shows? I recall that you did on the LOJD tour but never since. Also I've always thought that after the first set of UK shows on that tour you should have taken a step up to bigger venues, was this considered? Andy, Sheffield
L: I think we all felt after LOJD that we'd done pyros and on BCD we wanted to have a different lightshow and production overall. As to whether or not we should have played larger venues in '92 I would have to say that promoters don't often misjudge the demand for a band and I'm sure they got it right then.

Q: Hi Luke, You probably won't remember, but after MOR Brighton we were discussing The Who, and in particular the song Behind Blue Eyes.........I thought you said it had been done in rehearsals etc, but not live. Mr Anonymous on the message board has recently posted saying that you in fact *did* used to play this live, and also that there is a recording of it lurking around somewhere. So, my questions are: a) is it true you (as in Thunder) used to play it live? - and b) is it true that it's been recorded (by Thunder)? I know it's not really important in the scheme of life in general, but I'm curious. :-) Cheers! See you in May (hic!) Janette, Brighton
L: I have found out from Mr. Anonymous (our ex manager) it was recorded in a soundcheck at Rock City Notts. in '95. I do vaguely remember the occasion in question. Casting my mind back even further to 1989 (Static Discharge tour) I think we may have played it once as an encore in Workington. God knows how I remembered this but I think I'm right. Was anybody at the gig who can confirm/deny?

Q: A couple of questions for Chris - which is your favourite Thunder album that you didn't play on and whose bass playing style do you prefer - Snake or Mikael? Dward, Kent
C: I would have to say that Backstreet Symphony has got all the big songs, but Thrill Of It All has some great tracks. At the risk of upsetting my predecessors, I can't really comment on whose style I prefer, as I haven't listened that closely to their playing. From what I can gather, most of the ideas were Luke's anyway. And he plays bass far better than any guitarist has the right to.

Q: Hi Thinny, I notice that the 2003 archive index on the Q&A page says walter2003 - who is Walter, and why does he get such a prominent mention? Gareth Williams, Pedant City
T: Oh dear - thanks for pointing it out. I have no idea who Walter is or why his name ended up there, but rest assured I have removed it! Weird.....

Q: Hi guys, Firstly, though I already have the new (Brill) album, I intend to buy at least 2 more on release next week, but here is my question, are we going to see a new THUNDER Fan club opened, And if so, do you need people to run it? A job that i would be only too happy to fill, See you all in may, and as promised Danny, I will buy you a beer at the Astoria, See you there guy's. Dale, London
T: There are no plans to re-launch the fan club. Now that the majority of homes have access to the internet, there really is little need for a fan club as this website offers everything a fan club could. Also, getting information from this website is a lot quicker that getting it by snail mail. In a sense we already have a online fan club in this website - and it's free!!

Q: Two and a bit questions. Will you be releasing a radio edited version of Loser? Why River of pain as the b-side?
Is there a certain number of units on average that one has to sell to get into the top 20? Are we to see a poster campaign or are you solely relying on the fans and word of mouth? Good luck!!! Brooksie, Denmark
D: There will be an edited version of Loser, and it may be taken to radio, but the version on the single will be the LP version. The extra tracks were the first ones mixed from the Marquee live recordings and the only ones we've edited so far. The Spin Doctor video has been made available to download via the website, River Of Pain will be on the single, live audio versions of both also. This way we figured you can have audio and video versions of both. Posters may follow if funds allow but for now it's a case of advertise some to sell some then advertise some more to sell some more.

Q: Hi Y'all. I don't want to come over as a nosy bugger, but when the Thunder albums started to sell and you started to play and bigger venues, did you actually make any decent money - or was it the case that everyone around you (i.e. your record company) was raking in the cash apart from you? In addition, do you today make a decent living out of Thunder and your own music projects? David, London
D: If you don't want to come over as nosey, don't be it.

Q: Two questions: Firstly while having a quick look through the archive I noticed an answer Luke gave to a question some time ago about letting one of these awful manufactured acts record one of his songs if it was requested. He said he probably would due to the the fact that we all have to earn a crust. Bearing in mind "Pimp and the Whore", is this still the case? Secondly, not sure whether this is true for anyone else but for me the sign of a great album is the more I listen the better it gets which is definitely happening with SATS, however the one song that really jumps out for me as a single is "Out of my Head", it just seems to have a bit of everything and seems to flow so brilliantly. "Loser" is simply superb but is this the right single to gain a wider and possibly more commercial audience if that is what you are trying to do? Tim, London
L: Strangely enough one of the lads from One True Voice (Daniel) recently came up to me at a gig and told me Thunder was his favourite band of all time. Even stranger was the fact that one of the other guys in OTV was also a never can tell eh? He also told me they were thinking of doing 'Better Man' on their tour. I sent them a copy of SATS so I'm looking forward to hearing their opinion on 'Pimp' ; I hope they've got a sense of humour. It has to be said that Daniel is a very nice chap though despite his recent occupation. He's actually a drummer and a very good one but work was scarce and the rest is history. Re. the single we chose Loser because the song affects people the first time they hear it and because we'd been away for a while we wanted to come back with a no nonsense piece of rock'n'roll that was typically Thunder. I take your point about OOMH but I feel it would have been the wrong choice for 1st single.

Q: Luke, it takes me absolutely ages to learn a guitar part. I read however that you filled in as bass player at a Power Station concert in Japan, with only 5 hours notice to learn the whole set. Is this true and did you make any mistakes? BJ
L: Yes it's true and yes I made a few mistakes but the bass player missed his flight and as they say in Showbiz circles (apparently) 'the show must go on'. Robert Palmer took over rhythm guitar (not ideal) and I became the bass player and we managed to limp through the set. 

Q: Hi Luke, just two questions : a) Have you ever played a Strato live or in the studio? and b) Which record or band would you recommend to someone who is into a depressive state (I mean, not a clinical depression, just the kind of that-girl-doesn't-like-me state)? Be sure that "Can´t Stop The Rain" is a good example to that! Dani, Barcelona
L: I do use Strats for recording but not live. An uplifting record for me would be something that makes you feel pumped up and ready for anything; Appetite For Destruction or James Brown's Greatest Hits.

Q: Is there any truth whatsoever in the astonishing rumour circulating in these parts that at one point you had considered hiring Aled Jones as the support act on your forthcoming tour in order to boost the octogenarian turn out and that you were even planning to do a duet of "Danny Boy" with him as an encore? Paul Edmondson, Fools' Paradise
This is absolutely true, but I thought we had this zipped up tighter than Harry's jockstrap after it had been washed at 90 degrees. Internal enquiry required methinks. Please don't tell anyone, Aled is hurt enough already. What's the date today? By the way there are no rumours circulating in my parts, astonishing or otherwise...

Q: As we have all been voting like mad on the Total Rock website, and have been no 1 for 2 weeks I am curious to know why SATS is unavailable and cannot be bought there? got my copy in March excellent listening and tickets to 3 of dates on the tour  great to see you all back. Ann, Swindon
T: MVC sponsors Total Rock's website and acts as their official shop. The link on the Total Rock site lists SATS as unavailable, because to MVC it IS still unavailable (Remember - only our good friends at Townsend Records had the March 3rd release date).  Once it is officially released on April 7th (this coming Monday), the link should then change and every man and his dog will be able to buy SATS from whatever website or record shop that they wish...

Q: Hello one and all, will the new single be available through those most splendid chaps at Townsend Records as a pre-order? Terry, Canada
T: For the time being, Townsend Records will not be stocking the new single. This is in order to help us make as much of an impact on the charts as possible (sales through on-line retailers do not count towards the charts). It will be available exclusively through HMV stores in the U.K. Maybe you could ask someone in the U.K. to pick up a copy for you? Try visiting our message board, there's lots of nice folks on there...

Q: OK Benny, here's one for ya, with reference to you love of "Hammer" by the end of all the Dracula films they did how many ways could you kill him, can you name them all? Sorry I'm just a bit of a Hammer/Dracula addict. Sarah, Derbyshire
B: It was a long time ago I'm afraid in my dim and distant youth. Something about garlic and stakes, or is that a Harvester menu?

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