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 Hi Danny. Please don't' stop dancing! I don't think your dancing looks gay. I think other guys are jealous because they can't dance or they don't dare to dance. I dance a lot to thunder myself, and I can totally feel where you're coming from with the dancing, the music kind of make me move in a certain way, and it is kind of the same way you move. And the strange thing is that I only dance this way to Thunders music. Another point is, of course, that Thunder live is not the same without your moves. Do you have any role models when it comes to performing live or someone that might have influenced you performance? Marianne, Norway
D: I don't think about where it comes from, I have no idea, it's just my natural exuberance I think..

Q: I was very lucky to see the guys in Milan and enjoyed a great show and aftershow. Thanks guys. I just wondered, is their any update on the Swiss festival at Huttwil. Delia, Suffold
D: We're playing there, that's all I can say at the moment..

Q:  I read on the net that a documentary film crew will be at The Chepstow Castle gig recording the event. Is this for a Thunder DVD release? James, Caerphilly
D: It's not of our doing. I did hear somewhere that Toby Jepson may be filming his set, it may be connected.

Q: A couple of questions...I know you do Xmas at Nottingham, and long may it stay that way !...But have you ever been tempted or asked to go else where ? do you feel at home there ? and last of all...I think you could pull off Love Is Like Oxygen by Sweet this year....what do you think O Brilliant One? Steve, Nottingham
D: I've looked at other venues over the past 2 years, but for the Xmas show to be the all round fab experience we need it to be, the venue has to work on a lot of levels. I've not managed to find anywhere that satisfies the requirements better than Rock City. The vibe is always perfect, crowd is mental, the geography works brilliantly, the club are great to us, and they always do us a brilliant Xmas dinner after soundcheck! That concludes the case for the defence M'Lud... As for the Sweet suggestion, I may need to inhale a couple of tanks of helium to get that high... Brian was a great singer, much better than he was ever given credit for.

Q: Luke, as you are a writer and a guitarist, brilliant at both of them. live and on record. my question is have you heard of a young writer called "HAIRWIDE". Different to the normal stuff I listen to but the words are so meaningful and sounds like it' s straight from the heart. Graham, Portsmouth
L: I haven't but I'll look out for it.

Q: Hi, was wondering if you've ever considered releasing a live single from one of your shows? Love walked in needs to be released again!!! We need Love walked in '08. Steve, Wrexham
D: Thanks for your question. LWI is a very popular tune indeed, we all know that. However live recordings never sell as well as studio ones, and releasing singles is a costly business, so I'm afraid there's not much chance of us releasing it as a single. We are, however, working on a download solution for our site, which will enable us to release all kinds of tunes that up to now have not been possible or practical to make available. It's a lot of work, so it may be a while off yet, but progress is unstoppable as they say...

Q: Finally I can sing Thunder songs on karaoke! Ive done 'A Better Man' and 'Love Walked In', both of which are pretty spot on copies for the original classics. Any idea if more are gonna be released? Id love to do 'Amys On The Run'!!! lol. Andy Johnson's Right Boot, Bedford
D: Glad to hear you're doing your bit to spread the word... These karaoke tracks are nothing to do with us. We don't own the copyright in the songs. Not sure if the tracks out there are officially licensed by EMI either, but I guess that's their concern not mine. I have no idea when and if more will appear I'm afraid.

Q: Hi, my friends came to your xmas gig last year and said you were excellent, as we couldn't make it, are you having a xmas gig this year?  Where and When so we can make sure we don't miss it next time. Mark Evans, Northamptonshire
T: Yes, there will almost certainly be an xmas show again this year, and I expect it will be at Rock City in Nottingham again. As for when, I'm pretty sure that it will be in December, with it being an xmas show, but more than that I cannot say at this moment in time. Traditionally the announcement is made around September/October time, so keep coming back to see us at this site, as this is where you will hear about it first. You could also join the mailing list for all the latest Thunder news direct to your inbox...

Q: Hi Danny. After reading your answer to Adrian from Barnett's question about kids at concerts, I just wanted to say that my family had exactly the same conversation last Sunday. After giving them a brief rundown of what usually happens at a concert (hubby and I are off to see Magnum in Bristol on Sunday, but I used your concerts as an example) my 4 year old wants to go now. The thought of all that singing, dancing,  clapping and jumping up and down was just too much for him! He can't wait! My other two boys are 6 and 20 months so you're going to have to  keep going for a while as I'd love to take my boys to one of your gigs so 6 or 7 more years.... please? By the way, your dancing has never looked gay to me, although my husband has referred to you in the past as the rock pixie!! (Maybe, I shouldn't have mentioned that!) Vicki, Plymouth
D: Glad to hear the kids are chomping at the bit to get to shows. It's all good. What is not quite so good is the Rock Pixie moniker, added to the previous labels, I'm beginning to develop a bit of a complex. I may have to have a re-think...

Q: I've a bit of an odd question here, but here goes. What's the youngest sort of age you'd be happy to see someone in your audience. The reason I ask is because I've seen it as perfectly normal parenting to subject both of my boys to endless rock music since the days they were born. My oldest son is 8 and he loves Thunder, being able to name the songs and their track numbers on all the albums, plus various facts like who engineered The thrill of it all, or who played cello on In my darkest hour! He also loves, in no particular order, The Answer, UFO, Dragonforce and Supergrass! He's desperate to see you play live and generally I reckon about 14 is a good starting point. I love you guys and if anyone had asked me at a Terraplane gig in 1983 if I'd still be seeing most of you in 2007, I'd have thought they were barmy! ....Now don't take this the wrong way, but can you guarantee me you'll still be cranking it out in 2013?! Adrian, Barnett
D: I see nothing strange about you exposing your children to Thunder music, but I think 14 is possibly a bit late for them to start seeing us live. Many will be seasoned Thunder live show pros by that age, having started well before they were 10. There is no agreed plan for when it comes to an end, and I'm sure the other Thunder band members would have no trouble doing their thing for years to come, but it seems ludicrous to me that I could still be doing my gay dance in 2013 (when I'll be 53). Having said that the last 6 years have somehow zipped by without me really noticing, so I guess it's possible, provided my aching bones can handle it of course.

Q: I notice you said you had the misfortune to see KISS in 1991 in Long Beach. I'm a bit of a KISS fan and so I was surprised to read that their concert was a pile of mediocrity as you say. I always thought that that lineup - Kulick and Carr (if it was 1991)- added some talent to the band. I have always thought that KISS have put on a good show and around this time they were a lot tighter than before. I know that the songs aren't everyone's taste so I understand if you didn't enjoy the music. Was it the music or just a bad show? James Vincent, Reading
D: I fully understand that Kiss are very popular, and I have no desire to upset any of their fans. Whilst I will admit the opening was very spectacular, the show did nothing for me musically. It could have been that they had an off night I suppose, but I left feeling the evening had been very much a case of style over content. Only my opinion of course.

Q: Hi, I've just finished watching "Bad News" with Rik Mayall & Ade Edmondson,(the comic strip one!). Dont know if you remember it or even seen it.... funny as hell!! They appeared at Donington! Wondered what you thought of it....Cheers & look forward to seeing you soon. Mitch Capaldi, Cheltenham
B: It's good but it ain't a patch on "This Is Spinal Tap" which I assume you have all seen and if you haven't you really should.
L: 'Bad News' was very funny. The last time we played at Reading Festival as Terraplane (I think it was '87?) they were also on the bill and although it was fun for five minutes, it didn't really translate into a live thing. 'This Is Spinal Tap' takes a similar idea even further with greater realism. I heard a rumour that a very well known 80's rock band (who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent) were in the studio recording when they all sat down together to watch 'Spinal Tap' soon after it's release and they didn't laugh once!

Q: What is the worst gig you have been to see ? Any particular band/artist you went see and thought was a huge disappointment? Ronnie, Scotland
L: Quite a few over the years but I'm not saying who!
D: I had the misfortune to see Kiss, in 1991, in Long Beach near Los Angeles. It was possibly the biggest pile of shall we say mediocrity I have ever witnessed.
B: The worst gig I ever attended turned out to be also the most entertaining. It was a friend of mine's band who played in a local pub, they were so bad they tried starting a Rolling Stones song (not the most musically demanding songs in the world) three times, each time it fell into complete disarray and the band ground to a stuttering halt. After the third attempt the singer (my friend) announced with a grin on his face that they wouldn't try playing that song anymore, this got the biggest cheer of the night. I was laughing for weeks.

Q: Great news about Bospop. Thunder and Paul Rodgers on the same bill!!! The website is in Dutch so can't make much sense of it. Do you know what time you guys are due to play? Kenny, Aberdeen
D: Not sure of the exact time but on or around the 3:15pm mark would be a fair guess.

Q: Hello guys, I've just been playing a game called Guitar Hero on Xbox 360 and good fun it was too, I just wondered if any of the band enjoy playing video games, or are you all too busy making top notch albums and
touring. Can I just mention the fact that my 12 year old son Ryan will be coming to the Sheffield City Hall show in December (his first concert), he suffered a fractured femur in November and during those long days spent unable to go anywhere he started checking out some of his old mans CDs and now he can't get enough of you guys. Anyway that's enough of my waffling I'm starting to sound like Danny (I wish). John, Barnsley
L: Apart from a brief obsession with Sonic The Hedgehog and the arcade version of Sega Rally in the early nineties I don't really play video games.
B: I used to play a few computer games but now it's very rare that I do, I've never owned a Playstation or Xbox. Well done on your son's musical education, not a very pleasant way to discover a band but a nice result.

Q: Luke ... looking very much forwards to seeing the band Dec in Manchester "again",  can you believe that leeds doesn't have a decent venue .. a question and polite request.... first ...i do hope fade into the sun is on the set list as the guitar solo is awesome as in the japan dvd "fantastic" ...the question ...would thunder ever consider doing a duet, correct me if im wrong but i have no tracks with a duet inc terraplane ... bowes and morley, do you /have you any thoughts/plans? what about k.t tunstall ??? she would need you before etc.....  Martin Wilkinson, Bradford
L: You're actually wrong about Terraplane; listen to 'Couldn't Handle The Tears' on 'Black & White' as it features Danny dueting with Ruby Turner. Duets totally depend on the right song coming along and our relationship to the other vocalist, whoever it might be. It certainly isn't something we'd write off and if KT were to get in touch...well, who knows?

Q: Have any of you guys heard about the tragic demise of Roadstar? I saw them support you in 2006 at Cambridge with Toby Jepson and thought they were absolutely awesome. Not original, just big, dumb fun! Andy
Johnson's Right Boot, Bedford

D: I heard about Roadstar breaking up, and it's very sad that another promising band has bitten the dust, especially after all the work they must have put in over the past few years. We naturally wish them well in whatever they do in the future.

Q: Spring has definitely sprung and there’s gardening to be done! Can each of you state whether you have a garden and if you are green fingered. Do you have someone to do the lawn and weeding for you or do you find these tasks relaxing and therapeutic? Also, are you a sun loather or a sun worshipper? Do you actively try to get a tan or do you attempt to stay away from those potentially harmful rays? The last week has been ideal weather – 21 degrees with a slight breeze … love it. Axel
L: I don't do any gardening apart from once a year (usually around now come to think of it!) when I get out there and have a big tidy up. This means uprooting all the weeds and pruning the Jasmine plant that grows along the garden wall. The sun and I have an agreement; I like it but it doesn't like me due to the old complexion. Bearing that in mind I never stay too long in the sun when it's hot.
B: I have a postage stamp of a garden so it’s very low maintenance. I love the sunshine but I don’t spend an awful lot of time sun bathing as I get bored too easily.
D: I have a reasonable sized garden and I spend time in it when I can. I am not particularly green fingered, though if I live long enough to get old, I could see me getting into it. I tan easily, though I am not a sun worshipper, I use the sunscreen and try to stay fairly relaxed about it.

Q: Silly question time... after listening to a few live Thunder recordings (and casting my hazy memory of the several Thunder gigs I have been too) I noticed something different from other bands. Aside from the awesome music, every Thunder gig is like a keep fit session! I've never been asked to jump and down, clap my hands and stamp my feet so bloody much! So here's the question - what Thunder tracks would you train/work out to? and would Danny ever consider running keep fit classes in between tours if he was skint? Dan, Aylesbury
B: We're just trying to do our bit for the country's health, I'd recommend Cosmetic Punk to train to, nice and quick.
D: I've been asked this question in may ways over the years. I tend not to get involved in listening to music whilst exercising, as most of my exercise involves me chasing my son and the dog. My performing style is based on a compulsion to move about whilst singing, there is no thought or planning involved, merely natural exuberance and enjoyment of the moment. I apologise for making you work so hard at our shows, but I don't think they'd be the same if I didn't. As for running fitness classes or even making a fitness DVD (it has been suggested more than once), it's bad enough hearing quotes like "Danny Bowes dances like your Dad" and "Danny Bowes still does his gay dancing", so believe me when I say that this is not going to happen...

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