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Do you fell satisfied after you've done your tours or do you feel like you could go for another 3 or 4 nights sometimes? I know you set your venues pretty evenly down the country so fans can get to you from all over quite easily but have you considered adding different venues to your list to see if there is more interest? Steve, Wrexham
L: I love touring so I always want to go on and on. We occasionally have played in a few different places but as you have pointed out in your question, we do try to reach as many people as we can.
D: We did much more extensive tours in the past, and went all over, but we didn't sell any more tickets, just spread them out among the venues. There's a mental mind set that kicks in with touring, so I tend to gear up in my mind for the number of shows I'm doing. I'm usually pretty exhausted when a tour ends.

Q: Hi Guys, After recently losing my dear Mom, I have to say that last night in Wolverhampton, you guys were a tonic - for which I thank you!! My question is for Danny - didn't the shoe shop have any pointy shoes to fit you (hehe) and how is your throat - do you gargle with anything while on tour, or does it hurt the whole time when you're on tour? All I know is - mine's killing me today ..... Aaaargh! Seriously - GREAT night last night - THANK YOU! Sue Hemming, Stourbridge
D: Unlike the others I decided to leave my pointy shoes in the dressing room. They were apparently slipping all over the place, so I think I got it right (he he). My throat hurts sometimes, but most of the time it's more to do with good on stage sound, if it's good my voice is fine. My big concern is getting ill, especially at this time of year, as my voice simply stops working the moment I get anything wrong with me. Sorry to hear about your Mum by the way.

Q: Hi! Just want to say thanks for a great night at Norwich UEA (29th Nov). Your voice was terrific....! Would like to ask how on earth do you keep so lively for 2 hours, dancing etc? Do you have any tips? You all seem to have such a good time on stage and that makes the crowd enjoy your gigs so much! As someone said to me on the way out of the gig "Thunder are a reliable band for delivering a good show" How right they are!! Love you all.... Janice, Norwich
D: Thanks for the nice words. I don't think too much about how I feel during the show, more scanning the audience to see how they're doing. Glad you enjoyed it, bring all your friends next time.

Q: Hi guys, thanks for a fantastic night at Wolverhampton! It was really great to hear 'Last Man Standing' live, amongst others. Anyway, after seeing an earlier question for a Christmas wish list, I wondered if  Danny might be asking for a larger torch? Reita, Sutton Coldfield
D: It was rather dark wasn't it? The lighting company sent some replacement equipment to us yesterday in Bristol, after some of their main control caught fire in Wolverhampton during the show. It's testimony to the professionalism of the crew that we got to finish the show at all. They've assured me that I won't need to produce my torch again during the rest of this tour.

Q: Hi Thinny!! While I was digging through my cds, I found a couple of gems (thunder cd singles). On them were "one pretty woman" & "bed of roses". I forgot how amazing these 2 songs are!! Have Thunder ever done them live - cos they really are corkers!! Harry's drumming on "bed of roses" in stunning! (can you make sure you tell him!) Ta. Mitch Capaldi, Cheltenham
T: I won't need to tell Harry as he will see this. Neither of those songs have ever been performed live I'm afraid.

Q: I just have to tell you how much I have enjoyed the "six of  one", especially Yesterdays news, I am secretly hoping I'll hear it live when you are in Manchester. I have just read the last few questions and became all defensive on your behalf! Danny your dancing is great, in true Danny style all the girls love it, most of the female fans comment on how sexy it is, I know you said you can't change it, but DON'T EVEN TRY TO CHANGE IT.....trust me on this one. On a much lighter note what's on everyone's Christmas present list? Andrea, Manchester
L: I'm not even close to thinking about Xmas yet as we're quite busy at the moment! I may do some of my Xmas shopping on tour to avoid the dreaded last minute dash.

Q: Hi Luke, I was wondering what the plastic circular piece is which you place in the hole of the guitar when playing live? What's its purpose? Also, what model is the acoustic you play now? Thanks, looking forward to seeing you in Bristol. Ian, South Wales
L: It's literally a circular piece of rubber which prevents the guitar from feeding back at high volume. The acoustic I've used on recent tours is an Epiphone Masterbilt which the good people at Gibson guitars have loaned me  semi-permanently! I have a beautiful Gibson J200 which I record with.

Q: Now I know this, you know this, and any Thunder fan worth their salt knows this, but have you ever been known as THE Thunder?I do your stuff at my regular karaoke and the guy running it swears blind that's how you started out as!!! Andy Johnsons Left Boot, Bedford
D: He's wrong.

Q: Any idea how long Lauren Harris will be playing for? Beccar
D: I think she'll be playing for about 40 minutes.

Q: RE: The last Question about terraplane are we to take it that you cringe when you hear Terraplane which is why you don't listen? I occasionally select certain tracks from the terra on my iPod for old time sake and still enjoy it, well the first album anyway. Colin Vale, Leicester
D: I don't cringe when I hear Terraplane tracks. They're of their time. I just don't listen to them, that was my poin

Q:  I recently listened to the Terraplane Anthology. Although there are a few tracks that show Thunder’s potential, I found a lot of the music quite cringe worthy in terms of writing and production. But hey, that was then and in my opinion Luke has progressed wonderfully as a writer and Danny as a vocalist. What I find startling is the difference between Terraplane and the first Thunder album. It’s a quantum leap; it’s really astonishing. I’d like to hear from Danny and Luke (and Harry if he has recollections on this subject) as to what chemistry went into making Thunder’s Back Street Symphony? How much of that improvement was due to Andy Taylor? Since making this career move you guys have never looked back (temp split aside), so I think fans would like to understand what went on into establishing Thunder’s sound and direction. Axel
D: Cringe worthy!! We took some time out after Terraplane went west. When we decided we wanted to come back as Thunder, it was going to be on our own terms, both musically and artistically. Meeting Andy helped that come about with his unique brand of attitude management, but to be honest we didn't need much encouragement in the attitude department. I was there, and it didn't feel like or a quantum leap or astonishing in any way. In fact Dirty Love was demoed while we were still in Terraplane. We just didn't take any notice of anyone any more. If the Terraplane stuff makes you cringe, I suggest you don't listen to it. I don't.
L: Andy Taylor's great contribution to BSS was, for want of a better word 'attitude'. He encouraged us to pursue the path we were naturally heading down. He would tell us 'louder' or 'faster'. It's not quite that simple but you get the drift. He really confirmed to us what we were already feeling about following our natural musical direction. He also had the arrogance (in a good way) of someone that knows what it's like to be successful and that was good for us at a time when our confidence needed a little lift due to Terraplane not really achieving much. The songs I had written in the previous year dictated the musical flavour of the album but this was greatly enhanced by AT and the engineer, Mike Fraser. Mike had recorded and mixed the two previous Aerosmith albums ('Permanent Vacation' and 'Pump') which sounded great and when we approached him he loved what we were trying to do so it all worked out very well.

Q: Hi Harry! This could be all wrong and embarrassing, but are you hitting something unusual during Yesterday's News ( I just love this song!!)? I'm pretty sure it's not a fire extinguisher this time. ;) Fumi, San Francisco
H: You are correct Fumi. It's not a fire extinguisher this time! It is Luke on the guitar. Don't be embarrassed now.

Q:  Hi Danny. Why do people laugh at your dancing? I think your dancing is great. It makes me want to get up and dance with you. You have so much energy and enthusiasm and I love you...I love all the band. You are a good time rock 'n' roll band and I play your cds in my car all the time...even the kids like you now! Please don't change the way you dance, I would be so disappointed. I am looking forward to seeing you at Norwich UEA on 29th November as I haven't seen you in a long time. Janice, Norwich
D: I have no idea why others find my dancing so amusing. Perhaps they're jealous, or maybe not.. Don't worry about me changing it, I don't honestly think I could, even if I wanted to. I hope you enjoy the Norwich show. Tell all your friends to come along too, perhaps they'll find my dancing amusing and you can defend me all the way home..

Q: Hey guys, less than 2 weeks until your UK tour kicks off! Bring on Newcastle. I was wondering if you are considering any of the 3 new songs on the new EP for the setlist? Steven Alexander, Larne, N. Ireland
L: I'm afraid you'll have to wait and see!

Q: Hi Ben, Was it you i saw wondering around Wembley Arena prior to the Rush show in October? If so, how did you rate it? (the show that is, not the Arena) :) Adrian, Reading
B: It wasn't me so I guess I have a doppelgänger out there somewhere. I often wonder round Wembley, I wonder where the old one went.

Q: Hi Thinny. I know you said don't moan bout meet'n'geet but how do we know when all places are gone? I keep checking emails but not sure when you decide what goes were can you help please a faithfully fan Stewart, Shrewsbury
T: As it says on the Meet & Greet page, the closing date was Friday 2nd November and all successful applicants would be selected and notified during the following few days. Those few days have passed so if you don't have an email then I'm afraid you don't have passes this time. Please try again next time!

Q: Harry, how do matey? I'm gonna buy a bass pedal for my kit, I was wondering which type is the best. I've a single bass drum, should I buy one that when you press the pedal once it beats twice or get an extension bar and pedal to use both feet. Dangerous Brian, Shrewsbury
H: I would buy a double pedal with the extension bar. Using both feet is always best I've found.

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