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Q: Another footie question-Danny could you please give us the England score on Sat @ the M.O.R please Guv? Mart, Essex
D: I'll do my best.

Q: Did you see any of the recent soccer aid program on tv with a mixture of ex players and celebs if so is this the kind of thing you would like to take part in if asked? Andrew, Wrexham
D: I missed it, but if circumstances were different I would have liked to have been involved in something like that. Sadly I damaged my left knee rather badly playing football a few times over the years, and finally had anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction on it 8 years ago. Technically it is repaired, but I'm quite terrified at the thought of damaging it again, so I haven't played any kind of competitive football game since before the op. Apart from the fear of the knee, I'm quite sure if I tried now I would cough up my lungs within the first 10 minutes..

Q: Hi, are you doing any warm up gigs for monsters of rock? Malcolm, Oxford
T: According to those that attended the Schwung festival in Belgium last weekend, the band is already on fire - no warming up will be necessary...

Q: When you go shopping, especially for clothes, do buy on impulse or do you only shop for what you need? I was wondering about this because it's well known that women are particularly good at shopping but I think quite a lot of men are as well. Personally, I hate shopping for anything and if I'm buying clothes I buy loads at once so I don't need to go again for a couple of months. I'd be interested on your thoughts. Debbie, Bathgate
L: I must admit I enjoy shopping especially for clothes. I wander around the shops a lot when we're on tour and always find myself going home with more clothes than I started with.
B: I buy on credit card not impulse. I can't say I like shopping that much but I do like having new clothes to wear so I'm in a bit of a dilemma. Perhaps I should have someone do it for me.

Q: Hi Everyone, I'm lucky enough to do some considerable travelling with my work and am currently staying in a very smart hotel in the centre of Bangkok. You guys must have stayed in some impressive places over the years. Anywhere that sticks in your memory for any particular reason that you can share with us?! Oh & if you know Bangkok any recommendations of where to visit (apart from the obvious!) Kate, Leeds but currently in Bangkok
L: Thailand is very beautiful. I was fortunate to be on Phi Phi a couple of years ago and it has the most gorgeous coastline I've ever seen. I was only in Bangkok for one night so I can't really help you there I'm afraid.
D: Having stayed in what feels like millions of them over the years, I have no real interest in hotels unless there is no bar, and then it's only a passing interest until I've moved to another hotel. I've not been to Bangkok I'm afraid so I can't recommend anywhere good to go. Explore baby!!
B: There was a very memorable night in a beautiful hotel in Ludwigsburg, check Danny's www for a full report. I've never been to Bangkok so I'm afraid you're on your own but I hear there are some very interesting places to go and visit (culturally speaking of course)

Q: What is your all time favourite album art work ???? Eleanor, Sunny Chesterfield
L: Anything by Hipgnosis is always worth a look. If I had to pick one it would probably be 'Houses Of The Holy' by Led Zeppelin. No idea why, I just like looking at it.
B: I've always liked Dark Side Of The Moon for it's simplicity, closely followed by Laughing On Judgment Day - both designed by Storm Thorgerson. I guess I must be a bit of a fan of his work. 

Q: With The M.O.R coming up I wondered on your opinions on Mr. Nugent's hobby. Personally I believe if you eat what you kill its O.k as long as its not an endangered species or a close relative (E.g Monkeys & Apes) but to kill for fun is sickening, as a photo of Nugent over a shot elephant P.M.O!. I know this is a difficult question as you are on the same bill as him. I have most of his albums & don't let personal hobbies, sexual preferences, opinions of artist sway me. But I am a keen naturalist & the question is a hard one. I mean I eat the normal meats but don't think you should eat Whale for etc. am I a hypocrite? Mart, Essex
D: I liked Ted Nugent's music when I was a kid, and I went to see him at Hammersmith Odeon (as it was then). Not heard anything from him for ages, so can't comment on his music nowadays, but I'm looking forward to seeing him and really hope he's as good as he was in the 70s. As to his off stage life, I can only say that I don't agree with hunting for sport, and I don't think it can be justified on any level. I am now hoping against hope that he is old and wizened and does not have the strength to lift and aim his high velocity rifle (on June 3rd).... Ha ha
B: Well it's a bit of an unfair match, a high powered rifle - lethal from three hundred miles away versus an ivory tusk - lethal from about two inches. I think he should try it naked with only long fingernails as a weapon then see how well he does.

Q: With the onset of sunshine and the summer is there any album or particular music that you like to listen to that puts you in a happy summer mood? For me it has to be Luke's solo album, it has a great feel and never fails to make me think the world is a good place to be. Also my 8 year old son, named Luke, has recently taken the CD and is playing it in his room, it may be time to buy a second copy!! Neil Parsons, Southampton
L: The Beach Boys' Greatest Hits always does it for me.
B: If I ever hear "Road To Paradise" from Luke's album "El Gringo Retro" it always reminds me of when he, Andy Taylor and myself wrote it down in sunny Spain, contentment personified.

Q: I have seen a live CD of you called shelter from the storm. Has it got your backing since it's not in discography? Sam
T: Shelter From The Storm is a bootleg CD and is not sanctioned by the band or any of their record labels. It's basically a recording of BBC Radio 1's broadcast of the band's show at Monsters Of Rock back in 1992. All official releases are listed in the discography section - if it's not there, it's not legit!

Q: Hey, I have 2 questions one for Luke and one for Danny. Luke, dude your a great song writer! was wondering if you've had about 50 bad relationships in the past :)your love songs always seem to be about breaking up. Where do you come up with them all? Danny, you might of been asked this before but on 'can't live your life in a day' at the end when the songs done, you come out with this awesome stupid laugh that goes on for about 1min.Is that your real laugh? It makes me laugh just hearing it. And what were you all laughing at if you can remember? Stem, Sheffield
L: Thanks for the nice words but I think you'll find that not all the songs are negative; 'Better Man' or 'Like A Satellite' for instance. Also not all the songs are about my life even if they're written in the first person. I'm actually a pretty happy person!

D: The laugh is not a natural one, it is indeed all me, but it was "extended" by Rupert the silly audio engineer. I can't remember what the laugh was about, but I remember I laughed a lot during the making of that record. Given the subject matter of the song that precedes it, the laugh was probably recorded at a different time and placed after the song by that silly audio engineer... 

Q: Hi, I've recently developed a taste for Neil Young. Now - he's a bit of an acquired taste, but I was wondering whether ur a fan and whether u'd say he's inspired you at all throughout your career? (if u do like, which albums/songs!!??) Tom Kruczynski, Cambridge
L: I do like Neil Young especially 'After The Goldrush', 'Harvest' and 'Rust Never Sleeps'.

Q: Who's idea was it to record in Spain? Is El Relaxo in Spain owned by one of the band? James, Reading
L: It was my idea. We own a portable studio set up which means we can record anywhere theoretically and there's nothing quite as inspiring as a great view. We researched the area and located a suitable villa which we rented.

Q: Is any radio station broadcasting the M.O.R concert so I can get someone to tape it for while I'm there & can listen to it (Again!) the next day? failing that will it be recorded? Mart, Essex
D: I've not heard of any recording or broadcasting taking place, though I'm sure some kind-hearted soul will make a bootleg available at some stage afterwards....

Q: Hi Luke, having seen the pictures of 'El Relaxo' I have to say I am green with envy as I would kill (not literally!) for a break in the sun to do some writing myself :) My question is this: I remember on your solo website you featured a brief background and the story behind the writing of each song. I found this utterly fascinating as I'm sure others would and would like to make a plea that you might consider doing it again? (if it's not prying too much!) Ian, S. Wales
L: When we get the next album finished and released I'll try and do something similar. Glad you found it interesting.

Q: Hi all, I hope you're enjoying the sun in Spain as much as I am over here. If you fancy visiting Gib (last week Steve Harris-Iron Maiden-was here playing football) let me know and ill get you a guided tour of them famous apes we have. Anyways on to my question. I was listening to the last Bowes/Morley album again recently and I was wondering if you guys ever managed to record any live versions of any of the stuff from the last couple of albums. Next question being would you ever consider putting any of it out? AND, although I know you're all geared up for the next Thunder album, will there be another Bowes/Morley album out this year? Craig Macdonald, Gibraltar
L: If my memory serves me we did record one show in Japan but I can't recall ever hearing the result and I've no idea where the tapes are so probably not would be the answer! Thunder is so time consuming at the moment that there are no plans to record another B&M album although it's always a possibility in the future.

Q: Hi Luke! I'm sure with your rock n roll lifestyle you have visited loads of amazing places over the years but I was just wondering if there was one particular place you would love to visit that you haven't made it to yet? (Clevedons' very nice at this time of year you know!!) Juliet, Clevedon
L: There's a few places I can think of off the top of my head; Africa, India, Australia and New Zealand. I'm sure there's more that I can't think of  right now.

Q: I recently bought your DVD live At The Bedford Arms and since then my entire family including two small children cant stop singing When I'm Dead And Gone so I was wondering is it available on CD? Andrew, Wrexham
T: The only CD that features When I'm Dead And Gone is the 'Live At The Bedford Arms' CD that was given to everyone that had tickets for the bands 2003 Xmas show. There are no plans to make the CD available to a wider audience, but it does turn up on eBay every now and again. Be warned - it won't be cheap....

Q: Luke. Hubby wants an electric guitar for his birthday and I have no idea which one to get him. I'm on a budget and he's never had an electric guitar before. Any recommendations please?? I don't want to buy him something useless! Emmacw, Leicester
L: Have a look at the Epiphone range which are budget price Gibson guitars. Very good quality for the price.

Q: Hiya guys! I was just wondering if you have seen the film 'School of Rock' starring Jack Black. I was watching it last night and the main song that they play at their 'big gig' uses your guitar intro to Gimme Shelter! I was just wondering if you'd noticed and if you hadn't...remember me when claiming royalties!  Marianne, Norwich
L: Unfortunately we couldn't claim the royalties as the song was written by Jagger and Richards. I guess you could always let them know about it though!

Q: Hi Luke, I have a sad guitar stalker question for you... I couldn't get away from work for the hard rock gig, but I saw the pics online,have you ditched your tanglewood sundance ? - I see you've got  something else, but every pic is missing the headstock logo! - just wondered what it is? Mike, Inverness
L: The guitar is an Epiphone acoustic kindly lent to me by the people at Gibson. My Tanglewood took a few knocks on our last few tours and is now a write-off!

Q: hello again am glad to hear that the you are working hard on the new album. I have a question about the new stc dvd release. Is it going to be like the scenes of the behind dvd? What I mean is will it be in the same vein with the tongue in cheek humour. I bought the dvd during your uk tour along with the live and uncut live at the marquee dvd. I have watched the 'Scenes' dvd twice and it seems to me to be a bit top heavy on the humour side. I hope the documentary on the new release will be in the the thunder tongue in cheek tradition without over doing it. Colm, N.Ire
D: The new DVD is going to be a 2 disc set, the first is a live show, the second is a documentary. The DVD is being produced by the same team that did SOTB, and it covers pretty much every aspect of our trip to Japan in February. The idea is to give the viewer an understanding of what it's like for us and the fans when Thunder go to Japan. The brief was to make it informative and enjoyable, but as the band are usually having a good time most of the time, I fear it may well contain humorous moments, but it will be an accurate record of the trip. As to whether or not there are too many of them, I guess we'll have to rely on you to let us know.

Q: Hi guys, we're so pleased to know that you're beavering away in sunny Spain ;) ... One quick question: you say that the release date for the "Thunder Go Mad in Japan" DVD is not yet known, though you're hopeful it will be sometime in June. Are you talking about the UK version of the DVD? Do you know if the Japanese version going to be released at the same time? The Japanese Loonies are quite curious to know! Tubby (on behalf of the Japanese message board), Japan
D: Our plan is to release both versions simultaneously, both in Japan via JVC and online via Thunder Shop, but at this time we're a little way off from knowing exactly when that will be. We'll post news as soon as we have some.

Q: Can you be totally honest and say whether you are happy to be performing before Journey in England? (ref Monsters of Rock). In my opinion you guys deserve to be higher up the bill! Axel, Marple
D: Journey have legendary status, by dint of the fact that they've been around for a long long time, and sold a lot of records. I also think that as they've not been in the UK for ages, it makes them an extra special attraction. I have no problem with them going on after us, or us going on before them. Either way we'll do our best to make it hard for them, as we do...

Q: Hi dudes, my MOR tix have arrived!!! I can't wait! As all has been a bit quiet at Thunder Towers recently I'm imagining that you are all beavering away writing and recording for the new album. And since we are now only about a month away from the gig, my question is: are we likely to get any exclusive previews of a new song at the MOR??? (I know I am very impatient - sorry!) Maria, Hertford
D: We have indeed been quiet and we have also indeed been busy beavering away on the new LP. As to new songs, I think it unlikely, but then you never know...

Q: Hi - Will there be any chance of Thunders MOR set being filmed? Mitch C., Cheltenham
D: There are no plans for a full blown multi camera shoot of the MOR set (like we did the Japanese shows in February - DVD hopefully coming soon). We will take a cameraman, but depending on the weather and the feel of the day, he'll probably only shoot documentary style footage of the show and the day in general, and regardless of how it turns out, it's not likely to show up on any commercial release for a wee while yet.

Q: Hi guys, been a while since I've been here, thanks for the most excellent music, I saw on the Wounded Bird label website that they have Thunder listed in the Coming Soon section, and was wondering if you knew which titles they were going to be issuing? Mac McCraney, Florida
D: I have no idea what this is about, so I must assume it's one of our old labels licensing one of our old (possibly deleted) LPs. Technically they should ask our permission before doing it, but they don't always remember, and we're more concerned with records we control... I can only suggest you keep an eye on the label's website and perhaps you could let us know when the title appears? Thanks in advance.

Q: G'day boys... lovin' what I've heard of you... Quick question, Dirty love, has it ever been featured in a movie? I keep listening to it and its just so familiar and I cant pick it! Sarah, Australia
D: Nice to hear from you. DL has not been used in a movie but it's been around for a while and several people have covered the tune in various ways (including a french version called Amour Facile by Johnnie Halliday - he's a legend in France apparently).

Q: Hi - Who sang the second verse on Itchycoo Park? (on Five Men Do Xmas). Was it Harry?!!!! Mitch C., Cheltenham
T: Erm...Danny sings both verses of Itchycoo Park. However, I expect that you really meant to ask about 'Make Me Smile (Come Up & See Me)' - in which case, yes, Harry does indeed sing the second verse!

Q: Is there anywhere that I can buy some of Thunder's older albums like 'Live Circuit' for example or any others that are difficult to get hold of. Andrew, Wrexham
T: Without knowing exactly which ones you are having trouble finding, it's hard to say. However, with 'Live Circuit' the CD has been deleted for some time, so your best bet is to try places like eBay, second hand CD stores, or collectors sites such as eil.com. Chances are it won't be cheap...

Q: I'm currently listening to 'Gimme Some Thunder' and there are two songs on it that aren't on any album I've got Fired Up, and Ball and Chain. Where did these songs come from? Ben Elliott, Newcastle upon Tyne
T: Actually, 'Ball And Chain' is taken from 1995's 'Behind Closed Doors' album. 'Fired Up' was the B-side to the 'Dirty Love' single, back in 1990.

Q: Is the alternate version of "Satellite" on any of the bands CDs, or just on the Flawed to perfection dvd, I much prefer this version. Oh and Danny, you bear an uncanny likeness to Uriah Heep mainman Ken Hensley on that DVD... Alan Keetley, Spain
T: The only place that you can find this version is on the 'Like A Satellite EP' CD and 12" Vinyl. Unfortunately, this release has long since been deleted. Try eBay?

Q: Hi guys, sorry if someone has asked this before but I did try and use the search function to check and couldn't see anything similar. At the end of the live version of Fade into the Sun on the Six Shooter EP Luke and Ben play a riff in harmony in the build up to the end of the song. The riff sounds really familiar like I should know it but I just can't place it. I also noticed that they played it live at Hammersmith earlier this year and its been driving me nuts ever since. So please, please please, can you put me out of my misery and either tell me what song the tune comes from or otherwise just that I am imagining it and going mad! Thanks! Kevin White, Swindon
T: The riff is from 'Where Do I Begin?', which is the theme music from the movie 'Love Story'. 

Q: I went to the St David's hall show in Cardiff earlier this year and saw a DVD being sold.. I have looked everywhere for this DVD but cannot find it. can you help? its a live DVD but not the acoustic one. Garvin, South Wales
T: You must mean the 'Live & Uncut' 2 DVD Set. Looking everywhere for it would have done you no good at all, as it is only available via this very website. It's right there in the the DVD section of Thunder Shop!

Q: Hello chaps can you tell me if you released the only one on CD in the UK. I can only find it on Giving The Game Away Japan ed and my girlfreind will give me grief if I don't find it for her. help!!!! Kevin Wilson, Southampton
T: The only U.K. CD release that features the studio version of 'The Only One' is the flexipak CD single, that has long since been deleted. You could try eBay? Failing that you can find the live version of the track on 1998's 'Live' double CD set.

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