Q & A Archive - August 2006


Hi Harry im ur biggest fan I was on fade the punters just wondering if u enjoyed making drummers talk drums and if you had a laugh because it made me laugh. Also I play the drums and was wondering have u always had 3 toms or just recently? wot size are they, i have a yamaha kit and a pearl rack but only have 8" 10" and 12" toms. thank u 4 ur time harry and also I am coming to the gig in November at (landudno dont no how 2 spell) Ryan, Hereford
Yes it was great fun making "Drummers Talk Drums". Lots of laughs Ryan. I have always used 3 hanging toms with Thunder and they are 10/12/14. Pearl Drums are the way to go if possible and keep up the playing! Look forward to seeing you in November.

Q: Hi Danny: Can't wait for the new album!!! The other you answered a question about your favourite singers and those that had inspired you and you also mentioned Bruce Springsteen had surprised you with his voice. I was once blown away by Paul Young, who used to sing with Mike & the Mechanics. A lot of singers "cheat" on the high notes when hey sing live but Paul was there every single time. Have you ever heard him and what did you think? Thanks! Gavin Campbell, Isle of Skye
D: I met Paul Young from Mike & The Mechanics once a long time ago. We were both asked by a songwriter called B A Robertson to sing on recordings of some of his songs. Mr Robertson co-wrote a lot of the M&TM songs, including The Living Years. We sang at different times on the day so it wasn't a duet as such, but he listened in the control room while I sang my part and vice versa. He was very good, and a thoroughly nice chap as well.

Q: Years ago, at an album signing (Laughing On Judgement Day), I asked Luke if you'd ever consider doing the odd Terraplane number to which he replied "no, it wouldn't be fair to Snake etc". Fair comment obviously, but now it's been 20 odd years since Terraplane, would you consider doing 'I Survive' on tour later this year? It's a song that meant a lot to me as a young man with nowt at the time. Wavey Dave, Sheffield
As explained elsewhere on these pages, putting together a set list when there's eight albums-worth of material is hard enough without having to consider material from before the band's inception so we probably won't do 'I Survive'. I'm flattered and pleased you like the song but I feel the majority of people are paying to see Thunder songs and so that's what we'll be playing.

Q: Hi folks. Great news about you extending the November tour to include Inverness. We don't get nearly enough talent in this neck of the woods so it will be great to see you on our home turf. Julie and I had already booked tickets for Glasgow so it looks like we'll see you twice. It made me wonder - did you choose Inverness for any particular reason? I don't know if you've been in the Highlands before but I'm sure you won't be disappointed. See you (twice) in November. Cheers. Gavin Campbell, Isle of Skye
D: The truth of the matter is that we've been trying to find a way to get up a bit further than Glasgow for a while, but for one reason or another it always came to nought. Luke ran into Chris the Ironworks promoter at a Kerrang party in the summer, and both agreed it would be good to add the Inverness show. Chris contacted the band's agent and a deal was struck. We're all looking forward to ending the tour there, but not having played there before, I must admit I'm slightly nervous about how well the tickets will sell. Please spread the word far and wide, so it's heaving on the night, and we'll all have a cracking last night...

I've been watching your new DVD, and whilst perusing the setlist on the back of the box I thought about asking this question. I've been to see you in concert a few times now, and each one has been tremendous. There are two gigs that come to mind, in Manchester where in the first gig you opened with Backstreet Symphony and didn't play Love Walked In, then earlier this year you played Love Walked In but didn't play Backstreet Symphony. I'm not complaining by the way! But what I would like to know is how do you choose your setlist, and is it a difficult decision to omit songs like Backstreet Symphony, which, as a fan, I think are classics, and are the any particular songs that you don't necessarily play in this country but are included in the set for when you travel to distant countries far and wide, because those fans demand it more than others? I hope I've made sense, cos I think I may have just confused myself with that one! Can't wait to  see you at Manchester Academy later on in the year. Cheers. Dan Lorenzo, Liverpool
L: T
he set list is chosen by picking a few songs from our latest release and sprinkling them amongst a selection of our most popular or well known tunes and then balancing that with a selection of material we haven't played for a while that works in a live situation . Once there's a 'squad' of songs selected then it's a matter of arranging them in an order that works musically and dynamically. I believe we do have an obligation to populate the set with a percentage of our best known songs as an audience rightly expects it and they have paid to see us. Having said all of that, we can't please everybody all the time and we don't want to play songs to death so we have to rest the odd one here and there. I can't think of an example of us changing the set to suit international audiences.

Q: Bought my ticket for Glasgow as I always do. Then you added a date at our new venue at Inverness. There will be a gig welcome for you in the Highlands. I am going to both. Any chance of a lift up the road? Loudie, Inverness
D: In a word, no. Have a pleasant journey though.

Q: Danny, in a recent reply you wrote : “we had a good shot in the early 90s and we spent a lot of EMI's money developing the band's profile”. Do you really mean EMI’s money? I’m not a music industry specialist, but I thought that money put into advertising / marketing etc. is offset against revenue earned by the band i.e. Thunder were actually paying for this. Or does it work differently? Do some bands have different deals? Info appreciated! Axel, Marple
D: I stand corrected. Artists pay for everything in the final analysis.

Q: Having just got Digital Radio up here I have really enjoyed listening to Planet Rock, they played Thunder the other day. Not used to hearing your tunes on the radio! Anyway what is your favourite Radio station? Looking forward to seeing you in Llandudno in November , don't forget your bucket & spade! Jane, Llanfairfechan
H: I listen to the radio mostly when driving. I like Talk Sport and sometimes listen to Radio 2. 
L: I like Radio 2, particularly some of their specialist programmes about different genres of music; very informative.
B: I am really sad as I do listen to a speech radio such as Radio 4 and LBC. I do dip into radio 2 and listen to regional music radio if I am driving outside of London.
C: I generally only listen to the radio in the car, and then it will always be Radio 2. Looking forward to playing in Llandudno - I'm always happy to get back to Wales, having lived in Cardiff for 10 years. Bucket and spade are already packed.

Q: We all have dreams and some of the lucky ones get to live them. As a young kid I dreamt of being a guitarist in a band or a programmer. worked hard and became the latter as I didn't feel I could achieve being a musician. What dreams did you have other than becoming a musician? Lee Friend, London
H: A dancer......I'm quite nimble of feet! But seriously, as a kid all I ever dreamt about was to be a drummer in a band. Does that make me a musician I hear you ask? Ha ha.....
D: I decided I wanted to be a singer in a band at the age of 15. Until then I had no idea, but once it came to me, I had no interest in anything else, and nothing else has ever got a look in. 
L: None really......sad isn't it?
B: Being a guitarist in a band was my only dream apart from the one about Farrah Fawcett Majors and the marmalade.

Q: So here we are, yet another football season is upon us after a whole month of counting down the days! My question is - Do you think that everyone is fighting for second place behind Chelsea or can you see one of the other teams winning the Premiership this season? BTW Harry - good start for the mighty Eagles! Can you see Palace going up this year despite the loss of AJ? Stu, Jersey
H: No I don't. Football is a "funny old game" and the likes of Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal and maybe even Spurs will be pretty strong next season. Don't think it will be that clear cut that Chelsea will win the Premiership. Brilliant start for the mighty Eagles-they stand a very good chance of going up-but it's too early to tell. Ask me in November!
L: Obviously with the players Chelsea have added to their squad they've got to be strong favourites again but I think Liverpool, Man. Utd. and Arsenal are all capable of going on an unbeaten run and causing an upset.

Q: Hello-Cant wait to see you tour soon! Cant wait to hear the album!I hope there are some ROCKERS on there!! When was the last time you went to the flicks? What did you see? What did you think of it? I took my kids to see Cars and it was brill!! Mitch, Cheltenham
D: Apart from the Swiss festival next week, November will be the next time we're playing live, so unless you live in the Cheltenham in Switzerland, I hope you can wait until then. It'll be good to play some of the new tunes. I saw Stormbreaker at the cinema recently (with my son) and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm usually right there with the Pixar films, but for some inexplicable reason I just don't fancy Cars. I saw a trailer a while back and it left me cold.
B: I've not been to the flicks for ages and ages, can't even remember the last time - I blame the movie channels and Pay on demand TV - anyone want to take me?
L: Haven't been to the cinema for ages but the last time I did I went to see 'Crash' which was very good indeed.

Q: Hello-Have any of you jumped out of a plane? Mitch, Cheltenham
D: Ben and I did a tandem free-fall jump on behalf of the British Lung Foundation a few years ago. It was the most exciting thing I've ever done. I think everyone should do it. In fact we were recently discussing doing it again, funny you should ask, perhaps it's fate...
B: Both Danny and I have jumped out of a plane for a charity; it was a tandem freefall parachute jump. We flew up to 10,000 feet and then were hung out over the edge of a plane like washing, then we jumped and it was absolutely amazing. I have to say it was one of the most exciting things I have ever done in my life and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Q: Danny..Looking forward to seeing the band again in Glasgow....Anyway my question is a 3 parter....I sing in a local covers band (indeed we do Funky Music the way that Thunder play it..Always goes down a storm)..Anyway 1) in terms of vocals I would cite my influences certainly as yourself, David Coverdale , and Paul Rodgers...All singers I luvved growing up..and I believe that I've picked up little bits/phrasings etc from all these
influences (Though if I had an ounce of that talent I'd be a happy man)!! My first question therefore is who inspired you..and would you say you've picked similar things up from them (though obviously retaining your own sense of originality)
 2) Second part..I do tend to suffer more from throat infections, coughs etc since I started singing..this despite the fact I dont drink (or smoke)..but just tend to notice I'm more "prone" to this sort of infection now..Is this normal.?.Or if not how do you tend to protect your voice to cope with the strains you'r putting it thru
3) Final part..Who is the best singer/singers you've ever seen live..both in terms of sound and stage prescence (I know this may be 2 answers as some singers will sound better on stage than they do have stage prescence..and vice versa)
Appreciate your response..and sorry if the questions a bit long winded..but your answers will really interest me. Paul Keane, Ayrshire
D: 1. Paul Rodgers was the first singer to influence me. I then got into James Dewar (sadly departed), who gets very little credit nowadays. He sang for the Robin Trower band when they made all their great records in the 70s, and had a fabulously honey smooth blues rock voice. Then I discovered soul music and Sam Cooke & Otis Redding, but the daddy was and still is Stevie Wonder. I listen to his records almost every day (I have a 6 cd changer in my car and 3 of them are always SW's).
2. If you sing rock music it's easy to get infections because the process of singing hard makes your throat act like a magnet for anything that's going around. The answer is not to strain your chords if you can avoid it (but it's hard not to), and stay as fit and healthy as you can.
If you do strain and feel hoarse, try to spend as much time in a steamy environment as possible and hum to yourself for a while before moving up to soft singing. If you do it long enough it'll come back, it works for me.
3. I agree many singers aren't as good live as on record. Paul Rodgers has always been able to deliver the goods, as has Stevie Wonder. David Coverdale was great but he screeches a bit too much for my taste nowadays. Mick Hucknall surprised me, he was very very good, and Bonnie Raitt made me cry it was so good. The best show I ever saw was Bruce Springsteen, he sang brilliantly (for 3 hours!) and the show was incredibly entertaining, and I wasn't a fan!

Q: In all your many years in the rock industry, and all the different people / organisations you've worked with, is there anything about the way you have been or are being promoted, that you'd change? I ask this cause peeps like HMV have you guys in the "Metal" section..which i've always found very bizarre and probably bad marketing
too..but hey ho. Have fun in Switzerland....wish i could be there! Emma, Leicester
D: It's about perception, and it starts with the name. I think it's entirely understandable that we're in the metal section in HMV, simply because we're called Thunder. People in the mainstream media have probably long since thought that we bite the heads off small rodents and burn churches in our spare time (which we do of course), so certain promotional doors have never opened for us. It can have little or nothing to do with music, it's usually down to pre-conceptions. It's probably too late for us to try to alter this, especially as time is not on our side. We're fortunate though, we had a good shot in the early 90s and we spent a lot of EMI's money developing the band's profile, and that's helped us as the years have gone by. There are loads of supposedly "hot" bands around at the moment (with big labels spending lots of promotion money), that would give a vital organ to sell as many concert tickets and records as us (maybe not but you know what I mean). The simple truth is profile doesn't guarantee success, fans do. Attracting them is difficult, especially nowadays, but keeping them is much more so. We have loyal supportive fans galore, we've worked hard to get them, and we continue to work hard to hang on to them with high quality music and fab live shows. 

Q: hello to you all. it's interesting that people are still asking you about donington '90 & '92. i will never forget that sunny afternoon in 1990, it was such a huge occasion with so many superstar names on the bill - even jimmy page showed up! it was also an introduction to thunder for so many people, in amongst the 70,000 or so crowd and at home on the radio. "hello team" indeed! i think this deserves a proper CD release, it's available as an import for about £28 and some of it is on the 'flawed to perfection' DVD but there's nothing like a proper live album (even if it was only a short 40 min set). what
do you guys think? while I'm on the subject of donington and 1990, wouldn't the quireboys be great as special guests for the forthcoming tour? looking forward to the llandudno show, bucket and spade at the ready! Sion, North Wales
D: It may be a nice idea but as we don't own the recording, we're not in any position to release it.

Q: Hi Guys, Could anyone possibly tell me what the setlist is going to be for the next tour? Kieran, Hull
T: Afraid not Kieran. The set list has not yet been decided and probably won't be until a week or so before the tour begins and the band are well into rehearsals. Even then, we like to keep the setlist under wraps - we don't want to spoil the surprise! It's safe to say though, that the band will include a fair amount of new tracks from the forthcoming new CD (more new on that soon...) as well as loads of old favourites.

Q: Danny, I have just been trawling through YouTube looking for Thunder videos when I came across an American version of Dirty Love. The thing that caught my attention apart from the video, was the description which explained the video contained Pamela Anderson, before she went plastic. Is it really Pamela Anderson in this video and do you know if she was/is still a fan of the band? Jon, Middlewich
D: It is indeed she, but she was hired in, along with the other girls, not because she was famous (which she wasn't or I'm sure she wouldn't have done it), or because she was a fan (which she also wasn't). The X rated version of that video was apparently played a lot on the Playboy channel at one time, which was nice.

Q: Hey boy!!! 1st, must say you are defo getting sexier as you get older!! Anyhow...I promised my mum and dad that I would ask you a question, I kinda know the answer...but here goes...we have our tickets to the Manchester gig,,(cant wait),...mum and dad wanted to come but unfortunately they are away on the QM2, I promised I would ask if you would change the date..they miss you be just 4 days and are gutted..as they are now hooked on you(which I think is spledid for a 68 & 62 year old) so can you??? No didnt think so..never mind I will take them next time u are up north...and if you are ever visiting the runcorn studio again please let me know i would love to meet you guys..you have kept me going (musically from the beginning)..luv to ya all xx keep up the good work, cant wait for the next album, hope there are some mega thunder ballads on it. Jo, Runcorn
D: Thanks for the "sexier as I get older" comment, I do feel sexier so very well spotted. I'm afraid the show date can't change, even for your most splendid parents, otherwise we'll inconvenience lots of other peeps. I hope they have a nice time on the QM2. I've never been in a studio in Runcorn, but if I go at any stage in the future I'll be sure to let you know.

Q: Is there any song that's shaping up as a single? I know that in the present climate singles for "Rock artist" are economical but despite this Thunder has gave us a single (probably at cost to yourselves) is there one this time? Mart, Essex
D: Single type deliberations are currently taking place, and news will be posted as soon as we have something definite to tell.

Q: Hi Guys - really looking forward to seeing you in November - Me and my other half will be catching up with you in Llandudno - and I have a request - as I will be 8 1/2 months pregnant at the time do you have a good supply of hot towels and the address of the nearest maternity unit? Just don't sing any Robert Plant songs as most of them include the word push!!!!!! Trish Banks, Cheshire
D: Harry is a fully trained midwife, and he carries a full birthing kit alongside his drum flight cases, he's been known to spring into action at the first hint of waters breaking. You're in safe hands at our shows...

Q: Hi Danny. I was just looking on Play, seeing what titles you have on there, and I noticed that nearly all of them are out of stock (including the TMS and SATS). I was just wondering what sort of percentage of your sales come places like Play?? Dan Birkett
D: Our self controlled titles are sold via Universal Distribution. If Play are out of stock it's because they haven't ordered any recently from Universal, which in turn would suggest they haven't received much demand. This is normal, online e-tailers don't sell many copies of our CDs after the first 6 to 9 months. Our CDs sell mostly via big retail chains, always have.

Q: Not really a question, more something I just had to inform you about! I was sat working away listening to radio 2 as I do during the day looking forward to the pop quiz that's on in a morning (sad life I know) when to my shock and amazement a 'guess the band' question came up and who's fantastic, dulcet tones do I hear but our very own Danny blasting out In A Broken Dream!! Unfortunately the guy didn't know the correct answer (muppet!) but it didn't stop me running around the office like an idiot.  It was really exciting to actually hear you on the radio again. It should be a lot more often. See you in November guys xx. Steph, Oldham
D: Thanks for letting us know. Hell's teeth, with all this Radio 2 action of late, anyone would think they liked us...

Q: Hey guys,I have an audition coming up to sing in a rock covers band. I'm nervous and my voice aint what it used to be! What words of encouragement would you give me? Looking forward to seeing you guys in November! Magz, Wolves
D: Have a good hard think before you go to the audition. If you're nervous because deep down you're unsure about your voice, your nerves will probably get the better of you, and this, to be frank, is rubbish. If you decide you want the gig more than you're concerned, you must give yourself a fighting chance, so do a lot of warming up type singing in the week leading up to the big day, and feel good about yourself, accept the butterflies will be there, but when it's time, focus only on what you have to do, if you really zone in properly the butterflies will disappear. Right, that's £200 please.... Next....
B: If in doubt - feed back and plenty of hair product.

Q: Hi guys, can't wait until Llandudno. Played in a battle of the bands there quite a few years ago! (came last!) Anyway, I have bought a few great and weird things from a well known internet auction site. Do you buy much off the internet or do you prefer to shop till you drop? Reita, Sutton Coldfield
D: Both. Some things you need to physically touch and see before you buy. I don't get much time to shop nowadays so I blitz it when I do. I find the internet is handy for a lot of stuff where being there is not required.
B: I prefer the internet for shopping - having things delivered to the door is so much easier. Clothes and food are the exception.

Q: Hi Danny, question to your answers in the last months (f.e. "D: I'm OK thanks, but I'm afraid my dreams are going to have to be my business...."): Are you tired making music? Would you do something else? I think you are not very happy about what you were doing... Oliver, Hamburg
D: I am a very happy bunny, I simply choose not to disclose all my secrets to the world, I don't think this should suggest that I'm unhappy with my lot, for I am not.

Q: This is a 3in1 question ,a bit like those dishwasher tablets on TV, Has anyone been watching Tommy lees show, Rockstar ,on sky 1? If Danny ever hung up his microphone (GOD FORBID!!) would the others consider auditioning for a replacement? finally, has anyone had any dealings with Tommy Lee, Jason Newstead or Gilby Clarke (sniff ,sniff ,snort)?? Ele and Patti, Derbyshire
L: No, I haven't watched Tommy Lee's programme. Danny doesn't actually own a microphone but if he hung up someone else's then the rest of us would have to decide at the time. I met Jason Newstead a few times when he was in Metallica.
B: The only programme I watch on Sky1 is The Simpsons so I'm afraid I haven't seen it. I think if Danny hung is microphone up we could just go out and buy a replacement microphone - shouldn't be a problem. We had Tommy Lee's ex-girlfriend in a video of ours, does that count?

Q: Currently I'm reading an Alfred Hitchcock biography (subtitled in in darkness and light), because his movies and life as an East Londoner to worldwide fame inspires me. What is the best biography you have read and why did you chose to read about them? Also would you want someone to write a biography about you? Lee Friend, London
D: I really liked "Rich" by Melvyn Bragg. It was published in the late 80s, and written about Richard Burton, using extracts from his own hand written diaries, given over by Burton's widow. Mr B was brutally honest, about himself as well as others, and I found it fascinating. I'm not really a fan of Mr Bragg, but it's really good, and I've ever read anything quite like it, before or since. Not interested in someone writing my story, I'd have to tell it to them, they'd die of boredom I'm sure.
L: The Love You Make by Peter Brown. A great book about The Beatles. I can't really see why anyone would want to write a book about me to be honest.
B: I seldom read biographies, I know I should but they just don't appeal to me. I would rather write an autobiography than have one written about me, that way I could make the lies up instead of someone else. It amazes me when a twenty something old celebrity releases an autobiography, plainly written by someone else. I can only try to imagine what how dull it would be?

Q: Hi guys! How did playing donnington in 92 compare with your opening slot in 90? Did you enjoy it as much? And were you pleased with the performance? Apart from the weather in 92, i think you were just as good and totally rocked!! Rich, Newport
D: If we hadn't done it in 1990, 1992's show would have been incredible, but the first time you do anything that good, it's always going to hold pride of place in your memories.
L: '90 was special as it was the first time we'd ever played to a really large audience so '92 was always going to struggle to be quite as memorable. Having said that both were very enjoyable indeed.
B: I think it would be hard to top the absolutely amazing time we had at the 1990 show as it was so special due to so many factors. The 1992 was very good but slightly marred by the weather which hampers you physically. Cowboy boots, leather soles and rain do not mix, just ask Sebastian Bach.

Q: How did you enjoy the monsters of rock and how different was it compared to your younger days coz I thought you rocked! Marie Anderson, Newcastle
D: It was fab. I agree with you, we most definitely rocked. As to comparisons with previous shows, it's always great to play big shows outdoors, we and our music is made for those moments baby...
L: Playing in front of a large audience outdoors on a lovely day is always an enjoyable experience so I would say just the same really!.
B: I absolutely love playing big festivals and Monsters of Rock 2006 was no exception. What was really gratifying was seeing that there were so many young kids in the audience, considering the bill this was testament that good music will always live on. Compared to the 1990 show I think the main difference was the level of nerves as we kind of new what to expect.
C: It was a great day - I really don't think it could have gone any better for us. It's difficult for me to compare the show to the younger days of Thunder as I'm still the 'new boy' (only been here ten years...)
H: Thanks Marie! It was no different to be honest and a real pleasure playing in front of a big crowd. It was a great day.

Q: Having recently been to see a "very average" Whitesnake concert in Cardiff, I felt that the support band "The Answer", were the only ones worth the entrance ticket. I've since got their album and was wondering how you guys had heard it as well and what did you think?. I was of course wearing one of my many Thunder T-shirts (one of the ones that haven't been worn to death and gone grey!!!).These will also be coming with me on my Florida hols in September, purely for promotional purposes. See you lot later in the year. Best of luck with tour and LP, and before you say it I'll be spending my pennies on both and be pushing others to follow suit. Noel Darlington, South Wales
D: I think The Answer are good and show a lot of promise. I wish them well.
L: The Answer did open for us a while back a couple of times and they sounded very good. I haven't heard their album yet but I will get around to it at some point.
B: Well more power to "The Answer", glad they had a good show. I haven't heard the new album yet but I'm sure they won't disappoint as they are a really good band. Don't forget to spend some of those pennies on a new t-shirt and perhaps some black dye.
C: Sad to hear Whitesnake were disappointing - they really should go back to the original line up. Bernie Marsden is such a great guitarist. I've not heard anything from The Answer as yet. Have fun in Florida.
H: I haven't heard their CD yet (I will) but I think they're a great band. They sounded very good when they toured with us. Thanks Noel-keep spreading the word!

Q: Hi guys, Coming to see you again in November, be my second time, loved it so much the first time just had to see u's again. My dad got me into your songs ages ago now, but I'm now old enough to come to the gigs! Was just wondering if you could give me some pointers to get a real crisp bluesy overdriven tone on my les paul, cause I've always thought u get your tone spot on for all your solos. Cheers, p.s. what is your favourite cover to play live? Ross Muers, Newcastle
L: Getting a good sound is all about the guitar and amp; with a Les Paul all you really have to do is plug it in, turn up the amplifier until it starts to distort naturally and set the level of distortion to suit your personal taste! It's nice to play different covers occasionally when we play live so I don't really have a favourite.

Q: New album, tour & goodies. We're all very happy. But are you all happy with your lot or do you still dream of being world famous, richer etc Basically just want to know you're all OK. John, West Sussex
H: All fine and dandy here ta!
L: I get paid to do what I love so I'm happy thanks!
D: I'm OK thanks, but I'm afraid my dreams are going to have to be my business....
B: Thanks for your concern, we're all fine but please feel free to forward all donations to the PO Box below
C: Thanks for your concern, John. The answer is yes, I'm happy, but of course I would like to see the band achieve it's full potential - there are so many places we haven't played, so many people who haven't seen us. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that we get the opportunity to play in America and Australia sometime. And who doesn't want to be richer?!

Q: Thinny-I know your identity is top secret! but are you visible at any time during the "Go Mad In Japan" DVD? Mart, Essex
T: I was there in virtually every scene, but the band spent the majority of the budget for the DVD digitally removing me to protect my identity, bless 'em. I have, however, made several appearances on Crimewatch UK, Cops and America's Most Wanted. Must dash, I think I hear sirens in the distance....

Q: Love the sound of the guitar solo on "Play That Funky Music" its brill! Same can be said about bens keyboard?? (in the same song) Are they easy effects to achieve? Mitch, Cheltenham
L: The solo was just Les Paul through a wah wah pedal and the keyboard sound was a preset synth sound from a console made by a company called Gem.
B: I remember thinking I would have to hire a mini moog synth for the solo to get the right sort of sound until we lucked out finding a perfect sound in my GEM module. As to whether it is easy to achieve, you do have to test hundreds of sounds looking for the right one, much to the annoyance to everyone else in the studio - ha ha.

Q: I recently came across a website called FLYlady which teaches messy and unorganised people (like me) some routines to help keep the house tidy. I always seem to "burn out" after all the tidying up after the kids that the floors always seem to be the last thing to get done. Which household chores do YOU tend to avoid if you can? Laila, Denmark
L: Ironing.
H: Ironing!
B: I don't tend to avoid it I DO avoid it - Ironing. Well I'm a bloke, right.
C: I'm quite happy to do the washing up, the hoovering and the polishing, but I have a bit of a problem with ironing.

Q: Hey guys I was wondering if you could do me a big favour and say hi to my mum Helen as she has been a huge fan of Thunder for as long as I can remember (I am 13 so that's a long time to remember!) It would make her day if you guys said hello to her on your website!! I also thought I would ask you a question that we sent ages ago but never got a reply! My question is how do you feel about the fact that your music gets passed on down the generations from your fans to their children, because I am 13 and have been brought up with a diet of Thunder, Bon Jovi and Metallica fed to me since I was born! I was just wondering if it is weird when you see some of your fans like my mum who have loved you guys for years start bringing their kids with them to your gigs!! please reply and say hi to my mum. Bryony, Wiltshire
L: I think it's great when you see a couple of generations together at one of our shows. Relationships between kids and parents can somtimes be fraught especially during teenage years so it's good to do something together you both enjoy. I've taken my Mum to a few gigs over the years and we've always had a good time. Hello Helen !!!!
B: I think it is admirable of you mum to bring you to our shows and I approve of the musical diet, no junk food there. Sometimes it's worth listening to you mum eh! - Hi mum, keep up the good work.
C: Hi Helen! Well done for educating the next generation! It's not only good to see such young fans emerging, but it shows us that the music we make is not stuck in a particular time or fashion. We've noticed recently that there is an increasing amount of younger fans in the front row at our shows - keep 'em coming!
H: HI HELEN!!!! No I don't think it's weird at all. In fact, it's quite healthy in my humble opinion!

Q: Probably been asked before so apologies offered up front! How do all you guys feel about the tribute band scene? Good / Bad / Indifferent? Are there any Thunder tribute bands in existence that you are aware of? If a Thunder tribute band were to form, any name suggestions and would they have your backing (spreading the word for example!)? Lastly, if they were playing locally to you would you venture out to see them? By the way... I have no intention of starting up a Thunder tribute...quality musicians are hard to find!!! LOL!!! Jamie B, Dying from heat exhaustion at work!!
L: Tribute bands don't really do it for me but I don't have a problem with them. They're obviously satisfying a demand so good luck to them. I know there's a Japanese Thunder tribute band but I haven't seen them.
D: I have no problem with it. If the bands can do a good job of the tunes they're helping to keep them fresh in people's minds. Not heard of a Thunder tribute band for ages, there was a Japanese one a long time ago, but I'm not sure if they're still going. I've always said if it happened I'd go, but so far I've never had the chance. Maybe one day...
B: It is certainly an interesting phenomenon as some of these bands are very successful. I guess if you can't get to see the original because they are dead or no longer touring you have no choice other than playing the records. It seems a little strange if the original act is still around and active though.
C: I personally don't have a problem with tribute bands - when I'm not busy with Thunder I tour with an Eagles tribute band. I was concerned a few years back when venues that would previously have had all types of music started booking only tribute bands, but I think the initial frenzy has passed now. I believe there is a Japanese Thunder tribute band, who I would love to see. If you're going to start a another one, count me in. I know the songs...
H: Indifferent to be honest. Not my bag I'm afraid. Although I would be curious to see a Thunder tribute band if they were playing locally.

Q: If you had to compare your role in the band with a part of the human body which would you say you were? Peter, London
L: Good question. As the band's songwriter and musical director I'd probably be the heart or the left side of the brain I guess.
D: I have no idea how to answer this. I suggest you take some more, or maybe much less, of what you've been ingesting of late... 
B: Ah, a fan of the somatic metaphor eh - I guess it would be the spleen as I often vent it - but with an answer like this you may think it should be a little lower.
H: Erm.....left nostril......or big toe? No! Tongue! Oh I can't decide.............

Q: So here I am again, frequenting your fine website. Never mind this time it's only cost me twenty odd pounds, Can't wait! The DVD looks great - wish I'd been there! My question is... are there any sites you find yourselves frequenting? (Keep it clean!)
Stuart, Essex
D: We're really pleased with the way the DVD has turned out, and it was great fun filming it. We hope you all like it. Sorry, I really have no time to be frequenting websites, clean or otherwise...
B: Not really one site in particular, I tend to use the net as a library which means a variety of sites, I suppose if I picked one it would be Google but that's cheating right?
H: Thanks Stuart. We had a lot of fun when we were there. As for websites-too many to mention but normally I mostly browse anything to do with music or sport.

Q: What is the weirdest thing anyone has ever given/sent you or have you had a stalker (whether you enjoyed the attention or not). Ele, Chesterfield
D: I've been given many strange things over the years, some have been fixed with medication, others have faded with time. I've been given sex toys by girl (not boy) fans on several occasion (nice), and then one of the givers asked if I would use it on her (hmm). I shall say no more. Not sure if it counts as a bona fide professional stalker, but I had someone recognise me in the bank once and followed me as I went about my day's errands. Rather than walk home and lead her to my door, I just walked about until I managed to give her the slip in a busy department store.
Clearly she was in the early stages of learning her craft, perhaps we'll call her an apprentice stalker.
B: One Japanese fan gave me a sweet that I thought was sweet - how wrong I was, it was plum flavoured and the most sour thing I had ever tasted, bit like drinking electricity.
H: Some nice chap gave me a toothbrush in Japan this February....which was nice! Obviously trying to tell me something? And yes! I have had a couple of stalkers........who's that at the window?

Q: Who do you think will win big brother? Ele, Chesterfield
L: Sorry for being so blunt but I really don't care.
D: I don't care who wins it, because I don't watch it, and that's because I hate the show with every ounce of my being.
B: Win what little sister? I can honestly say I have never watched it and I don't really intend starting.
H: From what I've seen of it......and I haven't seen much...........I think Pete (cue silly noises!) or Richard stand a pretty good chance.

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